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This is so rushed and short, but I couldn’t get @aina-p​‘s adorable AU picture out of my head. It’s so cute, and I would love to expand this into a multi-chap (or read a multichap of it someone else writes) given the time. It’s such a cute idea, I just had to get this down while my excitement was at its peak!

The scratched up ice stung Victor’s hands as he threw himself down for what must have been the fourth time in the past half hour. For a second as he sat there on the freezing ground, he questioned how things had gotten to the point where he, world-renowned figure skater Victor Nikiforov, was taking fall after fall in a rink.

“Are you okay?”

Ah, right. It was because of him.

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I drew clouds
above my head
and colored them charcoal gray;
and full of terror
I let them follow me around
all day.
He came into the picture,
lifted my hand off the page;
blew a smoky fog
that covered up my past.
When the fog lifted up
the clouds were gone.
I asked
and why
and he replied “You lived too long in the misery
you created with your own two hands,
not realizing you had to just blow them away.”
“You can’t do that” I replied. “Can’t come in
and push my past aside, pretend it’s not there
following me around.”
“All it is, is a different view” he said “Here,
let me show you.” With the crayons firmly in his hand, he
drew my clouds back up,
colored them in white,
even added in the sun;
Oh how bright it shined!
for he showed me I can live
with clouds above me,
all I had to do
was change my view.

I wanna know my best friend, I know that He’s here, looking for music and pictures, but I’m here. What’s the chance we met.
I’m here on tumblr waiting for you, the same good taste on music and a old dark heart 
pumping the red of the blood

I’m just here.

The search for the perfect friend began, I need you more than anything, the emptiness is expanding and I’m tired of being who I am not, let alone freedom of expression, where are you friend?

( Sotick inspirational ) 

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hey elise idk if this has been asked before but how do you think the amis would use social media?

  • Enjolras: 
    • He keeps the Les Amis de l’ABC Facebook page updated with what’s on their agenda for the next meeting, what protest they’ll start or participate in. Share a lot of articles to bring awareness about social justice and important stuff. Never ever resists replying to bigotted comments by a WALL of text.
    • He has a personal tumblr. It’s a lot of social justice stuff and pictures of his friends etc etc
  • Grantaire: 
    • Only on Facebook to sass some bigots out. It’s a pastime, really. An art form.
    • He’s behind several humouristic tweeter accounts, mainly dealing with fatalistic humour
    • He has two blogs, one for memes and funny text posts, the other for art and aesthetic purposes. He has an instagram, but he forgets about it 95% of the time
  • Courfeyrac:
    • He’s on every front. He has an account everywhere. And like 10 different tumblrs, mixing activism, fashion, memes and a gaysuggestion blog
    • He’s that guy who tweets absolutely all the time it’s unbearable. We don’t need to know you had the best kebab of your entire like, Courf. We really don’t
    • Instagram King
  • Combeferre:
    • Is on Pinterest a lot, mainly for tattoo ideas
    • His Instagram is 45% pictures of forests he hikes in, 15% pics of him before or after his daily jog and 40% various bugs
    • Personification of the “Science Side of Tumblr”
  • Joly:
    • Also on Pinterest for vegan recipes and tea recipes
    • Holds a healingsuggestion blog on tumblr
    • Sends anonymous messages to people to make them feel better
    • The cutest Instagram in the land
  • Bossuet:
    • Regrets every page he’s every liked on Facebook back in 2008
    • Writes text posts about his misfortunes on tumblr an gets 50k notes everytime. Became tumblr famous because of it
    • Also has a youtube channel where he does sketches and stuff. It’s pretty popular because his humour is the absolute best
  • Jehan:
    • The most aesthetic blog and Instragram account you’ve ever seen
    • Sometimes does photoshoots in the forest with Eponine and it’s eery and magical as fuck
    • Holds a recovery 101 blog
    • Has an Etsy shop in which they sell little lucky charm bracelets and small wiccan stuff that they make
  • Bahorel:
    • That guy who’s instragram is 50% him at the gym and 50% baking
    • Also pics of baby animals
    • He said he wouldn’t give in to that decorate your beard hipster trend. But he did. Something else that’s on his instragram.
    • Has so many friends on Facebook everybody think his account is fake
  • Feuilly:
    • Posts his knitting progress on Instagram
    • Deleted his Facebook account to maximise his chances of employment
    • Holds tumblr called “Chrnonicles of a Cashier” that recounts all the fucked up stuff people have said/told him while he was behind the register. It’s pretty popular  
  • 707: You meme a lot to me~
  • MC: What
  • 707: I'll convince you by any memes necessary!
The boy who sits next to me in math class, known for his love of partying and use of drugs, draws the most beautiful drawings in the margins of his homework. Pictures of flowers curling around radical signs and fire that swirls until the words are no longer legible. He sits in a lower level math class as if he belongs there but he can help me with the most complex problems when I am struggling. He does it without complaint. He shows me his pictures as he explains what he was trying to do, shyly as if he is not aware of his talent.
The girl who usually rolls in late on a Monday morning after a weekend of drinking too much and kissing too many, is the greatest listener. She smiles at me and laughs brightly, her mouth stained with liquor and regret. Her lopsided smile tells the story of the boys who treated her wrong, the bruises they left her not evident on her skin but in the way she is hesitant, always trying to avoid getting hurt but never getting far. She pauses too long before answering questions about her life in order to figure out the best way to present herself.
The girl who is my lab partner in chemistry, who patiently goes through the instructions with me every time when I am lost, helping me when I make mistakes with a positive attitude, never scolding me, has to take daily anxiety medicine to keep her under control. She helped me choose my schedule for senior year as I panicked in class. My hands shaking against my jeans and my teeth biting into my lower lip as she whispered to me the best techniques to stay calm.
The nerdy boy who helped me pass Algebra last year works 30 hours a week only to come home to an unwelcoming house. The school jokes about how he can wear a different Star Wars shirt everyday for two weeks without ever repeating an outfit but he uses them to cover up the bruises on his arm. He smiles shyly to disguise his chip tooth given to him too many years and too many incidents ago for him to truly remember what caused the fight. 
The heartbreaking girl on the school newspaper came after me when she saw me leave lunch half in tears. She sat with me for close to an hour as she listened to my story and she filled the silences with her own. Not of the hearts she has broken but of the damages done to her own. She held a paper towel to my red face as she told me words of encouragement with a sympathetic look on her face. She sat me on the ground as she redid my makeup, she knew exactly how to hide the evidence of my meltdown.
—  We are not what we seem

That slap was a “fuck you and your unnecessary opinions about my relationship” and I like that she said it.

There are people out there who do not like Renee for numerous reasons and that’s fine. But to be salty of her relationship and for the sake of being salty is pathetic. From what she wears to how she talks to posting a picture of Jon on Instagram saying Happy Birthday, people do not miss the opportunity to go out of their way to be an asshole. And for what? Who cares? No matter how many insulting comments you say to her on Instagram, on twitter, or in her tag here on Tumblr, it won’t change the fact that they’re together and happy.

People truly brainwash themselves into believing they’re not together. They analyze every picture, every conversation, every interview to find one little thing (like he’s not even smiling in this picture) and add that to their spider web on the wall that they’ve created to make themselves feel better about Jon being in a relationship.

The hate is so unnecessary and pathetic. Get over yourself.

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Hey, sorry to send in 2 asks in a row, I just got a little bit obsessed over Zutara (again) and your blog has helped me to understand a lot of things that were going on behind the scences of A:TLA. I've send you a message containing a link to a picture (cause you know, no links in an ask). Soo apparently this picture was made by the korean art director of the show as a cover art for the planned book 4. Do you know anything about it?

Yes, I know about that poster. Here is a link to a Tumblr post talking about it. And here are a couple of livejournal posts.

It was a poster drawn by Yu Jae Myung, one of the animation directors. It shows what he imagined an older Zuko and Katara would look like. He was the director who was confused about why Bryke did not pair them together since he thought that the Book 2 finale was leading to Zuatara, and Katara liked Zuko in The Crossorads of Destiny. And he said that the Book 2 box art was drawn to parallel them as a reference to Zutara.

I’m sure many people working on the show, like the Korean animators, knew about the very real plans to make Zuko and Katara a couple, and how Book 2 was structured for Aang to eventually let Katara go. They apparently didn’t like the changes Bryke made to the story and they just carried on with the Zutara.

Reckless Endangerment - Chapter 2

Story rated M, Teen this chapter. 

Read it all on ao3!


December 23, 2016


Rose slammed the heel of her hand against the wheel, cursing again before she lay her forehead against it in a slump of defeat.

Fabulous. This was absolutely fucking fabulous. Just what she needed.

She took a deep breath, puffing out her cheeks as she exhaled slowly, closing her eyes and counting to herself, gathering her thoughts and her strength. After four deep breaths and a count of forty, she raised her head.

Right. Time to make a plan.

Step one - find out what the hell was wrong.

She opened the door to the car and leaned forward to pull the lever that released the bonnet, then stepped out into the chilled air. She raised the bonnet and propped it, putting her hands on her hips to survey the engine. Nothing seemed broken or out of place, but she was forced to acknowledge that she wouldn’t really be able to recognize if something was wrong. She needed Mickey for that sort of thing.

Mickey, who was in Oxford until Boxing Day, spending the holidays with Martha.

Fucking fabulous.

Seeing nothing amiss, Rose walked back around to the driver’s seat and flopped into it with a muttered prayer. She’d done nothing but look at the engine of the car, certainly nothing that would make a difference when she tried to crank it. That didn’t stop her from hoping, however, and she prayed through clenched teeth as she put her foot on the brake and turned the key.


The car made a scraping, groaning sound, but didn’t catch.

Rose let her chin sink to her chest, took a breath, then raised her head and tried again. More of the same groaning and scraping, then silence.

She swore, spitting out the most foul words she knew.


Rose jumped, and the shock brought her from being slumped in her seat to standing beside the car before she could blink. Once there, she took in the sight of Ian Docherty, Queen’s Counsel, senior law partner at Stewart, Docherty, and Smith, the prestigious law firm where she worked, and the man she’d been nursing a crush on since she started working there nearly a year ago.

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Title: hair (Soulmate AU) PART 1

7 days of imagines

|day 1| |day 2| |day 3| |day 4| |day 5| |day 6| |day 7|

 I sat on the couch, I just got my hair dyed, bright blue. I just wanted a change to my boring hair color. A bright blue was just what I needed. 

 "Your soulmate might be pissed at you for that" my mother nagged

 "He’ll just deal with it" I said with a smirk

 It was a weird belief that your soulmate would change hair color when you dyed it or sprayed color in it. It happened to some people but people claim to prove it with science. 

 That night I was busy scrolling through my tumblr feed. I then saw a picture of Chandler Riggs at Stalker Walker convention with sudden blue hair. I looked at it for 5 minutes. Just staring at the one photo not knowing what to say. I jumped out of bed and got into my car. 

I had a theory.


 ((Chandler’s POV)) 

I woke up the next morning with a million colors in my hair. Bright unflattering orange, pukey green and yellow plus so many more. First blue now this? 

 "Your soulmate must really hate you" Grayson said

 "C'mon, your helping me. It’s war"


((Your POV))

 I was in the middle of a speech for class, when suddenly I felt something happening to my hair 

“(Y/N) your hair is changing!” My best friend yelled 

I stopped my speech and ran to the nearest reflective object. My hair was black, except some white writing on it “CR RULES”. 

During my study hall I was scrolling through instagram when I got to a video from Chandlerriggs5. 

 "Dear soulmate, should we call it truce. Meet me in six flags at 12 pm. You better be there you owe me for those awful colors.“ he said in his video

 I sat there awestruck.

 "What’s wrong?” The one friend I had in study hall asked

 "I have to go to Atlanta" I told him


this is definitely not a full comprehensive post about my problems with tumblr artist rot/tenc/hicken (known lately for their overwatch fanart), but it’s what first comes to mind:

- they drew fanart/gave praise to Max G (if you don’t remember him or never knew about him in the first place: he made those pony.mov videos and is an overall disgusting person):

(picture: a drawing of Max G with the caption “ya’ll should check @hotdiggetydemon’s new show Brain Dump cause it’s very cute”)

- they made “rule 63″ fanart of the game Hylics (which is more or less transphobic, especially considering how..suggestive these are):

(picture: drawings of Wayne and Somsnosa from the game Hylics with the caption “I somehow made my obsession worse”; it is tagged as “rule 63″)

- they drew Somsnosa in an almost over-the-top sexual post out of spite (drawing nsfw content of a character isn’t inherently bad, but resenting someone for not wanting a female character to be sexualized is uh. pretty bad imo)

(picture: a “lewd” drawing of Somsnosa from the game Hylics with the caption “me blue wife”; the background says “dreams of a world where somsnosa fanart isn’t sexualized” over and over; it is tagged as “I am salty”)

there’s some other small stuff that they’ve done (the fact that they ship jun/kmet/ra, for one)

if anyone wants to add on to this, or even correct me if i misinterpreted something, feel free!


600 followers! Are you kidding me… I love you all. I have drawn a fast sketch with Nick’s as a super cool chief and he did a great cake for his Carrots. (what cedule…oh THAT cedule. Ahaha. It’s…not for Carrots, right. It’s an axident. It’s just visible for tumblr, it’s not visible for them at the picture lol) ANYWAY. I am sooooooooo happy!!! 😍 😍 😍 I would love to thank these amazing people, because without them I wont be at tumblr that long!!! Follow them as well, you won’t regret! @pyrophoricitee @nekomimiranger @fourthdimension99 @fox-comics @thatzootopianfox @cloudyloudy @emgmusic1 @reddoshirousagi06 @ihavewaytoomanyproblems @ryutolbx @trashasaurusrex @judylavernehopps @crewefox @nicolaswildes @rem289 @aoimotion @progressoftomorrow @andyourteeth @helthehatter @zootopepo @judys-carrot-pen @taylorillustrated @sami01 @kisu-no-hi@ziegelzeig @nami-things @sprinkah @spintherella And many many many others!!! *happy tears* Ok! There will be more art coming soon!!! And… Now… Again. Let me… *sniff *

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Liam appears backstage to see Louis’s performance and is wearing The Chain™. Louis immediately starts laughing and ribbing him. Niall and Harry start cackling beside him. Liam pretends to be annoyed, but he’s secretly so glad he’s making Louis smile. Then, out of nowhere, both Louis and Harry call him ‘Liam Chain’ and look at each other with their Fond™ faces.

A few days later, Louis is browsing Tumblr from his secret blog when he sees the pictures of Liam with The Chain™. He knows what the perfect way of taking the piss is, so he opens the Twitter app.


Request: Hey, I love your writing so much 💗 Could you maybe write something about Y/n looking through fan accounts & fan fictions of Shawn & Shawn gets home & gets really uncomfortable 💗 it would mean a lot :))

It wasn’t often that you stalked your boyfriend’s tag on tumblr.  It was a quick and easy search: Shawn Mendes.  Thousands upon thousands of search results would come up, and with nothing better to do, you decided to see what his fans were up to.

On your own tumblr, you followed about two or three blogs about Shawn, you know, just to keep up with him when he wasn’t answering his phone.  The ones you followed only posted pictures of him though, nothing else.  So when you came upon a few pieces of writing, you became interested.

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My Nigga Idk What To Do!!!!

Aight so my mans @darkemotion-darksoul-darkskin messaged me for the first time a few nights back. He’s very depressed. Im not the type to put a niggas business outchea but whole time this nigga talkin about smokin himself. On baby, he sent me a picture of himself wit the burner pointed at his top. Now this nigga not replying. G i cant deal wit this. i need yall to do yall tumblr shit & find out where buddy stay & all that. Yall gotta help me out G.


A massive thank you to my extremely talented friend @patrickarch for the above art, obtained from chapter 25 of “Two Savages”

This pic is almost perfect to what I imagined. He is well priced and also time efficient

Please follow @patrickarch to check out some of his comics (fox DEAD) or if you need any art done! 

to check out the story behind the picture, please see below! 

 “Two Savages”




























I’ll start with my personal favorite, the Radiohead Cowboy. Some one got plenty of pictures of him, and I kept seeing different angles and what not pop up all over tumblr. Eventually, I was able to piece together the entire set.  He’s a good looking guy and he’s wearing the shirt of my favorite band, and on the shirt are the lyrics to my favorite song, “House of Cards.” 

why the story of Molly Hooper is incredibly dangerous

(TW: abusive relationships)

Dear God. Where do we start?

@thistle-verse wrote a spot-on reaction to the final episode. In it, she says:

It was SO Moffat on his worst days and in his worst shitstainstew ideas about women and how they just can’t help themselves, can they? They’re always gonna love the emotionally unavailable asshole. Because he’s SO SMART!

Bottom line: idealizing emotional unintelligence ultimately leads to the normalization of abuse.

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