what if he is!


my baby boy is a confirmed orphan and this cut me deeper than i could have imagined

Kano Shuuya ....

1. Abused by his mother when he’s still only 5 years old but still loved her and always wanted to support her doing chores by himself and everything.

2. He’s only 5 years old. But he still ran towards a guy holding a knife trying to protect his mother.

3. Again, he’s a 5 year old. But he was always taking care of Seto and Kido at the orphanage, cheering them up when they’re crying by doing silly things, even though he just literally saw his mother he loved so much dying right in front of him a few days or few months ago.

4. Finds out from his sister who he loves and respects that their father/stepfather has gone crazy and was trying to kill their family.

5. Sister dies. He’s the only one left to know about his stepfather(snake). Kano’s threatened from the snake to not tell anyone or he will kill Kano, Kido, and Seto. Forced by the snake to act like a corpse of his sister who he loves to hide the reason of how she died.

6. Not 100% clear. But it is a high chance that he was forced by the snake to be involved in the Hibiya/Hiyori car crash problem.

7. Heard that his childhood friend loves him. Thinks about if he loves her back. The right next moment he sees her dead on the ground.

Ok, someone deserves happiness now.


(01.09.23) Happy 17th birthday to Wanna One’s Prince of Taipei, Lai Guanlin ♡ Not only have we’ve seen our Gulliver maknae grow and improve his skills, but we’ve loved and supported you throughout this entire journey, and we will continue doing so forever!