what if he already has it tattoed

halerogers  asked:

Elisa, my sweet baby monkey, do you think derek would get more tattoos in the future? Cause I'm imagining a derek with a lot of tattoos and its doing things to me cause tattoos are my weakness tbh

I know tattoos are your weakness, and of course Derek would get more.

Because after he got together with Stiles, he is in a really happy place.

Everything is calm and finally letting go of all the stupid reasons why he thought being with Stiles was not a good idea, was the best decision he had possibly ever taken.

Because Stiles makes him happy and his pack being okay makes him happy.

So, he starts letting himself wanting things, because now he can get them, you know? and not feel guilty about it.

like wanting to have more tattoos.

Maybe when he was a kid, he and his sisters daydreamed of all the tattoos they would get when they would be old enough, but then before he got to be “old enough” his life fell apart, and he lost one sister and when he finally got his first tattoo with the sister that he had left, it was to remember all that they had lost.

But now, yes, he has lost Laura, but he has also found Cora. and one of the things that he has learned being with Stiles is to try not to live in the past, but in the present and appreciate everything that is good now.

So, he gets more tattoos, and it’s not to remember all that he has lost, but to have a piece of someone he loves always with him.

So, he gets a whole series of tattoos of things that reminds him of Stiles, all in secret places that can only be seen if he undresses, and you know what? all these tattoos that he gets complements the ones that Stiles gets too.

Like Derek has “sourwolf” tattooed in a foreign language on his lower back, and Stiles has “Little red” [cuz that’s what Derek calls him now every time Stiles uses that old nickname]  in that same language tattooed also in his lower back.

Maybe he also have a sun on his shoulder, while Stiles has a moon on his. Because, Derek is Stiles’ sun and Stiles is Derek’s moon.

Derek has also a fox on his ribs and Stiles a wolf. because the nogitsune never happened and when Stiles started to study magic, apparently that’s what his inner animal was.

Maybe Derek also has a baseball bat tattoed on his left hip while Stiles has a really cool tiny clawed hand on his right hip, because on his left hip he already had the tinier version of Derek’s triskelion.

And of course when they do the do, they spend a lot of time kissing and touching and licking those little symbols that are just theirs.

But Derek has also tattoos that reminds him of Cora, maybe something from their childhood, and something that reminds him of Laura, maybe a tattoo that she wanted to get but never could.

Another tattoo for his new pack.

And down the line, when he’s married to Stiles and they have a couple of kids, he gets his last one -after getting the initials of his son and daughter tattooed on his wrists, on the pulse points- which is a red line that goes all across from his right arm to stop on his chest ending with an S, above his heart and it’s a continuation of the red line that starts from Stiles’ D above his heart.

Their version of the soulmates red string.

Because he already knew (Stiles was his mate after all) that there wasn’t anyone for him but Stiles, not in this life, and possibly in his future lives as well. And he wanted to symbolize that too. And even if it’s cheesy and their children cooed at them when they saw it, Derek didn’t regret it one bit.

And that my friend is Derek being happy and getting all the tattoos he wants <3