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lmao zelena pulling emma’s arm like “ENGAGEMENT RING?!?!?!” is literally me

You Play Ball Like a Girl: Outtakes 3.0

It hadn’t been the plan, so of course Emma had been there. Of course she’d been reading his book and sitting in the darkroom and the look on her face when he’d opened the door nearly sent shockwaves down his spine.

He’d thought about it for the rest of the week.

He’d thought about that talk all week – another talk and another set of reasons why this wouldn’t work and he’d gone to work every day, but he’d polished off an entire bottle of rum in his apartment as well.

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Emma's so happy in that promo, I almost forgot for a second what the CS scenes in this episode are going to be about :( Interesting that they're picking up right where they left off though. I wonder where Hook went.

It seems Hook went to see Nemo … 

I think we’re in for quite a ride of emotional highs and lows tomorrow!

Diane Guerrero photographed by Magdalena Niziol

I have a strong beauty background and I really wanted to capture Diane in a way that meshed my love for beauty photography with her personality and strengths. Diane is a striking, strong woman and I wanted that to come through in the images