what if coldplay

imagine dragons, the killers, owl city: cool friend you don’t talk to much but you both still love each other

fall out boy, panic! at the disco: passionate friend that will fight anyone at anytime for you

coldplay, snow patrol: soft friend that has fallen asleep on you at least once

gorillaz, blur: weird friend you’ve seen trying to eat a soda can

radiohead, the smashing pumpkins: abstract friend who has probably cried in a denny’s before

beyonce, nicki minaj, rihanna: mom friend that teaches you how to get away with murder

cobra starship, the academy is…, gym class heroes: distant friend you see sometimes and when you do they still kick ass


the calendar // panic! at the disco

concerts with boyfriend!tom

-you’re a big music fan and you always prefer experiences to things when it comes to gifts so tom takes you to a lot of concerts

-he’s always checking out dates for tours to see what lines up with when he’s home (or when you’re visiting him wherever he is)

-boy’s got connections so you always end up pretty close at big arena or stadium shows

-he frequently had the option of being in box seats but you both always felt like you wouldn’t get the full experience if you weren’t down in the crowd

-you’d get a couple beers and just chill out during the opener

-a lot of times his fans would come up during the opener and you would try to keep the interactions really low key and not draw any more attention to yourselves

-getting hype when the act you’re there to see comes on and both of you hootin and hollerin as loud as any other fan there

-he’d get so happy at the smile on your face and pull you close to him and press a kiss to your temple

-neither of you are afraid to bust a move out there lol

-he’d def take vids of you dancing and singing off key and post them to his insta story (sample caption: “so talented!! 👀”)

-that one time when you saw your favorite band and you cried during your favorite song he just laughed and slid his hand into yours and kissed your shoulder and you squeezed his hand in response

-tom putting his hand on the small of your back and leaning in real close to talk to you

-tom would put his arms over your head and locked around your shoulders, and you would lean back into him holding onto his forearms swaying to some sappy song like the lovebirds you are

-the slow song would end and he’d let his arms slide down your sides and squeeze your waist real quick

-one time at a big arena show the artist somehow got word that tom was there and said on stage “we heard spiderman’s in the building!” and there was a huge cheer and you and tom just looked at each other and like decided telepathically not to react in any way so as not to draw more attention to you

-you also love going to little small venue concerts too and it always brings you back to the first concert you ever went to together ;)

-you’re always more pda-heavy at small shows bc the vibes are just different and you’re less worried about people noticing or bothering you

-except that one time people did notice you because you both had had one too many and were straight up making out in the middle of the crowd. there were pics online the next day oops

-you guys always come out so smiley and giddy from concerts talking about how much you love the band/artist and on the ride home you blast their music and belt out the lyrics still coming down from that post-concert high


tom at coldplay what an inspiration

xoxo, L & A


Nobody said it was easy