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The BF Reacts to the Primarchs

In which @asking-ask​ gives first impressions of all the Primarchs based on art I provided!

For each Primarch I listed the legion, name, and three pieces of art, two of which were always from Aerion’s Primarch Project, and the Iconoclasts portraits. Gonna be a long post, so just click the “read more” tab.

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My Thoughts on Kylo Ren *spoilers*

What a villain this fella is.

What was it about Kylo Ren that made him such a compelling antagonist? Was it his scary mask and proclivity to dress is in imposing black capes? Was it his scary triple bladed lightsaber? Was it his incredible anger management issues?Or maybe his feverish devotion to his grandfather? For me, it was none of those things. It was his vulnerability.

We’ve seen him murder innocent villagers, choke his own military officers, and destroy computer consoles in countless fits of rage. But people have written about the moment when Ren takes off his mask, the audience loses all sense of fear and intimidation. I’d argue that the purpose of Ren, unlike Vader, wasn’t meant to make you scared or intimidated by him. In fact, in some ways you’re almost meant to sympathize and relate with him. While Vader was famously described as “more machine than man”, Ren embodies some of humanity’s greatest weaknesses - insecurity, doubt, impatience, arrogance, recklessness, and anger. Basically, he’s a whiny brat.  

This is what sets him apart from his villainous contemporaries. When we first meet him, he’s not the fully formed villain Vader was, and it’s for this reason I’m delighted he didn’t get the Darth Maul treatment in this first installment. It’s incredibly exciting to speculate that throughout these three movies, we’ll be seeing Kylo’s journey along with Rey’s. A parallel sort of progression as it were, of two pupils of the Light Side and the Dark Side, under two Light and Dark Side Masters (Luke and Snoke).

Is redemption out of the question for Kylo Ren? I wouldn’t think so. In killing his father, he believed he would vanquish within him for good, but for some reason I only think it would weigh against his conscience even more. That image of his lightsaber stabbed through his heart is going to haunt his dreams for as long as he lives.

It really makes you wonder what exactly it was that turned Ben Solo to the Dark Side. There’s precious few details, and all we firmly know is that he was once Luke’s padawan, and went to his burgeoning Academy, before he turned and slaughtered all his fellow students, and sending his uncle into hiding. We know it was Snoke who turned him, and, according to Han Solo, chose him as his apprentice due to his considerable power (his Grandfather was Anakin, after all). Han elaborates that Snoke will later discard of him when he done with him, raising even more questions about what Snoke’s ultimate motivations are (is he some sort of Force Vampire? Is he Darth Plagueis?). But we still don’t know why it was he fell to the Dark Side, or why he began idolizing the man who rejected the Dark Side with his dying breath.

It creates an interesting dichotomy between Anakin and Ben - Anakin fell to the Dark Side in order to save the ones he loved, while Ben killed his loved ones in order to fall deeper into the Darkness. And Ben worships Vader, not the good man who was under the mask. In his twisted psyche, he probably believes Darth Vader was betrayed by Anakin Skywalker, when he renounced the Dark Side and embraces the Light. He sees it as his destiny to finish what Vader started, that being the extermination of the Jedi from the Galaxy. It makes you wonder why exactly Anakin’s Force Ghost doesn’t appear to his misguided grandson and ask him wtf is wrong with him, but I get the feeling that’s a story for Episode VIII or IX.

the-essential-punk  asked:

Have you seen any of the theory videos about Snoke actually being Darth Plagueis? If so, what do you think about these theories. Personally, I don't think they're bogus. Given the fact it was explicitly mentioned that a sith as powerful as Plagueis could will others (and presumably himself) back to life, and the fact that his theme music almost perfectly matches that of the Opera House scene from Episode III, it seems he could either be Plagueis himself, or someone who had a strong connection.

I’ve seen a lot of the “Snoke is Darth Plagueis” theories and had a few asks about it. I know people have a lot of fun speculating but to be honest, I’m not a fan of this theory.

Here’s my thoughts on it (sorry, it’s a bit of a mess)…

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