In a recent interview Brett talks about the Agents of SHIELD spinoff a couple of times. Twice in fact;

The first time (”That’s the spinoff series. It’s him in therapy.“) Can easily be brushed off as a joke, it shouldn’t be but it can.

The second mention however (”[Kara] saved me from death and, in a way, I saw a lot of myself in her. Don’t take that out of context. That’s also part of the spinoff. We’ll deal with that in another interview. They were two souls that met in dire circumstances, but I think they can teach each other and learn from each other.“) isn’t as easy to brush off.

Given Bobbi and Hunter are reportedly heading to the spinoff and Bobbi and Kara’s interaction in the latest episode it makes me wonder if Ward and Kara are heading there too.

Ward has already admitted he would never be welcome back in SHIELD, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to go back. Kara admitted she has been thinking about a future without SHIELD, her actions with Bobbi show she doesn’t want to go back. I’m wondering if in the next episode Bobbi admits she gave up Kara’s location to keep her cover inside HYDRA, that maybe she did it under SHIELD’s (real or not) orders, maybe on her own keep her cover.

WHAT IF Bobbi wants to seek redemption for the things she did to keep her cover in HYDRA, her interrogation of Bakshi in an earlier episode, makes me think that giving up Kara’s safe house was the least of Bobbi’s actions.

Bobbi won’t die, despite his words if Ward (or Kara) wanted Bobbi dead she would be dead, there never would have been an ICER.

Bobbi, Ward and Kara all want to make up for the things they did for HYDRA, be it because they were brainwashed, undercover or loyal to a man not a cause. The spinoff could be their way of doing that away from SHIELD.

i’ve been thinking a lot
about what if’s lately.

because in another world,
i got angry instead of sad
and i lashed out,
grew hard,
disappointed my mother,
never graduated college.

in another world,
i found faith in god when i was young
grew up holding a bible close to my heart
comforted by the invisible strength
of God
at my back, always.

in another world,
i said yes when that first boy asked me out
got married straight out of high school
had two kids
and was always
looking at women i was too scared to date.

there are a thousand different versions
of me.
there are decisions that i thought out,
decisions that were split second,
decisions that i can't remember making
but shaped my entire life
choices that were made differently,
by a different me.

there are a thousand different versions
of me
in a thousand different worlds.
this version of me,
i shaped and fought for,
fought with,
i learned to love others,
i learned to love myself.
in this version,
i am strong
even when i am weak.
and i wouldn’t give that up
for anything.

—  in another life.
Harry Potter saga from Vernon’s point of view, tho

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Okay wait a minute guys

So I’ve been reading about and discussing the tweets by zayn and Louis and it’s got me thinking.

What if everything they’ve been through has just been one big ‘sitcom’. I mean they aren’t a true band, they were put together in the X Factor, so they’ve been fake from the start. You have the different characters, the mysterious one, the hot one, the kind one, etc. So what if all the drama that has happened over the past couple months is just to spice everything up?

What if really, they’re just actors. They’re just playing roles to entertain teenagers.

Which leads me onto the music industry as a whole. As One Direction have been a huge part of it for a few years now, could this mean that everything we have ever known is really a lie?

Every artist’s song is just another song for the soundtrack to their life or story on this ‘show’, which is why they are so meaningful to them. It’s showing their different characters. Taylor Swift is the dorky girl and The 1975 are the kind but badass group people fear.

They each have their own franchises and fandoms. Some artists have even released their own movies!

The X Factor might not really be to see the best new singer, it’s to find the best actor.

But I’m just like you, I got sucked in too.

If the Mongol Empire Reunited.

Notes: Data for the area of the city proper, not metropolitan area.

The new Mongol Empire would contain ALL of the top 5 largest cities.

It would have over 1/3rd of the world’s active military forces.

It would have almost double the GDP of the next highest country.