What if...

…Aries are only loud because they need someone to calm them down?
…Taureans are only stubborn because they hate to give up on their dreams?
…Geminis are only two-faced because they want to find themselves?
…Cancers are only crying because they are all alone and need someone to help them?
…Leos are only attention-seeking because they get too little from their loved ones?
…Virgos are only perfectionists because they fear that someting goes wrong?
…Libras are only fake because they don’t know who they really are?
…Scorpios are only intense because they don’t know how to deal with their emotions?
…Sagittarians are only crazy because no one understands them when they are serious?
…Capricorns are only cold-hearted because they’ve been hurt too often?
…Aquarians are only different because they don’t know how to fit in?
…Pisces are only dreamy because they have no idea how to face reality?

Imagine if other pets were treated the same way as fish

“Ugh not again these animal SJWs telling me to take my dog on a walk…”

“Oh yes, I clean my cat’s litterbox once in six months!!! :))”

“I want a lizard that eats poop so I won’t have to clean my snake’s enclosure.”

“I’ve had hamsters as pets before and they all lived for a week, so I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!!! >:( ”

“But the pet shop clerk told me that my boa will be fine with a leopard gecko!”

“Hello, I want to buy 5 corn snakes for this 1 gallon terrarium for my 4-year old son.”

“I have this 30cm x 30cm cage sitting at home, I’d like to buy 10 cockatiels to put in it.”

“I had a dog when I was a kid, it lived for about 5 months LOL”

“Well I got my cat for free, so I don’t care if it dies. I’ll just get another one.”

Plot Twist
  • Armys:ready for Bangtan's full album, with all those amazing songs from the short films and MV or more which will explain what actually happened
  • Bighit:instead releases a full Demian audiobook read by Rapmon and MV of him reading it for 5 hours and 25 minutes straight