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I've been rlly stressed lately and could use a pick me up could you PLEAAASSEEE write a wolfstar proposal? 😘


Sirius wasn’t one for nerves. He’d been reprimanded for fidgeting at any time as a child, courtesy of Black household, and so his fingers usually rested still on his lap, on the table, wherever they were— perhaps unnaturally so. Not today. Today his hands were relentless; fidgeting, picking, scratching, but most of all fumbling with the small gold ring. His eyes glanced at the door every two seconds, waiting for the portrait hole to swing open. Waiting for Remus.

He’d been off and on about this plan for months. He wanted a second opinion, needed someone to know… but he didn’t want anyone to talk him out of this. He wanted this. He wanted Remus to want this…

He glanced down at the slim band of metal. It wasn’t very special. It wasn’t even really that shiny. He knew, if Remus said yes, there was no way he’d wear it anytime soon anyway. Not around the halls. Not at school. But they were graduating in just a few months, surely then… Nerves pushed their way up and Sirius set the ring on the table. He picked it back up and set it back down. He ran through the different scenarios in his head again. There were only two, really. Remus said yes: Happiness, pressure off, possibility of sex (not that it mattered). Remus said no: Awkward, apologize, Remus would feel guilty, Sirius would tell him its fine, they’d move on.

They would move on, right?

“Fuck.” Sirius ran a hand over his face, dropping his head to the table and bringing the ring almost to his nose. He didn’t know. He really didn’t.

“What’s that?”

Sirius’ fingers fumbled and he only barely managed to hang onto the warm metal, closing it in his fist as his head whipped to his right, only to see Remus dropping into a chair and looking at him curiously.

“What? What? What- What’s-“

Sirius’ brain failed him, panic swirling in his chest. He wanted to crawl into the fireplace and have someone strike a match. Jesus, he’s messed this up.

Remus snorted, “Want to say that one more time?”

Sirius let out a much too breathy laugh, squeezing his fist tighter, “Right.”

Remus waited, raising an eyebrow when Sirius didn’t elaborate.

“Oh. It’s-“ Sirius reluctantly allowed Remus’ fingers to pry his palm flat, displaying the ring fully, “I… found it. On the floor. Was just looking.”


“Oh.” Remus seemed unfazed and he nodded at it as he pulled his potions textbook from his bag at his feet, “’s nice.”

“Yeah? Really?” Because it’s yours. Merlin, it’s all yours. I’m yours.

Remus sent him a questioning look again, half laughing at him, “Yeah. Sure, Pads.”

Sirius sat back in his chair, pushing down pride. He sent Remus a fleeting grin, “Right.”

As Remus looked back to his textbook, Sirius suddenly wished he wasn’t. He wished Remus hadn’t given in so easily. Fuck, he wished he hadn’t lied. Because how stupid was he going to sound now? Just kidding, marry me?

But it had to be now, didn’t it? Hey, remember last week? Yeah, just kidding, marry me? sounded even stupider.

Sirius closed his eyes, letting his head fall back against the chair and took a deep breath, swallowing what little pride he had left.

“Yeah. Okay, hey Re?”

Sirius heard the ruffling of pages stop but he didn’t open his eyes.

“Are you okay-“ He was sure Remus was smirking when he said it.

“I didn’t find the ring on the floor.”

Sirius opened his eyes a fraction, peering at Remus, embarrassed.

Remus’ eyebrow was arched and he was definitely smirking, “No?”

Sirius groaned, falling forward, head resting face down on his arms on the table, “I didn’t find it. I bought it. I bought it weeks—months—ago, and you weren’t suppose to see it like that and now I’m- fuck, I’m so embarrassed and- and please tell me you’re catching on because I don’t think I could bare to even say it. Not like this. I- fucking hell.”

The silence that followed Sirius’ little speech was made even worse by the fact that Sirius couldn’t actually see Remus’ face. He slowly lifted his head, expecting the worst. Expecting to find Remus sitting there, confused, or horrified, or embarrassed or anything.

What he didn’t expect was to see Remus there with the slyest of fucking smirks on his face, biting his lip and cheeks pink.

“Well…” he started softly, “you don’t expect me to let you ask like that, now do you?”

Sirius melted.

His shoulders sagged, he dropped his head briefly back onto the table and let out a relieved laugh, “Honestly, I didn’t expect you to let me ask at all.”

Remus closed his book, resting his elbow on top of it and his chin in his hand, “Well?”

Sirius bit his lip against a grin, hands reaching out to lightly tug on Remus’ until he got up. Avoiding the table, Sirius pulled until Remus fell right into his lap. Remus let out another soft laugh,

“I do believe you’re suppose to be on your knees.”

Sirius grinned, “Don’t worry, I can do that later.”

Remus’ hand slapping over Sirius’ mouth only made Sirius grin more, “That is not how you start a marriage proposal!”

Sirius laughed, hand coming up take Remus’ and kissing his fingers gently, right over where the ring would rest soon, “Would you like to do it then, since you’re so clever?”

Remus’ mouth formed a little ‘o’ and then he ducked his head bashfully, shifting slight in Sirius’ lap, “No…” He smiled at their intertwined fingers, adding quietly, “No, I want you too…”

Sirius felt his heart pull at that, relief flooding his system. It wasn’t that he hadn’t known Remus wanted this, but hearing him say it aloud… It sent images of their future flicking through his mind.

“Okay.” Their voices had dropped to a whisper, and they were both smiling softly at each other. Sirius could feel the heat of the fire against his cheeks, could feel it warming the soft cotton of Remus’ sweater. Everything felt more romantic, more intimate, than it had only a few moments ago, “Jesus, okay…”

Sirius held the ring lightly between his thumb and finger, watching the way it took on the fire’s warm colors, watching the way Remus’ eyes did the same, “Re…” His speech (had he had a speech?) was gone, his mind replaced with everything and anything having to do with this boy in front of him. He laughed softly to himself, and Remus shushed him, pressing their foreheads together briefly, silently telling him to go on.

“I’ve been carrying this around for me for the last… I don’t even know, but it wasn’t out of hesitation. I- I love…” Sirius looked at Remus’ bitten back smile and groaned, head falling back against the chair once again as Remus let out a loud laugh.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!”

“I’m trying to be romantic, Christ, Remus!” But Sirius was laughing too.

“I know,” Remus gasped through his laughter, hands coming up to cup Sirius’ face, fingers in his hair, “I know, I’m-“ He kissed Sirius, “I’m sorry, you’re so romantic, I promise.-“ Another kiss, “I promise, I-“

“Will you marry me?” Sirius said it right against Remus’ lips. He felt Remus’ intake of breath, his smile. Sirius smiled, “Marry me, Re.”

Remus’ breathing had turned slightly heavier, hands slightly tighter in Sirius’ hair. He was grinning and breathless and washed in firelight. He was beautiful. “Say it again.”

Sirius laughed, holding Remus tighter against his chest, feeling the way Remus’ back arched into him, “Marry me.”

Remus pressed their foreheads together, “Once more?”

Sirius really laughed this time, “Remus-“

“Yes. Merlin, yes-“

Remus didn’t even feel Sirius slip the ring on, he was too busy kissing him, long and heated and blissful kisses. He would forget about it, only noticing it the next morning when Sirius rolled over and kissed the cool metal and then his lips.

Out & Proud

It was all Adam’s fault, really. He’d seen the leaflet in the cafe and got it in his stupid head that it would be fun to go. Which is how Robert found himself covered in glitter and paint and carrying loads of free tat like he was at a children’s party. Only he wasn’t. He was at Hotten Pride.
If Robert was being honest with himself, amongst all the cheap tacky stands and the… overdramatic nature of the whole event, he wasn’t having the worst time. He’d never be an eccentric character but he got it, the whole community thing. It felt nice to know that he was surrounded by people like him, people that understood him. He felt almost… proud to be who he was, in the way he only felt around Aaron, but it was even stronger than that. It was a “fuck you” to Jack, a symbol of everything his dad had hated. If he wasn’t already dead, he’d have dropped dead on the spot at the sight of Robert here, glitter in his hair and a bi flag painted on his cheek, holding his husband’s hand, matching rings sparkling in the golden sunlight.
Said husband was frantically looking for Adam, who’d sent an SOS text minutes before, claiming to be being chatted up by a bunch of bearded guys and being asked to join their meet-ups. Robert highly doubted Adam was that desirable, but naturally, when Adam asks for help, Aaron comes running. He supposes it was probably for the best, Aaron was getting restless and Robert was getting horny- they would be certainly making use of all those free condoms from the stand they “accidentally” kept walking past- so it was likely time to be getting back. Robert was surprised Adam hadn’t been with the drag queens, he was that sort of… eccentric type who would end up being roped into their parade. On second thoughts, Robert HAD seen someone who looked awfully like Adam on one of the floats earlier…
When they eventually managed to catch up with Adam, rather conveniently the bearded guys had disappeared “to get beers”. Robert couldn’t hide the smirk on catching Adam out in his lie. Adam could talk for hours, Robert had always known that, but he’d been having so much… he’d been so busy that he’d forgotten just how annoying it was. He was certain not even a fraction of the stories Adam was telling was true, not that he’d been overly listening. Aaron was enthralled, though, so Robert settled on staring at his husband’s animated face. He liked nothing more than seeing Aaron happy.
Robert was so busy staring that he didn’t notice Adam sniggering at the flag painted on his face. He was brought back down to earth with a bump, remembering not everywhere was like pride, he would never be able to be himself without judgement. That being said, he expected better from Adam flipping Barton, given who his best friend was. Robert was all ready to lash out, when Aaron touched his arm and glared at Adam. God, Robert loved him.
Quickly changing the subject, Adam asked what they’d been doing. Well, having decided to sod off 20 minutes after they arrived, he wouldn’t know. The cheek of him, dragging them along against their will and then abandoning them as soon as he’d got them there. He could hardly blame Adam, they’d been lost in their own world, as Aaron and Robert tended to do, but Robert wouldn’t be telling anyone he was feeling even slightly sympathetic towards Adam.
Aaron muttered something about grabbing beers and heading down the pub, could hardly tell Adam that they’d found a corner of the green near the stage and made out all afternoon while live music had played behind them. Robert was certain they’d never live it down, and he wasn’t prepared to give Adam Barton any sort of leverage. Adam threw a look as though he knew Aaron was lying, but let it go. Robert was certain that was a story to be picked up at the scrapyard the next day.
“Rob, eh, not quite out and proud yet then? Still, there’s always next year, mate!”
Maybe that was true, maybe he wasn’t dancing on the tables or dressing up and taking part in parades, but he felt an acceptance he’d never felt before, so maybe Adam had the right idea after all.
And if Robert had bought a pen with a bi flag on the end of it, and if he kept it inside his bedside drawer for when he wasn’t feeling so good about himself, well, then nobody had to know.

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gallavich prompt: can you do something where one of them has an accident and forgets who the other is? :)

// ok I’ve given this my best shot…it’s a total standalone, full on oneshot, completely unrelated to my gallavich queer club universe (but trust me there is lots more of that coming!) enjoy //

‘Im sorry Mr Gallagher but he has amnesia.’

Ian sighed. 'But he’s going to remember? It’ll come back?’

'We can’t know anything for certain. I don’t want to promise something that may not happen. You’re free to visit him now, though. He’s awake.’

So Ian walked slowly down the corridor, breathing in the harsh chemical smell of the hospital. He just wanted to get to the room and see Mickey, yet he walked slower than ever. He knew that every step he took was a step closer to discovering something terrible.

'Can I come in?’, he called, knocking on the door. The man in the bed frowned at him, confused.

'I think you have the wrong room, man,’ he said, shrugging blankly.

Ian’s heart almost stopped. 'Mickey. It’s me. It’s Ian’, he whispered, shocked.

Mickey’s eyes widened. 'How the fuck do you know my name?’, he said, his tone suspicious and body inching away from Ian in caution, who had now entered the room.

Ian couldn’t believe what he was hearing. 'I know your name, Mickey Milkovich, because I have loved you for just shy of eight years.’

'I’m not a fucking fag,’ Mickey spat aggressively, but his eyes were fearful.

'You’ve got to be kidding me,’ Ian muttered incredulously. Mickey had reverted back to how he was before coming out. Before even knowing Ian. He walked up close to Mickey and got up close, the words falling slowly but piercingly out of his mouth. 'I don’t know what year you think you’re in, but back in 2014, you came out. You practically screamed it. Your dad beat the shit out of us, but we won. We went home and showered together and we didn’t fuck that night. We kissed with our broken faces and just lay side by side all night. Toe to toe, head to head. I held you. I kissed away your tears. And then, Mickey, then you rested your ear over my chest and you fell asleep listening to my heartbeat.’ Mickey was staring at him, paralysed. Ian wondered if he’d gone too far, but he didn’t stop. 'I know your name, Mickey Milkovich, because I can’t count the number of times I’ve fucking screamed out your name each time you coaxed my body into an orgasm…which you reciprocated nicely, might I add. Usually I top. But liking what you like don’t make you a bitch, isn’t that right?’

'I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but you need to shut your fucking mouth,’ Mickey practically whimpered. Then Ian calmed down a little. He realised that this wasn’t Mickey’s fault. So he spoke softly and less aggressively.

'I know your name, Mickey Milkovich, because six months ago, we got married. In the park here in Chicago. Our sisters were bridesmaids. Your brothers didn’t show up. But mine became yours. Lip was my best man. Kev was yours. And Yev was ring bearer. Your son - our son.’ Mickey was speechless. 'He’s almost five. And these are the rings he carried down the aisle to us,’ Ian said, holding up his hand to show the thick, plain silver band snug on his fourth finger. Then he tentatively reached out to run his thumb over Mickey’s identical ring. Mickey instinctively snatched his hand away like Ian’s touch burned him. 'In your vows, you told me that you loved me beyond any and all things. And you told me again later, when it was just us, because I still couldn’t believe it. It felt like a dream. Because I love you too, Mickey. So, so much,’ Ian told him, tears in his eyes, desperate. He clasped Mickey’s hand now and held on, his husband’s hand, the hand he knew better than his own, as he cried silently.

Mickey stared at their hands, fingering the ring on his finger, frowning. 'I don’t know where to even begin…they told me I had some amnesia but…how could I forget so much? There’s just, years and years missing. Years with you, apparently. You don’t seem like the sort of guy I could forget’, he whispered.

Ian raised his eyebrows. 'Was that - are you flirting?’ he almost laughed.

Mickey looked away awkwardly. 'Look, I know I’m gay. I’ve always known. I never kiss guys. Don’t want them to get attached…well. I don’t want to get attached to them, honestly.’

'You kiss me plenty. All of that playing-it-straight crap went to shit after a couple years with me.’

'Am I really married? To you?’ Ian reached for his wallet.

'I’ll bring more pictures from home, tomorrow - but I always have this one with me. This is us. Last May.’ Ian showed him the little rectangular picture.

'We look good,’ Mickey remarked, but the two men in tuxes with matching grins looked like strangers to him. There was a pause. 'Do I really have a kid?’

'Yes. He’s here,’ Ian said, flipping the pockets of the wallet over and revealing a photo from a year or so ago, of Yev sat on the couch at Ian and Mickey’s place. 'Yevgeny. We all call him Yev.’

'What kind of a -’


'Why?’ Ian considered how to answer. 'Who’s his mother?’

Ian sighed. 'It’s a long story. I’ll tell you another day.’ Mickey didn’t persist.

'How did we meet?’

Ian smiled. 'It was 2011. We were still living out our teenage years, though yours were nearly over. You thought I’d - hurt your sister and you just burst into the shop where I used to work, screaming out my name. Wouldn’t be the last time you did that…anyway. We didn’t really meet until I came to your place one morning. We started out fighting, pretty hard, but then you pinned me down and - I just remember our eyes locked and we just stared at each other, and we just knew. And then we were just doing it. Fucking in your twin bed. I was fifteen. Shit.’ He sighed. 'We kept hooking up in secret. Always rushing through the sex. Terrified of getting discovered. That was more you than me, but still. We didn’t even kiss for, like, two years. Not that I didn’t try. But we used to flirt shamelessly. That was more me than you. You were nothing like anyone I’d ever known. I didn’t think you could exist. But you did. Eventually you seemed to just accept that you wanted me and you weren’t going to deny yourself pleasure anymore. It was literally destroying you, Mick.’


Ian had gone to get them both coffee. On the walk back, he reflected. It was still unbelievable. And unfair. But when hadn’t things been with them? He didn’t know how he could tell Mickey everything. Svetlana. Terry. His bipolar. The accident. How could everything about them have been wiped clean out of his head?

As he returned, he was broken out of these thoughts by Mickey’s voice ringing down the corridor. He was…singing? Ian listened.

'And I don’t want the world to see me, cos I don’t think that they’d understand’, Mickey sang, scratchy but pure.

Ian stood in the doorway, frozen. Mickey noticed. 'Are you ok?’, he asked.

'Mick…why were you singing that song?’, he asked in a choked whisper.

Mickey shrugged. 'I don’t actually know. I seem to remember it from somewhere. And it’s - it’s nice. I guess,’ he said, puzzled. 'Why?’

Ian stepped inside the room slowly. 'That was the song we danced to at our wedding. It’s our song, it’s our fucking song’, he said, then sang the next line, voice shaking, 'when everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.’

They didn’t say anything. They just stared at each other, both searching for things that the other didn’t know how to give.

Mickey slowly slipped off the ring and held it. 'So I can remember our wedding song but not the wedding’, he murmured bitterly.

Ian noticed Mickey’s eyes fill with tears. He knew him well enough to know that any second he would begin crying. He walked over and held Mickey, not caring if the gesture was too sudden - if his husband was crying, he was going to comfort him. Sure enough, Mickey gave a loud sob, then tears fell down his face as he began to cry. Ian absentmindedly stroked his neck, planted little kisses in his hair; it was second nature. 'Sorry,’ he said after a moment, worrying Mickey would react adversely to the affection.

Mickey shook his head. 'It’s fine. It’s - nice. That’s not it.’

'Then what?’

'It’s just…I want to remember it, all of it. Not only for my sake but for yours too, this isn’t fair to either of us’, Mickey sobbed.

Ian nodded. 'I know. I know’, he said, feeling tears sting his own eyes. After everything they’d been out through, this just felt like the sickest, most fucked up twist of fate.

Mickey slowly turned and looked at Ian. He had somehow ended up curled against Ian’s chest, a familiar position. They were so close; Ian could feel his breath on his neck and it took all the strength he had not to kiss Mickey. It was too soon, it was too soon, he kept telling himself.

But then Mickey reached up, slowly, tracing the outline of Ian’s face. Tentative at first, then coming to cradle Ian’s face in his palm. Mickey’s eyes fell to his lips.

'Oh fuck,’ Ian murmured, and gave in. He kissed him hard, and then Mickey returned the kiss, deepened it. Ian’s hands ran through Mickey’s hair and they really tasted each other. Ian couldn’t get enough of him, no matter how familiar he was. That was the beauty of it.

'Your kiss. I’ve had it before’, Mickey said breathlessly.

Ian smiled. 'My lips are clearly a pretty unforgettable experience’, he smiled through his tears. Mickey laughed.


Mickey had fallen asleep in his arms and Ian had stayed, holding him. It reminded him of old times, before the accident. They lay together on the bed, Ian breathing in the same old smell. The blood and the hospital couldn’t erase it; it was, unmistakably, home.

'Ian? Are you awake?’, he whispered.

Ian looked down at his husband. 'Yeah. I’m here.’

'I just want to say. I’m - I’m sorry. You don’t deserve this. I can’t imagine how hard it must be’, he said.

'It’s not your fault’, Ian began, but Mickey cut across -

'regardless. I’m sorry. And when the doctor sees me tomorrow, I’m going to find out how I can beat this thing - if I can. If I can’t, well…’, he trailed off, unsure what would happen.

'Then we’ll work through it. I vowed to take you in sickness and in health’, Ian reminded him. 'God knows you’ve done that for me. Look, I love you, Mickey. I will always love you. And I know you’ve forgotten how to love me, but I’ll remind you. I want you to remember, to feel it all again’, he whispered, kissing his neck.

Mickey smiled. 'Thank you, firecrotch,’ he muttered as his eyes closed, drifting back into sleep.

Ian’s heart jolted and he closed his eyes, grinning, as more tears came. 'You’re on your way back, aren’t you,’ he whispered, kissing Mickey’s forehead gently. He didn’t think his old nickname had ever made him cry before.

But that was their relationship. Expect the unexpected. Always.

// the end! PLEASE keep sending me prompts, I gotta write every day this month! //

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wowwww those fluffy prompts are so good for patater like... “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes" but with Tater trying to wear Kent's clothes or “I look forward to holding you close in bed soon" and it is Tater saying it to Kent aawwwww Also who doesnt love their relationship for this dynamic: "You’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.”

AU where Kent is Professor Parson the hot accounting professor with a chili pepper on fire rating on RateMyProfessor. His students adore him and are intimidated by him at the same time, and half the class is practically in love with him (there may or may not have been several incidents where a student undid one button on her blouse before going up and talking to him). The students know that Professor Parson is helpful during office hours (even though he’ll definitely chirp you a little if it’s obvious you didn’t listen in lecture), quick-witted, interesting, handsome, always dresses nicely for lectures (literally no one misses the sight of his ass in those dark-wash jeans), has a cat named after himself, used to play hockey before pursuing his accounting degree and probably still does as a hobby now (he’s even played with hockey legend Jack Zimmermann before!!), and loves the Las Vegas Aces and begrudgingly tolerates the Providence Falconers. They also know that he is most likely very, very married. 

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Basically Civil War
  • Wanda: (sitting in cafe) Uh, should I say something that explains my powers to the people who didn't see Age of Ultron?
  • Nat: Yeah, may as well. Speaking of which, do I have a forced romantic subplot in this movie?
  • Sam: Nope, I can't see one.
  • Nat: Oh, thank god.
  • ------------------------------
  • Steve: Wanda, just like we practiced.
  • Wanda: What about the gas?
  • Steve: Get it out. (jumps in)
  • Wanda: Uh, Steve, shouldn't I have gotten the gas out before you jumped in there?
  • Steve: Don't worry, this is just a super soldier power that was never set up before now.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: You're going to jail, Skeletor. Sam said that would be a good joke, I don't personally get it.
  • Crossbones: OK, good joke, but hear me out: Bucky.
  • Steve: Shit, you've got me.
  • Crossbones: And now you're going to die.
  • Wanda: Don't worry I've got this.
  • Wanda: (throws the bomb at a building, killing several people, setting the whole plot of the film in motion)
  • Wanda: I don't got this.
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: Ah, today seems to be going well. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Vague parent: Hello, your discount Skynet murdered my son.
  • Tony: Fuck, I thought the guilt tripping thing was over.
  • -----------------------------
  • Steve: Wanda, it's not your fault.
  • Wanda: Steve, it is absolutely my fault.
  • Steve: I know, I'm just trying to make you feel better.
  • Vision: (phases into room) I'm here to steal the movie. And also Wanda's heart.
  • Wanda: Vision, I love you, but please stop doing this.
  • Steve: Wait, has he done this before?
  • Vision: The last time this happened, I walked in on Wanda-
  • ------------------------------
  • General Ross: Hello, Avengers. I'm here to fuck everything up.
  • Wanda: Who the fuck are you?
  • General Ross: I was in the Hulk movie where Bruce looked like the guy from Fight Club.
  • Nat: Yeah, that was weird.
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: I'm here to support the American government gain further control over superhero activity as I believe it is necessary.
  • Steve: That's odd, I'm here to fight against government control as I no longer trust them.
  • Tony: Yeah, it feels like our points of view should be reversed.
  • Steve: That says a lot about how we've progressed as characters. (receives text) Shit.
  • Tony: Language. What is it?
  • Steve: A side development to break the audience's hearts. We've got a lot of those.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: OK, Steve, keep it together. Hopefully Sharon Carter won't be in this, and you won't have to go through a creepy romantic sub plot.
  • Sharon: Hi, I'm here to quote the comic and kiss super soldiers.
  • Steve: Goddammit.
  • ----------------------------
  • Nat: Well, I'm here, something big is going to go down.
  • T'Challa: Hi, I'm the first black superhero on screen.
  • Nat: Wait, what about Falcon? Or War Machine?
  • T'Challa: They're sidekicks, they don't count in the same way.
  • Nat: OK, nice to meet you. Are any of your parents in this movie?
  • T'Challa: Yes, why?
  • Nat: Uh, let's just say you're story arc will involve revenge.
  • ----------------------------
  • Wanda: Why are you cooking?
  • Vision: I believe this is meant to set us up as a romantic couple.
  • Wanda: Well, it's working. Maybe Marvel have learned their lesson from Age of Ultron.
  • Vision: I believe Sharon and Steve also have a romantic sub-plot.
  • Wanda: Spoke too soon.
  • --------------------------
  • Nat: Steve, whatever you do, don't go after Bucky.
  • Steve: Sure thing Nat. (hangs up) Sam, we're going after Bucky.
  • Sam: The dude tried to kill us multiple times.
  • Steve: Yeah, but he's cute AF.
  • Sam: Fine.
  • -------------------------
  • Steve: OK, I'm in Bucky's flat, but he's not here.
  • Bucky: Who's not here?
  • Steve: OH MY GOD! Bucky!
  • Bucky: Still don't remember you.
  • Steve: Damn it.
  • --------------------------
  • T'Challa: Hello, my name is T'Challa. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  • --------------------------
  • Tony: For god's sake, Steve, why did you save him?
  • Steve: He's my best friend.
  • Tony: He murdered a thousand people.
  • Steve: He was brainwashed.
  • Tony: Cool motive, still murder.
  • ---------------------------
  • Martin: Hello, I'm Martin Freeman. I heard Benedict was in the MCU, and I couldn't let him do that without me.
  • Zemo: And I'm Zemo, I'm here to screw everything up.
  • Steve: Yeah, no one really cares about you guys. Also, if you hurt my boyfriend, I hurt you.
  • Martin/Zemo: What?
  • Steve: What?
  • ---------------------------
  • Zemo: Vague brain washy words.
  • Steve: Bucky no.
  • Tony: Bucky no.
  • Nat: Bucky no.
  • Martin: Bucky no.
  • Everyone: BUCKY NO!
  • Bucky: Bucky no!
  • Zemo: Bucky yes.
  • Bucky: Bucky yes.
  • ---------------------------
  • Bucky: Escape, beat up superheroes, get away in helicopter. This is a good plan.
  • Bucky: Damn it, why does this blonde guy keep ruining everything? And why is he so hot?
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: We need to bring Cap and Bucky in.
  • Nat: Who are we going to get to do that?
  • Tony: I know a kid. Even though there is literally no reason why I could even possibly know who he is.
  • Nat: Not the Spider-kid.
  • Tony: Why not?
  • Nat: I thought I was the arachnid themed hero.
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: Hey, kid, your aunt is hot.
  • Peter: Please stop talking.
  • Tony: Also, I know you're Spider-Man.
  • Peter: How the hell do you know that?
  • Tony: I read the script. Would you like to go to Germany?
  • Peter: I can't, I'm finally a kid, I have homework and stuff that the other spidermen never worried about.
  • Tony: OK, but what if I told you you get to meet superheroes?
  • Peter: Would I get to meet Captain America?
  • Tony: ... yeah.
  • -----------------------------
  • Wanda: Vision, I want to help Captain America.
  • Vision: Wanda no.
  • Hawkeye: Wanda yes.
  • Wanda: Didn't you retire in Age of Ultron?
  • Hawkeye: We're kind of glossing over some things that happened in that film.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: Did you find Ant-Man?
  • Hawkeye: Yeah, why are we bringing him anyway?
  • Steve: We heard that Team Iron Man have got a comic relief sidekick with a insect theme, and we need to match them.
  • ----------------------------
  • Tony: So, it has come to this. Heroes vs. heroes. Friend against friend. Brother against brother.
  • Steve: Yeah, yeah, shall we fight?
  • T'Challa: Shall we indeed?
  • Steve: Hang on, Tony, why is he on your team?
  • T'Challa: Oh, don't worry about me, captain. I'm only here to steal the spotlight.
  • Spider-Man: Did somebody mention stealing the spotlight?
  • T'Challa: God damn it.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: Guys, the trailer's have given away most of the badass moments from this fight scene. We need something that's extremely memorable and awesome. Preferably something right from the comics.
  • Ant-Man: Hey, I've got an idea. (becomes giant.)
  • Spider-Man: HOLY SHIT!
  • Steve: That should do it.
  • -----------------------------
  • Steve: OK, just before the finale, we need something for the Stucky fans to go nuts over.
  • Bucky: How about you lovingly pat me on the shoulder and we reminisce about old times?
  • Steve: I love you.
  • ----------------------------
  • Tony: Hey guys, I'm here to redeem myself and help catch the bad guy.
  • Zemo: Hello, I'm the bad guy. I'm the one who orchestrated the bombing.
  • Steve: Right on cue.
  • Bucky: Guys, this is too easy.
  • Zemo: Hey, Stark, Bucky killed your parents.
  • Tony: OK, that's it. Bucky dies.
  • Zemo: Everything is going to plan.
  • T'Challa: Hello, my name is T'Challa. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  • Zemo: OK, fine, kill me.
  • T'Challa: Actually, since this is a superhero film, let's arrest you.
  • Zemo: For fuck's sake.
  • Steve: LANGUAGE.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you got this or if Tumblr ated it but do you have any tips or something with writing fanfiction for Vanderwood I've been trying but I can't help feel it's slightly ooc,anyways thanks for your greatness in general!

✿ SORRY THIS TOOK AWHILE, I had a lot I wanted to say but wasn’t certain how to phrase it.

We really don’t know a lot about Vanderwood. We see them in a few circumstances, but there’s a lot of room for extrapolation regarding their personality. We mostly see them interacting with 707, so that’s where I started. How does Vanderwood treat 707, and why do they treat him that way?

1.) They take care of 707, often citing their obligations to the agency as the reason why.

You could take this at face-value and say “Vanderwood doesn’t care about Seven and is just trying to do their work for a very frightening organization as effectively as possible”, but the efforts Vanderwood goes to really don’t match that. They’ve clearly been cleaning his apartment for a long time, and during Seven’s route, they bring him coffee and are concerned about his inability to work. Again, they say it’s because it is in the agency’s best interests that he work and that, if he doesn’t work, everyone will get punished…

But if that’s the case, why doesn’t Vanderwood, in the interests of preserving their own wellbeing, tell Seven’s boss he’s being useless and punish the kid?

Because Vanderwood does care. That’s a pretty easy conclusion to make, but it’s important to establish that Vanderwood cares a lot about Seven and is unable to express their feelings about him. Vanderwood mentions that they haven’t told Seven’s boss about the RFA, meaning they’re willing to put their neck on the line for him, and the secret endings mention how Vanderwood and Seven have both saved each other’s lives. Vanderwood wants to get Seven medical attention when he’s shot, scolds him for making his injury worse, and visits him repeatedly in the hospital. Yet they don’t really have a close relationship, as exemplified by Seven verbally pushing them away, and Vanderwood being unable to overtly express emotion. Now, why is that?

One conclusion can be drawn is that Vanderwood, in general, has trouble talking about emotions. This is supported by how much of a little shit they are. Their sense of humor is more acerbic than Seven’s ‘wacky randomness’ (their infamous “I don’t understand what’s going on, is this some kind of couple’s fight?” line and their fake laughter in Seven’s route) but they deal with things in a pretty similar way to Seven. Instead of having real, emotional moments, they use mockery to conceal their ~*delicate emotional side*~ and they’d much rather push someone away than express real affection.

So, when I write Vanderwood, I write them as having difficulties expressing themselves, and feeling uncomfortable in emotional moments when they have to be “real”. They often say things that just sound terrible, or aren’t really… sensitive things to say, because they’re bad at being nice. Even when they’re trying, they just mess up.

2.) Vanderwood believes their status as a secret agent means they can’t form relationships,

In one of the VN modes, Vanderwood cautions Seven away from having a relationship with the MC, because they’re both secret agents. There’s also an implication that Vanderwood isn’t entirely happy with their choice of career, which also makes me think it’s something they did out of desperation.

(i mean. like. duh. it sounds like an awful place to work who would want to do that.)

This gives further proof that Vanderwood isn’t the sort of person who’s easy to get close to. They like shoving people away, and believes it’s in their best interests not to let anyone in. That probably contributes to the distance between them and Seven, and also why they’re so bad at dealing with emotions. It also means that they probably have some of Seven’s self-hate going on - but they’re also not the kind of person who gets really… sappy.

They’re embarrassed by sappy stuff. They don’t know how to deal with it. Their form of self-depreciation would be way more bitter, more “god I’m a piece of shit lmao” than “wahhhhh my life sucks and i’m awful”

3.) Even though Vanderwood likes Seven and wants to protect him, they put up relatively little fuss when they have to take Seven back to the agency.

This implies that, above all, Vanderwood is loyal to the agency, and will put their own emotions aside for their work. I personally interpret it also as Vanderwood thinking that Seven brought it on himself for being an idiot, and it’s not something that they can change. They just need to sit down, shut up, and do their job.

In my backstory for Vanderwood, they grew up in a filthy household where they had little agency (explaining their need to have things clean and their obedience) and they’re terrified that, if they disobey the agency, they’ll lose any of the “freedoms” that they’ve gained for themselves. You don’t have to go with that, but when writing Vanderwood, it’s good to at least think about why they are the way they are. Why aren’t they good with emotional stuff? Why are they with the agency? Why is their natural reaction to danger to sass everyone around them?

Vanderwood is interesting to me because they obey authority unquestioningly and care quite a bit about doing their job, and yet they’re incredibly sassy and snarky. So that’s a pretty important trait to keep in mind when writing them.

4.) They’re a total loser

Just listen to their scream when the robo-dog attacks them. Just look at them. Purple shirt? Leopard print lining on their jacket? THEY WEAR IT ON THEIR SHOULDERS. Vanderwood is not cool. They are, at the very least, somewhat embarrassing. (And they definitely are given the run-around by Seven.)

And that’s what makes them endearing, I think. They’re an emotionally repressed, snarky idiot who likes cleaning and is continually bullied by Seven but still likes the idiot.

I… hope that helps, at least a little bit! I have trouble writing long-form character essays like this without it coming out like incoherent babbling. Feel free to send another ask if you’d like me to go into more detail about stuff! A good place to start when learning to write a character is think of actions they make in the story, then ask yourself, ‘Why did this character say that/do that/feel that way”? Once you understand a character’s thought process, writing them gets way more natural.

The Golden Trio

Mercedes drags Kurt out trick-or-treating to the nicer part of Lima. 

This is my contribution to @todaydreambelieversfic round robin event! I actually really enjoyed writing this, so thanks for giving me the opportunity :) Make sure you read the first and second parts of the round robin first! They’re super cute! 

This is set in 2009! I’d put it anywhere between Preggers and Throwdown.

Kurt feels incredibly stupid. Quite frankly, he doesn’t think he has ever been this nervous about an ensemble before – and he wore a corset to school once.

“Stop fiddling,” Mercedes smacks his hand with her wand. He pulls it back from where he’d been adjusting the red wig on his head with a hiss of pain. “You look fine.”

“I look like a moron,” Kurt says, catching sight of his reflection in the bus window.

When Mercedes had first suggested Ron and Hermione, Kurt thought it was a fantastic idea. Mercedes already had the right hair for Hermione, and Kurt was sure he’d be able to pull off redhead as well as he pulled off everything.

He was wrong.

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First of all, I wanna thank satan for making it possible for me reach this number. This took a while for me to post because I was too lazy and too busy to get around it. I’m nearing 700 now. Second of all, I wanna question why everyone chose to follow such a shit blog like this. Though I am mostly thankful to everyone that did. Thank you for tolerating me on your dashes even though my presence has been scarce and I rarely get to reply back to any of you. Getting to RP someone like Nyx has certainly been a fun and emotional experience for me. He’s given my RPing hobby a second chance on a lease of life. And I wanna thank everyone who’s given me a chance to RP with them too. You are all lovely.

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anonymous asked:

I've seen this around before and I'm a bit confused - is Sansa poisoning Sweetrobin deliberately? Because I used to think Sansa cares for sweetrobin a little - she may be doing it unintentionally or w/o knowing the full effects of it; What do you think? And do you think SR will end up dying because of this?

You’re getting at a lot here, and my response is going to be long because you’re asking a question that I’ve been meaning to write about for about two years now but keep falling on the floor moaning and not writing because my thoughts on the matter are longer and stickier than I want them to be.  So thanks for providing the catalyst I needed to write this, but also I’m kinda shakin’ my fist @ u it was so nice to let my laziness be in charge of me, u feel me?

I’m going to break my response down into a few different sections because, as I said above, my response is long and sticky.

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hanluvr  asked:

Prompt: Foundations AU where Alina (as a younger child - toddler, preschooler, something like that) has to react to her Daddy turning into Eleven. Because with your last piece you've made me wonder how that would go....

This of course diverts from Foundations’ canon.

Raggedy and Not My Dad

UPDATE: Now on AO3 and Teaspoon

“See? Now mummy’s resting. She’ll be just fine!” the moppy-haired stranger promised Alina as he whirled around and grinned, clapping his hands. It was more like her spinning ballerina after she broke than whirling. He wasn’t at all coordinated.

Seriously though, his head was a mop. Despite what he’d told her, that alone disqualified him from Dad status. Alina’s daddy knew how to do his hair, and was starting to teach her the importance of a properly wild hairstyle befitting a young Time Lady. She’d be surprised if this clown even knew what a comb was. He might have been wearing her daddy’s clothes, but they hung off him like her dolls’ clothes on the wrong doll. He looked just as tall but his head was too big (but that might’ve just been the moppy hair). What he did look like was a cartoon. Like a scarecrow with a mop on its head instead of a straw hat. Was he certain he didn’t pop out of her telly?

“I’m staying with mummy,” Alina insisted, and clambered up onto the bed to snuggle up to her sleeping mum.

“Alina, we’ve got to get you looked over and into to your own bed.”


“Aww come on, mummy will be up in a few hours I promise! I think. Maybe. She likes to sleep, your mum. She’ll be up in a while! In the meantime you and I can try a cup of milk and biscuits with a story. How’s that sound? Actually I don’t like milk. Milk is rubbish. How’s about hot cocoa? Hot cocoa and bananas! I think I still like bananas. Bananas are brilliant.”  Something about this in his mind must have warranted a goofy little dance and matching grin to accompany it. Alina couldn’t be certain why exactly.

She curled her lips and turned her nose up at him and nestled up to her mum tighter, moving her arm to wrap around her back. “Don’t like hot cocoa.”

“Right. Of course! I knew that. Tea, right? Nice cup of tea for my little lioness, right?”

Alina swallowed back tears that made her eyes sting. “You’re not allowed to call me that!”

“Why not?”

“You’re not my daddy!”

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anonymous asked:

hei Tara :3 how do you think Garrus coped with his scarring?how did it affect him ? I imagine it would affect a person beyond just skin deep. the healing process would have been a trying hurdle in itself. I really want to hear what you think. as always you are lovely :) just something I've been curious about for a while and I'm sorry if I bothered. and thank you for writing. can't wait for your novels.

(Thank you so much!! <3 What a lovely compliment!)

So, your mileage may vary with this, but I’ve got a lot of personal headcanon wrapped up in Garrus’ scars. Let me show you some! (If yours is different, no worries. It’s a big sandbox. Plenty of Garruses to go around.)

Garrus was seriously wounded. The games always make it seem as though things happen magically fast. Take a rocket to the face? Bounce back twelve hours later! Wheee! I tend to think this is not the case. I think they dragged Garrus back as little more than a barely-breathing corpse, and I think Dr. Chakwas outdid herself putting him back together (in my canon Mordin’s not on the ship yet), the whole time terrified of what it would do to Shepard if Garrus was lost. I think, looking at the damage done to his armor, he was sporting a lot more than just some cosmetic face damage. Dr. Chakwas pulls out a miracle, but Garrus is far, far from healed. I think the conversation with Shepard happens days after the fact, and that Jacob is trying to brace Shepard for what looks to be Garrus’ loss, or permanent incapacitation. And Jacob’s pretty sure she’s not going to take it well. At all.

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softgrungeselfdiscovery-deactiv  asked:

could you do a blurb where you are like a major virgin and hes not and like hes really horny and like he just starts making out with you and gets really into it and then take it from there but also like he doesn't know your a virgin whoo

oh gOD I also happen to be team v so let’s see how this goes shall we

Michael: I think that Michael is probs like rlly experienced and knows what he’s doing and like if you didn’t it’d be so embarrassing and he wouldn’t want to make it worse so he’d really try and get into it for you

but yeah so let’s say you two are watching a movie and like halfway through he starts touching your knee and that’s not a problem but as it goes on he hitches it higher and higher and you look at his hand then his face and he smirks and then like starts kissing you and you get into it and straddle his waist and like you can feel him getting hard which you haven’t felt before bc virgin so you feel a bit worried but then again that doesn’t mean anything has to happen so you continue making out and then his hands go lower down your body like they’re on your waist then go round to your bum and squeeze and that feels nice but now you’re even more worried and and then one hand leaves your ass and gets closer and closer to your clit and you’re like nOPE and you just kinda lean back and he stops and looks at you like ?? and you sigh and god this is embarrassing and you say I’ve never done this before and he says you’re a virgin? and you nod and he says do you want to do this? and you nod but like unsurely and he smiles and says don’t worry baby I’ll look after you and then he focuses entirely on you and kisses down your stomach and like puts his fingers inside you and he fucks you so you don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with and afterwards he’s like okay? and you nod bc wow that was more than okay

Luke: I kinda get the impression that Luke isn’t a virgin but he’s only done it a few times with like one girl so tbh he isn’t that far off a virgin himself

But one day he comes offstage and he’s like really pumped and he puts his guitar down and kisses you really hard like backing you against the wall and you’re so overwhelmed you forget where you are but the guys are like wow okay we’ll leave and Luke’s like gr8 thnx so he drags you down into the dressing room and throws you onto the sofa and it’s getting really heated and you’re like blindly undressing until you’re in your (non-matching, typical) underwear and you’re looking at him who’s also in his underwear and you turn away so he can’t see your face and you just blurt I’m a virgin! and he like comes up behind you and kisses your neck and is like it’s okay baby we don’t have to and you’re like no I want to and you can feel his dick hard against your ass and he’s like good and then he spins you around and sits on the sofa and you sit on his lap and you continue making out and slowly your bra comes off then your underwear and so does his and you like slowly sink onto his dick and he gives you this look and you lift yourself and sink back down and he makes this little whine and that’s enough to encourage you to rlly get into it and then he starts thrusting and WOW IMAGINE SEX WITH LUKE

Calum: I think that Calum would just expect you to know what you’re doing because he assumes you’ve had sex before so when he finds out you haven’t he’d be all like ????

so imagine you guys just got back from the movies or whatever and ever since you were watching the movie he’d been touching you like your knee and thigh and he’s got that face and bc you’re a virgin you’re like uh ohhhh and when you’re home he like picks you up and takes you upstairs and you’re on the bed and he’s like really trying to make out with you but bc you don’t know if you’re ready you’re not really into it and he pulls back like baby what’s up? and you go all pink and you’re just like ugh I’ve never done this before and he’s like never? and all shocked and you nod and he’s like but you’re so hot… and you laugh but he’s still hard and looking at you and he says do you want to do this? and you shrug and he says just stop me if you don’t like it and he slowly pulls off your dress and kisses down your stomach and when he gets just above your vagina he looks up at you and you nod and he breathes against your covered clit and you shiver and he smiles and pulls down your underwear with his teeth and god that’s hot and he sort of looks at you and says you can stop me if you want and you’re like yea-yeah because he hasn’t even done anything but you feel good and he kisses your hip then leans between your legs and he starts to tongue at your clit and you’re just like oh my gOd and yeah you don’t tell him to stop

Ashton: bc he’s older and obviously hot so had a few girls I feel like he’d really know what he likes and he’d just expect to be given it so when you say you can’t he’s like hmm

but yeah so you wake up one morning and Ashton’s playing big spoon and you can feel his dick hard against your bum and you just like cringe because it’s not like it feels bad but you know you’re gonna have to do something about it but you’re not sure if you want to so you try and get up so you can escape but he feels you moving and says all sleepily mm morning babe and squeezes you tight and purposefully presses his dick against you and you’re all like morning!!! and still trying to get up but he doesn’t let you and just kisses your neck and one of his hands trails down slowly and starts to touch you through your pyjama bottoms and it feels nice so you stop trying to move and let him do his thing and then he like moves so he’s above you but still touching you then he kisses you and pulls down your bottoms and underwear and he pushes a finger in you and you gasp and you’re like a-ash and he just hums and you’re like uh I’m a virgin and he goes really? with his finger still in you and you nod and bite your lip and he kisses you and goes mm, hot and then he pushes another finger in and you don’t even try and fight it and just let him look after you and then later on it’s your turn to try and please him hmm