what i'm wore

this afternoon i took my shithead ex’s shit–

his books

his clothes

his besotted letters

the long-dead flowers he sent me from the fountain at caserta—

i took it all and shipped it back to him

fuck it felt good

Lol Internets not working rn so this is a phone picture. I took a quick break to doodle the kiddos pre academy times, ish, so neji is a sad/bitter kid, and Lee is still forming his brazen determination. Tenten is cute and cheery though, full of big dreams!!


No way, the Cocky belt buckle stays.                                                                                     Booth, you haven’t worn that in years.

I’m drunk as hell at like the first College Bar I’ve been to in 3 years of being drunk at college! and anyway, I’m in this bar, and straight frat dudes are buying me drinks as if I’m attracted to them, and not only is it soo funny, but also I’m unintentionally wearing a clear plastic backpack with nothing in it except a clearly visable hardcover copy of nabakov’s Pnin 

Because you know what the world needs? Melarue as an Inquisition companion. @scurvgirl and I were fiddling around with the idea of former Nameless Leader Melarue waking up in DA;I times and coming to the aid of one Inquisitor Kassaran Adaar. So the Companion Mel AU is a thing now. You’re all welcome.