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in this time of wrestlemania uncertainty, i really appreciated this

honestly though, i can take people calling isak/even + happiness fan service when it’s not people in the fandom? you know, when it’s people who just hate the show or are still pressed out a poll. but it coming from the fandom? from people who actually watched S3 and seen everything they’ve gone through to get to this point…it’s just…wow. and i didn’t really want to post something about, but i still see posts with them being called fan service and it’s just…not sitting well with me.

yes. maybe them having yellow curtains as their wi-fi name is fan service. and yes them having fan art on their wall could be it it too. but their happiness? the happiness they’ve found in each other…how dare people call in fan service. because it’s the happiness between a boy used to run away from home and not wanting to go home, a boy who had to grow up at 16 and move out from his home because he realized that it wasn’t good for him. a boy who made his own family in the kollektiv, who used to live fake and struggle with internalized homophobia and used to be a bit ignorant, but he grew up and learned. And then there’s a boy who shines so brightly, and he loves so much and with his everything but the world just hasn’t been nice to him in return. Because he struggled with himself and his sexuality, because his friends turned on him and made him only feel worse when he needed them the most. A boy who has bipolar but is now taking life minute by minute. day by day. A boy who has decided to not let his bipolar define him. A boy who now has a job and he’s moved out from his parents house, and he’s the director of his own life. These boys found home in each other and they are now making memories together. And it’s not easy. It’s fighting over laundry and maybe even about who will do the grocery shopping. And it’s struggled with homework because I can’t do homework when you’re looking at me. 

And it’s a Isak who understands now that he can’t go around snooping for information about Even’s past, that Even will tell him when he’s ready. And it’s a Even who understands that he can’t tell Isak how he will react to certain things, because only you can feel what you feel. And it’s a Isak and Even who are better at communicating now because that’s the information you get after watching the scene in epi 6.

so to say that the happiness between this these two characters, who have come such a long way, is just fan service…it makes me angry.

Aqua Form - Juvia Lockser - fanart. I thought I’d try giving the effect she’s using Water Body and make her fingers and edges of her hair watery (?). I tried. I really did. However. I’m really proud of the lighting work on this..I wanted it to be very detailed and yeah I don’t think I did too bad :3

And sorry I haven’t posted in art in a while, it’s just been very hectic with school T T

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Lol Internets not working rn so this is a phone picture. I took a quick break to doodle the kiddos pre academy times, ish, so neji is a sad/bitter kid, and Lee is still forming his brazen determination. Tenten is cute and cheery though, full of big dreams!!

Even after a year of owning this shirt that used to be his, it still smells like him somehow. Apparently his scent is haunting me and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

source-powered-archineer  asked:

Can a monster's clothes and armour be a magical extension of their soul?

(undertale spoilers)

Monster clothing is rather enigmatic. When a monster dies, their clothing disappears with them. When Undyne is reformed by her determination, she dons a new set of armor. When Asriel appears and changes forms, his clothing changes as well. However, outside of these instances, there seems to be more evidence implying monster clothing is separate and not an extension of the soul.

After the electric maze puzzle in a neutral route, Frisk can talk to Sans, who mentions that he and Papyrus made the battle armor Papyrus proudly wears.

hey, thanks… my brother seems like he’s having fun.
by the way, did you see that weird outfit he’s wearing?
we made that a few weeks ago for a costume party.
he hasn’t worn anything else since…
keeps calling it his “battle body.”
isn’t my brother cool?

Before the date with Alphys starts, she mentions that her friend helped pick out her dress.

Uhhh, sorry! I’m still getting dressed!
H-how do I look?
My friend helped me pick out this dress.
She’s got a great sense of…
Um, anyway! Let’s do this thing!

There is also an example of clothes being shared. Mettaton wears a blue dress during his musical, and this dress is worn by a lion monster at the end of the true pacifist route.

Additionally, clothing can be found in several bedrooms in the game, stored away in closets or wardrobes or left on the floor (such as Sans’ sock). What exactly the clothes are made out of is unknown; perhaps it’s magic. In any case, it’s unlikely that clothing is a magical extension of the soul considering it can be made, picked out, shared, and stored away. 

This was the temperature when we left the pride festival earlier today. No wonder I was melting…

i really appreciate the uzumaki family aesthetic like naruto’s colour is orange, hinata’s is purple, boruto’s is pink and himawari’s is yellow
and it’s actually a really nice colour palette???????


No way, the Cocky belt buckle stays.                                                                                     Booth, you haven’t worn that in years.