what i'm trying to say is that i am REALLY EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE

101 fluffy prompts
  • 001: "You're really soft."
  • 002: "You smell nice."
  • 003: "I'm here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses."
  • 004: "Is it possible to love too much?"
  • 005: "I don't wanna get up-- you're comfy."
  • 006: "I will always be there protect you."
  • 007: "I'm cold. Come closer."
  • 008: "I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck.”
  • 009: "The stars look especially lovely tonight."
  • 010: "I've never seen such gorgeous eyes before."
  • 011: "May I have this dance?"
  • 012: "I can't stop thinking about you."
  • 013: "You'll never feel alone with me by your side."
  • 014: "Let's get to know each other over dinner."
  • 015: "All I want is you."
  • 016: "I could never leave you, I love you too much!"
  • 017: "A fairytale with a happy ending always brings a smile to my face."
  • 018: "I want to hear you sing."
  • 019: "I don't think anyone could ever be as lovely as you."
  • 020: "You look incredible in that."
  • 021: "He/She's quite stunning, isn't he/she?"
  • 022: "Sometimes I just can't control myself when around you."
  • 023: "Do you believe in love at first sight?"
  • 024: "I think I'm in love."
  • 025: "I’d like it if you stayed.
  • 026: "People are jerks, but not you."
  • 027: "I'll share the blankets with you."
  • 028: "I have never felt this way about anyone."
  • 029: "I want this to never end..."
  • 030: "Can I kiss you?"
  • 031: "I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks."
  • 032: "Who changed the thermostat settings? I’m freezing to death."
  • 033: "Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?"
  • 034: "You can put your cold feet on me."
  • 035: "Your stray red item turned my whites pink."
  • 036: "A thunderstorm is rolling through town and you’re scared of lightening/thunder so I’ll protect you."
  • 037: "There was a power outage and now we have to have dinner by candlelight."
  • 038: "Rock Paper Scissors to see who has to go talk to the neighbors upstairs for being too loud."
  • 039: "I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on."
  • 040: "Our AC is out and it’s the middle of the summer."
  • 041: "You found me crying on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night surrounded by a shattered jelly jar."
  • 042: "My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on"
  • 043: "We’re repainting the apartment and going to the hardware store together to pick out color swatches."
  • 045: "We’re watching Toy Story 3 and we can’t stop crying."
  • 046: "I caught the bouquet"
  • 047: "My ex just invited me to their wedding and I need you to be my date so it doesn’t look like I’ve spent the last few years failing to get over them."
  • 048: "We accidentally got married in Vegas oops"
  • 049: "I’m really drunk, please help me get safely out of the way so I don’t ruin our friend’s wedding."
  • 050: "I planned out this super romantic proposal and you just ruined it by beating me to whole proposing thing."
  • 051: "I wasn’t planning on asking you, but it appeared to me that life is short. Will you marry me? "
  • 052: "If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life."
  • 053: "Do you take this man/woman to be your lawfully wedded husband/wife? "
  • 054: "May I have this dance, wife/husband? "
  • 055: "You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m so happy I can finally call you my wife/husband."
  • 056: "I jokingly told you that the only way I’d marry you was if you did this weird outlandish thing, and you actually did it, and I’m kind of charmed."
  • 057: "This is probably a bad time, but marry me?"
  • 058: "We’ve become the clingy newlyweds you always complained about. "
  • 059: "Your ‘miracle hangover cure’ couldn’t possibly beat mine."
  • 060: "I know you haven’t had the best experience with dogs in the past but look at its face please please can we keep it?"
  • 061: "I wanted to surprise you for our anniversary, but everything that could go wrong, did go wrong."
  • 062: "I beat you at Mario Kart and now you're banishing me to the couch for the night?”
  • 063: "I surprised you with tickets to see our favorite band… WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU SURPRISED ME WITH TICKETS TO SEE THEM TOO?"
  • 064: "I know we had a big fight but we still need to decorate the house for the holidays."
  • 065: "Oh! Hey! Could you come and taste this to see if it's okay?"
  • 066: "We’re arguing over book versus movie."
  • 067: "I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Loser cooks dinner. Good luck. xo’"
  • 068: "We’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary on the wrong day for the past nine years."
  • 069: "You had a business trip and I missed you so much that I kind of tore up the house in your absence like a dog with separation anxiety… sorry?"
  • 070: "We both have nowhere else to be so we get to spend our rare day off at home."
  • 071: "I bet it’s a girl/boy."
  • 072: "Do you think it’s possible that I…might be… pregnant? "
  • 073: "I thought I was pregnant but the test must have been wrong. I’m not. "
  • 074: "You’re lucky I’m pregnant!"
  • 075: "Can you help me up, your child is pretty heavy."
  • 076: "I could really use a foot rub right now."
  • 077: "Your dad is really excited to meet you soon, it’s driving me crazy."
  • 078: "Do you wanna know the sex of the baby?"
  • 079: "The baby’s kicks are keeping me up at night."
  • 080: "Did you feel that?"
  • 081: "I can’t fit into my favorite dress anymore. "
  • 083: "I can’t be pregnant… or….OH MY GOD! "
  • 084: "I think you might be pregnant.”
  • 085: "It’s 2 am but you’re craving cake and we’re both up anyway so let’s bake in our underwear."
  • 086: "I knew it was a mistake to get the twins matching clothes."
  • 087: "Sh…they’re asleep."
  • 088: "I think someone had a little accident with the finger paint."
  • 089: "Mondays are your diaper days."
  • 090: "Our kid is totally the one who wanted to build a pillow fort, not me."
  • 091: "Ooh…someone’s got a tummy ache."
  • 092: "Are you sure you don’t want me to drop them off myself? I don’t think you could handle seeing them off alone."
  • 093: "I told you we should have just gotten that German Shepherd puppy."
  • 094: "What do you think for their punishment? Grounding? No video games? No going out for a week?"
  • 095: "Mm…your kid before five in the morning."
  • 096: "Come on now, I think you’re being too harsh. He/she’s just a kid. Remember all of the stupid things we used to do when we were their age?"
  • 097: "So, how should we break the news that they’re going to have a new baby brother or sister?"
  • 098: "I think we should have another."
  • 099: "Why wasn’t I invited to your wedding?"
  • 100: "Okay fine, one more story, but then you really have to go to bed."
  • 101: "…They just grow up so fast."

I was lucky enough to attend the Pacific Rim: Uprising NYCC panel at Madison Square Garden (and sat in the first row ayyy~~) and took a bunch of notes lol. The panel included the director Steven S. DeKnight, and a few members of the main cast including John Boyega, Cailee Spaeny, Scott Eastwood, and Burn Gorman. Here’s my recap:

General Worldbuilding Tidbits

  • Pacific Rim: Uprising is set 10 years in the future after the last film. DeKnight said that they wanted to show a “new generation of Jaeger pilots who have known nothing but chaos.”
  • Previous characters slated to return, as seen by the trailer, include Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), Dr. Hermann Gottlieb (Burn Gorman), and Dr. Newt Geiszler (Charlie Day).
  • The new main “trio” seems to consists of the main lead, Jake Pentecost, and the late son of Stacker Pentecost (John Boyega), Jake’s best friend and Jaeger pilot Nate Lambert (Scott Eastwood), and tech-savvy Amara Namani (Cailee Spaeny). 
  • 10 years later, the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC) has come together to work as an international fighting force, with all of humanity working together - i.e. Jaegers are no longer coded by specific country, like the Russian Jaegers, Australian Jaegers, etc. 
  • This also allowed the opportunity to build Jaegers from the ground up, since they were all previously destroyed in the first film. It was jokingly claimed, “we cancelled the apocalypse and then un-cancelled it to make this movie.”
  • DeKnight discussed how  Del Toro originally set the table with Pacific Rim as a “fantastic visual feast,” so the goal with the sequel was to honor the original, but also expand the universe at the same time. 
  • John Boyega claimed that they weren’t trying to “rewrite what Guillermo Del Toro did, but rather to build upon and expand this universe, and where the humans are at now.”
  • Boyega also talked about how he came onto work behind-the-scenes creatively on the film as a producer. He described Pacific Rim as one of the only franchises he’s come across where the fans are hopeful and “sacred science fiction ground." 
  • Going in, Boyega felt like he had the same creative passion as DeKnight. When they met in LA for the first time, they went over the specific Jaegers and basically what Boyega wanted to see after Pacific Rim. He claimed that "I believe this is everything you want Pacific Rim to be." 
  • One of the goals of Pacific Rim: Uprising is to explain exactly what happened 10 years after the first film, but not necessarily be a complete detachment to the origin story. It was highlighted that there are a lot of young teenage characters in the cast and hopefully that’ll be something that new viewers can relate to. 
  • According to DeKnight, one of the overarching themes of Pacific Rim is: "It doesn’t matter who your parents are, the color of your skin, your religion, or sexual orientation, you can make a difference and be a hero. It’s the human inside the Jaegers that makes you super." 
  • Pacific Rim: Uprising was filmed both in Australia and China. The cast pretty much agreed that as a director, DeKnight runs a "relaxed” and “creative” set - it was a tough schedule, but the actors all felt that they could still have creative input.

New Jaegers

  • DeKnight called them all “badass,” with Gipysy Avenger leading the charge.
  1. Gipsy Avenger: Has a lot of upgrades, including a Gravity Sling which allows the Jaeger to reach out and grab buildings, cars, etc. and hurl them directly at the Kaiju.
  2. Bracer Phoenix: This is the brute force Jaeger. One of its special abilities, above many, is the fact that it’s a three-pilot machine. Therefore, the third pilot can drop into the chamber and operate a pair of massive guns called the Vortex Cannon.
  3. Saber Athena: This is the most advanced Jaeger in the fleet that uses Plasma swords. Also described as a “little experimental,”  and “incredibly swift.”
  4. Titan Redeemer: Has a special weapon called the “ball of death,” which is attached to the end of his arm. According to DeKnight, this was “pretty damn cool." 
  5. Guardian Bravo: Is another brute force Jaeger that has a special weapon called the "graphine arc whip." 
  6. Scrapper: Described as a "little guy,” that’s been slapped together. Since in the future, there are a lot of people pilfering and stealing PPCD technology to make their own Jaegers. 
  • During the Q&A, an audience member asked if all the new Jeagers run on analog. DeKnight claimed one Jaeger is built on sticks (lmao), but the general idea is that no EM-powered Kaijus will be able to take down the Jaegers in this film.

Jake Pentecost (John Boyega)

  • Boyega stated that he “loved the first movie and one of the reasons was Idris Elba.” So, he understood the big shoes that he had to fill. Boyega claimed he understood this responsibility, but  "we [the cast] all worked as a unit, and Jake Pentecost doesn’t exist without the other characters. This is also a great ensemble piece.“
  • When the moderator asked if Jake is trying to live up to Sacker’s legacy, Boyega jokingly claimed: "Hell no!” He went to explain that “the greatest heroes don’t accept legendary status. It takes a tussle and a turn and for Jake’s position. Where we find Jake in the beginning of the film is in very different circumstances from his Dad.”
  • Boyega described Jake as a “stealer, a hustler, and lives in half a mansion. He’s really a guy that doesn’t want to live up to the Pentecost name.”
  • Jake is bought back into the PPCD in a very unique way through his connection to Cailee Spaeny’s character Amara. So, Jake is bought into this adventure and decides that he’s gotta “step up,” after realizing that the “Pentecost name still means something to people." 
  • During the Q&A, an audience member asked Boyega what’s the most rewarding part of being a sci-fi icon. He claimed that he doesn’t feel like one, but working on both Pacific: Rim Uprising has been exciting, since it’s allowed him to jump into various elements of sci-fi that he loved growing up.

Nate Lambert (Scott Eastwood)

  • Eastwood described him as a Jaeger pilot who’s one of the best out there. Yet, he’s still "the tip of the spear,” and really nothing without his best friend Jake.
  • Jake and Nate still have issues in this movie to work out from the past, so Eastwood felt that coming back around and dealing with a lost time with these characters was something cool to explore as an actor. 
  • Eastwood also emphasized that while yes, there is plenty of action in the film, it “has a great story first and foremost.”

Amara Namani (Cailee Spaeny)

  • This was Spaeny’s first film that she was ever cast for. So, she was definitely intimidated and a bit terrified, but knew that fans were so supportive of the first film. 
  • Spaeny didn’t actually watch Pacific Rim until she got the audition for the sequel, and really took it upon herself to dive into the universe in order to understand and respect the original film.  
  • In terms of Spaeny’s film experience, there was also diving into tons of stunts and action and lots of skills that she to catch onto , since she was participating in a whole world that’s already been created. 
  • But Spaeny felt that both DeKnight and the cast were very supportive and helpful, whenever she had questions, so it was really easy for her to dive into Cailee’s character. She also bonded with DeKnight since this was the first feature-length, theatrical film that he ever directed. 
  • Spaeny described Amara as very “independent,” and super “badass.” She’s also a tech-savvy person. 
  • For Amara’s backstory, her entire family was killed in the first wave of Kaiju attacks. So, Amara really “takes it upon herself to dive into Jaeger tech and make sure that when Kaiju do come back, she’ll be ready to fight and protect herself." 
  • While Amara’s past is very different from Jake’s, Spaeny claimed that both of them still see a lot of things in similar ways.  

Dr. Hermann Gottlieb (Burn Gorman)

  • Gorman said he was very excited to be back in the sequel, which felt like "being back in the playground.” He also joked, "I’ve been lucky enough with this face that God gave me to play a few jerks on screen,” when an audience member briefly highlighted his past roles on Torchwood, Revenge, Game of Thrones, and The Dark Knight Rises. 
  • Gottlieb still has problems with personal hygiene. Gorman claimed, “let’s just say that he hasn’t changed his socks since the last film." 
  • In comparison to Charlie Day’s character (Dr. Newt Geiszler) who has moved onto the private sector, Gottlieb chose to stay behind with the PPCD and arguably their most important scientist at the highest level at this point. So, Gorman joked that Gottlieb now, in effect, has a "really great budget,” to work with now. 
  • However, DeKnight makes it clear that where we find Gottlieb is: “as a man still very much affected in what happened in the previous film in terms of his drift and communication with the Kaiju.

There was a brief Q&A and the last question really stuck out to me, where an audience member asked each cast member to sum up their Pacific: Rim Uprising experience in one word:

  • John Boyega: Unity
  • Cailee Spaeny: Life-Changing
  • Scott Eastwood: International
  • Steve S. DeKnight: Mind-blowing

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I like how you headcanon that all these cuties are virgins cuz I do too lol. Of it isn't a problem, could I request some Lance relationship headcanons? You decide on what they can be (I don't know what I want and I'm embarrassed about it lol). Have a nice day!

Oh don’t you worry, I have a lot about Lancey Lance (but here’s only a few bc I’m lazy and cooking while writing this) And i’m just throwing this out there but Hunk totes got laid in high school and at the Garrison. Lance was pretty jealous

  • Doesn’t believe you at first when you agree to go out with him
    • “Yeah, haha, that was a joke! I know you wouldn’t really go out with me, we’re great just being friends and we shouldn’t jeopardi–wait what?”
    • “I said ‘Yes’? As in, Yes Lance, I will go out with you?”
    • “Oh….I didn’t–what?”
  • He’s processing. He was so ready for you to turn him down. He might have prepared a few scenarios
    • Might have a Hershey’s kiss in his pocket. Just for if he got the nerves to ask you out by asking you if you wanted to kiss. And when you said ‘ew, no’ he could whip out the candy. bam. a Kiss!
    • Practiced the Yawn and Shoulder Wrap™ for during a movie. He wanted to be subtle.
    • “So, Allura said we were cute together and I was like ‘Whaaaaaaaat?? Gurl, you crazy!’ haha Isn’t that crazy???? Unless….”
  • But finally it clicks that you’re blushing and fidgeting with your fingers because you actually like him too!
    •  “Holy quiznack…you’re my boy/girlfriend…I DID IT!!!”
    • totally grabs your hands and pulls them into the air while he screams that last part
    • He’s so excited
    • “Prepare to be wooed”
    • “Lance, I’m already wooed. That’s why I…you know what. Yes. I am prepared to be wooed. Whoo away.”
  • You may never hear your name during standard conversation again
    • he lays it on thick with the nicknames
    • Boo, Bae, Darling, Babe, Baby, Sweetheart…you name it. he uses it
    • after love confessions he throws Love an mi amor
    • Sweetheart is his favorite though, Cutie is the close second
    • He usually only says your name during sexy times or when referring to you when talking to someone else (but he can also not, it depends on what he’s feeling)
  • Constantly in awe. Catch this nerd just gazing at you randomly with this lovesick look on his face
    • “What are you looking at????”
    • “Just you… I’m so lucky.” He’s so sincere.
  • His flirting is now solely reserved for you. Be prepared for pick up lines.
    • “Lance! Why are you–? We’re already dating??”
    • “Doesn’t mean I can’t use pick up lines, babe.”
    • “Ok but, seriously? ‘Come here often?’ We live in the castle.”
  • Also, cuts people off if they try to flirt with him
    • “Uhm, Okay one second. I appreciate this and all…but I have the best girl/boyfriend right now? So, thanks but no thanks. Hope this doesn’t ruin your chances of joining The Coalition!”
  • Weekly spa dates where Lance makes a face mask specifically for your skin, hair masks (thank god he found what he thinks is coconut oil), he’ll paint your nails for you, massages for you both!
    • aaannd of course he’s on his best behavior when he’s giving you a massage (but he’s weak)
    • but no one wants to bang when the other is wearing a green face mask. (Shiro voice: No, just. No.)
  • He loves swimming so you’ll probably be roped into it
    • and if you don’t know how to swim he’ll teach you!
    • or if you hate water he’ll be happy enough with your company, but he might try every once in a while to get you in
      • *puppy face* But y/n!!! Don’t you love me???
  • Gets you a gift from every new planet he lands on
    • So. Many. Flowers.
    • And pretty rocks he thought were neat.
    • If there’s a community then he’ll get you things like jewelry, weapons, books, whatever you like, he get
    • blushes super red everytime he gives you a gift 
  • He’s a touchy feely kinda guy
    • so many hugs
    • he honestly just always has a hand on you somewhere, even when just lounging. He needs to touch.
    • The biggest nose kisser! GIVE HIM THE NOSE
    • When you walk by he’ll reach out to grab you around the waist and tug you into his lap, just cause he wants to hold you
    • If he’s passing by he’ll give you a passing massage or shoulder squeeze
    • he can’t walk past you without touching
    • and if you happen to be bent over looking for something while he walks by? Yeah, he’s grabbing that ass. 
  • If you do the same to him he turns beet red and starts stammering
    • definitely can’t take what he gives.
    • will put on a song and just serenade you in the worst possible way
    • and once he’s got you laughing he’ll pull you into his bad dance moves
    • ironically though, he can sing and dance. it’s more fun to do it bad
  • Does serenade properly when he decides he needs to tell you he loves you for the first time
    • which he wants to tell you about one month in, but he knows that’s way too early
    • waits until about month 4 and he cries
  • A bit insecure about your relationship. Talks himself down a lot
    • sees Keith make you laugh once and he’s like ‘Oh no, this is it. It’s all going down hill. Because who doesn’t want to date mullet? He’s super cool and edgy and good looking and–”
    • You gotta stop him.
    • He firmly believes you are too good for him.
    • My poor nugget.
    • “You sure you still love me? Because–”
    • “Yes Lancelot. I love you very, very much. Don’t listen to those nasty voices. You. Are. My love.”
    • “Sounds fake, but okay.”
    • “Don’t meme me when I’m being serious, Lance.”
  • You’re biggest supporter and roaster
    • You walk in the room wearing mismatched lion slippers. Lance: “What’re thoooooose!!?”
    • You get put in some god-awful ceremonial outfit. Lance: “You are so lucky I love you.”
    • “Don’t kiss me in the morning. You have dragon breath.”
    • “Kick his ass baby, I’ll hold your flower!” “LancE! ENOUGH WITH THE MEMES. ”
    • Lance whenever you do a mundane taskl: “YASSS BABY! SLAY!!!!”
    • Also Lance: “No, nope, gimme that. I’ve watched you choke on water.”
  • Overshares late at night when he’s crawled into your bed after a nightmare
  • Yells “Honey! I’m ho~ome!” everytime he comes back from a mission and makes a beeline towards you for a kiss.
  • If you get caught in a battle you best believe Lance is 100X more badass than usual
    • he’s making shots he didn’t even know he could make
    • and he’s hitting every. single. one.
    • Ain’t nobody touching his baby
    • even jumps in for a little close combat, working seamlessly with you to take enemies down
    • pulls you in for a desperate kiss after they’re all dead
  • You can’t be sad when dating Lance, he notices immediately and makes it his mission to brighten your day
  • if you do something super cute Lance will practically squeal, scoop you up, and twirl you around  before putting you back in your spot with a kiss
  • He’s a good boy who just wants to spend time with his babe and spoil them

#LastYoungRenegade - out July 2nd, 2017

Who is the Last Young Renegade?

After all this time writing music, playing in a band- checking moment after moment off the bucket list- collecting mistakes, making memories, I wondered what it might be like to write about myself if I wasn’t the one standing in my shoes. Who am I from the other side of the mirror?

I tried to change perspective in my approach to writing and center in on all of the different versions of me that other people might have met over the years, through the ups and the downs, in the public eye and behind closed doors. Would I like this person? Do I like this person? Do I even recognize this person anymore?

I realized that there’s a lot more to me than I’m usually ready to acknowledge, both good and bad. In that realization, I noticed a common thread. We are who we are, even when we try our hardest not to be.

It’s a challenge to accept it sometimes. I gave those other sides of me a persona, and a name– then came the stories like a flood. It was a way for me to confront demons without having to sit at the dinner table with them.

That’s the journey on this record: a story of self-realization. Of growing into your own skin through the eyes of someone watching it all unfold on the big screen, wearing a ‘Frankie Says Relax’ t-shirt. Like watching an old familiar movie, but suddenly you’re Marty McFly.

We tried a lot of new things on this album, all within the context of what we love so much about All Time Low– There’s no denying that we were binge watching Stranger Things at the time, while also reflecting on the loss of some of our favorite musicians; Prince, Bowie, George Michael… I think the influence comes through in the best ways. We all felt pulled to exciting and different places as we searched for inspiration, approaching something that’s become so familiar to us from a new direction.

I truly hope everyone listening enjoys this record as much as I do. It’s been an amazing journey.The album comes out June 2nd and will be available for pre-order on Friday, Feb 24th. We’ll also be posting some pre-order merch bundles, so stay tuned! Pre-order options will be up on alltimelow.com.

Last Young Renegade
2. Drugs & Candy
3. Dirty Laundry
4. Good Times
5. Nice2KnoU
6. Life of the Party
7. Nightmares
8. Dark Side of Your Room
9. Ground Control (feat. Tegan and Sara)
10. AfterglowxoAlex

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Hi! I'm wondering - did you see The Last Jedi? And if yes, what are your thoughts on it from kylux point of view? :)

I was going to write a big post about the movie in general but I’ve impatiently discussed most of my major thoughts elsewhere, so I’ll just talk about the Kylux angle here! 

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Part 7

Request: Hey, I was hoping that you could write an imagine for me💙 I was thinking about an sebastian stan x reader where the reader has just become famous and is always talking about their crush on Seb when she was younger, and then he notices and starts having this one night stand type of relationship with the reader, until he starts to have feelings for her. Can the reader be a really ironic, strong and unreliable person at the beginning, who doesn’t believe in true love, that at end falls in love and changes her mind?

A/N: Hiiii, sory for taking so long! I wrote a few other versions of this but decided to settle with this one. Hopefully I made the right choice. There will be a second part, probably quite a few more parts. When is the second one coming? I have no idea. Hope you enjoy reading this!

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Words: 4,308

Warnings: none??

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okay it’s happening, I’m saying it

I am genuinely sorry if I get a little aggressive here but I’ve been receiving a number of messages that have built up and it’s gotten to the point where I just feel the need to say this

I am still so shocked, but so pleased, that so many people enjoyed my lord of the rings live blog. I didn’t expect the reaction it got by far, and for the most part it was a pleasant surprise, and almost everyone’s been very kind and enthusiastic about the whole thing. I also enjoy seeing how many people have been saying that they hope I do the next movie, or that they’re looking forward to it.

But I have to say I do not appreciate the number of people who have told me, without patience or manners, “do the next one”. I do not appreciate how many people have said to me “I only followed you because of the lotr lb”. I do not appreciate how many people have told me “I tried following you because of the lotr lb but I don’t like your actual blog so I’m unfollowing now”.

I realise for the most part these messages weren’t sent with bad intentions. I do understand that mostly these messages had no ill-intent. But they’re not great things for me to read, they’re not messages I enjoy seeing on a daily basis. Believe me, I really do understand you don’t intend for them to come across as mean or dismissive or insulting, but I can’t help but to read most of them that way, and on at least some level, it does hurt.

I’ve gotten a crazy amount of new followers from this whole thing and I love that I have but I’ve also experienced a fair amount of anxiety over it; I did that whole liveblog thing as basically a joke to myself, and I never expected it to actually go anywhere. I never expected all these new people. I am genuinely happy that it turned out the way it did, and that I have all these new people around, but I am also coming to terms with the idea that so many more people are suddenly looking at every thing I say.

Basically what I’m trying to get at is that I do love people talking to me about the movies, about their reactions to my reactions, about them being excited for when I do the next movie, about how they found my blog and liked it because of the liveblog. I’m just a little tired of seeing the other messages that make me feel like I somehow tricked you into following me because of it, or how you thought you might like me but didn’t once you followed me for a bit. Just, please really think about what you’re saying to me, and remember that at no point did any of my posts try to tell you that you have to be here to see the next instalment, and at no point did I try to use this whole thing to get… anything, really. I was doing it for fun. Any liveblogs I do in the future will be for fun.

Final note: if you’re not into my blog but are into the lotr thing, you can just track the tag ‘lotr lb’. You’ll be notified when I post something specific to that.

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I'd be really interested in your view on harry releasing his solo and album before Dunkirk is released. Would this effect how he's seen as an actor? Would it interfere with any of the promo for the movie or his music? When do you think would be the best strategic time to release his music? I'm super excited for Harry's music, and am interested in your thoughts on the new timeline suggested

yeahhhhhhhhhh I don’t know.  I don’t really like it and I”m trying to work through why I feel that way and i’m having a tough time putting it into words that make sense outside of my own head lol

I think part of it is because I’ve heard from different people how he wants to keep music and acting separate which i think is very smart.  And this definitely won’t help him do that.  It MIGHT affect how he’s seen as an actor, depending on what kind of music it’ll be.  Especially since Dunkirk is such a serious film and such a big departure from anything he’s done in the past, both musically and promo-wise with One Direction.  It’s just completely different tonally and would have been a great reintroduction after he’s been in hiding for so long.  

Promo also will be…complicated.  They’ll probably do print media/interviews in late may with on-camera interviews/press junkets in June.  So that’s…a lot.  Granted, it’s an ensemble film so he won’t be needed for all of the promo.  It can be spread around a little bit, but at the same time…the fact that he’s a big star and it’s his first movie means the press is going to want to talk to him a lot. It’ll definitely be a balancing act.  

Then there’s the question of with that balancing act, would it lead to overexposure?  Or is his team baking on the fact that his disappearing act over the past year and a half been enough for people to WANT all that Harry in your face all at once?  I mean, listen, I nearly died yesterday when we got to see pictures of him after not seeing him for so very long…but even I”m a little hesitant about this.  

Personally i’ve been expecting it to be a fall release this whole time.  He’s a big enough name and it’s so anticipated that he’ll do enough sales to compete in Q4.  It also seemingly wouldn’t compete with what the other boys release.  Plus, it’ll be enough time post dunkirk to recover and have people excited to see him again.  Always leave ‘em wanting more, and all that, you know? 

Hopefully my dash of negativity doesn’t mean my Harry card is revoked ;) You know whenever it’s released i’m gonna buy the hell out of that album and listen to it on repeat and tell everyone around me to buy it until they’re sick of me talking about it and I’ll be banned from even saying the word “styles” even if i’m talking about clothes.  Buuuuuuut i’m still hesitant for the time being.  

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I've been having the most crappiest months ever, my life is a mess right now and I am so fragile, everything makes me cry or feel emotionless. And to top it of my mum is having surgery tomorrow. I could really use a fluffy fic, to remember that hopefully everything will be alright. That there's a real son why I'm going through these horrible times xx

i’m so sorry this is weeks late, my love, i hope you’re doing okay, know i’m rooting for you, and here is some halloween sterek to hopefully make you feel better


The first Halloween back home from college is not one Stiles is looking forward to. Nor is it one he wants to celebrate with full force and a damn party.

Scott, however, is keen to embrace the festivities now they’re able to, and he arranges for all of them to go to a “sweet” Halloween do at the town hall.

Stiles mutters darkly about Winifred, Mary and Sarah coming to curse them all, and Derek (to his huge surprise) starts humming the creepy song from the start of the movie as he throws a cushion at Stiles’ head.

He’s seemingly, astonishingly, totally okay with going to a party for Halloween.

Stiles attempts to resist, but his best friend is just so damn earnest.

Derek doesn’t even try to fight Scott’s excited announcement, only asks if they have to wear costumes.

“Of course!” Scott bounces over, claps him on the shoulder, “That’s the whole point!”

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Hi!! I'm such a huge fan of your Voltron family! I was wondering if Shiro and Keith took the lil kids to see Coco? I feel like they would really like that movie!

[The Voltron Family] The three little kids had been very excited to see the new movie “Coco” especially Lance. Shiro could see it in those big blue eyes and he knew exactly why. Lance was Cuban-Mexican and Shiro could tell the boy would love this kind of representation in the media. And if the boy clung to him harder as they entered the cinema, well, Shiro wasn’t telling a soul.

Lance: *giggles* Miguel speaks my language! *turns to Shiro* Miguel speaks my language, Daddy Shiro! I understand what he’s saying!
Shiro: *smiles fondly* Yes, he does, buddy. Yes, he does. 

The kids were laughing quite a lot, including Keith and it warmed Shiro’s heart. However, there was this one scene in the early part of the film that made Lance sniffle. Shiro glanced at the boy and his eyes were full of tears, ready to fall any second.

Shiro: *puts up the armrest separating him and Lance* Come here, sweetheart. *pulls Lance closer to him*
Lance: *tries not to cry* *snuggles closer to Shiro*
Shiro: *rubs Lance’s arm for comfort* *kisses the boy’s head*

The film went on, there were singing and dancing that Shiro noticed Pidge’s feet dangling and swinging to the beat. Hunk was cuddled up next to Keith while eating popcorn, while Keith kept brushing Hunk’s hair back and forth. It felt nice, seeing his family enjoying a film. Suddenly, Shiro felt another head lean towards him.

It was Pidge. The little girl didn’t even look up at Shiro, instead, she interlaced their fingers and gave it a squeeze. Shiro smiled and squeezed back in return.

During the climax of the film, the kids just went all out bawling. God. Even Shiro couldn’t help himself. He was a weak man with such a soft heart. Of course, he was crying too.

Shiro: *glances at Keith*
Keith: *smug yet teary-eyed* *mouths* Loser.
Shiro: *chuckles* *mouths* Shut up. *glances at Lance*
Lance: *grips tightly his shirt* *wobbly lips* *wipes tears slowly* *looks up and sees Shiro looking at him* *wipes tears angrily* I’m not crying.
Shiro: *smiles fondly* I am though. Come here. *pulls Lance*

After the movie ended and they left the cinema, Lance was extremely quiet, while Hunk and Pidge were discussing what they loved about the movie. Shiro didn’t comment on it, rather he just continued to hold onto Lance’s hand until they were able to go back home.

Once Shiro tucked in Lance in his bed and kissed him goodnight, the boy tugged on his shirt, preventing him to leave.

Lance: *softly* Daddy Shiro?
Shiro: Hmmm? 
Lance: *bites his lips* *plays with his blanket* C-can we… you think we can… *shuts eyes* I know you’re Japanese… but you think we can celebrate Día de los Muertos? I don’t want to forget Mama, Papa, my si—  *tears fall*
Shiro: *wipes Lance’s tears* *pulls him for a kiss and a hug* Sure, we can. Daddy Keith and I will try our best to get photos of your whole family, okay?
Lance: *smiles through his tears* *nods* Gracias. I’ll help set up the ofrenda. *hugs Shiro tightly*

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fic about mj and peter having kids??

this took me so long to fill i am so sorry for that. i’m also sorry if this isn’t what you wanted :o also this is my first post with my new url, so that’s cool. but here! have est. relationship!spideychelle and kid(s)!

  • peter and mj have a kid on accident
  • it’s not that they have sex without protection and mj ends up pregnant. it’s actually quite different than that.
  • you see, mj’s sister has been a single mother for several years to the most adorable little boy, andrew. he’s eight years old and he loves to read and play soccer and dungeons and dragons. he’s a big fan of math but not of science. he’s the second tallest kid in his class, and he’s incredibly proud of the fact. he also happens to be mj’s favorite nephew (also her only one but that’s beside the point) and peter’s favorite eight year old
  • so when her sister gets shipped off on active duty across the seas, it makes sense that mj and peter would take care of andrew for the year and a half her sister is gone
  • it makes sense but mj doesn’t even think about the fact that she’s going to have to say goodbye to her sister and andrew is going to have to say goodbye to his mother. and it’s scary. because her safety isn’t guaranteed
  • so the first few weeks are incredibly hard. there are lots of tears shed in the jones-parker household. most nights mj has to hold andrew until he stops crying. and then she’ll walk back to her and peter’s room and cry into his arms for thirty minutes until she’s so tired she falls asleep. he just kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly
  • and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get better. andrew is always sad. he doesn’t want to go to school. he doesn’t want to hang out with his friends. he just wants to sit in his room and cry and read
  • so one day, three weeks into andrew’s stay, michelle walks into andrew’s new room (a guest bedroom they’d converted) and hands him a book. “this was your mom’s favorite when she was your age. i thought you’d like to read it.”
  • he takes it, tentatively. and thanks her in a quiet voice. she leaves and then that’s it for the day. he stays in his room reading and doesn’t come out except to eat dinner, which he still does in silence
  • but then the next day when michelle is driving them back from school, andrew asks, quietly, “what does raucous mean?” and it’s adorable because he says it ra-coo-us instead of raw-cuss and she can’t help but chuckle a bit
  • but then she looks in the rearview mirror so she can meet his eye and she smiles. “it means…loud and unpleasant. like screeching.”
  • he nods, smiling a bit. and it feels like progress
  • and then the next night andrew decides to read his book in the living room. michelle and peter grab hands and try to contain their excitement
  • then two days later, andrew asks them questions and discusses the book he’s reading with mj and asks about other ones he can read
  • and he asks peter if he wants to play go fish and peter’s soul ascends to heaven.
  • slowly, very slowly, but surely, they become like a family. about three months into everything, andrew is animatedly telling them about his day and what jokes his teacher made
  • and they try to call mj’s sister whenever they can, which is usually about once every two weeks. they all gather in front of peter’s desktop computer (lol, the nerd) and their skype sessions usually end in tears, but they’re most used to it now
  • and mj and peter really love having andrew. both of them were a little hesitant at first. (”are we ready to take care of a child? like an actual human child?” “mj, it’s going to be fine. we’re responsible adults.” “our goldfish died after three days!”) but now that andrew is living with them, they love it. they love having a child around and hearing about all the exciting things he does and being able to teach him things and shape who he’s becoming
  • they feel like he’s their child. when they take him to the movies or to dinner or to an amusement park, it feels like they’re a family. once, someone tells peter that his son is so much like him and peter almost starts crying
  • and then mj’s sister comes back and everyone is ecstatic. and then andrew goes back to live with his mom and peter and mj feel his loss in the house. his room remains untouched after he clears out all his stuff and dinner is a lot more silent
  • and then, one night, when dinner is too quiet for either of them, peter asks tentatively, “mj, do you want to have a kid?”
  • and she stands up quickly and rushes over to him, pushing his chair back so she can sit in his lap and kiss him senseless. she manages to mumble out “yes” a few times as they grab at each other frantically
  • so they start trying for a child. and since they’re impatient as people, they get frustrated when mj gets her period two weeks after that first night. so, never ones to be outdone. they start trying a lot. like, a lot. and all over their house. in the shower, on their kitchen counter, on the couch, on the floor by their bed that one time they just couldn’t wait
  • and then, three months later, mj’s late and she takes a test that comes back positive. but they don’t want to get their hopes up. but then her period doesn’t come for a month and they’re definitely positive now and they announce it at her family’s reunion
  • everyone hugs them tightly, offering congratulations and advice. and then andrew comes up to hug them. he’s ten now. he’s doing very well. he’s an avid reader. and he hugs them tightly, whispering that his cousin is going to be so lucky with parents like them
  • and it means so much more coming from him. so mj might shed a few tears. but that’s beside the point. what matters is that she and peter are going to have a child. and that child is going to get to know mj’s sister and andrew and tony stark and pepper potts and aunt may
  • aunt may who, when they told her over dinner, burst into tears and pulled them into the longest and most breathtaking (literally) hug either of them have every experienced
  • and this time they’re going to have a kid on purpose. definitely on purpose this time.

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Can I ask for sick batfam (including Kate, Harper, Cass, Steph, Babs, etc.) - like them taking care and reacting to the others being sick. I'm just getting over a cold myself - thanks!

Aw being sick sucks, I’m glad you’re feeling better though! I’m actually really excited to write this, mainly so that I can come back and read it myself when I inevitably get sick once again. By the way, I am aware that getting sick doesn’t happen as quickly as it does in this, but some things must be sped up for the sake of a story because most things would be boring if they happened in real time. Enjoy! 

It started with Damian. It was cold season and considering he’s the only member of the family still in grade school, it was bound to happen sometime. Everyone ran for the hills when they heard of Damian being sick because he’s bad enough when he’s completely healthy. 

On account of everyone else bailing and Bruce being away on business, that left Alfred to caring for him. After a few days of bringing the young boy soup and everything his whiny self desired, Alfred caught the cold as well and had to call Dick to come and take care of Damian.

Dick showed up and at the sight of Damian looking so sad and sick, his heart practically melted. However he also saw it as an opportunity. With Damian practically bed-ridden, Dick had the perfect chance to show him the cinematic masterpieces that are the High School Musical movies as well as take as many selfies with him as he wanted to. He didn’t really think that one through because after trying to take a selfie of the two of them, Damian began coughing on him on purpose. The next day, Dick woke up just as sick as Alfred and Damian.

Jason was called in next because out of everyone else, Damian hated him the least and he was more likely to show up because of that. Of course he forgot about the fact that Dick gets even cuddlier than usual when he’s sick and ended up like the rest of them. If you were to ask him, Jason was sure this was all an evil plot on Damian’s part.

The next day, the girls (Kate, Harper, Cass, Steph, and Babs) all showed up. They figured that they were stronger together but Barbara didn’t count on Dick letting go of his hold on Jason to latch himself onto her and she was down for the count. Jason was vindictive and wanted to take everyone else down with him so he and Damian teamed up to get the rest of them sick. Kate and Harper both vowed to kick their asses once they were feeling better while Stephanie and Cass just started watching High School Musical (since Dick had been playing it on a loop).

There was only one more person to call and that was Tim. He did not want to go and he tried making every excuse in the book but Jason and Alfred guilted him into it. He should have counted on Damian’s absolute hatred of him because he hadn’t been in the door five minutes before the kid was trying to get him sick. Tim’s immune system was already weak enough so it took little effort to get him as well.

They all stayed in the manor trying to cope with each other and being sick for what felt like an eternity. Bruce came home from his business trip to find his entire family in various states of illness on the floors, in the beds, and on the couches. Needless to say, he turned around and headed for the door as fast as possible. He wasn’t just trying to save himself though, he did end up going to Leslie and she helped everyone get over the cold from hell. They all felt pretty dumb for not thinking about calling her sooner and they never spoke of that time again.

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HEEEY IT ME! *I am in denial! I am soo fuccing busy!!* I'm not sure if you've done this yet, but could you do some Swerve, Cygate, Rodimus, and Rung and how their S/o reacts to seeing them in their holomatters? Thankys! you're doing a more than awesome job! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Hello my friend! You’ve come to visit my blog, thank you so much.

Can I just say how much I love these bots? Their avatars (the updated/Swearth ones are what I’m going off of for this) are so damn gorgeous too. Tailgate’s throws me off, but he’s a cutie in a little kid way. But holy shit the rest are so hot! Rodimus, Rung, and Swerve are my favorite out of all the avatars we get to see. So I got super cheesy with this request, I’m sorry. XD 

Also for anyone confused, I do consider a ship one ‘character’ in my five character limit. I went with she/her pronouns for Cygate btw because of their avatars. :) So anyway I hope you like this sugar~! 


  • His s/o is immediately excited when they learn Swerve has a holomatter avatar. A chance to fully hug their hubby, hell yes! They get caught up in their imagination quickly. Swerve on the other hand, is noticeably nervous. Even if the two have been dating for a while he still sometimes struggles with his low self esteem and wonders to himself how he got so lucky. He’s afraid that his s/o will see what he looks like as a human and think he’s ugly.

  • So his s/o has to work to convince him to show them. Please Swerve they love you. After a lot of persuading, praises and kisses to his face plate, Swerve finally gives in. His s/o at first just stands there standing there with an open mouth and Swerve’s thoughts start going downhill. Oh no, they don’t like it! He’s just about to deactivate it when his s/o suddenly runs at him, causing them both to tumble to the ground. They leave kisses all over his face again in their happiness, unable to help themselves.

  • The two lay on the ground together for a while, Swerve listening in surprise and awe as for once his s/o is the one that can’t shut up.They go on and on about how cute (and hot) he is, how much they love his holomatter avatar. But not just that, how much they love him, no matter what form he’s in. They end the night playing video games, trying to beat one another while laughing a lot. Then they watch a movie while just cuddling together, spark & heart light and filled with love.


  • Their s/o is obviously really surprised that these two have holomatter avatars. Well, more so Cyclonus, she just doesn’t seem like the type who would care to have an avatar. They’d understand better once they were told the story of Swearth and are thrilled that Cyclonus and Tailgate are willing to show them this. It’s a big deal and makes them feel trusted~

  • Tailgate is also super excited because she wants to spend some time with her s/o as a human! It’ll be lots of fun! Cyclonus is just glad there won’t be a chance of squishing her human s/o for a little while. The moment of reveal is pretty dramatic thanks to Tailgate acting as if it’s a magic show. Cyclonus is calmer and brings Tailgate down a little bit but she can admit to herself that she’s strangely worried about what their s/o will think. Luckily for them, their s/o loves their avatars!

  • They think Cyclonus’ outfit is so cool and that awesome purple hair! And Tailgate - you’re adorable! There’s a lot of relief and sweet hugs. They spend the rest of the day doing some activities they normally can’t together, like playing games (Cyclonus does occasionally join in because she’s in a good mood). There’s also a lot of gentle, affectionate touching because Tailgate has to be held, but also it’s nice to be the same size for once. Tailgate and the human end up falling asleep in Cyclonus’ arms at the end of the night, Cyclonus smiling to herself.


  • Both Rodimus and his s/o are ridiculous when it comes to finally seeing his holomatter avatar. They have a random dance party (only them dancing because everyone else is like wtf) in their anticipation. After wearing themselves out and just generally being nerds, Rodimus finally shows them his avatar. He has his s/o close their eyes for this moment and his s/o is just bouncing on their feet because of how eager they are. Rodimus are you ready yet, jeez?!

  • They immediately start giggling when they can finally uncover their eyes. At first, Rodimus is startled, wondering why his s/o is laughing at him. Does he look that bad? He thought the tattoo was cool … But his s/o is wrapping their arms around him in a tight hug only a moment later. They’re still giggling as they explain how cute he is, but that he looks like he came from the 80’s. They like it though~ Both start really laughing after Rodimus suggests they put on some human disco music and dance again.


  • They spend most of the day after that running around the ship messing with others. Rodimus likes being smaller because he can slip away faster and so they do a lot of pranks and almost get stepped on several times. Not that it stops them honestly. When they finally get in trouble and have to stop, they head back to his habsuite. If his s/o has tattoos, they are Tattoo Buddies™. But either way, they spend the night mostly making out and cuddling because wow his s/o is just so soft and beautiful. .


  • Rung’s not the one to bring up showing off his holomatter avatar or even having one. He doesn’t even think about it until his s/o hears from some other bots that these exist. They go to him, assuring him that he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to, but they’d love to see his avatar. There’s a brief moment of hesitation on his end. His avatar has been updated and fits him much better but there was still a nagging feeling of concern that his s/o wouldn’t like it. He gets over it quickly though because well, this is his s/o. They love him and he knows it.


  • When they first see his avatar, they’re astounded. Wow, Rung you look so - so - so cool!! They’re rushing to check him out and complimenting him all the while. They love his outfit (seriously that’s bad ass) and his red hair. Oh how they love his red hair, they mess it up a little with their hands in their elation. But after they calm down a little, they’re just happy to be able to hug him. For a moment, these two just stand there, holding each other tightly.

  • Rung enjoys seeing his s/o so upbeat. Though they’re too small too work on his model ships, he had gotten them some smaller ones a while back. They put one together, working side by side, and neither one can keep the smile off their face. It’s really nice to be able to reach over and run his fingers through his s/o’s hair without possibly hurting them. After that, they either listen to music or read together, just relaxing together and holding hands.


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Hey mom!! You adopted me like two weeks ago and yeah, thank you!! Things are still weird at home, but thank you so much for your words. I love nb!alex... so maybe if you could write how Alex kinda comes out to the superfriends and yeah.. :) I'm sorry, I know you are not taking prompts but I had to ask. :)

The last time Alex gathered them all to make an announcement, it was a little bit anticlimactic.

James and Winn had blinked for a moment, and thought about it for a moment more, and immediately it made sense that of course Alex was dating a woman, and of course that woman was Maggie.

The most dramatic thing that happened that night was Winn trying to play geometry with sticks.

So they’re not sure what to expect tonight, and Kara’s not spilling.

“Maybe they’re getting engaged,” James suggests, and Kara just grins and adjusts her glasses.

“Or maybe that supposed mission out of state the other week was really a shotgun wedding in Vegas,” Winn suggests.

“Mr. Schott, they returned with three members of Cadmus in handcuffs, in what way does that strike you as a fake mission?”

Winn’s voice goes up slightly and it reminds Kara forcibly of Cisco, and she smiles to herself.

“They could’ve had some downtime, we don’t know!”

“Hi guys,” Alex interrupts, face a combination of flushed and terrified and excited.

“Look at them holding hands like that, see, totally shotgun wedding!” Winn splutters, as Alex and Maggie cast him identical mock glares.

“We didn’t get married, Winn,” Maggie sing songs as she plops down next to him, her hand still in Alex’s vice-like grip.

“What’s up, Alex?” James asks, and J'onn looks on with soft eyes.

Alex looks, wide-eyed, at Kara, at Maggie. They nod and Alex gulps and Alex fiddles with Winn’s bottle of beer and Alex speaks.

“So since I’ve come out, as gay, I’ve been… doing a lot of research. Learning a lot of things. About… about queer life. And about myself.”

“I knew those lesbian movie nights were a good idea!” Winn high fives Maggie, and she laughs softly and shakes her head, her eyes fixed supportively on Alex.

“And I’ve been learning new concepts… identities… well, not new, but things I didn’t know… possibilities I didn’t know were there. And I’ve been realizing a lot of things… about myself… and who I am. Inside. And I… who I am is… do you guys know the word nonbinary?”

J'onn smiles proudly and James cocks his head and Winn raises his hand like a proud nerd in math class.

“Neither one extreme nor the other!”

“In terms of gender, Winn.”

“Sometimes it means neither woman nor man; for others, it means both; for still others, it means different things at different times,” J'onn supplies softly, and they all turn to him with identical expressions.

“I’ve lived long lives on two planets,” he waves them off, gesturing back to Alex, still wearing a proud, soft smile.

“Is there a different pronoun you’d like us to start using for you, Alex?” he invites, and Alex could cry with relief, and squeezes Maggie’s hand, hard.

Maggie brings it to her lips and kisses each knuckle.

“They,” Alex says, softly at first, but then they clear their throat and look into Kara’s warm eyes as they say it louder, stronger.

“They. I want they pronouns. It just… it fits me better than… than anything else. I just didn’t know it was a possibility before.”

“And you’re still okay with Alex, or do you want us to go with something else?” J'onn prompts into James and Winn’s silence.

“I like Alex. Or… or Al. I like Al… a lot. But Alex is… Alex still fits.”

Maggie kisses their hand again, and Kara nudges her shoulder into James and tosses her hand toward Winn.

“You two are awfully quiet,” she speaks her sibling’s fear for them, and Maggie rubs her thumb across their hand as they wait for the boys to respond.

“No, no, I’m sorry Alex, I’m not… I’m just processing, that’s all. Come here,” James gets up and leans over and Alex hugs him hard and trembling and terrified.

“Is it okay if I have questions?” he asks, and Alex nods nervously.

“Do you want us to treat you different? Like, I want to treat you how you want to be treated, and I guess now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve treated you kind of like a sister. Do you need me to adjust that? Treat you more like a brother? Or both? Or neither? Or different things at different times? Is it okay to ask that?”

Alex grins and nods and touches his shoulder. “Yeah, I said you could ask. Uh… you know I don’t know yet? I like… I like feeling like… like the boyish parts of me are acknowledged, that makes me really happy… like, Winn, when you call me dude, it makes me feel really proud. Like you see me, you know? But I don’t think I would want to be treated basically like one of the guys all the time. I still feel like a lesbian. So there’s that. I guess I’ll let you know what I like and don’t like as it happens?”

James nods and smiles at them, and reaches out to touch their hand. “I’m really proud of you, Alex. Al. You’re amazing, you know that? Whatever pronouns you use.”

Alex grins again and suddenly Winn is up and suddenly Winn’s arms are around their shoulders.

“I never had a brother or a sister. Then I got James, and then I got you. And Maggie. And now I have a brother and a sister and a sibling, and it’s… I always wanted a full family. I love you, Alex. I love you so much.”

Alex pats his arm and pulls their head back to look at him. “You alright there, Winn?”

“I’m just proud of you, okay?”

They smile and kiss his cheek.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Winn. You can get off me now.”

“Yes soldier,” he murmurs as he scurries back to his seat.

“And you knew already,” they say across the table to J'onn.

“I had a feeling, Al. And your brothers aren’t the only ones who are proud of you.”

Alex bites their lip and Alex battles tears. “You’re not disappointed? Because you don’t have two daughters anymore?”

Their voice cracks and everyone reaches across the table toward their hands all at once, because suddenly not a single Superfriend has dry eyes.

“Alex. I watched you grow up, and I watched you turn into the finest child any man could ever ask for. You’re a protective sibling, a loving partner, a brilliant doctor, a fearless agent. And you’re the best child any parent could ever ask for. I’m not losing a daughter, Alex: I’m not losing anything. I’m gaining a child who’s learning more about themself, who’s growing more comfortable, more happy, within themself. And that is all I could ever want for you, or for your sister.”

Before he’s even finished talking, Alex is up and across the table and kneeling next to his seat and burrowing themselves in his chest.

“I love you,” they whisper as Maggie squeezes Winn’s hand and Kara cries happily into James’s shoulder.

“I love you too, Alex. I love you too.”

Cold Once More

So, this is my first langst story on my page and I hope I can write more so please enjoy and if there are any mistakes, please point them out to me then I can fix it, feedback is always nice!

I’m tying in not one, but two prompts (If you know who these are by, please tell me as well). The first prompt his where Lance is stuck in the airlock as a prank and no one can hear his cries because the others turned off their coms because Lance was humming to themselves to relive his own stress. The second prompt is Lance getting hypothermia. The prompt was vague but considering space is cold, and airlocks shoot you into space, so why the hell not!

Lance felt like he was going to die, was he going to die? Would anyone even find him if he did die? What did he do wrong, did Lance steal a French fry off of his younger sisters plate and now he has to pay for what he did? Who knew that taking one small burnt fry would be equal to dying in space.

If he was going to die, Lance wanted to remember what happened even if it wasn’t the best way to go, Lance might as well remember what happened. Maybe that could clear his mind and put him to peace.

Lance felt his eyes close, that wasn’t a good sign. Even movie that he watched, the loved one of the main character always told the main character to not close their eyes and fall asleep. But Lance was alone, who will be his loved one in space telling him not to go to sleep when no one loved him?

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oya-art4  asked:

Hello, I've told you before, but I have to tell you again: You're Voltron Family AU is amazing! One of my friends want's to ask you a question but they're too nervous to ask because they think you are so awesome(as do I)! so I hope you don't mind but I'm going to ask in their stead. Anyway, this was their question: What if Pidge came home with a platonic (male or female) friend but the whole family assumed that it was like when Hunk and Lance brought over Shay and Rax?

Thank you! And oh my gosh! Tell them no need to be nervous and just send away the Voltron Fam prompt XD

[The Voltron Family] To say Shiro was nervous was probably the understatement of the century because Shiro was fricking nervous his hands were sweating nonstop and he could hardly tie his fricking tie properly. 

The cause of Shiro’s anxiety was that his baby girl said she was bringing someone home to their monthly formal dinner and that could only mean one thing: Pidge’s special someone. And if Shiro was just being honest, he’d rather be Pidge’s special someone forever—she said so when she was 5 “Daddy Shiro will always be The One for me” and Shiro might have cried at that and now he was crying for a different reason. There was no way someone was going to take her baby girl away from him.

Keith: You’re practically producing your own private pool.
Shiro: *blinks repeatedly and stares at Keith* *gapes*
Keith: *rolls his eyes* Let me do that for you. *does Shiro’s tie*
Shiro: Keith… *looks awfully miserable*
Keith: Relax, will you? *gives him a peck on the lips* It’s not going to be the end of the world.
Shiro: It’s the end of my world though.
Keith: Stop being so dramatic.*snorts*  Sometimes I feel like you should’ve gone to Broadway instead of going to med school.
Shiro: Haha. Very funny. *makes a face*
Keith: Why, thank you. *smiles* I’ve been told I’m very funny a couple of times. So it’s no surprise really. *shrugs*
Shiro: Keith… *frowns*
Keith: *cups Shiro’s face* She’s no longer a baby girl, Shiro.
Shiro: She’s still my baby girl. *pouts*
Keith: *smiles in amusement* *kisses Shiro’s pout away* If you behave, I’ll give you a prize.
Shiro: *eyes widens* *blushes* Keith— *gasp*
Keith: I’ll bake you whatever you want. *chuckles*
Shiro: *deflates* Oh.
Keith: *squints suspiciously* What were you even thinking, you pervert?!
Shiro: *shock* I.. I was thinking you’d treat me to a… a m-movie!
Keith: *rolls eyes* Nice save, champ.

The doorbell rang and it was Keith who opened it. In front of him was a girl in a black cocktail dress. 

Girl: *eyes widens* *flushes* Oh my gosh. *containing herself* *clenches her hands in excitement* Y-you’re Pidge’s Daddy!
Keith: Y-yes, I am. Well, one of her daddies anyway.
Girl: *beams* You’re very very very handsome tonight, Mister Shirogane.
Keith: You look lovely and beautiful tonight…
Girl: Alice! 
Keith: *smiles* Alice. Why don’t you come inside?
Alice: Thank you! *enters* *looks at Keith* I’m actually excited for tonight. It’s the first time I’ve heard of formal dinners at home. Usually they’re done outside  in such fancy restaurants but looking at your house now, I can understand why you’d rather have it here. So when Pidge told me her family was having one soon—*gets distracted by a family portrait* Oh my gosh. *coos* Is this them when they were kiddies?
Keith: *chuckles* Yeah. They were such cuties, weren’t they?
Alice: *looks closely* *giggles* I am so blackmailing Pidge with this. Look at her! How precious is that?!
Keith: *smiles at Alice* *loves her energy* You’ll definitely get along with my husband. *chuckles* Which reminds me, I should introduce you to him. C’mon, he’s in the kitchen.
Alice: *takes Keith’s arm and let’s him lead her* Lead the way, Sir. *smiles*

Keith was shocked by the gesture of the younger girl but somehow found it endearing how comfy Alice was with him since usually people tend to have a hard time warming up to him. They enter the kitchen and Shiro was there trying to make everything look perfect.

Shiro: *spots them* Oh, hello. *eyes widens*
Alice: *beams* Hello! *looks at Shiro then back at Keith* You, sir, have such great taste in men. 
Keith: *chuckles* Oh gods. *shakes head in amusement*
Pidge: Alice? *enters* You’re already here?
Alice: *turns around and sees Pidge* Pidge! Look at you looking so cute in that tux! *hugs her tight*
Pidge: *giggles* Thanks, man. I should show you my room! 
Alice: Yes! Let’s go! *turns back to Shiro and Keith* It was so nice to meet you, Pidge’s Daddies! 
Pidge: *grabs Alice’s hand* If you’ll excuse us, I’ll have to show her my new project. Just call us when dinner’s ready, yeah? See yah! *waves and drags Alice away with her*

Once the two girls were gone…

Shiro: A girl. Pidge’s special someone is a girl. *shock* Oh my god.
Keith: *rolls eyes* She’s a lovely girl though.
Shiro: I lost to a girl. *looks at Keith* I lost Pidge’s affection to a girl, Keith.
Keith: You’ll get over it. *chuckles*

During dinner, something rings…

Alice: Sorry! *looks at her phone from her purse* It’s my boyfriend. *looks apologetic* I’m sorry if you’ll excuse me I have to answer this. He’s calling internationally and they’re rather pricey and if I don’t—-
Pidge: Just go, dude. *shakes her head in amusement* The sushi won’t go anywhere. If it makes you feel better, I’ll make sure Hunk doesn’t eat everything and save some for you.
Alice: You’re such a gem, Pidge. This is why you’re my best friend. *laughs* Alright. BRB. *waves at the family in the table* *leaves*
Shiro: *gapes* Best friend?
Pidge: *looks up* Yeah. Alice is my best friend. She’s really nerdy despite being such an extrovert and energetic. *looks at Shiro suspiciously* Why?
Lance: *giggles* Daddy Shiro might’ve thought Alice was your girlfriend!
Hunk: Oh my god. *laughs along* 
Pidge: Oh my god. Daddy Shiro! What the hell?
Shiro: What? You didn’t tell me you were bringing your friend!
Pidge: I did though! I said I’ll bring my friend. She’s really interested in our formal dinners. She likes playing dress up and would like to see me wearing something formal to take pictures of. Which she really did. *rolls eyes*
Shiro: How was I supposed to know about that? *defensive*
Pidge: I didn’t know we’re not allowed to bring friends. *pouts grumpily*
Shiro: No, sweetheart. Of course you are. *smiles apologetically*
Hunk: I think this is partially my fault because I brought Shay to meet the family. *looks at Shiro* I’m so so sorry, Dad.
Keith: *smiles* Then the Rax thing happened with Lance. I guess you can’t really say you blame your Daddy Shiro on this one, Pidge. 

When Alice came back and she saw the family laughing…

Alice: *smiles* What did I miss? I leave for a few minutes and you’re all having fun without me. *pouts* 
Shiro: *smiles at her genuinely* Why don’t you sit down Alice and I’ll go get Pidge’s baby pictures.
Alice: *eagerly sits back* oh my god. This is gonna be good. I have my camera ready for baby pigeon. *beams at Pidge* 
Pidge: *groans* *looks at Shiro* Daddy Shiro nooooooo…..

only a summer, part 3

Chapter: 3/13

Words: 1583

Summary: based on the prompt posted by slutforstenbrough  “i want to read a fic where eddie and bill start dating, but stan and richie are jealous, because stan loves bill and richie loves eddie. so richie is like, ‘stan, we should fake date and try to make them jealous.’ except stan and richie end up falling in love.”

Pairings: Stan Uris x Richie Tozier, Bill Denbrough x Eddie Kaspbrak, Eddie Kaspbrak x Richie Tozier, Stan Uris x Bill Denbrough

Warnings: swearing, underage alcohol consumption, some self-harm

A/N: i’m taking requests for everything if you like my writing (except for billy hargrove and harringrove), and you can ask me if you want me to tag you! Thank you to Hana for beta-reading this, and also for creating this idea. Thanks to Carlos and Lucía who aren’t on tumblr but always help me out with my writing.

Taglist: @syzyji @steve-harringtwin @your-modern-day-witch @tiny-tea @kaspzier-it @bonjr @kaspbrak-is-our-king Thank you all for supporting me and your sweet messages.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

“We have to establish some ground rules.” Stan said impassively to Richie while they talked on the phone.

“Ground rules? What are you talking about, Stanley?”

“The date, you prick! What have we been talking about in the last 30 minutes?”

“Oh, yeah, it’s just that I’ve been pretending to listen to you, but in fact, I’ve just been on my Sega this whole time.” Richie was only playing with him, he actually liked listening to Stan; everytime his friend opened his mouth to say something it was always meaningful, he was not like Richie himself, who just said what was on his mind at all times.

“I really, really, hate you sometimes. I’m going to do as if you’ve listened to me and continue. There will be no touching, no kissing, and no dancing, unless it’s all completely necessary.”

“Huh. Well, my objective tonight will be to break all of those rules. See you, Uris.” What Stan heard next was the sound of the dead line; Richie had hung up. He groaned and ruffled his hair for the thousandth time in the two weeks of summer that had gone by. Was Richie actually flirting with him? Had he forgotten what the purpose of everything really was?

As Richie hung up, he sighed. He was confused all of a sudden; he was flirting with Stan, his best friend. What was he doing? Get your shit together, Tozier, Eddie is who you want. Eddie is who I want. Right? Of course he is, stop fucking around. Even if he only wanted Eddie, the idea of playing a bit with Stan didn’t seem such a bad idea. He was handsome enough, why not make an effort with the pretense?

With the task at hand, Richie decided to take his best clothes out of the closet. It wasn’t much, just a plaid shirt with a black blazer and some dressy trousers that came from an old suit. He sprayed his favourite cologne on his neck, and got some of it in his mouth, hence he had a coughing fit. He tried fixing his hair but his curls were beyond domination, they had free will, so he resigned in that area. He slipped on his old black Chuck Taylors, and left his room. Off he went, after leaving a note saying he’d be back late. As he rode his bike he kept on thinking if Stan would like what he had on. Really, Richie, Stan again? You’re confirming that a guy can actually have his brain in his dick. Eddie, Richie, Eddie. He shook his head, and tried to focus only in the road ahead.

Stan felt his palms sweat while he walked towards the diner. They knew everybody there, bullies were always kicked out, they could be themselves; it was their safe haven in the hellhole that Derry was. He looked nervously at his outfit, some worn-off dark jeans and a plum-colored shirt her mother had ironed especially for the occasion, wondering if Bill would like it. And then, if Richie would. He wasn’t able to concentrate too hard on that last thought, as he saw the real couple walking towards him. Eddie was piggyback riding Bill as they both laughed, looking as in love as a couple could look. He still believed he could get Bill, but the thought of  Richie kept on appearing once in a while, something he pushed away time after time. Looking carefully, Stan could observe Richie coming behind them, as the couple and him had met up along the way. While Eddie and Bill looked as if they were having the time of their lives, Richie seemed to have come from a funeral. Stan mirrored his expression, but found himself taken aback, breathless. The plaid shirt Richie was wearing fit him in all the right places, but the outfit overall wasn’t at all like him, but it was an oddly pleasant change to see him in. Stan was comforted by the fact that he still wore those raggedy Chuck Taylors, so he hadn’t been abducted and replaced by a surprisingly stylish alien. They all greeted each other, but when Eddie and Bill got inside, Stan pulled Richie by the collar of his blazer and turned him around.

“Who knew you had any other items of clothing besides Hawaiian shirts and cutoff shorts?”

“Hold your horses, cowboy. You said no touching. So take your hands off my luxurious blazer, will you?” After pinching Stan’s cheek, Richie went inside, leaving Stan at a loss for words.

The diner looked unusually warm that night, the lights were dim, and a dancefloor had been set up. Richie immediately got excited, he loved having the chance to show his iconic moves, which were disastrous according to the rest of his friends. They sat down at one of the booths, one couple facing the other. Eddie decided to break the silence.

“So, how did this… this thing happen? It took us all by surprise, didn’t it, Bill?” He grabbed Bill’s hand as he said this, caressing the backside of his boyfriend’s hand with his thumb. Bill seemed a bit uncomfortable with the demonstration, but he kept quiet.

“S-sure, yeah. I’d love t-t-to know.”

“Y-y-yes, of course, we’ll let you peasants know the love story of the royalty.” Richie mocked Bill, lovingly. “It all happened so fast, I can’t really remember, I was drunk.”

“I can’t believe you don’t remember!,” said Stan playfully, elbowing Richie in his forearm.

“I’m just kidding, how would I ever forget the best choice I ever made.”

“Oh, shut up, you’ll make me barf.” Eddie said that in an overly annoyed tone, which made Bill turn his head around and whisper something in his boyfriend’s ear to soothe him. Meanwhile, Stan turned around to whisper something to Richie too.

“Calm down, Rich, you’re overdoing it.”

“Whoever said I didn’t mean it?”

Before Stan could answer, Bill interrupted them.

“Do you g-g-guys think we should order?”

After having a satiating meal, it was time to dance. Richie was already up before the rest of his companions were finished with their dishes. He pulled Eddie’s hand and lead him to the dancefloor, while Bill and Stan stood awkwardly in the sidelines. Bill looked at Stan while Stan chewed the insides of his mouth, looking restless. Bill grabbed the other’s hand and caressed him just like Eddie had to him. Stan smiled to himself and pressed his shoulder to Bill’s, trying to hide the hand-holding from Eddie, if he happened to look their way. When that situation happened, Bill let Stan’s hand go and blowed his boyfriend a kiss, making Eddie blush. Stan felt his stomach drop to the floor, and walked to the diner’s bar, to order a much needed beer. Richie was feeling the same way, as he saw Eddie walk away. He turned around and saw his fake boyfriend’s miserable face, and decided it was turn to have some fun.

“You’re dancing, now. I’ll buy you a beer if you do.”

“Financing my vices? That’s something I can lust after.”

“I am charming, that’s what everybody says.”

“Who? Not even a fly would look towards you twice.”

“You’re nicer when you’re quiet, Stanley. Now come on, dance with me.” You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) came on and Stan protested, only achieving to make Richie laugh and yell, “I fucking love this song!,” as he moved his feet and hands erratically. This finally got Stan to laugh, forgetting for a moment the sorrow that inundated his soul, as they both sang passionately the chorus of the unforgettable song. Everything was bordering perfection until he turned around, and saw Eddie peppering kisses all over Bill’s face, and watched the guy he loved smile devotedly at someone that wasn’t him. He almost felt physically his heart break, and had to run out of the diner. Richie, having witnessed the same situation, also hurt, decided to run after Stan, wanting to make everything alright, for his friend not to hurt anymore. He looked sideways, desperate because he couldn’t find Stan, until he saw him crouched down in the alley behind the diner. Richie walked slowly and sat beside him.

“There’s something about breakdowns with you and I, isn’t there?” Richie didn’t expect to hear anything from Stan except sobs, and his presumptions had been accurate. Only deep breaths were heard, and Richie caressed his back as his friend quivered. Stan finally lifted his head, his nose full of snot, his hair completely tangled, and his face swollen; but the worst were his eyes, full of despair. Suddenly, Stan stood up and started punching the only dumpster in the alley only stopping when Richie grabbed him, the skin peeling off Stan’s knuckles.

“I want my hands to hurt so much I forget about the pain in my heart.”

“Stanley, this attitude doesn’t fit you.”

“I want him so bad and he can’t even see it! Everything sucks and I’m done with this life!”

“You’re not done, because I’m done too if you’re not with me.” Just then, Richie grabbed Stan by the shirt and seeked for the other one’s lips with desperation. The kiss only lasted a moment, he pulled away after he realised what he was doing.

“Rich, wh-what-”

“I told you I’d break all of the rules, I’m offended by the fact that you wouldn’t trust my words.” Richie turned around, and went inside the diner, leaving Stan stunned once again that evening.

Honey, I'm Home (SMUT)

@dopexomaha : “Derek Luh, Smut at home, cuddling with kilo. Have to kick kilo out because of the dirty. Cuddling with me looking at him and thinking back to everything he has been through and you can do the rest. Surprise me!”

Another studio night for Derek left me alone in our apartment. I sat in our California King with Kilo next to me on Derek’s side of the bed. The Parent Trap was on and I had just finished watching Clueless. I had just seen Derek this morning, but I already missed him so much. I look over at the clock and it’s only 9. On studio nights, Luh rarely got home before 2 and never before Mid-Night. I sighed and snuggled in next to Kilo.

Annie jumps off the dock naked in the movie and all of a sudden, Kilo sits up, barks and jumps off the bed. “Kilo! Baby!” I run down the hall with only Derek’s t-shirt and a black Calvin’s thong on. “I just took you for a walk!” I say, laughing when I turn the corner and see the big, white, fluffy, boy scooped up in my fiancé’s arms.

“Hey sexy.” He smirked. 3 years in and his smile still killed me. “Nice shirt” he laughs as I run towards him and he sets Kilo down.

“You like it?” I stop in front of him and twirl, my ponytail whipping around behind me. He chuckles. “What are you doing back? I thought it was another late night in the studio for you.”

I worked like lighting trying to get back to that ass, Mama” he beams, slipping his arms around my waist.

“Well you’ve got my ass booked every night for the rest of your life” I kiss his nose.

“Still not long enough” he bites his lip and sweeps me into his arms. I laugh kicking my legs and when we get to the bed, he tosses me down, then heads to get ready for bed. “Are you watching the Parent Trap?” He laughs.

“Maybe” I smile as Kilo hops back into our bed. “I’ve only seen it 50 times.”

"That’s what I was going to say,” he says softly, coming out of our closet in the t-shirt that matches the one I’m wearing and the silk kush boxers I got him for our 6th month anniversary. He crawls into bed next to me, but Kilo is in the way. “Hey Pup, are you trying to steal my woman?” He rubs K’s head and the puppy pants and looks at both of us.

” I don’t think he’s ready to move yet, Babe.” I laugh and kiss Derek, leaning over the dog.

“I’m watching you” he says jokingly and looks in Kilo’s eyes. I twist the Tiffany engagement ring on my finger, admiring it for the thousandth time. I look back up at my puppy and my fiancé. I could not be happier than when I am in bed with my two boys. Derek and I have had many ups and downs. We started out at friends with benefits. Then we went back to friends. Then, his Dad passed away about 3 and a half years ago and he came to me and I really help him through it. He and I make each other better everyday and I could not imagine being with anyone else. We got engaged right in between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I could not be more excited to spend the rest of my life with this successful, kind, sexy, fun-loving man.

We finish watching the movie and Derek and I take Kilo for one more quick walk together. He gives me a long hot kiss when we get back inside and I know we will be leaving Kilo outside the bedroom tonight. “Goodnight Baby” I say as he settles on his bed and we head back into our bedroom.

“Now where’s that ass I have booked for tonight?” Derek says as we close the door.

I smirk and slowly pull off the t-shirt, revealing my black Calvin bra to match the thong I’m wearing. I toss it lightly at Luh before spinning around for him and bending over slightly, giving him a slight wiggle. “This ass?” I joke.

“Hell yeah” he says and I look back at him.

“I got really lonely without you today. If you hadn’t come home so early, I might have taken matters into my own hands.” I pout, teasing Derek a little as I slowly approach him.

“I told you to always call me if you need this dick. I will drop or rush everything I’m doing to satisfy you.” He speaks to me softly and I finally come between his legs and he slips his hands up my hips.

“I was thinking about all of your sexy tattoos” I run a finger down his arm, tracing over some of the patterns. “Something about them just makes me want to get” I pause and get really close to Derek, then whisper, “Dirty.”

He looks up at me “God damn, I fucking love you. You’re the sexiest thing” he slips his hands around and squeezes my ass before pulling me into his lap. Our lips crash together again and somehow I wind up lying back on the bed.

Derek sucks lightly at my neck and works his way over my tits and down my stomach, leaving bruises and kisses behind. When he gets down towards my heat, he pauses and hovers over me. He brings our lips together and starts rubbing me over my thong. I moan into the kiss as his other hand wanders my body.

I slide my hands around his back and slip his shirt over his head. I look up and open my eyes and see the bulge growing in his boxers. I’m panting under Derek’s touch and begin to beg. “I need you, Daddy. Come on. I’ve been wanting that hot, stiff cock all day” his eyes meet mine. I know his trigger words. I close my eyes again when he tugs at my clit once more and sucks at my tits. “Please!” I moan and he sits up.

He smirks and peels my underwear off of me. He disappears for a second and I close my eyes. I hear him fiddle with a condom wrapper and soon, he slams into me causing me to cry out.

“You like that, Princess?” He says slipping his hands under my knees and pushing them back so he can get deeper into me.

“Fuck yeah” I moan as his pace quickens. I’ve been needing his thick dick all day. Since we got engaged, I’ve been especially horny. Derek kisses the tops of my breasts as he slams into me over and over. I can’t keep from moaning out, boarder line screaming. Derek moans with me.

We flip over and he starts taking me from behind. I hear him slap against my ass as he fucks me deeper and deeper. Breathlessly, I tell him I’m going to cum and he slips a hand around and starts playing with my clit again. I cry out again and can feel him getting closer.

“I’m almost there too” he says in between thrusts. He speeds up even faster and it sends us both over. We ride out our climax, both of us moaning slightly. Finally, we collapse on the bed, panting.

Soon, I am snuggled back into his arms and we are drifting off. “I’m never staying late at work again” Derek says playfully as he kisses my forehead.

“Two early nights in a row gets you some great head” I smirk and lay down on his chest. He spanks my ass lightly.

“In that case, I’ll be home before dinner”

I guess Kilo will be sleeping in the living room again…

I hope you liked it!!

I use to think that Canadians and Americans would be really difficult to tell apart from one another.

Living on a tropical island that serves as an international tourism hotspot, I get to overhear conversations in all manners of languages and dialects. When it comes to Americans and Canadians, in my opinion, it’s about as easy as telling between the Irish and the Scottish.

Both can be very loud, impassioned, and animated when they speak (especially the drunkenly red-faced Canadian). But that loud passion expresses in different manners between the two countrymen. 
Americans inject hyperbole into everything. They could be telling you about how they where washing dishes they other day, and their play by play will sounds like they are recounting a scene from either an action movie, or from their favorite reality tv show. It’s just dishes, but they washed them, stuff happened while they were doing that, and so it’s exciting. 

Canadians, without the beer, tend to be a lot introspective and toned down about how they discuss things–and usually the manner in which they washed the dishes is not something they’d even think to bring up. When they’re drunk, it’s introspective, sarcastic, and not toned down at all.
They’ll gossip just fine, but always with the faint, genuine air of concern about the person they are gossiping about. If they are going to talk about an amazing feat, or a humbling experience, it tends to be pretty grounded in the reality of what went down…But it’s still a pretty fantastic story because–unlike the Americans–it doesn’t usually involve the genuinely mundane. But…if you get a Canadian who does enjoy talking about the genuinely mundane, get yourself a cup of coffee or something because it’s gonna be long, and they will not attempt to make the conversation more entertaining or hyperbolic than the subject calls for.
 Their manner of speech tends to be less “snappy”, and–even when very enthusiastic, consists of a sort of lackadaisical and subtle dragging of vowels and consonants. Almost as if to avoid being too assertive in delivering their sentences. Even the drunk Canadian does this, while yelling to his friend about the mutual acquaintance he really wants to like but cannot like because he is “a bit of a dick, unfortunately”. 
Canadians (particularly the outdoorsy type men) will also hurl the word “fuck” around as a filler word–not unlike the work “like” or “um”.
“And then I fuckin’ just let ‘em go, you know? Because like, fuck, what else was I gonna fuckin’ do? [[appropriately volumed, wholly contended, conclusive chuckle]]” 

Americans will gossip to knock the victim down and raise themselves up when they are feeling low…a bit spiteful but probably deserved–as opposed to the Canadian style of gossip which is largely to vent a frustration about someone they’ve had to deal with–and find validation for themselves that they’re not going crazy for thinking the guy’s being a bit of an idiot. Americans tend to gossip about people they do not like…as opposed to people they actually like and are frustrated with.
Americans talk like they’re pitching a crazy idea, or trying to vie for your belief in what they are telling you: “It was crazy! We were just minding our own business, doing our own thing when all of a sudden, he gets the idea in his head that this was a good thing to do???? What was he thinking!? I was shocked!! We were all shocked!!!”. Everything they have to say is exciting. Everything that is happening right now is exciting. Sometimes that excitement is good, sometimes it’s bad. But it’s exciting, and it’s happening to them–and they’re gonna tell their friends about it when they get back home. Life is just one big, great story to tell.
 They don’t swear unless they are genuinely pissed off, or if it’s part of a humorous response. They don’t appear to use swears as jovial space-fillers like the Canadians do. Americans speak assertively, there’s no room to wonder if they truly mean what they are saying. Their punchy delivery in the whole spectrum of emotions is tailored to make sure there is no doubt that these are the facts and that they cannot be overstated. 

Americans also have a wider range of accents. A “canadian” accent could also be a “Minnesotan” accent or a “Vermont” accent… at which point, the topics of conversation and other speech patterns can usually help me distinguish if I am overhearing an american or a canadian conversation. But, the texan drawl is nothing like the canadian drawl–and any of them there southerner accents are a dead giveaway that the speaker is an american.

…I haven’t heard any irl Boston accents yet, and this is a deeply disappointing realization. Don’t you guys travel? Visit Phuket so I can eavesdrop on you.

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So. I don't know if I'm doing this right but could you write a Drabble about aomine X reader? Something along the lines of the reader comforts aomine when he starts to show his very rare soft and vulnerable side? Maybe he's insecure about something, take it where you want. I love this blog with my whole being and I love u and thank you. Seriously. I thank you from the deepest reaches of my soul.

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You could easily describe Aomine with only four simple words - not good with emotions. His first important priority except you and basketball, was to be seen as someone strong and tough, who will never break - no matter how hard you try to destroy him. But you knew better.

Surprisingly, he was able to hide his other side for very long, even from you. Of course, you blamed yourself for not noticing sooner, but it wasn’t really your fault.

However, the day when you finally saw him completely different will never disappear from your mind. It was the middle of November, rough and freezing wind was hitting your face harshly on the way to your boyfriend’s house. His absence in school was unexpected and being a good girlfriend you were, you decided to come by and give him notes and homework.  

 With spare keys his parents gave you, you opened the door and slowly made yourself at home. The aura was weird, which was not a good sight. Hot air carried heavy atmosphere, which didn’t help you relax at all. Your footsteps were the only heard sound as you made your way to Daiki’s room.

Without knocking, you basically barged there, humming some catchy melody.

‘Hey Daiki!’ You greeted him happily, but the only thing you saw was his back. After a second or so, you noticed that his hands and basically his whole body was shaking slightly!

‘You okay? You don’t look…good.’ Slowly overcoming distance between the two of you, you sat next to him with worried expression.

His eyes caught yours and you gulped. Sadness in them was overwhelming you and you just couldn’t stop your hand from gently slipping into his one.  

'Please, don’t just look at me. Talk to me.’ You were seriously shocked, this situation was almost the same, but this time Aomine was the one who needed help.

You waited patiently for him to answer, but he only moved his head towards window. Signing, he squeezed your hand.

'Do you..remember my neighbor? The old one? He died last night.’ His voice was low, smooth and held so many secrets.

You didn’t say anything, waiting for continuation.  

'He was a good person. Always lonely, but so fucking good. His grand kids didn’t even visit him, but I did. Every Friday. Sometimes we did not even talk, just sit and watch matches.’ He swallowed loudly, like he just tried to stop himself from crying. 'Do you know that he once came to watch me play? He said he was proud of me. Then we cooked dinner together and watched a movie. I didn’t like it, but he was as excited as a child so I pretended to have fun.’ Tears finally fall on his cold cheeks. 'Fuck, I already miss him.’ Single tears became a waterfall and then Daiki was a sobbing mess, clutching to your smaller frame like puppy.

And you? You stayed collected and strong, petting his head and listening to every sound he made.  

 'I-I am s-sorry for t-this.’ You heard him mutter.

'Don’t be, it is human. You are human.’

'Do you want to…watch this movie with me?’ He asked after cleaning his face. You gave him a small smile, wiping the last tear from his cheek.

'Yes, let’s go.’

Aomine cried again that night, and you stayed. Because that’s what we do for our loved ones, we are not ashamed of crying in front of them and not scared of their tears.