what i'm drinking now

ok i drag greek a lot, we all do, but do you ever just get that romantic feeling while you are struggling through it? Like you are translating a dead language and you don’t know who is speaking but it is like catching whispers behind a curtain, the voices lost and indistinguishable but the words remain, a shadow play of light without heat from stars now dead and light years away, snatches of things in a language no one learns on their mother’s knees anymore, foreign phrases and idioms in strange orders that sound more and more natural the more they appear to you - “Truly, you speak?” “Why indeed?” “I do not understand what you say” “I suppose” “To be one, or two?” Watching these words drop like pebbles and pass through other centuries, other decades, other languages and transcriptions, as blurred as they are illuminated.

Is that why I am still studying this?

This has nothing to do with anything but I was just watering my plant when I noticed that !!! It’s growing a third flower now too!!!!! And I got so excited I needed to share this somewhere

@amnesiacandstubbles I can totally see Rich coming back and when he finds out what has happened he loses his shit on Stubbles and is all “You arrested her? Listen, Angry, when I said you two should be together I think you misunderstood. I know you’re a bit thick sometimes, you know more brawn than brain but I didn’t think I needed to spell it out for you. Look I’m all for using handcuffs, you know me, not a fan of the vanilla, but not like that. Not using them for reals, yo. What the hell is wrong with you?! So she pretended to be someone else? Who cares!? You guys weren’t straight with me on who you are when we first met and we’re still friends. I still love you guys even though our relationship started as a lie. Jeez, Stubbles, come on my man. You’ve got her locked up? Tell me you two have at least had some… You know… I’m telling you from experience angry jail sex is… No that’s besides the point… You two exhaust, do you know that? I’ve already picked my tux out for your wedding, don’t make me have to wait forever to put it on!”

“If Bilbo is the heart, then Thorin is the soul.”

It’s four o'clock in the morning, I’m more than just a little tipsy, and I’ve been listening interviews with Peter Jackson about these two for almost an hour. I can’t be blamed for anything. 

Go find peace, my child, you deserve it :,) 

I’m very emotional about Haymitch Abernathy ok? I mean, that’s literally me all the time but I’m emotionally unstable at the moment as well so…