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Requested by @comenowpretty : You were assigned to act as some kind of “babysitter” for Bucky on missions, just in case he would ever fall back into his old habits. Once that actually happened, you somehow forgot all you were trained for and were simply scared that the man in front of you would end your life right there and then.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: near death situation

A/N: LOOK LOVE, I FINALLY MANAGED TO WRITE IT!!! I hope this is what you were hoping for and to be honest, once my inspiration for this request hit me, I couldn’t stop myself lol.


You approached Natasha while you were still on the jet, quickly glancing to your left, just to see if anyone was listening.

“Don’t you think it’s time that I stop babysitting him?”

She was busy with something on the monitor, but still answered you, even if a little absentminded.

“It’s just a precaution.”

“I have other things to do, Nat. I can’t always jump when you say jump, just to make sure Bucky doesn’t randomly shoot civilians!”, you didn’t yell, but you were slowly getting angry at your friend. It felt like she was using you and you hated being used.

You liked Bucky, really did, but Nat called you at least once a month for stuff like this and you were getting tired of it. You’d rather support Bucky at home, just talking about his past and hug him when he was getting sad, even if he wouldn’t return the hug.

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But why? That’s what I need to know. Yep great, we’re getting clothes sharing, I am excited about this prospect of Robert Sugden in a hoodie and Aaron in a jacket (Please let it be one with elbow patches) BUT WHY?

There is no plausible reason I can think of that this would happen? I need to know. Did they get dressed in the dark or something? Why is this bothering me so much? I have no idea. 

something i would love love to see happen if sana is the main next season: her and isak still have classes together and they just sort of hang out sometimes, and once she hangs out with isak and even tags along and somehow they start discussing something related to islam and even…actually knows what she’s talking about and he adds to the conversation because he’s read the quran and sana is pleasantly surprised because she’s never met a non-muslim with that much knowledge and understanding of her religion 

27 Dresses (Part 1)

27 Dresses (Part 1)

Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You are the epitome of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  You think you know what love is, but sometimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you.  

Warnings – Alcohol, sexual innuendos and some angst

Word Count -  1,961

Notes – This is the first part of my fic for Stark Tower’s Movie Challenge.  I’m sticking to the basic plot of 27 Dresses, if you’ve seen the movie, but I’m adding a bit of twist to make it my own. The wedding disaster in this part actually happened to friend of mine this summer so I thought it would be fun to include some real wedding mishaps to make things interesting. I hope you enjoy!  As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!!

*Special thank you to the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower for allowing me to use them as my “brides!” This one is for you, Amberly @marvelingatthewonder!

*Special tag: @stories-from-stark-tower

Part 1  

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You were standing at the back of the church, your white gown flowing around you as your dad walked toward you.  The smile on his face and the tears in his eyes told you how much he loved you without him having to say a word.  He extended his arm and you looped yours through, the other hand holding the bouquet of pale pink calla lilies, cream colored roses, and minty grey succulents.  

The doors of the church opened and all of your friends and family rose as the string quartet began playing Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Your sister was a vision in the cream colored dress she had chosen to wear as your maid of honor, her vibrant red hair complimented by the soft, subtle hue.  Your best friend, Wanda, was right beside her in a beautiful shade of pink. You had chosen to alternate your bridesmaids in shades of cream, pink, and grey to match the bouquets you each held.

As you walked down the aisle, your eyes eventually found the reason why you were here that day.  Him.  The love of your life.  The man of your dreams.  Steven Grant Rogers.  He was absolutely dashing in his light grey suit.  He was smiling at you as though you were the only woman in the world.  Your heart swelled along with the music as you grew nearer to him.

Wanda suddenly appeared in front of you waving her hands to get your attention.  You were confused.  Why would she be interrupting you wedding day like this?

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It’s the only thing I can still do seeing that I joined the party late, haha

Caspar: He happens to be Joe’s favourite singer


Caspar: The thing I told you about when we were on tour, my new roommate -

Joe: Are you actually serious about this?

He can’t believe his little bean would move in with someone else, my heart can’t take this

Joe: Bye

Caspar: Bye, love you


Caspar: Oh, he hung up


*about Robbie meeting Joe*

Caspar: It’s kind of like meeting an ex-girlfriend


Seriously though what is this I can’t handle all of this

Caspar: I wanted to make you aware that I’ve got a new roommate, he’s a nice guy and this is not going to affect our relationship


Joe: Oh my god


Robbie: So you’re the ex-girlfriend

Caspar: *nervous laugh*


Look at them, Caspar is so happy for Joe I’m crying

Look at the happy couple and poor Josh in third wheeling in the background, trying to get in shot

Caspar: How do you feel?

Joe: My day’s made

Caspar: Your day?!

Joe: My year, sorry

Josh: *still third wheeling really hard*

Caspar: Josh! You were supposed to hide!

Josh: Look at my size, look at the colour of my hair! How could I possibly hide?

This is so hilarious, poor Josh


And I think Josh has resigned to his fate by now

Joe: It wasn’t even a prank, more like an early Christmas present

For real though, this was not a prank at all, it was like the sweetest surprise for his boyfriend best friend

Josh is like, why am I even here

Caspar: Thank you, Joe

Joe: This made my year, so thank you bro

Caspar: Aw


Okay this video ruined me because they love each other so much and I just can’t and I will now go and cry about their love for a while

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Um, just a sec.

Posts blaming those DAMN uneducated, rural white people for allowing Trump to win are kind of ironic. Like, the Left pretty much abandoned the American working classes, especially in the more rural areas of the country [and instead concentrated in metropolitan areas], and allowed Conservatives to swoop in. Of course rural white people are going to flock to a protectionist pointing the finger at China for destroying their “jobs”. There’s no Left to speak of in these areas to counter the propaganda. I, too, would love for radical anti-capitalist ideas to randomly materialize in the minds of people disenfranchised by capitalism (yes, these white, uneducated voters are disenfranchised by capitalism too) but that’s not going to happen, and it’s our fault for allowing it to happen. 

I think people on the Left need to do some introspection and see that maybe just sitting back and criticizing everything that happens without actually doing something is part of the reason Leftism is so dead. Like at what point do we accept failure for our own actions? Maybe we can stop making classist jokes about a group of people who have had their entire well-beings uprooted by global capitalism and direct their energy into a more productive avenue (Communism). Maybe read the stories of formerly life-long Union Democrats voting for Trump because he’s the only one pointing out (albeit, in a totally wrong fashion) how the lower-middle classes are suffering under a system that has sent their well-being over-seas and has given them an economy of fast food jobs and temp work.

I feel like I’m asking a lot here; asking Leftists to pull their heads out of their asses. It’s probably extremely unlikely, but we need to *do* something. We need to stop this global march towards fascism as a wrong-headed response to neoliberal global capitalism with some counter-propagandizing. Because posting about Communism amongst various cliques on Tumblr isn’t really doing much, as you can obviously see. Talking about Communism with your friends on your liberal arts college campus isn’t doing much about it. Branding the entire Trump movement as a “fascist” one isn’t doing us a lot of favors, either. That’s not to say that there aren’t massively Fascist undertones to the Trump campaign, but I reckon a lot of formerly well-paid blue collar workers even to the left of Bernie Sanders are facing terminal unemployment and homesslessness and are voting for Trump in response. Trump’s rise to power isn’t a black and white issue, it’s happening for very specific reasons and we need to spend some time and effort and get our hands dirty and see why, and find out how to propagandize and mobilize contra the Trump movement.

*Lestat after being set on fire by Louis* I’m terribly injured and vulnerable, I need the help of a powerful vampire. Let’s think, there are 3 people I could seek for help:

  1. Marius: Who I can call just using my thoughts and specifically told me to call him if I ever need help and actually already came to rescue me once and would happily do it again.
  2. Gabrielle: Who loves me unconditionally and would help me no matter what I’ve done or what is happenning.
  3. Armand: Who hates me and blames me for destroying his life and is sort of a psycho who chopped off the hands of my ex and also tried to kill me several times.

Well, this is easy, I will go to see Armand. I’m so good at making decisions *high fives himself*

  • England: Bloody hell, where is he? The meeting is going to start in five minutes.
  • Canada: Papa said he was on his way.
  • England: I know, but when will he actually show up.
  • Canada: Hold on... I got this.
  • England: ...what do you mea–
  • Canada: Do you hear the people sing?
  • *heavy stomping*
  • England: Wha–
  • *door slams open*
Mcdanno Thoughts 7.14
  • LOL at Steve using Danny’s car for his driving test. I guess it really is “our car” as Danny said a while ago. Also LOL at Danny warning the woman giving Steve his driving test about Steve. They are super, super married.
  • LOL at Danny telling this random kid on a bench all about his life. This only furthers the “Danny must talk to random strangers about Steve” (and Grace, too) characterization the show has given us. He literally cannot shut up about Steve. (Seriously, Danny marry him already. PLEASE.)
  • I loved the cargument about mind reading. Nice to see some cute banter with them, and it made me so happy to see the adorable way they smile at each other. I wonder what would happen if either of them actually developed the ability to read minds. (That would make an interesting fanfic idea.) Also, they should definitely go on a date to get wings after the end of the episode.
  • I loved that little bit with Danny cataloging Steve’s facial expressions while he was on the phone and the way Chin looked at Danny and said “You know your boy well.” Chin is totally a shipper, too.

Here’s to hoping that when the Rubies inevitably come back they destroy that damn barn so that Peridot and Lapis can finally move in to the Temple like actual Crystal Gems and become important to the plot again

Voltron season 2 things

So you know at the end of season one the team got sucked into the evil wormhole and got spilt up.
I know they have to go through some tough things and adventure but what about after.
When they find Coran and Allura.
Pidge will surely be happy. Pidge was all alone. Of course the rest of the team will be happy to see everyone again…you know EVERYONE ALIVE AND HAPPY (I’m looking at you Shiro)
I want everyone to have a moment, well more like Lance and Keith. I GET IT, they aren’t going to kiss or anything like that but something has to happen.
I need some loving smiles or a high-five. A hug would be amazing. Wheither it’s romantic or not, I JUST WANT THEM TO SHOW MY BABIES ACTUALLY MISSED EACH OTHER AND THAT THEY CARE. How else are they going to become friends or grow with their relationship This could be the start of something beautiful…

Or maybe i’m just over thinking all of this.

I feel like if Lockwood ever told Lucy that he loved her he’d really underplay it. And it would go something along the lines of Lucy rings him from a clients phone to tell him she’ll be late and for them not to wait up for her and he say something like “okay, see you when you get back. There are sandwiches on the table. Stay safe, I love you” and then just hang up, leaving Lucy to stare at the receiver for a good ten minutes like “what the actual fuck just happened”


Here’s to hoping Pops gets what he wants

What bothers me when haters call Stydia fanservice it’s not the fact that they’re calling it fanservice Iit’s WHY. Like stydia was a thing that fans created. There’s nothing wrong with fanservice, great ships came out as fanservice like Brittana, Olicity and few others, that means the audience love their chemistry and want to see them together that’s cool. What bothers me is that we all know Stiles loves this girl since 1x01, it wasn’t us who asked JD to make Stiles fall for her. And even though I didn’t liked Lydia at first I knew that at some point she would see the great guy he is and they would get together, no matter how long it takes. Haters pretend that Stydia wasn’t a thing created by JD since the begining to call it fanservice that’s what bothers me. If you don’t like it that’s fine just don’t say that because you know it’s not what actually happened.

What if this actually happen? Part 6

Part1  Part2  Part3  Part4  Part5

Oops…Nico, you’re dead. What’s gonna happen next?

For the next part gonna get  a little messy! The Uranohoshi 1st years are going to appear on the next one please bare with my pace ehe. I’m always open for any suggestion that you would like to see happen in this little comic that I make, just hit me up!


Congratulations to Demon Minako!

If you were curious: here is a table of placements for the tributes.

Of course, this simulation’s results are obviously inaccurate due to the fact that there would be more factors at play in a realistic Hunger Games. However, if this inspired you to make something, or if you have any theories to what would actually happen, I’d love to see it!

Thank you for watching!

I see so much resolve in Ichigo’s face in that illustration that it almost hurts. And it’s not just his face, though it blows me away on a monumental scale.

Its the way his hand isn’t tightly clenched, but just loosely enough to convey how relaxed he is but at the same time filled with that nervous anticipation. How ready he is to tell Orihime how he feels, but still so humanly nervous.

He has been told for quite some time that Orihime is too good for him (in various ways actually). And even though Ichigo is the poster child for fighting against what others believe, I feel like it did stick with him a tad. Just enough to warrant Renji feeling the need to approach him.

And oh my gosh, what I would give to see what happened after this confession… because this precious Strawberry has been loved for quite some time now.

Savage Navy Revolver

Possibly one of the odder looking revolver from the Civil War but one of the better shooting ones. Came about just before the war and actually implemented a forward moving cylinder that locked in a gas seal much like the Nagant Revolver but did so without the use of a brass cartridge. 

Accurate and decently reliable for the time it also had pitched nipples so spent caps couldn’t get stuck in the workings and jam the revolver like what could happen with Colt’s of the era. 

Don’t see too much of these anymore or even hear about them and it’s rare that anyone knows what it is but I still love it. Would love to get my hands on one. 

Talk to me - Sevi007 - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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There you go, my take on what I would love to see happening after chapter 130! =D (Can’t believe I actually finished it, gosh that was some work).

It’s full of spoilers, obviously, AU, and perhaps slightly OOC - but I hope you will enjoy it!