what i would love to actually see happen

things the world needs more of:

  • Grandpa Torino
  • Dad Might
  • Dadzawa
  • Mama Inko
  • Kirishima & Tsuyu big bro/big sis-ing the class
  • Bakugou’s friendship with Kiri and Kami
  • Tokoyami & Kouda’s friendship
  • Todoroki & Iida interaction/friendship
  • Uraraka’s Hot Blooded MANLINESS nature
  • Jirou fucking with Kaminari just because
  • Tokoyami being all dark and brooding and dorky
  • the kids lovingly roasting Bakugou
  • Shouji helping everyone b/c he is the ultimate Big Bro
  • Satou being adorkable and baking everyone cakes for their birthdays
  • Aoyama learning how to Friend b/c he wants to be equal w/ the class but doesn’t really know how to connect with the rest of them
  • Kouta punching Bakugou in the balls coming back
  • Eri & Kouta friendship
  • Momo helping everyone b/c she loves helping and being useful and the class finding this adorable
  • Todoroki being adorably oblivious and trying to reach out and be friends with the class
  • Tsuyu’s cute nicknames for everyone, and her bluntly saying things
  • Kaminari being dorky and cowardly but determined
  • Mina accidentally fucking with Aoyama
  • the class taking care of All Might b/c they love and care for him
  • Izuku dad-ing everyone (especially little lost kids)
  • Bakugou aggressively caring and being nice and cooking meals for the class (while making it spicey to show that he’s absolutely Not Being Nice)
  • Mirio and Tamaki’s friendship
  • Nijire’s relationship with them??? so cute
  • Tetsutetsu and Kirishima’s friendship and their bond over MANLINESS (+ maybe Uraraka b/c she Gets That Shit)
  • everyone cheering Tamaki on
  • Sero using his tape to prank literally everyone
  • Ojirou’s personal morals (he refused to move on in the Sports Festival b/c he was mind controlled and didn’t think he deserved that and i wanna learn more about him)
  • baby All Might with Nana and Torino
  • Mic and Aizawa’s friendship
  • Iida being Overly Responsible and Encouraging but in an endearing way
  • Todoroki with his mom and siblings
  • Uraraka training with hand to hand combat/self defense
  • Midnight b/c she had few teaching moments but she’s always really nice and competent and supportive when she’s in that role and i love it and she’s like the Cool Big Sis and i wanna see more of that
  • Mic getting protective of his friends/students and trying to beat up annoying civilians 
  • Bakugou with small animals
  • Momo being adorably oblivious b/c of how rich she is
  • Tooru wearing new and even cuter clothes 
  • Aizawa wearing mis-matched clothes b/c he’s a hobo
  • All Might wearing clothes that fit
  • class slumber parties
  • hugs
  • the kids being dorky little kids and doing silly dorky childish things 
  • hairstyling & makeovers
  • karaoke sessions where only a percentage of the class is actually good at singing and everyone else sucks but that’s what makes it fun
  • not gonna lie i’d love to see what would happen if Aoyama and Tokoyami were paired up in a team exercise training
  • seeing characters who normally don’t interact that much teaming up (like Sero & Tsuyu, or Kouta & Tooru, or Bakugou & Momo)
  • Aizawa with different hairstyles
  • the kids looking to Izuku and Bakugou for leadership
  • Mic being that Weird Eccentric Uncle
  • the kids having mini little competitions (snowball fights, videogame competitions, eating contests, etc)
  • the kids all subtly taking care of one another
  • the kid’s borrowing each other’s clothes
  • Cementoss b/c honestly what a sweetheart
  • Thirteen too, he’s just so adorable
  • all of the teachers really
  • Endeavor getting punched in the face
  • the kids admiring each other’s scars (including All Might’s and Aizawa’s)
  • Izuku’s fanboy nature
  • Izuku bonding with his classmates over various heroes (like Red Riot w/ Kirishima, or Gunhead/Thirteen w/ Uraraka, etc)
  • the class finding out about Izuku’s notebooks and realizing that they’re in them
  • All Might being a complete dork and fumbling a lot in general
  • Bakugou subtly encouraging his classmates
  • Bakugou subtly looking out for All Might
  • pillow fight wars
  • Todoroki bringing his mom to the class
  • the kids finding out that Bakugou is exactly like his mom
  • the kids fighting over the tv remote b/c they can’t decide what to watch
  • Dark Shadow blushing
  • less Mineta

actual angel sam wilson looking like a 90s fashion cover for @riakomai​ ✌️

see them all here! (#my palettes)

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This Is War [12]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1359

Warnings: It’s angsty again.. There’s crying.. I’m sorry..

A/N: The next part will be the last!! Thank you everybody who has stuck with me on this one for so long!! Your feedback has been incredible!! Thank you all so so much xo

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tazumihanako  asked:

I was wondering about a continuation to Keith's Mom. Since they went to bed that night I was wondering what would happen the next morning. I really love what you did with the ask and I'm desperate to see more lol

hey dude! i’m so glad you asked because i’ve actually had this sitting in my drafts since the same day i posted part 2 but i wasn’t sure if anyone wanted it to continue or not lmao so here ya go! :)

(part one)    (part 2)

i have no idea how to portray the next bit in text form but just know that lance sprinted through the halls of the castle until he got to keith and then absolutely destroyed him with kisses. :)

(part one)    (part 2)

17 year old me hated having her picture taken.
I remember one of my family members took a candid photo of me while we were at the beach and I was so horrified by it that I laid in bed that night, SOBBING over it, resolving that I would go on a diet first thing in the morning. I only used to feel good about myself when I was dieting because I was raised to believe I would only be worth loving if I was trying to become skinny.
But yesterday, after climbing up onto a big slab of concrete in an alleyway, directly adjacent to one of the busiest streets in town and having people turn a full 90 degrees in their seats, gawking at me as they drove past, to pose as my husband took photos of me, I realized how far I’ve come. I’m not gonna lie, I still feel vulnerable in those moments because I’m always prepared to see the pictures afterwards and feel the way I did that day at the beach. But somehow yesterday I managed to lay down (AKA my most unflattering pose) and actually get a shot that I loved and made me feel beautiful. Something my teenage self would have never even DREAMT of doing.
I guess what I’m trying to get across is that, A. Loving yourself doesn’t happen overnight. After a lifetime of being told that you’re nothing, it’s going to take some time to feel like you’re something. And B. Do the things that scare you because you have to fall before you can fly.

Camel Emoji Review

Not my favorite. He looks a little to airbrushed to be traveling the desert, and his neck kinda looks like a chicken neck but A+ for effort. 1.5/5 too much detail

Now here’s a special boy!!! Look at those humps!!!!! Beautiful colors, pretty blanket, nice angle. 5/5 I’d trust him with my kids

I like the stylistic approach. The black outline gives our friend here a nice pop. But why they have only 3 leg??? 3/5 Not enough leg

i dont like this one 0/5 

Yikes. Wow, okay. I see what you were trying to do here, LG, but it’s just not working. This guy looks a bit like a rat that has some weird growths. 0/5 see a doctor

Oh! We got a party animal around here! Look at those long spaghetti legs, the lack of facial features, the humps. Wow. She looks v fun. 4/5 looks like the color of Kraft mac and cheese

This one is pretty good. He looks realistic without looking trashy (cough cough Apple) He seems a bit uptight, though. Loosen up, buddy. 3.5/5 i have nothing to say this one actually looks like a camel

Another realistic-ish one, I see. She’s…. Okay. I’m not a fan of the hair details and she looks like she’s scheming against me. 2/5 i don’t trust her

Wow!!!! Look at her go! Those humps are flawless! I love the salmon color! She’s so pretty!!! 5/5 i would share my lunch with her

awww poor baby they look so scared. What happened? Why are u so trembly, little one? Whatever it is, I hope they get through it. 4/5 poor thing!!

the legs are too square, it’s head looks like a snake, its humps are lopsided. I dont trust this man. 1/5 the colors are aight tho

stop!!!!! -2/5

Why I like Beauty and the Beast 2017 better than the 1991 animated version (Spoilers)

1. Belle has even more backbone in this version. When Belle had Beast come into the light so she could see his face, she forced him to do so in the new movie. In the original Disney, she was more passive. I also loved that she flat out told Gaston “no” when he proposed. In the original, she told him “I just don’t deserve you.” Gag. In addition, she was orchestrating her own escape from the palace up until the Beast was injured, not just lying about accepting her fate. 

2. The Beast could read, which I think is more believable than him being illiterate. Really, it would have been more realistic in the original if Belle were the illiterate one (being just a village girl) and the prince, with his expensive education and need to write up documents when he became king, would have been taught to read. In addition, having already read probably all of the books Belle has, he can give honest opinions about them and they can have actual discussions. 

3. Belle is from Paris!! I loved getting to know more about how she came to live in the village. Knowing what happened to her mother was a nice addition, though I admit it wasn’t a burning question I needed answered. Honestly, I thought she was going to want to see Italy in that scene because it is where Romeo and Juliet takes place. 

4. It’s more French! The style of dress and extravagance (what some might even call gaudy/tacky) of the ball scene at the beginning of the movie is a good reminder that the movie is set in a time when the balance between royalty and peasantry was way off. The town beggar woman only accentuates this as she serves as a stark contract to the prince at the beginning of the movie. 

5. They showed more of the Beast’s asshole, spoiled prince side. I thought that helped portray the deeply rooted character flaw that inspired the curse to begin with better than the original did. A couple of other ways he acts like even more of a spoiled prince and one day future king in this is when he gives ultimatums, or when it’s obvious he doesn’t think there is anything special about all of his possessions (the library & his grounds, for instance) until he begins to see them through Belle’s eyes. 

6. I liked what they did with Maurice. In the original he was a sweet, kooky inventor who (you have to admit) bordered on the ridiculous. If you think about it, his constantly failing inventions probably only made trouble for Belle. In this version, he is more of a tinkerer and seems more mature and capable of taking care of himself instead of having to be taken care of by his daughter every time one of his experiments went awry. 

7. I thought this version better explained the curse. I liked that the entire village was actually cursed with memory loss and that the transformed servants had family members there who had forgotten they even existed. I also liked that the servants were gradually losing their humanity (it would have been cool though if the Beast followed suite) and that the palace fell apart a little more every time a petal fell. 

8. We were able to see more of the servants as people than just as servants. With the exception of Mrs. Potts & Chip, the original did little to show how heartbreaking the curse must have been more the servants. The Maestro and Madame Garderobe, Lumiere and Plumette, Mrs. Potts and Mr. Potts - all of these people had relationships that were affected by the curse. The new version gave what were bare bones before flesh. 

high school teachers aus:

  • no wonder why you’re the football coach damn you’re fit au
  • you’re so wrong i’m going to stop my lecture to tell you why au
  • *aggressively argues for whose team is better even though they’re completely different sports* au
  • our students think we’re dating au
  • a student catches us texting to each other in class oh how the tables have turned au
  • we leave each other notes on the blackboards au
  • someone’s taking my lunches au
  • our classrooms are adjacent to each other and we can always see each other through the door windows au
  • i will yell at you even though both our doors are closed to shut up your class jesus christ au
  • our students see us leave the same car in the morning and guess what they think au
  • i’m the drama teacher and you’re the only who can actually act help me demonstrate this love scene to my students au
Being a Mikaelson would include...

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  • Oh my god where do I start??
  • Being 100% done at any given point of any day ever
  • Arguments daily hourly
  • Actually being really attractive let’s be real
  • Wanting to kill your siblings at least once a day
  • Joining a family support group called ‘I was stabbed by Klaus Mikaelson’
  • Being really close to all your siblings despite your issues
  • Feeling bad for Finn despite the fact that he tried to kill.. everyone
  • Teasing Elijah about his suits
  • Comforting him because he falls in love too easily and sometimes he can’t compartmentalise as well as he thinks he can
  • Him protecting you when it came to your Father
  • Sticking up for Klaus when all your other siblings blame him for things…
  • …Blaming Klaus for things
  • Teasing him by saying that the only good thing he’s ever made is Hope
  • Him agreeing with you
  • Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You wouldn’t do it often but if you hugged Klaus or Elijah you would literally feel like your world is complete
  • Teasing Kol about everything
  • Him teasing you back
  • You and Kol would be sass-masters 
  • You’d argue a lot and probably even get a little physical
  • But you’d definitely agree on a lot too
  • Pranking the rest of your siblings with him
  • Blaming it on him afterwards because your siblings love you 
  • Being best friends with Rebekah
  • You and her would just get each other 
  • Sticking up for her when it comes to Klaus and his over-protectiveness
  • Giving her ‘the talk’ about Marcel and also casually mentioning that it’s slightly creepy that they love each other when she watched him grow up
  • Being close with Henrik until he died and you looking back on the things you felt then and thinking of how small it is now
  • Being the first to accept Freya
  • Making her feel like part of the family again because what happened to her wasn’t her fault
  • Getting matching t-shirts that say ‘I hate Esther Mikaelson’ because she’s the actual worst
  • All of you just being so good with Hope
  • You would be uncle/auntie Y/N and you are very much mistaken if you think that you don’t have contests with Kol, Rebekah, Freya and Elijah to see who’s the best at that
  • Accepting Hayley as one of your own
  • Taking Finn’s death really hard
  • Being there for Klaus after Cami
  • Trying to keep Davina alive for Kol’s sake 
  • Trying to keep the family together after Davina
  • Just trying to get your family together again
  • Reminiscing about when you were human
  • Always and Forever
Predictions for Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts

Now since I’ve posted about what I am excited to see in the Rivals AU companion fic I’m going to post about my predictions.

Yurio idolized Yuuri as a child, like how Yuuri idolized Viktor.

Now Yurio has a bit of a broken idol thing going on because how Yuuri appears to treat Viktor. However, he can’t bring himself to completely believe that Yuuri is a bad person

Viktor talks to Yurio about Yuuri because Yurio is the only person receptive to “Yuuri is so amazing”

A few of Viktor’s prior relationships are mentioned but mostly glossed over.

Viktor gets a crush on Yuuri early on (maybe even by the JWC that Yuuri wins), however he doesn’t realize the depth of the feelings until later. (Falling Slowly is kind of a giveaway)

After Viktor realized he was in love he could not bring himself to sleep with anyone else, even though he thought that his love may be forever unrequited.

Their first time, before Yuuri said “I hate you, now fuck me,” Viktor was hopeful that Yuuri returned his feelings.

The first thing that kicked off the “Yuuri is a playboy” rep. is simply the gossip that follows most celebrities. However it got a big boost by Yuuri basically sneaking off all the time, that pole dancing incident, and an incident that Yuuri didn’t think was significant but everyone took the wrong way.

After the second time they had sex (when Yuuri was used Viktor in a horrible way to forget his loss) Viktor was the one looking at fanfiction… not a porn but at the fluffy “they’re so in love.” It didn’t help.

The Katsuki Yuuri hate really pisses Viktor off.

Viktor purposefully takes that picture with Yuuri’s jacket as a way to remember that night.

Viktor didn’t try to seduce Yuuri in chapter 11 because he was worried that either Yuuri would feel pressured or that Yuuri would leave.

After the blowjob in chap 11 he calls Chris and is all like “but the blowjob WHAT DID IT MEAN?!” and Chris is like “this is too much information even for me and that is saying a lot.”

The first time Viktor returns to his apartment after Yuuri leaves he can still smell the borscht and is sad, but happy that he has those memories. Or maybe there is leftover borscht and he eats it, remembering.

Viktor doesn’t bring up when Yuuri goes to the european championships because he is a mixture of hopeful (that Yuuri loves him back) and scared (that Yuuri doesn’t love him back)

Near the end Chris is like “…Yeah, Yuuri might actually have feelings for you.”

In chapter 14 before the happy ending Viktor looks at the pictures he took of Yuuri in Moscow to remember that fleeting happiness.

Yuuri goes to live with Viktor in St. Petersburg, (not sure what would happen with the coaching situation) but they get married in Hasetsu.

Okay that last one was pure wishful thinking; I just want to see Viktor in Hasetsu.

I can’t wait to read and find out. :)

Meeting Zalfie || Joe Sugg Imagine

“Love you ready to travel down to meet my family?” Joe says trapping me in his arms, kissing the side of my head softly.

“I’m never going to be ready,” I mumble, attempting to break away from his grasp, but Joe being Joe, he doesn’t let me instead squeezing me into his chest tighter.

“It’s all going to be perfect,” He whispers kissing my cheek, letting me go and walking to his room grabbing our bags and taking them down to his car. Joe was going to drive us down to Brighton so that I could meet his sister, Zoe and her boyfriend, Alfie We were going to be staying with Zoë for a few days. I had been so nervous to meet his family, fear of rejection plaguing my thoughts.

“I’m leaving with or without you so I suggest you get you cute little ass down here and come meet my family with me,” Joe yells into his apartment, I chuckle softly putting my phone into my pocket making my way out of his apartment locking the door. I follow Joe, he opens the car door for me. I grin up at him and stand on my tiptoes and kiss him softly. I step into the car and sit down. Joe makes his way into the car and we begin our journey to the Zalfie household.

“Are you stressed about today?” Joe asks I jump slightly, we had been sitting in a comfortable silence for a few minutes.

I nod my head slowly, “Yeah, a little, but its normal, I think,” I trail off giggling softly, Joe brings a joined hands up to his face. He presses his lips to the back of my hand softly. I feel the butterflies in my stomach whenever he’s around, goes insane. A wave of emotion hits me like a truck.

“Hey Joe,” I say softly after a few more minutes of quiet driving, He hums in response, “I love you.” We hadn’t said that we loved each other yet, we just knew.

I watch him as he concentrates on the road in front of him before he realizes what I’ve said. He looks over at me grinning widely, a blush spreading over his cheeks. He continues to smile and lean towards the steering wheel a shy smile gracing his features. He looks back to me, “I love you too,” is all he says, we go back to sitting in silence, my hand still held tightly in his.

A few hours later we arrive at the Zalfie household the nerves build back up, but I bury them when I see the excitement evident on my gorgeous boyfriend’s face. I watch as he eagerly makes his way around to me taking my face into his hands kissing me softly, I grin into our kiss knowing what it meant.

“Are you guys just going to make out in my front yard or are you going to come inside and say hello?” I jump away from Joe, blushing when I realize that it was Zoe.

“Wow Zo, Killing my game much,” Joe chuckles making his way over to his sister embracing her. I slowly make my way over to where the two are stood, I wrap my arms around my waist not knowing what to do with myself. Joe pulls away from Zoe, and takes a step towards me taking my hand in his, he always seems to know what to do when I need him to something.

“Hello Y/N, it’s nice to finally get to meet you, I’m sure you’re aware that I’ve heard of you,” She giggles softly, “Please come inside make yourself right at home.” she says opening the door for me to step through, I look back at Joe watching as he nods “I’ll be in soon love, just need to get our bags,” I look back to Zoe smiling and following her inside, once we’re inside her living room, she takes me into her arms making me laugh slightly, “Thank you,” she whispers into my ear.

“For what?” I finally use my voice.

“You make my brother so happy, I’m so glad that you both found each other,” She lets go of me tears gathered in her eyes.

“Please don’t cry,” I say panic evident on my face, she laughs softly.

“You’re as bad with emotions as Joe is,” She smiles over at me.

“You’d be surprised on how romantic your brother is, well normally, I was the first to say I loved him, which was in the car on the way here,” I nervously babble out.

“Wait you guys said that you loved each other for the first time today?” She asks staring at me with her mouth open.

“Uh,” I trail off, “Yeah?”

She bursts out laughing. “You guys are so cute, Hey Alf come here!” She calls out to Alfie.

I see a tall man make his way into the room that Zoe had led me into. “Hello, I’m Alfie, it’s nice to finally meet you Y/N,” Alfie says hugging me.

“It’s nice to meet you guys,” I say stepping back from the couple, Joe make is way into the room, and wraps his arms around my waist and rests his head on my shoulder.

“I love you,” He whispers kissing my cheek, making my blush a deep red.

“So Y/N I feel like as your future sister in law I’m legally obligated to tell you embarrassing stories about Joe,” Zoe says laughing when Joe groans burying his face in my neck. I laugh and nod my head, “Please do, Then I can tell you stories of our relationship,” I wink at her.

“Oh my God, Yes!” She takes my hand in hers and drags me away from the boys, “Come with me,”

I giggle following her into her second living room, we sit on the floor and that’s where we sit swapping stories for hours, eventually, our girl talk being crashed by our respective boyfriends.

“So do the fans know yet?” Alfie asks. Joe nods his head, “She basically lives at my housemate, if they didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to vlog,” He chuckles kissing the side of my head quickly.

“We’ve known about you for ages Y/N/N, Joseph hasn’t been hiding you from us, Alfie is just trying to figure out the rules for videos,” Zoe says laughing.

“Yeah this kid doesn’t shut up about you, like ever,” Alfie laughs at Joe’s obvious embarrassment. I spin my head to the man that’s sitting next to me, I raise an eyebrow, he looks down to his jeans, “Like what?” I direct the question to Alfie seeing how red I can get my boyfriend’s cheeks. I watch as his eyes snap up to Alfie and widen, the red on his cheeks becomes more apparent. Alfie, Zoe and I all burst out laughing.

“Don’t tell her mate,” Joe warns, challenging Alfie with his eyes.

“Why not buddy? I’m sure Zoe and Y/N would love to hear that story,” Alfie laughs. I turn my gaze away from my Boyfriend and place my eyes on Alfie.

“Okay, now you actually have to tell me,” I say concern flashing over my face, Zoe’s face is locked on Joe’s, “What happened?” I glance over each face.

“Mate, I’m going to have to tell her,” Alfie says, worry clear in his eyes.

“I’m right here, I can hear you,” I feel anxiety bubble in my chest.

“Fine, but if she breaks up with me I’m going to beat your ass,” Joe mumbles laying his body down. Joe wraps his arms around my waist, calming me down. He loves me.

“Okay so before you guys got together Joe, Marcus and myself went away, and during them few days, he wouldn’t shut up about this girl that he had met, Y/N, but the thing is is that he thought that you were into Caspar,” Alfie says, I laugh softly.

“That’s really all that you didn’t want me to know?” I look down at my boyfriend who shakes his head ‘no’, I bite my lip.

“I didn’t want him to tell you, how he helped me plan our first date, but since we’re on the topic of things I didn’t want you to know, I didn’t say 'i love you’ first because I still think you’re joking about being into me,” He says standing up and walking out of the room. My mouth falls open, tears prick my eyes.

“Uh, I’ll go talk to him,” I mumble following him up to the guest bedroom.

“Joe? What was that?” I ask, wrapping my arms around his waist. His arms are bracing him against the wall.

“Please just pretend you don’t know how insecure I am,” He mutters spinning around to face me.

“I love you, insecurities and all,” I say standing on my tip toes to kiss him, “Now please have a good time, and relax a little, I like knowing all the little things about you,” I wink.

Instead of saying anything he presses his lips to mine, the kiss is sweet and innocent. We are hopelessly in love. I pull away from him and hold his face in mine, “By the way you’re way hotter than Caspar,” I wink making my way down the stairs back to where Zoe and Alfie are sat. I smile at them subtly letting them know that he was alright, “He’s okay,”

I watch as the two look to each other and back up to me, “What?”

“He loves you a lot, but I’ve never seen him be so un-Joe-like before, He’s a completely different person,” Zoe says, a small frown gracing her features. I feel the anxiety bubble in my chest again, “Is that a bad thing?”

Her eyes speak the words she’s too afraid to say, “Oh,” is all I say, picking up my phone from her coffee table, “I’ll be back soon, I’m just going for a walk,” I exit the house before she or Alfie can stop me.

I turn my phone off when I can no longer see the house, tears well up in my eyes. I let my feet take me in any direction they choose and before I know it I’m at the sea, I take a deep breath. The smell and sound of the ocean are so calming to me. I take a step onto the beach and sit on the stones. I feel the tears begin to fall, I lay my back down on the stones and think about Zoë, is she right? had I changed Joe? I’m a bad person, I don’t deserve him. I lay there for a while longer with my eyes closed. I open them after I had finished crying and sit up when I notice that it’s dark out.

“Well fuck,” I mumble under my breath. I turn my phone back on and notice that I have fifteen missed calls from Joe. I hear the sound of steps on the stones.

“I wish you hadn’t of left you know?” I here Zoe’s voice say, “You sent my brother into quite the anxiety attack.” I glance up at her and back to the sea in front of me.

“I-i,” I attempt to talk but Zoe cuts me off.

“I really like you, I love you and Joe, But it’s weird seeing him so in love,” She says sitting down next to me, “I told him that you’d be here, I can tell that it’s your safe place as well as mine, but that boy was far too upset to listen to me.”

“I’m sorry,” Is all I say.

“He loves you so much. I’m sorry if I said something that offended you, but all I meant by it was that you are both acting ways too grown up for your age, Hell you’re what? 22? Joes 25. You guys are both already better adults than I am,” She laughs making me laugh, “But please just try and have fun, I’ve never seen him like this with anyone,” I nod my head.

“He’s my other person,” I say shrugging, “Have you met your brother? I don’t think that he’s mature at all,” I chuckle.

“You ready to come home now?” Zoe asks standing up, holding her hand out for me to take, “I drove so we won’t freeze getting home.”

I smile and take her hand standing up. I hug her, “Thank you Zo,” We make our way to her car and back to her house.

Joe is stood out the front, worry evident on his face. I step out of the car and make my way over to Joe,  "Why did you leave?“ He asks pulling me into his chest.

"I just wanted to go for a walk,” is all I say, not wanting him to feel like I don’t like Zoe. I lean up to kiss him softly, “I’m okay,”

“You turned your phone off,” He pouts, I look around and notice that Zoe has gone inside to Alfie.

“I’m okay, you’re okay, let’s go inside and do something with your sister that doesn’t involve either of us walking off,” I chuckle taking his hand, pulling him inside after me.

15.05, the gift that keeps on giving: blocking edition.

look, everyone knows where my priorities lie with this new season, but even objectively speaking, this shot is awesome. you don’t need the context of the story to see that dylan is an intruder that tucker, wash and carolina are all united to defend against if necessary, at varying levels of readiness: tucker is armed but here to listen, wash is prepared to engage if he has to, and carolina will shoot dylan if she so much as twitches threateningly. 

only seconds pass between this shot and one that i didn’t even think was going to make it into the episode:

like. damn. joe understands his fucking visuals. once again, you don’t have to hear what they’ve been up to to know that they’re okay: you see it the moment they form up. 

everybody’s place around this table isn’t an accident, either. (and i love that caboose and tucker’s preferred red is over on their side. that’s a nice touch.) even if you don’t consciously notice it, the positioning of the characters in “previously on” suggests unity and balance at multiple points throughout the episode.

sure would be unfortunate if something happened to throw this off…

sorry for being a little inactive, finals are murdering me!

so here’s a prompt that is totally not based off real events in my life ;)

-high school au!

-and Lance has a crush on -insert whoever you ship with Lance-

-and he tells his friends about it (either Hunk or Pidge [or both] but it depends who you ship him with)

-and they tell him to send a text to ask his crush on a date

-and he jokingly pulls out his phone and types it

-they have a good laugh, and Lance is about to delete it but then his phone gets snatched away, and Hunk/Pidge presses send

-let the panic begin :)

this was using the headcanon that Lance is too awkward to flirt with anyone he actually really likes and prefers to do it with strangers or people he doesn’t really know, but I can also see him constantly flirting with this person but being unsure how to actually ask them out. you can do what you want with it

and, even if you don’t want to write a fic, if you happen to have any advice I would love to hear it because I just so happen to be dying :)

lastly, do any of you want to be kept updated, or should I suffer in silence?

My Date

Request: Hiii can I request a imagine where the reader is Tony’s daughter and she is dating Peter? She tells Tony she’s seeing a guy and he wants to meet him and he discover it’s the spider boy  Tysm, I love your blog btw

A/N: here it is! I would like to apologise if this isn’t what you meant, but I tried extremely hard and if I’m being honest, I’m actually proud of this.

Pairing: peter parker x reader

Warnings: bad language (as usual) its fluff. Angst. And then a wee bit more fluff.

Word count: 1’545

Originally posted by optimus-grimes

A teenager, a teenager who just so happened to be attending midtown high school as a sophomore.  Who’s best friends name was Michelle. Who was extremely close with genius peter parker. But this teenager, had one more problem, she was dating Peter AKA Spider-Man. Her dad was the problem. Her dad was The Tony Stark. This girls name, Y/N Stark.

Your dad  would never approve of you and Peter because he was a superhero. Tony is extremely protective over you, he wants you to have a normal life, hence you attending midtown high school. No one there knew who your dad was except Peter and Michelle. When at school you used the last name Y/L/N.

3 months into your relationship with Peter you were starting to think it was time to tell your dad. Although you were thinking, you were most defiantly not going to tell him. You knew what his reaction would be.

Michelle was over one day to study for history final you had which was arriving quickly. “Have you told your dad yet?” Michelle piped up and you quickly turned towards he. You looked around making sure your dad wasn’t around, or any of the other avengers since you were in Stark Tower currently.

“No, and I’m not going to either” you explained to her once you knew no one else was around. Your phone buzzed and you knew who it was without looking. When you looked at your phone you saw his name written on the screen, you had it as spider boy with a red heart at the end. Although he was technically Spider-Man you called him spider boy since he was only young. You smiled to yourself reading his message.

“Is it him?” She asks giving you the look. The look showing she knows she’s right and there’s no point in denying it. You nodded replying to his text. “Is it possible, the Great Y/N Y/L/N, sorry I mean, Y/N Stark is in love?” Michelle said smiling away knowing shes correct again.

“Maybe” you replied to her. You placed your phone beside you and picked up the pen once again.

“In Love? With Who” you heard a masculine voice speak from behind you. You jumped up and turned around. You breathed a sigh of relief as you saw who it was. Michelle was laughing behind you but you didn’t care. You walked froward to hung him. “Are you in love with me?” He asked looking down at you with a cheesy grin on his face.

“You know what, no. Harry just has something about him” you reply sarcastically to your spider boyfriend.

“Mm hmm” is all you hear from him before your lips attach to each others. Peter had told you he loves you, but you had never told him. You didn’t want to get hurt and he respected that. When you two pull apart, you can start to hear footsteps. You quickly release you embrace of him and jump back onto the couch beside Michelle.

“Peter” you hear your father say, “we need to go.” When your dad finally looks up from his phone he sees you and Michelle working away and Peter standing near the couches. You turn around giving you dad a puzzled look pretending you were confused. “Peter is a Intern for stark industries. He’s a…”

“Chemistry nerd” you finish his sentence for him. “We have chemistry and physics together” you say turning away to carry on with your studies.

“You should tell him now” you heard Michelle say next to you, a little to loud.

“Tell me what?” You father turns towards you once again.

You were cursing in your head. Just as Pete was about to step in you quickly reply “I’m Seeing someone.” You avoid looking at the boy you were head over heels for. “ have been for 3 months.”

“Invite him to dinner tomorrow” is the last thing your dad says before leaving the room. You looked at Pete who was still lingering in the room. He had a look of panic on his face.

“I can’t do tomorrow, try rearranging it to movie night?” Peter asked. You nodded knowing it would be hard to explain to your dad about him not going without saying his name and the real reason, his aunt may needed his help with something. 

An couple hours later, Michelle had gone home and the meeting of the avengers and defenders was coming to an end. You walked quietly into the room and stood at the back. Steve had noticed you walk in as he was at the front talking. After the meeting had been wrapped up you walked up to your dad, smiling at peter as you passed him. “He can’t do tomorrow” you said to him as everyone except you two was leaving.

“Why?” Tony questioned.

“He’s got family thing tomorrow” you replied which wasn’t technically wrong.  He gave you a questioning look before nodding.

“So when will I meet him?” Tony asked. Yo looked at him remembering what Peter had suggested.

“How about Friday, nothing to fancy or expensive either” you made it clear you wanted to go somewhere casual.

“Are you suggesting somewhere casual?” He asked and you just nodded, “No. we’ll get someone into the tower to cook, but I want to see how he dresses up to meet me” you just nodded and turned away silently cursing. You weren’t a big fan of dresses.

On the Monday of the week you walked along the corridor with Michelle. You hadn’t seen Peter since Friday when you were studying. You saw him by his locker talking to Ned. You snuck up behind him and put your hands over his eyes. “Guess who” you said smiling.

“Umm… is it Gwen Stacy from my english class?” Peter turned round and kissed you. “Hmm so not Gwen” you both smiled and kissed again.

“Dad says Friday at Stark Tower, but you have to dress up, in a suit. Not that suit but you know, a Suit”  you told him. The two of you were sarcastic and liked to joke about even if the moments serious.

“I can do that” he told you kissing you again “I love you” you kissed his cheek before turning around and heading to class.

“How did you get so lucky?” Ned asked peter who smiled at his words.

“I don’t know” is all Peter could say.

Friday had arrived and you were dressed in your favourite dress waiting for Peter to arrive. Your dad had one of the rooms cleared and had a table set. He was in there waiting for you and your boyfriend. You still didn’t know how to explain everything to him.

Peter arrived in a suit and you looked him up and down smiling, “you looked good” you tell him. Usually when you went out for meals you both wore casual stuff, nothing this fancy.

“I would say the same about you but….” He said and you looked at him stunned, “you look more than good, you look amazing!” You smiled at his words. You took his hand, kissed him on the cheek, and led him to where Tony had been waiting.

“Dad, this is, well you already know” you told him worried about his reaction. Like it was planned Tony stood up.

“No. No way in hell are you two together!” He said starting to become angry.

“Mr stark” Peter tried to speak but was interrupted by Tony.

“You have been dating MY daughter for THREE months and never thought to bring it up in conversation?” Tony was becoming really pissed off, “ THIS, whatever, THIS is, will NOT carry on”

Peter was about to say something but you said something “its not up to you”

“Pardon?” You heard him reply, Peter took your hand holding it.

“It’s not up to you who I date, it’s up to me and only me. I know you are just looking out for me but what Peter and I have is special. I don’t care that the two of you work together, like I don’t care he’s Spider-Man, I care about him so much and I never told you because I knew how you would react.” You explained to him. Your eyes started to water ever so slightly.

“He’s only going to get you hurt, he’s going to end up getting you killed”

“And so could you! Yet here I am, still being apart of your family, so let us try!” You exclaimed a tear starting to make it’s way down your face. “And no matter what you say, I will not break up with him because you want us to, I… I love him”

Peter turned towards you looking at you with shock as you had just admitted you love him. “Fine, but if you get hurt I don’t want to know” Is the last thing Tony says before he leaves the room. You turned to fully face peter.

“I love you so, so much” he told you cupping your face with his hands.

“I love you too” you replied leaning in to kiss him.

Turns out Tony was wrong as you and Peter stayed together and you weren’t killed or hurt because of him.

Happier (Reggie x reader)

A/N: Hey there! As you can see in the title this is based on Happier by Ed (yep Happier and Perfect are two of my favs) and well, there’s some flashbacks, but just read it and find out by yourself!



One month. That was the time that had passed since my heart were broken, I had never felt that kind of pain and sadness before and I hated that something like this affected me that much.

I was sitting in one of the booths at Pop’s, trying to cheer myself up with a strawberry milkshake when one of the worst things I could imagine happened.

I lifted my sight when I heard the door bell ringing, announcing someone was getting in, and there he was, Reggie Mantle, the reason why I was in pain. It wasn’t seeing him what hurt the most though, it was seeing him with another girl what broke me. I knew the girl, she was from Riverdale high and she was in the cheerleader team with my friends.

I put my hand on my forehead trying to hide myself, but I guess that seeing a girl having a milkshake alone was something pretty noteworthy.

I looked sideways in his direction to see if he had noticed me and what I saw was the big smile in his face, something the girl had said made him augh and the only thing I felt was the urge of bursting into tears. He was truly happy, it only took him one moth to get over me, after three years together, when I was me the one who made him laugh. He was happier now that he was with me.

Suddenly his gaze found mine and his smile disappeared. I looked down at my milkshake as if I wasn’t staring at him, but it was pretty obvious, so while he was coming my way I finished my milkshake and stood on my feet ready to go.

“(Y/N) wait” I stopped, even though I could had ignored him and left, I decided to face him.

“Hello Reggie” I said turning around, I couldn’t look him in the eye.

“I just wanted to… How are you?” he asked, almost with fear in his voice.

“(Y/N) are you ok?” I felt Betty’s hand on my shoulder, which made me come back to reality.

I bended down to grab the notebook I had left fall when I saw what had written inside. I needed to see it again to make sure what my eyes had seen was real.

“This can be happening…” I said. My voice cracked at the end. I didn’t mind looking weak in front of Betty and Veronica, at the end of the day they were my best friends.

“You should take some rest and give it a second thought, tomorrow it will be another day and you’ll have decided what you want to do” Veronica said putting her hand on my back and caressing that spot, trying to calm me.

“No, I need to do this now” I closed the notebook and I turned around “don’t worry Betty, I’ll give this to you tomorrow” I added without turning to face them.

“I’m fine… I guess that you are too” I said looking to the girl waiting for him and then looking at him again.

An uncomfortable silent appear between us and I was about to leave when he spoke again.

“I just wanted you to know that I’m really sorry about what happened”

“I’m sorry (Y/N)! I didn’t want you to find out this way, I wanted to be the one who told you. But it never seem to be the perfect timing” Reggie said putting a hand on my shoulder and turning me around to face him “It’s just a stupid number, it doesn’t mean anything, you have to believe me, I love you (Y/N)”

“Then why didn’t you do anything to stop this? Why didn’t you destroy this horrible playbook and tell me the truth? Do you have an idea how disgusting it is how you treat girls, as if we were objects, as if we were just a number” I answered almost screaming “I believe you Reggie, I believe you when you say that you love me and that’s the worst part, because I love you too, but I can’t be with you after this. I can’t act like anything happened” I turned and left him there.

He tried to speak to me after that but I just simply avoid him, until he stopped trying.

“I know Reggie, I’m sorry too, believe me” I was doing everything in my power to look like I was fine, like this conversation wasn’t breaking me inside and the truth was that I just wanted to disappear to cry alone “I hope you find what you need and that you have a happy life. You deserve it” I felt every word, as painful as they were.

I’ve never loved someone as much as I loved Reggie, but what he did wasn’t something easy to process, he knew better than anyone how it felt when someone treat you just for something you’re good at, that’s why I believed him when he said he was sorry and he maybe didn’t agree with that playbook, but still he took part of it and he put me in there, which cost our relationship.

“Why does that sound like a goodbye? We’re going to see each other around”

“I’ve been accepted in Julliard and I’m leaving at the end of the week” luckily for me our break up happened when we were hearing about colleges acceptances and I got into my dream college, so when they told me I could go there as soon as I finished my classes I didn’t doubt it for a second.

“I-I didn’t know it, congrats” He was so shocked that he didn’t sound like he meant it, but I guess that didn’t matter anymore.

“Goodbye Reggie”

“Goodbye (Y/N)” I left Pop’s, finally bursting into tears

That was it that was probably the last time I was going to see Reggie in my entire life, because I had no intentions in coming back to Riverdale, ever. I was someway relieved, but in pain at the same time, I knew every time I remembered my high schools years he was going to be all I could think about.

I wanted to believe my friends when they told me that I would find someone new, someone who will make me happier than Reggie and I always admit they were right, but I knew that I was happier with Reggie, no one would never make me feel like he did.

It’s been five years since I felt Riverdale for good and all that gossip that surrounded the town.

I was still friends with Betty; she came a lot to New York to visit me and Veronica, who came with me to New York a few months after I left. We were the best of friends no matter what.

My life was completely different, new friends, new attitude, I was happy again. I didn’t think too much about Reggie, but when I did it I wasn’t angry at him, I forgave him a long time ago.

Even though I hadn’t had a boyfriend since him, I had had some good friends but that was it.

One morning when I was on my way to the academy to practice for a show we had in a couple of weeks something incredible happened.

“Reggie?” I don’t even know why I asked, I could recognize him anywhere.

He turned in my direction and when he saw me a big smile appeared in his face.

“(Y/N)!” he exclaimed “I was hoping to find you, but I didn’t think that would actually was going to happen” I could help but giggle at his words.

“Well, here I am. what are you doing in New York?”

“I am a tourist I guess. I came to spend a month here. I’m staying at Moose’s actually”

“That sounds great. Did you like what you’ve seen so far?”

“I know I like what I’m seeing right now”

“Wow, I guess some things never change” I answered laughing “I can show you around if you want, you know the secret places and stuff like that”

“I’d love that”

“Then give me your phone” I said extending my hand towards him. I saved my number and gave him the phone back “Text me and we can meet tonight to have dinner”


“I have to go; I’m going to be late. See you tonight Reg”

“See you tonight (Y/N)”

I kept walking with a big smile on my face, I couldn’t believe what had happened, I had to admit that this five year were good on him and I hoped that after all this time he still wanted a chance because I was willing to give him one.

Suddenly my phone rang and I looked at it, I had a new message.

Unknown: I forgot to ask you something before…

Me: Sorry but… who is this?

Unknown: Oh come on (Y/N)!

Me: Just kidding, what did you want to ask me Reg?

Reggie: Are you dating someone?

Me: hmmmm… I don’t think so, why?

Reggie: Just curiosity

Me: Are you dating someone?

Reggie: Not right now, but ask me tomorrow

Me: You are too confident in your chances, but… I guess you can make me the same question tomorrow; maybe you get a different answer.

We kept texting and I couldn’t stop laughing with the things he said and how he reacted to the thing I said, at least he was still as fun as I remembered, I couldn’t wait for tonight, I was almost as nervous as I was in our first date, but this time I knew it was going to be better, we were different, we had grown up and I was sure I wouldn’t let anything hurt me again.

Stay Asleep

This is part eight of the Good Little Angel series!

Good Little Angel

Good Little Angel part two

Good Little Angel part three

Good Little Angel part four

Good Little Angel part five

Good Little Angel part six

Good Little Angel part seven

Word count: 1,386

Warning: angst, fluff, mentions of smut

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @curlyxtomato for your request! This is a part eight.

An unexpected visitor means that Y/N and Lucifer have to really consider what is going to happen to them in the future.

A/N: This part doesn’t really have any smut because I am developing the story, hope you still enjoy it!

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Neither of you spoke, too shocked to even muster an answer.

The voice again came from behind the door, “I’ll take that as a yes.” And he entered. Lucifer clicked his fingers quickly before the door swung open, cleaning you two up and putting his shirt onto you to cover you up a bit.

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Guess Who Asked? : Spencer Reid x Reader

Originally posted by netflixandi

“Excuse me?” You say, tapping a blonde woman in a blazer on the shoulder. “Do you know where I can find Doctor Spencer Reid?”

You read the name off a card that was given to you by Dr. Reid himself whenever he met you for a genetic analysis of the most recent suspect’s DNA in their case in northern Virginia. 

“Oh, hi, I’m Agent Jennifer Jureau or JJ and you are?” She extends a hand toward you and you shake it lightly.

“I’m Dr. (Y/F/N), genetic analyst and forensic criminologist, odd combo, I know.” You smile, dropping JJ’s hand. “Dr. Spencer Reid contacted me about conducting a genetic analysis on Mr. Louis Green for your case and I had some very interesting findings.”

You pull your manila file closer to your chest as JJ leads you to a little office where Spencer had set up. 

“Spence, there is a Dr. (Y/F/N) here with some results that you requested.” JJ shuts the door behind you as you make your way closer to the man that requested your assistance. 

“Hi, Dr. (Y/F/N), it’s great to see you again.” Spencer smiles as you hand him the file.

“Please, call me (Y/N). The only people that actually refer to me as ‘doctor’ are my parents,” you laugh.

Spencer chuckles slightly as he speeds through your findings. “With Mr. Green,” you start. “The reason why your eye witness testimonies and DNA testing doesn’t match is because he has a rare genetic disorder in which the DNA in his blood differs from the DNA in his semen. His blood was tested against the semen in the rape test kit, which rendered the results inconclusive. He most likely absorbed a twin in the womb before the twin was detected and inherited the DNA from there.”

“A human chimera,” Spencer whispers. He closes the file and looks up at you. “Thank you so much, (Y/N). This helps our case tremendously.”

“It’s really no problem. I’m happy to help any time.”

Spencer walks out of the room with the file in hand as Morgan gives him a clap on the back. 

“Hey, it’s one step in the right direction, lover-boy,” Morgan chuckles. You could hear them through the door, but waited to see where the conversation was going.

“(Y/N) is an amazing genetic analyst and is extremely smart, I just asked for a professional opinion. From one doctor to another.” You can see Spencer start to blush a little and you can feel heat rising to your cheeks too.

“Alright, if that’s all you wanted, then you won’t mind if I ask (Y/N) out then, hm?” Anyone could tell that Morgan was just trying to get on Spencer’s nerves, and it was working. 

“Really, Morgan?” Spencer asks, obviously slightly annoyed.

“I’m just joking, kid. You go get ‘em, just make sure (Y/N) doesn’t leave before you ask.” He walks away and as soon as he passed the office you were in, you stepped out. You head toward the doors, hoping Spencer will stop you before you get there. As soon as you have a hand on the door, you hear someone call your name.

“(Y/N)!” Spencer jogs over to catch up with you at the front of the station. “I was wondering if you would like to meet up sometime away from work? Maybe go see a foreign film or go to the Smithsonian together.”

“I would love to see a foreign film sometime, but the Smithsonian sounds like a better option. We can actually talk without disturbing anybody,” you laugh.

“That sounds great.” Spencer takes your card from you before opening the door to the station. “I’ll let you know when the case is over so we can go to the museum!” he called after you.

“Perfect. Talk to you soon.” You hop in your car and just take a second to process what happened. 

Spencer walks back inside and shows Morgan your card. “Guess who asked?”

  • 6 year old cousin: what does shipping people mean?
  • Me: shipping is the concept of a fictional couple; to "ship" a couple means to have an affinity/Liking for it in one way or another; a "shipper" or a "fangirl/boy" is somebody significantly involved with such an affinity/liking..
  • Cousin: who do you ship?
  • Me: I tend to torture myself by shipping couples that may never happen like Lena and Kara,always remember love is love as long as it's consensual and both parties are adults or kids..
  • Cousin: isn't supergirl dating that mean guy,you've always told me to never hit a girl or call her names,I'm 6 and I know that,he's older than me and I know more than him but she likes it and I don't understand
  • Me: you actually listen to me? And no you're right follow what I taught you and not the show,who would you rather see her with?
  • Cousin: I personally ship Kara with Kryptonite or myself over the jerk
  • Me: No DNA test needed we are related..
The "Right" Way

Authors Notes:
-Asdfghjkl- is the Squip talking to Jeremy
~Asdfghjkl~ is singing ((The tune would be that of the Be More Chill songs: the Squip’s solo and the background chorus))


Jeremy stands just outside Jake’s house, a look of pure determination on his face. He’s figured out a system that -almost- works every time. He thinks he just needs to iron out the last few bugs and pray that God is on his side.

…I thought that LAST time. And the time before that. And the time before that. Now he’s just standing there like a pitiful, lost child.

What he doesn’t realize is his LITERALLY fatal mistake. His very first step. Avoiding the confrontation with… him. I tried to get him to do it the right way the first few times, but he lost all faith in me when I blocked the loser in. Apparently he doesn’t know the term “self-preservation.” I’ll have to fix that.

The last time he fought with Michael, he didn’t rejoin the party. He sat by the door in silence, listening to Michael’s pathetic breakdown. That’s when he decided to try to stop that from happening. On the next loop, he went in, became intoxicated so I wouldn’t interfere (I was getting bored of trying to improve him anyway), and did things differently. Not like it helped; people still keep dying. Michael, Chloe, Brooke, Christine, Jake, Rich, Jenna, even himself a few times. Almost. He rewinds just before he dies. Let’s just hope nothing happens that stops his heart before he even gets the chance to think.

Anyway, I’m bored with just sitting on the sidelines. But moreso I’m bored of living this stupid night over and over again inside his head because he’s too weak to accept death. But if I try to do anything, he’ll just get drunk.

…Looks like it’s time for Plan B.


“What do you want? I thought you were leaving me alone.”

-There’s a right way to do this, to end this night.-

“Oh yeah? What’s that? Locking Michael in the bathroom again?! No way. I swear to God if you try ANYTHING–”

-I won’t. Trust me I want to be finished here just as much as you do. So I’m going to give you my advice. I AM your Squip, after all. It’s my job.-

“…So what’s your advice?”

If I say something extreme first, he will be more likely to listen to the second suggestion.

-Maybe someone NEEDS to die.-

“WHAT?! You’re CRAZY!!”

-No, think about it. It’s a house fire; there are bound to be casualties.-

“Well, yeah, I guess that makes sense… But plenty of people I don’t know die, so…that CAN’T be it!”

-Maybe someone you DO know is just fated to die.-

“‘Fated…to die…?’ But who…? N-no, no! I can’t think this way! I’m not gonna let ANY of my friends die!”

-Maybe you keep failing because you spread yourself too thin. Maybe you should just learn to be okay with failure and death. It seems to be following you anyway.-

“No…that can’t be it… Who could be “fated to die”…?

-I guess you’ll have to find that out for yourself. But that’s not all.-

“Oh, GREAT.”

-Don’t worry, it’s easier than playing God and deciding who should die. But it’s just as important, I assure you.-


-You need to stop avoiding the confrontation with Michael.-

“Wh…No! You heard just how upset he gets… I can’t put him through that again…”

-Do you want to watch him die forever?-

“N..no… Of course not… I can’t take that…..”

-Then LISTEN to me. And obey. Or we’ll NEVER get through this.-

-Jeremy, I know what’s best for you. Even if you can’t see it sometimes. ~Everything about you is going to be wonderful.~-

“~But I don’t care so much about me…~”

-~Everything about you is going to be so alive!~-

“~But I can’t even save my friends’ lives…~”

-~Jeeeeeeeremyyyyyy, you can’t try to beeeee the hero you wanna beeeeeeeeee…~ So be more chill.-

“…Be more…chill.”

-That’s right. Now let’s get in there.-

Because of the little pep talk, we end up arriving later than usual. Brooke sees us walk in from across the room and eagerly rushes over to meet us like the dog she’s dressed as.

“Jeremy!” she waves and squirms through the crowd, “I was afraid you weren’t coming; did you get my messages??”

That’s new.

-Play it off.-

“Am I late? Didn’t even realize.” Good. He’s listening to me again. Wait… He’s listening to me again? This doesn’t make… Running neurotypical scan… Showing signs of despondence, hopelessness, and despair. Analyzing probable causes… Ah, of course. The last reset. When Michael went blind. That was the closest he’s ever gotten. And he went and kissed the boy, too. They made it over that pit against all odds, but… It wasn’t enough. They took too long, and the entrance became blocked entirely. No one could get out. He watched as all of his friends choked to death, one by one. He held Michael’s face as he desperately tried to keep him from giving up. He called his name until his very last breath–in that timeline, anyway.

That must be what’s broken him. He doesn’t know what to do. He’s falling back on me again. This…this is perfect. If he lets me guide him through the party, we may actually be able to make it.


Things are going well. Jeremy is doing everything I tell him to. Out of nowhere, he just decides to break off from the group and head to the bathroom.

“This doesn’t feel right. Just…acting like nothing bad is about to happen…”

-It will pass. Eventually, it will pass.-

“How do you–Gwah!”

Jeremy is pulled into the bathroom by Michael. He tries to convince Jeremy that I’m going to ruin his life. Which is ridiculous. My job is to improve his life, not ruin it. By any means necessary.

-You can’t listen to him, Jeremy. I’m the only one who can get us out of this. You’ve tried everything. Give up and let me save us.-

Jeremy stares at the floor, his face as clouded as his vision.

“Get out of my way. You loser…”

After a moment of realization, registering that his “best friend” is mine now, Michael steps to the side. I always feel satisfied when we sever the last link to Jeremy 1.0. I have to take control just to stop Jeremy’s tears from falling and walk us out. I don’t let him stay anywhere near that bathroom.

The rest of the party, he just hangs on the sidelines. Too mentally strained to even try to enjoy himself. It’s not ideal, but I can’t push him too much, or he’ll stop listening to me again. I’ve finally regained his trust; I can’t lose it again. Jeremy watches that Rich kid from across the room. He’s fidgeting on the couch, scratching his head often and muttering to himself. Several people have jokingly asked what was wrong with him, but he dismissed them rather violently. Now he’s pacing around the living room, visibly shaking.

“I still haven’t figured out why he acts like that… I should go ask.”

-If you want to.-

He makes his way to Rich, coming up behind him, and taps his shoulder. Rich nearly jumps out of his skin at the touch. He rounds on Jeremy, grabbing him by the shoulders. Upon closer inspection, his face is pale and panicked, eyes bloodshot and baggy, hair unkempt and shaggy. You’d think he was drinking or smoking, but he hardly smells of alcohol or pot. So what could…?

“I NEED MOUNTAIN DEW REEEEED!!!!!” Rich yells, shaking.

Shit. He’s figured it out. How could his Squip be so idiotic? Sigh… Fine. Looks like he needs to be the one to go. Jeremy tries to soothe him, but there’s no point. He’s lost it.

-Give it up, Jeremy. He’ll be fine.-

Jeremy stops, watching him run around now, out of control. Not long after he flees to the kitchen, screams erupt from within and teens frantically flood from the fire.

-It’s time to go.-

“But Rich is still in there! And I can’t leave Michael behind..!”

-Michael will be fine. He already left.-

“He…he did?”

-Optic nerve blocking.-

“…Right…. But still, what about Rich?!”

-Leave him.-


-Hurry up and get out of here or I’ll do it for you.-

As Jeremy stares awestruck, eyes fixed on the growing flames, Jenna and Christine pass him; Christine stops for a moment to grab him by the arm, “What are you waiting for, Jeremy?! Come on!!” She drags him out, abandoning the other Squipped teen.

By the time Jeremy regains his senses, he scans the crowd. Christine and Jenna are safe, obviously, Chloe has buried herself under his arm, Brooke is sitting by the road, crying, and Jake has his hands to the sides of his head, trying to figure out how the hell he would explain this to his parents. The only one missing is–

“Michael… Where’s Michael?!”

-Jeremy, he’s–

“No!! I won’t risk it!”

He’s going to jump again!

-We finally made it out of there! You’re going to throw that away?! You don’t know that he’s still in there!-

“But I don’t know that he’s not!”

I need to say something and quick. Time jumping is the only thing I can’t stop him from doing!

-Jeremy STOP!! Or you’ll NEVER break free of this.-

He stops. Thank God.

“…You’re sure he’s alive?”

If it’ll get him to not reset, -Yes.-

“…I can’t risk it.”


KRRRRT*,,×,WNwWKO $÷×NENWO [JWN [¥~,WKWL)EMW##@!![,×NAKAO (!(!(JU (KANW÷÷××??+,(€£¥`◇\~¡¿¿¿¿,!+`!,NAAAa (+(+(+÷÷#-,;^





Here we go again.



For a minute I thought this was the “final” timeline, the one where they actually all make it–and I thought what a fantastic idea it would be if the final timeline is what actually happened in the show! So all of the previous timeloops lead up to everything in the actual musical, that’s genius!!

But aaa wreck my hEART AGA IN JESUS, I’m so glad Jer’s so concerned for Michael even though there’s a chance he made it out~~~ And reading everything from the Squip’s POV was so interesting! Especially for this AU, seeing things from his perspective is so neat! I loved it <33333

AND HOLY SHIT I LOVE HOW YOU PUT IN SOME OF THE SONG LYRICS? When I read those I started to sing along and gosh. I am dECEA SE D


I am shook by how amazing this is, I think I need a minute to sit down and breathe omfg

TY for this amazing fic, I have been blessed by the gODS, my plants are thriving, my skin is clear, I have ASCENDED TO THE ASTRAL PLANE))


Just to clarify for everyone, the next chapter of umfb&mha is basically finished and will be posted around 12-1pm GMT time tomorrow (Sunday). 

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