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I really fucking love sheith, but I have this nagging feeling that Shiro doesn't love Keith as much as Keith loves him, or at least won't go as far as Keith would to get him back. Thoughts?

oh man, i’m really glad someone asked this. i think the way shiro acts toward/around keith is one of the most well produced parts of vld. they do such an incredible job with shiro’s character in general, but so much of his character depth is centered on keith. no matter how you interpret their relationship, the fact that they love each other is never in question, and it’s done so well:

that’s shiro’s keith… face and it shows up literally dozens of times. keith is so forward about showing how much he cares, but with shiro we get these really deliberate and subtle animation and acting cues:

that smile, ouch. and then the way his eyes linger on keith for a moment, even after pidge shows up? that’s not an accident. josh keaton also does an incredible job with these moments: (much… much more under the cut.)

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i hate that allura feels the weight of the entire universe on her shoulders. she’s a teenager, she never asked to be put into this war, and she has virtually no guidance for how to take down the galra with her father gone. and yet she still keeps fighting and like…that’s so admirable?? like. allura has had every reason to turn her back on the universe, it took everything away from her so why bother giving back, and yet she never gives up, not even on what everyone else would call a lost cause (see: the balmera). allura sees it as her job to save the universe, and her job alone, and i really hope she stops putting all that pressure on herself.

Dear diary,
today I woke up to the dragon lady by my bed staring at me. I think she may be upset that she lost her dragon so naturally I had to apologise for it. Sansa would never put me in that position. She told me these are the only children she will have. I don’t know why she keeps opening up to me about these things, I certainly haven’t told her anything - not of uncle Benjen, not of my scars. She kept crying and I didn’t know what to do so I told her I’d give her the North. Sansa wouldn’t be too happy about that. The North wouldn’t either but they’ll see her for who she really is. I haven’t made up my mind about her but Tyrion says I should tell her what she wants to hear. I hate putting up this act. I want to go home.
—  jon, probably.

Just curious but what is stopping yall from going plant-based and making healthy decisions? I’m trying to work on things and would love any input 

A. I don’t think I have the time or resources
B. I feel like it would be hard to start
C. I don’t know how to cook vegetables and other plants
D. Giving up meat and other animal by-products seems impossible
E. I don’t see how I can eat only plants and get what I need
F. (reply if I left you out)

Pick as many as you see fit or come up with a new one. All participation would help me a lot. Thank you

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I hate that boat scene so much! It's so bad. I don't mind the relationship but it's rushed and weird and forced. Please stop! Ugh no.

Honestly when Dany came to their rescue and when she tried to grab Jon’s hand and they looked at each other, I felt something for like 5 seconds. Like they had some kind of spark in their eyes. And I’m not gonna lie, I laughed when Jon pushed everybody out of his way to see her.

But then the fucking boat scene happened and ruined everything.

I get it. One of her dragons died because of his stupid ass. He fucked up. He has to give her something back. I’m really trying to understand. But why ON EARTH WOULD HE CALL HER DANY??? W H Y. And the rest of the scene was so cheesy and badly written, I just can’t. 

And something else that pissed me off too, Daenerys cared more about what happened to Jon than Viserion. She cared more about some random dude she met a few weeks/months ago than her own fucking child. This is unforgivable. Remember when Catelyn lost Robb in front of her eyes. What did we get today? Daenerys looking desperately into the horizon and waiting for Jon to come back (and drooling over his six pack abs i mean was that shot really necessary?). Okay great I didn’t sign for this shit.

tbh… when are we gonna get some new clothes ???

noah fence but im tired of the hipster stuff, i’d like more variety

more boots, cool shoes… cute shoes..

stuff that isnt just t-shirts, vests, etc

give us like. tuxedos and maid outfits, witch hats, shrine maiden clothing, kimonos, frilly outfits, pirate gear, more “armor” looking gear

what kind of gear would you guys like to see added in the future?? O:

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I really enjoy the Detroit Fam headcanons! I would love to see what happens when Russian Fam meets Detroit fam. It'd be hilarious and fun and both Yakov and Celestino going "DEAR GOD WHY WHO THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO LET THESE MONSTERS MEET BAD IDEA ABORT ABORT *FUCKING ABORT*" :D

im cackling omg yes kk so, That Time Celestino And Phichit Visited Yuuri And The Russian Fam In Russia:

  • Viktor and Yuuri are useless like always but also weirdly productive ??
    • like???? every time someone looks over they’re draped over each other or giving each other heart eyes 
    • but by the end of the day at least two things per program have gotten better how did they do this when did they do this?? no one knows
    • Celestino walks away with a headache. Yakov’s only spared because of exposure
  • Mila lifts both Phichit and Celestino before lunch. Celestino getting lifted happens because he told Phichit to stop asking Mila to lift him
  • Celestino yells one(1) time in italian. it was very enthusiastic praise for Phichit, but the Russian skaters do not know this. whispers of Celestino being a part of the italian mafia join the rest of the rumors by the end of lunch
  • Yakov is not used to skaters who actually listen and then go the extra mile 
    • “katsuki, chulanont, i did not mean to literally do laps until your legs fell off why are you skating why did you actually listen to me my threats aren’t working like this get off the ice gdi sTOP SKATING LAPS-" 
    • poor yakov’s too used to exaggerating, he’s gonna have a heart attack if they keep actually listening to him
    • (russian fam) "wow, who knew Yakov actually doesn’t want us listening to him? wild" 
      • Yakov’s either gonna retire or kill them
  • Phichit and Georgi get into a passionate discussion over how The King and the Skater III is a high quality film that acknowledges its cheesiness and doesn’t deserve any of the criticism/flack it gets and this conversation lasts thru lunch and the next three weeks and subsequent tkats marathon
  • Yuri, Viktor, and Phichit cry over cute animal videos for 20 min
  • Celestino and Viktor get into an argument over who has the cuter dog
    • Viktor and Celestino: *shoves phone in face* look at my Makka/Mack playing with Yuuri, have you ever seen anything this cute?
    • Viktor and Celestino: *cry over yuuri’s happy smile in the photos*
    • Yuuri: *cuddles both dogs at the same time*  all doggos are the goodest doggos, quality woofers

Celestino and Phichit do not visit Russia again

Confusion and thoughts currently.

So I’m redoing a route (Zen’s) to past by the time of waiting for V’s and I’m coming across some things. (Keeping in mind I kind of finished the game.)

I love Yoosung but talking to him about Rika rubs me the wrong way.

I mean he is not weird for not being able to forget Rika. It’s just selfish to expect everyone else to not move on without her (keeping in mind everyone thinks she is dead). Everyone copes differently and at different paces so that’s how I feel about it. I would give an example but I don’t want to be the type of person who gives an example no one asked for it. 

But especially for V. You can’t expect him to want to keep traces of her around when it hurts him to see her or think of her. (It really gets confusing considering what V knows and the truth behind it all) but if you really put it into reality that if Rika killed herself, why would he want to keep traces of her? The pain would be unbearable right? The reality would be that she did not die, she didn’t get killed from a natural cause or an unfortunate accident, she took her own life.

And in all actuality, I think the story is beginning to repeat itself considering the secret endings. (Just my opinion though)

At first, V kept it hidden about Rika being alive and used the lie that she killed herself.

Now, Jumin, Seven and the MC are keeping it a secret about Mint eye, Rika’s true self and V’s death to the others as well, using the same exact lie that V killed himself. I guess the intentions behind the lies are different but they are still lies in the end so if the truth ever gets out I wonder how the others will handle it.

The roles of the characters are reversed now, Rika is seeking treatment (I guess), living a life she needs to get used to now and V is dead. Rika is now out in the world and V is not. It’s funny how the roles switched but not really.

The story is really good, but I’m in so much confusion and anticipation about V’s story. Because V’s little label header says “Another story” so does that mean this won’t be connected to the first two (Casual and Deep)? Will it be a whole different story plot line? Will this route be a series of flashbacks and healing for him? I don’t know, to be honest all I want to do is heal his soul and give him a better life cause that secret ending was BS and I can’t get over it, and I mean BS not as in complete bullshit and it was bad, but as in complete bullshit and I’m sad cause he didn’t deserve it.

I honestly wouldn’t mind if we didn’t get a romantic V route, only because realistically 11 days isn’t enough lol I mean it would be the same for the others as well but it is even more so for V because he was already in a previous relationship. Not to mention in his route is he still with Rika? Is Rika still a cult leader? Did he even meet Rika? Does he start off single? Or does he break up with Rika in the end? So many questions I wonder how Cheritz will handle it.

I don’t really take the V x Rika shippers seriously though and I mean take them seriously as shippers, not as people per se because maybe they’re going through there own stuff or self inserting themselves I don’t know. I can’t tell them what to ship and what not to ship, it’s up to them. If you try and help them but they don’t want it, then there is nothing we can do about it. We may think it’s a toxic relationship but they don’t and that’s that. We ship whatever we want.

All I want from this route is the chance to heal V. I want to be able to help him get over his bad memories of Rika. He’ll probably never be able to forget Rika and that’s fine with me, but that doesn’t mean he can’t fall in love with someone else.

Honestly it would be so nice if he wasn’t dead but I don’t think reality works like that. *Cries uncontrollably.

Sigh, redoing this route is causing me stress and I’m only on the second day.

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so wiss, you do recommend call me by your name? i'm asking because didn't like the pictures taken from the movie (the two actors look too different in age for my liking, idk, the older one gives me creeper vibes, although i know it's not meant like this in the book) and these days i don't know if i want to read something existentially sad, you know? but i see everybody raving about cmbyn novel, so maybe in a couple of months, when i'm more settled...

Hi anon! I bought the book after several people whose judgement I trust recommended it to me. I watched the trailer right before I started reading and I was intrigued in the sense that I had no idea what would happen. I personally thought the guy was 40 hahaha so when I got to the part of the book that reveals he’s actually 24 I was pleasantly surprised. There’s still a 7 year difference but it’s not as flagrant. The actor is 30 though so it’s a bit weird.

Certain parts of this book made me put it down and go for a walk. Not because I was flustered but because I was uncomfortable. Elio is a teenager whose obsession with Oliver is both disturbing at first yet so so so relatable. I could see myself at 17 lusting after someone older. But then it got deeper. There was a clear lack of balance in their relationship at first. But then it kind of got Even. These are two individuals who have so so much in common, who see themselves in one another. In many ways, they’re each other.
It’s a thrilling read. It’s so passionate. And the prose is literal magic. It’s cathartic. But it’s not tragic. You won’t be left feeling down after finishing the book. If anything, it made me want to live my life to the fullest. It made me want to chase that type of intimacy. To go beyond the initial fascination/infatuation and stop with the what-ifs.

Hope this was helpful.

Jon didn’t give up the North as a consolation prize… he gave it because he saw in Dany qualities that he admires (she came to save them when she knew how dangerous it would be), he now sees Dany for what she truly is, a queen, his queen. (Jon never wanted to be king in the first place and he now believes that she would rule better than he can)
Don’t get me wrong I’m disappointed he gave up the North’s independence which I think we, including me, kind of all want but just understand his decision. (It’s not like the Northern lords were loyal to him anyway) and knowing grr Martin and the fact that jon’s true parentage hasn’t been revealed to him yet (especially since rhaegar and lyanna got married), him bending the knee is less relevant as of right now tbh but anyway I will love my son forever bye

Jon is selfless and noble, he would save his men/people/love ones first before he saved himself. I could see him giving up his life if it meant permanently taking out the Night King.

But Jorah, who knows what Jon means to the people and what he means to Dany. I wonder if it looks like Jon is about to be lost or about to do something that would work, but be suicidal. If Jorah would make sure he is the one to do it, so that Jon could live a long and happy life with Dany?

Because Jorah loves Dany and wants her to be happy. And he can see what Jon means to her and what loosing him would do to her. And Jorah wants Dany to be happy and to live a happy life, so I can see him saving Jon in such a fashion.


You skipped down the sidewalk while humming to yourself, your parents walking a few feet behind you. They smiled fondly at you, they only wanted the best for their six year old little girl. You were so young, so innocent, and they wanted to keep you that way for as long as possible.

All of you began to pass what looked like some sort of park, a fountain stood in the middle and there was a few things kids could play on. The land was littered with trash here and there but other than that it seemed like a decent park.

“Momma! Can I go play?” You pleaded.

You didn’t even bother asking your father, knowing he would say no, but you knew your mother would give in easily. You watched your father look at your mother expectantly, almost as if the whole situation was a test to see if she’d actually say no to her daughter.

“Yes.” She answered after a long moment of silence.

You squealed in joy before sprinting to a swing set you had been eyeing ever since you saw it.

“But only for a little while!” Your mother called after you.

The both of your parents found a bench near the playground and sat down. The both of them began to get enthralled in a deep conversation, not even glancing up at you for a while.

Right as you made it to the swings, you noticed a boy that was most definitely crying. His tiny, frail body was curled up in a ball as he leaned against a tree.

Your once giddy smile turned into a frown as you watched the boy sob heavily into his hands. Without thinking twice you walked away from the swings and over to him. He didn’t seem to even notice you once you were standing in front of him.

“Are you okay?” Your tiny voice asked him softly.

His head shot up to face you, his big, teary, dark eyes staring into your own. He looked like he was petrified, his whole body trembled as he watched you with a weary gaze. Your eyes widened as you saw he has a black eye and a bleeding nose. You being so young, you haven’t seen a beat up face like his before.

“I-I’m okay.” He stuttered.

“Then why are you cryin’?”

He stayed silent, his mind tried to come up with some sort of excuse as to why he was upset but he couldn’t think of anything. He was hesitant to tell the truth, after all this girl was a complete stranger. But he felt like he could trust her, after all she talked to him nicer than his parents did.

“My d-daddy has been hittin’ me.” He whispered.

He looked away from you and began to play with the dirt on the ground, picking some up and watching it fall back down to the earth. Whenever he did this it somehow made him calm down a little bit.

“Your daddy did that to your face?” You asked skeptically.

The boy nodded and continued to play with the dirt, pushing some into a pile and sprinkling more on top. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, your young mind couldn’t comprehend why his dad would hit him. Your dad only hit you once, and that was just a light slap on your bum for eating something you weren’t supposed to from underneath your kitchen sink.


He simply shrugged and then sniffled, only leaving you even more confused. You wanted to ask him more but you then remembered your momma saying that you shouldn’t bother people that don’t want to talk about certain things. And to you it seemed like he really didn’t want to tell you anything else about his dad.

At first you were thinking about just walking away and leaving him alone, but you still felt really bad that he was upset. The curiosity you had swirling in your mind was getting the better of you, you didn’t want to leave him.

“I’m Y/N.” You said and stuck out your tiny hand for him to shake it.

He stared at your hand for a few seconds before taking it in his own, his cheeks becoming pink once he came into contact with you.


You both pulled away from the handshake and continued to stare at each other awkwardly. The both of you not really knowing what to do or say anymore.

“Y/N!” You heard your mother yell worriedly.

“Yeah!?” You shouted back.

The both of your parents found you and they were even more confused when they found a beaten up little boy with you.

“Who’s this?” Your mother asked softly.

She walked up to the both of you and kneeled down in front of him. Johnny seemed to shrink back even more, he wasn’t used to talking to people; let alone strangers.

“This is my new friend, Johnny.” You said before smiling at him.

Johnny’s whole face began to light up when you referred to him as your friend. Johnny didn’t have any friends, the only people that had ever paid attention to him was his parents. And of course thats not the type of attention he wanted, hell, who would want to get beaten by their parents every day?

Your mother smiled, “Well isn’t that nice!”

You nodded excitedly, “Can Johnny come over our house and play? Please!”

Your mother seemed deep in thought, she looked over at your father and he only shrugged. Your mother knew that Johnny obviously had problems at home, the first thing she noticed was his beat up face. What could be the harm in taking this boy in and caring for him?

“Sure, I think thats a great idea.” She said quietly, “Only if Johnny wants to though.”

You looked over at him expectantly, hoping he’d say yes so you could play with him and ask even more questions. He nodded making you smile brightly, you grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet.

“Oh wait until you see my room! Its so cool! Maybe we can play in my backyard– or we could play with some of my toys…”

The both of your parents watched as you blabbered on and on to him while he just stayed silent and listened. Johnny had a feeling he had never felt before, a warm feeling he had felt deep inside ever since you walked up to him just moments ago.

Maybe, just maybe, Johnny would finally know what love felt like.

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Hi~ Glad to see that the box opened again. Can I get headcanons of an AU where Carvajal was saved? Also, if possible I would like to know what kind relationship would he had with Zaganos and Antonio if he met them? Thank you very much for your time!

Good heavens, I went overboard on this. Apologies for the long post! Let’s call this series where characters are alive the EveryoneIsAlive!AU ^^



  • Abiriga the MVP made it to the top of that tower in time and annihilated those bastards who were trying to sacrifice Carvajal. Someone give the man a goddamn medal.
  • Having accepted his fate, Carvajal had closed his eyes the entire time and didn’t even notice the commotion around him until Abiriga checked him for injuries. When he realized he was still alive, Carvajal finally opened his eyes, looked back at the pile of bodies, and was genuinely shocked.
  • He didn’t mention this, but at the back of his mind, Carvajal was low key embarrassed that he’d just made that grand speech about dying for the traitors’ happiness, and now he’d been saved instead. 
  • Not that he’s upset that he’s still alive, of course!! Imagine smiley Carvajal waving at everyone as Abiriga piggybacks him down from the tower owo
  • Cassandra cried, the children swarmed Carvajal, and Kyros was almost happy enough to hug Abiriga. Almost.
  • The traitors were forgiven, of course they were. Carvajal, kind and merciful Carvajal, ordered that they be completely pardoned. Mahmut protested, everyone protested, but Carvajal was still the Director after all.
  • Almost immediately after things settle, Carvajal noticed Mahmut had changed after coming back from battle. There’s a darker, colder look in the Pasha’s eyes, and Carvajal didn’t like it. He didn’t like it at all.
  • While Mahmut sat in a corner, looking all brooding about one thing or another, Carvajal went out of his way to sneak up behind him and force the corners of Mahmut’s lips into a smile. The Pasha practically jumped in surprise.
  • “Mahmut, your nice face will go to waste if you don’t smile more! So smile for me~” Carvajal beamed and gave Mahmut a good pat on the head just like he would do to comfort sad children. Usually, being treated like a kid makes Mahmut even moodier, but the Director’s smile was too pure and contagious and just seeing it somehow cheered Mahmut up a bit. 
  • A few days later, Mahmut escorts Carvajal to Altin in order to discuss Chielo’s cooperation with the Anti-Imperial Alliance. The Director is way too excited to explore, and Mahmut almost immediately loses him on their way to the meeting. 
  • Zaganos is quite irked by Carvajal. The Director’s attitude doesn’t reassure Zaganos at all that Chielo could be a dependable ally, but Mahmut’s testimony of how Carvajal defended Chielo was enough to sway most other representatives at the conference.
  • On the other hand, Carvajal has a special respect and affection for Zaganos. When most members of the alliance agreed to turn Chielo into a proper fortress, Carvajal didn’t even have to protest because Zaganos beat him to it. The Director wouldn’t have had the influence to oppose the majority either way, so Zaganos’ opinion ultimately saved Chielo’s pride.  
  • Carvajal and Antonio would get along strangely well despite their opposing philosophies. Honestly, Antonio can’t help but be reminded of Constantinos when he looks at Carvajal. They both have a purity of heart, which has always been out of reach for the Doge, but also a deep love for their respective country’s foundation, which Antonio understands well.
  • In time, a partnership is formed between Chielo and Venedik in which Venedik donates money and supplies to Chielo in times of hardship in return for a share of the abundant crops grown in Chielo every year.
Application form🎀👑

Hello! I’m Kellie, I stumbled across your wee preschool in the week and I’m very intrigued, I got so so excited. I’ve just rejoined tumblr with my little account for the first time in months because I left an abusive relationship where my age regression got damaged but I’m ready to start being me again and feel safe.
I hope you can give me a chance, I’ll be very active as well!🌸

what is your name? Kellie (Little kellie)

what are your preferred pronouns? She/her (female)

what are your hobbies/interests? Playing with my stuffies, Disney movies and building forts. I also love arts and crafts! Colouring in and drawing, anything with glitter!

why would you like to join the preschool? Because I would love to feel like my age regression is valid and have a safe space with similar minded people and make some tiny friends🌸 I’d also love to see ideas for “littlespace” things and I’d love to share pictures of my stuffies and see other peoples stuffies and do fun stuff with my new friends🌸 Hopefully xx

Thank you,
Little Kellie xx

Welcome to honeypot, Kellie! Enjoy your time here ❤️ -mod marie

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1_Any villain can be written well if given the chance. DC need to stop focusing only on the 'popular ones' because they have a lot of hidden gems that need to shine they happen to ignore. AK is one of the best example of what can be done with a villain like Scarecrow when given the chance. I wouldn't say his spotlight was stolen because of the Joker in fact many wanted to see more of Scarecrow and felt Joker shouldn't be there. If I have to choose who are more dangerous from Batman villains I

2_would go with Mad Hatter and Scarecrow because these 2 keep their victims alive while making them do things against their will and without realizing it (mind control or toxic) or just observing them while they claw at their own bodies while they slowly losing their mind like what Scarecrow do. Rest of the villains can give you a fast death but I wouldn’t want to be a victim for any of these 2. Sorry for making it long!            

Yeah, I agree. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think that the fans are partially to blame. If we want to see more of (insert comic character), then we need to support stories about that character. That means actually buying comics and supporting the official release. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being critical of comics, picking and choosing which ones you want to support. Unfortunately, tumblr’s demographic is usually not the target audience when it comes to comics. If you want to see change, support what DC is doing right instead of complaining about it 

I see what you’re saying about Arkham Knight, but Joker’s role wasn’t really necessary and the time spent on his segments could’ve been better spent giving us legitimate Scarecrow gameplay. In that way, he does take away the spotlight. Including him in the game felt more like a business decision. (joker = money) Of course, that didn’t stop people from enjoying Arkham Knight for what it is, a pretty darn good game.

can u imagine harry and fionn floating in the middle of the sea, life jackets and all that, taking a break from filming and harry is like “aye gonna take a quick snoozie, make sure I don’t float away” and fionn is like “what” and when he looks over to harry, it’s too late, he’s already a napping and floating towards 20 extras




We as a community love you and support you no matter what as we have shown with how we responded to your recent late night vlog.


You said in your ONI livestream that you wanted someone to compile a list of some of the games people wanted you to play.


I started it back in January of 2016. It has over 6 pages of various games. SIX PAGES!

And I realize that you get thousands of messages. Emails and posts just thrown at you. But I still try..

I have made a Google Doc. Shared with your gmail (both markiplier and markipliergame) and I would post the link here but honestly… I put some more personal stuff on there… ANYWHo 


-Go to your google drive

-Get to the search bar

-Look up “Markiplier Master Game Suggestions List”

-Click it 



I do try to add more games when I can and some games are kinda old but still.

If you do see this, please give me some kind of signal?? Write on the doc, send me an ask, anything.



A little gift from me!

Here they are! My 100, 200, and 300 followers gifts! I decided to clump them all together into one post like a little bundle. I cannot believe that all of you decided to follow my trash blog, and I am so grateful. Anyways I really hope you guys enjoy this!

- Base Game Compatible

- Custom Thumbnail

- 25 Swatches for All and the cropped sweater has a few stripey patterns :)

Tag me if you use this I would love to see what you do with it!

TOU- Please don’t claim this as your own. Feel free to recolor but don’t include the mesh and give proper credit <3

downloads (no adfly) // Turtleneck / PJs to Work / Sweater

Credits, EA

Pictures of them in game under the cut.