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Las Vegas Problems (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Request: Ello! Can you make one where y/n and Joe are kind of strangers and they are in Las Vegas and the accidentally get married? Love you x


You got another round of shots with your best friends as you could feel how drunk you were getting. But wasn’t that the point of being in the city of Las freaking Vegas? You and your friends had decided to go away for a weekend to get absolutely drunk and to not remember anything, which was exactly what you were about to do. A blonde guy suddenly appeared by your table at the bar with a cute smile across his face.

“Hello beautiful ladies. Can me and my two friends offer some drinks?” he asked in a flirty tone and we all instantly nodded making the guy smile. His two friends appeared behind him. One of them caught my drunk eye. He was a skinny, blonde boy with a cheeky smile across his face. He was wearing a white t-shirt, skinny jeans and a flannel on top, and he looked really handsome.

“Is it alright that we join you, ladies?” the third guy asked who also looked very cute.

“Sure, sure,” Terry, one of my friends answered and they all joined us and put drinks in front of us all. It was just my luck that the cute, blonde guy seated himself beside me.

“Hi, my name is Joe,” the cutie introduced himself and I looked at him with a flirty smile.

“Hi, I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you,” you said before you shook his hand. You instantly connected and the time flew by whilst you were both getting absolutely smashed. Everything started to flow and you blacked out.

You woke up the next morning with the driest mouth in history and a headache that was unbearable. The sun was shining through the hotel room curtains and you had trouble opening your eyes. You finally got to it and you jumped a little bit at the sight of a boy beside you. You took a hand to your head whilst you tried to sit up. You took a closer look at the boy and you could instantly see that it was Joe from last night.

“Fuck,” you mumbled to yourself before rubbing your hands in your face, trying to get yourself to remember last night. Something scraped your forehead which made you look at your hands. Your eyes grew wide when you saw what had scraped you. Right there on your ring finger was a cute little diamond ring. You wanted to scream at the top of your lungs but you had to think this through. Did you get married to Joe in your too drunk state? It was possible and it was Vegas, so anything could happen really. You removed the duvet lightly to see Joe’s hand and he was wearing a ring as well, making the reality hit you like a ton of bricks.

“Joe,” you said whilst shaking him lightly to wake him up. He eventually opened his eyes giving you a cheeky smile, but he soon realized that something wasn’t right from the look on your face.

“Joe, do you remember anything from last night?” you asked, really hoping he would say that you hadn’t got married. He ruffled a hand through his hair whilst thinking.

“Not really, no,” he admitted and you sighed before you showed him your finger.

“I think we got married,” you then said and you could see the panic fill Joe’s eyes.

“Holy shit!!! We did??” he yelled before jumping out of bed in only his boxers.

“What do we do?” you yelled back in a panicky voice.

“I don’t know,” Joe said, now a bit more calm than before. He walked around at the end of the bed, clearly thinking about your possibilities.

“We could just stay married?” he asked sarcastically and you rolled your eyes at him.

“You’re not funny,” you said and Joe couldn’t help but laugh, which kinda lightened the mood a bit.

“Okay, lets go find our friends and figure this mess out, okay?” Joe then said whilst looking at you. You nodded, thinking that it sounded like an okay plan. You both jumped into some clothes before you headed out of the hotel room to go figure out this mess.


Author note: This was really bad and I had quite some trouble writing it. I will not be writing a sequel and I hope that’s okay. More imagines coming soon! And thank you for all your support :)

Little Quirks

Requested by: Anonymous

Words: 1,246

Prompt: Hi I love literally all your imagines :D Can you pretty please make an imagine where the reader is friends with pan and she obsesses over him and all the cute things about him ( when he raises his eyebrows, his smile ect.) in public and it embarrasses him and he says something rude to her and it hurts her feelings but he goes back to her at night and apologizes and she does it again? Fluff?

So I might have changed some stuff, but I think it is still pretty much the same concept. Hope you like it!

You really loved looking at Peter when he spoke. The way his eyebrows rose up in emphasis or in disbelief. Or his single eyebrow raise which was usually followed by some witty comment or a mischievous smile. You loved every one of those things. They made Peter who he was, and were an important part of his character. Peter without them wasn’t Peter.

There was also his endless amount of smiles. Some never failed to make you smile, and others always managed to make you feel like you were about to melt. His smirk was your favorite, usually playing on his lips before was about to do something fun. He also had the habit of sometimes talking with his hands, and you found it adorable. It meant he was really invested in the conversation.

“Hey! Y/N come over here, we need some tracking advice” one of the Lost boys called, pulling you from your thoughts.

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