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Stupid Dare

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: None

When your friend mocks you for being such a good girl, you’re not willing to back down from her racy dare when she spots the incredibly hot stranger by the bar. Will you chicken out or follow through when you come face to face with intense blue eyes and a liquid courage??

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“You’re such a good girl, it’s a shame you would never do anything fun and wild.” Ann laughs, trying to instigate something with you.

“I feel like that’s a challenge.” You raise an eyebrow at her.

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So are we supposed to believe that after 8 seasons of singlehandedly save MF Bonnie just finally "got this witchy thing right?" Bitch, she's been saving your asses by herself for years because you're all too useless/lazy to do anything. Bonnie was like dumbledore already by s2

Exactly. Like the last couple of episodes pissed me off so much because the sho was acting like this wasn’t Bonnie in season 2:

but the show does that, it consistently undermines her power only to bring it up again to save the day for her ungrateful friends.

What I would be more OK with is, if Bonnie had self-destructive behaviour and was going to allow the hellfire to take her because after watching her dad die and Grams die, after Abby is sort of a deadbeat mom, Enzo being dead is just the last straw for her but then Grams and Lucy and all of her ancestors came to help her and THEY said, “It’s not your time” and THEY give her the strength to blow back the hellfire and it was centered on BONNIE and her family.

How other shinigami would try to open juice boxes

As requested by anon. ;)

Rukia famously spent like ten panels trying to open a juice box. So what if Ichigo delivered juice boxes to other shinigami? How would they fare?

1. Byakuya: Is just as befuddled as Rukia

When handed a juice box, Byakuya behaves exactly like Rukia - he stares at it in puzzlement. Eventually finds the straw. Then stares in puzzlement some more.

Ichigo: This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen - you and Rukia are like twins!

Byakuya: Human world drinks are ridiculous, Kurosaki Ichigo.

2. Soi Fon: Gives up after poking at the box twice

Soi Fon takes the straw and pokes the box with it twice. Then she gives up.

Soi Fon: If it takes more than two stabs, then it is not worth my time.

Ichigo: Didn’t you stab Yoruichi like nineteen times?


3. Nemu: Uses her drill hand

This creates a giant hole in the side of the juice box, from which Nanao can drink.

Ichigo: I guess that…works?

Nemu: [gives thumbs up]

4. Sasakibe: Blows up the juice box

Not intentionally. But Sasakibe figured that the juice box should be boiled, like tea. And since he didn’t open the top, first…

Ichigo: W-why did you think it was like tea anyway?

Sasakibe: I was just sort of hoping.

5. Renji: Blows up the juice box

He got frustrated and decided to try kido.

Ichigo: Wow. You shinigami are, just, really bad with juice boxes!

Renji: Hey. It’s open.

Renji: You can tell from all the juice currently dripping down my face.

6. Aizen: Smashes the juice box with his spiritual pressure

Ichigo: That’s not….that’s not how you open something.

Aizen: I was not trying to open it, Kurosaki Ichigo.

Aizen: My plans went beyond mere “opening.”

Ichigo: You wanted to…show off your spiritual pressure?

Aizen: Yeah, pretty much.

7. Hanataro: Is too overcome to try

Hanataro: I-I can’t believe I’m holding the fabled juice box! Right here! In my hands!

Ichigo: Uh, Hana? You okay?

Hanataro: I’m so happy!

8. Yumichika: Uses the straw to open the juice box…and then throws the straw away

He then sucks the juice directly from the tiny hole on top.

Ichigo: Is that, uh, fun?

Yumichika: Sure, sucking things dry is fun.

Ichigo: ….I now know things I don’t want to know.


9. Komamura: Knows how to open the juice box…but cannot

Komamrua recognizes that the juice box’s weakness lies in its foil top. But unfortunately he has giant paws and cannot operate the tiny straw.

Komamura: I do not think this drink was made for giant anthropomorphic wolves.

Ichigo: You’re probably right about that.

10. Yamamoto: Demands that his subordinates open the box for him

Basically, he sends it to Hisagi.

Yamamoto: I save your life, you open juice boxes.

Hisagi: Uh

11. Hisagi: Keeps missing the foil circle

Hisagi gets where you’re supposed to poke the straw, but he can’t seem to manage it.

Hisagi: It’s just hard to know where the straw is going to go!


12. Hinamori: Unfolds the top of the juice box and drinks it like a cup

Ichigo: Huh, that’s different but it works!

Hinamori: Yeah, I prefer to avoid stabbing innocent things if I can.

13. Gin: Sets the juice box aside, unopened

Gin: I am waiting for the right moment to stab the juice box.

Gin: Give it a couple hundred years.

Ichigo: You’re messing with me…right?

14. Shinji: Forces the straw through the bottom of the juice box

Just so he can drink it upside down.

Ichigo: H-how did you manage that?

Shinji: Took some doing.

Shinji: Totally worth it.

Shinji: Chicks dig a guy who drinks a juice box upside down.

Ichigo: They do?

15. Hitsugaya: Accidentally stabs Hinamori in the face with his straw


Hinamori: Ow! Toshiro!

Hitsugaya: …

Hitsugaya: Is it me? 

16. Kira: Cuts off the top of the juice box

Kira looks at the juice box for a moment, then cleanly cuts off the top part with his zanpakuto. Then he drinks it.

Ichigo: Y-you just beheaded the juice box!!

Kira: It’s efficient.

Ichigo: I’m a little scared now.

17. Kurotsuchi: Straps the juice box to a tiny exam table

Then he gets out some scalpels. 

Ichigo: A-are you going to torture the juice box?

Kurotsuchi: Soon it will give m all its secrets.


18. Nanao: Pokes the straw through the top and drinks

Nanao: It’s called reading the instructions, people.

Ichigo: You’d do so well as a human!

Nanao: Don’t ruin the moment.

I'm gonna be honest here

Let’s face it. When they make the Green Lantern movies, I think it is highly unlikely that all the human Green Lanterns will be involved. For one, the budget would need to be sky high in order to do all of them justice. Another thing, when Justice League movies come around, the most they will have would probably be one or two Green Lanterns. Also, like in every team up movie, some characters will be given less screen time than others and it is possible that someone’s favorite lantern will be given the short straw.

This might be the case in the movies, however it doesn’t have the case as a whole. What I’m suggesting is splitting the human members of the Green Lantern Corps up between the movies and the television shows, maybe even give them their own show. Have Hal Jordan and John Stewart for sure in the movies (since those two have already been announced) and give them any of the other four to make up a trio. Have it be Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz, or Jessica Cruz, and then have the remaining three appear on television.

Who’s with me? Who would you make the third DCEU Green Lantern, and who get to be on television?

Pros and cons of both

Movies would typically have a higher budget so the constructs will probably look better and show up more frequently, however you may not have enough time to really get to know a character.

TV on the other hand you can tell a longer more intricate story that really allows you to connect to someone, but since the budget would most likely be smaller, the constructs will either (a) not show up a lot and they will use their other powers more frequently, like flying, phasing, etc., (b) the constructs will show up quite often, but they would not be at movie standards therefore not looking quite as good, or © the constructs will show up quite often but they would typically be the same things over and over again with the rare “special” construct showing up every now and then.

Yes, I am quite aware that I may have put too much thought into this.

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For your Monsters AU what if Archie looks like Ursula?

Initially I imagined he would have those big octopus tentacles like Ursula does but Straw was like “they should be white nihilego ones” and I said ok so it went from there

To give you somewhat of a clue, it kinda looks like this (this was a past rough drawing by the boy and he was like “no this is horrible art” so I sliced most of it; right now it’s for showing purposes anyway, so we don’t need SPE Archie’s handsome face)

I hope this answers your question!! Feel free to ask if I didn’t :O!!

Also thanks for popping an ask about my AU this really brightens my day

Ok I made a joke post about Winner Exit: X but

no Iie I think I might actually be onto something

this and 

were uploaded to Seungyoon’s instagram. I may be clutching at straws but people have definitely been seeing and ”X” in the ground of the first pic and the next pic shows and exit sign. I don’t see much point in uploading the second one (as in it’s not something that seems extremely instagram worthy) so I wondered why he would upload it. 

That’s what made me start thinking that he was actually giving Incles secret teasers that Exit:X isn’t far away. But I still needed more evidence

this photo uploaded a day ago (also by Seungyoon) has X’s in the ground ( another secret teaser maybe?) but again I’m clutching at straws here…

Taehyun also dyed his hair recently

which hopefully means they’re shooting something or are about to?

Now, I know the members themselves want to comeback but as they’re in the midst of preparing for their Japan concerts I don’t expect Exit:X to come out until august, once the performances are over. And with the time they’ve been committing to Half Moon Friends and their concerts I doubt that they’ve had time to prepare a music video for more than one title track (as is YG style these days).

My prediction is IF YG ISNT A DICK we might be looking at a comeback by the middle/end of August. Then if that does well Exit:I may come quicker than expected. My ideal comeback schedule would be: August- Exit:X, November/December- Exit:I and then January/February 2017 for Exit:T. In between that I would want more variety shows and stuff, but they also need to rest and be healthy too, which is why I don’t want them to rush.

But also so spread out because I don’t trust YG to be honest…

Let me know what you guys think. Winner fighting! :)




I normally like the softies (and from what I seen, he’s a softie putting up a tough shell) 




All the stuff I seen from him are like… so so SO much undertail stuff of him everywhere and hERE I AM, an ace lil dork who would just love to smooch his face and cuddle and wouldn’t do muchh elseeee but SOBS I LOVE…. 

also one of the biggest people I blame for this is @loverofpiggies




I was infuriated. I ask him to do one thing and he does the other, but I guess I should have expected it. Kai Parker doesn’t follow anyone’s rules but his own, and I was half sure that he probably didn’t have any of his own rules anyway.

Today was the last straw. Going after the Gemini coven was an idiotic idea, even he knew that and after the merge we all thought that maybe, just maybe, Kai would give up on his ‘evil’ plan to annihilate them. It was 2 am when I found him rummaging around the kitchen. I gasped when I saw him hunched over the sink drenched in blood and by the looks of it, it was mostly his own.

I hurried over to him, frantically demanding to know what happened. He claimed that he was just out and about and 'fell’ into oncoming traffic but I could hear the sarcastic undertone in his voice. There were deep gashes on his neck and arms, his ribs almost stuck out through his shirt, and his hands were badly burned. He’d done what I begged him not too; attempted to get revenge on his father for locking him away in the prison world. “Kai. What the hell were you thinking?! He could have killed you. I get it, I get that you want him dead, but this was one of the worst ideas you’ve ever had, even worse than that time you were convinced that you could use magic to make yourself fly.”

He didn’t seem phased by my anger and continued to clean his wounds while simultaneously letting blood drip all over the granite counters. “Malachai Parker! Are you even listening to me? You could have died God dammit! Did that not occur to you?” I knew that would get a rise out of him, the only people that used his full name were the Gemini.

I fell a twinge of guilt when he turned to face me with glassy eyes. It quickly turned into a mischievous glint and for a moment I thought about running, I knew how dangerous he could be when he was in one of his 'moods.’ In a flash, he had me by the neck and against the wall. His hand tightened around my throat, I could just barely suck in breaths of air. His eyes were dark but there was a playful aspect to them. The way he gazed down at me was almost arousing, it made my stomach turn with anticipation for his move.

He leaned down close enough to brush his lips against my ear lobe, “I’ve had a rough night Y/N, the last thing I want right now Is to listen to you yelling. Anger doesn’t suit you sweetheart.” His grip on my neck didn’t loosen but he snaked his other arm around my waist, pulling me into his body. The tension in the air was palpable, his touch felt different, it felt almost too intense. Everywhere his finger tips touched my skin was like an electric shock.

The way he felt against me was almost unbearable, I just wanted more, I wanted him to be closer to me. He roughly grabbed my chin and pulled my mouth to his. He didn’t kiss gently, he took what he wanted, greedily biting my mouth and tearing my clothes off soon after.

I’d never seen this side of him but it made me want to get him this angry more often.

Ignition Pt. 5

“Dr. Grey,” Dr. De Luca said as he noticed Meredith beginning to wake up, “How are you feeling?”

“Like I got hit by a plane,” Meredith grumbled as she opened and closed her eyes repeatedly to make her vision clearer, “What time is it?” He handed her a cup of water with a straw to drink from, knowing her throat would be parched.

“10:10PM,” Andrew told her as he checked her vitals and drips. She watched him as he moved around her bed and did the basic checks, giving her a neurological test after.

When he was done, Meredith asked him, “Where’s Amelia?”

“Uh, I think she’s in a patient room now,” Andrew said vaguely, “I’m not sure. I’m not on her case.”

“Don’t give me that bullshit doctor answer, De Luca,” she snidely replied, “I’ll have you do my charts for weeks if you don’t tell me what’s really going on.”

“Doctor-patient confidentiality,” Andrew said in a last ditch effort to keep the details about Amelia’s condition to himself like his higher ups had told him to do.

“Months,” Meredith bargained, “Along with every rectal exam that comes my way.”

Andrew sighed in defeat and looked up from the needle in her hand, “She hasn’t woken up.”

“Okay,” Meredith nodded, keeping her lips in a thin line, “so what does-“

“She hasn’t woken up since her surgery yesterday morning,” Andrew finished, “34 hours ago.”

Wait, it’s Tuesday? Meredith thought.


Stephanie looked up from her chart, startled to hear her name being called so forcefully.

“I’ve been watching you stare mindlessly at that tablet for almost an hour now while stealing glances at Dr. Shepherd’s patient room. You may probably have everybody else here fooled with your gimmick but you can’t fool the Chief,” Bailey remarked with annoyance, “Go do something useful and stop staring at people you can’t help.”

Stephanie sighed and looked guiltily at the patient room, “I can’t stop staring. I’m afraid that if I leave, she’ll…” She couldn’t finish the sentence. Saying it out loud made her feel like it would spite Amelia.

“I shouldn’t have done the surgery,” Stephanie finished, looking back at her iPad, “I should’ve waited for Dr. Nelson or someone else to come.

Bailey smirked and reached across the front desk to squeeze her forearm, “And how long do you think it would’ve taken Dr. Nelson to get over here and do the surgery? How many hours would’ve passed before the bleed in her brain killed her? Edwards, if you hadn’t done the surgery, she would’ve surely died.” Stephanie nodded obediently at her and tried to smile.

“Go get some rest,” Bailey suggested, “I’ll page you if anything changes.”

After Stephanie left, Dr. Bailey got up and went to Amelia’s patient room, leaning against the doorway as she observed her. Her right hand was in a cast and sling, along with a bandage covering the laceration on her upper arm, her stomach was bandaged and her head was bandaged. There were tubes coming out of her mouth and the lower right part of her body, one helping her to breathe, one leading to her stomach and the lower right tube regulating her bladder. She was connected to an IV bag and being given a high dose of tramadol every four hours for the pain; although Bailey knew that wouldn’t be enough for her once she awoke; if she awoke. And Owen. Owen was laying his head on the edge of the bed as he held her hand. He hadn’t moved since she came out of surgery and Bailey wondered if he was even still alive. The only time he’d gotten up was when he was paged and when he needed to use the bathroom. He didn’t go for food, and he definitely didn’t socialise. She wondered if there was something intimate going on between the two that she hadn’t been notified about.

“Hunt,” Bailey muttered lowly. Owen’s entire body jerked forward when he heard his name and he quickly arose, squinting at Bailey.

“I’m fine,” Owen rasped as he wiped his face with his hands.

“You should get something to eat,” Bailey suggested with folded arms, “Get a shower, maybe even a nap. I’ll watch her.” Owen looked at her unsurely until his stomach grumbled.

“I’ll be back in an hour,” he said as he got up and stretched his limbs.

The first thing she wondered when she woke up was what day it was. Then she wondered why there was something going down her throat and pushing air into her. After coughing a few times, someone came over and pulled the tube out, allowing her to finally breathe properly. She opened her eyes for a few seconds before shutting them closed as a rush of pain flooded her entire body.

“Page neuro,” Amelia heard the voice say. She couldn’t focus properly enough to figure out who exactly was speaking. A few minutes later, she heard someone else rush into her room and the person grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

“Amelia?” the gruff voice said, “Amelia, it’s me. Can you hear me?” Definitely Owen, Amelia thought as he rubbed his thumb along the knuckles of her left hand. She made the extra effort to open her eyes and look at him, the sunlight making her pupils contract immensely, to the point where her eyes felt like they were cramping. It was worth it, though, as she got to see Owen’s sea blue eyes looking worriedly down at her. Suddenly, however, a bright light was shining in her face.

“Dr. Shepherd, can you follow the light for me?” Stephanie requested. She then asked her to squeeze her fingers and wiggle her toes.

“Okay,” Stephanie huffed in relief, “Borderline normal, but still good.”

“Her blood pressure is a little high,” Owen pointed out to Stephanie.

Because I feel like someone is walking all over my body with eight inch heels, Amelia thought as the two spoke. She tried to tell them that, but only a few cracking noises would come out of her mouth, mixed with painful groans.

“Shh,” Bailey said as she entered the room with Dr. Nelson, “I think she’s trying to say something.”

“Dr. Shepherd,” Nelson addressed her formally, “What’s wrong?”

Well if I could say that, don’t you think I would’ve? Amelia grumbled in her mind. Instead, she squeezed her eyes shut in pain and frustration as tears slid down her cheeks.

“What pain meds is she on?” Nelson asked as he assessed her chart and watched her blood pressure and heart rate steadily rise.

“Just tramadol,” Stephanie recalled. Nelson sighed in disapproval. Instead of arguing in front of the patient, he asked to speak with everyone, except Owen, outside. Once outside, they all began to banter.

“Everything will be fine,” Owen assured her as he wiped the tears from her cheeks with his thumb. His heart warmed when her eyes opened and looked up at him, despite their red and glistened state.

“Tramadol?” Nelson criticized heavily, “She can’t even speak because of the pain. I could only dream of how much pain she’s feeling right now.”

“The patient made it clear that she wanted no opioids,” Stephanie defended, “She’s a recovering addict.”

Dr. Nelson ignored Stephanie’s remark and looked to the chief, “If she continues without medication, her blood pressure will shoot through the roof and possibly cause her brain to bleed again. The brain can’t handle that level of pressure, especially after such invasive and serious surgery.”

“What about inducing a comatose state?” Bailey suggested.

“That might prove more dangerous than safe,” Stephanie pondered, “There’s the possibility of more brain damage or persistent vegetative state, in her condition.”

“So she’s brain dead either way,” Bailey stated blatantly as she pondered her options, “Unless we give her the pain meds.”

“Pick your poison,” Nelson metaphorically said. Bailey sighed and stared into the patient room. Owen had his lips glued to Amelia’s hand as she cried out all her anguish. This pain wouldn’t only cause her physical harm; it’d cause mental harm too. The hospital could face a law suit if they gave her the meds, but they could also face a law suit if they didn’t give it to her. Making this decision would have to be based on her morals and values, on the oath she took when she became a doctor, rather than doing what was considered legal.

With a regretful but steady tone, Bailey said, “Give her 15mg of oxycodone.”