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Can’t Get It Out Of My Head (Peter Quill x Reader)

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For @ravingmadstark to whom I’ve owed this since January. 

In which you slow dance with the one and only Star-Lord. (insp.)

He so desperately wanted to be called Star-Lord, but everyone called him Quill. Except for you. You preferred to use Peter, and maybe that was why he fell in love so hard. Rarely did anyone address him without a tinge of sarcasm or playful banter in their voice—something he was very guilty of reciprocating—but when you spoke to him, he felt validated in ways he never knew he could. You gave him a sense of responsibility. A feeling of warmth and excitement. A drive in life, fueled not by a desire for the admiration of others, but rather, a need to make you feel the same way he did. Happy.

Your initial glimpse of Peter was the day of Ronan’s defeat. Hair disheveled. Clothes torn. Face scratched up. He was dancing to a song you’d never heard, and your entire body reacted. It tingled and shook from your toes, to your heart strings, up your throat, to your brain where the sensation settled, leaving only one thought. Shit.  You’d gone through life thinking love at first sight was nothing more than a myth. But there you were. In love. Or something like it. You were stubborn when it came to things like that, so you chalked it up to lust—somehow that felt more dignified.

There was alcohol involved in your first encounter. That was always how these things seemed to go. The big hero, off to celebrate at a local bar; you, the plain civilian, coincidentally at the same place, standing in a corner.  Music was playing, but the melodies were foreign, and you could only assume that they were his. Most of them were upbeat, but occasionally things would slow down a little, and that’s when he shined the brightest. He’d move about the room fluidly, pulling the other patrons close. Dipping them, spinning them, pressing his body against theirs. Leaving a trail of longing eyes in his wake. You couldn’t help but feel jealous, but at the same time, you were grateful. Unless you were alone in the safety of your room, dancing was not your forte. And so you nursed your drink and watched.

He moved closer and you got a better look at his face, confirming that he was the most unrealistically handsome man you’d ever seen in your life. It was the sort of thing that held a hypnotic element, capturing your eyes and refusing to let them free of his spell. The sappiness of it all was enough to make you inwardly wretch, but as the gap in proximity closed, it became harder to deny fact.

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The Liking Game

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jackson

Genre: Fluff / Angst

Prompt: “Life is a highway, and I’m always drunk. So I’m not driving.”

Rating: PG-13 (college partying, drinking)

Word Count: 2,023

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“Fool Me Twice” (Bad Boy!Jooheon AU)

(GIF Credit to @wonhontology)

Part One

Title: Fool Me Twice

POV: 1st

Rating: Mature. Smut, cursing, drinking, etc.

Summary: He says that you’re different, but he’s not the best at showing it. 

“So are you guys dating, then?”


My friend gave me a look like she didn’t believe me, and at this point I was only trying to convince myself.  

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A Friendly Favour (M)

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Warning: Smut. Semi-not really-kind of infidelity.

“Absolutely not.” You said sternly, pulling the dishcloth that hung from the string of your apron and swiping the crumbs from the counter into your palm, tossing them mindlessly into the trash bin.

“Why not?” Taehyung whined, one cheek bulging with unchewed French toast.

You squinted at him, your elbows supporting you on the countertop when you leaned closer to him, “Because I don’t want to have sex with you, Taehyung.”

He swallowed the large bite of food with effort, “Do it for me,” he begged around the straw of his milk tea, “I am going on my third date with Yura this weekend and she’s been hinting at some stuff. I don’t wanna go in and make a fool of myself.”

“So, the only way to ensure that doesn’t happen is if I sleep with you, right?” You deadpanned.

“You’re one of my closest friends!”

“So?” You scoffed.

“So,” Taehyung continued, “You’re the only girl I’m close enough to that I would trust with something like this. And…” He started, but instantly clamped his mouth shut, looking away from you to focus on stirring his drink.

“And?” You pressed.

“And…” He trailed off, bringing the straw to his lips, but you reached out and snatched the glass from him, giving him an expectant glare.

“And Yoongi’s said some things…” He muttered in a rush.

“What things?” Your voice rose louder than you intended, earning you several glances from different patrons and a few of the waiting staff. You cleared your throat, ducking your head closer to Taehyung to try and hide the blush that no doubt coloured your cheeks.

Taehyung fidgeted in his seat, his fingers tapping the edge of the countertop, “Okay, don’t be mad.”

You just looked at him, and he nodded in understanding before continuing, “I was talking to him like a week ago, and I was asking him about what to do, you know, if things with Yura escalated. And he made references to when you two were together…”

“Oh my God.” You groaned, your hand coming up to cradle your face.

“It wasn’t anything bad!” He waved his arms frantically, as if to lessen the blow, “He just gave me some advice, and he said you were really, um, good?”

“Please stop talking.” You peeked at him through your fingers.

Taehyung nodded again, his lips pressing into a thin line and he watched his fingers. You admired him for a second, your smile hidden behind your hand because he looked positively dejected and completely adorable. You were almost contemplating agreeing with his proposal and you wanted to smack yourself to come back to your senses.

Seconds ticked by; Taehyung remaining silent as you just watched him. Your mind was teetering back and forth, arguing with yourself on whether this was a harmless request, or if it was just going too far. On the one hand, you didn’t want to create any awkwardness between the two of you, you valued your friendship with him too much. On the other hand, he was very obviously attractive, and he only made it sound like it was a one time thing. Another small part of you also may have been thinking about getting back at your ex-boyfriend for gossiping about something as personal as your sex life.

“Okay, I have some conditions,” You said finally, dropping your hand to the counter with a thud. Taehyung perked up instantly, his eyes wide with excitement. “This happens once, okay. That’s it. You don’t get to tell anyone about it. And lastly, after this happens, everything goes back to normal.”

“YesOkayWhatever!” Taehyung cheered in a rush, rising out of his seat so quickly that the stool skidded behind him. He threw his arms around you over the counter, peppering kisses to your cheek.

You struggled in his hold, trying to wedge your hands between your bodies to pry him off of you, but it was no use. Finally, with a particularly firm jab to his ribs with your two fingers, he released you with a grunt.

“So,” He started, his hand rubbing against his sore spot as he looked at any point in the restaurant that wasn’t your face, “When do we do this?”

You shrugged a shoulder, “When’s your date?”

“Tomorrow,” He blinked, eyes finally settling on you.

Your eyes narrowed before slipping closed, tipping your head back with a long sigh, “Then I guess it would have to be tonight.”

“Someone’s eager, hm?” He taunted, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

You balled the dishcloth in your hand and flung it at him, hitting him square in the face. Taehyung swatted the cloth away, throwing it to the ground and almost knocking over his drink in the process. “Rude.” He grumbled.

You flashed a quick smile that didn’t meet your eyes, “I’ll be by your place at seven. Get out of here before I change my mind.”

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anonymous asked:

I would think that the events that happened to Ana is what set Gabe off. Ana was their best friend, and it looked like Jack turned his back on her. He blames him for what happened to her. "They left you to die. They left me to suffer."

Deadass, that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking when we first learned about Ana being left for dead. They were three best friends who seemed to get along fairly well before Ana died, and for Jack to leave her body there without trying to collect it would probably be the last straw for Gabriel.

You can take away his position. You can stick him with the covert ops team that’s stuck doing the dirty work. You can give someone else the limelight he deserves. But when Jack left their mutual friend for dead and didn’t even have the decency to bring back her body, I can imagine that didn’t sit well with Gabriel and that might be when he questioned Jack’s leadership.

I’d also like to believe Fareeha played a part in this. What I mean by that is she was at the back of Gabriel’s mind when he learned of Ana being lost on the battlefield and he went out of his way to throw it in Jack’s face.

This isn’t to say that Jack wasn’t upset, though. I’m sure he was beating himself up over it the moment he had to get on that ship and leave her behind, then even more afterwards when everyone questioned his ability to lead. I’m sure he blamed himself for Ana dying and I don’t think he’s forgiven himself for it. Even if he’s working with Ana right now, I can imagine that every time he sees the patch over her eye or thinks of the life she wasn’t able to spend with Fareeha, it eats up at him and makes him even angrier with himself.

And as Reaper, I think it gives Gabe something to harbor and hold resentment for. He may not be his old self, but I think he holds onto the worst memories from his life and internalizes them, so it makes sense that even though Ana is still alive, he’s going to hold that grudge against Jack.

Actually, I don’t think everything would be the way it is today if Ana hadn’t “died” (i.e. gone ghost). She would’ve been there to break up whatever caused Jack and Gabriel to fight. If her death was the reason why a rift formed between them, that rift would’ve never formed in the first place.

snacks || Jughead Jones

Word Count: 545

Requested: nope

Warnings:not that i know of

A/N:it’s short, and the title is kinda irrelevant but wtvr

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not my gif

Whenever anyone in the town of Riverdale thought of Jughead Jones, they always thought back to Y/N L/N. The pair of teens were always seen together. They’re connected to the hip, and have been ever since they met. Pop’s was always one of the go-to places that they went to when you wanted to hang out. 

So, one day at the beloved diner, the moody writer sat in front of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, or his best friend Y/N, typing away at his laptop as she did her homework. Jughead paused from writing his novel and stared at her, thinking of ways he could confess his love for her when her phone suddenly vibrated against the table.

 He looked down to look at her phone, but all he could register was a picture of the two of them. It was a picture of him with one of his arms around her waist. The girl of my dreams has a picture of me as her lockscreen, the boy thought as Y/N grabbed her phone to check the text message. She gazed up at Jughead after replying to the message, only to catch the greenish-blue eyes of her best friend. She smiled and looked down at her phone before locking it and putting it back on the old shiny table. “What are you staring at, Jug?” Y/N asked somewhat sarcastically as she looked at him, not losing that beautiful smile.

 Jughead didn’t know what to say. All he did was glance at the computer screen in front of him, for a split second, before moving his hands from the keys closing his laptop to give Y/N his attention. “Y/N, why do you have me as your lockscreen?” He asked curiously, sipping the straw of his milkshake. Y/N blushed and looked at her phone again. “ Because you’re my best friend Juggie. You keep me grounded and you know me better than I know myself. I have no idea what I would do without you.” She replied with love in her eyes and sincerity lacing her voice. It’s now or never.

 "Y/N I-I have to tell you something.“ He said before clearing his throat. Y/N reached across the table to hold his hands with hers, looking into his eyes. “You know you can tell me anything right?” She said as she lightly squeezed his hands. Jughead sighed, wanting to tell her the inevitable in a simple, and subtle other than ‘I love you’. “I like you Y/N. I really like you, more than a friend and I was wondering if you want to go to the Drive-In together sometime? Like, on a date. Maybe?” He asked, looking at their laced hands. 

Y/N blushed as a small smile appeared on her face. “Will there be snacks? I’ll only go if there are snacks.” She asked jokingly, her smile growing. Jughead laughed. “Can’t imagine not bringing any.” Y/N thought about it, mockingly, bringing one of her hands to hold her chin as she looked at the ceiling from the corner of her eyes. “Than I’ll have to say yes, Jughead Jones the third.” She finally answered. “But only for the snacks.” She said with a small smirk.

Don’t Turn Around (Part 2/2) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request: Hi! I really love your stories, they’re amazing and very suspenseful. I was wondering, can you do a one shot where the reader is a mutant taken in by the Avengers after a freak accident. She has feelings for Steve, but she’s scared of her powers and thinks that he’ll never love her? It’s okay if you can’t get to it, but have a good day!

Part One

In the next month that followed after your rescue and return to the compound, you kept a low profile and had yet to return to duty with the team.  It wasn’t purely by your choice alone, as Steve wouldn’t allow it even if you had wanted to.  You had been effective at clearing the memories from his mind that had left him riddled with guilt before your rescue, but the man knew you too well; despite your best efforts to act as normally as you could when he was nearby, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something more was going on with you and he was keeping you grounded until he could figure it out.

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Puppy Love

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Character: Harry Potter (Year 2)

Prompt: None

A/n: I was watching the Harry Potter weekend this television channel runs like once a month and I’m doing a book report on Chamber of Secrets and I came to realize how much I love the earlier installments of the series both book and film. Plus first love fics are always cute.


“Don’t come back inside until I tell you to!” Shrieked Aunt Petunia as she all but shoved Harry outside. “I have to make this dinner perfect for the Mason’s and I can’t have you lolling about the kitchen getting in my way!”

Harry walked aimlessly out of the front garden as he made his way to his bench down the street, muttering about how wretched his day was going and it wasn’t even midday.

He continued to sulk until his ears perked as he heard a familiar voice that made his cheeks and neck begin to burn.


He whirled around to find you sitting among your sunflower bushes, a place he often saw you from his bedroom window or on the rare occasions the Dursley’s took him out of the house.

You had lived on the other side of Privet Drive for as long as he could remember. But he had never really spoken to you until the previous year when he saw you at the Sorting Ceremony.

Harry’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he heard your name and even more so when he saw you in the flesh, sitting on the stool, waiting to be assigned to a house.

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Hold Up

Pairing: Lydia x Reader

Summary: Who knew two females could be so oblivious? Lydia and (Y/N) share a kiss causing Malia to get the wrong idea and reveal their secrets.

Word Count: 1.3k

Requested: Yes by anon.

A/N: I completed this, and queued it for last week along with other imagines and my queue just disappeared??? Annoyed, tired and angry so I think I’ve learned my lesson to not trust Tumblr!

On another note, I’ve rewrote this imagine so many times; I hope it’s good to read, I really wasn’t happy with it :(

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Lydia Martin was a strawberry blonde haired girl with piercing blue eyes and a smile that can light up your life which she does, on numerous occasions. It was no secret to everyone surrounding you that you had built up feelings for her – it was always you laughing at her stupid jokes, or running to protect her whenever something supernatural hit Beacon Hills; which was always. You’ve been friends with her for years but never built up the courage to tell her, she always had a new fling now a day.

That is the reason that you were sitting in the booth, a strawberry milkshake in front of you staring at Lydia who was waiting for her order at the till. She had her hair in the plaits that you loved and your favorite lipstick on, her lips matched yours. Jealousy grew in the pit of your stomach as a tall, dark coloured skin guy walked up to her, smiling his pearl whites. He seemed confident, maybe more than that; extremely cocky. You rolled your eyes, taking a sip of the delicious freezing drink turning your attention away from them.

Lydia looked away from the girl making her drink to focus on the handsome guy beside her. “Hey, how you doing?” He smirked, Lydia shrugged her shoulders not wanting to get into a conversation with him. She glanced at (Y/N) who was playing what she presumed was candy crush on her phone; something she always did when she was bored and by herself. Lydia noticed a lot about (Y/N); the way her eyes twinkle when she sees donuts or milkshakes, the way she would chew on the red straw wanting to savour the taste of her drink, or the way she would always paint her finger nails to match the colour of the top she wore. Lydia adored (Y/N) to the point that she was beginning to think if it was love or not.

If it wasn’t love, Lydia wanted to experience it because it is probably the best feeling in the world. Her stomach was full of butterflies when she saw (Y/N), she would stumble over her words and spend one or two more seconds staring at her lips. Everyone around them knew that each other had feelings towards the other, they also never realized how oblivious two females can be to not notice the signs themselves.

“That’s my girlfriend over there,” Lydia sighed, nudging her thumb towards (Y/N) who looked up and waved brightly at the pair. A smile that was obviously forced. “Here’s your order, Lydia.”

You shuffled in your seat, fixing your shirt as Lydia made her way back over. “New catch of the day?” You teased, trying to hide the jealousy and hurt in your voice. It was a feeling you got used to, Lydia was very fond of males these days and there was nothing you could do about that. You wanted to scream from the rooftop that you were in love with her, but you feared rejection; something that you read was the worst feeling in the world.

Lydia rolled her eyes, sucking on her straw, “Definitely not, he pulled a Joey Tribbiani on me.” She laughed, her eyes twinkling and your heart racing with the sound. You chuckled and continued playing the game opened on your phone.

It was a good thirty minutes before the tanned boy walked over to your table, he pulled up a seat and sat on it. “What do you want?” Lydia sighed, pushing her empty glass to the side. “I’ve been watching you two for the last hour,” He exaggerated, “And you don’t even talk; there was no need to lie to me about you having a girlfriend.” His brown eyes never looked away from Lydia who looked nervous.

“Excuse me?” You snapped, you jumped with the sudden pressure of a foot on yours under the table and you looked at Lydia who was making gestures with her eyes. Nodding, you understood what was happening. “Look I don’t know who you are or what you want but please stop bothering my girlfriend, okay?” It felt odd calling Lydia your girlfriend but you liked it. Smiling at her, she thanked you with her eyes for playing along. “Prove it.” The guy said, causing both you and Lydia to roll your eyes at the immaturity.

“Fine,” You snapped, standing up from your seat and leaning over the table and towards Lydia whose eyes were wide open. “What are you…” Your lips pressed against her pursed lips, it was strange and tense at first; you didn’t know how Lydia would feel after this, if it would ruin your friendship but it was her plan – she drew the first straw.

Lydia settled into the kiss, moving her lips against yours wanting more than what you were giving her but you knew you had to end it, you wouldn’t be able to stop if you continued. You pulled back, smirking at the guy before grabbing Lydia’s hand and leaving the diner.

“Oh my god,” You laughed, fixing your lipstick and lead you to the car. “I can’t believe that lad.”

Malia was walking down towards Stiles’ house when she passed the popular diner, she spotted (Y/N) and Lydia sitting there with a stranger. She looked through the window to get a better view of them, when suddenly (Y/N) was kissing Lydia. Malia couldn’t contain the smile that spread across her face, finally this was happening. She took her phone from her pocket, dialing Kira’s number before walking towards Stiles house, almost running.

“Hey, Mal-“ “You won’t believe it…Actually you will, Lydia and (Y/N) are finally together.” She screamed down the phone with excitement. “What? How do you know?” Kira questioned, and Malia started to tell her what she seen before she reached Stiles’.

It was seven in the evening now; you and Lydia were walking towards Scott’s house where a pack meeting was being held. It wasn’t awkward between you two, but there was something different floating around the air. Lydia was very affectionate and so were you, you wanted to be close to her or be holding her hand. “Do you think we should talk about the kiss?” You questioned just outside Scott’s house. Lydia shrugged, blushing and looking away. “After this?” You nodded and opened the door for Lydia.

You were the last to arrive, the pack were in the kitchen sitting around a laptop. Lydia entered first and got a massive greeting, especially from the girls. Kira skipped towards her, swinging her arms around Lydia’s neck squealing with excitement. “Congratulations guys!” She shouted, throwing her arms around you now. You looked at Lydia confused, but hugged her back. “It’s about time you two realized your feelings for one another.” Malia added causing the rest of the pack to laugh and nod.

“I know, right? I could actually smell the sexual tension building up.” Liam laughed, “It kind of sucks though, I thought me and (Y/N) would have a chance.” Your eyebrows raised, looking at the youngest member of the pack. “But congrats guys.” He added, winking at you.

“Hold up,” You exclaimed, “What is going on?” Your heart was racing, glancing at Lydia nervously. “You two aren’t together yet?” Scott asked, causing you to cough trying to cover up what he was saying. Lydia shook her head, her smile faltering. “But I saw you kissing, and you like her and she likes you, so I put one and one together and….” Malia stopped talking once she realized what she said. “Malia!” You and Lydia screech at the same time causing you to snap your head to Lydia who stared at you with wide eyes.

“You like me?!”

A Ruptured Chill - Jughead x Reader Blossom - Requested


@idle-lanes @sgarrett49 @murderyoursoul @moonlight53

Anonymous said: Could you please write a jughead x reader where the reader is dating jughead and is a blossom and she goes into the ice with cheryl

Hey anon, thanks for the request. Hope you like it. It was really fun to write and really flowed out of me (which I needed so thanks).

Music while Writing - Wreckless Eric “Whole Wide World" and Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Come on Eileen”.

She was acting odd. Out of place for her. Cheryl had always put on a brave face in front of tragedy. When your grandfather had died, when Jason had lost your dog at 9, and especially in the face of your parents arguments. Her mind was always ahead of her feelings. Erasing them from her expressions. She was a master at it.

You on the other hand, were a year younger and didn’t relish in the idea of winning over your parents. Not like your golden boy brother or your sister who was always trying to impress them. It was easier to hide in the shadows.

The last thing you wanted was the attention that both Jason and Cheryl seemed to thrive on. You had one clear goal in mind - the second you were old enough - get out of Riverdale.

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but ya i know sixpenceee has been problematic for years and ive seen every call out post imaginable for the blog and yet i was like “eh i just want the spoopy posts” but now i’m officially unfollowed

idk if “sixpenceee heals” was like, a publicity scheme or what… so basically tumblr trump? but yeah, if people didn’t see, they posted that for “$30 i’ll listen to your problems and give u advice” but they don’t have a degree in psychology or any training what so ever. tryna scam $30 out of people who are already depressed and most likely having a hard time getting by. yes $30 is cheaper than a therapist but at least a therapist is trained and would say things that aren’t just googled. google university, that’s some sixpenceee shit.

anyways, we all saw this coming. i’m probably just feeding into the publicity stunt. but this shit is the final straw. no more Mike Pence Sixepenceee posts for meeeee. 

This is a heavy episode, guys. Dr. Marcoh is distraught at being found and Ed rips a big hole in his wall looking for the Philosopher’s Stone.

Ed gets his hands briefly on the Red Stone, only to have it snatched away by Grand. Grand then perp-walks a pleading Marcoh past his beloved villagers, forcing him to return to his gruesome military research. 

Scar straight up explodes Grand’s head in full camera view before setting his sights on Ed.

Ed recognizes Scar as the person who murdered Nina, but he has no idea why Scar would be trying to kill him and he just watched a guy’s head explode and it’s terrifying. Scar almost kills both boys.

Also, Ed and Al hide from Major Armstrong in a big hay pile and Alphonse fills up with straw.

Made of Iron, Forged by Fire


*Tony Stark-centric


Tony looked up as his computer pinged. Rolling his chair over, he tapped the screen, bringing up a hologram of the city. A small red dot blinked in the center, moving south.


“It appears, sir,” JARVIS said. “That your brother has returned to town.”

Tony stared at the dot. “Are you sure?”

“Completely. You made the algorithm yourself, sir.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Tony leaned back, watching as the dot continued moving, moving, moving… until it stopped.

Tony expanded the area, finding the dot had stopped at Mama’s Diner on Third Street. Tony stood, heading for the garage.


“Never thought I’d see the day.”

You looked up, finding Tony slipping into your booth. “What are you doing?”

“Joining you for a family reunion. What’s good here?”

“You live here; you tell me.”

Tony sniffed, giving the sticky menu a cursory glance. “Y’know, there’s better food at home. Clint’s surprisingly good in the kitchen.”

“Do you mean that eyesore of a tower?”

“So you saw it.”

“Kind of hard to miss.”

“Especially since it has our name on it.”

Your name,” you clarified. You’d dropped the name of Stark when you’d left, not wanting to be associated any longer.

“Last I checked, we shared a name.”

“That was fifteen years ago. Things change.”

“DNA doesn’t.”

“Surprisingly, the ‘n’ in DNA doesn’t stand for ‘name’.” You glared at your brother. “We share nothing more than an unfortunate genetic code.”

Tony’s mouth lifted at the corner. “And people think I’m the only snarky one.”

“Seriously, Tony, what do you want?”

“A reason as to why you’re back after so long would be nice.”

You shrugged, playing with a straw wrapper. “Things changed, I decided to move on.”


“None of your concern.”

“I think it is.”

“Don’t give me this caring elder brother crap,” you said, eyes piercing Tony’s. “You didn’t give a shit for years.”

Tony was about to say something when a small yelp sounded from the kitchen. He looked over in time to see the cook spraying down the grill with a fire extinguisher. “Come on,” Tony said, standing. “Let’s get out of this firepit. At least let me give you a meal at the tower. It’s the least I could do.”

‘Basically,’ you thought, eyes darting back to the kitchen. The flames had been smothered out and the cook was back at his job, acting as though nothing had happened.


“So what do you think?”

You looked around. “It’s… flashy. An impressive facade, needing to be the center of attention.” Turning to Tony, you sneered. “Kind of like you.”

“Yeah, yeah, you can talk a big game. But it doesn’t affect me.” Tony led you to the kitchen. He motioned to the table, but you remained frozen in the doorway, leaning against it. Tony rolled his eyes slightly and began to throw ingredients into a pot, clicking the burner on.

“So,” Tony said. “What have you been up to?”

“Not fighting monsters and aliens and terrorists,” you noted.

Tony couldn’t help but feel a small sense of familial warmth– you’d kept tabs on him, which meant you cared… right?

“You ever going to tell me why you left?”

“Why do you think?”

“No idea. It’s not like you were ever abused. It’s not like you couldn’t get into any college you wanted over here. It’s not like–”

“I had a family that cared?”

Tony paused. “Look, Dad… could be a hardass. But he loved you–”


“You seriously want to play that card? Between the two of us, who do you think he liked more?”

You raised your brows. “Really?”

“What? It certainly wasn’t me.”


“That son of a bitch hated me.”

You scoffed, shaking your head. “You may have thought Dad hated you, but from where I was, all I could see was how much he loved you. I was the hated one. I wasn’t good enough with technology. Wasn’t good enough with the ladies. Wasn’t good enough with the press.” You paused, biting your lip. “Wasn’t good enough.”

Tony noticed your fists clenched; he also noticed the flame on the burner was dancing wildly, at a much higher power than what he’d turned it to. His mind began to turn, remembering the incident at the diner. He looked down and pressed a few buttons on his watch, receiving a body scan from you.

You had a higher body temperature than most humans; so high, in fact, normal people would have died from the fever.

Surely Tony wasn’t the only special Stark child.

Making sure he knew where the extinguisher was, Tony slowly reached over and grabbed a banana. He took aim and lobbed it at you, the fruit bouncing off of your head.

“Dammit, Tony!”

A small puff drew the attention of both of you. A tiny fire had popped up on the counter between the two of you. Tony quickly reached for the extinguisher and killed the flame, all the while staring at you.

“You have fire power.”

You shook your head. “I do not.”

“Don’t even try to–”

“I have fire making ability.”

“Boy scouts have fire making ability. You have power.”

You sighed. “Whatever.”

“Can you control it?”

You shrugged. “Usually. Until some asshole decides to throw fruit at me.”

“How’d you get it? I don’t remember you starting fires when we were little.”



“I signed up for some medical experiments, okay? To get money. And… one or two went really…”



Tony nodded, studying you. “A horrible, unnatural side effect due to scientific experiment. You’re a bonafide superhero, kid.”

“No, Tony. I’m–”

“Let’s go meet the rest of the team.”

Stupid Dare

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: None

When your friend mocks you for being such a good girl, you’re not willing to back down from her racy dare when she spots the incredibly hot stranger by the bar. Will you chicken out or follow through when you come face to face with intense blue eyes and a liquid courage??

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“You’re such a good girl, it’s a shame you would never do anything fun and wild.” Ann laughs, trying to instigate something with you.

“I feel like that’s a challenge.” You raise an eyebrow at her.

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maychorian replied to your post: Microfic: Shiro + Pirates! (Perhaps quirky, anime…

THIS IS GLORIOUS. OMG Shiro with the Straw Hat crew, what a culture shock that would be. I want him to hang out in the library with Robin. He might give Zoro a run for his money on the weight-lifting. And I’m pretty sure Sanji would feed him stupid.

Right? It’s kind of a weird mashup because One Piece is just so bizarrely quirky and Voltron has its weird moments, but it is more grounded in…well. Physics, for one. But it could definitely be an interesting sort of crossover, haha. Let’s see, off the top of my head (based purely on pre-timeskip because I basically stopped reading and writing for it afterwards)…

  • Luffy: Basically immediately agrees to give Shiro a ride because that’s what Luffy does, he randomly gives people rides on his ship. Thoroughly exasperating and Shiro ends up helping to rescue him from the ocean a lot (because apparently my sink-like-a-stone RM headcanon is very wrong). Shiro is impressed by the way his leadership works and the way he can take charge when it matters and see things differently. Luffy thinks his Hero Robot Arm is hella cool. Shiro is baffled because this guy is rubber? Like, really entirely made out of rubber, and his power is stretching? But it’s way more devastating than it seems like it should be?????
  • Zoro: mostly ignores Shiro once he’s confident he’s not a threat to the crew. They do train together sometimes though since they’re both insane and do ridiculous numbers of reps at all hours of the day and night.
  • Nami: Exasperated they’ve picked up yet another stray, but Shiro seems like a decent enough sort, and he’s not completely insane like the rest of her crew. Also, he’s surprisingly good at navigation, once taught how to use a log pose? Acceptable.
  • Usopp: Disappointed Shiro never believes his stories. Admires Shiro’s strength and leadership qualities, and also the way he always manages to find some way for Usopp to help out and not feel useless. (Shiro doesn’t tell him he’s got experience dealing with an insecure sniper back in his own world). Helps with some arm maintenance sometimes.
  • Sanji: Mostly ignores Shiro at first, or gives him crap like all the other male crew members, until he realizes the guy’s eating schedule is just an absolute mess due to some of his PTSD symptoms. He doesn’t know the specifics but suddenly he’s all over making sure this guy eats right, although he’ll never admit to it and usually curses up a storm while doing so. Shiro has no idea that he’s getting almost as much priority food treatment as the girls.
    • Shiro watches the would-be cassanova and the lone wolf sword guy bickering and fighting constantly and wonders if this kind of thing exists in literally every world because what the hell.
  • Chopper: Scared of Shiro and the glowy robot arm at first but finds he’s actually really nice. He’s also very particular about making sure Shiro is taken care of since he’s a lot like Zoro in that he’ll never admit to an injury. Shocked at the number of scars this guy has but doesn’t bring it up to be polite. Shiro is a little confused by the talking, transforming reindeer at first, but hey, he’s already met shapeshifting princesses and intelligent mice, this isn’t THAT much different.
  • Robin: Respects Shiro quite a bit, and vice versa. They spend hours discussing the various histories in their worlds, and Robin helps research some world theories to see if there’s a way to get him back. They both like that neither one is immediately struck with the stigma of their title around the other. Robin doesn’t care one bit about “Champion” or what that means, and the Demon of Ohara means nothing to Shiro. It’s nice to meet somebody without that title fouling things up.
  • Franky: Is basically a godsend. The only one on the crew who is able to actually understand, maintain, and repair Shiro’s Galra arm. He’s fascinated with the technology but a little disgusted with how poorly it’s integrated. Probably makes improvements over time, with permission. Bawls for hours over “lion bro” when he realizes the prosthetic wasn’t given by choice. Shiro is frankly stunned to hear Franky’s implants were all self-made and that he modified himself willingly, but manages to learn a lot about how to use his own prosthetic from him.
  • Brook: Finds Shiro to be a pleasant enough team member. Shiro is just baffled because this guy is dead. He’s literally dead. But still walking. What the hell? What kind of weird world is this???? Why are skeletons playing violins??? Gets along with him well enough though once he gets used to it, and even learns to tune out the skull jokes.

It’s kind of weird for Shiro since he’s not really in a position as a leader but more of a temporary crew member, but it also kind of lets him relax (as well as he can when trying to find his way home). He still gets pretty viciously protective of them though because now they’re friends and they’re helping him out, so why not?

Finally saw the WTTM video and im laughing omg. This is what people are claiming to be pedophilia? How many straws are you trying to grasp here lmao
Otabek legit took his gloves off in 2 seconds. It wasn’t even sexual as y'all making it to be (both at anti and shippers). Did y'all even read the manga strip Kubo made? 👀
Sorry but I don’t see sexualization there either.
How bout this.
1) You stop sexualizing a 15 year old kid. Yeah Im calling y'all out. If you see this skate as sexual than that’s on you buddy.
2) look up the definition of pedophilia it’s not that hard Linda
3) This is more of a pet peeve but stop calling those who like the ship straight lmao. Gay AF here. Stop grouping us as a whole with shitty yaoi fangirls.
4) I saw misinformation earlier and buddy. This was planned before otayuri became ‘popular’. Take your white hands off of Kubo you fucking nasties.
5) Why can’t you just accept that westerners and easterners have different pov’s on social and moral views.
5.5) Its a 3 year age gap. Get over it. It’s the equivalent of a freshman and a senior. And if you’re whining about legal stances check out the Romeo and Juliet Law in Texas. That applies to Otayuri if they had grown up in the United States (Saying this cause I remember a moron not knowing how to use Google and entering ‘Romeo and Juliet Law’ and thought they were being a smartass).
6) If none of this convinces you and you leave YoI. 👋 Bye bitch.
And yes. I could’ve done this without the passive aggressive tone. But I’m petty and a tired Asian whose eyes can’t roll farther back oops.

This is a very short scribble reminder for myself. Including a very long text (I’m sorry about the second part. d: No, really. I am. But there is no way to make that short.)

I had a friend for years. Well, friendship might be the wrong word for what we had. I guess for her the definition “pet-dra” would have been more fitting: I was there to do what she told me to do. She made me apologise for her mistakes, made me feel guilty when she fucked up. And ignored my side of it all completely. When I said something that was against her view, I had to apologize. When she said something that offended me (and some of it was pretty brutal), I had to say sorry for getting angry.

I was some kind of entertainment thingy to make her feel better about herself. When I achieved something, she told me that it was not special. Or simply changed the topic. When she achieved anything, we chatted about it for hours.

Mind you, she was not always like that. It came gradually and I always just… went with it. Because whenever I did not, I was the bad friend and the one who did something horrible. We had long chats about what she thinks of as a good friendship, pack mentality, how you have to stand up for your friends and how they are more important than family ever could be.

And whenever we really had a fallout that should have put a definite end to this whole mess, I would eventually just cave in, allow her to blame me and go back to what it was before.

Even my mother was starting to wonder what the fuck I was thinking, when I told her that we were “ok” again. To quote her: “Again? Haven’t you been through that like… three times already?”

A few real friends have been discussing this for hours with me in the last few days. Weeks. Heck, months. They saw how I was always angry and stressed when meeting her. Sometimes it even resulted in whole breakdowns, leaving me a complete mess for days afterwards. She completely ignored my limits and went over them almost each time we met. I started to get sick by the thought of meeting her.

But instead of realizing what I was doing wrong, I just kept going with it.

We humans tend to be stupid like that. And I wanted to be a good friend.

I guess the final straw was, when she started to give me orders. Thankfully, I’m horribly bad at taking orders, otherwise I would have just done what she ordered me to do. And that was the point where the people I really see as the best people on this planet started to call it what it was: An abusive relationship. And - to use the words used in the discussions with them - toxic.

I’m not quite sure why I want to cling to something that made me that miserable for years. I guess that’s just what we humans do. We don’t want to have change, even fear change. So, we stick to the thing we know, even if it fuck us up badly.

Even now, a part of my brain tries to tell me that I’m a horrible person for ending this travesty of a friendship. That part of my brain is happily calling me a failure as friend, telling me about all the moments when I made a mess of things. And telling me that all the things were not THAT bad and that I should just ignore them, instead of what I’m doing now. But no worries, in a year at max I will realize my mistake and will go crawling back.

(thank you, asshole-part of my brain…)

That whole thing? Normal human behavior. And I’m really glad that I have actual friends who are telling me to stop this.

Now, I’m not a very smart person. I’m often making mistakes and human interactions often confuse me greatly. I’m far from perfect and I know it. But I always assumed that I know what’s good for me. And what’s not. I always thought I would not let people do such shit to me and just accept it.

And here I am, actually letting someone put me down to make herself feel better. For weeks. Months. Years. And not doing a thing, even thinking of myself as a good friend when I’m going along with it. And feeling guilty when I didn’t. To a point where I make myself physically sick.

So, if this can happen to me that easily, be aware that it can happen to you too. Observe the people around you. Don’t be afraid to change things. Change is scary, I know that. But in the end it will be better.

Real friends will accept you. Even if you fight from time to time, you’re allowed to have your own ways, your own thinking and your own opinions. I have people around me who are on the same level, who will tell me in my face when they dislike something I do. And who expect me to do the very same thing. Without having to fear that they will lash out or make you feel horrible about yourself.

Brawling Love Part 6

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing

A/N: Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was super tired and I have an earache which sucks bc I have to leave for New Mexico tomorrow. Speaking of that, I may not be able to post tomorrow or Monday but I’ll try to make up for that on Tuesday :)

Unfortunately you didn’t get to talk to Ben for the rest of the night. Steve had kept him away from you, keeping his promise to Bucky to ‘make him go away’. 

Bucky was happy. Genuinely happy. He was happy because you started talking to him again, to everyone. But he still felt bad about what he said to you only a week ago and would constantly tell you how sorry he was.

Today was just a regular day, minus Bucky continuously apologizing.



“I’m sorry.”

You roll your eyes yet again that day, entering the kitchen to grab some cookies to snack on.

“Hey guys.” you greet Natasha, Sam and Wanda who were sitting on the couch, watching some show. They all turn their heads as you duck down in the pantry, opening the carton of Oreo’s and grabbing five before standing up straight again.

“Hey there.” Wanda smiles. “What are you doing?”

“Getting cookies.” you respond, showing them your hand.

“You got anything planned today?” Sam questioned and before you could reply, Bucky answered him.

“Yes.” he spoke. “She’ll be with me the whole day.”

You scoff, a small smile playing at your lips and Sam smirks, shaking his head because he knows Bucky likes you, even if he won’t admit it.

“I’m sure she wouldn’t voluntarily spend the day with you if you two weren’t handcuffed together.” Natasha says and you chuckle.

“We’ll be in my room watching movies if any of you need us.” you say, tugging Bucky over to the elevator.

You pop an Oreo in your mouth and press your floor number before leaning against the elevator wall. Bucky looked over at you and smiled. Why did he hate you? He never had a solid reason as to why he hated you. While he was in deep thought, a voice interrupted the both of you.

“Y/N, Bucky, I need you guys to come to my lab.” Tony’s voice rings through the small space.

“Right now?” you groan.

“Yup. Hurry up.” he responds. You groan louder, causing Bucky to laugh. “Groaning will get you no where, lazy ass.”

“Alright old man, we’ll be there in a bit.” you say.

“Um, I’m not old, Bucky is.” Tony stated and Bucky frowned. You lean forward, pressing the floor in which Tony’s lab was before putting another Oreo in your mouth.

“We’re on our way, now leave us alone. You ruined the peacefulness of the elevator ride.” you say with a mouthful of cookies.

“You’re welcome.” Tony replied and you could practically see the smile on his face.

You and Bucky make your way Tony’s lab, Bucky standing abnormally close to you. He’s been doing that quite frequently but you usually brush it aside. When you enter the lab you walk over to Tony who was sitting at a table.

“What do you want?” you question, walking up to him. He turns around in his chair and sticks a key in the keyhole of the cuffs. Tony tries twisting it but it doesn’t move.

“Great.” he huffs. “I made it wrong.”

While he examines the keyhole to the cuffs, you take an Oreo and hold it up to Bucky. “Cookie?”

Bucky smiles at your gesture and takes the cookie from your hand.

“Okay,” Tony mutters. “Okay I think I got it. I think I know what I did wrong.”

“You always do something wrong.” Bucky scoffed and you chuckle when Tony gives him a death glare.

“I’m just going to pretend you didn’t say that and give you guys good news.” he says, looking through somethings before turning back to you. “I know what I did wrong so I’m going to fix it and the right key should be done within a couple of days.”

“Took you long enough.” you say and this time he glares at you.

“You two would make a perfect couple because both of you love to attack me.” Tony spoke, rolling his eyes and you go silent, feeling yourself blush slightly.

“We’re gonna leave now.” you say as you regain your composure.

“Don’t do something I wouldn’t do!” he shouts as you near the door.

“Shut up!” you respond and Bucky smiles, snatching another Oreo from your hand

You don’t know how but Bucky somehow persuaded you to go to the small cafe down the street with him. You ordered lemonade and Bucky ordered tea. He just wanted to get out of the tower for a bit.

The waitress came back with your drinks and you thanked her as she set them on the table. She also decided to slip Bucky her number on a piece of her little notepad paper which you took from his fingers and ripped up in front of her.

“He’s not interested.” you smile. “He’s with me.”

Bucky held back a laugh as the waitress walked away before looking over at you. “What? If I can’t get with anyone, neither can you.” you shrug, taking a sip of your lemonade.

“You’re unbelievable.” he chuckled, twirling his straw around in his cup.

As you two continued to talk and drink, you noticed a familiar face sitting a couple of booths away from you. “Ben?”

He lifts his head and smiles when he spots you. “Y/N hey.” he greets, walking over to you.

“I would get up and give you a hug but Bucky won’t budge.” you smile up at Ben who now stood at your table.

“No worries.” he chuckled. “I wanted to talk to you the night of the party but I got stuck in a conversation with Steve and a very drunk Tony.”

“You poor thing.” you giggle.

Ben laughed softly before speaking again. “I’ve been meaning to ask you, well, I wanted to ask you if you’d like to go out sometime. When you’re not handcuffed to James of course.” he smiled over at Bucky who’s jaw was tense.

Don’t punch him, Bucky, don’t punch him.

“I’d love-”

“She’s not interested.” Bucky gives him a tight grin. “I don’t know if you caught on yet but I’m her boyfriend and I’d appreciate it if you’d stop flirting with my girl. Thanks, you can leave now.” he waves Ben away.

Benjamin chuckled and waves to you. “I’ll see you around Y/N.”

He walks back to his table and you glare at Bucky. “What? If I can’t get with anyone, neither can you.” he repeats your words from only moments ago.

You groan and sip on your lemonade while Bucky laughs at you. “You’re cute when you’re mad.”

His eyes grow wide as his own words and your eyes do the same. “What did you just say?”

“Uh nothing, nothing it was nothing.” he rushed out.

“You think I’m cute?” you repeat with a smile and Bucky looks at his drink.

“Wow this tea is amazing, you should try it.” he tries to shift the topic as he brought his drink over to you.

“James.” you say, placing his cup on the table.


“You said I’m cute.” you grin and Bucky shakes his head.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Y/N.” he says before looking at his wrist which had no watch on it. “Wow look at the time, we should really get back to the tower, c’mon.”

He pulls you out of the cafe, drinks in hand. The whole way home you teased Bucky for calling you cute to which he kept denying.

A/N: sorry it was shit, just a little filler again.


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