what i wore to work today

20 Times Gerard Way Looked Ridiculously Good

1. When he did the impossible and made chewing look sexy.

2. When he looked perfect just sort of hanging out, all casual-like.

3. When he made bright red hair work.

4. When he went platinum and it was a good decision for everyone.

5. That time he was confused and you were like “I will guide you, Gerard.”

6. When he sang this and you wanted to reply, “Because you love me MORE today, right?”

7. That time he wore this fuzzy hat.

8. When he said what no one was thinking.

9. When you weren’t sure whether this even counted as a shirt, but that was OK.

10. When you wanted to touch his hair. A whole lot.

11. When he led the saddest, hottest marching band in all the world.

12. When he was a happy skeleton.

13. When you wanted to be that microphone.

14. Also, that time you wanted to be a Jamba Juice straw.

15. When he even looked good layin’ out on the floor.

16. When this happened.

17. When he declared himself a zombie and you were still into it.

18. When he basically looked like Valentine’s Day come to life.

19. When OH MY GOD.

20. When he kissed you farewell.

Stay golden, Gerard.

Source: BuzzFeed 

Jikook/Kookmin 170214


Seriously, I know I was late. I just got home from work. 

What did I think when I was working?

“Ah~, it’s Valentine’s Day today, it’s a special day, Jikook will probably upload something, right?” I was nervously looking forward to it.

And as soon as I turned the internet on, I was afdfdskngjgksh!!!

Not only did they upload something, they freaking wore the same jacket!

I know it’s by Hobi’s noona fashion brand, but still, couple clothes on Valentine’s Day? Really? REALLY? Is this how you guys are gonna play with us shippers, Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin?

Wow wow wow…

I’m gonna go and sob in a corner. I should be crying because I’m alone on Valentine’s Day, but no, I’m crying out of happiness because my ship is sailing too strong by itself  ㅠ.ㅠ



Pearl Panties

I was asked recently if my pearl panties had any affect on me. Up to that time, I actually had only worn them for aesthetics. They didn’t seem so comfortable. Today I wore them all day and OMG! Yes they work. I was ridiculously horny by mid-day. I couldn’t wait to get home and get some. You can find them cheap on Amazon, which is what I used, but my husband now bought me a beautiful, expensive pair I can’t wait to wear. Get your wife or gf a pair, you both will be happy you did. And yes we took pics….

I wore my Springtrap costume to work today because they were having a costume contest (though I was really the only one who dressed up at all from what I saw), and during my dinner break I ended up doodling the entire break… Resulting in Springtrap-the intern.

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Time Where You Are Now: 8:45 pm

Last Thing You Watched On TV: some kids’ competition on food network because my mom has it on

Favorite Color: blue, black, purple

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: hmmm probably cookie dough?? but i like all ice cream

What You Ate For Dinner Tonight: mcdonald’s french fries lol

What You’re Currently Wearing: the striped sweater i wore to work today and my sweatpants i’m gonna sleep in

Favorite Movie Character: oh boy it used to be jack sparrow but johnny depp ruined it :/ so now it’s probably mia toretto on fast and furious?? idk i don’t really limit myself to One Favorite of anything sooooo

Top Places To Visit On Your Bucket List: i don’t much care about seeing things, but i’d like to go to lots and lots of concerts if i had money to

Harry Potter House: hufflepuff

If You Read FanFic, Last One You Read: i have the distinct privilege of beta-ing for @nothanksweregood for her wolfpack au, so the most recent installment of that!!! (shameless plug: GO READ HER STUFF)

Favorite Sleeping Position: on my back so the skeletons don’t sneak up behind me

If You Could Instantly Teleport Yourself Anywhere Right Now: an alternate universe where i don’t have to go to work every day and can just Breathe for a single dang second

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Draw your favorite Star Wars character in what you wore today challenge.

Kylo, Maul’s going to eat you alive watch out.

I was too lazy to draw the pattern on the tie but you know wHAT I drew the fucking shoes what more could you really ask for.

Plus! Bonus Hux!!

My Chemical Romance 3/22/17

Today is March 22, and I know a lot of people will be crying, but I won’t be. I’m not sad that it’s over, I’m happy that it happened and that I got to live through it. My Chemical Romance made me feel less like I was alone in what I was going through and their music still does to this day. They taught me how to love myself and told me that everything would work out in the end. Today, I wore full black, thickened my eyeliner and broke out that new pair of skinny jeans that I had just bought, and even though I knew people were going to be taken aback by, I still went through the day smiling at everyone I saw. o. 

It’s been 4 years now, and we’ve still continued following them. We can’t ever forget the heroes that came along, and then saved us from getting destroyed. Thank you Gerard, Ray, Frank and Mikey for coming along. Thank you for this. Thank you for an idea that brought us, and still continues to bring, brightness in our lives. We’ll never forget you and your memory will carry on. Thank you Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, and yes, even Bob…

Keep Running, Killjoys

I see things that nobody else sees.


Day in, day out, he was doing it again. The overworking, that is.

After some heavy persuasion from Kuroyanagi, Sylvan finally took a day off. He wasn’t wearing the usual fancy clothes he would at work, because if he did, all the fangirls would swarm him. What he wore today was startlingly casual—blazer, buttoned-up shirt underneath and trousers with not-so shiny shoes rather than boots. His long, blond hair was tied into a loose braid, and he didn’t wear a mask, either. It was just his normal face, exposed to the world. He found it funny how well he fit in with everyone else, once all the glitz and glamour was gone.

And so he sat at a table in a coffee shop, minding his own business, sipping the tea he’d ordered. Yes, he’d been here a few hours, but being out here was a good change of pace. Maybe Kuroyanagi was right to tell him to take a day off, after all…

As he took another sip of tea, he noticed someone nearby. Placing his cup of tea on the table, he looked to the person nearby, watching. 

“Do you need any help…?”

Two towers fall and a country is terrified for a few years.
Two towers fall
And an entire peoples are crippled for the rest of their life.
“Never forget,” they say.
How could I even dare to erase it from my mind?

On the day after the September 11th attacks
I felt America turn her back on me.
My parents told me things wouldn’t be the same,
That we might not be safe,
I was seven wondering why they kept playing the same scene
From an action movie on the television all week.

On September 12th, 2001
My dad cancelled 3 business meetings,
My mother didn’t go to work, never wore the hijab in public again
For the first time in my entire life, my grandmother did not go out to water the plants.
The officer at my elementary school says “Today you can’t come inside,”
If I knew what was happening them I would scream
“I have crayons in my bag, not bombs!”

I sat on the curb across from my school
Waited for the day to end,
Too ashamed to tell my parents to pick me up.

I didn’t understand, and I still don’t,
The dirty looks I get when I cross below the Mason-Dixon
How my family has, without fail,
Always been ‘randomly selected’ at airports.

My father changed his name for an entire year,
A name he once prided and cherished,
Because it got him on the no-fly list.
My mother cried on the phone
Trying to find a window repairman after the first brick.
My brother and I spent nights with my grandmother
Consoling her that she didn’t make the wrong decision coming to this country.

I can remember the kids at school asking about
‘Uncle Saddam.” Saying I smelled like a terrorist,
I remember begging my mom not to cook cultural dishes anymore.
My friend changed his name from ‘Osama’ to ‘Wali,’
His last name from ‘Hussein’ to ‘Badar’
Because they threatened to kill him and his family.
We prayed in classrooms in the corner edges of the school,
While Young Life had their annual fundraiser in the cafeteria.
They asked us where our turbans were,
If our parents drove camels.

We wanted to hate them,
We only ended up hating ourselves.
I have spent 21 years feeling like a villain in this skin I didn’t choose
For a religion I no longer practice
Watching my family, and my people,
Suffer for atrocities they would never commit.

Stop telling me to never forget,
Because I never fucking will.

—  “ 9/12/01″ - Nishat Ahmed

This was a hard poem to write.

Here is yesterdays look, finally the weather is so good that I can wear my jeans rolled up. Don’t understand how I survived last winter rolling my jeans up lol, that was crazy though. Yesterdays look was definitely a favourite, all black never goes wrong and it’s also what I feel the most confident in lately. Wore my round sunglasses, to add some colour to my outfit. Also a good accessory when you are in a time crunch and want a good photo on the first shoot. I always find that it’s my different expressions in my eyes that messes up my photos at times. Which I also did today, for my outfit photos. Will show you guys tomorrow. Deuces, trying to figure out if I should work out or see Game Of Thrones?! hard decision to make lmao.


This is what I wore to go apply for that full time job I mentioned, and they interviewed me on the spot. Not only that, but 6 hours later they called me, and


I’ll be sitting in an unairconditioned warehouse (in FL, in summer (well, all year, but it’s always summer here)) cleaning refurbished business phones, but it’s full time! Starting tomorrow I work Monday- Friday 9am-430pm! I get paid every friday, and in 2 or 3 weeks should be able to finally get a gym membership!!!

On top of that, I checked my weight today and finally broke the 15lbs lost mark! I’m not doing an official weigh in yet, cause it could change by wednesday, but I’ve been eating better and now I’m even more motivated to try harder.

So. @malachi-is-shiny, @mybigfatfitlife, @afoodiepatootie, @chocolate-and-peanutbutter, @dragonfli17, @fitchris25, @fatgirlgetsfitatlast, @stephfitblr, @suckkitupbuttercup, @theunstuffedpepper, @thewildtabbycat, @vsg-queendiet, @wavesoflife13, @workingfor140 I NEED YOUR HELP!

I haven’t packed a healthy lunch ever in my life. Setiously, I haven’t. I’ve been browsing pinterest for ideas, but most look gross with yucky things like nuts and cranberries and vegetables. I like fruit, mostly, and turkey, and chicken, and I can make sausage pinwheels, but other than that I have no idea what to do about lunches.

Any suggestions are appreciated!!!

At least the break room has AC.

Love ya guys!

~ Kerry

Today I wore decora for the first time! I’ve been a fan for years but never had money/time to start, but the time has finally come! I wore it a bit casual in the maid cafe I work in (cherry pie maid cafe) which was a great way to start. I got a lot of nice reactions from the other maids and costumers, so I’m thrilled to start working on outfits and stuff :D which will of course have a whole lot more accessories and fun colors ^^