what i wish my morning looked like

Making up Altean shapshifting disorders

•Altean lance who doesn’t know he’s altean
•Altean lance who ran away to earth and hid who he was for so long that he forgets who he really is
•Altean lance who, once he finds out who he was, has a hard time transforming back
•its been so long
•how is he supposed to rember what he looked like
•altean lance who cant keep his shapshifting under control after realesing his human form
• he kept himeslf looking human for so long that he kinda… broke
•"haha mama always said ‘if u keep making faces one of these days they are gonna stick’ i guess she was right…“
•now he cant keep himself together
-somedays he has white hair
-somedays its brown
-some times his ears are pointy
-sometimes one ear will be pointy the other will look round
- "altean” lance’s eyes and “human” lance’s eyes are both blue
- but altean lance’s eyes are so bright they seem to glow
-while human lance’s eyes are so dark they look like an extension of his pupils
-sometimes only one of his eyes will change and it is DISORIENTING for anyone looking at him
-but also… mesmerizing
•Altean Lance who’s looks change with his mood
•altean lance looking in the mirror and being confused every morning by what he see’s.

Sweater Weather

Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 2.2k

Request: Can you do an imagine where Jughead breaks up with the reader and she doesn’t go  to school for a couple of days and when she returns she’s a mess wearing joggers and something of Jugheads.

Warnings: none/fluff/possible swearing

Summary: Based on the Neighbourhood Sweater Weather, Jughead breaks the readers heart, she’s a mess and when he sees what he’s done he realises it was a mistake.

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Face the Music

Prompt: If your requests are open, could you write a oneshot were batsis,who’s between Tim and Damian’s age or is Damian’s twin sister, is constantly ignored, like they don’t mean to but she’s just kind of invisible to/overshadowed by the batfam, so she decides on staying with the superfam over summer to help at the Kent Farm (Of course Alfred knows but he doesn’t tell) and the batfam doesn’t notice till like a month in that batsis isn’t at Wayne Manor and they’re trying to find her and such.


Being the granddaughter of the Demon Head isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Being Damian’s twin sister is even worse.


“Not now, Y/N”

Your father keeps his back turned and continues to talk to Damian. “Dad, I just …”

“I said not now!”

Damian’s lip curls slightly when he glances at you, “Leave now, Y/N. Father and I are discussing the Mission, which you are not a part of”

You flinch, and quickly leave the cave. “Alfred?”

“In the study, Miss Y/N. Were you able to talk to your father?”

“No, he was busy with Dami, he didn’t have time to talk to me”

Alfred sighs quietly, “You cannot allow the men of this house to ignore you, Miss Y/N”

“I try Alfred! I try to get their attention! But I’m just not good enough! I’m not part of the Mission so I don’t warrant any attention!”

Gentle hands draw you into a brief hug, “You do not need your fathers permission, this time. I will allow you to go to the Kent farm for the summer. Who will be there?”

“Kon, Clark, and Clarks mom, Martha. I’m gonna be helping out around the farm”

“Very well. As long as you promise to write to me at least once a week.”

That forces a chuckle out of you, “This isn’t the old times, Alfie. I can just call you”

“Perhaps I enjoy receiving letters, Miss Y/N”

“Alright, alright, I’ll do both. You’ll keep me updated on the boys?”

“Of course. Now” Alfred gently nudges you toward the door, “It is time for you to pack. I received a call from Mister Kent, he will be here in three hours to pick you up”

“Thanks, Alfred!”

You and Clark land in front of the Kent farm, Kon landing behind you. “Why is this bag so heavy?!”

Rolling your eyes you turn and take the duffel bag from your friend, “Stop whining! You have super strength, and the bag isn’t that heavy! It just has cloths in it!”

“Clark? Is that you?”

“Yeah, Ma! I brought Conner and Y/N with me!”

Martha Kent quickly steps out to the front porch, “Well don’t just stand there come give your mother a hug!” Clark smiles, quickly giving Martha a hug, Kon is next, and the, surprisingly, Marth wraps her arms around you. For a split second, you panic, not having receive a hug from anyone but Alfred in a long time.  “It’s so nice to meet you, Y/N! I hope you enjoy staying with us. Come on now, I’ve made pie”

Clank stands beside Conner, “They ignore her you know, the Bats. She didn’t even tell them she was leaving. The poor kids touch-starved and she doesn’t even realize it”

Conner nods, “I know, but Grandma will fix that. The two of us will just have to make sure that she has the best summer possible”

“Yeah, we will”

“Pennyworth, who were you talking to?”

“No one, Master Damian, just a family member of mine”

Damian’s eyes narrow but decides to let the subject go, “Father would like to know if you have seen Y/N. Todd asked where she was, and Father has not seen her”

“I can’t say that I have, Master Damian. I have not seen her in quite a while”

Damian hums, “Very well, I will tell father and Todd”

Almost an hour later Jason comes up from the Cave. “Alfred, Damian says that you haven’t seen Y/N? How long has it been?”

“Quite a while, Master Jason. Come to think of it, I cannot quite remember the last time I saw Miss Y/N”

“Damn, well I’m gonna try her phone again. If you see her, will you let her know I need to talk to her?”

“Of course”

“Thanks, Alfie”

Once Jason leaves, Alfred picks up the phone and calls Y/N. After a month and a half the rest of her family has finally notice that she wasn’t in the Manor.

“I don’t know, Kon. I’ve never ridden a horse before, what if I fall off?”

Conner chuckles, gently picking you up and putting you on the back of the horse, “If you fall, I’ll catch you. You don’t have to worry about falling, Blueberry’s really smooth”

“Alright, as long as you stay with me”

A gentle hand steadies you in the saddle, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you”

Once the two of you get going, and you learn how to balance on the horse, the ride is surprisingly easy. The two of you make a loop around the farm, just taking in the open land. By the time you get back to the farm house the sun is starting to disappear behind the horizon.

“It’s so peaceful here, I wish I didn’t have to leave”

“You can come back whenever you want, you know. Grandma already said that you’re welcome whenever.”

Before you can respond, Clark steps into the barn. “Alfred called while you were on your ride. He said your father has finally noticed that you aren’t in the Manor. Jason actually noticed you missing first.”

“I’m not missing, I tried to tell Dad where I was going, but he was too busy to listen”

“Well, you might want to call him and tell him you’re fine, because he just sent out an emergency alert to all members of the Justice League.”


Clark runs a nervous hand through his hair, “Batman called a meeting, all of the original members of the Justice League are gonna be there. I think you should call him, let him know that you’re safe, and tell him to call off the search”

You’re shaking, everything seems like it’s too much as this point, “He can’t be bothered with me when I’m at the Manor. Clark I’ve been gone for a month and a half, almost two months at this point, and they are just now noticing that I’m gone. I’m so done right now. I’m not calling him, I’m not calling any of them. You can tell my father where I am when you have your meeting, but he won’t be hearing anything from me”

“You know that I have to tell him, right?”

“You really don’t, Kal” Conner throws an arm around your shoulders, drawing you close, “She’s right, they didn’t even notice that she was gone. Y/N can just live here, with me and Grandma, somewhere she’ll have people who care about her”

“Kon, you know that’s not the right thing to do …”

“IT’S NOT RIGHT HOW THEY TREAT HER!!” Conner visibly pulls back, reigning in his anger, “It’s not right how they ignore her, it’s practically child neglect.”

“I know, but now she can come here. Now she has us to look after her. She’s always welcome in either of our apartments.”

“Thank you guys. You – you don’t know how much this means to me. But, Clark’s right, he has to tell my father that I’m safe. You should probably head to your meeting now, I’m gonna enjoy the rest of today with Conner”

Clark nods, pulling you into a tight hug before he flies away.

“What if we run away together. We can find some remote island, I can fly back and forth to the main land for supplies. It could just be the two of us, and anyone else we decided to tell”

You and Conner are laying on the roof of the barn, watching the stars. You never knew how many of them there are, the Gotham smog tends to block out all starlight.

“An island, huh? I don’t really think I’d want to live on an island, too many sharks in the ocean. How about we live in the mountains.”

“That could work!”

“I’m kidding! I can’t just run away forever. Dad wouldn’t stop looking for me, and then he’d pull out the kryptonite just to he could beat the crap out of you!”

Connor pauses mid-laugh, “Clark’s on his way back. Bruce will be here in the morning, he had to take care of something in Gotham tonight”

“Of course he did. The Mission is more important than anything” Clark lands quietly beside you, still wearing the Superman suit, “So, how did your meeting go?”

“Bruce was angry. Apparently, Alfred refused to tell him anything, and at first so did I. Eventually I told him that you were somewhere safe. He managed to deduce that you were here. He said that he’ll …”

“Be here tomorrow morning, yeah, I know.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N”

“It’s not your fault, Clark. Like I said before, nothing comes before the Mission, not even his own children”

“Come down to the house, Ma made apple pie”

“Alright, it’s probably the last time I’ll ever have it. Dad will probably lock me in the Manor and then forget about me”

“We won’t let that happen, I promise”

“What are you gonna do, Conner? Break into Batman’s house, and kidnap me?”

Conner’s eyes briefly flash red, “If I have to, that’s exactly what I’ll do”

The next morning comes too soon. You know that your father is going to be angry, that he’s probably going to lock you in the Manor, and that your twin is going to be pissed that he had to look for you.

“I could hide you in the barn, you know.”

You roll your eyes, “I’m not hiding in a barn from my own father, I just wish that I could stay out here. It’s so … quiet compared to Gotham. There’s no villains, no vigilantes, no galas, nothing like that. Everything just seems simpler out here”

“I know what you mean. It’s nice to have a sanctuary. Clark has his Fortress of Solitude, and I mean I could go there too, but I like it better here.”

“I understand. Did Clark say what time Dad would be here?”

“No” Connor takes a huge bite of her cereal, pointing the now empty spoon at you, “He hasn’t tried to call you?”

“He can’t, remember, my phone slid off the roof, I haven’t exactly had time to get another one!”

“Oh yeah” He pauses, tilting his head toward the door. “Clark said that your dad is about 50 miles away, so he should be here in the next half hour”

“Yeah, I assumed he would be here early”

“There’s still enough time, we can make a break for it …”

You just roll your eyes, going into the kitchen to help Mrs. Kent clean up from breakfast. Exactly twenty-two minutes later Connor comes to get you. The jet is less than a mile away, and Clark said that it would be best if you were already waiting on the porch. The jet comes into view a minute later. Taking a deep breath, you square your shoulders an raise your chin, it’s finally time to face the music.

Jason is actually the first one out of the jet. He sprints up the porch steps and wraps you tightly in his arms.

“Don’t you ever do something like that again, you hear me?” He’s trembling, fine tremors wrack his whole body, “I thought something had happened to you. I’m gone for 3 months and you go missing, no one’s heard from you, no leads, nothing, you just aren’t there anymore”

Jason was the only one in your family, other than Alfred, who didn’t ignore you. He was constantly stealing you away from the Manor just to spend time with you, but sometimes he would go on missions that lasted between three to six months. Half the time he wouldn’t be able to contact you at all, and your father refused to tell you anything.

“I left a note for you …”

“Yeah, and all it said was that you were leaving for a while. That doesn’t help me, short stack! You scared the shit out of me!”

“Sorry, Jay. I kinda expected to be back before you came home”

“I asked B to wait in the jet until I talked to you. He’s pissed, Y/N. He flipped his shit when he realized you’d left. How long have you been gone, kid? Obviously, a while, you’re a hell of a lot tanner than when I last saw you”

“I’ve been here for almost two months as this point.”

Jason’s eyes widen, one hand running through his hair, “Two months … You’ve been gone for two goddamn months, and your own father didn’t fucking notice?!?!?”

“Um, yeah” You scratch the back of your head nervously, “I left with Conner and Clark on June 16th, and its August 3rd now”

“I’m gonna kill him”

“Don’t do that! You promised me no more killing unless absolutely necessary!”

“This is necessary!”

Mrs. Kent opens the front door, still drying her hands on a dish towel, “What’s all this ruckus out here? Clark! Where are your manors? Invite these nice people in for some snacks”

“Ma, I don’t …”

“Clark Kent, I know I raised you with manors”

“Yes, ma’am. Y/N, I’ll get Bruce and Damian from the Jet, why don’t you, Jason, and Conner head inside”

“Thanks, Clark”

Being stared down by your father and twin brother is extremely awkward, especially when they aren’t saying anything. It isn’t until after the snacks are cleared away, and everyone has once again moved out to the porch that they say something.

“Are you going to return to Gotham with us, sister? Or are you going to continue to run away and waste our time?”

“I didn’t run away, Damian!”

“tt” Damian rolls his eyes, mouth set in an almost permanent sneer, “You do not tell anyone where you are going, refuse to answer your phone, refuse to come home of your own violation … need I go on?”

“I tried to tell you and father! You two were too busy to listen to me! I told Alfred where I was going, and if anything happened I was living in the same house as two Super’s!”

Your father finally steps forward, getting in between you and your twin, “What you did was irresponsible and selfish, Y/N. What if the city needed me while I was out searching for you? People could have died because of your actions. Do you know what it’s like to have to worry about someone who …?”

Tears sting your eyes, “Go ahead! What were you going to say? Someone who can’t defend themselves? Someone who’s a disappointment? Someone who will never be the daughter you wanted? Someone who refuses to be ignored any longer?!” You take a deep shuddering breath, finally meeting your father’s eyes, “Then why did you come? Why did you come if I’m so terrible to have around?”

Bruce reaches out, tries to touch your shoulder, but you quickly evade, “Y/N …”

“No, you listen. I’ve been gone for two months! Two whole months, and you weren’t even the one to notice that I was gone! Jason noticed before you did, dad!” More tears slid down your cheeks, “Do you know what it’s like to be ignored like this? To be so easily forgotten? Dad, do you know why I was allowed to live?” Bruce shakes his head, “I was meant to die shortly after Damian and I moved in with you. Mother had orchestrated my death, it was meant to bring you closer to her, out of shared parental grief. I’m not sure why I didn’t die, but sometimes … sometimes I wish I did!!”

“Kid …”

It’s like all the fight’s drained out of you, and now you’re just tired, “It’s okay, Jason. I won’t argue anymore, I’ll go back to the Manor. I won’t leave anytime soon, it’ll be just like before”

“Y/N, don’t …”

You turn, facing Conner, “Thank you, for everything this summer. It was really nice to spend time with you, and I really hope that we can stay friends”

Conner envelopes you in a huge hug, squeezing you tightly to his chest, “Of course we can, we’ll be friends forever now.”


“I’m coming father, I won’t keep you from Gotham any longer, just let me grab my bag”

“Sister …”

“Don’t start your shit, Damian. Being your twin sister has been hell, and right now I can’t take any of your insults”

Damian looks taken aback by your hostility, “I only wanted to say that I am sorry for how I treated you in the past, and I hope you know that … I will protect you if Mother ever tries to hurt you”

You let out an exhausted sigh, “Yeah, you’ll protect me, if you even notice me. I’ll be back in a minute, I need to pack”

Once Y/N is gone Jason, Conner, and Clark turn to face Bruce and Damian.

“You see what you’ve done now, Bruce? You see what I’ve been trying to tell you for years? Do you even know that girl? She’s been with you for six years now, she’s your daughter, and you don’t even know what her favorite color is!”

Bruce straightens, “I understand that I haven’t been very present in her life …”

“I’m gonna stop you there, Mr. Wayne. I understand that you’re Batman, that you protect Gotham from the bad guys, but did you ever think of how much damage you have done to that girl upstairs. Y/N is … she’s amazing, probably one of the most kind hearted and forgiving girls that I have ever met, and you’ve hurt her. You have made her feel worthless, like she doesn’t deserve attention, and I’ve been working for two months now to fix that.” Conner straightens his shoulders, “I’ll be visiting her a lot, just to make sure that you don’t undo what I’ve accomplished. You have a really special girl, Mr. Wayne, I’d hate to see you lose her forever.” Then the teenager turns and walks into the house.

“He’s right, Bruce”

“I know he’s right, Clark! I know I’ve messed up! I don’t need everyone here to tell me that”

Clark opens his mouth, but Jason beats him to it, “Then what are you going to do about it!? You can bitch that you know how terrible of a father you are, but what are you going to do to fix it? Because don’t think for once second that I won’t take her away from you. Conner and I won’t let you neglect her anymore. What you’ve been doing is considered child neglect, you’re just lucky that she’s old enough to take care of herself or she might be dead by now from your carelessness.”

“I’ll change, Jason, Clark. I’ll change for her, I’ll pay more attention, I’ll listen to her, I’ll go to counseling with her, I’ll go to parent classes if I have to! I didn’t realize …” Bruce breaks off when his voice cracks, his hands tremble, “I’ll be a good father, I promise”

Damian places one hand on his father’s shoulder, “I believe that we both have made mistakes, Father, and that we both have quite a long way to go until we gain Y/N’s trust back”

“We’ll do everything in our power to make this up to her. I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten” Everyone outside can hear Y/N and Conner coming down the stairs, “We have a long way to go to make it up to her, to prove that we care for her.” Bruce squares his shoulders, “We have to own up to what we’ve done, it’s time to face the music.”

I swear to every heaven ever imagined,
if I hear one more dead-eyed hipster
tell me that art is dead, I will personally summon Shakespeare
from the grave so he can tell them every reason
why he wishes he were born in a time where
he could have a damn Gmail account.
The day after I taught my mother
how to send pictures over Iphone she texted
me a blurry image of our cocker spaniel ten times in a row.
Don’t you dare try to tell me that that is not beautiful.
But whatever, go ahead and choose to stay in
your backwards-hoping-all-inclusive club
while the rest of us fall in love over Skype.
Send angry letters to state representatives,
as we record the years first sunrise so
we can remember what beginning feels like when
we are inches away from the trigger.
Lock yourself away in your Antoinette castle
while we eat cake and tweet to the whole universe that we did.
Hashtag you’re a pretentious ass hole.
Van Gogh would have taken 20 selflies a day.
Sylvia Plath would have texted her lovers
nothing but heart eyed emojis when she ran out of words.
Andy Warhol would have had the worlds weirdest Vine account,
and we all would have checked it every morning while we
Snap Chat our coffee orders to the people
we wish were pressed against our lips instead of lattes.
This life is spilling over with 85 year olds
rewatching JFK’s assassination and
7 year olds teaching themselves guitar over Youtube videos.
Never again do I have to be afraid of forgetting
what my fathers voice sounds like.
No longer must we sneak into our families phonebook
to look up an eating disorder hotline for our best friend.
No more must I wonder what people in Australia sound like
or how grasshoppers procreate.
I will gleefully continue to take pictures of tulips
in public parks on my cellphone
and you will continue to scoff and that is okay.
But I hope, I pray, that one day you will realize how blessed
you are to be alive in a moment where you can google search
how to say I love you in 164 different languages.
Is That What You Think?

A/N: I know I haven’t written in a while. I wanted to give myself a chance to get back into the routine of school, also I’ve had some pretty bad writers block. Anyway, I’ve had my nose in books all week, going through at least four books in five days. This is an idea that was sparked so let’s see how this goes. 

I hated this night already. 

For starters I was in this super tight black dress that, in my opinion, made me look fat. It was so tight that I couldn’t breathe. 

I was just feeling really insecure at the moment. 

I’d rather stay home in my sweats and a tank top and read one of the new young love novels I bought earlier in the week. 

But Shawn had asked and practically begged I join him at this party for his new single. I only agreed to shut him up. At the time, it sounded fun, not so much anymore. 

Let’s just say I’m not in the best head space. He doesn’t know it but while he was in the shower I couldn’t help but look through some of the comments on a few posts that he made about us. 

It wasn’t good, and I was starting to believe his fans a bit. 

But I put on a fake smile and slipped on on my nude pumps before walking out the door. 

The thing that was making my thoughts worse, was the fact that Shawn hasn’t said like almost anything to me all night, and he isn’t holding my hand like he usually does when he ride in the car. 

I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just stared out the window, trying not to look out of it. But in all honesty I just wanted to go back home, and have some ice cream. 

“We’re here guys.” Andrew says looking up from his phone. “Are you guys okay?” He says noticing my gaze. Shawn looks over at me confused and I tried to hide my look but I didn’t get to it in time. 

He caught my look.

“Can you give us a second?” He looked over at Andrew then back at me. 

“Sure thing.” He smiled. I watched as Andrew got out and I sighed waiting for Shawn to speak up. 

“Baby are you okay?” He asked concerned.

“Yeah, why?” Lies. 

“You look off, you didn’t speak the whole ride. Is there something going on?” 

“Nothing important.” I nod. I can feel my throat get tight, I wanted to cry honestly. But I swallowed and nodded again making that feeling go away.

“Okay.” He said opening the door. He got out and offered me his hand, I took it and prayed he wouldn’t notice my shaking hand. I got out and looked up at me and he looked more worried than before. I placed a tight smile on my face and walked towards the entrance

Shawn was pulled away to take pictures and I stood off to the side waiting on him to return. I was trying to control my thoughts and my breathing but that all shattered when I looked over to see her all over him. I looked down and the feeling of tears stung my eyes again. 

I needed a drink to get through this night. 

On my way to the bar I ran into Matt. 

“Hey Y/n” He smiled at me. 

“Hey Matt.” It was forced.

“You okay?” He asks looking over my shoulder and spotting Shawn. “Ooo, yikes. How are you doing?” He asked with a sad look on his face. 

“Is it normal to be this jealous?” I asked feeling my self worth change to anger. 

“Yeah, I mean if I had a girl and someone was all over her like that, I wouldn’t let go of her all night.” He mumbled.

That made me feel a lot better, not! How was I supposed to sit her and watch her practically making out with him in front of all the tabloids and interviewers. I stifled another set of tears and cleared my throat. 

“I’m going to the bathroom.” I said abruptly.

“Y/n” Matt calls, I turn to look at him. “He loves you.” He nods. I frown and meet his gaze.

“You sure?” I ask looking back at Shawn. The smile on his face says it all. He enjoys it. He enjoys her. I don’t even bother looking back at Matt. I head straight for the bathroom and huff once I make it there. 

I stare at myself in the mirror and let the tears fall. I can’t hold it together anymore. Who am I? Two years ago I would punch myself in the face if I were standing in a bathroom crying over some guy.

The difference here is it’s not some guy.

It’s Shawn. 

My guy, but with another girl.

My guy, but with millions of fans that think I’m not good enough for him. Not pretty enough for him. Not skinny enough for him. Not enough for him. 

I let those words replay over and over. It finally sinks in.

Are they right?

A girl walks in and stops when she sees me.

“Hey, you’re Shawns girl right?” She asks smiling. I wipe my tears and clear my throat.

“Um yeah.” I stutter, is that even a truthful answer.

“Awe honey whats wrong?” She asks concerned.

“Um nothing, sorry.” I say wiping my face.

“Don’t be sorry. I’ll give you some privacy.” She says walking out. I silently thank her and can’t help but let my tears fall. 

But then the unexpected happens. 

Someone bursts threw the door. 


“Y/n?” He asks desperately meeting my gaze. “Baby? What happened? Are you okay? Why are you crying?” 

“I’m okay.” I say wiping my tears and taking a look in the mirror. 

I look awful, red swollen eyes, flushed face. 

“Honey? What’s wrong?”

“Am I enough?” I blurt out looking at him. His face contorts to confusion. 

“What?” He asks. I sigh. 

“Am I enough?” I ask again.

“Enough for what?”

“You?” I drop my gaze. He stops and freezes next to me. 

“What?” He says softly. 

“Stop playing dumb Shawn, answer the damn question.” I snap. 

“Where is this coming from?”

“You stopped holding my hand, and sneaking peeks in the morning. I started reading comments. I’m insecure. I think that I am not pretty enough for you, or skinny enough. I have an ugly smile and thick thighs. You deserve her, out there. That’s who you should be with, someone that can look good attached to your arm, and make you the perfect it couple. You deserve someone that’s not me.” I say as more tears fall. 

He takes a step forwards pulling me into his embrace. 

“Is that what you think?” He asks hurt. I just nod. “Baby that is so not true. Are you kidding? You are the most beautiful gorgeous women in the world. You have the most amazing smile, I do whatever I can to make you smile. Your body is amazing, it’s a wonderland.” He smirks earning a small smile from me. “You are the person I want attached to my arm, you make me look like I won the fucking lottery. You are so amazing and beautiful and pretty and hot.” He smiles at me. 

“Shawn.” I sigh. 

“Stop, I hate that you think that way. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. But since you can’t, then I guess I’ll just have to say it more often. And I don’t know what you’re talking about. I snuck a peek at you this morning while you were getting ready. You were dancing around to Puth. You were singing Suffer. You were only wearing my shirt and it was hanging off your right shoulder, teasing me. And I held your hand when we got here, although I much rather would have held your ass.” He smirked, his eyes becoming dark. 

I blushed and smiled.

“So as much as you read comments because I know you do, and as much as you hate to believe that I am right. I love you with all my heart, and that pathetic girl out there, hugging on my to get attention from the world is not you. I don’t want her. I want someone who makes me laugh at three in the morning. I want someone who wakes up in the middle of the night to get a snack. I want someone who will pretend to watch Harry Potter. I want someone who dances around my bathroom in my shirt singing Puth with her hair in a messy bun. I want to wake up to your beautiful eyes every morning. I want you, Y/n. I want you.” He says serious this time. 

“I want you too.” I smile at him.

“I also want to never again have Matt tell me, ‘Hey Y/n went to the bathroom upset.’ and then some lady I’ve never seen before walk up to me and go, ‘Hey there, your girl is in the bathroom crying.’” He said, a frown appearing on his face. “I don’t want you to ever feel so bad that you have to hide in a bathroom a cry, without me. Tell me next time baby, we wouldn’t even have come if you just would have told me what was going on.” 

“I’m sorry, I thought I could toughen through. But watching you and her.” I was starting to get worked up again.

“Hey hey hey.” He grabbed my hand. “That’s a wrong way to say I love you.” He smiles. 

“I love you too.” I smile back at him.  

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a blurb with Niall and his gf or girl he is seeing the morning after they were out and it's the first time anyone has found about them? (Kinda like Niall & Celine) and she's upset and how he reacts! Thank you xx



She’s not good enough for him.

What’s he see in her?  She’s not even that pretty.

I heard she’s a real bitch.  

She keeps trying to make them happen.  When will she accept that they aren’t going to happen?

Look at Niall’s face, he clearly doesn’t wanna be there.

Pfffft.  Don’t worry y’all.  This is clearly a PR stunt.  Niall’s new CD is coming out.  She’s nothing.

Thank God.  I never imagined Niall would choose someone like her.


I wish I’d never looked at Instagram this morning.  I don’t know what on earth possessed my sister to post a picture of Niall and I kissing on her Instagram last night.  It was her engagement party, why she wanted the spotlight on anyone else but her was beyond me.  But there it was in screaming color.  Niall and I holding onto each other, almost fused to each other while we shared a quick, private kiss on the dance floor.  

The picture was nice actually.  An intimate moment I probably would have put in a frame and kept by my bed for those nights when he was gone.  But now?  I wanted that picture to disappear.  

Word travels fast.  And in the One Direction fandom, it travels at twice the speed of light.  My sister posted the picture seven hours ago and there were already 3,281 comments on it.  I didn’t realize people could even type that fast.  Some of these girls wrote entire dissertations on why it is I was completely wrong for the boy I’d been dating for the past seven months.  

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The Way You Are

Request: I was wondering if i could request a bucky x reader where the reader has a facination with buckys metal arm & is always playing with his metal fingers when they cuddle but buckys insecure about his arm so reader is really reassuring? If so ty in adv!

Summary: Reader is always staring at Bucky’s arm.. He thinks she’s afraid. She knows she’s fascinated. 

Bucky Barnes X Reader 

Word Count: 1362

A/N: I hope this is okay!! I’ve read a bunch like this, so I wanted to try and make it a little different!! Hopefully it’s not terrible xoxo (I know, I suck at summaries AND titles..)

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nachtkniver  asked:

Hiiii, can you do a headcanon with the rfa and mc on their wedding night? Thank you!

Heya! Hope you like it! ^^

RFA on wedding night


  • He’s an actor, he knows how to stay calm before a big debut
  • But no musical he ever started made him feel that nervous. He feels like sweating, but he can’t sweat or it will ruin his make-up.
  • He noticed Seven and Jumin whispering about something looking concerned, what were those two up to?
  • They managed to distract him, but Yoosung entered the room. “Seven, did you already delete the photo of MC? Oh, Zen! I didn’t know you would be here…” “Usually, the broom room is reserved for the broom, Yoosung.” Jumin explained calmly, but it was very perceptive that he wasn’t pleased.
  • “What are you talking about? What photo of MC?” Zen got back to his nervous state. “I don’t think is worthy trying to hide from him anymore, some paparazzi took a photo of MC in her bride dress.” “But don’t worry, I’m already on it, Zen, there’s nothing to worry ab…”
  • “What’s wrong with these people? Seriously, they have absolutely no respect or consideration for such a sacred moment! MC doesn’t deserve this!” Zen ignored Seven and kept on yelling about boundaries and the difference between public and private, then he stopped when he heard a sweet voice coming from outside the room, through the door.
  • “Zen? Are you ok, honey?” it was you. Oh god! He was yelling that loud that you heard from your room? “I-I’m okay, babe. Do-don’t worry…” “Zen, you’re a great actor, but you know I can tell when you’re lying, right?”
  • He took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, MC. I’m just pissed at the press! They can’t do that to you! If they can’t respect me, they should at least respect the woman of my life!” “Zen, it’s fine…” “No, it’s not fine, MC! Will it be like this forever? Every step we take is going to be followed around by these vultures? I… what if I can handle this?”
  • “Zen… I’m coming in!” “No, no, you can’t! It’s bad luck, babe!” “Bad luck would be you not seeing what everybody already saw, it’s okay… our love is stronger than any silly superstition…”
  • You came in and took Zen’s breath away, did he die and went to heaven? You looked like an angel… “Babe… you… you are…” you giggled and cupped his face with your hand. “You don’t have to handle anything by yourself from now on, Hyun. I’ll be here for you, no matter what, okay? Let them talk, everything will be ok as long as we’re together.”
  • All his anger from before was fading away, he was still amazed about your power of making everything that was wrong just… disappear. “So, I have a surprise for you” you told him “There’s something nobody saw it yet, you’ll be the first one…”
  •  “Oh, let’s… let’s give them some privacy, guys…” Seven said blushing and moving Jumin and Yoosung out of the room, you rolled your eyes. “It’s nothing naughty! I just… wanted to show you my vows…” “Oh, babe, you don’t have to!” “No, just read it! I… memorized this, so maybe it’ll feel different when you actually hear me there?”
  • It actually felt different when you were in the aisle, professing your love for him, the words were the same, but seeing you say it, your eyes tearing up, was a whole new experience. And in that moment, among all those flashes from all those cameras and all those people, all he could see was you, and it would be like that from now on.


  • He was unrecognizable, everybody was expecting a sweaty stuttering mess, he was just sitting there, quiet… staring at the wall.
  • “There’s something really wrong, dude!” Seven stated. “What are you talking about? He looks great!” Zen shrugged.
  • “Hey, Yoosung? Do you want anything? Some water, breathmints, a roofie?” Yoosung didn’t answer to Seven’s teasing… Yeah, this was bad.
  • “Yoosung? Are you okay, dude?” Zen asked, now noticing what Seven was talking about. Zen and Seven looked at each other, they had no idea what to do.
  • Seven went looking for you, he knocked at the door, Jaehee answered. “Hey… huh, try to be discreet, but… Yoosung is being really weird right now…” “If he’s panicking, just talk to him, he’ll be fine.” “No, that’s the problem, he’s… not panicking, he’s just… there.” “What do you mean?” Jaehee went out of the bedroom.
  • “Seven? Is that you? Is something wrong, Jaehee?” you were standing next to the door, oh god… “Talk! Is something wrong with Yoosung?”
  • “We’re… not sure… “ “So… what is it? Did he run away?” “WHAT? NO! I mean… Zen could stop him if he tried, right?” Oh my god…
  • “I should go and check him.” “MC, I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Jaehee warned you. “Seven, is he not saying anything? Looking like he’s spacing out?” “Yeah…” “See? I know my future husband and I know how to deal with him.”
  • You went to his room, it was worse than you thought, he looked like he had been playing LOLOL for 36 hours non-stop, but he didn’t play LOLOL for a while now.
  • “Yoosung? Are you okay, honey?” you came close to him carefully. “Tell me if there’s something wrong, and if I can help  you.”
  • He finally looked at you! You looked like a fairy! He could not believe it was real, you were real1 And you were going to get married to someone like him? “That’s exactly what’s wrong, MC.”
  • “What?” “Us…” “Yoosung…” “No, I’m serious! Look at you, coming to comfort me because I keep getting pathetic in front of you… what if I’ll never be able to comfort you? To help you? To protect you? It will feel like you’re my older sister, exactly like it was with…”
  •  You hold his hand sweetly. “Yoosung, do you love me?” “Of course, MC!” “You love me as much as you did that time when you got into Mint Eye?” “I love you even more, MC!”
  • “Well, didn’t you do everything to protect me back then? You’ve been acting like my guardian angel way before we decided to get married, Yoosung. It’s not a pair of rings or… saying vows and signing a document, it’s about us being able to rely on each other. And I rely on you so much, I look at your eye like this and I remember why I can rely on you that much, my Yoosung…”
  • Both of you were tearing a little. “I’m gonna be… the happiest man on Earth, right?” “It depends only on you.”
  • And when he saw you coming towards him in the aisle. He knew: yep, he was definitely the happiest man on Earth.


  • Both of you were anxious, she was better at hiding it.
  • You had breakfast together in complete silence, it felt like you two had to keep your feelings to yourselves right now and let everything out later in that aisle.
  •  You decided to come separated to the hotel where the wedding was going to happen. That way, you would actually miss each other.
  • You came first, Yoosung and Zen were already waiting for you to help you with whatever you needed. Jaehee would be here anytime soon.
  • But time was ticking, and you didn’t hear from hear. You asked the hotel staff, she haven’t arrived yet.
  • You called her. “Jaehee, is everything okay, honey?” “MC, I’m sorry, I’m stuck on traffic, there was an accident and…”
  • “MC, calm down! You didn’t let me finish! There was an accident on the road and now it’s intermitted, I might stay stuck here for a while…” you sighed in relief, but you quickly tensed up when you actually understood the trouble you were in.
  • “What do we do now, Jaehee? Oh, this is all my fault!” “MC, it’s not your fault, stop panicking, please! You’re making me nervous too.” “I’m sorry, love, I’m so so sorry, I… can’t help myself! I… I’m so afraid everything will go wrong! I can’t live with myself if something goes wrong between us, Jaehee, I can’t!”
  • “MC… I’m scared too, but it’s that good fear, you know what I mean? Like that one we felt when we opened the café, it’s not really a fear, it’s just…”
  •  “Anticipation” you completed her sentence and you both giggled. “It’s just… I treated you so coldly this morning, Jaehee, I’m so sorry.” “It’s okay, I did the same thing, we’re just trying to make the best out of it, but the best is when we act like we normally do, right? Maybe that’s our first lesson for when we get married…”
  • “Yes… I wonder when that will be…” “Be patient, I’ll be there as soon as you realize, MC!”
  •  And then something clicked in your mind. “Zen, can you do me a favor?”
  • Riding a bike on a dress was the most uncomfortable and craziest thing she’s ever done, but she was in a hurry as much as you were. She couldn’t wait anymore being away from you on such an important day…
  • When she got there, she barely had time to get her helmet off, you were all over her, hugging her tightly and kissing her face. “I’m so happy to see you, there’s so much I want to say to you now, Jaehee, I…” she put a finger on your lips. “I’m here, I’m safe, you look wonderful, and I wish to hear what you have to say when you read your vows to me. Everything will be fine, my love.”
  • And both of you said everything that was stuck on your throats since that awkward morning. Fortunately, mornings like that one would be soon replaced by the sweetest and romantic ones.


  • Was he nervous? Nobody could tell. But he’d been checking his tie and adjusting his cufflinks  each 10 seconds
  • Seven and Yoosung were talking a lot, Jumin couldn’t hear them, he was only thinking of you. How perfect you would look coming down the aisle, how amazing it would be your first dance as a married couple, how sweet would be the first moment you two would be alone… calm down, Jumin, you’re getting ahead of yourself! Maybe you shold check your tie again.
  • His father entered the room, Seven and Yoosung immediately excused themselves, truth be told, Mr. Chairman could be as intimidating as his son sometimes.
  • “I should tell you how proud I am of you, son. Seeing you so happy about sharing your life with a significant other is something I only hoped for you, and it actually happened. And she is a wonderful lady…”
  • “She’s really marvelous.” “Yes, I regret I ever doubted her intentions. If I knew better, I wouldn’t have convinced her to sign a pre-nup…” “You did what?”
  • “Well, I was worried about after that Sarah and Glam situation, and I thought she might be another gold digger, so I talked to her and she agreed on signing it. I should have known that moment when she didn’t even hesitate, she really loves you.”
  • “Yes, shocking, isn’t it? My own father didn’t think I could actually make someone fall in love with me for who I am, unbelievable…” “Son, it’s nothing like this…”
  • “Seriously, you really think talking to her behind my back because you were doubting her was a good idea? And why would she even agree to this? I…” “Son, calm down…”
  • “Yes, I will as soon as I talk to her. Excuse me, father.” Jumin entered in your room without previous warning, you tried to cover the dress, scared. “Ju-Jumin? What are you doing here?”
  • “Don’t need to cover yourself, love. I already saw the dress, remember? We were together when the designer sketched. Although seeing you like this is a heavenly vision, indeed…” you felt his eyes a little distant.
  • “Jumin, are you okay?” “Why didn’t you tell me you signed a pre-nup?” “Oh, this is… I thought your father wouldn’t say a thing, I just… was trying to make a good impression for him…”
  • “You don’t have to worry about what my father thinks, MC. You’re getting married with me! I’ll be the one to protect you, and I need you to have financial stability if something ever happens to me…” “Jumin, don’t even say a thing like that…”
  • “I’m sorry, but we have to be realistic here. If something ever happens to me, I can’t leave you without nothing, MC. This is much more serious and important than causing an impression on my father.” “I… I’m sorry, Jumin, I didn’t want to make you get mad or…”
  •  “I would never get mad at you.” He rushed to hold your hands. “I think it’s adorable you want to please my father, but from now on, we should make a commitment of discussing matters like that.” He felt himself calming down just by holding your warm soft hands. “Yes, I promise, Jumin…”
  • And you really did, as you repeated that in your vows. He didn’t regret seeing you before the marriage, it didn’t really make a difference in the end, since looking at you like that felt like he was seeing you for the very first time.


  • Nobody could bare him! He was getting snappy and rude to everybody, including his brother.
  • Saeran excused himself before he could punch him. Imagine a black eye on a day like this, MC would kill them both.
  • But he had to do something, and he knew you were the only one who could actually make Saeyoung go back to his normal stupid self.
  • “He’s being an ass, MC!” “Oh, I’m sure he’s just nervous, Saeran, give him time.” “Well, how much time do you have before getting on the aisle?” he had a point…
  • “Okay, I’ll talk to him…” you sighed and went to him, you knocked at the door. “Saeyoung? What’s going on?”
  •  “I can’t believe he called you! I told him I was fine! Ugh… just… go get ready, MC!” “Don’t tell me what to do like this, Saeyoung, I already said I don’t like it!”
  • “Well, I’m sorry if I’m actually worried about the wedding schedule, but if you want to waste time, be my guest!” oh no he didn’t!
  • You stormed out inside of his room. He looked at you surprised, you looked like you just stepped out of a fairy-tale… a very angry princess was coming towards him, oh crap!
  • “Listen, you prick! You can’t treat me or anybody who cares about you like this just because you’re nervous, you heard me? You think I’m not nervous too? That I’m not anxious about sharing my whole life with you? I’m freaking terrified, Saeyoung! But I swallowed my fears, put a smile on my face and just started thinking about how amazing it will be being with the person I most love in the whole universe. So I suggest you do the same and stop being an asshole! Was I clear?”
  • His eyes were widened, you sounded so… sexy! And you were absolutely right!  “Was I clear, Saeyoung?” “Crystal clear…”
  • “Good… so apologize to your brother and, fix your tie!” he fixed it so fast you felt like giggling, but you had to keep it serious “Hey, MC?” “Yes, Saeyoung?” “You look stunning!” “Yeah, thanks… “ you blushed and he grinned.
  •  “I’m really sorry, MC. I still have a long way to go about controlling my anxiety, but I know you will always be there to sensually scold me like you did jus now…” “ I wasn’t trying to be sensual, but ok…” “No,I… promise I’ll be the best for you, MC! I’ll never let a wet towel on the bed and I’ll always put down the toilet seat and… I’ll do my best to only show you my best side, because you deserve the best, after all…” “Thanks for saying that, but I hope these aren’t your vows, I don’t really want to hear about toilet seats in front of the priest, Saeyoung…” you two laughed.
  • And his vows actually weren’t nothing like that, it was so sweet and honest that you cried. He promised himself if he would ever make you cry again, it could only be tears of joy like this.

You can see Saeran and V here~


If you’re my girl
If that can happen
Can you please hold my hand
just till this music is over
If this is all just a dream, no
I never want to wake up
The world is boring and dull
Keep consoling me

Is it love
If I wish this lasts forever,
If everything related to you looks beautiful to me,
Is it love
If there ain’t nobody
but you in my head
Don’t wake me up up up
Don’t wake me up up up
Don’t wake me up up up
oh no
I pray that morning never comes

I’m getting more and more afraid
that everything might disappear soon
I could just wake up
when I take my eyes off you just for a moment and blink
And I don’t know what it is
I’ve never felt like this
I want to dance w/ you
just you and me
in this world forever

Is it love
If I wish this lasts forever,
If everything related to you looks beautiful to me,
Is it love
If there ain’t nobody
but you in my head
Don’t wake me up up up
Don’t wake me up up up
Don’t wake me up up up
oh no
I pray that morning never comes

I close my eyes holding you in my arms
I can picture you more clear
Without words,
I feel you loud and clear
Hope this is not the end

please don’t wake me up
Don’t wake me up up up
Don’t wake me up up up
Don’t wake me up

Translated by: HuisuYoon

The Secretary

Pairing: Bruce Wayne X Reader

Words: 1200+

Request:  Bruce x Female Reader where the reader has been Bruce’s secretary for years and is super close with the batboys & Bruce doesn’t know. And then when Damian first meets her, him and the other batboys talk about how great she is during family dinner & how she spends time with them individually doing what they like (& Jason misses her cuz she was super sweet but he can’t see her cuz he’s “dead”) and then Bruce realizes he doesn’t know that much about her and asks her out and then some date fluff

Warnings: None

“Good morning Mr. Wayne,” you greeted your boss as you entered his office.

You had been at Wayne enterprises as Bruce’s assistant for almost as long as he’s been here. Since you had been working with Bruce, you had developed feelings for the man. You got to see a side of the billionaire that no one else did. You got to see and hear just how much his family meant to him. Over the years you had taken it upon you to entertain his wards whenever they would join him at the office. And today was one of those days. The youngest of the Wayne boys was standing next to his father. Looking between the two, you saw just how alike the father and son looked.

“Good morning miss Y/L/N. This is my son Damian. Would you mind entertaining him for the day?”

“Of course Mr. Wayne.”

Bruce smiled at his son before walking out of the office. Damian remained still, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“So Damian, what would you like to do today?” The boy remained silent, his eyes boring into you. “You know I can’t read your mind.”

“I do not care. I do not wish to be here anyway.”

“How about I take you somewhere your brother’s all enjoyed going?”

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“Hey.” Annabeth slid next to me on the bench. “ Happy birthday.”
She was holding a huge misshapen cupcake with blue icing.
I stared at her. “What?”
“It’s August 18th,” she said. “Your birthday, right?”
I was stunned. It hadn’t occurred to me, but she was right. I had turned sixteen this morning—the same morning I’d made the choice to give Luke the knife. The prophecy had come true right on schedule, and I hadn’t even thought about the fact that it was my birthday.
“Make a wish,” she said.
“Did you bake this yourself?” I asked.
“Tyson helped.”
“That explains why it looks like a chocolate brick,” I said. “With extra blue cement.”
Annabeth laughed.
I thought for a second, then blew out the candle.

–Rick Riordan, The Last Olympian


We’re partying tonight! I have no words to say how much I love him. He’s one of the most awesome demigods I’ve ever known, and he deserves the happiest birthday ever! Since the very beginning I started reading The Lightning Thief, I knew I would love him as much as I love my other boys. And indeed I did! That sarcastic, courageous, spirited and strong but vulnerable personality makes it easy for you to love him. Definitely, one of the best demigods in the world!

But lets not forget that in a day like this, August 18th, was not just Percy’s birthday, but the fulfilling of the First Great Prophecy, which led to the Battle of Manhattan. The day were Silena Beauregard took Cabin 5 into battle and died trying to mend her mistakes, the day were Annabeth almost died by taking a knife to protect Percy… the day when Luke Castellan sacrificed himself to stop Kronos from destroying Olympus and died as a hero. He deserves to be remembered as a hero despite the mistakes he made and tried to mend in the end with his last breath. But so as Silena Beauregard, Charles Beckendorf, Ethan Nakamura, Michael Yew and many others good souls lost in battle.

And to finish, I’ll just wish to my precious boy Percy a happy, happy birthday!

Lostcauses Fic: Train

This stupid stupid fluff is for @zedsdead1001, @erwinsalive and all the other dear Eruris who got shitty anons this week.  (Seriously, what is wrong with some people?) Hope this makes you smile. 

Levi hates trains.  To be fair, Levi hates all forms of public transport, but he reserves a particular loathing for trains.  They’re dirty, noisy, smelly and worse, filled with people.  People who, heaven forbid, might attempt to speak to Levi, engage him in conversation. Levi’s worst nightmare is being stuck on a train with some friendly fuck who wants to pass the time making small talk. Admittedly it’s not a problem he has to deal with too often, his general fuck off demeanour deters all but the most aggressively friendly and hopelessly inebriated.  But that doesn’t stop Levi from hating trains.

Unfortunately the pittance Levi earns doesn’t afford him the luxury of owning a car and sometimes, when the distance is too great or the weather too foul, necessity dictates that he must smother his loathing of strangers and take the train.  Today is one of those days. And fuck has it been one of those days. It’s been long and trying and Levi has had to deal with a whole succession of idiots who seemed determined to be as obtuse and obstructive as possible. All he wants to do is get home so he can close the door of his flat and shut out the rest of humanity. 

The train is busy when Levi boards, crammed with stressed and dishevelled commuters. Levi scowls and wrinkling his nose in distaste. Miraculously he manages to find an empty double row.  He collapses into the seat by the window, saying a silent prayer of thanks to any deity that happens to be listening, dumps his bag on the seat beside him and hitches his most hostile glare into place.   Several passengers glance at the empty seat beside Levi as they board the train, but one scowl is enough to send them scuttling further down the carriage.   

It’s only once all the passengers are seated and the train pulls out of the station that Levi exhales a silent sigh of relief and his expression softens into his usual bad tempered scowl.   

His relief is short lived.  They’re barely ten minutes out of the station when a shadow falls across the carriage by Levi’s seat.

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The New Girl || Part 2

Jughead x Reader



Requested:  Anonymous said: Part two of the new girl

Tag list: @castiella-rose24 @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @superhero-lover101

A/N: its been um… a while… 

Words: 1693

Warnings: it’s fluffy

I got out of bed and threw on clothes from the top of the pile in my cupboard, I then had breakfast and brushed my teeth before grabbing my back pack and stepping out the door bumping into Jug who was on his way inside. “Good morning.” I chuckled and took his arm pulling him down the stairs and onto the sidewalk.“Morning, you look cute today.” He smiled and started walking towards school.“Thanks,” I said looking down at my outfit, “I just threw on the first thing I got my hands on.” I chuckled and took his hand in mine.

We walked hand in hand to school talking about the classes we had that day. Once we got to school there were only a few kids in the hallway, Archie was standing by his locker and waved us over when he saw us. “Hey Arch!” I said cheerfully as he greeted us both, “where the girls?” I asked while I looked around trying to spot them.

“They just went to get a page from the student lounge they should be back in a second.” He said while pulling books out his locker and stuffing them in his backpack.

I let go of Jug’s hand and rested my head on his shoulder as he spoke to Archie, his arm brushing up my back reassuringly for a second before he dropped it back to his side. I lifted my head when I saw the girls walking behind Archie, a huge smile spread over my face making Jug squeeze my arm and then greet them.

“Morning you two.” Veronica chuckled and stood with Betty as we all surrounded Archie who was still digging around in his locker.

“Hi guys!” I smiled then stepped forward, “I need to pee.” I announced which made them without a second thought follow behind me. “You two will not believe me.” I said once we were quite a bit away from the boys making them look up from the magazine they were paging through.

“What?” Ronnie said eagerly, “Is it about you and Jug?” I nodded making them both squeal and push me into the bathroom.

“Okay relax,” I chuckled and walked over to the counter and sitting on the edge giving them the chance to stand around me.

“Did you hook up?” Veronica gasped as she started guessing.

“Well it depends-”

“What do you mean it depends? Either you hooked up or you didn’t.” She groaned becoming impatient.

“I was going to say it depends on what your definition for a hookup is.” I chuckled as she rolled her eyes.

“Just say it!” Betty whined.

I looked up defeated, “I’m trying!” I chuckled, “We kissed yesterday-”

“Oh my word! How? How did it come up? Did he kiss you or did you kiss him?” Veronica exclaimed excitedly as she held onto my arm keenly.

“Shush, let me finish.” I said laughing, “So we were walking home and he kissed me and then this morning we held hands all the way here and all that mushy stuff but what does it mean.” I groaned looking at both of them who were listening intently.

“Haven’t you two talked?” Betty frowned and walked over to a basin to wash her hands.

“Well we haven’t talked about this. All he said was that he wished we had kissed and stuff sooner but does that mean he only wanted a kiss or what?” I furrowed my brows trying to think of answers, “I mean he hasn’t opposed to any affection today so I mean he must be liking it?”

“He’s Jughead, he’s not the type to have a onetime thing.” Betty said as she walked back over to us with Veronica nodding in agreement to her statement.

“I would just roll with it Y/N/N and you can talk about it after school or something.” Ronnie shrugged and checked her makeup in the mirror before we left the bathroom.

We walked down the hall not seeing the boys by Archie’s locker anymore so Betty lead us to the student lounge saying that they most probably there with Kevin. She wasn’t wrong, Archie was laying across a one seater while Kevin sat on the largest couch facing Jug. Betty and Veronica made sure that they got the last two seats next to Kevin, forcing me to sit next to Jug.

“Morning Kev,” I sighed and flopped down next to Jug causing him to look over concerned but I ignored him, acknowledging Kevin’s hello. I watched as Ronnie filled Kevin in, whispering in his ear as Archie decided to tell everyone about his new song.

Jug shifted in his seat and put an arm casually around my shoulder, I looked up at the three sat opposite us knowing his actions would spark an outburst, which was right, I had three of my weirdo friends winking, smirking and making kissy faces at me while Jug and Archie seemed oblivious.

About halfway through the day, when I had got more kisses blown at me from my friends than anyone I’d ever dated in my life, I walked up to Jug in the hall just before he had English and I had Physics. “Jug, can we talk?” I said pulling him aside out of the slight crowd, I saw our friends part between classes, each one of them sending me smirks.

“Yeah, what’s up? You seem annoyed, is everything okay?” He said concerned as his eyes raked over me.

“I’m fine, really, but Jug, what are we?” I whispered quietly and looked down at the ground nervously.

He put his hand under my chin and lifted it so I was looking at him, “You are adorable and I’m taking you for a milkshake after school.” He grinned and cupped my face before pressing a small kiss on my lips, “but I really need to get to English so I’ll talk to you later okay?” He grinned and brushed his hands down my arms before reaching my hands and giving them a squeeze before he rushed off to his class.

“Okay.” I sighed once he had walked into his class and left me standing in the hall. I walked to Physics and spent the whole lesson telling Betty and Kevin about Jug, making them coo over us and occasionally mock us.

At lunch Jug decided to pull me down next to him even though there was a whole two empty seats next to Archie and Veronica. He grabbed my waist just as I walked past and yanked me back causing me to fall onto his lap, “hiya gorgeous.” He smirked and snaked his arms around me tightly not letting me get off him. I felt my cheeks burn as a blush rose onto my face from Betty and Veronica giving me teasing glances, he soon let me go allowing me to sit between him and Betty.

“Y/N you should come to cheer practice after school, Cheryl might even consider putting you on the team.” Betty said as she picked at her sandwich.

“Oh no, Y/N/N is busy after school, Bets.” Jug nonchalantly replied.
“I am?” I retorted looking over at him.
“Yip.” He said looking down at his food, making me raise my eyebrows.
“Okay B, my PA here tells me I’m busy? So I’ll come next practice, if that’s fine with my assistant. Is that okay?” I asked him leaning over making Ronnie scoff as he rolled his eyes.

The bell rang meaning lunch was over and I still hadn’t had the time to talk to Jug. I was going to have to suffer through three more lessons before I could actually find out if he was being serious or if what we had was just a onetime thing. It also meant three more lessons of our friends teasing me.

Going out the last lesson of the day felt like I had successfully walked through a war zone, even though I felt completely drained Betty and I still raced out the class giggling about some kid asking if mountains were trees. I stumbled out the class bumping into someone still laughing at Betty’s joke, “Sorry, didn’t see you.” I said to the person between laughs.
“No problem babe.” An oh so familiar voice said and pulled me even closer into his chest. “Come on, lets get out of here.” He whispered and guided me out before we could say goodbye to everyone. “How was the rest of your day?” He said once we had walked past the school.
“Good.” I mumbled as I leant against him, tired from the hectic day, he said nothing but held my hand as we kept walking.

When we got to Pop’s his usual booth was empty waiting for us, I rushed over and slid into it eagerly waiting for him to sit down so we could have our drinks. He ordered at the counter before making his way to me, a smug grin plastered his face as he watched me. “You are adorable.” He said pressing quick kisses all over my face.

He cooed as I buried my face into his chest, trying to hide the blush rising on my cheeks, “I want to talk to you but you’re making me embarrassed.”
“Aww, my tough little Serpent has gone all mushy on me.” He chuckled and brushed the hair out my face.
“Stop,” I whined, “this is serious.”
“Okay, I’m being serious,” he pulled a straight face making me roll my eyes as he faced me.
“Stop being so annoying.” I chuckled and waited for his laughter to settle. “Do you like me? Like, like me like me?”
He laughed as I waited for his answer, “Oh, you’re being serious. Yeah, I do like you like you.” He teased then started laughing at me again.
“It’s not funny.” I groaned trying to suppress my own giggles.
“Its totally not funny.” He said trying to be serious but failed as he kept laughing. “You’re adorable.”
“You’ve mentioned,” I rolled my eyes and hugged him closer, “but I like it, so continue.”
“Sure thing.” He chuckled and pressed kisses on the top of my head.

I jolted awake from my heavy slumber to a faint, but definitely present sound. I heard it once, and waited for it again. Nothing. Maybe I was just hearing things?

I looked to the clock on my nightstand table. It read 4:49 in the morning. What the hell?


There it was again. It came from the window. Cautiously, I rose from my bed to see who the hell could be outside my window at this hour.

Down below stood the small-looking silhouette of none other than Calum. He had a smirk on his face that told me he was up to no good. But then again, he always was.

Opening the window, I rested each arm on the sill to get a better look at him. “What are you doing here, it’s like, 5 in the morning,” I muttered. My voice was groggy and strained from sleep.

He shrugged. “I wish I knew. Let me up?”

He was insane. My parents’ room was right next door. Even in the dark, his stupid sparkly eyes danced with naughtiness. What a horndog.

“How am I supposed to do that? I’m on the second floor!”

“Unlock the back door downstairs!” he whisper-yelled, motioning to the back of the house.

“Can’t your dick wait till it’s light out before it gets wet?” I ask, condescendingly, as if I don’t want to fuck him right this second.

“Not when it comes to you,” he smirked before disappearing to the backyard. Now I had to go down there.

My body was jittering already with excitement. I felt a familiar twinge in my breasts that made my heart skip and suddenly I was extremely eager to get downstairs. I took a moment to take a deep breath so I could make it past my parents’ room without waking them. 

Tip-toeing as fast as I could down the stairs, I opened the door just enough for Calum’s tall, lean body to slip through. His frame towered over my smaller one, exhaling a breath on my face as a shut the door. He smelled slightly of whiskey. He was buzzed. Not drunk, just a bit tipsy.

I rolled my eyes and decided against questioning him about why he was drinking without me. Instead, I allowed him to take me by the hand and guide me into the living room.

“Don’t you want to go upstairs?” I whispered.

“I was thinking,” he mirrored my quiet tone, differing from mine with a buzzing, airy lightness. “I’ve fucked you plenty of times in your bedroom before, and I’ll fuck you there plenty more times in the future.”

His crass words made me shiver with excitement. “Yeah, so what?”

He crouched down to my height and planted wet, tipsy lips against mine, sliding his tongue across my bottom lip. “So, wouldn’t it be so much dirtier if we did it on the sofa instead?”


“With your parents right upstairs.”

“You’re such a horndog, Cal,” I joked, knowingly. He knew what I liked, he knew all my weird, kinky likes and desires, and his confidence was stronger from the booze. He was glowing from it, and he knew it too.

He pulled me close to him again, this time with a little more force, and gently wiped some hair away from my ears. “That’s Daddy to you.”

I tried leaning forward to kiss him roughly in sheer desire, but he stopped me before I could. His lengthy fingers grabbed hold of my chin My chubby cheeks puffed out as he did this. My instinct was to take his fingers and put them in my mouth, but he wasn’t having it. He felt the strain as my mouth tried to escape his touch. He tightened his fingers.

“Don’t fight me, baby,” he whispered with slight intensity. I gulped as he pushed me down onto the sofa behind me.

I felt my boobs jiggle as I hit the surface of the couch and became very aware that I was not wearing a bra, or panties for that matter. Just a T-shirt.

He sat himself next to me and ever-so slowly started tracing his hand up my shirt. I think he too was aware of my lack of undergarments.

His index finger traced the distance from my belly-button to the nape of my breasts. He started laying me down now. I could feel my nipples harden at the suspense of his touch.

A hot breath huffed out when his index finger reached my left nipple and started pinching and kneading the area around it. My head fell back and I hummed in appreciation. Wanting to revel in this beginning-stage of foreplay, I guided his other hand to mirror the same activities as his left hand.

He allowed this, and watched endearingly as I licked my lips and let my head hang back. He’d pushed my shirt up to my neck so my breasts, as well as the rest of me, were exposed to the cool air.

I hummed a bit more and whined just a little, earning his mouth on my right breast. His warm, wet mouth suckled for a few seconds at the entirety of my nipple He took my it between his teeth and bit it. I shrieked at the sudden pressure.

He stopped.

“Quiet, baby. You don’t want your parents to find us, do you?”

My eyes widened for a moment before I shook my head. Of course not.

He sat up a bit straighter, sliding his hands down to my hips, curving away from my midsection and onto my thighs. “You dirty, dirty girl.”

I said nothing. I was too stricken with his raw sexual magnetism to speak.

“You’re my dirty, filthy little slut, aren’t you?” his voice was rough and raw, it made my mouth fall open.

I nodded.

But this wasn’t enough for him. “Say it.”

I gulped. He was so fucking sexy, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

“Say it for Daddy.

“I’m your filthy little slut, Daddy,” I whimpered. My nipples were taught now. I wanted him to slap my breasts, bite my neck, finger-shaped bruises on my ass, anything!

“Fuck yes you are,” he whispered before yanking my legs toward him and brining my pussy millimeters from his talented mouth. His hot breath unleashed more and more wetness from me with every passing second. Fuck, why wouldn’t he just eat me already?

“Remember, baby,” he took a long pause, just to make me stir and writhe in his touch. “Keep quiet, or we’ll get caught.”

Seconds later, he buries his mouth into me, lapping up my flowing juices, slowly making his way up. He made sure to hit every fold and make drenched, suckling sounds.

My pussy contracted with this heavenly euphoria. How was he so good at this? The way his mouth moved, the way his jaw sharpened with every flick of his fucking tongue, it was like he was making out with my pussy. Like it was his job.

I focused on keeping quiet, which proved to be harder than I thought, especially when he went to town on my clit.

He kissed, nipped, and took long laps at it. My chest heaved up and down. I let my mouth hang wide open with my tongue hanging out, so all the sounds leaving me were nothing but pants and quiet shrieks.

It was when he started moaning into me when I felt that last big wave of pleasure engulf me and start to feel like I was going to cum. My hands had been tugging at his hair relentlessly and guiding him along. Now, I’d succumbed to biting my bottom lip with every strength in my body to encase the disastrously loud noises begging to escape from  me.

He coaxed my orgasm out of me, whispering sexy nothings like, “come for me, baby” and “keep quiet”.

He flicked his tongue a certain way once, twice, three, four, five times. Six. Seven. My hands flew from his scalp to my mouth to cover up my inevitable soundscape.

“Fucking hell, Daddy,” I whimpered. “Fuck, yes, yes, fuck!”

Even after my orgasm, he kept sucking and sucking away at me, stealing my soul and leaving me to have to push my face against the wall to avoid screaming.

He followed me, sucking at me now from a whole new angle. Knees pressing to the leather sofa, I practically sat on his face as he lay underneath my increasingly parting thighs, sucking and suckling until I was horny all over again.

He then let go of me, slid up to meet my hardly-open eyes. He used the side of his hand to wipe away excess wetness from his mouth, and licked his lips.

I was completely out of breath and strength. I hardly even heard him say, “c'mere, baby.”

I did, and was met with a hot, wet kiss. I knew he found it incredibly sexy when I kissed him after he had just eaten me out. He moaned into the kiss and I immediately wanted to make him feel the way I had not two minutes before.

I deepened the kiss, grasping my hands around the back of his neck, rubbing his hair. He hummed, liking that.

Feeling a little more strength rejuvenate as he did this, I rose, pressing his chest up with one hand, until we were sitting upright. His eyelids were heavy as I pressed him down on the sofa now, running my hands along his chest and down to his belt buckle. I knew Calum didn’t like wasting time, and neither did I, especially not tonight.

He helped me undo his pants as my fidgeting hands struggled. I focused on kissing his brown neck, a perfect canvas for hickies. I kissed his lips, and cheeks before getting to his jawline and nipping at the area.

He winced, and took a quick breath. Just like I wanted.

I kissed it again. Wetter this time. I let my breath hit the area to give him chills and make him squirm just a little. Then, I went back, biting the area hard now and sucking as I did so. He let out an elongated whiney-groan. He was getting restless.

“Now baby. Fuck me now,” he demanded. I look him in the eye. His begging, glassy eyes.

I keep my eyes on him as I tug his pants down his legs and release his straining dick. My stomach flips as I hover over it. I deeply kiss him once more, letting his tongue into my mouth, and sucking on it in the process. I brush my ass against his dick, making his head fall back behind him.

His eyes roll to the back of his head, just for a second, letting out an airy, “fuck”.

I could feel myself dropping now. I needed him, selfishly, again. Slowly now, but finally, I eased him into me. I gasped at the sudden heat rise in the room. My midsection explodes as I try to get myself full from him.

He lets out a huff. His hands now rub my ass and thighs. I start bouncing, slowly at first, getting a rhythm. Speeding up, I rock myself back and forth, side to side.

Calum struggles to keep his sounds down to nose, breaths and enclosed moans. His long fingers dig into my side and guide me the way he wants me to go. I can tell from his applied force that they will bruise. Excited by this, I comply, trying to loosen my hips.

New waves of heat kept washing over me. My shirt stuck to the small of my back, which was now drenched in sweat as Calum rubbed and slid his hands all over it. He noticed the shirt amongst his touch of my  middle and forced his eyes open for a moment. “Shirt off. Now.”

I nod, hardly even hearing him. My hands fumble to the hem of my shirt, bring it over my head and toss it behind me. Seeing this, he becomes more desperate. My breasts bounce with the rhythm in which he guides me and the sound of my thighs clapping against his middle is more prominent. He fights to keep watch on my body above him, but his eyes betray him. His nostrils flare open and he brings his lips together to lick them. He almost looked pissed off; angry, even. His eyebrows bunched together. He was so fucking sexy.

I closed my eyes again, replaying the image of his face in my head. I felt lost in the feeling as he guided me, faster now.

His hips start to buckle and lift off the sofa as he becomes louder. I want to tell him to shut up before my parents woke up. The thought of being caught like this, doing something we weren’t supposed to be doing, fuck, it made everything more hot.

All that exists in that moment is Calum and I. The slick sound of him sliding in and out of me again and again is just white noise. His rhythm starts to subside and becomes faster and faster as we get closer.

I can feel him twitch inside me when he finally releases, he starts practically swirling my hips around and around on top of him in a way I’d never experienced before. His sloppy, intense attempt to ride out every last bit of sexual energy between us sends me over the edge to my second orgasm, making me fight to keep myself quiet.

The bucking of Calum’s hips slows and slows until he finally collapses back onto the couch. I let myself fall forward onto his hard chest. I bury my face into his neck and try to catch my breath. My heart feels like a hammer banging against a sheet.

He starts rubbing a shaking hand down my hair and back for a while. I feel very close to him as he does this, and lean into his very delicate touch even after all that intensity. We don’t speak.

After what feels like hours, but really is only minutes, I turn my head to look at the clock on the wall. It’s just after 6 in the morning. I turn back, mustering up energy to look at Calum up close. I noticed the beading sweat on his forehead I hadn’t seen before. I felt exhausted. I kissed his still slightly panting lips to wake him up a little.

He opened an eye at me and weakly smirked.

“What?” I breathed.

He took a moment to gulp before answering. “You’re such a dirty girl.”

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever, hornball, you need to get up. My dad wakes up at 6:15, and if he sees you here, we’re both toast.”

“Oh, so now you worry about being caught?” He smirks bigger now.

I lift myself off him. “Shut up.” I rise off the couch to retrieve my shirt from the floor and he starts buckling his pants. I feel like I’m sleep walking. I yawn as I help him stand.

We quietly walk to the back of the house, where I first let him in.

“Hey, it’s light out now,” he said.

I nod, glancing at the clock. 6:13. My father’s alarm clock would be going off any minute.

“Well, baby, it was a privilege fucking you into the sunrise,” he says confidently before pecking me on the cheek. “Call you later!”

I smirk madly to myself. Horndog.

succ&fucc saturday™ 

Okay, my dudes.  Here’s another AU, this time where Lance and Shiro are both elementary school teachers.  This is gonna be a two parter, because I want to whump both Lance and Shiro, but I’m not very good at wumping two people at the same time, so I’m not gonna.  

Honestly, I’m blown away by how much support you’ve given me, and I really want to thank all of you, I really appreciate it (this is a total understatement, I don’t know how to express my appreciation for you guys).

Lance and Shiro were fifth grade team teachers at their local elementary school. It was the week before summer break, the kids were going crazy with anticipation. Shiro was handling it in stride, and normally Lance would be too.  Except, Shiro had watched him grow more and more frustrated and tired as this last week dragged on.  

Lance had woken up with a headache that was throbbing behind his eyes and in his temples.  He picked up on it when Lance slid into the passenger’s seat of Shiro’s car and immediately slumped down as far as possible without actually sitting on the floor.  When Shiro asked if he was alright, he mumbled out a sleepy “headache”, and didn’t say anything else for the rest of the drive.  

It was uncharacteristically Lance.

“Hey, man!” Shiro said cheerily, walking into the teacher’s lounge.  He sat down at the table across from Lance.  “I’m telling you, those kids are psychotic.”
“Nnngh…tell me about it.” Lance groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose.
“Still got that headache?”
“Mmmm…” He nodded, closing his eyes. “I’m tired, man.”
“Yeah, no kidding.” Shiro frowned. “Are you alright? You’re never this tired.”
“Yeah, well.” Lance mumbled, shrugging listlessly.
“Are you going to eat?” He asked, nodding his head towards Lance’s sack lunch, which was sitting in front of him, untouched.
“Not hungry.” He shook his head, the movement clumsy as black dots clouded his vision.  He let out a groan and flopped forward, pressing his forehead to the table.
“Lance.” Shiro said, putting a hand on the back of his neck. “Shit.”
“You’re burning up, man.”
“I’m fine.”
“Yeah, right. Come on, go tell Alice you need to go home.”
“I’m fine, Shiro.” He said flatly.  
“You just face planted onto the table.”
Lance sat up and looked bleary-eyed at Shiro. “There are only two more hours left in the  day.”
Shiro pursed his lips.  “You should at least try to eat something.”
Lance sighed, pressing his cheek back to the table.  “I don’t know, man…I don’t think I can eat anything.”
“Are you nauseous?”
“No…not really, I’m just really not hungry.”
“Lance…this really isn’t a good idea.  If you’re sick, you really should go home.”
He groaned.  “I’ll be fine.”
“What are you going to do with the kids?” He asked, leaning back in his chair.
“I dunno…put on a movie or something.”
Shiro’s eyebrows shot up.  “You know you’ll get in trouble if you do that.”
“I don’t care, Shiro.” He spat in annoyance.
“Let’s combine classes.”
Lance sat up, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion. “You really want to put fifty crazy ten and eleven year olds in one room?”
“Yeah, why not? You look like you’re about to pass out.”
“Yeah, okay.” He mumbled.  

It wasn’t even two hours from lunch to the end of the day, and Lance deteriorated quickly.  He tried to be upbeat and enthusiastic for his students, but Shiro watched with thinly veiled concern as he got worse and worse. He had tried to stifle the sneezing and coughing, but by the end, he had to excuse himself multiple times to the restroom to blow his nose, or practically hack up a lung.  

He felt awful.  One of the teachers in passing shot him a sympathetic look and fished a packet of DayQuil out of her bag for him.

Unfortunately, DayQuil knocked him out as much as Nyquil did (which he forgot until he started feeling drowsy).  So, with ten minutes until the end of the day, he returned to where Shiro and the fifty fifth graders were, sat down at a desk, and promptly fell asleep.

“Lance, buddy.” Shiro said, once the last student filed out of the room. “Come on, wake up.  School is out, it’s time to get you home.”
Lance forced his eyes open, and then promptly shut them as the world swam and spun around him.
“Shiro?” He croaked, going into a weak coughing fit.  
“I think I’m s-ehh…Ehh-t’sheww! *Snff* Sick.”
“Yeah, I think so, too.” He said, putting a hand on Lance’s shoulder.  He could feel the heat radiating through his shirt.  “You’re really burning up…I think you need to call out tomorrow.”
“Nnngh…I’ll be fine.” He groaned through a coughing fit.
Shiro pulled him to his feet. “Bullshit, Lance.”
Lance swayed heavily on his feet, his entire body aching.  


It took thirty five minutes to get him home, and normally, Shiro would have just dropped him off and headed home.  However, Lance was desperately sick, and was too out of it for Shiro to be okay with leaving him alone.  

“Alright, buddy.” Shiro grunted, readjusting his grip on Lance while he unlocked Lance’s apartment. “Let’s get you lying down, you need to rest.”

Lance let out a weak squawk of indignation, and croaked out a miserable, pitiful “I’m fine.”
Shiro chuckled.  “I really wish I could believe that, but considering I’m carrying you inside…I can’t.”
He got Lance to the couch, and then went in search of the thermometer and fever reducers.  

Shiro heard a weak, muffled coughing fit, followed by a whimper, and he sighed.  

“What the hell?” He heard Keith ask, and then he heard footprints.  “Oh hey, Shiro. Is Lance dead? Because he looks like he’s dead. Did you kill my roommate?”
“He’s sick.”
“Yeah, no kidding.  What happened? He just had a headache this morning.”
“I don’t even know what happened.  I can’t find the thermometer, where is it?”
“Uh….not entirely sure. Bathroom cabinet maybe?”

Finally, Shiro did find it and when he finally was able to get back to Lance, he just about had a heart attack.  Lance was deathly pale, there were dark bags under his eyes, and there was a thin sheen of sweat covering his face.  A bright red fever flush was spread across his cheekbones, and he was staring straight ahead, completely out of it. His eyes were glassy, and filled with tears, and he looked like he was going to burst into tears at any moment.  Keith stood next to Shiro, looking at Lance Anxiously.

“Lance, are you okay?” Shiro asked, sticking the thermometer in his ear.  It beeped in at nearly 104, and both Shiro and Keith flew into a panic.
“What do we do?!” Keith cried.  
“Go get ice packs and wet some washcloths.  We need to get this down now.” He said.
“Yeah, okay.” Keith nodded once before he went in search of everything he needed to help his roommate.

Shiro pulled Lance into a sitting position quickly.  He lolled forward, and Shiro propped him up as he squeezed his cheeks to get his mouth open so he could give him medicine.  

“I know you don’t feel well, and I know you’re really out of it right now, but I need you to not choke on this.”

Lance swallowed the pills, but spluttered into a coughing fit as he choked on the water.  

Shiro patted his back lightly. “Breathe, dude.  Breathe.”

“Okay, okay here!” Keith cried, hurrying back in the room. He dropped the ice packs on the coffee table next to the couch, and handed Shiro the damp washcloths.  
“Help me get his shirt off.” Shiro instructed, still holding Lance up.  

Keith tugged his shirt off, and Shiro eased him back down into the pillows, and then placed the washcloths on his chest, stomach and forehead.  Shiro placed the ice packs around Lance and than crossed his arms and stared down at him in anticipation.

Around the thirty minute mark, Lance inhaled sharply, and looked around bleary-eyed.  

“Wha’happened?” He slurred tiredly.
Shiro stuck the thermometer in his ear.  “Your fever spiked.”
“It’s a good thing Shiro was here.  You probably would have died.”
Lance mumbled something unintelligible, his eyelids drooping as he went into a chesty coughing fit.  He sniffled miserably, and Shiro sighed in relief when the thermometer read 101.4.
Shiro took off the washcloths and ice packs, and then looked at Keith.  “Go get him a blanket.”
“On it.” He said, hurrying off, panic in his chest.

“Lance, talk to me. What’s bothering you?”
“Nnngh.” He groaned, squeezing his eyes shut.  “Ehhh…hehh-k'tshIEW! Hehh'kSHEW! Hehh…hehh'kshHEWW! *Snff* *Snff* My head…and throat…everything hurts.  I think I’m dying.  I might actually be dead.” He sounded miserably congested, and he felt even worse.
Shiro laughed.  “I think it’s the flu, buddy.  You’re not dying, it just feels like it.  You really need to call out of work.”
Lance groaned.  “It’s the last week.”
“I know, but you just spiked a one hundred and four degree fever. I know you’ll miss saying goodbye to your students, but you really need to take it easy.”
He nodded tiredly, pulling his phone out of his pocket.  “I’m really dizzy.”
“You need some food.”
“M’not hungry.”
“I know, but you need food. It’ll help you feel better.”
“Maybe in a little while.” Lance mumbled once Keith came back with the blanket and draped it over him.
Shiro sighed in defeat.  “Yeah, okay.  We’ll try again when you wake up. Get some sleep.”

Creepypasta #1046: The Ice Princess

Length: Super long

I had suffered from bullying for as long as I can remember. Girls on the playground would pull my hair. Boys in the halls would call me ugly. I could even hint some of the teachers thought I wasn’t the brightest kid there.

My parents told me I had to rise above it, that they were all just jealous of me and I shouldn’t worry. Jealous of me? Of what, exactly?

Did they envy my freckled face that looked like a set of misshapen polka dots? Or perhaps my curly orange hair that looked like a weary fire? Oh no, I figured it out. It was definitely my inability to do… well, just about anything.

I wasn’t smart enough to be a geek, athletic enough to be on any of the sports teams or cool enough to have any friends. Bullies, teachers and adults were the only people I knew in the world. Nothing more, nothing less.

I know what you’re thinking. Look at this girl, complaining about everything when her life probably isn’t nearly that bad. She’s over-reacting. Probably just being dramatic for attention.

If that’s suddenly taken you aback, you’re part of the problem. If it didn’t, you might change your mind by the time this story is over. Oddly enough, it doesn’t begin with me at my old school.

Sooner or later when I came home with one too many bruises and scrapes, my parents had me shipped out of there. Within the next week, I was told I’d be moving to a new school outside of town. It was just after January so I got to spend Christmas with my family before leaving. Something about it just felt right. Luckily, it was still snowing.

I was confused when my parents had packed me a suitcase when they drove me to the new school. It all became clear once I saw two separate wings on either side of the building.

“Honey, we think this might be good for you,” my dad said, holding my gloved hand as we walked across the snow.

“And we’ll write to you every weekend and visit every month.” my mum continued.

I nodded and smiled. I knew I would miss my parents, but I’d rather not deal with the alternative.

They took me up to the main office, where the headmistress greeted me. She was a kind looking older lady. Reminded me a bit of my grandmother. She had her grey hair cut short with perfectly rimmed spectacles on her face. Behind her stood another girl. Short, petite with dimples and wavy blonde hair. She smiled and waved at me. I admired the locket she wore around her neck. A diamond heart that looked like it could open up.

My parents said their goodbyes and the girl took me to the dorm. She introduced herself as Tia Lightfoot. Funny, that was the same last name the headmistress had.

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Gold, part II

Read part I here

Summary: Reader is selectively mute, but she can only watch Dean suffer for so long before speaking up.

Pairing: Dean/Reader

Warnings: Mentions of the murder of reader’s parents.

AN: You guys asked for a second part! Well here it is! I’ll write a part 3 too, hopefully!


That night you barely got any sleep. As you laid on your bed you thought about it what happened at the war room. You spoke for the first time in 5 years. You were so sure you would never talk again. And if you did, it wouldn’t be that easy. Well, it wasn’t exactly easy, but it wasn’t hard as you thought it would. You imagined the first thing to come out of your mouth would be an incoherent noise, not a speech about beauty and a Chinese tradition!

You were selectively mute, after all. You could talk, you just chose not to. But the trauma, the memories of the demons holding you down and telling you to keep quiet or your family would die still haunted you. They became your inner demons, killing your words before they reached your mouth. What good did it do? Your family was dead anyway.

But it cheered up Dean, which was the only thing that mattered. Dean was worth it…

You weren’t about to fool yourself. Nothing would ever happen between you and Dean. You were too broken, and you knew him too well to get your hopes up. He was flirty, hitting on every pretty girl that crossed paths with him, and you knew he would never settle down. He mentioned more than once how his life would end at the edge of a blade or barrel of a gun. He just wasn’t meant to have a partner.

Still, you hated seeing him sad. You had to say something! You knew it wasn’t much, but you hoped your words would bring him some peace.

With a silent sigh, you got up and changed. It was morning already and you were sure you weren’t about to get any more sleep.

You were surprised to see Dean in the kitchen. The night before he drank so much you expected him to sleep in late and have a hangover the rest of the morning. Instead you found him standing by the stove making breakfast and sipping his coffee.

He noticed your presence as you walked to the cupboard to get your favorite cup.

“Morning sweetheart!” He said in an awfully happy voice. You smiled softly at him, like you did every time someone greeted you, and then proceeded to pour some coffee in your mug. “Would you like some bacon and eggs with your coffee?” Dean asked and you nodded your head. You watched something change in Dean’s face. “How did you sleep?” He asked. As a reply, you just shrugged, letting him know you didn’t get much sleep.

Dean’s shoulders dropped, as if he was giving something up. He shook his head and went back to checking the bacon on the pan, his good mood completely gone.

You were slipping your coffee slowly, welcoming the caffeine, when Dean placed your plate on the table. You were about to pull it closer to you, when suddenly he took it back.

“What do we say?” He asked like you were a child. She frowned and then mouthed a “Thank you”, like you always did.

Why was he acting so weird?

He rolled his eyes and placed the plate in front of you. You smiled and took the fork, ready to dig in as he sat across from you.

“So you’re back to being silent.” He said making you stop the fork in mid air. “I mean, I know I was drunk last night, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t dreaming. You talked to me.”

You blinked, confused, and then nodded your head slowly.

“Then why won’t you talk to me now?”

His answer met only silence. You looked down ashamed. You wished you could talk to him, but for some reason your voice was gone again.

“Do I have to be drunk for you to talk to me?” He asked. “’Coz let me tell you, I have a bottle of whiskey with my name on it. I just think it’s a little bit early in the morning.”

You put your fork down and shook your head.

“Then… what?” He pressed. You looked up and across the table, and you wish you didn’t. He looked so upset, giving you those puppy dog eyes that you thought were only reserved for his brother and his best friend.

In that moment Sam walked in. He looked like he had just stepped out of the shower, so you guessed he was back from his morning run.

“Hey guys.” He said on his way to the coffee machine. “I know we’re after Lucifer right now, but since we have no leads I was thinking we could work a case.” He suggested.

Dean rubbed his face, clearly annoyed by the interruption, and turned to his brother.

“Did you find anything?”

“Yeah, I think it could be vampires.” Sam replied before sitting next to you. “Victims were drained of blood, wounds on the necks. Usual vampire stuff.”

“Where?” Dean asked.

“Boulder, Colorado.” Sam replied.

“That’s just six hours away.” Dean said. “Alright I’m in.”

Sam looked at you, as if he was expecting a reply. You just nodded your head, letting him know you would tag along.

When you finished your breakfast, you walked to the sink to wash your cup and plate, as usual. But being your clumsy self, you dropped your mug and watched as it hit the ground and broke in many little pieces. How you survived all these years as a hunter was beyond you! It made you sad, knowing this was your favorite cup.

“Everything okay?” Dean asked from the table as he heard the mug smash the ground. You nodded your head and went to get a broom.

“Don’t worry Y/N, we’ll get you a new one.” Sam said to cheer you up. But you knew they wouldn’t. It was a really old mug and you were pretty sure those were sold out. Besides, you were just sentimental about it.

You cleaned up the floor and threw the pieces in the trash bin as quickly as you could, so you could go to your room and pack your bag. As you walked out of the kitchen, Dean glanced at the trash bin, an idea forming in his head.


Like Dean predicted, Boulder was only six hours away, and Baby didn’t disappoint. After arriving there and booking a couple of motel rooms, you went straight to work.

While the boys inspected the victims’ bodies, you got all the newspaper articles and files you could get, and marked on a map all the places were the victims were found. Eventually you managed to find a pattern and define a common ground.

The vampires would go to a random bar, pick a victim and kill them on their way to their nest, which you suspected it to be a new neighborhood that was being built. The vampires must’ve occupied an empty house.

One of the victims was also a worker there. Maybe he found the vampires occupying one of the finished houses and found his own demise.

You weren’t 100% sure, but it was a start. With just a few signals, the brothers got the message, and the packed their machetes.


The sun was up, but it was still very early in the morning, which brought you some tranquility. You feared that the vampires would still be up, or that the workers would show up for work and find you there, but you had yet to find the right house.

“Dean.” Sam called out softly before pointing out something.


Right on the perfect white picket fence around one of the houses.

“This must be the one. You ready?” Dean asked you. You simply nodded your head and poured some dead man’s blood on your blade. “Attagirl.” Dean said with a smirk before walking towards the house.

You wanted to smack him in the head. Why did he have to go and make your heart beat faster, especially when you’re so close to vampires? Sometimes you hated how much power he had on you.

Once inside the house you felt like a parent putting the presents under the Christmas tree. You tiptoed around, being a quiet as possible in the dark. At first you thought the place was empty, but while checking the second floor, you found the vampires sleeping.

Taking out the first and second vampire was always easy, but eventually the others would wake up and fight you. And today was no exception.

You kicked, you swung your machete and threw punches to everything that came near you until the floor was covered with beheaded bodies and you could feel the Winchesters and you were the only ones in the room.

“You okay?” You heard Dean say. You turned to him, your eyes adjusted to the dark enough to see him, and you could tell he could see you too by the way his eyes shined to you, so you nodded your head.

A big shadow moved behind Dean, and your eyes opened wide in fear.

“BEHIND YOU!” You yelled. Dean quickly turned around and managed to block the vampire’s attack as he lunged for the hunter’s neck.

The vampire landed close enough to Sam for him to hold him by his jacket, giving Dean enough time to cut its head off.

Suddenly the air felt thick and quiet. Both hunters turned to look at you in surprised.

“You spoke.” Sam said confused.

“Yeah…” Dean added with one of his usual smirks. “She does that from time to time.”



You opened your eyes and groaned.

Ugh… what now?… I need sleep… yeah… sleep…

Rolling on the bed you realized your phone just beeped, announcing a text. No use on going back to sleep now.

[text] From: Sam

Just letting you know we’re going out for breakfast to the diner across the road, in case you wanna come.

You smiled and kicked away the covers, only to groan as you noticed how sore you were.

I’m too old to fight vampires…

After brushing your hair and throwing some fresh clothes on, you made your way to the diner. You were surprised to see Sam sitting by himself on a booth. Your confusion must’ve been noticeable, because when you walked closer to the table and Sam looked up and smiled.

“Dean said he had something to do, but he should be here soon.” He said. “Meanwhile I ordered some coffee and pancakes for you.”

Bless his soul! You smiled widely and sat across from him.

As Sam said, Dean walked in shortly after that, holding a brown paper bag. But he didn’t bring it up. He just sat down, ordered his breakfast and ate it.

You all agreed on going back to the bunker that day. So you had to pack bag and meet them by the Impala once you’re ready. But while you were collecting your things, someone knocked on your door.

When you opened the door, you found Dean bouncing a leg and biting his lower lip. He looked troubled.

“Hey! Can I come in?” He asked, and you quickly stepped aside to let him on.

He walked nervously into your room and looked around awkwardly before handing you the same brown paper bag he had with him that morning.

“I…uh… got you something.” He said. You tilted your head and took it carefully. “I’m sorry I didn’t wrap it appropriately. Glittery paper and I don’t mix.” He joked.

You took the content out and stared at it surprised.

It was an old cup with golden stripes. The gold held together the pieces that one time broke apart.

It was simply beautiful and you were deeply touched by the gesture.

“I saw it at an antique store and I thought of you…” Dean said softly, making your heart skip a beat. “… of what you said that night.” He continued. “You know, you’re gold to me too. Mute or not. I just wish you would talk to me, but I understand if you won’t. It only makes it more meaning full when you actually do talk.” Dean explained. “Besides, I know you dropped yours, so I thought you could use a new-.”

He was silenced by you as you threw your arms around his torso and held him tight. You felt his hand move around your back and hold you against him.

Looking up at him, you smiled softly, and for a second there you thought you could see him swallow nervously.

“Thank you.” You whispered.

The two of you stood there in silence for a moment before Dean smiled and tuck a lock of your hair behind your ear, which made your knees go weak.

“See? Meaningful.” He said.

For once, I’ve been struggling to find the right words to describe what my insides feel like. I usually don’t have a hard time pulling thoughts out of my head and transferring them to a piece of paper or spitting them out between my lips. I’ve been choking on everything I’ve been trying to say, but I can’t get the lump out of my throat.

I don’t know how to tell my mother that I’ve been keeping my hands busy so I don’t use my old razor blade against my skin instead. I don’t know how to look my best friend in the eye and tell her “Please help me, I’m drowning in a sea of the unknown”, without asking for pity. I can’t look at my brother and ask him to understand what it’s like to wake up in the morning with so much heavy pain in your heart that it hurts to look in the mirror. I see my father look at me with worry in his eyes, wishing he could hold his little girl until everything was all right.

My sadness has settled in so comfortably in the cracks between my bones that it has a hold on me; a tight grip leaving black and blue marks on my heart. I have been scared for days like these. The days that aren’t just one bad Monday because of traffic and smudged mascara on the bridge of my nose, but the days that hurt for nearly no reason at all.

I have become what I have feared-numb. I am no longer just sad, no longer blue. I am past that, I am past a cloudy day or a rough week, all of that has been far gone for quite some time. I’ve been just hoping it’ll go away with an extra cup of coffee or a good hair day. I wake each day with the hope that maybe, just maybe I’ll feel lucky enough today to feel a ray of sunshine in my heart.

But each time the world wakes me with soft light shining through my windows,

I turn my back to face the pain instead.

—  I don’t know how to tell my mother that it hurts to exist

I swear to every heaven ever imagined,
if I hear one more dead-eyed hipster
tell me that art is dead, I will personally summon Shakespeare
from the grave so he can tell them every reason
why he wishes he were born in a time where
he could have a damn Gmail account.
The day after I taught my mother
how to send pictures over Iphone she texted
me a blurry image of our cocker spaniel ten times in a row.
Don’t you dare try to tell me that that is not beautiful.
But whatever, go ahead and choose to stay in
your backwards-hoping-all-inclusive club
while the rest of us fall in love over Skype.
Send angry letters to state representatives,
as we record the year’s first sunrise so
we can remember what beginning feels like when
we are inches away from the trigger.
Lock yourself away in your Antoinette castle
while we eat cake and tweet to the whole universe that we did.
Hashtag you’re a pretentious ass hole.
Van Gogh would have taken 20 selflies a day.
Sylvia Plath would have texted her lovers
nothing but heart eyed emojis when she ran out of words.
Andy Warhol would have had the worlds weirdest Vine account,
and we all would have checked it every morning while we
Snap Chat our coffee orders to the people
we wish were pressed against our lips instead of lattes.
This life is spilling over with 85 year olds
rewatching JFK’s assassination and
7 year olds teaching themselves guitar over Youtube videos.
Never again do I have to be afraid of forgetting
what my fathers voice sounds like.
No longer must we sneak into our families phonebook
to look up an eating disorder hotline for our best friend.
No more must I wonder what people in Australia sound like
or how grasshoppers procreate.
I will gleefully continue to take pictures of tulips
in public parks on my cellphone
and you will continue to scoff and that is okay.
But I hope, I pray, that one day you will realize how blessed
you are to be alive in a moment where you can google search
how to say I love you in 164 different languages.