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Why am I racing
To get myself back?

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the fact that Rebirth Clark and Lois literally forced themselves on their N52 versions…are just…so creepy…….

like…N52 Clark and Lois just woke up, they had no idea where they were, there was this kid wailing at them that they were his parents…they were in no condition to give proper consent…they had no idea by doing that they wouldn’t be themselves anymore…man this is just…DC made Jon an accomplice to their cheap scheme and I’m just…’kay…

(in retrospect i shouldn’t be surprised this is the Superman that stood by and watched as another version of him died and did nothing after all…but yeah)

and, please, I’m the only one who did mourning fanart for N52 Superman, the amount of fans who complain about his death isn’t a vocal part of the fandom at all since there are not many of us. we do try to accept Rebirth, we do try to get used to this new Superman because  we, I, believe that he’s my beloved preN52 Supes, but he isn’t. DC didn’t bring N52 Superman back to please anyone, they brought him back only to rub in our face again the fact to them he doesn’t matter, that he’s as easily replaced as any of preN52 Clark’s kids. so bah i’ll just immerse myself in fanon now. it’s free and people are nice and we can make each other happy. wake me up when DCEU descends and save us all. 

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Dean finding about what really happen to Sam in "red meat" after hear the fucker telling his wife? before Sam call him to let him know he is alive.

*shyly shuffles to prompt writers* Excuse me? Is this a prompt?

I’m going to assume this is a prompt. I’ve never written a prompt before; I don’t really take them. [Then again nobody has send me a prompt before and for good reason] 

Anon, I did my best. I’m sorry, it’s not your prompt it’s me.  Hopefully there’s at least one sentence in here you like. 

“Hey, what happened back there?”

Sometimes Dean wonders if he ever truly left hell; maybe he’s still there on the racks and this is their new form of torture, making him think he left his baby brother dead on a cabin floor all by himself. It wouldn’t be the first time they tortured him with Sammy.

“Talk to me.”

Behind him he hears Michelle talking to Corbin. This can’t be hell; he never had company in hell. 

“I saved us. Look, you’re hurt bad and… and I love you, Michelle. I can’t lose you. I did what I had to do.”

“I did what I had to do.” 

“I did what I had to do.”

“I did what I had to do.”

The words seem to echo in Dean’s ears. Next thing he knows he has Corbin pinned against a tree by his throat. Behind him he hears Michelle scream. 

“What do you mean you did what you had to do?”

WIP Wednesday

“You’re drunk.”

You laughed humorlessly. “Well, it’s the only way I’d ever gonna have the balls to say this to your face.” 


“Look, I’m done fucking around and pretending that what I want isn’t right in front of me, ok? I just,” you licked your lips, averting your gaze, “I think I’m in love with you.”

a yet to be named fic, coming this saturday September 23rd! shoot me an ask if you wanna be tagged :)

tagging some people who might be interested: @teamfreewill-imagine @purgatoan @latinenglishfandomblog @chucksangel @blacksiren


sheith positivity week day 3: (thunderstorm)/summer rain

some good old pre-kerbereos + keith has to stand on his toes to hold the umbrella but he refuses to let shiro take it 

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Do you have a top ten favorite towns? c:

i sure do anon!!! (in no order at all, just 10 i thought of on the spot) :

- WILT( 6600-5549-4775 / @pigeoncoffee

- PINECONE ( 6900-5908-9179 / @pookiestumps )

- LIMN ( 5000-3280-3470 / @524am )

- EGGPLANT ( 6800-6316-3255 / @clovoid )

- SHOKOLAD  ( 5600-6038-6391 / @shokolad-town )

- SHELTER ( 6500-5946-7331 / @sprungit )

- WESTEROS ( 7200-2254-4147 / @sprungit )

- NORTH ( 7900-3285-6095 @floatingpresents )

- ELM ISLE ( 5000-5848-0967 / @prolistening )

- LUNA ( 5900-3554-5291 / @prolistening )

evaceratops replied to your photoset–Darth Vader #7 THAT MOMENT WHEN THE FULL IMPACT…


Sheev’s faces in the Darth Vader comics are a goddamned treasure.  I hope Camuncoli is having an absolute blast drawing him!  WHETHER SHEEV’S HAVING A GREAT TIME:






Good morning fellow shipsters! Just checking in before work takes over the day, and to share what I hope are some positive vibes today. I am surprisingly calm this morning, and have truly found my chill in the eye of the latest storm.

In hindsight, I am glad we got the grainy prom shot yesterday. Let’s face it, we have been dreading it for months. And like anything you dread, the anticipation is worse than the hurt you think you will experience when it finally happens. And I know that for some of you, it really did hurt, and deeply. For that, you have my hugs and complete support, and I hope we can lessen that for those who need it.❤

For me, it has done the complete opposite. Yes, I felt sucker punched over the weekend, and yes, I was pissed to know Sam went to that wedding, and yes, it was a personal event, which gives credence to the fact that he wanted to be there. BUT, AND THIS IS A BIG BUT….what I saw was two potential friends in that photo, and slightly uncomfortable ones at that. If we had access to other participants pics from that wedding, I would bet you would see very similar photos with Sam and other guests…after all, he is a television actor, and wearing a kilt at a southern wedding. He was a guest….for what reason I am not privy too, but a guest nonetheless. But, as @fromheretoeternity1121 said yesterday….when I see a pic of Sam with another woman the way he drinks in Cait..then I will waive the while flag.

Are these two a couple?….I don’t believe so. Are they involved due to MPC or other project work…could be. Someone has put a lot of time and effort into wanting us to believe this, so it is easy to fill in the blanks when you don’t know the story. I find it very suspect that the “places and sightings” have ALWAYS come from the FB network ( @cb4tb said it best yesterday…the Sam HUN…heads up network 😂!), yet nothing that truly supports they are romantically involved in any way, shape or form. So, from my POV…they are not. And even Sam has not acknowledged this in any way.

As for Sam and Cait….that is a completely different story isn’t it? I think they are together…I know they should be together, yet we really don’t know at this point, but only because of the doubt that has been thrown over and over. So I asked myself this simple question?…If I must believe the circumstantial information with little to no proof that Sam is romantically involved with a girl halfway around the globe from him, yet she has been in close contact and places with another guy during the same period…..how in the world do I reconcile 3 YEARS of MORE evidence that he is really with Cait??? And, look at 2017 alone!!! My answer…..it’s Cait. You don’t fake that level of love and affection, and whatever is there, is theirs alone. While we have been so focused on the doubt, we continue to miss the nuggets from those closest too them. Why did MBR post that Valentine’s Pic? Why did Graham make it a point to let Cait know they were toasting and talking about her? Why did Sam post on Roman’s IG about pics of Cait? And why, oh why did the visual and poetic MBR post that after the rain pic right before the weekend? They know….they all know! That is where we should be taking our innuendo q’s from moving forward.

So, I will no longer worry about Swiss Miss ( even though we have already been provided with the Easter schedule thanks to Sam HUN!), and I really don’t know how S/C will end up. But, I am tuning out the noise. We only see snippets, but there is a whole bunch of things we are not seeing either. I am sure we will have other things that will cause us to snark and shake our heads, but until Sam or Cait shows us something different….I will ship them. They are the reason I came here, and they will be the reason I leave if it ever comes to that.

Happy Wednesday sweet shipsters! Believe what you want, but I am sticking with the true fairy tale, not the amateur FB version.❤❤❤

  • Wednesday: "Girlfriend"? I don't want to be Lucas's girlfriend.
  • Pugsley: Well, what do you want, then?
  • Wednesday: I don't know. I just want to be with him. All the time. I want to hear about his day and tell him about mine. I want to hold his hand and smell his hair. But I don't want to be his stupid girlfriend.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: After the fight

2.5k words, G rated

Harry says those words and Albus just wants to run and keep running. He’s never been so badly hurt before and it feels like hell. 

So this is what I wrote on Wednesday. It was either this or Voldy timeline stuff and I decided this was more interesting/painful. It’s a bit angsty. But it does include a couple of hugs so it isn’t all completely awful. 

Thanks to @bounding-heart for betaing as always. <3 

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Okay but I feel like we are all overlooking the “I’m sure you’ll get your own way in the end, you usually do” line from Aaron in the Wednesday preview I mean if you say this is not about Aaron being completely unable to resist Robert in the bedroom/kitchen/bathroom/portacabin/Woolpack backroom/cricket pavilion/etc then you are wrong and I will fight you


This video contains Taliesin Jaffe wearing cat ears… Quite frankly WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT??

I love this man… 


“From a half-eaten sandwich in the garbage to a dropped wallet—I grew up protecting what’s mine. Sharing my toys didn’t come naturally. Still doesn’t.”
—Arkham Knight: Genesis #2

NaNo Check-In, Day 16

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Best Work:

He lifts his hand, trying to bat the cloth away from his face, but it does not move. Or rather, it does, but only minutely, as if the weight of his body is ten times what it should be. He tries again, twisting his hips for more power, and his hand swats the cloth away from him, letting it fall to the floor.

The light is searing. He is not sure what pain is greater, the burn in his eyes or the one in his body, as just that movement makes him feel as if he has run a thousand leagues in a fortnight. He lets himself droop back down to the the mattress and –

And he is not laying on a mattress. It is cold beneath his hand, hard.

It is a marble slab.

He exerts himself, shoves himself upright despite the pain in him, and –

And he is on his bier.