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I'm really sorry for asking but I just started watching jacks stream and I have no clue what's going on. Do you think you could explain it to me?

The first four hours of the stream was as promised, but at the end of it, Jack said, “Well, we’re leaving for the night but the stream isn’t ending. There were some weird things happening and you guys might want to look out” (more or less)

“Keep your eyes open. Spooks might happen.”

So, as of right now, there have been a handful of Anti appearances with old footage, seemingly leading up to something? Its going on all night, and…Tbh, I’m going to try to stay up all night to see what happens.

Now and Never

@omsrandom: ((I wanted Thomas Angst and this is what it got me))


Daddy!” His baby girl squealed, and he immediately caught her as she threw herself at him. Grinning and laughing as they hugged each other tightly. Margaret watched from the bench a few feet away, belly round with their baby boy. “Missed you,” Rose mumbled into his chest.

“I missed you more baby girl,” he rumbled back, kissing her head and carrying the toddler to his wife, who had an odd look in her eyes. “Mags, are you ok?”

“I’m fine Thomas,” she answered with a smile not quite reaching her eyes. He left it to the chance their son had just kicked her and helped her up.

The next month was… a rush. Between having to get used to the softness of a bed instead of the ground and sheets to cover up with instead of just his coat as both a pillow and blanket. He also had to get used to not having a gun near of almost every other sound that went bump in the night. On the other hand, the light sleeping helped get Maggie to the hospital sooner, where little Jay Frank Conner was born, honoring his uncle who died to save his life two months beforehand.

Most nights, he was the one who got up and took care of him when he cried in the middle of the night, and as the days passed, he noticed a few things. The days he wasn’t doing whatever work he could find, half of them was taking care of Jay alone with Rose while the other half had a distracted wife staring out the window for most of the time.

One day, he fell asleep on the couch and woke up around midnight to the front door opening and then closing as silently as possible. With baited breath, he heard not one, but two sets of footsteps creep up the stairs, not once hitting the creaky step, which meant that whoever these intruders were, they knew his house, and they were heading towards Mags, Rose and Jay!

Jumping up, he started up the stairs, heart freezing as he saw their bedroom door open. Anger filled him, and he slammed the door open. There, on the bed, was Margaret and a man he never met before. For the first second, he thought the man was taking advantage of her, but then the clearer picture came to and he saw red.

You lying-!” He roared, making the two spring apart.

“Thomas!” The woman gasped, eyes wide and panicked. “What the hell are you doing up?”

“When the hell did he get back?” the man grunted with a glare

“If you paid attention these past four months,” he snapped sharply, murder written in his eyes. “You’d know I am a very light sleeper. So fuck you Jones, I want a divorce.”

The fight for Rose was long and hard and he lost.

He lost his daughter, and his reason to trust others, and soon, he found himself nursing a bender while listening to some guy talk about building something; a studio? Well… he did need the money, and he knew his way around pipes…

((me @ everyone that wanted his Tragic Backstory™ in greater detail - my friend here has you covered c’: its short but a pretty stern kick in the feels, poor thomas. thank you for the fic! it hurt me.))

Unwrap Me Natalia // A Natasha Romanoff imagine NSFW


SUMMARY: Natasha has to unwrap her Christmas present.

You spent hours preparing for tonight. Showered, shaved, re-did your make up and perfected your hair. The lingerie you wore made you feel lavish  as you walked around the apartment lighting candles. You knew Natasha would be in your room by nine, it was only 8:30 now, so you took your time.
You had asked Natasha what she wanted for Christmas this year.
“All I need, is you.” She said in a whisper with a sweet kiss and lingering touches.
So that’s what she was getting.
Red and gold ribbon was wrapped around your hips, a red bow placed on your collar bone above your right breast.
The waiting game had never been your favorite and as you watched the clock ticking away, you could only imagine what you were about to do, your cheeks heating up and stomach clenching briefly as you imagined her mouth on you.
You heard the door open about seven minutes after nine. You stood at the end of the bed and waited patiently. 

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So I just logged on to tumblr to find the jse fandom on fire. I'm seeing all your posts and you seem to know what's up... If you have a second, would you mind telling me what the heck is happening right now?

Alright, so I’ll start from the top.

Jack, PJ, Emma, Robin and Ethan are having a nice charity stream for Save the Children. All is nice, fun holiday stuff for four hours, then Jack tells us that weird shit has been happening and that he wants us to watch these cameras he’s set up to see what happens.

For the past six hours the community has been collectively watching these cams, and a LOT of spooky shit has happened. Anti has shown up a few times, there’s been creepy people in masks, a demented version of Silent Night has played while someone bangs against the garage, there was children’s laughter and a ball rolling down the stairs, a creepy grudge looking woman in the corner hallway, someone hiding under the van, and a silhouette in the loading dock doorway.

The overnightwatch hashtag was started to keep track of all of this madness, so check that out for actual clips and more thorough explanations. It’s been crazy and nerve wracking but really cool at the same time. I’m currently set up with some lemonade watching the cams myself. Nothing has happened in awhile so I’m pretty worried XD


So I just posted a schedule post of what I am going to be posting over the next few days you can find it (HERE). So go have a look at that but now I have a few ideas that I need your guys opinions on. 

  1. So I will be writing Star Wars imagines after I watch the last Jedi, so feel free to send it requests for it tomorrow as I am watching it tonight. Any requests for Star Wars imagines that revolve around the last jedi that are sent in before tomorrow I will delete as I don’t want spoilers.
  2. Secondly, I just started watching Sons of Anarchy. I am only on Season 1 episode 4 so far but I am enjoying it at the moment and oh my god am I in love with some of the men on that show especially Jax Teller. So I was wondering if any of y’all watch the show and perhaps want some imagines? 

Let me know your thoughts either via my dm’s, my inbox or reply on this post. 

About Anthy and the Rose Garden

I have a question that got way too long for the askbox, so. Sorry about this.

So one thing everyone who watches Utena can agree upon is that anthy is confusing, mysterious, mysteriously confusing, and confusingly mysterious. It’s really hard to figure out how she feels about things (besides her love for Utena).

Now, when I see future fics/aus they usually include Anthy being a gardener/flower tender when she grows up. I know in the show she says she just wants to tend to her garden forever and she seems to enjoy it, but I wonder if that’s really what she wants to do? Like, the rose garden was a huge part of her duties as the Rose Bride, and beyond that, roses themselves were a huge part of the *Rose* Bride. I think she likes gardening, but I don’t know if, outside of Ohtori, she would really want to be a flower tender. I feel like it would be a way too big reminder of her time as the Rose Bride.

I think Anthy enjoys the company of animals more, even though she is rarely seen to interact directly with animals (I’m not counting Chu Chu because he might be a familiar/symbol/metaphor for something or another). I actually think she loves animals a lot precisely because she rarely interacts with animals on-screen. Her job as the Rose Bride is to tend the rose garden and enjoy it… but nothing is said about her having to spend time with or enjoy animals. I think its because she enjoys animals so much that she doesn’t emphasize that affection as much as her “affection” for the rose garden. Akio and the duelists know about the garden, but they don’t seem to know about the animals that she keeps in her closet, desk drawer, and pencil case (except Miki but, bless him, I doubt he really makes the connection).

Anthy’s rose garden is exploited and disrespected (off the top of my head, Touga uses his access to Anthy’s garden to have romantic meetings with other women, even while “engaged” to her), and Chu Chu is put through a lot of abuse. So, Anthy keeps people away from her non-Chu Chu animals so they won’t be exploited or hurt like the garden or Chu Chu–the things people know she cares about.

Basically, I think Anthy does like gardening, but she loves animals more. What do you think?

No, I absolutely agree with you. I think Anthy does enjoy gardening, but a lot of it was tied to her role as the rose bride- note that she specifically gardened in a greenhouse, rather than outside- the roses were in a cage, like her. She related to them, and like them she felt a certain comfort in her cage. So I think part of her struggle in the outside world would be breaking away from that a bit, so she might take a break from flowers in general, though I could see her maintaining a free, wild garden where everything grows all over the place in a big mess later on.

And yes, Vet Anthy or Anthy running an animal shelter ftw. The times Anthy DOES interact with animals are very telling. She seems comfortable and happy in a way she rarely is. I think one SUPER telling thing was when Miki asked the baby birds and Anthy was very assertive in answering him and telling him what to do to take care of them. Utena was very impressed by it, even commenting “that’s unusually straightfoward for her”. Around animals (and in regards to animals) Anthy can be confident, direct and honest. Likely because they are creatures capable of warmth and love, but lack the kind of judgementalness and deceptive cruelty she’s associates with humans.

So yeah, Anthy is absolutely going to have a great career working with animals and be happy about it. That’s definitely the direction I see her life going.

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For Iris to be a SF digger, she would have to be a speedster or even steal Barry's speed. Iris is perfectly fine being the way she is. She just wants to prove her worth, which was her concern in 3x06. But now she is the HBIC at Starlabs. Snowbaffoons ARE grasping at straws like that blogger (The one that responded to your anon's comment) said.

I know lol. They think Iris is only with Barry cause he’s the flash so she’s taking advantage of his low self esteem to hog all the glory. So they call her speedforce digger cause she’s obsessed with speedsters I guess? Even though none of this happened on the show idk what they’re watching 

If anyone is digging anything, the Speedforce is an “Iris West (Allen) Digger). The Speedforce loves it some Iris, where as she’s not really a fan of the Speedforce at this point. 

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I know it’s annoying that everyone overanalyzes things and assume he hates people or wants to leave the group because he’s not always full of energy? Like.. can yall relax

He doesn’t have to be full of energy all the time. Suddenly he doesn’t smile once for example and people start making up things. 

Anonymous said:hmm, sorry to intrude but this is actually a recent thing, because people are laughing at him for having a negative response about his fortune (season greetings) and people are saying on twitter he deserves it because he actually looks like he does not want to be in the group anymore and he looks like he hates everyone, this is not about that rumour a few months ago, this is happening right now.

You’re not intruding, no worries. Oh I get it now, I watched season’s greetings. Those assumptions are stupid and funny at the same time.On what are those assumption even based? I don’t get that. 

Anonymous said: hate 2 get sucked in by all the rumors Twitter stans come up w but ….. did u see Tae in Run BTS! ep 30? In the 2nd half of the ep when he’s sitting back there’s so many BG shots of him looking down/fidgeting w the mattress/looking uninterested, nd there were a couple moments where his nose looked red too and it looked like he was almost crying. I noticed that by myself when I first watched it nd even tho I know he (like all the others) is probably just tired/exhausted af I still can’t help it.

First time seeing someone mentiones this but no I haven’t. I’m pretty sure he was just tired, they filmed that between their concerts and all, last few months were hectic.

So I was tagged by @claireisamaz

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Soooooo based on what i read,aaron has to move on because robert tells him too??
What if aaron wants to get back together with robert but robert tells him no???
And thats because for once robert has to let aaron go for him to be happy???
I kinda like these thoughts….
Now if i get a confirmation that dr pd will not be in february i will be happy and start watching robron.
Now i cant wait for christmas episode.

Hiei x Mukuro

And why I don’t ship it.

Now give me a chance, here. I’m not a yaoi fangirl. I didn’t even ship Hiei with anyone in the series at all when I was watching it. And I wasn’t one of those crazy fangirls who is like “IF I CAN’T HAVE HIM NO ONE CAN!!!111”

Although, I admit when I realized Hiei was basically getting a gf in 3 Kings, my stomach dropped. A creature with a vagina? Near HIEI?! Perish the thought!

But I accepted it because what else could I do?

Now, I wanted to like this chick. At first she seems pretty cool. They even take shots at each other. Her making a joke at him and he even insulted her, calling her a mummy. So Hiei. Seemed like he could handle her well enough.

And then we find out his past, and when we’re done seething and sobbing, we find out hers.

You know, as she strips naked and mind rapes him.

Lemme explain why I have issue with this. Hiei is not the type of guy to have sympathy for someone out of nowhere when he BARELY KNOWS THEM. This is a total stranger. Are we supposed to believe because she’s had a bad life and is all like “oh Hiei I understand your pain because I had bad shit happen to me too and killed to make it stop too” that Hiei will automatically bond with her?

He’s from Demon World, where violence is normal. The world itself smells like death. He says so to Yusuke.

Sooo, someone else tried to cure their pain with blood…in a world where probably 80% of people are doing just that.

So what? I’m sorry but that would be an in character reaction for Hiei. Like “wow, too bad for you. What does this have to do with me?”

Also Mukuro having a bad past and Hiei having sympathy right away and falling for her is EVERY OOC FANFIC WITH AN OC WE HAVE EVER READ.

And OMG she has his teargem so that MUST mean they are soulmates!

How many of us have given “critiques” on something like that, or just hit the back button with no review?

I wanted to like her! But after that we barely get anything. We see them together. They quip with each other, and seem to have friendship at least…

And no I don’t expect Hiei to get goo goo eyed every time Mukuro speaks like Kuwabara does with Yukina, but flirting? Like Yusuke and Keiko? Something?

Nope. They have as much chemistry as Kuwabara and Kurama do. (Yes, I know some may ship them shh) Kuwabara and Kurama are friends, they get along, they trust each other to a certain degree but they are in love as much as I am with a box of nails.

No offense to anyone that has a fetish for nail boxes.

So, I maybe would have been more willing to accept this if we had seen the relationship grow at all. Been given reasons more than “oh they both have bad pasts.”

I’d be more willing, even though I don’t ship it, to believe Hiei and Kurama, because we SEE the bond. We FEEL it.

I’ve read a few Himuku fanfics and the ones I read weren’t that good. Not because it was written badly. It was either rushed sex or too mushy because the author had no idea how to write them together as a functioning couple. BECAUSE WE NEVER SEE IT.

Mukuro is a fun character. I’ve read her in other fics and done correctly. The Hiei/Shizuru series done by dragonfly-rising on fanfiction.net has an amazing Mukuro.

Just not with Hiei.

I feel more emotion in Hieibara fics than Himuku! Why? Because Hiei and Kuwabara actually have chemistry on screen!

We get one episode for their “romance.” One. And in the Japanese version, the romantic “feel” Funimation tried to give it is not there at all.

Yes, there is a connection. No doubt. It just feels forced and fake on the romance part.

Mukuro even pokes fun at his friendship with Kurama to which HxKers use as a moment to prove their ship. “Well if even Mukuro notices it!”

And if we wanna believe this IS a romance, well then, Hiei is an awful bf.

In the OVAs he left his tear gem with her to go train for the tournament.

The look they drew on her face is utter heartbreak. Not sure why they did that. Because it’s OOC for her.

Any case, this is my rant. Hope it was entertaining.

Originally posted by anime42069

PS: Mukuro is pretty bad ass and I DO like her as a character.

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I’m in love with my 18 year old daughter. I been in love with her since she turned 13 and I know it’s wrong. I’ve never done anything but the last couple months she has been driving me crazy plus she leaves to go to college next summer. So I didn’t want to waste any time and miss out on finally seeing her body naked. I had to get a bathroom cam and watch everyday as she strips down and showers. It’s like most of my dreams have been answered. But now I’m even more in love with her. What do I do?

No clue 🤷🏼‍♀️lol I’m hardly a “Dear Abby!” 🤣💋

A couple of Questions

So i’m watching the #overnightwatch and i just got in at 2 am est. I haven’t been up to date since i’ve left the stream like at 5:30 so like what’s going on?

I know its live but i keep seeing stuff in the chat about “its looped” and that “anti shows up for donations”  

what I want to know is if its really a loop? has anti appeared in same room(s) multiple times? Like I said i’m just now getting to thee stream so I need someone to catch me up to what’s going on.

yes hello i just wanted to remind u all that allura is amazing and i love her

this guy realllllly does not like being called short.


get to know me: favorite female character → the ‘avatar: the last airbender’ girls
“I’m a warrior, but I’m a girl too.”