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Boku No hero Academia Light Novel No.2 Translations

t/n: I overly underestimated the difference in Japanese syntax structure to that of English, and it was honestly so hard trying to translate it in a way where it’d make sense, but not stray too much from what the original writing was trying to portray?? idk but, nonetheless, I’ve come to discover my enjoyment through translating ^_^ though I’d just want to point out my Japanese is far from native, I’m terrible and have become absolute poop over the last couple months, so please when reading, please understand and excuse grammatical errors, mistakes etc. 

I also want to mention that updates or translation won’t be frequent or anything :( as I’m doing this alongside my thesis atm, but will make the effort to update parts/chapters when I have time.

and last but not least, if you can, please try to refrain from reposting and, or at least credit this post! but yeah, thank you very much and I hope you enjoy! ^_^ <3

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I hate when I’m looking for Jasper redemption post, I mostly see hate post on Lapis and all of what she did wrong, without any sympathy. I like Jasper, but I like Lapis too. I don’t want to shit on one of them just to have the other get redeemed. Both of them did wrong things, but both of them are trauma victims. Maybe one is worse than the other, but they both are suffering. I feel like there’s just as much hope for Jasper to be happy/get redeemed than Lapis or Peridot for that matter.
- Anonymous


because of the recent shortage of gays in space, I was motivated to draw one of my favourite Space Gays, Steve Cortez, whom I love very much

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Could you write the RFA + minor trio reacting to MC having bad period cramps??

Oh god this was me a few days ago ahhhh. sorry though but I don’t really do vanderwood since I don’t know them that well so I only do RFA and v and saeran ~~ mod stranger

Zen: he’ll let you chill and rest as much as you want + some really good massages too

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Yoosung: CUDDLES TIME. he honestly feels so bad for what you have to go through so he’ll listen to whatever it is you want to say too

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Jaehee: she knows what you’re going through and this is the only time she’ll actually spoil you with food so you don’t think about your cramps

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Jumin: he has no idea what’s going on he hires a thousand doctors to check on you but once he passes that initial phase of not knowing he’ll pamper you to the max

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Seven: he’ll let you eat as many honey Buddha chips as you want but at one point he’ll get worried about how much you’re eating

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Saeran: he NEVER shares his ice cream with anyone but he’ll actually share some with you

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V: he has no idea what to do except feed you (’That’s what you do to feel better right?’) so when you start to feel calmer while eating he knows what to do next time

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We used to catch Pokémon wrong - Here's A Thing
Back in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow, throwing a pokéball didn't work quite how we thought it did. Join Chris Bratt in today's episode of Here's A Thing as w...

Chris from Eurogamer contacted me for a feature on Pokémon capture mechanics the other day, and the resulting video has been posted! It goes over the R/B/Y capture algorithm, with an example and some wonderfully despairing expressions by Chris as his childhood is ruined with the fact lowering a Pokémon’s HP below one third doesn’t do anything. Sadly, because of the format it couldn’t go into too much detail (I really wanted him to get into wobbles, but there just wasn’t time), but still manages to mention the neatest bits.

I also recommend the rest of the Here’s A Thing series, which goes into lots of fascinating little tidbits on video games and always talks a bit about what they actually mean for the game and its players, rather than just dryly dumping information. There’s an episode on insult swordfighting in Monkey Island, for example. And the host is delightful.

guys i have decided to not be so active on tumblr for a while, the fact i see some people here disrespect lauren is too much. i cant support that, if i stay here i will end up fighting some people and i don’t want to do that because i like some of these people, if you understand what i say on my asks and my point of view you’ll understand what i mean now, i never claimed this type of stuff and never will 😕 also i’m a little tired of tumblr so there’s 2 reasons for me to do that, i will answer some people here and there but i wont be so active like i usually am

Part One: Dr. Sexy, M.D. (Changing Channels S05E08)

Useful Links: Last Part | All Episodes 
Word Count: 6,412. (OOPS.) 
A/N:Totally didn’t expect this to come out in about twelve pages on Google Docs, oh well! I had way too much fun just writing this episode in general, so that’s why it’s so long. (And if I want to add a few more little scenes in here, parts are gonna be long.) But I hope you guys enjoy this! More out soon!

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alone time

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word count: 804 


character(s): nakamoto yuta, nct 127

three years ago you met your best friend, yuta. he’s been your rock and safety blanket the whole time. you just happened to be shy and clingy, you clung onto the people you were close with. most of your friends found this annoying, they thought you were too clingy. they also wanted you to grow out of your shell, but it’s a challenge. yuta understood this which quickly made him your best friend. he always protected you, and for that you’ll be eternally grateful.

“aww y/n” he cooed, you clung onto his arm as he approached the dorm

“what if they don’t like me” you whined quietly, he stopped in front of the door and captured your face in his hands

“they will love you just as much as i do” he said before opening the door and greeting his members

“guys this is y/n. y/n that’s johnny. mark, taeil, taeyong, hae chan, do young, winwin, and jae hyun” he said as i tried to remember all of their faces and names

“she’s kind of shy” he said, smiling a bit before sitting with you on the couch and talking with his members

*time skip*

now that interaction was roughly six months ago. within that short period of time you’ve become close with all of them. since their comeback is coming up there hasn’t been much time to hang out. yuta though, yuta will always make time. if it’s taking a nap together, getting coffee, or getting lunch

recently he’s been under a lot of stress, with each day their comeback becomes that much closer. they were all stressed and worried about what their fans would think of their new concept and sound. you’ve tried your best to assure them that no matter what, their true fans will love it and maybe it’ll attract more fans.

“y/n” winwin called, you had the official, unofficial job of being their caretaker

“coming” you said back, rushing to his dorm

“why are you in yuta’s dorm? where is he?” you asked, looking around the room and under the covers until you found him

“he’s been in here all afternoon” he said quietly before leaving

“you alright?” you asked, turning to see he moved to sit in the corner of the room, he stayed silent

“yuta?” you said, approaching him as he looked up at you

“what?” he said angrily as you flinched

“are you ok?” you asked, he rolled his eyes and stood up

“why are you always in my business?” he asked harshly as you looked at the floor

“it was just a question” you explained as he scoffed

“you’re so clingy! it’s so irritating, but i pretend to like it because i don’t want to hurt your feelings. you need to learn to come out of your shell. god you’re so dependent and it gets on my nerves. sometimes i wish you never came into my life, so i don’t have to worry about leaving you alone for more than five minutes. stop getting in all of my business and leave me alone” he yelled as you felt tears prick your eyes

“the truth comes out” you said before turning on your heels and walking out, you finally let the tears fall

“y/n” jae hyun called, catching the attention of all the members as they comforted you

“he’s just talking a bunch of shit” johnny yelled, getting angry at yuta for hurting you, he was like your older brother

“jonhnny, stop” do young said, making him sit down

“we’ll go talk to him” do young said, johnny and jae hyun leaving with him

you sat there, his words repeated themselves through your head. winwin and mark were the only ones left in the dorm so they sat there and comforted you. you placed your head in your hands and tried to shut out the thoughts.

“y/n?” mark asked, you lifted your head up and saw yuta, you cowered into the two boys a little more and hurt flashed through his eyes

“y/n…i-i’m sorry. i can’t put into words how sorry i am. i was just stressed, and i took it out on you. you didn’t deserve it and i’m so sorry. please forgive me. i didn’t mean any of the words i said, it just came out and it was just bullshit. i’m sorry” he said as i looked up

“please i don’t want to lose you over this, please” he begged, starting to get on his knees

“i forgive you” you said, lifting him up

“have i ever told you how much i love you?” he sighed, bringing you in his arms

“no, you better start telling me everyday” you retorted, he looked down at you and kissed the top of your head

“i’ll start tomorrow”

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I just wanted to tell you that your Mafia AU is wonderful, and I adore your art style! I really appreciate all of the love and hard work you put into your art. It clearly shows. 💜 Thank you for bringing such creative beauty to the world! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll create next!

Awwww, thank you so much!!  O///u///O
So awesome to hear you like the silly mafia AU :’D
Currently one of my biggest obsessions, so, it’s good to know other’s like it too XD
Hahaha, i always feel like I’m super lazy at art lately, I’m happy that you think it still looks good ;w;
And yus, I shall definitely continue creating great things!!! >w<
Please look forward to it :3
and thank YOU for your kind words and support!!!

I love…

how Graveyard doesn’t give direct answers to asks whether she supports Marecal and how she constantly reminds her readers to not read into things so much, because she doesn’t want us to expect too much, and honestly, the books are enough proof (hello, KING’S CAGE Chapter 22). But you know what I love more? That she low key burns demanding fans who rudely tell her that Marecal has no passion and demand for a Mareven ending―look at her replies to those asks! 

VA is my aesthetic.

I know I probably talk too much about being aro and I’m sure it annoys my followers, but you know what? I spent all my teenage years* feeling isolated and freakish and beating myself up over “not having” an orientation, and I’m so done with that shit and I never want anyone else to feel like that, either. I think I’ve earned the right to be proud of who I am. If all my friends can post lots of col positivity posts about lesbians and whatnot, I think I can talk about being aro on my own damn blog.

(*Technically I’m still 19 but like… you know what I mean)

I Feel Lost
Hey guys, hope I didn't wake you up. I've just been feeling a little lost lately and wanted to get some things off my chest. I've been on YouTube for about 5...

what i want him to know is that he will never disappoint me. whatever he goes through, i’m gonna stick by him; and i can’t talk for everyone, but i like to believe that most of you here will too. if he needs to take a moment to try and figure everything out, then dude, take as much time as you need. i’m so proud of what he’s done, and i’m going to keep supporting him whatever choices he makes.

god, he means so much to me.

“Please, forgive yourself…”

…for my perceived imperfections. I am struggling. I have been, for a while. Because this past year has, well, it has been shit. There are many times in your life where you can look back and think, “Wow. I never would have expected that.” And sometimes it’s good. But this past year? It’s been bad. And I try not to treat this site like my counselor… but I just want to encourage people like me who think too much, who see the encouraging posts and don’t believe them. If it makes you feel better- I don’t believe the post I’m typing right now. Because I don’t believe I am a victim. In fact, I like to think I’m both victim and abuser. I like to think I deserved everything and that I ought to have more punishment. I hate myself. But I love myself. And what a rollercoaster to be on, yeah? 

I’m learning. I’m trying. Maybe someday I’ll believe this post. Maybe someday I’ll forgive myself. But in the meantime- just try- okay? Just try to love yourself.

I have an urge to drop my other target languages and just pick up more romance languages and become a romance language MASTER because like I’m surprisingly dope at them

But then like…. no? I mean I love romance languages but I’d miss my bae German too much. And ARABIC don’t even get me started on Arabic. And oh boy I definitely want to learn Finnish one day. And what about Japanese?? I studied that for a few years and it was amazing. And what about when I want to go study in China for a month? What then???

Sooo I just go back to dreaming about every single language, which I’m sure a lot of us can relate to 👉👉

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Why, exactly, would we joke about something like this? *Especially* after what you've been put through lately? We want you loved and supported and *knowing it.* *We want you happy.* You *and* Logic--and yes, the others too, but.. nnnnope, not going there right now. Focusing on you two.

I understand that you guys want to help…. I appreciate it so much… These feelings I have… They just can’t come out.

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I just recently lost a good friend of mine to chronic illness and the grieving process is too much to bear. I'm at the point where I'm conflicted, like I still take pride in my Judaism, but I'm severely angry at G-d for taking her away from me or having her be sick in the first place. What should I do? I really don't want to turn my back on my faith, but I'm just so angry. Please help.

Hi anon,

I am so sorry about your loss.

Sometimes tragedies occur that are not in our control and they have the power of making us feel vulnerable, angry and upset. I do not blame you for being angry with G-d, nor do I blame you for feeling any emotions surrounding all of the things you are dealing with right now.

Your story reminds me of some of the feelings that Elie Wiesel wrote about his experiences in the Holocaust in his book “Night,” such as his theology surrounding saying the Kiddush on Shabbat: “For the first time, I felt anger rising within me. Why should I sanctify His name? The Almighty, the eternal and terrible Master of the Universe, chose to be silent. What was there to thank Him for?” (pg. 33) You have every right to hold every emotion that you are feeling.

As to what you should do? Once the days and weeks and months become just a little easier with your friend, do something in honor of her. Eat her favorite food, donate to one of her favorite charities, go to her favorite amusement park, watch her favorite movie(s).

If you would like to speak specifically about your relationship with G-d, feel free to send me a direct message. I would love to help you to personally help you (and not in public as this is a personal issue).

May your friend’s memory live on as a beautiful blessing. May her entire family and all of her friends feel comfort in the gorgeous light that she brought to the world.


Things I learned from making and posting a masterlist: 

1. It confirmed what I already knew which is that this is the best most supportive fandom ever.

@emmatheevil @alittlemissfit @alwaysforyouscully @xfile-cabinetx @judas-mulder

2. I have written wayyyyy too much fanfiction.

3. ^ despite number 2 I won’t stop. 

4. I fucking love txf and fanfiction.