what i think of every time i'm sorry

So its been like what? A week and I still can’t stop thinking about WKM, damnit @markiplier why you gotta get me obsessed.
I also plan on doing one of these for every WKM character, no matter how irrelevant it gets.
(This is also the first time ive used fire alpaca to animate and I’m still figuring it out)

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I had never heard Uptown Funk before seeing you reblog a gifset of it, but now not only can I not stop listening to it, but every time I hear "I'm too hot Make a dragon wanna retire man" I think of Hawke and it makes me giggle

“Hightown funk you up, Hightown funk you up”

What's with the weird times?

So as you might know, it is currently nearly 4-fucking-am in the morning where jack lives, and anywhere from 8 to 11 pm in the (continental) United States, so what’s with all the crazy times for the Anti stuff to show up?


He’s wearing us down.

Not only that, he’s INSURING that we’re going to have to stay up for it. Changing captions? Adjusting thumbnails? He’s not doing it on accident. He’s keeping us constantly on our toes. If we sleep we might miss it: that one caption change, that one post he’ll alter back before we wake up. Anti’s keeping us desperate and on edge. We’re trying so hard to prepare for everything we’re not going to be prepared for anything. After all, isn’t that what we were taught? That “sleep is for the weak”?

He wants us out our lowest, at our least ready to fight back. He wants us so tired, we’ll be glad when he finally takes over.

But we WILL surprise him. Because we CAN do it. There’s literally millions of us, spread across every time zone on the face of the earth. And we’re all on our guard.

Cause if Anti thinks we’re going to break down that easily, he’s got another thing coming.

I want Ed exposed to the fear toxin. 

I don’t want his greatest fear to be Oswald killing him or freezing him or anything… I want his greatest fear to be that he will succeed in killing Oswald. 

I mean, you can’t tell me that he really wants to kill Oswald, because.. he could have done that how many times and he hesitates every time. I feel like he thinks he wants to (or has to) kill Oswald, but deep down he doesn’t want that. 

Also, it’d be similar to Oswald’s fear… in the sense that thing he wants/loves the most is also what scares him the most. 

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y’all aren’t even ready for this shit

i apologize for nothing


Ryland rolled his eyes as Kamal grinned devilishly and crossed the finish line. “Dude, you were totally cheating!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Kamal sang as he did a little dance in his seat. Ash laughed and Sam muttered something about kicking someone’s ass.

They were all hanging out, just lounging in Ryland’s (and Alex’s) living room playing Mario Kart. Kamal kept insisting he wasn’t cheating, but Alex had never seen someone actually beat Ryland at Mario Kart before, so he suspected something was up. To be honest, though, he didn’t really care.

Alex and Ash had preferred not to play, watching the others with amusement as anger, joy, and disbelief kept spiking on their faces. Alex found himself watching Ryland in particular, as he’d never get over how expressive Ryland was during games. It seemed like the only time everyone could see a wide range of emotions from him.

Ryland tossed the controller aside, huffing. Alex pulled a hand through Ryland’s hair, twirling the end of it around his finger. “C’mon, Ry. It’s just a game.”

Ryland caught his eye, giving him a look, but Alex was unaffected. Finally, Ryland admitted defeat, flopping back to press his full weight against Alex, groaning.

Alex squeaked, then giggled at the sudden mass of warmth draped across him. “Ry. You’re crushing me.”

“Good,” Ryland retorted, and Alex looked for help, but Kamal was on his phone, Sam was raiding the fridge, and Ash was just laughing at them.

So Alex took matters into his own hands.

Reaching up, he curled a hand around Ryland’s neck and squeezed slightly.

Letting out a louder squawk than Alex expected, Ryland nearly jumped away from Alex, his face a bright red. “Lex–Alex!”

Ash was laughing in earnest now. “How’d you get him off?”

“Easy. He likes being choked.” Alex laughed loudly, not fully realizing what that implied until he realized he was the only one laughing.

He stopped, remembered exactly what he’d said, then felt his entire face flush. Ryland was staring at him, looking somewhat like an owl.

Kamal turned slowly, a grin starting to stretch across his face. “Wait. You–”

“No way!” Sam burst in, her own giggles barely contained. “I knew it!” She turned to Ash, triumphant. “Pay up, sister.”

Ryland was still frozen, so Alex wheezed out: “…what?”

Ash shrugged. “We made bets on when you’d out yourself,” she explained as she dug around for a couple bills.

“Never mind that!” Kamal said gleefully, poking Ryland. “You like getting choked?”

Ryland slowly turned, staring down at Kamal with dead eyes. “I can choke you, Kamal. And not in the sexy way.”

Kamal’s cocky grin faltered, but then he noticed Alex’s flush. “You like it when Ryland acts scary!” he screeched, falling onto the floor with laughter.

Alex grabbed a pillow, covering his face. “N-No, you…”

Ryland collapsed next to Alex, covering his eyes with his hands. “You had to bring up the choking, didn’t you?”

“Sorry,” Alex mumbled, refusing to come out from his pillow protection.

“On the plus side, you guys can stop acting Straight every time we come over now,” Ash noted, picking up Ryland’s forgotten controller. “Now sit back and watch a real Mario Kart player!”

  • Client: Yes, we're just here for the rabies shot.
  • Me: Ok. Everything looks great on exam, let's get the vaccine and then you can go.
  • Client: Oh. Can you cut her nails?
  • Me: Sure. We can do that.
  • Client: What about the vomiting?
  • Me: I'm sorry?
  • Client: She vomits. Every day at least 3 times.
  • Me: oh, you didn't mention that-
  • Client: Also she's itchy. She scratches her ears all the time. I think she has a food allergy because she gets hives after she eats.
  • Me: We definitely need to address those things. Let's book you a longer appointment slot because-
  • Client: Were getting a new puppy so actually we need all of her vaccines done. I can't come back, the puppy flies in tomorrow. I need it now.
  • Me: There is no way we can address everything today, I'm sorry. And if she's ill we shouldn't vaccinate her.
  • Client: Doesn't matter. I have to pick my son up from lacrosse in 10 minutes so we'll just have to come back. So we didn't really do anything today so it's no charge?

I’m actually, like, genuinely upset at people in the phandom who are getting so mad over Phil’s new video and taking it out on the video itself (which was a masterpiece, btw)

Just because the bedroom theory, which honestly does have a lot of backing up to it, wasn’t proven to be correct in this video doesn’t mean you have to get mad at the video. It was a THEORY, first of all, and second of all: DAN AND PHIL DON’T HAVE TO SHARE EVERY DETAIL OF THEIR LIVES

Guys, things were so good last week when the theory started. We were all really calm and chill about it, and that’s how it’s supposed to be; we shouldn’t be freaking out over these things because we want it to be calm for Dan and Phil

But now that this video is out and people are upset that it’s going against the theory, people are taking it out on Phil?? How does that make sense?

This video was genuinely precious (like, the vase come on he is such a dear soul), but all people are focusing on is the fact that Phil was trying to convince us that he wasn’t sleeping in Dan’s room or that he wasn’t filming at the time he said he was. Barely anyone is focusing on the video itself! Come on, we got Phil in his glasses, we got Phil showing us that they’re going to play Dream Daddy this week. 

But everyone is so focused on the bedroom theory, and it makes me sick. Like, I ship phan as much as the next person, but I don’t think it’s right when people get angry because their theory wasn’t right or because they aren’t sharing every single detail of their lives.

They’re human just like us. Let them take their time, and if things happen, let’s all be chill, okay? That’s what they need and deserve. 

Give them their time. When they’re ready, they’re ready. Let’s not rush them. 

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hey so I was wondering if anyone here could help me. I've been brought up to be very homophobic and intolerant, but I really don't want to be this way. I want to be a loving and accepting person but I don't know how exactly to get over my homophobia. it's just so ingrained in me to hate lgbt people, I really hate being this way. has anyone here got any ideas of stuff that could help me become more accepting of you lgbt people? sorry to bother btw, I'm just wondering

hey!! ty for reaching out, im glad that you’re consciously trying to combat your ingrained bigotry, that’s admirable.

for me what helps with internalized/ingrained stuff is to mentally slap myself every time it comes up. like for example, as a cis person, i have ingrained transphobia, and i work against that. sometimes i’ll think something transphobic, and i make sure to mentally be like “hey that’s wrong, stop that” until it becomes a habit to chastise bigoted thoughts. it’s very much a process, not a one-step fix.

and honestly? you’ll probably never get rid of All Ingrained Bad Stuff Ever and be a perfect person, because like. even lgbt people have internalized homo/transphobia. perfection is kind of a hollow goal. so what matters most imo is to Consciously be a good person, even if you’re actively working against homophobic/transphobic thoughts. make sure that you’re actively supportive to lgbt people (friends, family…) whenever possible

and recognize that just because you’re taught something and brought up a certain way, and critical thinking is a good thing. but tbh it sounds like you’ve already recognized that your homophobic upbringing was Not Good so yeah

that was kinda rambly but i hope it helped? @ followers if u could chip in that would be welcomed

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For the summary ask: 'P is for Pumpkin'

title: p is for pumpkin

pairing: lavender brown x draco malfoy

Lavender Brown does not need a boyfriend.

Or a girlfriend.

Or anyone at all, really, because she is smart and she is independent and she is through playing the docile, desperate, emotionally neglected ornamental doormat to a never-ending string of greasy, glorified accountants with SUNY degrees. She deserves better. She deserves more. She’s going to learn to love who she is now, not later. And she’s going to adopt a cat, and take wine and cheese pairing classes, and do a comprehensive re-watch of all the Samantha-centric episodes of Sex and the City. Lavender is going to make herself happy.

Draco Malfoy, however, somewhat characteristically puts a wrench in her plans.

As the sleek, sour, inexplicably charming owner of the specialty bookshop across the street from her apartment, he has, over the years, gradually gone from ignoring her outright, to begrudgingly helping her mount a TV on her wall, to installing an enormous mauve velvet armchair in the corner of his stockroom for her to mope in when she’s feeling less than optimistic about the state of her spring collection. They’re friends. Well–they’re friends who ruthlessly mock one another’s various relationship disasters at every available opportunity. Those sorts of friends.

Because Draco likes intellectuals with frizzy hair and too many frumpy gray cardigans to count, and Lavender has a bad habit of getting caught up in the moment and becoming a vegan, or joining a CrossFit gym, or taking off on a spontaneous two-month road trip across Canada that results in a thankfully illegal wedding and a shocking tussle with a squadron of Mounties.

(Every year, without exception, Draco fills one of her dresser drawers with bottles of imported maple syrup on the anniversary of her fake divorce. Possibly, he knows too much about her. Possibly, she knows too much about him. Possibly, they know far, far, far too much about each other.)

Still, even Lavender couldn’t have predicted Draco’s reaction to her announcement that she is, in fact, done with dating:

“Seriously?” he whines, scowling at where she’s perched on the edge of his kitchen counter. “You couldn’t have, I don’t know, waited a few months to accept spinsterhood?”

Lavender…doesn’t understand. “I don’t understand,” she says flatly.

Draco heaves an exaggerated, long-suffering sigh and stirs the vodka sauce simmering on the stove. “My parents are renewing their vows on Halloween,” he drawls, pointedly averting his gaze. “It’s disgusting and beautiful and my mother, who is a saint, by the way, gets incredibly, tragically sad whenever she thinks about how lonely I am, so–I needed you. To. You know. Pretend to be my girlfriend for the weekend.”

Lavender drops her wine glass.

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The First Scene of Hannibal Never Happened

The more I look at the series as a whole, the more I’m convinced that the first scene, the very first time we see Will Graham in action,  it never really happened, at least not it the way it was portrayed. This scene was simply the foyer of Will Graham’s memory palace, a mood setting piece, our introduction to him.

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I was happy when I saw you that day
The way I saw it was that I could finally tell someone who would listen and try to understand
But when I went to open my mouth and speak
The words died in my throat and nothing came out
And days passed
Things happened everyday
And somehow, I never ended up telling you anything

You weren’t happy to see me that day
You looked pretty angry
And I tried to think and understand 
But why you would do that just didn’t make sense to me
Nothing did
So I did the only thing I could
I let it go
The only thing it seems I’ve been doing the last few days
Letting stuff go
And every time I talk to you
I leave with a headache
It hurts to think of what we used to be 
And what we are now
Shattered hearts
Too proud to patch the other up

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Okay, wow, it took me a really long time to hear this, but England is actually going through with the Brexit. You're from the UK, right? If not, sorry to bother then, but if you are, I'm just wondering what you think about all this.

I am utterly embarrassed, appalled, ashamed, and every doom that comes down upon our colossally stupid country for this has been earned throughout history, and yet I still wish it wasn’t happening. The people who will suffer the most from it are undoubtedly the ones who deserve it the least, and I just hope we can pull together to survive and reverse it (although frankly if I was the EU there wouldn’t be any sympathy like what the actual fuck England)

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I know this is stupid, but I've never felt like I belong in Hufflepuff. I mean, I get into trouble. I get into fights, I tend to ignore my emotions. I am not good with plants, I'm not a very good person. I'm a fucking bitch. I don't know, I've just never belonged. I've taken every House quiz, and I even retook the Pottermore house quiz 7 times already and ever single time, I get Hufflepuff.

You don’t have to be a sweet, pastel, fairy princess to be a Hufflepuff. It’s just about what you value. If you value loyalty, maybe Hufflepuff is the place for you. I’m sorry you are feeling like you don’t belong. But know that the rest of us Hufflepuffs would be glad to have you in our house, even if you think you don’t fit in. I think that’s the thing about Puffs, we tend to care for others and want them to feel included. But not everyone is going to fit into the regular mold and we embrace that. I hope you feel at home wherever you are <3