what i think of every time i'm sorry

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hey so I was wondering if anyone here could help me. I've been brought up to be very homophobic and intolerant, but I really don't want to be this way. I want to be a loving and accepting person but I don't know how exactly to get over my homophobia. it's just so ingrained in me to hate lgbt people, I really hate being this way. has anyone here got any ideas of stuff that could help me become more accepting of you lgbt people? sorry to bother btw, I'm just wondering

hey!! ty for reaching out, im glad that you’re consciously trying to combat your ingrained bigotry, that’s admirable.

for me what helps with internalized/ingrained stuff is to mentally slap myself every time it comes up. like for example, as a cis person, i have ingrained transphobia, and i work against that. sometimes i’ll think something transphobic, and i make sure to mentally be like “hey that’s wrong, stop that” until it becomes a habit to chastise bigoted thoughts. it’s very much a process, not a one-step fix.

and honestly? you’ll probably never get rid of All Ingrained Bad Stuff Ever and be a perfect person, because like. even lgbt people have internalized homo/transphobia. perfection is kind of a hollow goal. so what matters most imo is to Consciously be a good person, even if you’re actively working against homophobic/transphobic thoughts. make sure that you’re actively supportive to lgbt people (friends, family…) whenever possible

and recognize that just because you’re taught something and brought up a certain way, and critical thinking is a good thing. but tbh it sounds like you’ve already recognized that your homophobic upbringing was Not Good so yeah

that was kinda rambly but i hope it helped? @ followers if u could chip in that would be welcomed

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Okay, wow, it took me a really long time to hear this, but England is actually going through with the Brexit. You're from the UK, right? If not, sorry to bother then, but if you are, I'm just wondering what you think about all this.

I am utterly embarrassed, appalled, ashamed, and every doom that comes down upon our colossally stupid country for this has been earned throughout history, and yet I still wish it wasn’t happening. The people who will suffer the most from it are undoubtedly the ones who deserve it the least, and I just hope we can pull together to survive and reverse it (although frankly if I was the EU there wouldn’t be any sympathy like what the actual fuck England)

Bagginshield #14 - in a fairytale

Rating: M
Summary: for the 30 Day OTP Challenge.
Detective Inspector Durin has been trying to put Smaug behind bars for years, but something almost…supernatural keeps getting in the way. Bilbo Baggins has been running since he was a kid, but no matter where he goes he can’t escape his curse. Maybe they can help each other. Alternate Universe - Modern Setting/Magical Realism. Part I

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god can you just shut the fuck up and let people ship what they want its just fictional

sorry that me, a minor, is uncomfortable with an adult woman thinking its hot for a 20+ superior officer to be interested in and to date a 16 yo boy lmao? also stop thinking fiction doesn’t affect reality, they literally teach you that it DOES in most english classes. saying fiction has no basis on how we see things is an old and overused excuse,  pedophilia isn’t ok, fictional or not, get your head out of your adorable gay boys uwu and take a look at what exactly you’re bringing to the table by making/encouraging content of this. i’m tired of arguing this shit.

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re: your American Civil War talk on Twitter, apparently you lived around the same area as me, what did your history classes say on the subject, do you remember? I went to Maryville City schools until high school, and then Blount County schools, and I don't think any classes I took past middle school significantly addressed it, and IIRC every time it was addressed from around fifth through eighth grade was with teachers doing actual bona fide Confederate apologia. I'm furious in hindsight.

WOOF - re: your schools, I am so, so sorry. My mother worked for both Carter County and Johnson City, and I have heard Tales about both Maryville and Blount County, so I’m not surprised. I was spoiled because I had Johnson City, which has one of the best school systems in the state (which is like saying you have the greatest mountain vistas in ALL OF KANSAS yeah I know) but I know things are super different from school system to school system, especially in TN. But I also know that all schools are dragged down by the moronic legislation that keeps coming out of Nashville.

In hindsight, I feel like what I got was as close to not Confederate apologia as you were going to get in AP US History… but it was still kinda that because my teacher was kind of a General Lee fanboy (because they all are).

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It's too bad you deleted your blog, I'm sorry.. Do ya think I could request the UT, UF, US, and SF bros reaction to a S/O who never wants to get married or have children?

UT!Sans: He sort of ruled out marriage and kids as a possibility once he started becoming aware of the reset shenanigans. Its hard enough having the surface yanked out of his grasp every damn time, now imagine throwing a years long relationship and entire separate lives into that mess. If the relationship lasts awhile he may entertain one or two what-ifs but this is, ultimately, safer.

UT!Papyrus:….You may not be the best match. For better or for worse, Papyrus is a traditionalist. He wants the white picket fence, the loving spouse and three or four kids. No matter how much he loves you, you want different things.

UF!Sans: Kind of in the same boat with Tale Sans that marriage and family aren’t the best options. Maybe could flip for marriage on his own part (if he’s got someone willing to put up with his bullshit he figures he better lock that down fast). But he’s never really wanted kids. Don’t get him wrong, there were definite moments with Papyrus that filled his heart the way nothing else could. But kids aren’t common Underground, because why would you bring something small that can’t protect itself into this nightmare of a life? He’s cool with it.

UF!Papyrus: He breaks up with you early on. He wants kids like crazy and his S/O’s preference on children will always be one of the first questions he has. This relationship just isn’t going to work.

US!Sans: He loves kids, but to be honest he’d be okay with not having any of his own. But no marriage? Why??? Marriage doesn’t have a whole lot of its social baggage for him. To him, its just the ultimate expression of love. So its a little baffling to him why you’re so resistant. He may wait around a little longer than Tale Papyrus, but ultimately the two of you probably break up.

US!Papyrus: Super chill with it. Honestly, less effort on his part anyways. He’s never been much of a domestic guy anyways.

SF!Sans: The only energized skeleton I could kind of see being okay with this. Like Boss, he wants an heir, but he’s cool with finding a kid to train on his own time, and marriage wasn’t that common Underground so he doesn’t have a whole lot of expectations in that area. Once he’s a little more understanding of Surface contexts it may be a bit of a sore spot for him that you won’t commit to it, but he doesn’t see the need  to end the relationship over it.

SF!Papyrus: …..yeah, he’s down, but he wants to understand why you’re against it. If its because you just don’t want kids and aren’t into the social stuff surrounding marriage, cool, he respects that. But if its because you don’t want to commit…..we might have a problem. Trust in relationships is absolutely key to Syrup, and he doesn’t want his openness to just staying unmarried to be an invitation to walk out whenever you feel like it. 

hey i’ve been thinking a lot about the little things you do, your quirks, and things you do when you’re with me 
and how they affect me a lot
like the way you smile automatically when you’ve been hit on the face with a ray of sunshine

that time you told me i have a calming presence and it made my heart feel things i didn’t know were possible to feel
how you etch your fingers over my hand, and the touch lingers just a little longer than it should, but it does, and it does things to me
i play that time you came into a room, saw me,
and kissed my cheek and chin
over and over again in my head a lot
and wonder if it was just my imagination or it really happened
i think a lot about how you can’t really wink, but you wink at me anyway
and i feel like you’re the greatest winker in the world
if that’s even a word

i think a lot about those times you tell me about people you’re texting, people who think you’re beautiful
(but possibly not as much as I think you’re beautiful)
and i try my best not to get jealous
but remember that you tell me these because you trust me
and i try to put up a brave face

i also think a lot about the way you make me feel
like how every time things get dark, i know you are there
a light at the end of the tunnel, a source of joy and happiness
and everything good in life

i think of how every time we meet
i almost tell you i love you
but i don’t
because i want things to be the way they are
just for another day

—  a letter to my love i’ll possibly never send by @emotionsarecrazy

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hey honey, it's Stretch. sorry i'm texting so late but, speaking of honey, i got to thinking. what kind of bee's are indecisive? maybes. lately my skulls been full of them. thinking that maybe when i'm working on my online channel and you're doing your writing that it'd be nicer to do it together. that maybe i like you as more than just a pal. that maybe i can brave your scary as hell dad if it meant i got to be as much a part of your family as you are of mine? so, maybe, you'd be my girl, hon?


Seriously @asksansallthethings is the best. <3

Arctic Monkeys Lyric Starter Sentences
  • "Baby, I was made to break your heart."
  • "I wish you'd stop ignoring me."
  • "Oh I'm in trouble again, aren't I?"
  • "I thought as much."
  • "Can't we just laugh and joke around?"
  • "I'm sorry I was late."
  • "I missed the train and then the traffic was a state."
  • "You say I don't care but of course I do."
  • "Who's that girl there?"
  • "What a scummy man."
  • "I'm sorry, love, but I'll have to turn you down."
  • "What are the chances?"
  • "I've got a feeling in my stomach."
  • "She must be fucking freezing."
  • "I hope you're not involved at all."
  • "Sorry, sunshine, it doesn't exist."
  • "Whatever that means."
  • "Who'd want to be men of the people when there's people like you?"
  • "Landed in a very common crisis."
  • "Where did you go?"
  • "You're not coming back again."
  • "You've had enough."
  • "If I'd have known then I wouldn't have said it."
  • "If I predicted tears then I wouldn't have said it."
  • "I don't know what it is that they want."
  • "I haven't got it to give."
  • "When you look at me like that, my darling, what did you expect?"
  • "I probably still adore you with your hands around my neck."
  • "I did last time I checked."
  • "I crumble completely when you cry."
  • "Have you no idea that you're in deep?"
  • "I dreamt about you nearly every night this week."
  • "How many secrets can you keep?"
  • "There's this tune I found that makes me think of you."
  • "Was sort of hoping that you'd stay..."
  • "The nights were mainly made for saying thats that you can't say tomorrow day."
  • "Ever thought of calling when you've had a few?"
  • "Maybe I'm too busy being yours to fall for somebody new..."
  • "I've thought it through."
  • "I'm sorry to interrupt."
  • "I don't know if you feel the same as I do."
  • "We could be together if you wanted to."
  • "Ever thought of calling darling?"
  • "Do you want me crawling back to you?"
  • "Here isn't where I wanna be."
  • "All I wanna hear her say is "Are you mine?""
  • "Are you mine?"
  • "Satisfaction feels like a distant memory."
  • "Are you mine tonight?"
  • "I saw this coming from the start."
  • "There's no need to show me 'round."
  • "Will you pour me one for the road?"
  • "Don't get that sinking feeling."
  • "Don't fall apart."
  • "Soundtrack to disaster."
  • "The horizon tries but it's just not as kind on the eyes."
  • "You can't be sure."
  • "She's a modern lover."
  • "Her lips are like the galaxy's edge."
  • "I want it all."
  • "Ain't it just like you to kiss me and then hit the road."
  • "Come on, come on, come on."
  • "It's not like I'm falling in love."
  • "I just want you to do me no good."
  • "You look like you could."
  • "She's with me."
  • "I can't explain."
  • "It's kinda strange now that you're gone."
  • "There's all these secrets that I can't keep."
  • "Has it gone for good?"
  • "Isn't it hard to make up your mind?"
  • "I suspect you already know?"
  • "I thought I was yours forever?"
  • "Maybe i was mistaken."
  • "I cannot manage to make it through the day without thinking of you."
  • "But I'm not finished."
  • "I thought I saw you leaving, carrying your shoes."
  • "I'm trying to change your mind."
  • "Left you multiple missed calls."
  • "Why'd you only call me when you're high?"
  • "I need a partner."
  • "It's harder and harder to get you to listen."
  • "Sort of feels like I'm running out of time."
  • "I haven't found what I was hoping to find."
  • "You gotta be up in the morning."
  • "You're starting to bore me, baby."
  • "What have you been up to?"
  • "I heard that you fell in love."
  • "I gotta tell you the truth..."
  • "Snap out of it."
  • "I'll be here, waiting ever so patiently."
  • "Forever isn't for everyone."
  • "Darling, how could you be so blind?"
  • "You made it all alright."
  • "I had nothing to lose."
  • "You call the shots babe."
  • "I just wanna be yours."

I’m sorry dude but you can’t just say TERRIBLY OBVIOUS racist and misogynist shit and know you have the apology card just sitting right in your back pocket like……..how fucking obvious does it have to be that “calling women cunts and bitches = misogyny” like what do you mean you “didn’t know” this isn’t fucking AP statistics dude this is common fuckinf knowledge

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[1/5] I'm really sorry. Same CSA survivor. I started venting and I feel like I need to continue because I'm just imagining what antis will think/say if they ever read that (because I KNOW they read this blog) and I'm shaking. So @all shitty antis 1. Yes screaming "pedo" at someone is awful because, for the record, it makes me think of my abuser Every. Single. Time. I. See. It. I can't go through the fucking sheith tag anymore. MY abuser was a pedophile.

[2/5] Not some teenager/barely adult on the internet looking at a picture of shiro and Keith holding hands 2. If your first thought is “she’s probably lying about her story” do me a favor. Take your hand. Grab your hair and yank really hard so you can pull your head out of your fucking ass.

[3/5] 3. If you’ve EVER told ANYONE that they need to go die/be raped/choke then get off the fucking internet. You don’t deserve this privilege.

[4/5] 4. All this shitty fucking “discourse” gives me a ridiculous amount of anxiety because I just want to FORGET. this is a god damn kids show and i just want to see cute pictures of my ships. I don’t want to be forced to remember what happened to me every other voltron post I read.

[5/5] I’m really sorry I said so much this is probably all so dumb but I’m finished. Thank you. If it’s all too much don’t post it. It probably won’t mean much since I’m too much of a freaking coward to speak out on my own blog


This stuff makes me so sad legit you shouldn’t feel this way about shipping and fandoms it’s disgusting that you have to feel like this antis just need to stop

Hey so you want to hold something or what
nah im fine, i love my pile of air.
*sigh* just let me-
i said im fine
hold on

be glad i didnt give you a rat.
or worse, a lizard. 

The First Scene of Hannibal Never Happened

The more I look at the series as a whole, the more I’m convinced that the first scene, the very first time we see Will Graham in action,  it never really happened, at least not it the way it was portrayed. This scene was simply the foyer of Will Graham’s memory palace, a mood setting piece, our introduction to him.

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