what i tend to do oops

do your hands ever just stop working? one second youre holding something and the next your brain says “no” and your hand sort of shorts out and oops youve dropped your phone, hope its not cracked.

would aliens experience something similar do you think? would their brains get confused while multitasking and momentarily forget to use this appendage to take notes whilst processing information??

if not, what would they think of people who tend to drop things a lot? you know when youre paying for something at a shop and you have a bit of difficulty putting your things on the counter and something falls and youre just like “SORRY I CANT HOLD THINGS TODAY I KEEP DROPPING THEM” would aliens think their human crewmate is malfunctioning?

“human sarah is your brain operating at full capacity?”


“are you certain? your fore-appendage does not appear to be holding objects correctly. is it broken?”

“oh, no. some humans are just really clumsy and tend to drop things–”


“yeah. someone who trips a lot or who always accidentally hurts themselves. some humans knock things over or cant hold stuff for long without accidentally dropping it.”

“….ah…remind me to not let you near anything fragile in the future.”

NoHateAwarenessWeek: Love your content creator!

This is a post for ALL types artists and content creators, whether it’s fanart, fanfic, meta, graphics, etc.

There are so a number of these people that I personally interact with, some I’m closer friends with, some that are distant senpais, and some that I may have not even met yet (and still discovering!)–

I want to give an honorary shout out to a few of my best friends who have created some amazing content in the past and deserve a visit!  Plus they’re really cool people in general: @angellust155 (@dustys-art), @roypoptart, and @phantomkim!  Thanks for being such awesome friends.  I love you guys, you’ve been there for me through tough times and good times, and supported what I love to do.  Whatever our interests are now, I wanna say thanks for being my squad when and where it counts!  <3

And now a special thanks, in no particular order-

@erensjaegerbombs : (writer/graphics) Heidi!  You’re honestly such inspiration to so many people around you, me included.  Your writing is very gripping and passionate, whether it’s your fic or your meta, you’re so well-spoken, empathetic, and creative.  Your edits are also top-notch quality and I get excited when I see them on my dash!  You have very unique design ideas that’re both pleasant to look at and entertaining.  Jot that down with being an overall kind and fun person- you are an amazing friend that I am proud of having.  Continue doing the best you can and have fun with it, and know that you have a lot of fans and friends who encourage you!

@perfectfearsomebeauty : (writer) Amy, you’re another very close friend of mine, but that isn’t the big reason I’m directing attention to you.  While I know you are newer to posting your headcanons and fics, between our conversations, I think you have an explorative mind and one that not only thinks critically, but also creatively.  I hope you continue posting, no matter the content.  Keep being you!  There are a great deal of ideas that should see the light, but you really are worthy of being called an artist because you create.  You’re also a loyal and compassionate person, who I cherish very much.  Never give up and keep making, friend!

@writer-person : (writer) Moneé, like the name states, you are an incredibly talents writer who clearly puts a lot of thought and soul into your work.  While sometimes my schedule doesn’t permit me to read a lot of fic all at once, I’m always on the hype for what you put up.  It makes my day and you come up with interesting themes, and I love how you write the characters with such purpose.  You also speak up some good ideas and I tend to really support the headcanons you have (esp. shippy ones, oops).  But you do have a bright mind that shouldn’t go unappreciated.  Thanks for being a consistently great writer and amazing friend!

@fuku-shuu : (writer/graphics) Let me tell you your writing is one of the biggest things that inspired me to walk into the RM fandom.  Your words are so elegant and descriptive and I can really feel every emotion a character holds, and that’s huge.  I also adore your pretty and cute doodles, rare as they are.  And your clear (and sometimes funny) graphics are something I look forward to come new animations.  And meta of course should not go unnoticed!  You’re a great friend and creator of all sorts and I hope you understand and feel the appreciation on this day and more.

@daydream24-7 : (artist) Rose, the way you draw characters has a lot of expression to it, and you make it uniquely your own!  I’m a huge fan of your Mikasas, especially!  You also write well and I love your insightful input when people ask you questions.  Keep doing what you’re doing, friend!  c:

@kaschy aka @kaschy-art : (artist) We’ve only recently become friends, but I’ve known your work for longer.  Among one of my favorite Reiner and Bertholdt (and other warriors) artists, your art is hella amazing, expressive and funny (or angsty, depending on the mood lol).  You’ve always got a story to tell with each piece and I love it!  Never stop!  You’re doing so well!

@redcoaster : (artist/writer) Love them titan abs and butts!  But seriously, the way you add a sense of realism to something that is entirely fictional- it’s all very believable and holds a life of its own.  That’s what I value a lot in art and yours completely stuns me.  I hope you know how valued your work is, so the effort is well worth it.  You’re such a talent!

@alemanriq : (artist) I can always pinpoint your drawings whenever it pops up on my dash, and whether or not I’ve seen it before, it always grabs my attention.  Not to mention the lot of your humorous art brightens my day.  You’re super funny and the style is definitely you.  Hope you keep on truckin’ because what you do makes me and I’m sure a lot of people really happy!

@jaeeg : (artist) You’re a young artist but an example that no matter what age, what you create can get a person giddy or at loss for words (in the best way!)  You’re very funny, but I enjoy seeing your doodles and more fleshed out pieces!  You give me a lot of motivation when you start drawing, so thanks for that too lol!

@toruq : (artist) Another young artist that makes me smile and intrigued with each drawing made.  A definite growing talent, you’re amazing now and will be even more so!  You’re also a hilarious person!  I hope you know you are a joy as a human being and skilled as an artist!  I wanna see more always!

@kenken-chan : (artist/writer) You really are a jack of all trades- with your writing and art, you’re quite a talent!  I remember seeing your RM art when I first entered the ship fandom and knowing you ship my ships and write and draw them so well- makes my heart explode from what I see.  I’m always up for seeing and reading more, you have a gift!

@momtaku : (writer) Can you see me?  lol I hope you know that despite all that’s happened, you remain an inspiration to many meta writers in this fandom.  The blog certainly generated a lot of discussion that has been essential in the activity of this fandom and you’re a marvelous person both as such a fan and a person in general.

@aurieackerman : (graphics) Not only do you run a bunch of blogs that make the ER ship feel alive again, you also provide quality graphics and edits!  What you do is highly regarded and I’m grateful for it, as well as having the pleasure to talk to you!  Thank you!

@nakamatoo : (graphics) Another amazing graphics maker!  I love the special quotes you use that relate to the subject of the animation, it makes the entire sequence poetic and you can tell you put a lot of thought.  You are also a caring person who has talked to me throughout a variety of moods- I appreciate you dealing with me then too hahah!  Keep doing the beautiful work you do!

@freelance7 : (writer) We worked together on the SnK Artist’s Big Bang event and I was absolutely thrilled to work with such a talented writer, especially on a ship I honestly could afford to give much love to.  You write beyond well and being a witness to your process I know you are attentive to those talents.  You made a lovely story and I was proud to illustrate for it.  We make a good team!

The post is becoming long and honestly there is…so much I want to say to some many people.  Ones that I’ve never even talked to.  Ones that I’ve yet to read their stories.  Ones that I’ve yet to even meet.  I don’t think what I have to say can amount to the sheer emotion of gratitude for those who share what they love with a multitude of people.  To those aforementioned individuals- I have you on my mind.  At this point, I do still want to briefly mention others who have made that impact:

Artists: @09raito, @6161-e-ko-t-blr, @amayaokami, @apetitan, @aphin123,  @april-yoon, @ask-secretrivamika, @bev-nap, @blauerozen, @cinthmp, @constant-catastrophe, @dinklebert, @dreamxxdream, @drinkyourfuckingmilk, @elvendashears, @erenspencil, @ererichi, @erwinoutfitters, @eryen-art, @eveblum, @felixora, @hana-tox, @isabelmaqnolia, @j-witless, @kimoidane, @kiokushitaka, @krista-w-chan, @kuryusai18tokki, @kyo224, @lllannah, @lolakasa, @miawrly, @michijm, @mioko-san, @motorcyclles, @nayawata, @nerdlevi, @oeilvert, @oekaki-chan, @omy-chan01, @rejected3, @roredwarrior3, @roxe-kun, @roxoah, @shira-aot, @shynii, @sookashira, @tanekore, @varrix

Writers/Meta: @alienheartattack, @aotopmha, @amayaokami, @canon-rivamika, @corporalmizuki, @dirtylevi, @eldian-scum, @eren–gayger, @etoincognito,@falcon94ssy, @foreverautumnblog, @foxicology, @ghostmartyr, @glassesgirl0401, @guyinlovewitheremika, @fuzzyporcupine, @happymikasa, @iamthewallrose, @icecat45, @julystorms, @k-lionheart, @kyojinofbraveos, @kuchenackerman, @leapingtitan, @mongoose-bite, @perksofbeingawaifu, @snkception

Graphics: @ackermanss, @aizawashoutta, @dirtylevi, @dithe-r, @eren-eren-eren, @erenyegar, @fudayk, @fyshingekinokyojin, @immanime, @kuchenackerman, @levizs, @omeinfreund, @ravenliz, @shitpost-no-kyojin, @sookashira, @tatakaeeren, @viktvr-nikiforov, @ymiress

I most definitely forgot people, and apologies if I did, I scrapped this in a hurry but regardless you are all important in making this fandom whole!  Keep doing what you love!  So many people appreciate and thank you for it!

anonymous asked:

Could I have a, uhhhh, RFA with a MC who has extreme anxiety and can't leave the house without a panic attack.

Of course, anon! I don’t have panic attacks, so I really don’t know much about them other than what I’ve heard/read online, so I’m sorry if it isn’t want you wanted. I’m also sorry that it took so long to get out! I’ve had it done for a while, but I got sick and never posted it oops. Anywho, I hope this is to your liking! Let me know if you want anything changed, I will gladly do it for you!

-mod Sarin


  • We all know this boy has been dying to get a s/o
  • He wants to go on dates and walk through the park and do couple-y things
  • So when you tell him you tend to have panic attacks when you leave the house, he is crushed
  • But he wants you to be happy so he brings the couple-y things to you
  • He creates mini movie theaters in your living room, creates romantic candlelit dinners in your kitchen, strings fairy lights up and sticks little glow in the dark stars to the ceiling so you could stargaze
  • You love all of it
  • He still is sad he can’t go on dates, but your face when he brings it to you makes up for it all


  • Like, Yoosung, he is upset
  • He wants to show off his s/o to everyone!
  • He also doesn’t understand what’s so scary about going outside, being the extrovert he is
  • Doesn’t want to push you to go out, but really wants you to try
  • Just as you expected, you had a panic attack in the middle of the park
  • You can bet he never forces you out again, but slowly tries to get you used to going out
  • Always offers to take you out on a date, or invites you to his rehearsals
  • You always say no, and he tries not to show how sad he is about it
  • Fair warning, he also posts a lot of pics of the two of you together on social media
  • If he can’t show you off in person, he will do it on social media


  • She would never do anything to make you have a panic attack
  • If she wants to visit you, she goes to your house, no ifs ands or buts
  • Never forces you to leave, or makes you feel bad for not leaving your house because of your panic attacks
  • Totally brings you coffee and baked goods from the coffee shop from time to time
  • Will also go out and buy you groceries so you don’t need to go out
  • It’s also most likely filled with a lot of healthy and organic foods and very little treats, being the mom friend she is
  • Still thinks you should experience the outdoors some, so she encourages you to open the windows if the weather is right
  • You do, and she is very happy that you are happy, too


  • He is a little surprised when you tell him, but doesn’t question it
  • He is more than happy to have you stay in the penthouse while he is out
  • Part of him wants to bring you out into the world to show you off, the other wants to keep you sheltered so you put your love and affection towards him only
  • He comes up with a happy medium
  • He is able to mostly pass up the panic attacks by taking you places where he can rent out the whole place so it’s just you and him he’s so extra
  • Ensures you are comfortable while you are out so that you avoid panic attacks, and though he tries his best, they still sometimes come, but he helps you through and mentally notes what triggered it so he can avoid it at all costs


  • He understands what you go through with the panic attacks, as he has had a few of his own
  • Usually he would tease you about it and try to make you laugh, but not with this
  • He is super serious, to the point that you wonder where your boyfriend disappeared to
  • Never forces you to go outside, but always asks if you want to tag along, in hopes that you would say yes
  • Very rarely you do, but the most you do is drive slowly down woodsy roads, never around people or anything that may trigger you
  • If you have a panic attack while out on a drive, he immediately pulls over, turns the engine off, and comforts you as much as he can
  • He also totally does the things that Yoosung does, too, but on a bigger scale (i.e, making an actual star machine or something that puts stars on the ceiling, probably including a 707 constellation)
  • It always makes you smile, which makes him happy, too

anonymous asked:

I had an idea, and it kinda made sense to me. What if the cops are also immortal? Or maybe not all of them but Key members, and they and the fakes have been doing this dance for centuries. They chased Geoff through the French Revolution, caught Jack a few times Stealing planes in WW1, so on.

Oooh! I actually thought about bringing in immortal cops (would be probably the only way I’d have RT people in the LSPD because I don’t want to kill them oops) but I tend to always consider it as more of a purgatory type situation, all gaining immortality at the same time in the cursed hellscape that is Los Santos. I love your version, with the long term historic kind of fahc immortality, because there are just so many ways it could go.

I mean

1. You could go for something really ridiculous and full on, something like immortality itself being stolen in the first place, because humans were never meant to live forever were they? Were never meant to have this kind of power, but where something of great importance exists there will always be people willing to steal it. It’s an object of the Gods, maybe, of the Devils, perhaps, something ancient and terrible, something forgotten and far too tempting to stay that way forever. Not when people like the man who would one day be Geoff Ramsey exist to find and steal it, when the original iteration of Jack Pattillo is around to share it with, not when Ryan, still James, kills them both and takes it only for the dead to track him down and take it back. Not when Gavin has always had sticky fingers, always been a thief, or when any version of Michael would follow him into hell and back, not when Jeremy was always going to jump headfirst into action, touch strange glowing objects first and worry about the ramifications later.

But objects like that don’t stay forgotten forever. Objects like that aren’t left unattended. Others have touched it before, of course, immortal beings who were meant to stand guard, who return to their post to find the object missing. Who comb the earth to track the thieves, playing at law enforcement to avoid detection, avoid even more mortals stumbling across secrets they should not know, but while the criminals are found over and over across history the object is never recovered. 

Even when the FAHC settle in one place, choose fight over flight and demand answers to some questions of their own, even when the trackers infiltrate the LSPD and raid every place the Crew owns, even then the object remains hidden. Because immortal beings the pseudo-cops may be but the FAHC are human, at least mostly, in all the ways that count. Human in their creativity, their deviousness, their cruelty. Human in their their unlimited ability to adapt, to learn and conquer, to outwit anything and anyone no matter how old, how timeless. So war is waged right under the nose of society, each side keeping their secrets but neither concerned with collateral damage, a city turned battleground for those who cannot die, the nightmare that is Los Santos.

Then again:

2. It could be far more simple, where immortals just somehow happen at some point, with no connection to one another, except perhaps some sense that there are others, an odd pull to one another. In the way of humanity throughout history the divide between these immortals is simply human nature, the inclination of some to use their advantages selfishly while others look to protect the greater good. 

The Fake’s, of course, are individuals who upon realising their own immortality quickly work out that they are now in a better situation than anyone around them, that they can do just about whatever they want with no real consequences, and go wild with the power. Thieves and mobsters, criminals and cult leaders, notorious names in history and unknown puppeteers - over the years the one-day members of the Fake AH Crew have done it all.  They meet up eventually, hundreds of years apart, perhaps temporarily as rivals but overlapping interests and shared ability quickly sees them joining forces. Sees them becoming the most dangerous group history has ever seen. That history keeps on seeing, in many different forms and under many different names over the years but never any less formidable. 

The eventual immortal members of the LSPD, who’ve been everything from soldiers to international intelligence to vigilantes themselves were never any less dangerous. There have always been famous detectives, always been soldiers who survived the unsurvivable, law enforcement who’ve gone above and beyond, and like the Fake’s these individuals are eventually drawn together under their shared quest for justice. Imbued as they are with a sense of virtuous purpose, assured their role on earth is to police the corrupted immortals and prevent them from raining hell upon normal people, these officers have long been just as merciless as the criminals they hunt. They’ve dogged the Fake’s wherever they’ve gone for centuries, first individually and now as a group, set up for the long haul in Los Santos, doing their very best to curtail the criminal behaviour and prevent the death of those who will not come back to life. It’s a battle they are all locked into now, a duty for the police, a defiance for the FAHC, bloody and vicious and all kinds of unforgiving, on and on into eternity.

Or alternatively:

3. For the less serious sort of version of the FAHC - immortal criminals vs immortal justice seekers, still at odds of course, always pitted against one another as the Fake’s fight for selfish gain and power and the cops fight to keep them contained, but maybe it’s all become a bit mundane. Maybe eternity has given them all a bit of perspective, thrown them together for far too long to stay entirely objective, to keep themselves separate. They are all the only immortals any of them know, after all, the only ones stuck in this loop, so maybe they’re on opposite sides but they’d have to talk to one another now and again. Eventually learn more than names, learn like and personalities, not friends, no, but certainly a kind of camaraderie, a familiarity that could almost be fondness in the right light, inevitable after countless lifetimes in each other’s presence. Inevitable when there’s no end in sight, no grand finale, no true winner or loser in this never ending pantomime of life and death. 

Sure, no one likes dying, no one enjoys the pain or the inescapable flicker of fear, no one wants to explain away their lack of injury or, when the death is too public, create a whole new identity, but you can only take murder personally for so many centuries. Can only hold onto anger for so long before it becomes a little trivial. A little childish. No matter how much Hollywood loves to romanticise supernatural grudges the reality is far less passionate - do anything on loop for 500 years and the fire is sure to dwindle, the emotions mute, shit gets fucking boring.

The never ending battle wages on, the conflict between two sides that will never see eye-to-eye, and the ever-changing nature of society and technology keeps the fights themselves from growing too stale, but when you run side-by-side with someone for this long there are only so many righteous monologues you can make before you start feeling a little silly. Sometimes you’re going to see Geoff and Jack at a cafe getting breakfast, or Lindsay and Jeremy at the store debating hair dye brands, and you just have to keep walking. Sometimes you’ll sit down next to Michael and Gavin getting drunk at the bar, will see Trevor and Matt filling a shopping trolley with energy drinks and candy bars, spot Ryan wandering around without that ridiculous mask he’s picked up this time around, and just move on.

Because you’re enemies, yes, and tomorrow you’ll be back at war, but today you’ve got a date or tickets to that one movie or haven’t had a coffee yet. Today you’re tired or hungry or just need to talk to someone who isn’t Frank because honestly fuck Frank anyway he’s been hung up on that one ruined shirt for seventy goddamn years, Christ almighty. So you look away, or they look away, or you exchange awkward nods that are perhaps less uncomfortable than they should be, silent acceptance that you’ll pick this fight up another day. Because hey, there will always be another day.

Ok y'all buckle the fuck in

I know I said I would do this yesterday morning but I’ve been busy af and this shit it still plaguing my every thought

But ANYWAYS I met aether, fire, and the mastermind himself TF and I’M STILL SHOOK like fire is the most beautiful person I have ever seen with my own two eyes and he was so sweet like when he came up to me I basically just word vomited about how much I love him and he did this vaudeville ass animated little bow and it was so fucking CUTE I wanted to scream into the void and then I told him he was the ultimate hype man and that he stole the show (because he TOtally does) and when he signed my ticket he asked my name and put wrote “hype man” which I’m TATTOOING ON MY FOREHEAD FOR SURE and then we talked about the Fresno show and he was like “that was such a weird show” lmao and then he gave me a hug and I thought for sure I would die in his muscular arms tbh I’m 100% sure I will never love somebody the way I’ve fallen in love with fire

And I met aether after the Fresno show and he recognized me after the SF one and he also said that it was a weird show lmao but I told him I love his album and he thought I was talking about meliora but i was like no YOUR album life is often brilliant (which you should check out bc it’s really good) and he was like “my album?!??!?” and I was like yeah and his eyes lit up and he looked soooo happy and he said “oh my god thank you so much that’s so nice to hear in california of all places” and then he told me to listen to some of his other bands lmao

Air came out too (which I was surprised about) but he didn’t really seem interested in spending time talking to people like fire and aether were so he just went around signing things and then left (prob bc his wife and daughter were there)

But oh lord in heaven papa himself Ticonderoga Fog came walking down the sidewalk with his skinny ass legs and his daughter in tow and without even trying he now owns my soul forever but it was honestly so weird seeing his face and hearing his voice at the same time lmao he was sooooo nice though and he seemed genuinely happy to meet everybody and to talk to them and everybody that met him just showered him with compliments and praise (LIKE HE DESERVES) and he was so grateful like I got so emotional before he even came over to me just watching him interact with other people (which sounds lame af but idc lmao) but when he came up to me he signed my ticket and I forgot that I wanted him to sign my infestissumam booklet bc I was dying inside (in a good way though) so then he asked me if I wanted him to sign that too and of course I said yes then I told him that I had so much fun at the Fresno show that on the way home I had bought a ticket for that night and BOY LET ME TELL YOU HE LOOKED RIGHT INTO MY EYES VERY INTENSELY AND THANKED ME and I will literally never be the same but then he also said the Fresno show was weird (idk why they all thought it was weird I asked all of them why and I never got an answer)

THEN some homeless guy started yelling at us from across the street and TF was like “what is that” and I was like it’s market st there are lots of homeless people here and he was like “yeah there’s been lots of yelling all day” and then I was like yeah they tend to do that and he laughed and then I asked him if I could get a hug and he was like “of COURSE you can” (he does smell really nice oops)


Happy Destiel Anniversary! :)

Celebrations are for drinking, aren’t they? At least, that’s what Dean was told by the date on his lock screen, right after it punched him in the gut.

Cheers, he thinks to himself and empties his glass. To the bartender, he mouths, “Another.”

He doesn’t dare say it aloud, in case his loud voice gets lost halfway out. That is what mostly-numb tongues stuck in mostly-numb heads tend to do with words.

The bartender, for the last time probably, falls for his smile, polite and bright, that steals the attention away from the clarity missing from his eyes. In the next round, the big sign about law and no drinks for drunks will win. But Dean’s not that drunk a patron yet, is he?

Not drunk enough, for sure. Not drunk enough to forget.

“Bad day?” the bartender asked him when he came in, still with a wallet thick enough to count.

Having an anniversary, he almost said before he stopped himself and ordered a drink instead.

But that was hours ago, back when she eyed him with keen curiosity, not with careful judgment. Back before the bad day changed into the hopeless one without him moving an inch. Or has it been this hopeless from the start? Hasn’t he been like this from the very night, the very moment?

Yet somehow, it hadn’t hit quite as hard as today. Not during the funeral, not in the days after when Dean threw himself into the hunt for the devil junior and any case he could score along the way. Not when he still waited and hoped Cas would come back somehow.

Sometimes he would even forget. Not for long, not completely. When he managed to keep himself busy enough, the thought, the very concept of Cas being dead, would slip his mind. In those moments—before the realization would come knocking him down—nothing in the world seemed any different. Dean went on slicing and dicing, eyes on the job, mind at ease. As any time Cas simply wasn’t there. Just for a few seconds, it was just Cas’s time off, as it would so often be, weeks, months at a time.

But today, there is no fooling himself, try as might. Today has got this specific flavor of grief when it’s long since the shock wore off, mixed up with too big a dose of melancholy of the special date. What a toxic combination he got there.

Funny thing is, if he’d ever been asked, Dean would need a minute to remember the date when he first met Cas. Of course, it was right after Cas pulled him from hell, but that, in Dean’s book, was hardly worth celebrating, and he was never into anniversaries and holidays anyway.

If anything, those could only be mourned. All his life, he has felt the silence that each year would creep on his family in the fall, saw how it would later paint Sam’s eyes with pain he tried to hide. Dean made sure that the dates that hold memories are nothing but numbers on the pages of the calendar, so they cannot fester and rot and turn into nothing but dull aches deep inside the chest.

Like people do.

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from a shipper to another, what do you like more about widowtracer? Or what made you ship them? also i love your art ^^

OOPS this has been sitting in my ask box for too long!!

SO wt is just? Good? I think when I first started getting into ovw I fell madly in love w/ Tracer bc she’s just?? Pure?? Bright and cheery and gentle but having lived thru a v traumatic event. So i fell for her first tbh.

Widowmaker on the other hand took me a while to warm up to–I tend to get really frustrated when I see lady characters that were Clearly Designed By Guys For Guys, so it took some lore digging for me to really fall in love with her–mainly because I wanted to rp her to someone’s Tracer. But when I started digging into her lore and seeing who she was (and who she could be!) I really fell for her. She’s snarky and cold but complex and the tiny little canon nods that she’s more than a brainwashed assassin always just. Kind of kill me.

As far as the ship goes, it’s one of those ships that’s just–opposites. Sun and Moon. Summer and Winter. The dynamic I usually want to see most is that Tracer is not always as cheery as she lets on and that Widow is not always as cold as she lets on.

I’m always a fan of Widow rediscovering her humanity with Tracer too. Tracer being the one to believe in her humanity before she does. I also love the idea of ever vigilant Widow noticing things about Tracer–cracks in her cheeriness, vulnerabilities that only she really sees–and, instead of exploiting them, meeting them instead.

The enemies to rivals to friends to lovers trope also…tbh..so good…

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Hi! I was wondering, you would be able to give me some advice on how to paint digitally? I have been struggling with it for so long and I'm really not sure what to do.

i would still consider myself an amateur but i can give you some pointers!

  • for my actual process i tend to just take a cleaned up sketch, put it on a luminosity/shade layer and lower the opacity, before merging it onto base colours. i use a combination of a textured painting brush i downloaded and the blur tool…occasionally the airbrush tool. i would recommend trying to mess with the opacity esp when it comes to blending so that your face doesn’t end up too smooth (which is what i was having trouble with for a while oops)

  • 3-point lighting is a saviour…it helps to prevent your faces from being flat and just can help to define shapes/highlight the other areas of your form. i haven’t tried it out in depth (since i don’t actually digitally paint that much) but here are some examples:

i found a better photo reference here

  • low-opacity luminosity / multiply layers are awesome when it comes to adjusting certain areas of the face. don’t be afraid to use layer styles for this kinda thing they’re very helpful!! shade layers are good for really bold shading

  • if you’re painting a specific OC it really helps to have face claims; especially to judge how light interacts w their facial features, etc. for me personally, I don’t have specific faceclaims for ocs as of yet, but i sometimes use models with similar features! 

  • it helps to have a good understanding of facial anatomy so i suggest practising that in combination with your regular drawings. 

  • make sure to not get caught up in quality vs quantity. if there’s something that i’ve told myself from the start it’s that the more art you put out the more practise you’ll get and the easier it’ll become! if you do end up getting caught on the snag of “wow it’s not good enough” i usually think about how far i’ve already come, even just looking over the improvement i’ve made in the past year is SUPER awesome!! and it’ll just keep getting better

also some tuts that i recommend

 watching speedpaints also helps to get your head wrapped around the painting process !

[Image description: A light skinned hand holding a black cylindrical platform with a blue base. The platform is about twice as thick as the thumb holding it. The platform is magnetic and has a cluster of tiny metal, silver moons and stars on it. Some of the moons and stars sit flat on the base, and other stack high in a rough pyramid shape, stars positioned point to point against each other. The platform is held above a light tan/beige wooden tabletop.]

So I was cleaning my room today and I came across this on my shelf. I decided to play around with it, and it’s really stimmy! It’s a magnetic “platform” and the small moons and stars stick to it and to each other. You can move the shapes around and kind of pull them upwards so they form a “tower”, which was my favorite thing to do. It was really fun to see what would stick to the magnetic base and what wouldn’t, and I ended up stimming with it for a while instead of cleaning my room (oops!). The only problem I have is that the points on the stars tend to poke into my hand if I grab them the wrong way, so I need to be careful with how I grab them.

(I hope the image description is okay, it’s my first time writing one.)

Wow! @voxyboo, I’ve seen a lot of different stim toys through this blog, but I literally gasped out loud when I saw this in my inbox. How fabulous! All the want!

I couldn’t find the exact same toy online. There is something with the same stars and moons on a slightly different platform, listed as “Magnetic Star and Moon Sculpture” on Amazon - only $5.82 USD, with free shipping on orders over $25 and Prime available.

In the “customers who purchased this” section of the above link, there’s a range of other magnetic sculptures that feature tiny balls (similar to ball bearings), acrobats, snowflakes, butterflies and dolphins, so there’s likely a variation to suit most stimmers.

Thank you so much, both for a super unique submission and the image description. I added a little more to it, but I really appreciate it when folks take the time to make things a little easier for me. A base description to work off helps me out a lot.

- Mod K.A.


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  • nicknames – Boo, L, Speedy McSpeedster, Spidey, Dead Girl, Demon
  • gender - female
  • star sign - Aquarius 
  • height - 5′4
  • sexuality - Dude I’m not even always sure that I exist I have no idea what my sexuality is like seriously I’ve been asking myself this for a very long time now and I have no clue
  • hogwarts house - Slytherin. I took the official test three times. 
  • favourite animal – ELEPHANTS, cats, penguins, dogs, dolphins, bats, mice, rats (I couldn’t even just pick three oops) 
  • average hours spent sleeping – uhh I either sleep 10 hours or 2 there is no in between 
  • dogs or cats - Cats but I love dogs too
  • number of blankets i sleep with - 3 in the summer, 6 in the winter I freeze at night
  • dream trip – I want to go everywhere so I guess it would just be anywhere with my close friends!
  • dream job – Doctor, but also teacher, and also pianist. Honestly if I could make a living by staying in my room playing the piano with my headphones on that would be all I ever did.
  • when i made this account – November, 2016 (holy crap guys we’re almost a year old)
  • why i made this account – I’ve always written stories, and one day my sister told me to go make a blog and post my writing there. I liked fanfics so I decided to give writing them a try
  •  of followers – 2634 there are so many of you holy

anonymous asked:

Is there any criteria for the gemsonas? Like stuff u need to know and stuff for it to be a gemsona?? I'm sorry if it's a stupid question but I don't want to be judged for not doing It right..

Not a stupid question at all!

The tldr version is: Not really! It just depends on how ‘canon’ you want your gemsona to be- do you want to make gemsona just for fun or do you want to make one that could easily fit into the Steven Universe world? Either way, there’s a few things you need to consider:

-Ian JQ confirmed a Gems’ skin colors need to relate to their gem color! Ex: If you have a Green Emerald gemsona, their skin color must be some shade of green! 

-As far as we know, Gems only have one stone! (Garnet’s a fusion which explains why she has two) but we’re pretty certain one gem is the norm.

Now if you want to make a gemsona that can fit into the Steven Universe canon, the biggest problem is backstory: 

-If you want a gemsona from Earth, be careful! The only gems on Earth we know about are the Crystal Gems, Malachite (the fusion of Jasper and Lapis Lazuli), Peridot, and the monster gems bubbled in the Temple basement (or the other corrupted ones still wandering around) so if you want them to be a gem on Earth, they might have to have a ‘pre-canon’ story (like maybe they were sent to Earth to help out with the Kindergarten when it was still active, check warp pads, do maintenance on the Lunar Sea Spire, etc). 

-If they’re from the Homeworld, you need to be willing to change your gemsonas’ history / story based on whatever new info we get from the show! You could make them a grunt who works under Yellow Diamond or some other big-name.

-Or, (and this is what I do), you can put your gem completely off-planet on a Gem-Controlled or Neutral planet and have them do…whatever it is they do (maybe they’re loyal to the Homeworld, maybe they’re just avoiding it). This way, it’s easy to keep your gemsona’s background relatively fluid so if we get some huge new information regarding gems / the Homeworld, it won’t mess up your gemsona’s backstory too much.

Sorry if this is getting a little bit too complicated, I ended up cutting some of what I wrote. I’m a HUGE character design nerd so I tend to geek out about coming up with backstories. I’m always happy to help off-anon if you need some clarification!

bangtansosodone  asked:

YOUR ART IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND YOUR LIFE ON MARS ART IS KILLING ME IM HEARTBROKEN ALL OVER AGAIN! pls tell me you have a shop or an esty??? also your entire LOM set up of your blog makes me smile :)

Ahhh what a beautiful message to wake up to, thank you so so much!!! :’D <33333333333333333333 I’m so glad you enjoy my art so much :’))

And yes I do in fact have a shop, though I tend to forget about it, oops. You can find it –>right here<–, and in fact there’s 25% off everything today! I hope you find something that tickles your fancy. ;D

Challenge~ Fairy Tail AU

Challenge: Write the most OOC Juvia you have ever written.

I have to say, I’m completely in love with this Juvia. And this whole idea. Yikes.

Breathe in, breathe out. That’s it Juvia, only three more months of this to go.

Who am I fucking kidding, school is hell. Breathing isn’t going to help, so might as well suck in a breath and get this over with.

Twisting open my locker, I sifted through the strewn about papers to retrieve my Government supplies. Government blows, the only person I know there is Erza and we sit really far away so the only thing we can do is share ‘are you fucking serious’ looks when Natsu decides it’s an excellent idea to break into song in the middle of class.

Right. Fuck me into a different dimension.

I might enjoy school more if I wasn’t as antisocial as I happened to be, but, life being life, I would rather gouge my eyes out with blunt forks than talk to the brainless generation that I happen to belong to.

Super, duper unfortunate for me, apparently, in this generation, I am considered ‘hot’. What does that even mean? Do I have a nice face? Is my lengthy, wavy blue hair somehow enticing to the opposing gender? Do my long, creamy legs tempt boys to jump me in the hall? Does my larger-than-average bust appeal to males?

Okay, so maybe I do get where they’re coming from. But, my ‘bitch face’, as Lucy so kindly nicknamed my 24/7 facial expression, tended to scare people off when they even came near me to ask for a pencil.


To some people though, I’m invisible. Good. I don’t want to be seen by any of these freaks anyways.

However, there is one soul who I wouldn’t mind getting even a little bit of positive attention from.

There is one secret I harbor from my estranged group of friends.

And that secret is Gray Fullbuster.

Now, if you ever met me in life you would think why the fuck would Juvia Lockser even think about an air-headed dumbass who’s only talent is whacking a stick at a puck aggressively until it flies into a plastic-based net for sport?

And the simple answer is, I have the world’s biggest fucking soft cottony crush on him.

…Okay, so maybe it’s not so simple after all.

Over the almost four years of fuck-me-over-sideways shit everyone calls ‘high school’, I have just slowly fallen under the spell of Gray Fullbuster. How you ask? Well…oh god, this is going to sound extremely creepy, but it really isn’t, I swear. I’ve sort of…watched him.

I don’t really remember the first time I saw him, but I do remember thinking well Jesus fucking jolly ranchers is he attractive, I mean wow he is straight out of a magazine hot.

And then I saw him go up to his idiot friends and think what a shame, that attractive being is simply a potato-salad-for-brains waste of oxygen.

But there was something about him, something I couldn’t put my finger on that I could only assume to be the mysterious element that girls find oh-so-lovely about their male specimens.

And it only got fucking better from there.

He was smart.

Like actually ‘woah you have the potential to win a Nobel Prize’ smart.

Un-fucking-fortunately he hid that amazing talent from his dumb fuck friends.

And you might ask why Juvia, where did you happen to get this particular bit of info? And I would respond with, buckle up motherfucker, because I have a story to learn you.

Freshman year, English. My teacher found out that I was the one who was mumbling all those delicious curse words under their breath during tests, and for punishment I had to sort and help grade end of the semester essays.

He was one fucking lazy ass teacher.

But anyways, in that treacherously boring time I was forced to serve, I happened to stumble across the essay on ice formations in the North Pole by none other than Gray Fullbuster.

Now I am a snake of a woman, so I read his little essay in hope for some entertainment from whatever unintelligent shit he happened to pull out of his ass.

But I was wrong.

Dead wrong, in fact.

His essay was so brilliant I remember rethinking my life decisions for forty-five minutes after words, and now I have this habit of using biodegradable items and recycling whenever possible.

So because of some hippy-ass essay that by simple chance I had snagged, I had developed a teensy infatuation with that raven-haired bastard.

And contrary to popular belief that crushes last for a month at the most, let myself be a shining example that crushes only grow to be much too fucking heavy to hold up and now I am pretty much drowning in admiration.

Fucking pathetic.

Everything that he does, from his adorable laugh to his sexy smirk makes me want to throw myself out of a fucking window and sob until I drown in my own tears.

So here I am, sitting in Government class and listening to the teacher (ha, not really) and waiting uber impatiently for me to get the hell out of high school and my ass into college, because the second I stop seeing Gray is the second the weight of this crush is yanked off of my shoulders and tossed into oblivion.

Only three more months.

My thoughts are thrown off track when Erza’s snort of laughter snags my attention, just in time to see Natsu face-down on the floor.

I laugh as well, seeing Natsu in pain brings me much joy.

Just kidding. I’m not that bitchy, jeez.

But I am laughing, because his idiocy is a source of entertainment and who am I to turn that shit down?

“Mr. Dragneel,  may I ask as to why you are upside-down?” Mr. Taylor inquires, less entertained than the rest of us.

Natsu pushes himself off of the ground with a squeak of protest from his desk as his weight returned.

“Yes you may, and that information is classified.” He said in that smart-ass voice that makes my want to smack him with a baseball bat.

“Alright, and as teacher of this class, I advise you not to disrupt the class again, or I might be forced to reveal your test results to the entire class.”

Instantly his face goes red and he shuts up. There is a collective “ooh, burn!”  and Mr. Taylor returns to his pointless lecturing.

The only thing keeping me awake during the remainder of class are the two fingers propped on my left temple, and the hurried buzz of whispers from behind me.

When I finally escape (albeit hurriedly) Erza barely catches up to me.

“Ugh, was it just me, or was that particularly unbearable?”

Out of everyone in my group of friends, Erza is probably the most like me. Which always leaves me asking how the hell did she ever get a boyfriend?

But, I always wave those thoughts away because I like Jellal a lot, partial to the fact he dislikes idiots almost as much as Erza and I do.

Which leaves Levy, Lucy, and Lisanna. The three L’s. They all find idiocy ‘adorable’, but, much like Erza and I, keep to ourselves.

Which I guess is why we all click.

“It wasn’t just you, I think Natsu was trying extra hard to be a dumbass today.” I answered flatly, turning a sharp corner into a flood of people with a laughing Erza by my side.

“I would pity Mr. Taylor, if he wasn’t such a hard-ass prick.” Erza said with a distasteful wrinkle of her nose.

“He needs to pull whatever the hell it was that died out of his ass,” I hadn’t even notice Jellal sidle up next to us in the commotion of the hallway.

“Knowing him, it was probably a ferret.” I said with a wry smirk, remembering the distant rumor of his affairs with Mrs. Connelly’s ferret, Webster.

“I almost forgot about that.” Erza said accusingly, I didn’t blame her, nobody wants to envision that.

“Almost,” Jellal chastised. Erza smiled affectionately, it was rare to get one of those out of her, but if anyone could pull it off, it would be Jellal.

In fact, it was pretty rare to get anything out of her if you weren’t her friend. Erza was scary as all fuck, and had mastered the bitch face, while I was still intermediate.

“Well, I gotta get to Calc. See you guys in English?” Jellal asked rhetorically, waving us with one hand as he disappeared back into the crowd from which he came.

“Bye,” Erza said tardily, long after Jellal had left. I gave her a knowing smile and a thin blush painted her cheeks as she parted so that she could get to her Latin class.

I had Physics next. Tch, talk about a load of useless shit I never want to have to use again.

But…the class was interesting enough, I sat in the back corner of the room and had an almost perfect view of Gray’s face where he sat opposite to me.

He had this awful habit of running his hands through his hair.

I walked into the class, a lot more positive than an hour before, and saw Levy frantically waving me towards her and Lucy, who must’ve had something important to tell me.

Knowing them, I probably didn’t give even two shits about whatever tidbit of gossip they had managed to pick up, but I loved them so I would fake it.

“Oh my goodness, you’ll never guess what Lu-Lu heard Juju-bee!” Levy exclaimed, her bright blue hair shaking from all the bouncing that she was doing in her chair. I can’t say I’m all too fond of her nickname for me, but I was extremely fond of Levy herself (honestly, who wasn’t?) so I let it slide.

“What is it Lev? Did little Timmy fall down the well?” I teased. Her playful glare made me smile as I took my seat, and allowed myself a fleeting glance at Gray.

Ugh, he should not be allowed to wear black. He looked positively criminal.

“Actually, no. I heard that Mira and Laxus finally hooked up!” Lucy said, slamming her hands on her desk like this bit of gossip was god’s word.

My eyebrows immediately raised in surprise. Laxus was so many leagues below Mira, it was almost laughable. But then again, Mira is out of everyone’s league.

“Wow, that’s…that’s interesting.” I said, my interest barely peaking, but my weak lie was enough to fool both Lucy and Levy.

Levy and Lucy are easily the closest out of all of us, they’ve been friends for what seems like an eternity. Lucy is tall, and gorgeous. She has flowy blonde hair and warm brown eyes, and sassy attitude to boot.
Levy is short, and fucking adorable. Nobody can out-cute Levy, with her floofy blue hair and loving brown eyes she could charm a serial killer.

Lisanna is barely on time, her seat is next to Lucy and she smoothed her silvery hair down so that it wasn’t wild and free like Levy’s.

“I forgot my notebook, again.” Lisanna said with a sigh of relief. Honestly, Lisanna is so forgetful I frequently wonder how she hasn’t come to school naked yet.

“Again? Damn Lis, you need to just walk around with everything.” Lucy suggested.

“I don’t understand why you don’t just wear your backpack.” I said flatly. Lisanna gave me the ‘I’ve told you this before’ look and shook her head.

“Mira says it’ll ruin my outfit!” She wailed in anguish, plopping her stuff on her desk and resting her chin in the palm of her hand.

They started talking about the Mira and Laxus rumor, and I found myself losing interest extremely quickly.

And my mind instantly wandered back to Gray. Accompanied soon by my eyes.

His hair looked so soft. I swear, I would pay good money just to run my fingers through it. And the way his muscles twitched when he tapped his pen against his paper was extremely distracting.

Man, class has only been going for twelve seconds and already I’m out of breath.

Mr. Baker, a short and timid man, scurried into the classroom only to announce that he’d be back in a few minutes, leaving the class to blab as loud as it pleased.

As for me, I continued stealing glances at Gray, completely unbeknownst to him.

At least, I hope.

“Juv! What are you thinking so hard about?” Lisanna asked.

“Just what would have Mr. Baker in such a hurry is all,” I covered expertly, years of lying under pressure coming to support me.

“Hm. Maybe his cat died.” Lucy said blankly. Looks like her mind was elsewhere too.

“Uh oh, I know who you’re thinking about,” Levy sang tauntingly. This was new, usually Lucy having a new crush was always the topic at hand.

“Ohmygosh, who, who?!” Lisanna asked excitedly, leaning forward in her desk as Lucy blushed.

“It’s nothing.” She mumbled, but from that tone I knew that it definitely was not nothing.

“It’s Natsu~” Levy whispered, and I felt my mind go numb.

Lucy liked Natsu? That dumb as a bag of rocks pink haired punk?

“No it isn’t!” Lucy hissed, but Levy and Lisanna were already squealing. I wanted to grab Lucy and smack her extremely hard. What is wrong with her? Natsu? She could do a million times better!

But then again, a million times zero is zero.

I sighed in both confusion, and anguish. I knew that if Levy said it, then it must be true.

God this sucks. Do you know what I’m going to have to endure now? Hours upon hours of ‘oh my god~ Natsu looked soooo cute today!’

But then again, maybe Erza would be able to knock some sense into her…

Mr. Baker came bustling into the room, piles of paper in his scrawny arms as he nearly toppled over trying to set them on his desk. A chorus of giggles took the room by storm when he screamed at an extremely high pitch as he dropped what must’ve been an important paper.

As Mr. Baker introduced the lesson for the day, I found myself almost slipping into a Gray-induced coma. It’s like he’s trying to kill me, I mean, come on dude, stop running your fingers through your silky hair it’s making my chest hurt.

I groaned softly as I heard the words ‘open your textbook’. Open your textbook was the ultimate death sentence. You would know too, if you had to hear Mr. Baker’s voice. It was sort of high pitched, and it sort of made your ears want to commit suicide.

“And so, if we put the Doppler Effect…well, into effect,” Mr. Baker laughed at his own wannabe joke. His laugh is the grossest thing I have ever heard, sort of like a wheezing kitten that is dying of lung cancer.

It seemed that Gray was just as disgusted by his laugh, because he sort of recoiled, like he had been slapped by the sound of his laugh.

And that my dear fuckers, is when it happened.

Gray Fullbuster, for the first time in his fucking attractive life, turned around.


Thanks to my quick reflexes, I managed to flick my gaze back to Mr. Baker just in time so that Gray didn’t see me drooling over him.

But fuck. He’s looking at me. I can feel his gaze, it’s burning a searing hot hole in my head.

What the hell do I do? I’ve been on the opposing side of this situation more than humanly possible, but, I mean, fuck. He’s totally staring at me. Do I look back? Do I wave? Do I flip him off?

Oh god. I just want to throw myself out the window. I’m going to scream. Or maybe cry.

Suddenly one billion and a half metric fucktons were lifted off of my back as his eyes slowly drifted away from me and back to Mr. Baker.

Holy fucking skittles was that intense. Well, maybe just for me. He probably wasn’t even looking at me.


Oh hell.

He must’ve been looking at Lucy.

Of course he was looking at Lucy, she’s beautiful, oh god, I’m safe.

And maybe that wasn’t such a good thing.

The remaining time in class was pretty much me weighing my chances of survival if I were to run away, just fucking away from Magnolia, away from Gray, away from my friends and to just be alone for the rest of my life.

There was no doubt that I would starve to death, but at this point, anything was better than whatever the hell this is.

I walked out of class mechanically, my mind whirring with possibilities. I’m pretty sure Lucy tried to say something to me but I think I walked right past her, I don’t know I feel so numb right now somebody could stab me and I’d walk to third period with a knife in my gut.

I have Calc. with Erza next, thank god. Some Erza time ought to do me some good, we can make fun of Elfman and Cobra.

I just need to relax, just think of relaxing things, kittens, streams, red velvet cupcakes…

I let a long breath out, my mind soothed and my body much less rigid. I walked to my locker to get my Calc. things, while waving goodbye to Levy as she walked past me to her French class.

“Hey, you’re Juvia, right?”

I turned around to see who was addressing me, and I almost melted into a puddle.

That’s fucking right.

Ha, I just realized that I totally forgot to mention the fact that I’ve never said a fucking word to him in my life.

I instantly felt my walls go up, there was no reason he should be talking to me. I didn’t do anything different.

He smells so fucking good. I have no idea what the scent is, but good god I just want to bury my face in his chest and inhale for hours on end.

“What’s it to you?” I snapped, thanking every god that I had long hair that covered my very red ears.

Gray tilted his head in the slightest, his eyes evaluating every move I made.

“Well?” I asked, embarrassed that he would even look at me this long.

This wasn’t part of the fucking plan I was supposed to go to college and forget about him oh god I hope he says something before I explode…

“Hm, have we…met…before?” He asked. If anybody else had said that, it would’ve been awkward, but with Gray, it seemed completely natural.

Fuck him.

I scowled. “No, now beat it.”

He looked completely surprised by my harsh manner, and to be honest that would make two of us. I have no clue why I was being so bitchy to him, my only explanation was that I didn’t want to fall in love with him any harder than I already have.

“Would you quit staring at me like a creep?” I asked rudely. Now I knew for sure that I was blushing, my cheeks were heated and I just wanted to rip my face off so that he couldn’t see my blush.

And while your at it, could you possibly be a little bit less fucking attractive? Some of us are trying to breathe here.

“Wow, have you always been at this school?” He asked, as if he were bewildered by the fact that we had never crossed paths.

“Yeah, thanks for noticing.” I said sarcastically, my locker now open as I gathered my Calc. stuff.

“Seriously? I can’t believe I’ve never noticed you…” He trailed off as he seemed to be staring at my hair intensely.

“Yeah, bye.” I said in a clipped tone, twirling around and sauntering away.

Haha, great. Now he’ll never fucking talk to you again. Brilliant.

I’m probably the only girl to ever exist and actually not want to get to know her crush. I wanted nothing to do with my crush, I hope I never have to see him again.

God I’m a freak.

…He’s a thousand times more attractive up close.

I dropped my stuff on my desk violently and buried my face in my arms. Life sucks, Gray Fullbuster is an asshole.

I should make bumper stickers.

Erza bumped my shoulder testily, obviously sensing my sour mood.

“You alive Juvs?” She asked, placing her things down and sitting in her spot.

“Just barely,” I breathed out, resting my cheek in my hand. Erza knew not to pry any farther, so we spent the rest of class in comfortable silence, taking valuable notes that I would never need to use again in life and listening to a teacher who had probably lost all hope in humanity.

When the class did end, I dragged the six pounds of homework that we had been graced with behind my back. Erza looked about ready to knock some heads (Namely Elfman and Cobra, who asked nonstop stupid questions the entire class, like ‘why did humans invent math?’.

Normally I would’ve cheered her on, but right now I just needed to get to my next fucking class, avoid the fuck out of Gray, then go the fuck home.

The only problem in my otherwise perfect avoid Gray plan was that he was in my next class, which was an extra health course I took. I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up, and I already had a college scoped out and everything, this was just another notch on my belt.

In the health course, I just hung out with a sophomore named Wendy who wanted to be a doctor, and I had faith that she would be a doctor. That little chick could list off every artery from the heart to the fucking ankle.

She was a cute kid, and I enjoyed her company well enough, except for the fact that she was really timid and nervous, she was almost afraid to hang out with upperclassmen.

The millisecond I stepped into that godforsaken lecture hall, I felt Gray’s eyes latch onto me. Sucking in a breath like I was going for a swim and not expecting to come back up, I raced up to take my seat next to little Wendy.

Wendy greeted me politely. I almost hated hanging out with her, I was kind of afraid that I was poisoning her, with my awful swearing habit and my deep hate for pretty much everyone…

Fuck it.

“Hey Wendy,” I returned her greeting, a little more casually as I slammed my stuff onto the fold out desk rather boisterously.

Wendy jumped a bit from the sound, and I plopped down in my chair, prepping myself for an hour of info that I would actually pay attention to.

The lecture started off with the basic heart functions, and learning about bypasses and heart attacks and preventions. Basic stuff, but about halfway through the lecture I almost thought I heard someone whispering my name.

I whipped my head back, eyes narrowed as I searched for the culprit.

Of-fucking-course, Gray is looking at me with a puzzled expression, mouthing the words ‘you’re in this class?’.

I squinted my eyes and gave him one of those ‘wtf stop talking to me’ glares that I was so (not)famous for.

He didn’t seem fazed but I turned back around so that I could face the lecturer again, determined not to let Gray distract me again.

I almost succeeded, in fact there was only six minutes left of class when the lecture ended, but Gray was on a roll for pissing me off today, and right now was no exception.

“Juvia, you’re in this class?” He asked, he had walked up to me and Wendy right as we were packing up.

“Uh, no. I came here for the comfy chairs.” I said, smacking one of the comfy-as-rocks plastic chairs and fake smiled.

He smirked his stupid sexy smirk. “You’re sassy.” He commented with a raised eyebrow.

“And Wendy’s got blue hair. Any more excellent observations?” I said, gesturing to a nervous Wendy’s dark blue locks.

He actually laughed this time, a nice handsome laugh. I’d most definitely be lying if I said I disliked his laugh, in fact I’d be lying if I said I disliked anything about Gray.

Except for maybe the fact that he wouldn’t leave me alone.

The bell rung and I was  about to run away, but Gray caught my arm and I felt shivers crawl up my spine.

“Catch you later Juvia,” were his only words before he released me.

Yeah, only three months, my fucking ass.

It was going to be a hell of a lot longer than that, and as far as I can see, I’m completely, and utterly, screwed.

Comfort in Your Arms

Jude raced through the cool evening night, going as fast as his legs could pedal.  He struggled to keep from crying.  Callie’s words stung hard, and Jude couldn’t even figure out why.  So he kept pedaling, willing himself to arrive at Connor’s as soon as he could manage.  He just needed Connor right now.  He needed his strong arms, his soothing voice, his soft lips, because truth be told, Jude felt like shit and Connor was the only thing that he knew would make him feel, if not better, at least alright.  Arriving at the Stevens’ house, Jude hopped off his bike, letting it crash into the grass, and he sprinted inside up to Connor’s room, not even bothering to knock or ring the doorbell.

“Jude-” was all Connor managed to get out before Jude collapsed into his arms, burying his head into Connor’s chest and dissolving into tears.  Feeling Connor holding him, he already started to feel better, relaxing into Connor’s embrace.

“Shh, shh Jude.  It’s alright.” Connor cooed, gently rubbing Jude’s back.

“I w-worked so h-hard Connor.  I tr-tried to make it p-perfect.  And she just c-called it ‘the surprise party I didn’t want’ Connor.  How did she t-think that w-would make me f-feel. I just-” Jude managed to spit out between heavy sobs wracking his body, the last few words overcome by the tears.

“I’m sure she didn’t mean it, Jude.  She was probably just overwhelmed.  Don’t beat yourself up okay?” Connor said quietly, trying to reassure the boy crying in his arms.  He hated seeing Jude so upset.

“I just don’t know Connor.  What if she did mean it?”

“I promise it’ll be alright.  Why don’t we just sleep and you can talk to her in the morning?” Connor asked, gripping Jude tighter and placing a gentle kiss onto his forehead.  Jude just nodded.  After a while, Jude’s body stopping heaving and his breathing slowed, as he feel asleep curled up into Connor.  Connor held him tightly and didn’t let go until morning.


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I finished my half of the Celebrimbor collaboration I’m doing with sithisit / tyelpings! It only took me about 2 months to do, but here it is (finally). He looks a little younger than I wanted, so perhaps this is more like Tyelpe when he was still in Valinor? Idk. 

The first pic is the “official” lineart that sithisit will be coloring for me.

The second pic is just for reference so you can tell what everything is. My linearts tend to be a little sketchy and it can be hard to tell what something is supposed to be. But by all means, this isn’t what the final version will look like! It’s all up to sithisit to color it now, to any color scheme/tone they want :)

ladamitadelaluna  asked:

SasuNaruSasu for the ship thing. :)

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

hooooo shit kids my time has finally come

who’s the cuddler: N-A-R-U-T-O. He loves it, and Sasuke can’t say no to him, so that makes up for a lot of cuddling. Never in public though, they like to keep things private. These moments are for them alone. 

who makes the bed: Sasuke does, because if he didn’t, it’d never happen.

who wakes up first: Naruto. Sasuke is about as far removed from a morning person as you can get. 

who has the weird taste in music: Naruto listens to literally everything. Sasuke often catches him trying (and failing) to sing along with a song in a language he doesn’t speak. 

who is more protective: They’re both very protective of eachother, but Sasuke shows it more often. Hell usually breaks loose in the form of the kyuubi lol  when Naruto gets protective of Sasuke. 

who sings in the shower: Naruto does, it’s why Sasuke keeps at least one pair of earplugs in every single room of the house. Naruto isn’t the most talented singer in the world, to put it lightly. 

who cries during movies: Oh god, bless Naruto’s precious heart. Sasuke thinks he’s ridiculous, but loves him all the more for it. 

who spends the most while out shopping: Naruto gets, just like his mama, overly excited over literally everything and therefore usually ends up spending way more money than necessary on stuff (he also tends to spend more because he finally has money, something he still isnt really used to) oops i made it sad

who kisses more roughly: These boys are so damn hungry for eachother it’s ridiculous. They both kiss very roughly. 

who is more dominate: They both have pretty dominant personalities, but Sasuke doesn’t mind taking a step back to let Naruto take the lead every once in while. 

my rating of the ship from 1-10: WHAT DO U THINK

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Why are sports anime fixated with the idea of having an "ace"? Does a team need an "ace"?

What an interesting question, anon. 

The facetious answer is that “aces” are a real concept in sports and an actual baseball term for a starting pitcher, hence why Diamond no Ace’s pitchers are constantly going on about being or wanting to be the ace. (A funny thing: on the eve of the rather disastrous Tim Hudson vs. Barry Zito pitch-off, an article jokingly suggested that Tim Hudson’s biography be called “The ACE of Diamonds.”) Now, I think the term is less standardized in other sports, but I don’t think anyone would argue that, say, Michael Jordan was the ace of the Chicago Bulls in the early 90s, Lionel Messi is the ace of Barcelona, Sidney Crosby the ace of the Pittsburgh Penguins, etc. It’s a much lauded and much discussed feature of sports, so it isn’t that surprising that a sports anime or manga would go the same route. 

Non-facetious answer under the cut. TL;DR: no, a team in a sports anime doesn’t need an “ace”, but it becomes harder to write an engaging sports anime if you don’t have one.

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Your blog is just the bestist thing ^.^

Dean: It’s my brother’s birthday!

Cas: It’s Sam’s birthday, Dean.

Dean: We gotta make sure everything is prepared for Da Moose’s awesome party!

Cas: My minions have purchased Sam a new computer, so he can conduct research.

Dean: Sweet!  Thanks, minions!!

Cas: And Loki-in-the-Box has obtained a new box, which is free of dents.

Loki-in-the-Box: I’m c'llectible!

Thor: And I have purchased copious hair care products for yon Moose.  They will keep his antlers in shining condition.

Dean: Awesome!  Thanks, god dude!

Cas: I have supplied some organic, shade-grown, cruelty-free, fair trade KALE, which is both crunchy and d'licious.

Dean: That oughta be great, Cas.  He loves all that stuff.

Cap'n Jack: And I’ve got the RUM.  It’s my SPECIAL BLEND.

Dean: Thanks, Cap'n.  Much appreciated.

Cap'n Jack: You and Castiel should try some, LATER!

Dean: Uh, yeah.

Cap'n America: Me ‘n Bucky have brought PIES, because AMERICA!

Dean: Do I even need to ask what kinda pie, Cap'n?

Cap'n America: APPLE.  Because AMERICA!

Cas: An’ our team of scientists have found Sam’s soul!

Dean: Oops, where was it this time?

Robert Downey Jr.: Fell behind some couch cushions.

Dean: Yep, he tends to lose it.

Dean: An’ Cas, what’s your brother THE TRICKSTER got for Sammy?

Loki: Ehehehehehe!

Cas: I do not understand.  Gabriel says he has brought ENTERTAINMENT?

Dean: Oh no!



Thor: You have dented yon window box.  We will smite thee, villain.

onion man vs flameboy

i just watched onision’s video and im just…,, annoyed. he made some solid points, as in dan not watching his videos before forming an opinion, but let’s all take a moment, a moment to reflect on how everyone, people who don’t even watch onision, know he says a lot of offensive things. how he was banned from vidcon, how he constantly publicly humiliates youtubers he doesn’t like. so even if dan hadn’t watched his videos, which he didn’t even clearly state he did, this was something onision just assumed, dan had good reason to not want to be associated with someone like that.

he recognizes how dedicated his and phils fan base is and realizes that if something includes them, we will probably watch it. Views equal money, and they know this when they add Dan or Phil in their icons, when they mention them repeatedly, that they’re going to get attention. Dan wasn’t even specifically directing this towards onision, sure he is what triggered this conversation, one that I think truly needed to be had, but a lot of youtubers are guilty of this and Dan is aware of that fact. He even emphasized that there are youtuber/S/ that do this. Onision is making this completely about him (which he tends to do) and trying to throw it all back on to Dan, saying he’s only in it for the money, and it’s just a pathetic attempt to make himself look better at the end of all of this. I’m just kind of done with this childlike drama (lmao as I add fuel to the fire oops)