what i shoot with

Why I think there will be a 4th episode and why I think there will be Johnlock.

              I’m not tagging spoilers, so if you haven’t watched The Final Problem yet, even thought it’s been almost a week, do not read this.

  I know some people have given up hope, but I just thought I would share some things that I thought when I watched TFP.

               So, I’m going to start when Sherlock is given a gun and told to have either Mycroft or John to shoot the governor. I thought this was very interesting, and I personally think this is when the choice for Sherlock starts: the choice between John or Mycroft, family or friends, his brain or his heart. He chooses Mycroft first, but then chooses John. I immediately thought of ASIP, when Sherlock really chooses his brain over his heart *cough*Angelo’s*cough*, but it is his heart that saves him.

               But John can’t do it either, and the governor shoots himself. They then move onto what I call the Garridebs room. The walls have been painted recently, and I thought they looked like the walls in the building where they found Jennifer Wilson in ASIP. Three Garridebs are dangling outside, and a gun is the only evidence they have. Mycroft refuses to help, and so Sherlock has John look at the gun. I think, in her own sick, twisted ways, Eurus is trying to get Sherlock to realize how important John is to him, if only to use it against him. They solve the puzzle, then move onto the next room.

In the next room, there is a coffin in the middle, and that is it. Sherlock makes a string of deductions as to whom the coffin belonged.

Given the completely pointless courtesy of headroom, the coffin belongs to someone roughly 5’4”, making it more likely for it to be a woman. But he says that the courtesy of headroom is pointless, so why would Eurus order a coffin with headroom in mind, if not to throw him off? If you take away the headroom, the owner of the coffin would be roughly 5’6”. Who do we know that is 5’6”? John.

The coffin is not expensive, so the owner is most likely unmarried and distant from their extended family. That really sounds a lot like the conversation in ASIP, when Sherlock deduces John’s phone. John then adds that the coffin was most likely purchased on a lonely night on Google. We do see one google search, at night, alone, and that would be when John looks up Sherlock online. We know that John was suicidal at the time, so he may have also been looking at coffins. Add that to the fact that Mary is dead and John is still distant from his family, and it’s kind of obvious,

               The owner is practical about death, given the cost of the coffin. Let’s talk about John. He is the blogger for Sherlock Holmes, and helps him solve crimes. He sees brutally murdered people all the time. But even before that, he was in the army, in Afghanistan. He probably saw a few of his friends die, and he almost died himself. He knows death is a thing that happens. He probably is very practical about death.

               The owner of the coffin loves Sherlock Holmes. Do I need to explain it to you? From the very beginning, when they had met less than 24 hours before, John was ready to kill for Sherlock, to die for Sherlock, to let Sherlock save him, to die with Sherlock. Whether romantically or platonically, John Hamish Watson loves William Sherlock Scott Holmes.

               After all this, it is revealed to be Molly, in a turn of events that probably disappointed casual viewers and TJLCers alike. Blah blah blah, bombs and stuff, blah blah blah, they solve it and then move on to the next room.

               There is nothing in this next room, but Sherlock, John, Mycroft, a gun, and a choice. Sherlock must choose between John and Mycroft. This, for me, is the final problem. It seems like he will choose to shoot John, then Mycroft, but then he points the gun at himself instead. I could go on for hours about OOC John here, but I won’t. It’s the opposite of the first “game”. I think Eurus knew Sherlock wouldn’t shoot either John or Mycroft, but he would subconsciously make a choice, which one did he care about most. Insert the second tranquilizer of the episode, and scene change.

               Sherlock wakes up in a fake room, and John wakes up in a well. Mycroft is nowhere to be seen. Insert a traumatic childhood, a song that was changed, some fake graves, and a childhood pet that wasn’t an animal. Sherlock must find John, before he drowns. Honestly, to me this is romance level stuff here, a perfect set up for a Garrideb-style love confession. Then Sherlock abandons a drowning John, who has his feet chained to the bottom, to ‘rescue’ his sister, who just tried to kill him and everyone he ever cared about. That is what I call OOC. Anyway, the chains are magically removed when a rope is thrown down, and everything is alright, or is it?

               John and Sherlock receive another video from Mary. It just says a bunch or random things about John and Sherlock’s friendship, and a montage of happiness begins. Given that the last video Mary sent, she was telling Sherlock to go kill himself for John, this video is weird for me.

               There is a theory going around that the gun John was shot with wasn’t a tranquilizer, and I am a believer in that. So basically, it says that this is all in John mind, which explains why it was like a horror movie. It also says that either in a special or next season, we are going to get the garridebs we wanted.

               Everything I mentioned, with combined with this other theory, could symbolize that John is letting himself believe that Sherlock loves him, and cares for him, and he is letting himself love Sherlock. It’s like TAB, but with John,

               Happy tin hatting, everybody!


they told me, “hey, honey, don’t let the rainwater drown you when you’re young,” but you led me into the storm with a smile busted wide open and we danced while our feet got muddy. my heart hammering away in my ribcage. my heart begging me to please, please slow down.

i remember the blood on my knees from falling a few too many times, the bruises that blossomed like rosebuds across my shins and my ankles. you kissed me tender & you loved me whole, even as pieces of myself fractured like starlight in front of your eyes.

you pointed to the night sky, the constellations and the galaxies spread like birthday candles, and said, “there’s you.”

do you still wish on shooting stars? what about airplanes? sometimes i like to think the genies are simply sprinkling away their dust behind them as they fly, and i repeat your name like a prayer or a promise or a plea. i write your name into every single speck of this earth that i can grab.

“you fall too hard for someone so soft,” they told me. i pointed to apollo and icarus, to persephone and hades, to the moon and the sun. the solar system bleeds in stardust but i have this blood in my veins, too. you told me so.

—  trace the constellations into your skin so you will always find your way back to me // (h.q.)

does anyone know what happened like right after the shooting at columbine ? like i think about this a lot but i’ve never seen anything about it, did they get outta school for a lil while ? it happened on a tuesday, did they not have school for the rest of the week or a few weeks ? how long did it take to restore the school 100% and what’d they do with the kids in the mean time ? was anyone allowed in the library before the bloodstained carpet was removed and the bullet hole ridden chairs and desks were replaced ? some tell me i need to knoow

on day 7 of Seven’s route

me: “I’m so happy that you’re here. We can be like newly-weds!”

Seven: “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in that.”



You know, canon.

Bless these anti-social wilderness babies. Stalking people all day and all night before finally deciding to approach them.

I accidentally turned on a few layers at once and got this adorable huddle. Hahaha. 

You know, maybe the reason Roadhog and Junkrat have never been caught is because the police in Overwatch take one look at a man whose launcher is filled with bombs and who carries mines on him and has a vest of grenades he wears constantly and a giant tire bomb strapped to his back and think, hmmm, maybe we shouldn’t be shooting bullets in his general direction just in case he takes out the entire block with him. Just a thought.

what she says: I’m fine
what she means: Will the suspect please take the stand? Mr. Goofy, is it? A hyuh, yuh! Mr. Goofy, you are here today being charged with mass homicide– A-yuh! And your lawyer is here, present? Am I correct? Yes, I’m his lawyer, Joe Rosenberg, I’ll be representing him here today in court. Now from what I see here there is strong evidence supporting the mass shooting, it looks like here, you were caught in broad daylight on CCTV (of course) holding an AR-7. Eyup! So you’re admitting that the man in this footage is you, correct? Huh huh, yuh! So you do admit that this very same footage, right here, from the very same CCTV of you massacring a public Elementary School is you as well? A-hyuh hyuh hyuh gorsh! Is that a yes? A-hyuh hyuh! Can I get a yes, Mr. Goofy? I object, my client has done nothing wrong! He killed 27 children and crippled 5! He’s clinically insane, Your Honor, he’s crazy! Mr. Goofy, this is not a laughing matter. I told you, he’s insane. His wife miscarried- Mr. Goofy, what do you have to say for yourself? A-hee hyuh guilty! Your Honor, my client would like to plead Insanity. A-hyuh hyuh nope! Wait-wait hold on, Mr. Goofy you are saying that you were conscious? Hyuh! You were conscious and aware of your actions, is that correct? Hah hah, eyup! Goofy! Goofy what are you, what the fuck are you doing? Hyuh hyuh, gorsh I did it! Mr. Rosenberg, looks like your client has decided to come clean… Holy fucking shit. Your Honor, I would like to call for a Recess I would like to talk to my client in private. (Sigh) Fine. You have five minutes. Thank you, Your Honor. You have five minutes. Thank you, Your Honor. Goofy, Goofy get the fuck over here! E-Hyuh hyah hah I did it! Goofy, come here, Goofy Goofy, come here, listen to me. Alright, Goofy, Goofy, you’re on thin ice right now. You’re on thin ice buddy, come on. Shape up. I did it! Yeah, yeah I know you did it, yeah, we all know you fuckin’ did it, okay? But we can get you off! We can get you off. E-hyah I’m a murderer! We all know you’re guilty. Look, Goofy, I’m Mickey’s best lawyer, okay? He wanted me on this case because he cares about you. I’ll fuckin’ do it again! Okay, Goofy, do you want to go to jail? Nope! Do you want to go to a psychiatric ward? Nope! No? Then you say that you’re not guilty. You didn’t do it! But I did! Yeah, I know you fuckin’ did it but just say that you didn’t! A-hyuh hyuh g-gorsh! Okay Goofy, you gotta take this seriously. You killed 27 children, okay and we all know that, we all know that but I can get you out of this! Do you know how much money Mickey put on the line for this? Do you know how much money he’s paying? He’s doing this just for you, because he cares about you! If not for me, do this for Mickey! Mmokay! I don’t care about losing the case, just do it for Mickey! Hah hah okay! Goofy! Hah hah, MURDER! Goofy, shut the fuck up! Why? The demons told me to! Goofy, fuck! Shut the fuck up! Goofy! Guilty. Dying children.