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Hey, listen. I love your art, and you have a lot of potential! But a problem I see with your style right now is body proportions. All of your characters have the same shape. Not that that's bad, but it can be improved upon.

I know, I’m still improving on my own style. I have different forms for my female and male characters, I always make sure you can tell between male and female, but I don’t have the diversity that you’re looking for I’m guessing. It’s kinda hard to change the shape of wolf characters TOO much, if that makes sense, but I see where you are coming from. However, I’m still not quite sure exactly what you’re meaning I could improve on. Do you mean how I always  make the perspective of them in either profile, three-quarters view, or full frontal view? Idk, I’d like to hear more about what you think I could improve on.

You know when you bring up fandom racism and someone (or several people, usually) responds with some kind of version of ‘your view is invalid because you’re only considering race as a factor for why CoC is unpopular (or white side character is super popular), without comprehending other factors’? 

Not only is that incredibly patronizing, it’s also totally backwards. Because over and over again, I’ll watch movies and TV shows and see a story being told with important characters of color, and then watch as fandom ignores them to embrace white characters, no matter how minor. Over and over. 

That is what I and others notice. And to those people trying to invalidate our observations, I say: We’re not the ones disregarding the story to focus on race – you are

I mean, they’re not consciously thinking about race, which is why the whole discussion is so hard for them, but the result is always that CoC don’t matter as much as white characters. There are always a million non-racial reasons why, but in fan spaces like Tumblr and AO3, it always comes down to whiteness mattering more. 

I’m so happy that Rhett and Link are incorporating charity into wheel endings full time - and I’m extra happy that Link seemed pleased about that particular aspect of the new wheel, too.

It’s also great how there’s more opportunity for fan interaction and inter-fandom activity led by the show itself - it’s a great way to advertise the show using social media - have the fans take over tags or be doing something weird and interesting that might have someone go ‘what’s this all about?’

CONCLUSION I really like how Rhett, Link and the crew obviously think about how new changes will help GMM grow. I know there’s always doubts as to how invested Rhett and Link are in GMM after so many years, but to see them change things up and try new things is a sign that they still view GMM as a product worth improving.

the easiest way for me to explain what my particular reylo is is to think of rey as a star and kylo as someone who accidentally gets caught in her gravitational pull. 

the idea of reylo i enjoy the most, what fascinates me so much is the idea of kylo unravelling because he falls in love with rey, because he doesn’t know how to reconcile how he feels about her with everything else in his life. 

dark!rey, rey having compassion for kylo, the question of how she might come to view him differently- all of these are interesting questions and i would love to see them explored.

but what appeals to me the most is a chasm appearing in ren’s heart, a rift he notices within him to his horror and despair between what he truly wants and what he only thinks he wants, the realization that he loves the one he shouldn’t forcing him to ask why, forcing him to confront the rift between the choices he’s made and what he was truly made for. 

I love the emotional dissonance of kylo, murderer, dark side servant, aspiring darth vader, falling in love. And not only falling in love but falling in love with his prisoner-turned-conqueror, with a girl, a scavenger, a nobody, with the one seemingly weaker but oh so, so much stronger than him.

i love rey so much, her journey is so important, the most important to me. and I do think that her journey will have a lot to do with kylo. but i still love the idea that she could do nothing, change nothing, feel nothing for ben solo and his heart could still split in two because of her. 

she could stay the same (i don’t think she will) (but she could!) and at the same time that she keeps on shining, there could quite plausibly be a war raging on in her enemy because of her; she, simply by being herself, could create a chasm in him, perfectly echoing the physical chasm that separates the two of them at the end of the first movie, and that chasm could crack apart his flawed foundation in order to lead to his destruction or rebirth (or both because are they all that different, after all) all because a star was born.


Hey thanks so much to everyone who has read this and I’m excited to keep writing about feysand cause they are amazing!!

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I had left my bags in the room, which I was pleasantly surprised about because everyone knew Cassian had piss poor taste in choosing nice hotels. But everything was tastefully decorated and the sea view Cassian had gotten me was splendid. There was a note on my bed saying that Cassian and Azriel would be at the bar so I strolled through the hotel looking around for any signs that would lead me to my brothers.

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Always depresses me to be see people who identify themselves as part of the “Alt-Right”, mostly because I used to be part of that group, and I know first hand how easy it is to get sucked in and how appealing it seems if you’re a depressed white guy.

It gives you a banner to march under, an identity, a sense that you’re part of a larger whole. For nerds who feel ostracized, the alt-right seems to be giving them what they want.

But it’s a group entirely based on hate that will distort your world view and further separate you from reality, and they will kick you out as soon as you start questioning them.

Dont be fooled, the Alt-Right are rebranded neo-nazis, you do not want to be a part of that.

I’ve been creeping the Fantastic Beasts pages at AO3 and it’s really interesting to see how neurotypicals who are uneducated about autism view/understand Newt Scamander.

They can see that there’s something awkward and “off” about him, but their reasoning for what and why that is is fascinating.

I’ve read some fics where they mention his inability to make eye contact but don’t try to reason it at all (it usually feels very matter of fact “that’s just how Newt is”), while some try to excuse it away as shyness, nervousness, deference to someone he doesn’t know well yet, and even as “a bad habit he’d picked up as a child”.

No sweetie, it’s not a “bad habit he picked up”. 

He’s just autistic af. 

And that’s okay.

Charlie vs Miss Quill or a lesson in differing morality

I’ll begin by openly admitting that I am primarily a Miss Quill fan and there is a chance that my interpretation is coloured by that fact. Consider yourselves warned.

Brave-ish heart was a fantastic episode in so many ways, but especially in illustrating the differences in the way Charlie and Miss Quill think, perceive the world and act, this is what I intend to try to analyze here.

The first main difference between them lies in Charlie not being able to or flat out refusing to see or even consider things from Miss Quill’s point of view. A perfect example of that is his offhanded: “I care very little about your opinion of my actions, Quill.”, but you can also see it in how he constantly corrects her by insisting she’s a prisoner instead of a slave or that she killed Rhodians in terrorist acts instead of war. What cut me the most personally was his: “You’re heartless. Like all Quill.” The way he said it, the way he said all the things I mention, did not leave any room for arguments or other possible interpretations. For him only his way of thinking (or should I say the way he’s been taught to think) is the right one and that’s that. The feeling I get when I listen to him talk about the Quill as a race or Miss Quill in particular is that both they and she are beneath him, not worth much, I would even go as far as to add - not real enough. He does not care about them or her. In fact the only time he cares about her feelings is when he thinks she sounds happy on the phone. And that worries him! If she’s happy, then she must be up to something bad because as far as he’s concerned that’s all she is - a terrorist, a prisoner slave!, a villain. She is heartless like all Quill, she’s not capable of being truly happy. I’m not claiming that she’s blameless or innocent at all here, I’m only pointing out the way he perceives her and how that affects his judgment and actions towards her.

What really drives the whole Charlie is not capable of seeing things from Miss Quill’s point of view home for me, though, was his speech about how he would be lost if he used the Cabinet of Souls. The entire time he talks about losing hope, having lost everything and losing it again we have Quill in the background watching silently with the most heartbreaking look on her face. Because she has lost everything already and unlike him she does not even have anything else that she could lose. What he’s describing and so afraid of - it’s already happened to her. And since he’s also the last of his species he should be the one who is able to see and understand that, but it never even crosses his mind that “Oh, my enemy might have feelings too!”. Charlie likes to think of himself as just and moral (which is what Dorothea appeals to as well by the way and she knows what to go for), but when it comes to Miss Quill he is anything but that. He may insist that she’s only a prisoner, but at the same time he says “You will do as I say” as if that’s the most natural thing in the world and as if taking someone’s free will is totally fine and dandy and this, the way he does it so offhandedly, this cuts me deeply and turns my stomach. I don’t argue that Quill maybe deserves punishment for the people she’s killed as a freedom fighter, but I will go to my grave claiming that she does not deserve the way he treats her or thinks of her.

As strange as it is, the way I see it, it’s Miss Quill who is better at putting herself in Charlie’s position or in fact in other people’s position in general. It’s her who agrees with Matteusz that it’s not the time for arguments, not Charlie. Charlie strikes me as someone who would like to think they are moral and taking other people and their feelings into account but can be so blinded by what they believe in that they sometimes lose sight of things. He’s not malicious, but he’s definitely misguided and closed-minded (at least when it comes to the Quill and Miss Quill).

Something else that makes these two and the way they view the world very different is the emphasis they put on themselves as persons. The whole time Charlie tries to persuade Miss Quill that they shouldn’t use the Cabinet of Souls to kill the Shadow Kin, he keeps ending his arguments with “What about yourself? You’ll die too.” What I take away from that is that for him that is the most important thing (or what he feels should be most important for her at least). On the other hand we have Miss Quill who openly states that the life she’s currently living doesn’t make her weep at the prospect of death (this statement, however, makes me want to weep) and who advocates for putting duty before the personal. It’s her who says: “All war is sacrifice, but you can end the one they wage on the universe forever and to what better purpose can a life and death be put?”. That is beautiful by the way. And I’m aware that she’s trying to convince him to kill the Shadow Kin because she wants revenge, but I also think that two other things are important to note here - she is actually taking into account the lives that the Shadow Kin will inevitably take as well as revenge and she is ready to sacrifice herself in order to achieve that goal. The way I see it, for Charlie his life means everything, for her - her life at the moment is both devoid of meaning and not as important as the countless universes that could be saved by destroying the Shadow Kin. I’m not for genocide, but I must admit that her way of thinking - putting others before yourself - makes more sense to me in this scenario. Both logically and strategically. Feel free to judge me on this if you want.

After all of this, I would just like to add that if I, personally, had to choose between the “heartless” Quill and the “cultured and learned” Rhodians based on what I know about them so far from this show, Charlie and Miss Quill, I would go with the Quill with no hesitation. They might be aggressive, but they’re honest and I could never sympathize with a culture that goes around teaching their children that the people of another culture are all heartless. If anyone is heartless, it’s NOT Miss Quill. She showed plenty of heart in this episode and i would fight anyone who suggests that this isn’t true. 

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TBH I'm still so mad that we never got to see Bella and Rosalie's relationship during Bella's pregnancy

Me too, anon. 

I think we can all agree that Rosalie’s view of babies is idealized like whoa, but isn’t that what Bella would need during a pregnancy that’s quickly killing her? I would read the shit out of the two of them talking about how cute this hypothetical kid would be, and his tiny little feet, and how much he’d love music and animals and space, and what they’d get him for his first birthday. While Edward and Jacob were saying supportive stuff like, “Get it out of her,”, Rose could make Bella feel like she was suffering for the sake of a person with a future. 

Perhaps this is me projecting, but there’s this air of practicality to Rosalie that I’d really appreciate in my attending physician. Edward spends the whole pregnancy screaming internally, Carlisle seems distant and uncertain and scientifically curious, but Rosalie appears fairly level-headed (even optimistic!) about the whole thing. I could see Bella asking her things like, “How bad do I look?” and Rose responding, “Well, you probably can’t wear a bikini this Spring Break. Next year, though.” I want all of the dark pregnancy humour, and I can’t see it coming from anyone besides Rosalie (and maybe Jacob). 

And finally, I very much acknowledge the Machiavellian underpinnings of Bella’s fateful phone call to Rosalie. If you’re going to appoint a champion against the united forces of Edward and Carlisle then, hell yeah, pick the person who’s been most badly burned by their paternalistic nonsense and has selfish reasons for fighting in your corner. But I also can’t shake the feeling that Bella’s low-key scheming would endear her to Rose, who’s not above sneakiness and manipulation herself. Basically, I wish BD had contained a conversation between these two which acknowledged just how Slytherin they are and how much of their happiness hinged on that trait. 

Dear K-netizens that “hate” AOA

Fuck off!

The girls tried hard everyday for people to appreciate them. They go through hardships that most of you don’t even know what’s like. Most of you just sit in your sofa whole day without doing anything nice. Most of you are jealous because all AOA are actually prettier than you, or have a better body. But do you know what? They suffer to get like that. 

Are you hating AOA and not giving them views and buy their stuff on this comeback because of what? because Seolhyun didn’t know the name of some old man that died waaaaaay before she was even born? That Jimin also didn’t know the name of that man? What else? That they are human? Did you even see how genius Seolhyun actually is at math IN THE SAME EPISODE? or do you only care about mistakes. HUMAN mistakes. I don’t even remember what I ate yesterday, now about history that is not even my thing. Now imagine them, that sleep a lil more than 2 hours per day or less. That practice all day long, just to present to you. yes, to YOU. A better image. A better comeback. For you to be happy with their songs. For you to have strength while listening to them. All of they hard work is not for them. its for YOU. and Your country. How about you appreciate more human beings, instead of pointing fingers at them. Just like you do with Sulli. the poor girl. 

“Excuse Me” is just another great song by amazing AOA. “Bing Bing” same thing. It’s not like many robotic songs we have out there. so stop your jealous, butthurt ass from complaining and destroying people’s job. Be happy! Appreciate People. Last but not least. FORGIVE HUMAN MISTAKES.

Thank You.

An Elvis that loves Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Mina, Seolhyun, Chanmi and never forgets Yookyung (even tho you are no longer in AOA)

Girl Meets World taught so many important life values to my nieces and now they’re going to have nothing thanks to Disney not renewing the show I hope they realize that. Let’s have a show focused on the internet and social media but not real life problems and core values. Do they not get that the show is so much deeper than characters? It teaches kids to have a voice and that the value of friendship is so much more important than social media. How many times have you seen the characters on GMW on their cell phones when they’re with their friends? None that I can recall, because they’re living in the moment and they’re focused on what’s happening around them in REAL LIFE. I’m just distraught at the fact that they’re keeping bunk’d and whatever that YouTube show is instead of something that sends a positive meaning to the viewers. Never will you see Rowan, Sabrina, Peyton, or even Augustus doing anything inappropriate on social media for views but they’re keeping a show with Jake Paul ( no hate like the dude ) who has done so many inappropriate things and posted underage acts online for fame. Think about that. Real smart move Disney. I’m just so thankful that I didn’t grow up watching the Disney that it is now, that’s all I can say because I’m so upset for my nieces right now.

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@the "JK prefers Tae" anon, what gives you the right to decide who someone 'prefers' to be around? You're not Jungkook so therefore you have no idea how he feels. How do people even think that way? Some people are just so incredibly negative. When I look at BTS all I see is a group of friends that are so close to each other, care so much about each other, and have such an inseparable bond that they're like family. How can people view them in such a twisted way? It's sad

^^^^^ I couldn’t have said it better

Tbh I see posts about how young Jesse was when Overwatch was in it’s hayday and don’t get me wrong do not stop but like. Angela and McCree are the same age. I like to think she was a medical prodigy who had to grow up really really fast and became the dr and first responder we all know and love at a preeeetty young age bc that’s what was needed of her.

tbh I want a thing where McCree hasn’t met Angela yet and just hears Dr. Zeigler and thinks old person or middle aged at least but walks in to get his arm looked at or smth and instead of an older person it’s just this cute 17 y/o girl like “Oh! Can I help you? ovo”

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I really enjoy your blog and love your views on Snape because I very much agree with them. However I did see a post somewhere comparing Umbridge to Snape and how because Snape was male and played by an attractive male he isn't put down as much as Umbridge. And I frankly think this is one of the craziest things ever because Snape and Umbridge are two completely different people with completely different situations. What do you think about it?

uh…… that’s Insane

a) i mean movie!snape is played by Ultimate Hot Dad alan rickman, but book!snape is canonically ugly and a lot of fans like book!snape, so it’s kind of a moot point anyway. also like i love alan rickman, but his snape didn’t exactly do it for me in the looks department, which i enjoyed actually bc it made him feel more like snape to me if he wasn’t classically handsome…. but i realize there are people who feel differently about that, so i’ll leave it there.

b) umbridge like….. actually literally tortures the kids. everything antis accuse snape of doing umbridge ACTUALLY DOES???? she forces harry to literally carve words into his hand until they SCAR???? nothing snape does is actually comparable to be honest. absolutely nothing. 

c) umbridge literally wants to torture the kids for information. harry recognizes that snape has a better (or, at least, less psychotic) value system when he asks snape for help? a moment when harry j potter actually reaches out to snape? (it’s unfortunate that snape couldn’t show that he was helping harry and that just kind of cemented harry’s distrust…. but the point is that harry reached out to SNAPE because he trusted that snape would intervene. he knows that snape doesn’t torture his students like umbridge.)

d) idk if these people know about things like narratives or they just are content to pretend that whatever hoodoo they come up with is true, but umbridge is clearly partly brought in to illuminate how much snape is NOT torturing the students. rowling is saying “well you thought SNAPE was actually the worst teacher? next to umbridge, who tortures her students, he’s a kitten.” next to umbridge, snape becomes what he is - a mean teacher, but not abusive. 

e) lmao the thing is these antis try to make it should super Feminist and Progressive when they promote a female character over a male character, but the fact of the matter is that the bad shit female character do isn’t like…. washed away by their femaleness. i agree that we need to hold characters to the same standards, but that’s exactly what i’m doing when i say that umbridge is a piece of trash i’d willing step on while defending snape. umbridge is objectively a worse person and a worse teacher than snape. snape has many, MANY flaws, but he is at least trying to make up for them??? he at least does not literally torture his students for nothing more than them saying something he doesn’t like??????????

f) snape isn’t put down as much as umbridge because snape isn’t a fucking batshit crazy torturer who is wildly xenophobic and hateful. but sure, it’s just because he’s played by an attractive male. right. 

g) my god, what will they come up with next

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From one scientifically oriented individual to another, what do you think of your (and your cones) interactions with the flux? Seeing as we both have done a little bit of research into the subject I wonder how it has come to affect your view of it and it's potential. Does Nano's method of infection differ from how it happened in other dimensions? (ps. attached is a short video with poor quality of the incident seen in the series) Hope you can take some time to share your opinion, thanks~

I wouldn’t mind seeing the research papers you have on the subject, if you would not mind me reading them. It’s not my first priority at the moment but it is an intriguing clue to my own pet project I have been working on.

Onto the video you’ve sent me.

[10 or so minutes later]

Very Intriguing! 

It appears the Flux does react somewhat differently in my dimension compared to your own (assuming the footage is from your own dimension). It appears to be some sort of gooey sticky residue that latches itself to the skin.. or perhaps grows into it… yes, it seems to act more like a fungus like infection; latching on and growing, presumably eventually consuming the host. I wonder what would happen then. Ah, but that would just be speculation.

What I find fascinating is the amount of magic clearly apparent in that world. You see, in this world, the Flux is drawn to or possibly created by the presence of magic itself. It is absurdly rare. You’d need a machine like my own arcane sphere to collect and condense magic into a solitary space to even make it properly habitable for the Flux to grow in the first place. Well, you probably already know that since you’ve been researching into it. Miss Sounds did have a higher then average arcane aptitude before her accident, so it is not outside the expected results that she was infected. As it stands now, I see very little use for the substance other then weaponization against beings of high magical aptitude. They are few and far between here in this dimension, but likely a much bigger threat to those outside of our dimension.

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Im tired of people who said that even in the comics the wives are scared of Comic!Negan and he's a rapist by coercion. And they stay w him bc they're scared. That Tv!Negan is perfect 'cause we see how Negan really is (in the show he condone rape by coercion and have that strange relationship with Sherry, when in the comics doesn't exist) And how they say that they're not happy or comfortable when in the comics stay w him for privilieges and nothing else, they used him and he use them.

Hi, Anon thank you for your message. I have my own interpretation of Negan´s story with his wives in the comics as well based on how Robert Kirkman himself created the situation. My interpretation may not be popular among Negan fans as I am by the ways, but it is what it is, my point of view.

I don´t see Negan in the graphic novels as a character who enjoys physically hurting his wives by forcing them into having sex. Negan genuinely proves several times and say it on multiple occasions that he hates sexual violence and getting pleasure by hurting women sexually to him is a monstrosity. 

Do I think his sexual relationship with Amber and Sherry - the only wives we have a story - is 100% consensual?

No, I don´t think so.

Robert Kirkman has created this ambiguous situation, and I want to quote him:

Minute 29:18 

 Question: “Why is Negan (….) against rape and has a harem at the same time?”

Kirkman: “That´s part of the weird thing about him.
Like to him, it is consensual but….  not really.
And that is something we will get into it in the origin stuff to a certain extent.   We will find out more about what he stands for and how it works out. But this is part of the complicated nature of his character and how he is all about killing and all about not about killing and how he is really against rape and doing weird stuff.  There are a lot of different sides of him who will make him hopefully and intriguing character.”

Why should I doubt Robert Kirkman's intentions creating multiple layers to this character that contradicts themselves?

To me, the human nature is not black or white. Every one of us has a dark side some more distinctive than others. 

I don´t enjoy fictional characters who are not complicated, who are perfectly dark and evil or flawless with not a single grain of compromising aspect. 

This is why I like TWD fiction because the majority of the characters have a dark side and have committed crimes and have blood on their hands.

Negan and others are of course in this fiction are exaggerated because of the topic of the story. They have to kill in order to survive. But the ones they kill want to survive as well, so there is, in my opinion, no moral superiority. To me, killing is killing period, and it is a crime, period. 

When you remind yourself how the Cannibals were killed as well on the show as in the comics. In the comics, the killing was way more barbaric by the way. This went beyond self-defense to me. They could have chosen to execute them, plain and simple and move on. But no, they went for slaughter and there was a vibe of enjoyment wich was pointed out way more in the graphic novels.

What does all this have to to with Negan?

I want to point out that I don´t have any intention to defend Negan´s relationship with his wives in the graphic novels and on screen. I did before Kirkman´s statement.

TWD is not a story about love and romance. It´s a story about surviving the most unspeakable horrors. It´s a barbaric world where everyone who is the main protagonist has blood on their hands. 

Negan is a perfectly written character because he is so layered.

Does he take women by force? No, he hates that shit. Instead, he offers them a life that no one has in this world. He puts them on the top of the food chain. Does he want to have sex in exchange? Sure. Does he care if these women have sex with him because they want HIM? No, he doesn´t. He knows that these women basically prostitute themselves.

Do I think Negan is a morally impeccable guy when it comes to his wives? No!

Do I think Negan believes of himself he is a stand-up guy to his wives?

Yes, this giant emotionally retarded man-child really thinks, he provides that way for the preciousness left in this barbaric world that are the women who are not able to defend themselves in a horrific world and their arrangement keeps them safe and sound. 

But he doesn´t care under what circumstance they agree to this arrangement because he simply would go to the end of the world only to have sex. At some extend to me Negan corrupts himself with this arrangement. 

It´s a complicated situation that was not well portrayed on the show. 

On screen, Negan is not layered enough, and the story with Sherry and Amber way to simplified and not well played and directed.

Sherry went for Negan herself as the alpha male in the graphic novels and she has other plans in mind wich are pretty badass. She´s not a victim at all.

For Amber, Negan didn´t threaten to put her, Mark and her mother on the same job whatever that means. And he told her in the graphic novels that he does not want any of his wives if they don´t want to be with him. 

They have left this out on the show to make Negan appear more evil and to simplify the situation.

In the world of TDW this girl is dead. She is not able to survive, she is not able to put her weight other than prostitute herself. 

Negan has created this environment where women like Paula or Arat can rise in more privileged position as his Lieutenants if they are willing to kill in order to survive. The same way Maggie, Michonne, Carol, Sasha, Rosita, Tara are doing all the time. 

A girl like Amber instead who is weaker and more scared has a tough time to make a living. My interpretation is that Negan thinks he does this girl a favor to be his wife because she has not the strength as other women like Arat or Laura or even Paula who he made even the leader of the satellite outpost. 

Does this make him a morally impeccable man as well in the graphic novels or on the show? No, it doesn´t. 

But he is still far away from being a rapist in both versions. To me, he is more coercive on screen than in the graphic novels.

Anyway, I still do love the character, because I like the fictional topic of this anarchic world where Negan to me is the epitome of Yin and Yang that everyone has by nature but in his nature, it is way more outstanding. 

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Thank you for making that Cars 3 post, people are totally just hearing what they want to hear and interpret things completely wrong. Pixar makes movies FOR millenials, not plotting against them or hating.

I am a pixar fanatic so, unless there is NO WAY they can be defended (coffcoffCocoEvenIfDisneyMightHaveFaultThereCOFF) I am going to defend it myself!
How many times Pixar did movies where the old was replaced by a NEW all full of themselves, technologic and advanced? (TOY STORY?? ANYONE?? THEIR FIRST MOVIE Y’KNOW BUZZ LIGHTYEAR???)
It’s nothing new. If anything, it will be interesting because Lighting McQueen will see himself in a situation familiar, but from a different point of view. He knows what that is, he knows how that young car feels because he HIMSELF felt that way. But he also has experience on his side, which tells him how it’s better to do (I hope at least). This is a common plot, but I find it intersting no matter what.

The article must have been written by a salty adult, because come on, NO WAY Pixar didn’t plot this. The same people plotting the Toy Story squels. So yeah, it wasn’t an accident that here HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, and people should stop seeing too much where there is nothing.

Also, when every other reason is TOO right, bring the old “THEY DID CARS BEFORE THE INCREDIBLES THEY’RE IDIOTS”.
Like, hello?? Liking it or not, Cars was a SUCCESS for KIDS. And now those kids are teens and they need a new, more mature story. Pixar already showed us that, when a sequel comes out, the people of the movies age according to the years passed from movie to movie (like Toy Story). Cars was out in 2006, 11 years have passed. OF COURSE a new generation of cars is gonna be shown.

I gotta admit, Cars isn’t my favourite franchise either, but if OTHER PEOPLE LIKE IT THEN THEY DESERVE THIS SEQUEL. Even if the people are KIDS. Maybe they’re taking more time to put The Incredibles out because it needs more work, YOU KNOW, animate cars is different from animate humans. Maybe they want it to be more than good and in the meantime, they had this other idea and prefered to get it out, too (or simply Disney pressed more on it).

Fact is: Cars 3 is a movie that is gonna be more mature than previous ones, or they wouldn’t have put the protagonist on the poster while he’s getting CRASHED. I say, give it a try, and THEN you can complain about how “it hates and makes fun of millennials”.

What I find interesting when we have a divisive issue in the fandom is what I can learn from it. I read people’s pro and anti opinions, and am always interested to see how people’s experiences in life (because people usually cite those to support their position) affect their views.

I check out of the disagreement almost immediately when some people start attacking each other’s opinions, or posting their holier-than-thou “I’m a better, more rational, fan, who has a better ability to critically think about where the show is going in the future” opinions.

But I think the same reason that I’m interested in the debate (people bringing their life experience to their opinion) is what tends to make some people so defensive of their opinion.

I have so many references and tutorials saved on how to draw things better but like, I never even use them… 99% of my art style is winging it. The other 1% is tears.

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Interesting that you voted for someone who openly wants to defund planned parenthood and take away women's rights to their own body. Don't believe in abortion? Knock a girl up and see how you like it.

If you would have paid attention to my previous posts on this issue you would know that I don’t agree with a lot of his views, planned parenthood being one of them, I think planned parenthood is a great program and should remain in place for women, it’s your choice and you should decide what happens with it, not every trump supporter is a woman hating racist, like me for example, I just agree with a lot of his other stances so why don’t you get your facts straight before you make such big accusations.