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If you had to summarize and conceptualize Wanda into a single sentence or phrase, what would you say? She's really hard to explain sometimes, so I was curious what you would say. For example, "Vision is a synthetic man who wants more than anything to prove his humanity" or "Black Widow is reformed assassin who wants to atone for the sins of her past."

A woman with vague, hard-to-define powers gets screwed over by white male writers.

I’m only sort of joking.

If we’re talking just about the Wanda who has existed for the past 5-6 years in comics, describing her in a sentence isn’t too difficult. She has become The Atoner, and the hook of her character has been about sins past and whether or not she is still “dangerous.” Her character has boiled down to: House of M was a thing that happened, and she’s both trying to make up for that and struggling to retain her agency.

An easy summary. But the Wandas with the easiest summaries tend to be the worst. Part of the appeal of Disassembled Wanda for a lot of people is that she is new reader-friendly, i.e., her basic concept doesn’t require too much explaining, even if the continuity does. When Wanda is reduced to an elevator pitch, she is weakened. Her complexity is part of her strength, and that means she is Not For Everyone but also that the people who “get” it feel intense loyalty.

If we’re talking about Wanda’s overall history, it becomes seemingly impossible to explain her in a way that stays true across time. The definition of her powers is constantly evolving. Sometimes, she is in perfect control of them; many times, the fact that she isn’t in control is the point. Sometimes, she is nice. Other times, not so much.

Looking across adaptations and alternate universes, we really see how many things she has been and how few things those different versions have in common. What do the Wanda of the 90’s Iron Man cartoon (a shapeshifter who was in love with Tony Stark) and the Wanda of X-Men: Evolution (a vengeful spirit, clearly influenced by The Craft, who the writers did not know how to handle) and the Wanda of Ultimates (a bland version of the classic Scheming, Snobby Girl who is in love with her brother because no one else meets her narcissistic standards) have in common? They’re all named Wanda. You’d be hard-pressed to describe any of their powers. That’s about it.

The sad part of this is that what stays the most true across versions is the men she interacts with. Wanda has a brother named Pietro almost always. Usually, her father is Magneto. This is most obvious in the MCU, which takes great pains to preserve her relationships with men from the comics (save Simon). The romantic elements with Clint and Steve are omitted, but they made sure to include her closeness to those characters and her romance with Vision, while leaving many other things behind. I’m not criticizing that choice. I’m the last person to get mad about Wanda interacting with Clint and Steve, but if what is most consistent about your female character is that she knows certain men, there’s a problem.

There are themes that come up often with Wanda: autonomy, family, revenge, but how those are dealt with varies wildly. Maybe it’s better to describe her using other characters? Sometimes, she is Jean Grey Meets Magneto. Or just Jean Grey with an Eastern European accent. Occasionally, she is Daenerys with magic powers instead of dragons. In Evo, she was a cross between Fairuza Balk’s character in The Craft and Raven from Teen Titans. In Ults, she was Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character from Cruel Intentions, but Mark Millar forgot to give her a personality.

If you want to cheat and describe Wanda as a whole in the most succinct way possible, just say she’s a Pisces. Always changing.

Hey! Full honesty time! Sometimes I don’t know what to say. Or how to say it. Or what I could possibly say that I haven’t already said, or that will make any difference whatsoever.

I want you to be safe and protected and strong and motivated and kind and wise and smiling. I want you to wake up in the morning and push yourself out of bed and start running for the goal and not stop until you get there. I want you to curl up at the end of the day and have peace and calm and pleasant dreams and so much rest to settle your mind and renew your energy.

I want it for myself too.

And I want to tell you that every day. Tell you I’m thinking of you, praying for you. I want to encourage you.

And sometimes I just don’t have the words to express that. Sometimes my own exhaustion or frustration gets in the way. But that doesn’t make it any less true.

Be kind to one another today. Make good on a promise. Make someone laugh. Forgive someone.

And tonight, keeping being kind. Take care of your priorities, and then heavens, get some sleep. Get a lot of sleep. Get an entire heck ton of sleep.

Maybe tomorrow I will have some more thoughtful words, but for now here we are:

Just. Take care. Take care, and take care of others, and know others care about you.

Love you friends. See you around. ^_^

Different ways to draw trolls: A Chart

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Jun grew up in a single-parent family as a child and began his career as a child actor shortly after his parents’ separation. Later on, he pretty much begged a man whom he got along very well with within his mother’s friend circle to be his father.

Using his character from a film for ideas on how to get the two together, Jun continuously tried to act as a matchmaker. Eventually, one day while carrying a tired out Jun on his back after a filming session, the man laughed and said, “Looks like it’s fate for Junhui to be my son.” and proposed to Jun’s mother.

After a couple months, Jun’s mother became pregnant with Yangyang. Jun was originally against the idea of having a younger sibling, fearing that his parents might not want him anymore. Just like that, young Jun became mentally stressed and genuinely troubled over the matter. But after working on set with the actor of his character’s little brother, Jun began to like the idea of having a younger sibling and became excited to have a younger brother.

Jun announced that he’d teach Yangyang how to act, and would tell Yangyang every interesting story that happened on set. His parents laughed and said that Yangyang couldn’t understand him, but Jun claimed, “Yangyang is smart! Don’t underestimate him just because he can’t speak right now, he actually understands everything!”

“Acting is not just expressing emotion in front of the camera, more importantly, the emotions must be real. Acting is just like living life…”

I see all the spelling and grammatical errors, but I can’t be bothered to do anything about it.
—  Ravenclaw, whilst reading over a very important essay.

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How frequently do you think the twins and their boys all sleep in a bed together because Lup and Taako wanted to cuddle? Imagine Kravitz and Barry waking up in each other's arms because the twins up and ditched them in to make breakfast.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA holy shit i didnt even think of that this is so great im dyin’ 

tbh i dunno how realistic it is but honestly fuck realism i love this. 

so okay you know what? lets roll with this. 

the first time it happens, barry and kravitz are like, snuggled together and the twins are like “aw look so cute” and wander off to make breakfast, and krav and barry wake up and like, are basically like “we shall never speak of this again” and very awkwardly put on clothes and go out to eat breakfast and the twins tease them mercilessly and kravitz (still not understanding how this Nonsense works, its okay, he will learn over time) is like “i never make fun of u 2 when you end up snuggled together” and taako is like “we’re relaaaated its fiiiiiiine,” and continues mocking kravitz for like an hour. 

the second time is basically the same thing. 

the third time is also the same thing but both of them are kind of like “yeah, okay, i guess this is just how it works but let us Not Speak of It” 

the fourth time is after like, a real fuckin tough battle where shit goes down and nobody feels good about it and its not like they can die but it was psychologically fucked, and they get back okay and go to sleep but barry wakes up in a panic because lup isnt there and oh god what happened, is she gone again, oh my gods, no no no, and wakes up kravitz and kravitz is like “hey, its fine, we got back safe, everything’s okay,” and its like. a nice moment. and kind of nice to have someone else there. and then they go out to the kitchen, and the twins tease them, but its like, fine. 

the fifth time, they wake up and go out to the kitchen and the twins tease them and kravitz is like “well yeah, he’s my brother in law, i think? i dont know how this works. we’re related. its fine.” 

ok aside from the obvious, i just love yoi’s usage of gay imagery and symbolism. like Victor’s homages to Johnny Weir and John Cameron Mitchell (both are openly gay men), Seung-Gil Lee’s rainbow costume (looks exactly like the pride flag), Yuuri’s dance to Eros (references the god of mlm), and the Nishigori triplets blue-purple-pink color scheme (bi pride flag).


Be honest. Always be honest I think… Because if you’re honest about who you are, I think that even if you make mistakes and stuff, I think if you be true to yourself, you’ll be a better person for it. And believe in yourself. I don’t think enough people believe in themselves no matter what… As somebody who was very shy and a lot of times didn’t believe in themselves and had to have somebody else sort of tell you to keep going, which was the case with me as an actor even…

[on the advice he would give to his kids, (x)]


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

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Are you okay if people try to eyeball it from the video if it's for like their personal project / not to sell or make a lot of or if they're trying to learn how to make their own patterns?

Generally, no. That might seem harsh, but again, this is my job. If every person who is making a personal project decides not to buy my patterns and just rip them off by looking at the tutorial video, it represents a huge loss of business for me. So I’d really, REALLY prefer if people just spend the $5-$9 and buy the pattern. They’ll get a 100% correct version of the pattern along with high quality photos and written instructions as well as knowing they are supporting an independent artist.

(( To go on a tangent, though you didn’t mention this, I have had someone tell me “Well you make money when I watch your video so I don’t have to pay you again”. In the entire YEAR of 2016 I made an estimated $16.60 from video ads. Google adsense doesn’t even send you a check until you reach $100. At this rate I might get a payout in a few years. ))

As for watching my videos to learn pattern making, I do think there is some benefit to watching them if you are watching them and thinking critically about not only HOW the pattern contributes to the final shape, but also WHY I am choosing those shapes. In general, though, copying my how to videos isn’t going to teach you how to make a plush pattern because my videos aren’t meant to explain my patterning choices. It’s only teaching you how to copy my plush pattern. 

For example here’s a generic 4 piece sphere pattern that I prefer to use:

Great! If you see me holding these shapes up in a video, you can pause, eyeball it, and you know how to make a sphere! Now you have a pattern to use every single time you need a spherical shape. This is where the person who is just copying my pattern from a video stops. This is the extent of what they’ve learned.

I like to say that pattern making is coming up with 2D solutions to a 3D problem. This person has copied my solution, but they haven’t learned how to solve the problem. Jumping to an analogy, the person who copied my pattern is exactly like someone who copies your answer in math class. They learned that 2+2=4. If the next problem is 1+3=? they wont be able to solve it.They might have the correct answer to this one problem, but they didn’t learn anything.

Now a person thinking critically and not just copying might stop and think about what these shapes are doing and why I am using them. They might realize that any combination of these football shapes will give you a sphere. Which is true! By varying the width, you can use anywhere from 3 to (theoretically) 100 little football shapes to get a sphere. Though I’d probably stop at 9 pieces.

Here’s an example of a 6 piece sphere pattern:

And if you are really thinking about it and you draw them out like this, you might start to see that the little football shapes don’t even have to be separate. You can combine them with darts on the bottom and top and make a sphere pattern with just 1 piece:

So by thinking critically about how and why I’ve selected my shapes, the person watching my videos to learn and not to copy has more options to work with. Using the math analogy, they now know that not only does 2+2=4, but also 1+3=4, and maybe even 1+1+1+1=4. Now give this person the problem 2^2=? and they wont know the answer because all they’ve learned is addition.

In other words, all they’ve learned is this one specific method of finding a solution to this one specific set of problems. They can make spheres from pointy football shapes.

But we don’t need to keep that football shape, here’s a sphere pattern that I like to call the telophase pattern (hello science nerds). You can use this to get seams like a baseball:

Even a pattern like this with just darts can make a sphere if you have enough darts and your fabric is stretchy enough. You can use this when you need a large area without seams. A good time to use this pattern is when you want an embroidered face:

Every single one of these will make a sphere and there’s even more combinations out there. You can use hexagons, you can use squares, you can use a big circle and gather it around the edges, you could use a spiral, and so on. There are literally hundreds of possibilities. And that’s just for spheres.

When people ask how to get started patterning, I always tell them to start by making things from other people’s patterns. Then I recommend making minor alterations to those patterns and seeing how that effects the final product. Then I recommend drafting your own patterns, starting from simple 2D shapes and moving on to more complex 3D shapes.

Back to how I said patterning was finding 2D solutions to 3D problems. By working with an existing pattern, you are memorizing a single solution to a single problem. By altering patterns, you are learning how to come up with your own unique solutions to a problem. When you learn how to make your own pattern, you’re learning how to find your own solutions while creating your own problems!

To wrap up my own super long explanation, copying is a really, really poor way to learn how to do anything. If you want to learn how to make patterns, by all means, you can start looking at my solutions to help you come up with your own. But do us both a favor and just buy the pattern. Like I said before, they’re $5-$9. That’s less than most people make in an hour for something that took me a week or more to create and years to learn HOW to create. If you can’t afford it, there are many free patterns available online, but please don’t rip off an independent artist just because it’s for personal or educational reasons.

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I just think it's funny that Harry and Louis share the same hair stylist and their teams and family members hang out socially and yet there's still people who insist they have nothing to with each other/hate each other/make each other uncomfortable/have broken up horribly

absolutely 100% with you on this. you could draw a mind map which would obviously put harry and louis in the centre of this whole construct and people would still go “they never met”.


Usernames and anonymous words are still people with lives, a house, hobbies, passions, problems, dreams, all that behind the screen. Never forget that.

I’m always doubting about doing these types of posts, but I thought maybe I could speak up every once in a while lmao. I apologize if I don’t word my thoughts correctly. What I’m trying to say is, I know it’s sometimes hard not to snap at inconsiderate/angering questions and sentences coming from young people who probably didn’t think about looking for answers or connecting their brain together. I know some of us can find works or reactions from young people “cringy” or “overdone”. I know it’s infuriating to see kids reposting, tracing or recoloring art because they still don’t know how important it is to respect the artists: the thing is, I believe we all had these parts inside of us when we were younger, too. We had things we liked that we find insufferable now, we had a younger self we’d like to punch in the face. There are things we regret. But thinking back at it, although unfortunate events in my life had made my childhood a personally hard time to go through and I expressed myself through childish actions, I’m glad I did go through these steps. It made me grow into who I am today: a person who’s willing to keep growing. I’m thankful I went through many experiences that now put me in the position to guide young people who perhaps need that guidance, one way or another. Let’s be firm, but compassionate. Don’t sugarcoat kids either, you’re allowed and SHOULD speak up when you feel like you’re suffocating. But always take a step back, and try to think for both sides. These “cringy” kids maybe ARE future mature creating geniuses!
We are tomorrow’s inspirations, models, and constructors!

Let’s be nice and understanding to youth and distance ourselves from online problems so we can focus on making it better instead. :)

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means:
  • AND ANOTHER THING the reboots got wrong is perpetuating the idea that Jim Kirk is arrogant and cocky when he actually has a lot of insecurities. He's always trying to do better, to be better, not because he's living up to someone else's standards but because that's who he is at his core. If he can't save someone or if something goes wrong, he is the first to blame himself and to make damn sure it doesn't happen again. He isn't arrogant. He's good at his job and, more than that, he's a good person. JJ Abrams is basically that Klingon who called my captain a "swaggering, overbearing, tin-plated dictator with delusions of godhood" and I am chekov downing vodka and trying not to punch him in the face

Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

Imagine: Having a night of hot rough sex with Ignis Scientia that leaves you breathless, trembling, and euphoric. He looks down on you with a smirk and trailing that thin long finger against your jawline until it rests under your chin, titling your head up until your eyes meet he says, “None the worse for wear.”