what i received when i awoke

My wife didn't want me to go into the bedroom.

I havn’t been able to sleep for a while.

Sometimes I stay up late. I love my wife, so much. So so much. But, sometimes I stay up late. My wife goes to bed, and I stay up. Tumblring or playing video games, or watching T.V…

I’d fallen asleep on the couch as I often do, and I awoke to my wife standing over me, crying, shaking me awake. I asked her what was wrong, but for a while she didn’t speak. She just hugged me and sobbed. I stroked her hair and comforted her.

I wondered if she might have had a dream that I died or something, or if maybe she’d received a text with some tragic news. Finally when she calmed down a little she said “Let’s just sit together for a while.”

“Do you want to tell me what happened?” I asked. She seemed to think about it, and decide against it. “No. I just want to spend some time with you, for a little while.”

“I’m tired.” I said, stretching. “Let’s get in bed.” “No!” she almost seemed to shout. “No. I don’t want to go in the bedroom right now.” I was concerned, but my wife could be a tad eccentric, sometimes even charmingly child like. Maybe going back in there would remind her of a nightmare she’d had?

We wound up sitting on the couch chatting. About anything and everything under the sun (except for what had upset her). We played portal.

She made coffee, and we snacked on some left overs. We laughed, we reminisced about the early days of our relationship. Before we knew it, it was 7:00am. “I’m too tired, sweetheart, and I’m sure you are too. Let’s get some rest so we don’t waste our entire Saturday.”
“No! We can’t! Please!” She cried. “Why!?” I asked “What’s the matter?”
“We just can’t go in there. Please. If we go in, it’ll be over.” She said, her eyes welling up with tears.
“What!? What’s in the bedroom?” (I was really confused. Had she accidentally broken some heirloom, and she was afraid I’d be upset with her?)

There was a long silenced as she fought back sobs. Then finally…

“My body is in there! I’m dead, Prakash. I saw my dead body, lying on the bed. Once you see it, it’ll be over.”

This was a bit much. Obviously she’d had some nightmare, that she’d believed was real.

“Oh, sweetheart, no. No…it was just a bad dream. Everything is ok.” I hugged her as she sobbed. “Look, you’re just sleep deprived. You’ll feel better when you wake up. I promise.”

She nodded somberly, then walked silently, with me to the bedroom. I gestured to the empty bed, completely devoid of bodies.

“See there? It was a dream. Lay here with me.” I flopped onto the bed playfully and then propped myself up on my elbow, to chat until we slept. She laid down next to me and closed her eyes.

“So, what had you dreamt?” I asked. She didn’t answer. “Diane?” I asked. “Did you really fall asleep that quickly?” I laughed.

I shook her, and she was stiff. I noticed her lips were a little blue around the edges. Next I noticed she wasn’t breathing.
Of course I panicked.
Of course I called 911.
She was only 27 years old. An aneurysm in her sleep. The coroner said she’d been dead for five or six hours before I “found her body”.
I miss her so so much. I hope my promise is kept - where ever she is now, where ever she woke up, I hope she feels better.

Creepypasta #642: The Puzzler’s Box

Story length: Super long

I should have never responded to the small mysterious advertisement I found in the back of that crossword magazine. You see, I’m what you call a puzzler. Crosswords, sudoku, cryptoquips–these are my indulgences. We’re a small community, us puzzlers, but dedicated. You may be familiar with my personal hero, Will Shortz, the editor for the New York Times crossword and NPR’s resident puzzle master. 

It may be a bit of a dull hobby to some, but for vehement puzzlers such as myself, a real challenge just cannot be ignored. That’s why, when flipping through the last few pages of an old crossword book that I had solved months prior, I could not resist calling the number at the bottom of this curious ad:

The Puzzlers’ Box
Puzzle masters are dying to solve it,
yet not one has cracked the case.
Do you have what it takes to survive
the ultimate enigma?
The greatest challenge of your life awaits.
Call 317-153-4141

When the call went through, an automated system answered and asked only for my name. No address, no callback number. Needless to say I was skeptical. But that very night around three in the morning I was awoken by a phone call that jarred me from my sleep. I answered with an irritated “hello” only to be greeted by the same robotic voice from before.

“Your puzzle will begin in three days time” the voice said, then the call ended.

I wiped my bleary eyes and sat up in bed, pulling up my call history. It was the same number I had dialed, so I looked the area code. Indianapolis, Indiana. Eastern Standard Time, same as me. So why on Earth would they have scheduled the call at such a god-forsaken hour?

The next night, I received another call. This time, at two in the morning.

“Your puzzle will begin in two days time” the robot said, and the call ended.

Now I was growing frustrated. I could forgive them for calling me the first night, even if it was a massively inconvenient time, but what need was there to call me every night and remind me of the damned thing? I was starting to wonder if this Puzzlers’ Box was some type of scam.

The following night, at one in the morning, that monotonous bastard voice droned, “Your puzzle will begin in tomorrow.”

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This dialogue happens when you reset your save file without doing a true reset and I’ve seen very few people talk about it.

So, we can assume that the previous fallen humans could save and chances are they died a lot in the Ruins and/or accidentally killed Toriel and went back to undo it.

This raises a lot of questions about what the journey through the Underground was like for previous humans and why they all eventually failed. If they had the power to save then it’s unlikely a single death would stop them, so what did? If anything, their journeys should have been easier than Frisk’s. There would have been no Mettaton, no mercenaries in the core, most likely no Sans or Undyne, and no Flowey (since he was made after the human souls were gathered).

It’s possible that there may have been some really tough monsters in the past who aren’t around in Frisk’s time, but if we limit our focus to known variables then there’s only one X factor that I can think of: Chara.  Discounting the unknowable, I see two possible explanations: either Chara never awoke to guide the other humans as their narrator, or the humans met their end due to Chara’s actions (or deliberate inaction).

The first explanation is fairly straight-forward: if the other humans didn’t have a guide then they wouldn’t be able to check monster stats, know what items do, receive helpful hints on how to progress, nor would they be able to understand certain monster languages. As for why Chara couldn’t help these humans, I’m guessing either Frisk’s situation was unique or Chara only awoke when they heard Flowey calling for them (which would’ve been after the other humans had died).  This is the most neat and simple explanation, but there’s one little sticking point that bugs me:

External image

It’s strongly implied that the previous humans were killed by Asgore personally.  This was further reinforced when fans asked Toby whether Undyne truly meant nobody made it past Asgore or to Asgore:

External image

It seems like a huge coincidence that every single human made it to Asgore and gave up at that exact spot.  Since Asgore’s throne is right next to the barrier and his soul is required to pass through it seems natural that the humans’ journeys would funnel toward him, but why did nobody die sooner or make it past him?  This leads into the second explanation, which I find the more intriguing of the two.

If Chara guided all the humans then one might assume Chara planned their deaths and that this proves that Chara is evil, but that’s a premature conclusion. There are many possible ways that this scenario could have played out and a myriad of motivations that Chara could’ve had for their actions (or lack of action). This post is getting long so I’ll just rattle off these possibilities in brief:

  1. Chara knew of Asgore’s plan and was specifically luring humans to him in order to help. This could have been done for the same reasons as Asgore, or out of some misguided love for Mr. Dad Guy, or out of guilt for their past failure, or for “teh evulz.” In this scenario Chara had no way to intervene directly and Frisk defeating/potentially killing Asgore was an unforeseen outcome that Chara couldn’t do anything about.
  2. The humans were insistent on challenging Asgore. Chara initially puts up with the humans in order to relive their own boredom but chooses to oppose/abandon the humans once they reach Asgore. Chara may have also saw to it that nobody hurt Toriel without resetting. This does raise the question of why Chara wouldn’t intervene during these moments in Frisk’s journey, though.
  3. Chara grew to like the other humans and legitimately wanted to help them find a peaceful solution with Asgore. Once that proved impossible, Chara remained neutral/silent once the humans reached Asgore because of the conflict of interest. The humans then wilted under the pressure and/or couldn’t figure out how to proceed without guidance. This probably made Chara feel guilty, though they may have rationalized it by claiming they were only being “fair” by helping neither side. This might be similar to what happened with Frisk in the Asgore fight, and Frisk was the only one who persevered.  It’s possible Asgore may have held back more against Frisk due to their resemblance to Chara and that the other humans never stood a chance.
  4. A combination of 1 and 3. Chara initially planned to lead the six humans to their death, but after witnessing the first human(s) deaths they got cold feet with their plan. They could never bring themselves to help the humans fight Asgore but at some point they stopped going out of their way to lead the humans to Asgore or sabotage their efforts, though the outcome was still the same. Neutral/Pacifist Frisk was the tipping point that convinced Chara to give up on their plan for good and help the humans fight Asgore.

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The exact chain of events that surround the fallen children between Frisk and Chara are a mystery, for now at least.

Outside of the flavor text in Fights with things like “Don’t pick on him” for Loox and “Seeks an audience” for Snowdrake which are more about finding out the ways to show mercy to monsters, Chara never really directs Frisk on what path to take so to say that Chara might have shepherded the other 6 to Asgore seems a little odd to me.

Like you said it might have been Flowey calling Chara’s name in the other room or Frisk’s Red Soul reacting to Chara’s body and spirit close by, since Chara notably has the same soul color as Frisk.

Truthfully, I think that the placement of each corresponding fallen human’s item, gives hints on the when, where, and how each human was captured and taken to Asgore, because how else would their items end up scattered all over the place?