what i really eat

"Your roommate said she's hungry"

Me: *laying in bed, watching the uncut version of avatar when I get a snapchat.*

“Your roommate just told me she’s hungry

Me:*looks at the phone, then the wall, then back to the phone* “did she really tell you she was hungry and not me when I was just in her room not even 2 seconds ago????”

“It is her, tell the person that’s 3000 miles away that’s she hungry”

Me:*plans to ignore said roommate because I’m already comfortable, until I realized she had been drinking and knew she would bug me later when I would be REALLY comfortable. Gets up.*
“What do you want to eat?”

@razzledazzle2k13: you got it!!!

Me: yes now tell me, what you want to eat before I change my mind.

This girl better never say I don’t love her *even though I did say I didn’t but everyone knows that I do.*

ok i know everyone’s kinda riled up about shipping due to the genji and mercy voicelines but i wanna focus on whats REALLY important here

genji can eat chocolate



People who watch anime are like people who eat at McDonald's

Sure sometimes you’ll get a really good burger . 

 Sometimes it’ll even taste like real meat. 

Real cheese. The fries are really good. 

 But you and I know at the end of the day that you’re still eating garbage.

And when it’s over,  you’ll just feel sad and alone and full of all of the garbage you’ve consumed.

God, Ackles

“God, Ackles,” Jared scoffed, staring at Jensen as he acted out a scene.

Jensen stopped and walked to the door, laughing as he did so. “You said as much as I could do! Is that too much?” 

“No, I love it. It was perfect,” Jeremy laughed, patting Jensen on the shoulder. 

 “Seriously, dude,” Jared smiled at you mischievously before turning his attention back to his best friend. “I really hope that isn’t what you look like when you eat Y/N…” 

You cut him off, elbowing him in the ribs. “Okay, Jare, that’s enough of that!” you spoke over him, giving him a death glare. 

“What?” he laughed, doubled over. “I was just going to say I hope he doesn’t look like that when he eats your delicious pies! We all know how much Jensen loves your homemade pies,” Jared scoffed, pretending to be indignant. 

“Sure you were, Padalecki,” Jensen butt in, snaking his arm around you. He turned and smiled at you. “I sure do love your pie, sweetheart,” Jensen quipped with a wink, kissing you quickly before you shoved him away playfully. 

“God. You two are SUCH children!” you laughed, walking away from your husband and best friend. 

I promise that I will do OTHER’S Gif blurbs… but I took ONE LOOK at this gif, and I couldn’t get this idea out of my head. It had to be written. 

Madeleine submitted: 

 172 pounds to 148 pounds ♥️
Since I am naturally slim, I only dieted to lose weight thus far, come the ending winter I want to start working out and get the body I really desire, my goal is 120!

Watching what you eat isn’t so hard! You don’t have to control everything or write it all down or survive on kale, just start abstaining from unhealthy things in your diet slowly and add healthier alternatives (oatmeal instead of pbj) (I replaced la croix with all soda)

It really is possible! Never give up!

Get Motivated with more Before and After weight loss pictures  or  SUBMIT

John and Paul at a party be like

John: This is fucking boring

Paul: Indeed… Wanna go have some real fun? *wink wink*

John: I’m ready, on my feet, standing, let’s go

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I’ve had a fucked up relationship with food my whole life. Since you’re not my therapist, I won’t bore you by unpacking that particular heap of emotional baggage. But if you follow me on instastories or Snapchat then you’ve probably noticed that healthy eating has cropped up a lot over the past few months.

One of my lovely local students asked me why (heyyy Sarah) & I said it’s because there’s very little space for fat positive and body positive folks to speak about healthy eating without walking down a knife blade of body negativity.

Quite frankly, the healthy eating world tends to be EXTREMELY body negative, even though many of us fatpos & bodypos people work towards/live healthy lifestyles. These days, I’m determining what healthy eating REALLY means to me, without the trappings of body negativity. Yes, I’ve been a big fan of juicing and meatless meals for ages, but I’m incorporating some new techniques into my lifestyle.

I did @kathrynbudig’s five day #aimtrue purification from her newest book, so my head’s in the right place. My play cousin @koyawebb periodically drops golden vegan knowledge on me, and she helped me find a protein powder (@sunwarriortribe) that doesn’t make me want to vom.

I have long since been inspired by @cbquality’s plant life Snapchat inspiration, @amyippoliti is my paleo touch point, & obsessively stalking @bigbottombehavior got me on the “drink half your body weight in h2o” train which is SO MUCH BETTER FOR MY COLON than 8/8oz glasses of h2o but also SO MUCH HARDER TO DO.

But let’s be real- I’m just glad I live in a country where clean water is plentiful so I can actually refill my water bottle that many damn times without fear of something bad happening. And I’m also glad that I can afford to financially prioritize healthy eating- no matter what people say, it is SO MUCH HARDER to eat healthy when you’re on a strict af budget. And yeah, I know I’ll probably fall off the wagon at some point. But I’m not focused on that, I’m just gonna stay in the moment and drink my fucking juice.

Btw, This bra was a gift from Olga Intimates- thanks y'all. #fearlesslyflirty (at Durham, North Carolina)

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BTS as more things my college friends have said
  • Namjoon: "you play like a non gender-specific homosapien that won't make it through natural selection"
  • Yoongi: "join us next week as we burn other peoples' memories"
  • Seokjin: "if my friend died next to me I'd eat him" (on survival)
  • Hoseok: "I've got ideal birthing hips, I wish I was a woman"
  • Taehyung: "you know what I just love? eating a whole pumpkin, even though it's really bad for you, I just love it"
  • Jimin: "I'm too sexy for this"
  • Jungkook: "I know God is real because you are loved"

First picture is me at my highest weight, middle is how much I’ve lost in kilos, and third is how I currently look. It’s been a year since that video was taken, and I’m glad I’ve decided to take the steps towards a happier, healthier me. P.S. that’s the same shirt!

People have been asking me how I’ve been doing this, and it really is just a case of watching what I eat, tracking what I eat, allowing myself a cheat day, and a BOATLOAD of will power. Without will power I would not have gotten as far as I’ve done so far.

Height: 5′3″
239 lbs
CW: 182 lbs
GW: 154 lbs / 145 lbs

Weight loss: 58 lbs

This smile

It’s a smile of disbelief. Of being so taken aback, so overwhelmed, she doesn’t know how to respond, and it’s scary.

She doesn’t know how to cope with the fact that the one person who for the most part genuinely wanted to make her happy just risked her own life for her and admitted that Anthy is vital to who she is, and isn’t immediately expecting something in return, is neither pretending not to need Anthy nor claiming Anthy has any kind of obligations towards her, and won’t hear any such thing.

It’s awe. Just this brings her to utter disbelief and awe.


I’m really trying to get over this art slump, drew some TAU today to try and help me through. Get into the drawing mode and whatnot. 

I dunno. :V