what i love the most is that they're actually romantic

  • <p> <b>What I say:</b> I ship Johnlock<p/><b>What I mean:</b> John and Sherlock's relationship is the deepest in the history of literature. It crossed centuries and realities and it's the best love story ever because it never starts and it never ends. But I don't ship it in a sexual way, no absolutely not, and actually most of time I don't ship them romantically, I'm not saying that they're not in love (they are) but I don't think love is more important that friendship - I'm not saying that their connection in friendship, well yes it is, but it's another thing, not 'more' because it's not a question of more or less - basically they are soulmates but not romantically, they are companions for life, but not only that, in short I'm trying to tell you that they have a platonic/queerplatonic relationship but if I don't explain what I mean you won't understand and you'll think I'm saying that they're "only" friends or that I'm diminishing their bond and - WHY IS MY LIFE SO DIFFICULT?<p/></p>