what i love about knitting

I had an idea the other day, I’ve decided to do a give away because those look like fun sometimes and I need more knitting projects to help me keep pretending that the sock I’m in the middle of doesn’t exist. 

I like knitting words into hats, so if you win I’ll knit the word/phrase of your choice in the color of your choice into a hat and mail it to you. There may be extra stuff besides words knitted into it depending on how artistically inspired I feel. My deeply tangled past endeavors include a hat with a piece of bread and the word breakfast knitted onto it. This might take a while to get to you depending on how busy I am, the shortest amount of time it’s taken me to knit a hat is a day and the longest is 4 months so it will probably be in that time frame. 

Rules n’ stuff:

1. You can enter by liking/reblogging this post- don’t reblog more than once, that’s annoying. 

2. You can enter by sending me love letters- you can totally do that more than once (I expect sincerity or hilarity or both)

3. You should probably be following me

4. Don’t have high expectations

5. Contest ends August 15th

Cast Iron: Part 7

In which Hiccup is adorable.  

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“Can I keep these?”  Hiccup picks up the butts of the carrots, a hopeful and completely unrehearsed smile on his face. 

 “You want the carrot scraps?”  Astrid glances towards the camera, hoping she looks more confused than irritated.  They practiced this.  They practiced it twice and he never asked for carrot scraps. 

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