what i love about him:

i think a lot about how during kkul fm where hob didn’t have any complains at all and praise and compliments and wants to support namjoon’s singing endeavours saying “it’s a good thing, i support you, i love you” and yoongi just “it’s undoubtedly j-hope” 😢💪🏽💕

i remember a few years ago while watching nuest’s mtv diary where they were elementary school students and minhyun was supposed to be the ‘smart one’ in the class and he was doing math work and the question was what’s 2+2 and he thinks for like five seconds and then writes ‘gwiyomi’ yea i never wanted to kill anyone more in my entire life than then 


Henrik talking about the connection between him and Tarjei

What I Love About - Okumura Rin

So the new anime and rereading the manga has reminded me how much I love this precious half-demon. Now I’m sharing it with you.

  • From the very first chapter, it establishes how nice Rin is.
    • Seriously, throughout the entire series we see that Rin is nicer than most of the humans he comes across.
    • Makes you wonder who the real monsters are. (Always a good theme to explore.)
  • He likes helping people.
  • Most of the times he gets in trouble it’s because he’s trying to help someone.
    • It’s unfortunate that his dad and brother never took the time to explore why he was getting into fights.
  • Anyway, his greatest desire is to help others, whether human, animal, or, nowadays, even demon.
    • I seriously love this which is why I’ve mentioned it like three times.
  • His kindness is his most attractive feature.
  • I love his stubbornness and his determination.
    • Trying to get him to change his mind is like trying to move a brick wall when you don’t have super strength.
    • How many times have we seen him say he’ll do something, people say he can’t do it, and then he does it anyway and it freaking works?
    • When he says something he freaking does it.
  • Rin keeps his promises.
    • Even with the situation with Shima, technically everything worked out like he said it would.
    • Promises are important to him.
  • He doesn’t really seem to hate other people. I mean, he clearly dislikes several people *cough* Amaimon *cough*, but truly hate? I think Satan’s the closest recipient of that.
  • Rin loves with everything he has.
    • It’s amazing to see how much he loves.
    • He loves his dad Shiro, his brother Yukio, his friends, Shiemi, Shura.
    • He gives these people everything he has and more.
  • Rin cares for people and wants to protect them all.
  • I love his relationship with Kuro. They’re a good match for friends and training partners.
  • I also love his relationship with Shura. She’s like the big sister he never had.
  • Though it’s complicated, and definitely needs improvement, I also like how he acts with Yukio.
    • He clearly admires Yukio without feeling jealous.
    • I’m jealous of how he doesn’t get jealous.
  • I love his optimism. Given what he’s been through, he has every right to be down, but he generally doesn’t let it.
  • Rin does get thoughtful and down though. Remember when he was imprisoned in the Kyoto Arc?
    • Actually it’s times like that where I worry about his mental state. He’s been through a lot of crap, and no one is really paying attention to protecting him emotionally/mentally.
    • Give him more hugs.
  • Actually, his self-sacrificing nature is a double-edge sword.
    • How many times has he straight up told people that he’s fine with them attacking or killing him if it made them feel better?
    • Get a self-preservation instinct, Rin.
  • I love how he still remembers to try to have fun.
  • I like how Rin takes pride in his cooking and is so awesome at it.
  • Rin also doesn’t seem to mind when he had to dress like a girl.
    • Seriously, he was pretty chill about the whole thing.
  • He’s seriously cute. Always.
  • He’s actually the mature one of the Okumura Twins.
  • Considering everything, he’s handled stuff pretty well.
  • Rin is really good at handling emotions. Both his own and others.
    • He can connect with people by equating his experiences with others’.
    • He’s also good at accepting how others feel. I made a post already about how he just accepted it when he thought his friends hated him and he also accepted Shiemi’s rejection and handled it really well.
    • He made it clear that he was fine with just being friends.
  • He tries hard not to let others’ make the same mistakes he did. That’s one of the things that pisses him off.
  • He’s strong physically and mentally.
  • He believes in the best of people.
  • Rin is one of the biggest sweethearts ever.

I love him. There’s probably more, but I cannot articulate it fully right now. Just give my precious half-demon hugs and don’t kill him.

phichit chulanont: hamster king, fashion extraordinaire, ready to kill a man

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How do you feel about Yuzuru Hanyu breaking his record and winning Worlds? I'm curious and want to know another person's feelings about it because I don't know another person to talk about figure skating with. I was so happy for him personally :'D

I got chills seeing him break his own record omg. To go from 5th to 1st is never easy considering the amount of quads and base value that his fellow competitors (ie. Boyang and Nathan) had. He never gave up and laid it all down at the end…i’m so proud of him

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can you draw some Sonny n Graffiti Pete Valentine's Day love !! I wanna surprise my girlfriend she loves them more than me

getting pete to accept that sonny actually likes him is a full time job

ethan things to appreciate

~because yes.

  • his super squeaky laugh
  • his poofy hair that looks like blue cotton candy
  • his sweet lil smile !!!
  • when he rambles about weird stuff
  • his EYES
  • beanies!!
  • when he talks in a british accent (or any accent..)
  • any time he get a compliment he acts all cute and just adksjdfnknvfd
  • has a super squishy face
  • plays ukulele
  • and sings amazingly?!?!! I need more??!
  • stays true to himself
  • doesn’t care about what others think of him
  • his love for the community
  • backflips for days
  • pretty much always derpy
  • hIM.

That is all.

maybe i’m asking for too much but if “it devours” also manages to tell us how carlos fell in love with cecil from his own point of view i will literally leave this plane of existence and subsequently reach nirvana


I get the chills when each player raises the cup #greatestsport