what i learned from the simpsons

u know what I’m learning from the marge Simpson anime experience? White men and boys legit find it hard to comprehend that ppl outside of their demographic watch the Simpsons.

  • somebody: hey what's wrong?
  • me: i dont know just sometimes i wish kim possible was still on air. it was a good show and sometimes i wonder what they'd be up to now like would drakken and shego still be trying to take over the world? would kim and ron be saving the world still? will they be with global justice? i mean i get shows get boring after a certain amount of seasons, we've learned that from the simpsons, but it doesn't have to be a new show and we don't have to reboot the old show. what if we just got a movie, you know, a nice two hour show that tells us what the characters are doing now with a good story to tell. i don't know, i feel this way with a lot of shows

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I am a knowledge sponge so anything you can recommend to me would be appreciated!

If books are your jam, then here is a list, though you can find quite a bit straight up online, too.

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[Live Trans Compilation] 140705 SSTP radio - #GOT7

Trans by @GotMe126
[Tuned in a bit late…]

BamBam introduced himself as fan-service king

JB is introducing their song “A”

DJ asked who they were singing the song to (Who are they saying Aaa~ to?). They said its a song for the fans

“A” is playing right now

Shindong(DJ): Its a song by JYP right? How did you feel when you received it?
JB; It was different than GGG, more cute. So we were taken back at first

Youngjae: I practiced in front of the mirror a lot (the cute expressions)

DJ: Who treats you the best among your sunbaes?
All of them are really nice

DJ: How about someone who was bad to you?
There is no one like that

DJ: How about someone you don’t meet often?
Bambam: umm..taecyeon hyung?
DJ: Ohh so you don’t like Taecyeon? *laughs*
Bambam: NO no its not like that. I love okat
Jackson: Ahh so you like okat but not taecyeon hyung?

JB was talking about how he is not cute and he’s not confident in it and shindong goes what are you talking out, you’re cute

Other members say JB is cute too
Shindong: So what? He’s doing his own image making? Saying he’s a tough guy

Jr: Youngjae’s eyesmile is really cute
(Mentioned other members too but I missed it orz)
DJ asked about mark, and they said he’s always cute
Shindong agreed as well

Ok I missed what they were talking about, my Jackson just called himself “innocent”

They’re talking about the teasers now, and each on is talking about his situation

Jackson did the “I told you to stand by me” part LOL
Shindong didn’t understand what it meant, so he explained it in korean

Shindong said he saw that one (the teaser). He thought it was some kinda movie

Mark did his teaser bit too. Same as everyone

If you really met your ideal type what would you do? confess?
JB: If i get the hint that she’s interested in me, then I’ll go for it. 
I’ll talk to her first, and see if she likes me.

Jackson: If i really like her, than I’ll go straight to her and say “Hey, stand by me”

Jackson’s ideal type is healthy, sporty, dark skin
Shindong: A celebrity? either korean or foreign doesn’t matter
Jackson: Beyonce

They had to chose a song from their previous album to play. JB chose their title track
“Girls Girls Girls” now playing

Back from the song break and now its gaengi time! (special talent/impersonations

Shindong said he really liked Bambam’s Thai rap that he performed on SSTP before, so he’s doing it again!#7thHeaven

Yugyeom: I really don’t have gaengi (special talent)
DJ: Its ok! We can find one for you today

Shindong: What were you good at in school?
Yugyeom: I wasn’t good at anything…
All: He’s really good at dancing!

Yugyeom said he was good at Hiphop and House music. But Jackson was shouting “Dougie, Dougie!”

He danced without music! lool
Mixture of Hiphop and dougie –>HipDog XD

Jr is impersonating Bobby Kim. Apparently non of the members heard it before lol

The members said he didn’t sound the same XD
DJ: Ahm.. you were good at the beginning
Jr: Really? Give me a ding dong dang then (a pass)
DJ: DENG! (fails him) lool

Mark said he’s good at martial arts but since he can’t do it there
him and Jackson are having a conversation in 3 languages! 
Korean, Chinese and English (Yugyeom said American instead of English LOL)
Mark & Jackson are mixing it all together

Jackson is doing a scooby doo imitation LOL
Shindong declared it a fail! haha But he was pretty good, and the members liked it

Since he failed he had to try again.
Him and JB are talking in Cantonese!
Even though JB is faking it, Shindong passed him instead of Jackson saying he was better XD

Youngjae is playing the piano for his special talent!~

He starts off good but he keeps messing up lool
Shindong asked him if he only learned it to seduce the girls XD

Bambam tried to play the piano and he actually did well!
Shindong passed him
Youngjae kept interfering saying “Thats not right! The rhythm is not right! You’re going to fast!” haha XD

Youngjae has to do a freestyle rap now!

Bambam said he had another talent.
He impersonated Marge from the Simpsons!

shindong said many people imitate her and 
Jackson is pretty adamant in doing his scooby doo impersonation. He’s doing it again LOL

[Whats with Bambam and Jackson? Do they watch cartoons in their free time together? XDD]

I missed JB but he was doing a hilarious Grandpa voice. He sang GGG in that voice too

Shindong: What were you guys talking about? You have a lot of gaengi!
He passed them all at the end

As an encore Bambam impersonated Marge again, this time in Thai!
Everybody burst out laughing

Bambam did the Thai rap in that character’s version and Jackson did the beatbox
then JB did the ment thing and ‘Good tonight’ was played then that was it=]

Reasons why Simpson is worse than Kilgrave in my opinion

Kilgrave is a garbage person with a garbage agenda. He acknowledges this. He openly says he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and Jessica (even though he don’t give a shit about jess and is really just listing after her and what her abilities represent to him). In short he is a villain. He claims that he’s a victim and that it’s not his fault that he’s bad but he is the villain.

Now for Great value captain america, at the start he seems like a decent guy. He is shaken by kilgrave taking over his mind and telling him to kill Trish but then joins the fight to stop him. But then shit starts to go awry when he doesn’t listen to jessica and starts trying to fulfill his own selfish agenda of killing kilgrave under the guise of “the world will be a better place if I do it” greater good and all that; basically portraying Simpson as a hero. Then he gets blown up and he starts taking those insanity meds. He is obsessed with trying to kill kilgrave. He murders innocent people who he claims are standing in his way. These are people who did nothing wrong. Still under the guise that he is a good guy who is doing this for the greater good. That’s what I can’t stand. Simpson is no better than kilgrave and yet he still views himself as the hero and that why he’s worse than Kilgrave to me. Kilgrave is the villain and he stays the villain. There are no plots that try to get the viewer to sympathize with him aside from initially learning of his childhood (which lasts 2 episodes before they squash his side of the story and you go back to thinking about how much of a piece of shit he really is) but in the case of simpson it seems like they want you to feel bad for simpson and I just dont. He is no hero. He is trash who is tainting the image of captain america with his bootlegged version of captain america.