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Jessica Chastain, 1977 ♡ “If you live your life hoping for a result then you’re not really ever being in the moment. When you’re making a film you can’t be in the film going this is my Oscar. I just try to think when I take on a movie, what am I gonna learn from this? Who am I working with? How am I leaving this set being a better person that I was when I arrived? And if I’m doing that, that’s better than any award.”

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Kohei Horikoshi Pre-Anime Interview

May I ask you what you really felt when you first heard that your work was going to be animated?

I was really surprised. I remember it was decided when the serialization wasn’t even a year old, so I felt kind of lost all of the sudden. Then I hurriedly started telling my friends and family the news about my work getting animated, and they were all happy for me, which is the moment that I finally had the realization that went something like “ah, this is great, I’m getting an anime”.

When and where did you hear about the news of the anime announcement?

I don’t remember it quite clearly now, I think it was when Vol 3 was about to come out. My editor mentioned it when he was talking about some other stuff. (Laughs) Every Friday we have a discussion, and I remember my editor was talking about the rankings when he said “Oh yeah, there’s news about the anime.”

What were the circumstances that gave birth to My Hero Academia?

My second series was axed really quickly after such a short time of serialization, and I was pretty depressed about things. I didn’t have the energy left to create new things in the manga medium, but I still needed to come up with one fast. So, I decided to add happy things and happy events that I had drawn in my previous works into this new series. Before, I was really happy drawing the one shot My Hero, so I wanted to make that the foundation and create something new from it. The stage my new series and My Hero is the same, so I decided to add a lot of the elements that have appeared in my previous works into it as well. From a certain point of view, this series is actually the accumulation of all my works from when I first started drawing.

When you’re drawing My Hero Academia, what are some things that you watch out for?

This series is the story of Izuku and All Might, and I plan to make their story the main focus of the plot line, and the “vertical axis” that runs through the main story. It’s actually not a really glorious story at all, as All Might grows weaker every day and Izuku gets injured every now and then. Even the victories in the story for the protagonists aren’t won straightforward and simple. If I keep drawing the story involving these two characters, I feel like the story would get darker and darker as time goes on. My own personality has the tendency to compel me to keep delving deeper and deeper into that. To avoid making the story too dark, I set up a “horizontal axis” to intersect the main story’s “vertical axis”, which is the “fun part”, also known as the Quirks to the heroes of the story, or side character characteristics. With the “horizontal axis”, it sort of mellows out the darker aspects of the “vertical axis”, so “enjoying the horizontal axis” is something that I insist upon, which is something that I watch out for. If I can make myself happier while drawing, then the story would seem that much brighter.

Is All Might the character in My Hero Academia that you like the most?

It would be wrong of me to say that I “like him the most”, as All Might is an absolute within this series, so there is no choice for me as I have to like him. His words are all very cautious, so I have to go over them repeatedly to decide his lines, which costs a lot of effort. So even though I like this character, as I draw him I need to keep reminding myself that “this is important!”. On the opposite end, Bakugou is somebody that I can relax to draw. I really like Otomo Katsuhiro sensei’s, Akira, and within this series there is a character called Tetsuo who, even though he’s a kid, is really strong. And he uses his power like a kid too. I really like that, so I decided to create a character like that in My Hero Academia, which is why mentally speaking, Bakugou is still like a child, though he has a really strong power. His way of fighting is also jumping and flying around, and when he actually fights he hollers and shouts. I’m really happy when I draw characters like that. However Bakugou’s words are all really rude, which might make readers feel unpleasant, though personally I like him.

From the start of the series until now, which parts of the story do you personally enjoy?

I enjoy them all actually. I really melded my feelings into the characters when drawing Izuku and Bakugou’s battle training. Also I needed to get a strong hold on the reader’s heart, as that part was the climax of that arc, so I really tried my best, which is something that I really like about it. I got a lot of positive reviews for that part too, which gave me some reassurance. Including this reassurance, this is probably one of the parts that made the most impression on me.

Indeed, that scene included some of the heavier aspects of Izuku and Bakugou’s relationship. And on the other side, Iida and Ochako were cheerfully having a conversation, which was a lot of fun to read. Is this the “vertical axis” and “horizontal axis” relationship you were talking about?

If there were only Izuku and Bakugou there, then sometimes things might turn out really scary, and Iida and Ochako can mediate their relationship by being there, slowly finding a balance point… that’s what I was thinking when I drew the scene. I’m touched that you’re able to see this.

Sensei, if you were to discover your own “Quirk”, what quirk do you think would be right for you?

I thought about that one already, and that is the “no need for sleep” Quirk. (laughs)

That’s very much like the style of a mangaka. (laughs)

I often fall asleep without meaning to. And once I fall asleep, I can’t wake up… If I were to use this quirk then I would use it normally, and this quirk might make people not feel tired at all.

What manga and anime did you enjoy as a child?

A manga that I enjoy is definitely Dragon Ball, and when I was young I always kept reading Dragon Ball. I kept reading the same volume. I think it was the place a little bit before the android, Cell, started the Cell Games? I don’t know why, but I kept rereading this volume. In terms of anime, there were a lot of anime that were on TV at 6 PM. I really liked Mashin Hero Wataru, rewatched that many times. I also dressed up as Zurugibe Shibaraku, which is a character from that show.

Do you have any influences from Dragon Ball?

My impression that strong characters are packed with muscles is probably because of Dragon Ball’s influence. I really like the body shape of Goku when he goes Super Saiyan, which might be where All Might’s concept came from.

A lot of people say that My Hero Academia is similar to American comics. Have you always enjoyed heroes from American comics?

Yeah. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was super impressive, and after watching that I started reading American comics from time to time and watching American hero movies. What I learned from them is that, American onomatopoeia and character lines are formatted differently from manga, which is something that i will keep in mind. When I read them I would notice : “Oh, so the sound effect of that fight is added here” . Other than that there are the darkness of the color black and the use of shades. Such as the balance of using full black, which I noticed when flipping through comics “Ah, so coloring this place black would have this kind of effect on the scene”. Even though I haven’t fully grasped the technique yet, I am still learning while I am working on my series.

So, Sensei, what heroes do you like?

Probably have to be Goku and Spiderman. To me, when mentioning heroes, these two are the ones that I think of. In Goku’s case, it’s the reassurance that everything is going to be fine he brings when arriving. Such as, on Namek, Goku was getting healed, and his friends are all beaten badly. When Goku finally recovered and walked out of the healing machine, that reassurance right there is what I’m talking about. Something like “Ah, everything is going to be fine”. When I first read it and saw it was really Goku who had arrived, I continued reading thinking the thought “gonna win”. (laughs) That reassurance is something that all of the other characters don’t have. I thought about it afterwards, and even though there are a variety of heroes, the hero model that is built up in my mind is built around the concept that the hero is somebody that brings reassurance. That’s why I think a hero to me is somebody that helps and brings reassurance to others. In Spiderman’s case the first experience I had with this character was the movie, in which there were a lot of scenes with him rescuing people, which I felt that was really cool. The moment he “saves somebody” is really awesome. Well, In Goku’s case it’s because he likes fighting that he fights so that’s a bit different. (laughs) You can say that Spider-Man and Goku are two different aspects of being a hero. Also, I recently watched the Anpanman movie. Anpanman is really cool, and even when Kabao kun was beaten badly by Baikinman’s robot henchmen, when Anpanman arrives everything was okay. After Anpanman arrived, everybody’s expression was something like “you’re finally here”. Everybody’s mood shifted to become more positive when only Anpanman arrived. That’s probably what it means to be a hero. Of course everybody has a different view on what it means to be a hero, and some people might say “heroes aren’t supposed to be like that”, though to me that’s what being a hero means, and that’s the aspect of heroism that I want to illustrate in My Hero Academia.

Next are some questions about the anime. Midoriya Izuku’s CV is Yamashita Daiki, who also did the radio drama before. What were your impressions on hearing his voice?

Actually, I never really thought much about Izuku’s voice, and when I heard it in the radio drama, I sort of naturally accepted it as: “Ah, so Izuku has that kind of voice”, so it’s hard for me to imagine somebody else other than Yamashita san doing Izuku’s voice.

You mentioned earlier that you really enjoy drawing Bakugou. What do you think of the voice of his CV, Okamoto Nobuhiko?

Ah, if it’s Katsuki, then his voice really captures the feeling the character. Like I said before, Katsuki is like Tetsuo from Akira, giving off characteristics of an antagonist, so he’s really like a child, like a little kid…And Okamoto san’s voice (even though me saying this won’t sound good to Okamoto san) is like a child, the very naughty type. The way he speaks also gives off a very middle schooler type feeling. (laughs) Okamoto san really brings out Katsuki’s characteristics, so this character belongs to Okamoto san and nobody else. Really fitting.

How about Uraraka Ochako’s CV, Sakura Ayane, and Iida Tenya’s CV, Ishikawa Kaito?

Sakura Ayane san’s Uraraka Ochako, is really cute. I’m really looking forward to her voice when she fights. About Ishikawa Kaito san’s Iida, I actually have some things that I’m not sure about myself about Iida’s character, and only after listening to his voice was I able to make a decision.

What about All Might’s CV, Miyake Kenta san?

When I heard Miyake san’s voice for All Might, It gave off a feeling that All Might is talking to Izuku while crouching down so that their eye levels are the same. All Might isn’t towering above, and after thinking about it over again it really is that way. Only heard a little of Miyake san’s All Might, and I feel that he’s got a good handle of this feeling, so I like Miyake san’s All Might.

What were your feelings when you saw for your very first time the animated My Hero Academia?

When I saw the PV last year, I felt something like “this is awesome!”. I can only say something normal people can say: “The characters are really moving”. I was working when I watched the PV with my editor. Naturally I started grinning. Because I didn’t want to be seen doing that by my editor, I kept my hand covered over my mouth. (laughs) Getting an anime is a dream I’ve always had for many years, and I’m really happy.

What do you expect the most from the anime?

Definitely the action parts. Like how the characters will move. I’ve received comments like “the action parts are really hard to understand” for this series, and only the anime can really show the outrageous action parts easily and effectively, so I hope the anime crew is able to do a really good job, I’m looking forward to it.

Action is Bone’s forte.

That’s right. That’s why I’m really looking forward to it…(laughs)

And last of all, please give a message for all of your readers.

Getting my work animated is really something way too extravagant for me, so I will keep on working hard so that I won’t be left behind in the dust by it, that’s how much I’m looking forward to the anime… My Hero Academia’s anime will probably become something really awesome, so for the original series, I won’t lose to the anime, will do my best to draw amazing stories with all my effort. Thank you all for your support!

Nearly two years ago, I was gifted with the opportunity to work on my first feature film alongside rising Canadian talent like the fine folks pictured here.
Today, @almostadultsmovie is available on 24 VOD platforms around the globe, and it’s all a bit surreal. I feel like a monumentally different actor (and person) than the girl who fumbled around that set, but I am also extremely grateful for what I learned from being in this movie. I’m very proud of everyone involved, and I hope you’ll all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed being a part of it. by natvanlis

Debbie Reynolds Tribute Meme

Singin’ in the Rain

  • “What do you have to be so conceited about? You’re nothing but a shadow on film… just a shadow. You’re not flesh and blood.”
  • “Are you sure it’s alright? Being seen with me?”
  • “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.”
  • “I said some awful things that night, didn’t I?”
  • “And what a lovely morning!”
  • “Here’s one thing I’ve learned from the movies!”
  • “You expect every girl to fall in a dead faint at your feet. Well, don’t you touch me!”

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

  • “Nobody wants to see me down like I wants to see me up.”
  • “Sure I may be tuckered, and I may give out, but I won’t give in.”
  • “I mean more to me than I mean to anybody else.”
  • “What’s that mean? Best regards?”

Halloweentown ( series )

  • “Being normal is vastly overrated.”
  • “Magic is really very simple, all you’ve got to do is want something, and then let yourself have it.”
  • “I’ve always said that the movies could teach us so much.”
  • “I should’ve known when you gave me the rose.”
  • “I must have lost it, so I know exactly where it is.”
  • “So this is the world wide web I’ve hear about…”
  • “Does it involve spiders?”
  • “Boo? How many ghosts do you know that say ‘boo’?”
  • “It wasn’t yours to bed in the first place, and then they offered to let us keep it!”

Charlotte’s Web

  • “____, I forbid you to faint!”
  • “Salutations.”
  • “Salutations are greetings; it’s my fancy way of saying hello.”
  • “You’re terrific as far as I’m concerned.”
  • “And does anybody know how to spell it?”
  • “What kind of acrobat do you think I am?”
  • “Oh yes. I’m versatile.”
  • “Trust me, ____. People are very gullible. They’ll believe anything they see in print.”
  • “You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”
  • “It would serve you right if you had an acute attack of indigestion.”
  • “Perhaps next time I call a meeting, ____, you’ll see fit to attend.”
  • “Do you want a friend?”
  • “Now go to sleep, you’ll see me in the morning.”

(I was going to make a post casually commenting that I really don’t know what one should expect when dating a blue, but that there must be lots of good blues, but also that dating anyone with exponentially more power than yourself sounds dangerous, and that it’s so far outside my life experience that I’m really not sure how to even imagine it, outside of what I’ve learned from books and movies.)

(Then I remembered that I have a hard time imagining dating anyone.)

Title: Hime

Rating: K+

Summary: It is set between Hanabi’s kidnap on the beginning of The Last, then jumps to after Hinata goes with Toneri. It has some spoilers from the movie, but only what I could learn on tumblr, since I haven’t seen it yet TAT

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto-sensei.

A/N: Hello fellow NH shippers. It’s been a month since I said I had and idea for a fanfic, and I FINALLY finished it. Initially it was meant to be a songfic with Ready My Mind, from The Killers, but I changed it to get to the end I wanted. It might have a smutty chapter 2, but for now that’s it (actually I was reading some smut fics, and they helped me to finish this fic, and now I think I owe them a smut chapter - only I’m very lame at writing smut). There’s a line in this fanfic that is dedicated to that pic of Hiashi’s face on NH wedding with “all according to keikaku” written on the bottom, try to find xD I didn’t think I was going to be able to contribute to NH month, I’m very happy now <3

Please remember that english is not my native language (it is portuguese, I’m brazilian). 

Link: to those who like ff.net - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10963011/1/

(I don’t really know why people post word count…  anyway, it was 1720)


The word was stuck in his mind. He didn’t know why.

He never really thought of her that way until that moment, but looking through the door ajar in her house, listening to the conversation she was having with her father, the ideia of Hinata being a princess from the Hyuuga clan finally reached him. They were talking about Hanabi’s kidnap, and Hiashi was still hurt from fighting those men who took her. He kept changing his sitting position on the floor, as if any of them made his pain worse.

“Hinata, we had this conversation before, right after the war. I had tossed you aside as the future head of the clan, but it’s been a while since I regretted that decision. I should have had more faith in you. The succession of the clan is already decided, but that doesn’t mean you are out of this family. After all, you never stopped being a Hyuuga princess, my first born hime, and  so you must honor our name.”

Naruto looked at Hinata. She made a small move to low her head and face the floor, but instead she held it a little higher than before and said nothing. Naruto felt a warm feeling in his heart. He knew she had become very brave, braver than that time when they did the Chuunin Shiken, but it was still nice to see her face her father without low self-esteem and fear. Come to think about it, it made her look like a real princess.

“Unfortunately, I’m in no condition of rescuing Hanabi myself. I must trust you to bring your sister back.”

 “Yes, father.”

She didn’t even hesitated, he saw. She was full of confidence. More than that, he saw a strength in her eyes that he had never seen before. ‘It looks like nothing is stopping her now’, he thought, opening a little smile as he turned his head to face the rising sun. The door opened, and they both got out. Hinata looked confused when she saw Naruto smiling at her for no apparent reason.

“Shall we?” he asked her.

“Uzumaki boy.” Hiashi stepped in front of his daughter and looked down at Naruto. Naruto shrank a little without noticing. “You better get her home in one piece, without a scratch, and with her sister by her side. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir!” Naruto bowed, not knowing really how to act in front of him. When he got up again, Hiashi looked at his eyes and almost gave in to the temptation of smiling.

“I will take your word on this, boy.” He looked at Hinata, who was very embarrassed and trying not to look at them. “You two will get along in your travel. Please take care of her.”

That warm feeling he felt earlier grew a little, and he found himself thinking about how he would do anything to protect her. They left and went towards the gates of Konoha, where the others would be waiting for them. Naruto walked by her side, while she remained silent.

“You know, what your father said back there, it wasn’t very accurate, was it?

“What?” she turned to him, startled. He chuckled.

“He said ‘please take care of her’, but every time we are in a bad situation, it is you who save me, not the opposite.”

“Oh.” She turned her head the other way, her face deep red. It wasn’t the first time Naruto mentioned what she did for him against Pain, and she didn’t know if it was a good or a bad thing that he never talked about her confession at the time. “But you… have saved me many more times.”

“Hmm, I don’t know about that”. He closed his eyes, one hand in his chin, thinking. “Well, I guess if we stick together we’ll save each other, how about that?” Naruto opened his biggest smile, and she couldn’t help but smile too. That surprised him a little, he wasn’t used to see her genuinely smile very often.

“You should smile like that more times, you know. You look pretty when you smile.”

Her face went all the way from white to red, and then set on pink. She never cared much for compliments about her looks, she never received any, but that was unexpected, to say the least. Naruto didn’t seem to notice the effect of his sentence on her. He was thinking about that hime thing again. Neji used to call her –sama, he remembered. Should he call her –sama? Or maybe –hime? Was he being disrespectful with her all those years? It was too late to get used to call her by anything than just Hinata, but he wondered anyway.

They passed by Ichiraku’s ramen, and a thought entered Hinata’s mind. She turned to Naruto.

“Naruto-kun, can I ask you something?”

“Huh?” He looked at her and smiled again. Why was he smiling so much? “Sure thing. Fire away.”

“Uhm, I was wondering… Why do you like ramen so much?”

That caught him off his guard. Nobody never really asked him that. People would often reprehend him about the amount of ramen he ate, but never asked why he did that.

“Well, thanks for asking, Hinata-hime, this is an interesting story.”

She blushed hard at the sound of him calling her “hime”. He was so concentrated in his thoughts about how he should be addressing her that the word just came out of his mouth without him even noticing, and went on with his reply.

“When I was little, there was a blind old lady that lived next door. I think she didn’t know I was the jinchuuriki, otherwise she wouldn’t be talking to me. The Third must have said to her that I was an orphan that just got out of the orphanage to live in my own house because I was attending the Ninja Academy, and I would need some help with food and other things. She couldn’t cook, so she would just order some cheap food for herself and for me. The first time she did that I gained a bowl of ramen. It was the first really nice thing anyone really did for me, and I never forgot that.”

Hinata looked down while walking, a sad smile on her face. He endured so much at such a young age.

“Oh damn, did I make you sad? I’m sorry!”

“No, not at all!” she replied quickly. “It’s just… grown-ups can really make a child’s life difficult, but sometimes their help is the best thing in the world.”

He wondered what she meant with that, because the look on her face suggested that that wasn’t just about his childhood.

“Funny… You know, no one ever asked me that. I do like ramen very much, but people just assume that’s the only reason I eat it so much. I guess no one really cared enough to wonder about it before.”

“Well, I care.” She said, boldly holding his gaze with a smile that touched her eyes. “I’ve always cared.”

Hinata didn’t meant to let that last sentence slip from her lips, but it was too late now. Naruto said nothing, and tried to conceal how it affected him. What was that warm feeling?

They reached the gates of Konoha and the group left.

So many things had happened since that sweet talk they had before they left Konoha, it seemed a lifetime away now. He saw clearly now how she felt about him, and more importantly, how he felt about her. That genjutsu that showed him her memories touched something very deep in his feelings. He built up his courage to confess to her, but her reply wasn’t what he was expecting. She left with Toneri. Why?

Putting his hand on the left side of his chest and holding it he could feel his heart beating, but it felt like it wasn’t beating anymore. How could anyone live in such pain? He thought about Hinata’s memories, those he saw on that genjutsu. One thing that those memories didn’t show was how she felt on that long period between her confession and his. It was more than 2 years. How did she endure it? Did she suffer like he was suffering now?

“I’m the dumbest person alive. And now I lost her.”

Sakura came in and they had a really nice talk, one that they ought to have had sooner. His eternal competition with Sasuke, his childhood crush on Sakura, how they both came to realize that his crush was just joy to have close friends for the first time, and how their friendship was above it all and would continue to be. Sakura new that her friendship was the most important thing she could offer him at that moment, because he was suffering from deep heartbreak. She tried to put on his head what Hinata’s decision really meant, why she would refuse him to save her sister.

Naruto was shocked. Did she really refuse him to have a chance to save her sister by herself? His heart ached even more. Hinata was the best person to walk on this Earth, and his stupidity continued to blind him to the true meaning of her actions.

“But what if it’s too late? What if she doesn’t love me anymore?”

“You won’t know that unless you ask her, you idiot.”

He looked at his hand, hopeless.

“I lost my hime because of my own dumbness. I was too stupid to see her right in front of my eyes, the first person to love me for what I was, even before I could love myself.”

Sakura turned up the corner of her lips and looked intensely at him.

“Your hime, huh?”

“What?” he looked up, confused.

“You just called her hime.”

“Did I?” he recollect the sentence he just said and noticed it. Naruto smiled sadly at her. “But she is, isn’t she? My princess. The strongest princess I will ever know, the one that was always there to save me. She is my princess and I love her. I need her.”

“You know what to do then.”

He gazed at her with fierce resolution in his eyes.

“I will bring my hime back.”


I was really confused about this NH suddenly happening just as all of you, so as a script/literature student for almost a year, and learning all about foreshadowing, character development, and plot treatment, I decided I should talk to someone who knew more than me.

I exposed this case (about NH in the last movie) to my professor, who has been a successful screen writer for 27 years, and his answer was.

“Well, if you want to get two characters together, you have to put them through a lot of situations, and make them feel everything, both sides, so you can explain why the bond is so strong. You can’t put two characters together which development is so poor, not even if the 3, or 4 moments they have had together are really meaningful. That’s only valid if you are writing a short film cause you don’t have a lot of time, but if the story is as long as you’re telling me, then you have no excuse. You have had plenty of time to put those character through more moments, and make a successful development. If you really intent to make this two characters end up together, then you should have give them more screen time”

the I asked him about the other character (Sakura) what was her case and he answered.

“ It means he really didn’t think it through, and he has wasted years of paper and ink developing this relationship for absolutely nothing. Why would you spend so much time developing a relationship if you really didn’t mean it? As a story maker you have to keep in mind that you have to make things clear for the viewers, because if you don’t, things like this happen. It’s like a new trend in marketing to leave a really open plot so the viewers can make their own conclusions, and watch just cause they want to know if they’re right, and they do this without even consulting the writer. That is called comercial script, and it’s ruining the industry, darling. But if in the end you tell me this girl who has been with the main character all the time, and it’s clearly the main female character, is not ending up with him, you’re telling me the writer of this story hasn’t been able to keep his story in line. He practically took a side character out of nowhere, and created a relationship that through the story was not even foreshadow. It’s bad writing”

I explain about Hinata’s love for Naruto. 

“And have the main character acknowledge this love?”

I told him about Pein Arc, and her confession. he asked me to see the pages of the manga, and I showed them to him.

“But then this confession was not mention again. When you write about several characters, you have to give each of them a resolution, or else it will  be unfinished. This girls confessions was sudden, and it was not mention again, so in my experience this is just to help the character get its resolution. If to the main character, or to the main plot this confession is supposed to be a game changer, or something important, then it should have been mention again. I can see the main female is there again, and as you can see, or at least what it seems is that the girl is uncomfortable. Sometimes we have to take side characters to do things like this, so main characters can realise their own truth. And it’s use really often. You see a lot of movies about someone who doesn’t realise he or she is in love with their best friend until the best friend is with someone else. So having this confession, and the only person to acknowledge that moment is the other girl, then the confession is only important to those girls. As i told you before, the side character needs its resolution about those feelings, and the main character needs to realise some things that are link to the confession”.

I explained that since then, Naruto and Hinata have a couple of moments, and I showed them to him as well.

“Okey, I can see your concern. As stories develop sometimes we create characters that we wish we would have seen more of. But as much as I watched about this character, the conclusion of every interaction they have (naruto and hinata) is the girl thinking the same thing. We never see him thinking about her, or about what she has done. In the case of the other girl (Sakura) we have both of them thinking about each other constantly. In this cases the side character (hinata) will have her own resolution thanks to the impact the main character have had on her, and the other two (sakura and naruto) are more likely to have a resolution together. You can decode this just by who they keep in their thoughts. The main character has been in love with the other girl (sakura) for the whole story, and it is constantly showed. You never get a hint that he is changing his mind, so it would not be logical for him to change his mind in the blink of an eye, and he’s the main character, he gets what he wants. In this kind of stories, he works his ass off, he gets what he wants, and the other characters learn from him”

So I asked him what about the movie and I tell him everything that is going on and he told me.

“Then it means that in the main story the writer couldn’t really find a right way to give this character her resolution, so he created the perfect situation for her to have it. If this story is linked to the main one, then it will has no sense with her ending up with the main character. By the plot of this side story, I can tell that what you will mainly see is the final impact the main character has had on her, and the writer will be able to develop her story successfully, but as I see it, and talking with my own experience, her resolution will not be ending by the side of the main character. She will go through her own personal journey, she will finally give him the scarf as a sign of that chapter of her life ending because she will know new things about herself”

I thanked him, and as I was leaving his office he said to me. 

“Remember that stories have to make more sense than real life. So, if you want two people to end up together, you have to constantly show how that bond gets stronger. In stories nothing just happens, so I highly doubt he will love the other girl out of nowhere, not after the writer has spend 15 years invested on the other relationship, it will be kind of crushing. Can you imagine it? Spending so much time with the one you love going through the same things, and suddenly having to forget him because someone else loves you?" 

"No, sir”

“Yeah. Keep me updated, you have made me curious”

“Course I will”

So yeah, Im keeping my high hopes, or else I will be pretty disappointed. I don’t want to end up feeling disappointed. 


I’m not a huge comic book fan. What I learn about these Marvel characters I get from the movies and my friends, which probably doesn’t give me the right to say anything about it. But when they cast Tom Holland as the new incarnation of Spider-Man for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was thrilled, and his introduction in Captain America: Civil War was honestly brilliant.

I’m not being biased in any way or another but the scene in which he and Robert Downey Jr. discuss why he wants to be Spider-Man just shows how much Tom has embodied not just Spidey but Peter Parker as a person as well. It’s clear that the show runners want a fresh perspective in all of these wars and conflict, and what better way to do it but through the eyes of a teenager?

Hear me out on this: In the bedroom conversation scene, Tom breaks his thoughts mid-sentence and pauses in silence after being asked by RDJ’s Tony Stark. There was this moment of hesitation in his expression where he looks away and removes eye contact, perhaps trying to arrange and calculate his thoughts. I mean, who wouldn’t be at a loss at explaining to Iron Man why you want to be a hero? It captures what the writers, the producers, and the director wants to be fleshed out from the character. He’s this young nerd who’s a bit of an outcast and quite naive to the ugly truth of the world, and yet he feels this moral obligation in him that he wasn’t given these powers for nothing.

There’s this internal struggle that involves the pressure of being a hero at such a young age. He wants to feel normal, he wants to be included, and yet his powers stop his from doing so. Is he mad about it? Maybe. Is he proud that he has these powers? Maybe. You can see in that slight scoff mixed in with a disbelieving smile that Tom did when he continued his answer how much he feels silly doing all of it. It’s weird, and he knows for a fact that society, especially in his age group, doesn’t always tolerate weird. As a teenager, you want to feel the world around you and enjoy it.

It mixes really well with the theme of Civil War which is the clash of ideals and philosophies these heroes have, and it also foreshadows how much this kind of struggle would be in the Spider-Man movie. With the villainous role (really hoping it truly is Michael Keaton’s character) being a much older person, I can easily see how their philosophies and ideals would repel each other. It’s cliche but so effective in creating a story that has clear roots and gives the viewers something to engage on.

I could go on and on but I think I’m gonna let Spider-Man: Homecoming speak for itself. I can’t wait to see it next year.

beaglebitch said (about Tom Hiddleston movies) :

What I have learned from watching his recent work:

  • When kissing, he leads with his nose.
  • He also grabs women’s faces when kissing.
  • Once in for a good makeout session, go for a boob.
  • He likes lifting women while kissing them.
  • Snake hips aren’t just a dance move.

  This means that if it was Loki, it would also like this? I like. :)

anonymous asked:

I'm in the ER right now waiting to get examined for assault, possibly rape. I feel like this body isn't mine anymore. I feel like a character in a movie. Unreal.

The irony isn’t lost on me that right before I read your message, I spent 4 hours watching Law and order SVU. So as I read your story, so soon after it happened, it feels like a movie, or a TV show for me too. For many of us, fictional drama is our only point of reference when bad things happen. We don’t like to talk about bad things in casual conversation or in schools, so we leave them on the periphery and let them remain someone else’s problem, until the bad things happen to us.

I once had a mentally ill man send me a bunch of disturbing messages and nude photographs of himself by email, and when I reported him to the authorities, I felt like I was in my own episode of SVU. Nothing happened to me physically, but I felt violated nonetheless. He used his body to make me feel ashamed about my own. The whole ordeal was made worse when a family member implied that I had probably led him on, and that I shouldn’t be too friendly to people.

I’m not saying all of this to try to convince you that I know what you are going through, because I don’t. I have no idea. All I have is what I’ve learned from TV, movies and my own life. My empathy is limited, yet sincere. Yet, I’m sure there are several people who will read your message and know exactly how you feel right now. Perhaps you can take comfort in knowing that the people who will like or reblog this are thinking of you and wishing you well. I’m still not sure, what it means that we are all sharing so much of our personal selves online. Perhaps we are all searching for someone to witness our stories without being close enough to judge us. Perhaps we are just tired of living in a world where our bodies are never our own.

I don’t know how you will get through this, I don’t know what it will feel like, all I know is that it is in times like these when we have to love ourselves the most. Perhaps your instinct will be to blame and resent your body for what happened to you, so instead try to treat your body like a friend in need, like an innocent victim, like a part of you, but not all of you, not quite yours, but definitely not theirs.

Take good care of yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The next drawing I post is for you <3