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Nearly two years ago, I was gifted with the opportunity to work on my first feature film alongside rising Canadian talent like the fine folks pictured here.
Today, @almostadultsmovie is available on 24 VOD platforms around the globe, and it’s all a bit surreal. I feel like a monumentally different actor (and person) than the girl who fumbled around that set, but I am also extremely grateful for what I learned from being in this movie. I’m very proud of everyone involved, and I hope you’ll all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed being a part of it. by natvanlis

“I think what I have learned from working on Moonlight, you see what happens in persecution. What I was so grateful about and having the opportunity was playing a gentleman who saw a young man folding into himself as a result of the persecution of his community and taking that opportunity to uplift him and tell him he mattered, that he was OK. And accept him. I hope that we do a better job of that. 

We kind of get caught up in the minutiae and the details that make us all different. I think there’s two ways of seeing that. There’s an opportunity to see the texture of that person, the characteristics that make them unique, and then there’s the opportunity to go to war about it. And to say that that person is different than me and I don’t like you, so let’s battle. My mother is an ordained minister. I’m a Muslim. She didn’t do backflips when I called her to tell her I converted 17 years ago. You put things to the side and I’m able to see her and she’s able to see me. We love each other. The love has grown. And that stuff is minutiae. It’s not that important.”

Mahershala Ali talks about persecution and religious freedom at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night, where he won Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role for his work in Moonlight. (via Us Weekly)

Favorite Movies From Every Year Since Birth

I was tagged by @cryingtosufjanstevens. Let’s go.

The List:

  • 1992: Reservoir Dogs
  • 1993: Jurassic Park
  • 1994: Ed Wood
  • 1995: Apollo 13
  • 1996: Fargo
  • 1997: The Fifth Element
  • 1998: Hands on a Hard Body
  • 1999: Being John Malkovich
  • 2000: Battle Royale
  • 2001: Wet Hot American Summer
  • 2002: Super Troopers
  • 2003: Oldboy
  • 2004: Napoleon Dynamite
  • 2005: Brokeback Mountain
  • 2006: Little Miss Sunshine
  • 2007: Hot Fuzz
  • 2008: Burn After Reading
  • 2009: Moon
  • 2010: Kick-Ass
  • 2011: The Raid
  • 2012: The Cabin in the Woods (I’m so fucking burnt out on this movie by now but I loved it at first)
  • 2013: Pacific Rim
  • 2014: The Babadook
  • 2015: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • 2016: Moonlight

What I learned from this is that ~2008-2012 kinda really sucked for movies, at least for me. I had a hard time narrowing it down before and after those dates. But 2008-2012 was just…barren.

I’m taggin’ anyone. Go for it and say I tagged you.

I was tagged to do the “favorite films since your birth year” tag by @hollistardismug. Thank you!

So now I guess you guys get to see how bad my taste in movies is lol

1996: Matilda

1997: Bean or Air Bud (I was obsessed with both of these as a kid)

1998: Parent Trap

1999: Stuart Little (please don’t judge me lmao)

2000: The Emperor’s New Groove

2001: Princess Diaries (this one was hard, this was a damn good year for movies)

2002: Treasure Planet

2003: Finding Nemo or School of Rock or Brother Bear or Uptown Girls (I can’t pick oh my god)

2004: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

2005: Kicking and Screaming

2006: Little Miss Sunshine

2007: Dan in Real Life

2008: WALL-E

2009: Jennifer’s Body

2010: The Other Guys (there were a lot of good movies this year but i apparently prefer the trashiest one)

2011: Crazy Stupid Love

2012: The Perks Of Being a Wallflower

2013: We’re the Millers

2014: Into the Woods or Birdman

2015: Inside Out or Room

2016: Moana or Ghostbusters or Tallulah 

2017: Beauty and the Beast

Well this was hard. I feel like I just betrayed half of the movies I love. Fuck.

Anyway I tag @defineyourterms @thisismajortom2 @peraltalightwood and @autistickryptonian

Debbie Reynolds Tribute Meme

Singin’ in the Rain

  • “What do you have to be so conceited about? You’re nothing but a shadow on film… just a shadow. You’re not flesh and blood.”
  • “Are you sure it’s alright? Being seen with me?”
  • “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.”
  • “I said some awful things that night, didn’t I?”
  • “And what a lovely morning!”
  • “Here’s one thing I’ve learned from the movies!”
  • “You expect every girl to fall in a dead faint at your feet. Well, don’t you touch me!”

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

  • “Nobody wants to see me down like I wants to see me up.”
  • “Sure I may be tuckered, and I may give out, but I won’t give in.”
  • “I mean more to me than I mean to anybody else.”
  • “What’s that mean? Best regards?”

Halloweentown ( series )

  • “Being normal is vastly overrated.”
  • “Magic is really very simple, all you’ve got to do is want something, and then let yourself have it.”
  • “I’ve always said that the movies could teach us so much.”
  • “I should’ve known when you gave me the rose.”
  • “I must have lost it, so I know exactly where it is.”
  • “So this is the world wide web I’ve hear about…”
  • “Does it involve spiders?”
  • “Boo? How many ghosts do you know that say ‘boo’?”
  • “It wasn’t yours to bed in the first place, and then they offered to let us keep it!”

Charlotte’s Web

  • “____, I forbid you to faint!”
  • “Salutations.”
  • “Salutations are greetings; it’s my fancy way of saying hello.”
  • “You’re terrific as far as I’m concerned.”
  • “And does anybody know how to spell it?”
  • “What kind of acrobat do you think I am?”
  • “Oh yes. I’m versatile.”
  • “Trust me, ____. People are very gullible. They’ll believe anything they see in print.”
  • “You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”
  • “It would serve you right if you had an acute attack of indigestion.”
  • “Perhaps next time I call a meeting, ____, you’ll see fit to attend.”
  • “Do you want a friend?”
  • “Now go to sleep, you’ll see me in the morning.”

anonymous asked:

A pentagrams associated with good energy or bad? I've only know them to be associated with bad, but that is what I've learned from movies, tv, and propaganda.

Hello there friend.

Pentagrams are a symbol of protection and force of good, as well as a representation of elements. There is nothing bad about them, unfortunately they have just been used by those who don’t understand their meaning in order to incite fear of ‘occult’.

With luck, Magpie.

beaglebitch said (about Tom Hiddleston movies) :

What I have learned from watching his recent work:

  • When kissing, he leads with his nose.
  • He also grabs women’s faces when kissing.
  • Once in for a good makeout session, go for a boob.
  • He likes lifting women while kissing them.
  • Snake hips aren’t just a dance move.

  This means that if it was Loki, it would also like this? I like. :)