what i learned from disney

Hiccup and Astrid dancing at their wedding (using Stoick and Valka’s dance as a reference) :)

This is going to be a very ranty post about the designer dolls lol Im disappointed in disney, which isnt new for me. My relationship with the disney store consists of constant disappointment and yet me spending most of my money on their merch. I dont know what goes on over at headquarters but i can only guess its a lack of attention to detail and maybe a shortage of people who work specifically on these LE dolls. First off the organization and consistency of these releases has been non existent. We’ve had like two different release schedules not to mention a random change in release time and no communication on either. Then theres the dolls. Disney is on the right path when it comes to listening to some of the things collectors want, bigger boxes and newer characters but they’ve taken a step backwards when it comes to quality. Some of the sets are unbelievably detailed…mainly the two repeat characters Rapunzel (aside from her lack of eyelashes) and Ariel. In my opinion those sets are what i want from this line. The other three however suffer from lack of detail as well as the addition of plastic figures instead of a second doll…like why. I know many people who have set aside their qualms about the robin hood set simply because they’re characters that have never been done. The Moana set suffers from the plastic figures, which are fine but not at the same price point as two dolls, and she’s to similar to her other dolls. WHY they couldn’t do a set with grandma tala or maui just makes no sense to me. The quality in these sets is not what we’ve seen in previous designer lines. The dolls look almost like classic dolls and thats not what collectors want. Overall what i hope disney learns from this is the following: Collectors want more “unique” character sets. I think pixar has potential in this area Carl and Ellie, Toy story, Ratatouille, Brave, Inside out, Zootopia! as well as classics, Tarzan, Hercules, Hunchback of notre dame, Atlantis to name a few. Second: There needs to be consistency within the sets. The detail you put into one set needs to cary to each and every set. You CANNOT expect us to pay 65$ for a handful of plastic figures, thats disgusting. Adjust the price or bring back the second doll. And lastly, put some thought and care into the way you promote this line. As collectors we enjoy the fanfare, we like going in store and taking a look at the display, browsing the merchandise and on release day buying a doll that comes with a special freakin bag. We feel let down, if you dont care about what you put out how can you expect any of us to want to spend our hard earned money on it. I hope this post is seen by someone who can make a change. And i encourage any followers to add your opinions as well. OK rant over lol

Prayer circle for all the students in the same art class as Penn who have no idea why the teacher and him have a vendetta against each other.

They only wanted to paint a few pretty pictures but instead they have to witness sass fest 2015 every day.


I don’t’ understand the people that write Disney off as teaching bad life lessons to children. This is a small list of some of the lessons I learned in my life from watching Disney. What people fail to realize is that the movies mean so much more than just a girl getting saved by a boy. Most of them aren’t even like that yet it’s the most common stereotype. These movies deal with social issues that have yet to go away. Watching them as a kid I feel I learned from the princesses to always be kind, be yourself, and keep a positive attitude. From movies such as The Lion King and Lilo and Stitch to stand by your family.


This Is Who I Am - Ross Lynch

You have to let the love of music drive you. When you love it, and you’re playing it, and you finally get it…that’s where, like, the soul comes from. You’re feeling it. [x]