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1. What kind of food can’t you stand?: I’m not sure if this makes sense but ‘boring food.’ Like, stuff that isn’t seasoned or spiced or has no taste. Like, plainer curries or the roast Christmas dinner special things they do at school or something. I can’t eat it, I need flavour XD

2. If you could choose one minor inconvenience to never have to deal with again, what would you pick?: Limited Wi-Fi or Internet access lol

3. Have you got any useless talents?: I am talentless lmfao Or at least I can’t think of anything I can do that would be considered useless…

4. If you could be really really good at one thing, what would it be?: Learning and memorising things I learn (languages, school stuff omg school stuff)

5. Name a few people you think are extremely good-looking: Nope, no one. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at someone and thought they were extremely good looking lolol It takes me a while, like, I need to get to know someone before I find them physically attractive I danno it’s weird. But yeah…

6. What was your favourite way to pass the time as a kid?: *Subtly adds a u to favourite because English* Probably reading, I can’t remember doing anything when i was a kid XDD

7. What is something you’re proud of?: … does the fact that I’m still alive count? Joke joke. I’ve never really felt proud of anything tbh unless other people count in which case anything that anyone I care about achieves is something I’m endlessly proud of.

8. What’s one character flaw in people that you just can’t tolerate?: Flaky Fakes - those people that lie and are hypocrites and think they’re all that when they’re not.

9. Do you consider yourself to be more of a leader or a follower?: I think inside I’m leader but because sometimes I can be a bit shy I sometimes let others lead but it usually never turns out well so I think I’m more of a natural leader

10. What kind of student are/were you?: The one everyone says is smart and mature but really I am/was never that great imo

11. Butterfly effect question! Has there ever been a seemingly minor decision you’ve made (at the time) that ended up having a profound influence on your life?: No? No wait, asking my friend to show me some k-pop. I never knew it would take me this far. Also, checking up the meaning of ‘otome,’ which also changed me a lot…

12. Name your most irrational fear/aversion: Bugs… lol

13. Are there any fictional characters you find especially relatable?: I don’t think so? Maybe Haruhi Fujioka from OHS: HS but I danno

14. If you drink, what kind of drunk are you? Alternatively, what sort of person are you at parties?: I don’t drink… stemmed from religion and culture but it’s a personal choice tbh. And I’ve never been to a party before so I don’t know (yes at this age I’ve never been to a party… religion and culture and family and lack of friends, not a personal choice LOL)

15. Do you fall in love easily? Or does it usually take a long time for you to trust someone?: Never fallen in love, never even had a crush tbh. It takes me a loooong time to trust someone properly and even then, I just don’t fall for guys, I end up bro-friending everyone lol

16. Would you rather have one close friend or 100 casual friends?: Just a friend tbh just an actual friend would be nice

17. Do you consider yourself to be more of a slob or a neat-freak?: Neat freak, people make fun of my sometimes. I, myself, am a mess but when it comes to like my belonging I’m very nitpicky.

18. Describe a place (imaginary or real) that you would find incredibly cozy:

A penthouse, living on my own, with a raging fire, a book in my hand, curled up in an armchair, with a nice drink and a cat in my lap. Alone, without people around me. Similarly, out, with a faint breeze, no people to disrupt the view, looking out into whatever aesthetic I’ve found, actually being able to take photos and enjoy it in peace.

19. Do you have kids? If not, do you want them someday?: Don’t have kids now never intend to have them, I hate am not very fond of children (adoption is a different thing though)

20. What was your favourite book as a child?: God, I’ve read sooo many books but not as much when I was a ‘proper’ kid, so I can’t remember.

21. Name one thing you just don’t get what all the hype is about: Sex… no, seriously, I don’t get the hype? The need for non-autistic people, people who don’t fidget, people who don’t have ADHD etc. to use fidget spinners.

22. Name one thing that you think is tragically underrated: Day6 (band)… SHINee - ‘Get The Treasure’… cereal… my Insta (JOKE) 

23. If you had to be glued to a person for a month, real or fictional (who you have never met), who would you choose?: Nico Nico Ni - he makes me so happy maybe I’ll smile with him and be in a better mood :)

24. What’s something you’d like the chance to do someday?: Travel around the world - backpack through Europe, see the volcanoes in Hawaii, visit Japan, South Korea - everywhere!

25. Do you typically speak your mind when you have a controversial opinion? Or do generally prefer to not rock the boat?: If I have a string opinion that I can back up and that I believe in, I will speak up for it. But of course I’ll take the people around me into consideration, if they’re people that know me, no holding back, if they’re others, I won’t lay in on as thick.

26. What’s the dumbest fad you’ve been caught up in?: Not really? I mean, maybe loom bands I had a collection given to me by others by the time it finished in like one month lololol

27. What’s something you thought was cool as a kid/adolescent, but now cringe at yourself for?: I’m sure there’s something but I genuinely can’t think of anything at the moment

28. What’s a trait you consider to be very admirable?: Honesty and the ability to accept criticism… people say they love it but can never handle it.

29. Is there a particular kind of item people always tend to give you as gifts? (For instance, people always get you things with ducks on them because you like ducks, etc.): I’ve never been given a gift outside my parents. LOL Only like maybe one friend ever in my life remembered my birthday and I did secret Santa once but both times it wasn’t anything special so yeah, I danno

30. Do you speak multiple languages? Which ones?: My native language is English, my parents’ language I can speak conversationally and brokenly with bits of English just pushed in there when I don’t know the word. But otherwise no, I mean I can speak some french but I’m terrible imo.

31. Would you rather live in the big city or the countryside?: I’m a city girl

32. Has there ever been something you were certain you’d hate, but ended up loving?: Nope lol if I expected to hate it I did… I can’t think of any examples

33. Do you mind being the centre of attention, or do you prefer the spotlight to be on someone else?: I think I would like to be in the spotlight because I’m always pushed to the back by others but I’ve never really tried it.

34. Favourite holiday?: I hate holidays lol

35. Are you a more go-with-the-flow type of person, or do you need to have things planned meticulously?: Planned. People laugh at me but I just want everyone to know what’s going o without leaving them behind…

36. Is there something you loved so much you wish you could forget it and experience it all over again? (A TV show, book, series–anything): The Mortal Instruments Series’, every time I watch my favourite animes (OHS: HC, Black Butler, Fairy Tail etc.)

37. What hobbies do you have?: Reading, writing, listening to music, photography, playing otome (lol)

38. If you could have a superpower, but it was only mildly useful, what ability would you want to have?: Having high tenacity, determination and motivation. Honestly, if I just had willpower, I could achieve anything. But I’ve lost the will to do anything and lost the ability to find enjoyment in anything. So if I had that then I would be good

39. Something people are always surprised to learn about you: Nothing? My dirty-mindedness or my knowledge on ‘it’ all. Maybe my age too, people tend to think I’m older and maturer than I am.

40. Something that took you way too long to figure out: What depression was and that I had it and that suicide and such wasn’t normal and an actual problem lmfao

41. Worst injury you’ve had?: None actually

42. Any morbid fascinations?: Death (my own and other peoples’) and suffering (my own) - lachesism

43. Describe your sense of humour: Witty and snarky - sassy and sarcastic. Self-depreciating and through teasing others. Sometimes can be dark.

44. If you had to be born in another era/place, which would you choose?: As much as the UK sucks these days I love London, and I like this era. Maybe if I was born just a few years earlier life would be better but otherwise nahh

45. Something you are irredeemably bad at: French (LOL) Being honest about myself.

46. Something that sucked but you’re glad you went through: Friendships. They all sucked in the end but they’ve made me stronger. Having strict, overbearing, over possessive parents. Through that I’ve taught myself to be stronger but I don’t think I’m glad to go through it, but it had made me who I am.

47. Would you rather have a really godawful ugly tattoo in a place that is only slightly inconvenient to conceal with clothing (upper arm, thigh, etc.), or the coolest, most beautiful tattoo ever in the middle of your face? (Neither tattoo can be removed or concealed with makeup, and the ugly tattoo will deeply offend anyone who sees it.): Ugly tattoo. I could hide it and no one would ever see it tbh

48. Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?: Realistic but people call it pessimistic.

49. What would be the most flattering compliment someone could give you?: None lol. People say things like mature and smart but I never like being told that. Even if someone does give me a compliment, I’m never flattered… I danno 

50. Something you feel people often misunderstand about you: That I’m quiet? I can be pretty loud and confident around people that I know well or get a positive vibe from and feel like I can be. Goth??? Apparently??? I wear all black but I’m not goth… (but that’s only a couple of people)

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  • Ravenclaw (right after they've graduated hogwarts): You know now, as far as society is concerned, we're adults.
  • Hufflepuff: Yes! Isn't it exciting?
  • Ravenclaw: Adults who have to make their own decisions about their lives.
  • Hufflepuff: It's so freeing, isn't it?
  • Ravenclaw: I have no idea what I'm doing and I want to go back to school.
  • Hufflepuff: ...
  • Ravenclaw: I don't want to do classes or anything, I just want someone to cook for me and tell me when meals are so I don't forget and basically be able to ignore life's responsibilities.

what i learned from my high school experience and other bits of advice from me to you (doesn’t even have to be just for school)

content: always keep in mind, items, classmates, in class, more things

always keep in mind

  • cut yourself from those people and things that don’t have a positive influence on you 
  • don’t run away from problems, be blunt, confront them
  • being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely, don’t isolate yourself
  • don’t you settle for less than what you deserve
  • if it’s just there without you trying, it is best to add more effort (your average grade without effort < a grade that you actually worked your ass off for)
  • do not starve yourself and think that it would be ok to use that time on finishing another task
  • if you find someone who is an acquaintance / is alone, sit on the same table as them. say hi or give a kind smile, it’ll brighten them up even if they don’t show it 
  • fake it ‘till you make it. works like a charm! literally keep your head up. pretend that you got strings holding your shoulders up and roll them back 
  • take solid, confident steps as you are walking down the hallways and pavement. make an upbeat playlist to help you achieve the last two steps (wink wink) unconsciously
  • no! one! is! more! important! then! your! education! and! yourself! they come and go, your gpa is forever on transcripts.


  • carry extra pads or tampons. you’ll be a life saver for a classmate in need of them!
  • always bring an extra granola bar for when you are starving in class 
  • never leave your house without lip balm/sunscreen/body lotion on and in your bag
  • always have a grocery bag that you can store in your bag


  • compliment on someone’s hair, outfit, or nails during breaks or at the restroom. i loved receiving them and it’s sure to make their day brighter 
  • do you know about the 5 rule? if there is something that they can fix in 5 minutes, let them know. (hey! you got a smudge of lipstick on your teeth - rather than - you overdid your eyebrows) 
  • get some of your classmate’s phone numbers, but not immediately you know what I mean? this is for missed notes, absences, …

in class

  • during lessons, make note of questions you have about the lecture, etc. and jot them down on a sticky note (this is an alternative to asking the questions out loud to the class)
  • make it a habit to once in a while stay after your classmates exit out to ask your teacher questions, that way they’re less distracted
  • for presentations, right before them i drink from an ice cold bottle of water to wake myself up and prevent my mouth from dryness. also take deep breathes (no kidding) and repeat to yourself “I totally got this" 
  • talk to your counselor!!! they know what they are talking about from classes, college, scholarship opportunities and even talk to them if you have personal problems! they are trained and are there for a reason. take advantage of that! 
  • check on your high school’s daily bulletin, you may of missed or misheard the announcements. there are club meets, scholarship and volunteering opportunities, job openings, etc. 

more things

  • don’t ever be late to class oh my God! some teachers may say that they don’t care or they might not acknowledge it, but it will affect you
  • do not take a lot of days off or skip school in a row of days for mental health. i know that education isn’t as important as your well being, but getting used to being absent will not help you at all
  • while studying or trying to actually focused put on your earphones/headphones even if you don’t have music playing. keeps people from bothering you, but don’t do this when lecture is in session or if the library doesn’t permit it
  • when school ends and if you still have the drive to do work like in the classroom, i recommend you to go to the library to continue working on your homework or study (don’t overwork yourself, though)

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i know you already did shinee as professors but if you have time can you maybe do them as high school teachers too? thank you for this blog btw, it's so great!!

thank you so much, u lovely anon u! high school teachers are definitely a whole other ballgame for sure & taemkitten i know that you wanted to see shinee as high school teachers as well! 

korean kids call their teachers 쌤 (ssem) which is short for 선생님 (teacher) bc we literally shorten everything it’s ridiculous 


  • biology teacher 
  • students bring him chocolate chip cookies from the cafeteria and it makes him super happy (”thanks kids i’m gonna eat these when we’re not dissecting frogs”) 
  • he shares them with ot4 bc they always bring him wayyy too much 
  • the school installed a smartboard in his classroom and he absolutely hates it bc it sucks 
  • makes the dissection frog dance and frog juice dripped on him gross
  • mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell


  • choir teacher 
  • when he’s conducting, waves his arms very enthusiastically so that he’s sweating by the end of the class
  • his extra credit is bringing a song that he’ll like that he hasn’t heard of and his students are always bringing in random shit 
  • when he puts in the earphones to see what they got for him he’s already singing along (students: daMMIT) 
  • they’ve even brought in like monk chanting and he knows it bc “you don’t think students haven’t tried this??? try again~ good luck~” 
  • kim-ssem is an unstoppable human jukebox 


  • english language teacher 
  • begins class like “what’s up” and the class responds “nothing much”
  • uses a lot of pop culture in classes from a various of english-speaking countries and shows different music/films 
  • lip syncing to gaga when he shows one of her songs as a reference
  • has confiscated at least two cans of axe from boys (”i didn’t even know they had these in korea did you import these from america??”
  • the horror 
  • also supervises yearbook and his kids always make him pose with the best-dressed students and it’s become tradition now 


  • physics teacher 
  • his coffee mug says students’ tears 
  • believes in practical application which is why they’re on the roof dropping eggs in parachute contraptions 
  • everyone calls him coach even if they’re not on his soccer team(s) 
  • sometimes they fly paper airplanes off the roof too and once he got in trouble but like … it’s still physics so now he’ll bs a lesson plan before they go out and fly airplanes
  • beat the system o ya 


  • physical education teacher 
  • merongs at minho all the time (minho: you might be the gym teacher but i’m forever coach!!!) 
  • likes watching the kiddos play dodgeball and yells excitedly when someone dodges well / or hits someone
  • convinced the school board to get a giant jungle gym thing that you have to wear a harness and everything to scale 
  • just really wanted to play on it 
  • no one actually gave him apples so he buys himself apples and eats them during class


  • they all eat lunch together and talk about their classes which is too cute by e

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What did you use to begin learning Korean?

i learnt Hangul through this website - it’s amazing; i learnt Hangul in a day but thats because i find picking up languages easy but anyway, this is site is simple and easy to understand.

for grammar or generally learning Korean i used/use how to study Korean & talk to me in Korean - Personally i find how to study Korean much easier to use (plus it comes with LOTS AND LOTS of vocabulary per lesson; and i find the lessons really enjoyable)

And for other vocabulary/phrases/slang/pronunciation watch K Dramas ; they’re fun, easy to understand (with subs of course) and they’re a good way to pick up words/phrases.

some dramas I’ve watched (and HEAVILY enjoyed) are…

  • The Heirs
  • I remember you
  • Who are you school 2013
  • Who are you school 2015
  • Sassy go go
  • What happens to my family
  • remember
  • cheese in the trap
  • its okay thats love
  • dream high
  • oh my venus

 and a lot more but they’ve gone off the top of my head lmao

Steven’s aging is the gems fault!

Steven Universe is not a normal 14-year old, and the fact that he’s a half-alien hybrid of ambiguous bodily composition is only half the reason. Steven is smol. Real smol. So smol that when I found out he was 12 at the start of the series my jaw hit the fucking ground because I wasn’t aware he’d hit 10 yet.

It’s not just his body that looks young. Steven’s mind, his emotions and his personality are basically somewhere between the ages of 7 and 9, bottoming out a good half of his actual age. This isn’t normal, and I think the gems are to blame

Canonically, Stevem grew at a normal rate until around the age of 8, at which point his physical and mental development more or less locked down. Since Steven’s body is directly tied to his emotional perception of age, we can’t exactly blame poor nutrition or an overdue growth spurt. No, Steven’s state is a direct result of the status of his uprbinging. and what a coincidence that Steven stopped aging right around the time he moved in with the crystal gems

As the crew constantly reminds us, the gem race as a whole do not age. They are born fully formed from the ground and are supposed to remain at the same mental and emotional age for their entire existence. The only other gem who appeared to have any sort of childhood was Amethyst, and how much of that was Steven’s imagination is a lot more ambiguous than the fandom has accepted (Remember the time he pictured an old englishman as Jamie the mailman?)

Put simply, the crystal gems don’t expect him to grow up or continually raise their expectations of his emotional maturity. They shelter him from danger, their history and his mother’s war crimes. They may allow him on missions, but they still treat him like a child, and that’s not even the start

Unlike every other little boy in america who wasn’t raised by christian fundamentalists, Steven doesn’t go to school, and given that he only first learned what school was in season 1, I think it’s safe to say he hasn’t attended.

In the absence of an evolving frame of reference, Steven fails to evolve with it. As a result, while all the other kids are in school socializing, playing and growing with their peers, Steven interacts with people much older than him who can only treat him as a child.

Without peers his own emotional age Steven isn’t going to grow emotionally or physically. He’s a little boy and it’s all because the gems coddle him!

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is it wrong to have a wallet chain? is this the next 'can't tie your shirt on your hips' kinda thing?

um first of all everyone can tie their shirts around their waists i really don’t understand why everyone made fun of him for this:

it’s super fucking hot and i wish he had kept it like that for the whole day but alas~

the thing with the wallet chain is that jensen tends to wear some incredibly… hipster dad clothes. in his downtime he dresses like a 90s grunge store thrift shopper rock star and it drives me absolutely wild for some reason. this post is me. 

most obvious example of this heart-stopping aesthetic is of course the wallet chain:

and even worse is the pharrell hat (plus a bonus wallet chain??):

the denim jacket is also a nice touch. put jensen in more worn denim jackets 2k17.

other honorable mentions: the hideous mustard pants and jensen’s collection of bracelets.

he hasn’t really experimented with shoes much yet, but i would KILL to see him in this pair that misha has:

they definitely fit his style. these plus the above denim jacket? that’s it goodbye i am down for the count, mi amigo.

anyway my ultimate wish is for ^ those shoes + pharrell hat + wallet chain + beard onstage at a panel. i have been mercilessly kinkshamed for this (aHEM MCK AYL A) but i refuse to give up hope.

(so no, the wallet chain is not a bad thing at all.)

college advice part 1/7 : what to do when you need to miss class

 header inspired by @thestudypeach | i’ve gotten quite a few asks + messages about this, so i thought i’d make a short masterpost over how to handle this!

these are just tips from what i’ve learned from my time at uni!!

  • this is college, not high school. you have to take responsibility. the professors won’t be on your ass to get stuff done. you need to know what you’re missing. they won’t care what you miss or what excuse you have. they’ll still expect you to know it, and they should. this is college.
  • check the attendance policy for EACH class, and each component if it has labs or recitations also. you need to know how many classes you can miss without being penalized. for example, my chemistry class never took attendance, but they provided notes + extra credit if you showed up. my bio class didn’t care + they put their lectures online my physics class allowed only 3 absences, as attendance was taken every lecture. LABS however, do not usually allow absences. my chem lab allowed 1 absence, my bio lab didn’t allow any at all. you need to figure out the attendance policy!! these are in place in case you are sick, need to miss class for a wedding, are on a school trip, etc. further excused absences are usually given for extended hospital stays, grievance, etc. with paperwork (NOTE: this is for my university only, but i assume it’s relatively the same at other large public universities across the US??)!
  • make at least two friends in each class you have. other people might say to make one friend, but the reason i say two is because that one person isn’t always going to be in class either. the more people who have your back when it comes to filling you in, the better.
  • go over the lecture material + do it thoroughly!! if you miss material, go over it!!! go over it three times! do what you need to do to understand it. write notes, read the book, look at the lecture notes if you have them from a friend. listen to the lecture if that’s an option. but learning the material as thoroughly as you can will help you to be better prepared for the next class and seeing your professor for help if you need to do so! just because you can’t make it to lecture doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to material!
  • go to office hours and go over the material you missed with the professor. but make sure you already know the material. if you already know the material briefly, you can ask more specific questions about what you don’t understand. professors are there to help, and to be honest, i’ve noticed that they love to see students and answer questions!

hope this helps! as always, my ask box is open 24/7 :)