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Please do not send me passive aggressive messages about my downloads not working; I do not appreciate assumptions about it being something untoward

The links breaking is not an issue of mine; the tumblr redirect is having some issues with certain themes and to get links to work you have to right click and open in new tab / copy + paste the URL (unless you’re downloading from the dash, in which case they work a-okay). I don’t mind it when I’m asked politely about these things – but do not accuse me of withholding my content because that is definitely not something I’m doing, or even considering doing.

*casually walks across your dash whistling* it’s my girl @mondfuchs birthday today!! Odds are, you probably know her from her lovely royai/fma art (and all the times I’ve talked about her in my blog, directly or indirectly), but she’s such a cutie and deserving of appreciation; how about you drop by and wish her a happy birthday?? :> 

Yo, so, I’ve noticed some strictly SFW blogs I follow have ended up with very detailed porn posts and I am 100% sure that it is not their doing.

If you see any porn pop up on my dash AT ALL LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY.

Seriously this isn’t funny if somehow Tumblr is letting this happen.

Just send me a message with “hey there’s this post you made with pornography in it did you post that??” and the answer will be a firm NO. followed by me trying to find out what the fuck happened and where it came from.


im honestly so aggravated about that “make mike pence gay” post i cant believe it was on my dash at all. you should all fucking know better. gayness is not a punishment or a gotcha and it is never funny to try to pull “what if this homophobic public figure is actually a self-hating gay” especially when they do real violence to us. i dont want to see that post again. i dont want to see jokes about shitty homophobic men having secret affairs with each other. ive been tolerating the latter but honestly not anymore and if you pull that shit from now on im gonna fucking say something

I see a lot of posts about the Ryden conspiracy.

I’m not going to add much of my own opinion, just a dash. Like a hint of Thyme in a pasta sauce for flavor.

I studied psychology almost all of my life in an attempt to understand my abused mother; why she stayed, what it meant about her and how she viewed herself. On and on. Here nor there. I learned a lot about how people interact with each other. I learned a lot about what certain subtle hints or shifts in body language mean. I learned how to detect lies from people who didn’t even know they were lying.

All that said; Ryden has always fascinated me.

From a professional stand point, they acted like a couple. Not in words or time spent together, but in body language during the time spent together. Stage antics aside, because bands do that all the time. But when they were hanging out casually, as a band or as friends. When they would look at each other. There was more than friendship there - from a professional stand point.

With how accepting the fans would be of the relationship, and how both are advocates of gay rights, you would think they would be open about any potential relationship they had. Especially now that it’s so long in the past.

Much like with any other fan - I can’t help but wonder. It fascinates me, seeing the claims that fans make, seeing them interact with one another.

If they never had a real relationship, they are an anomaly to the human condition.

so this old thing is making the rounds again and i saw these tags

AND BOY ARE YOU IN LUCK @youre-not-really-here because someone recently commissioned me to draw exactly that


These are pictures of Chalo running a race against himself, and I have good news: he’s winning.

I finally thought of my own cute alien/human relationships thing and I wasn’t gonna post it but another one crossed my dash, so I am:

Aliens that don’t have to eat. Aliens that absorb their energy from light or heat or something and can’t go dark places or cold places or places without nutritious breathable gasses without technology to help them, but have never eaten. Aliens that are horrified that humans have to kill other beings and grind them up with their mouth parts and they don’t even use tools and oh gosh what even are teeth why do humans have exposed face bones that is TERRIFYING.

But also, aliens that eventually get to know the humans and realize most of them are usually reasonably good at not eating things that are obviously, actively sentient (though there are some disagreements on that front) and anyway they’re super friendly to creatures that can speak and they get very attached and fine, they can be friends with the humans even though they’re weird and scary. And then they’re like ‘I brought you a plant to crush in your mouth parts’ or 'I found this and it’s dead, are you hungry?’ Or 'you look dizzy do u need to eat my potted plant?’ And they are not very good at suggesting/providing food but gosh darnit they try and the humans think it’s adorable. And aliens get invited to dinner parties where there are sun lamps for them to sit under while the humans eat, because friendship, so they learn the cultural stuff around food and they can smell the interesting smells and it’s all good and pure. They don’t really understand the arguments about whose grandma makes the best food, but they nod and make positive facial expressions. It’s ok.

In Today’s Magic Story...

The planeswalker’s guide to Kaladesh


The suspense is killing me, it really is.  I need to know what happens!  I need story!  Part of me was hoping to see stories involving our new commanders – like checking in on Atraxa and how New Phyrexia is faring, or maybe a dash of romance between Kynaios and Tiro.  I feel like we’re in the vast stretch of grassland between cities when going on a roadtrip: there may be a neat thing along the way, but nothing compared to the splendor of cities and towns.

Heck, I might have to post some of my own stories just to keep myself sane.  But until then, here’s some tidbits from the guide…

  • Aether can be devoured.  It doesn’t say by gremlins only, so I believe there’s an exotic food or drink involving pure aether.
  • Avaati Vya created the process to refine aether – and by extension, could also be considered the creator of the aetherborn.
  • We’ve seen things from the Renegade side a lot, but here is the first time some doubt is shed on them.  It says they “…believe that the Consulate is concealing information and innovation from the public.”  Now we know from Tezzeret’s confiscation coup that its true, but it may not have always been that way.  Tezzeret could have been in the wrong place in the wrong time – unless Bolas intended this…
  • One reason I really like Kaladesh is that the Inventors Fair reminds me a lot of the Chicago Columbian Exposition.  Not only with the paralels to the World’s Fair, but also with the underlying tensions between the common folk and the government.  The Inventors Fair still lasted only one month, where the Exposition lasted six!
  • The categories of the Fair, and their subcategories:
    • Vehicles: Airships, skyspeeders, freighters, dragsters, barges, cruisers, and caravans.
    • Architecture: Buildings, arenas, and stages.  This is also a tie-in to the CE, as they had famous architects designing buildings, as well as the landscaping, which was a wild ride from start to finish.
    • Aether Science: New Refinement Methods, Enhanced Power Extractions Techniques, and Rashimi’s Teleporter Alternate Means of Matter Transportation.  Tezzeret himself put out a call for this.  Hmm…
    • Weapons: Long-Range, Personal “Defense”, Aether-Firing, Vehicle-Attachment, and Construct-Attachment.
    • Animal Constructs: This was included because it would be popular, not practical.
  • There are societies of inventors too:
    • League of Aeronauts: Skycaptain and the World of Tomorrow. Invitation only.
    • Derby Crows: The most talented of pilots.
    • Glint-Sleeves: Focuses on wearable artifice for arms and hands.
    • Scrappers: Robot Wars.  Of note, they treat their automatons like champs instead of machines, which is a detail I like.
    • The Countless Gears: Miniature artifice & Thopters.  Also known as Too Many Gears.
    • Ground Grinders: Speed Racer.
    • Greenwheel Lifecrafters: Perfect models of living creatures, but made gigantic.
    • Metalspiners: Kinetic sculptures, with form and function, and is apparently dangerous.
  • Saheeli Rai can apparently create endless metal threads into her creations.
  • Dovin Baan has had a 100% perfect track record, with no device he’s inspected needing a recall.  No wonder he took such offense at Tezzeret’s suggestion of a misstep.
  • Again, Tezzeret is building something.  What could it be…

westcoastmalone  asked:

Yay prompts! Rebelcaptain with kittens or puppies, or something with shirtless staring-noiwasnthowdareyouyouhavenoproof

I don’t even know what this is or where it came from, but rebelcaptain + puppy coming atcha.

Jyn doesn’t notice they’ve inadvertently adopted a dog until they’ve made the jump to hyperspace and she realizes the panting noise she hears isn’t coming from her, from being out of breath after the dash to the ship. It’s coming from a grey, shaggy thing curled into a ball by her feet.

The dog is small but fierce and growls when she tries to approach it, which she doesn’t appreciate. Accidently or no, they just saved it from a war zone. The thing could at least be grateful.

But then Cassian scoops the creature off the ground, curling it to his chest with ease, and the whimpers stop almost instantly. Jyn gapes at him.

“How did you do that?”

Cassian shrugs, which isn’t an answer. He then turns back to the control panel and proceeds to punch in the coordinates one-handed, the dog tucked against his other arm like this entire situation is perfectly normal.

Jyn wants to ask what the hell they’re supposed to do with a dog, but that seems insensitive (albeit, you know, practical). Surely Cassian will have some sort of plan.

But then they get back to Hoth, and Cassian sets up a little pillow bed in the corner of their room, and Jyn realizes: oh, crap, we’ve adopted a dog.

Well really, Cassian’s adopted a dog. He likes to pretend that Rosa belongs to all of them, but Cassian’s the only one she diligently follows down the halls, trotting at his heels. Still, she lets Bodhi scratch her ears and she happily plays fetch with Chirrut. Sometimes she falls asleep in Baze’s lap, leaving him grumpily chained to the spot because he refuses to wake her. She even seems to like K2, gnawing at his gears and generally treating him like a giant dog toy, much to his dismay.

Unfortunately, Rosa’s feelings of warmth seem only to extend so far.

“Your dog hates me,” Jyn tells Cassian, showing him the mark Rosa’s teeth gouged across her hand.

“Our dog,” Cassian reminds her, mild. “Did you put medicine on that?” Without waiting for an answer, Cassian stands to search for the med kit.

Jyn folds her arms across her chest. “How is she my dog?”

“You walk her. And feed her, and clean up after her.”

“Only when you’re not here and I have to. Also, she hates me.”

Cassian retakes his seat next to her, reaching for her hand. “She does not.”

“She really does.” She hisses at the burn of the gel against her skin. “And I hate her too, for the record.”

Cassian’s smiles that soft, barely-there smile.

“You really don’t,” he says, leaning forward to brush his lips against her forehead. Which, fine. She won’t argue. He loves the damn thing, and even though she might be terrible at putting it to words, she loves him.

So if he now comes with a dog, so be it. She’ll take them both.

And if she can look past the whining, and the yelping, and the propensity for peeing on the floor, Rosa’s probably not that terrible. Some nights, when Cassian is off planet and Rosa’s a sniveling mess about it, Jyn drags her into bed and lets her flop down against her stomach. It’s warm, and when Rosa’s little foot isn’t stabbing at Jyn’s pelvis, it’s kind of nice.

That doesn’t mean she’s happy about Cassian coming home a day early and finding her curled up in bed with the dog she claims to hate.

“She made me,” Jyn gripes as Cassian slides beneath the sheets. “She wouldn’t shut up.”

“Okay,” Cassian hums.

“I hate sleeping like this. She keeps kicking me.”

Cassian nods, tiredly draping his arm across Jyn’s shoulders.


Jyn settles against her pillow. Rosa’s still nestled between them, snoring contentedly. Discreetly, Jyn runs her fingers along Rosa’s head, scratches an idle line behind her ears.

It would be such a hassle to get out of bed to move her, anyway.

For the people who wants an update about me:

I wont try to kill myself anymore.. and I dont want to self harm again.

I have been feeling so much better since I got out of tumblr, I want this feeling to keep going.

I dont want to stop posting my art online tho.. I still want to animate something that makes people happy.. I want to grow up as an artist and I want to keep growing up as a person. I want to keep learning and I want to find a style for me.

I dont want you (people who has supported me through the years) to be sad bc you wont ever be able to see my art.. I know some people got smiles whenever they saw me in their dash, so I wont be away from you, I know many people discovered that datfeli was me (yep. it was me. I didnt do a big effort hiding it tbh.. What a surprise. But good job to everyone who found out..? idk im surprised,,).

I am still on Internet tho.. I dont post drawings as often tho.. and I’m watching SU again (just wont interact with the fandom by drawing shipping, or drawing so much of it,, I just will maybe draw new charas and enjoy the show’s excllent character design.) I wont get back in tumblr in a long while (idek if i will ever come back tbh) but I am in another social media: Instagram. If you find out what my username is there, youre free to ask if its me i guess. I still dont know if I will be open about it there on IG, but, still you can ask, I have nothing to hide.

Also, I’d like to give you a clue for what the account name is.. it also has “feli” on it, and atm it has 3 posts.

And yeah.. my name is Florence Felipe.. heh. also yesterday (january12th) was my bday and it was quite nice! 

I also want to mention someone: @wal-uigi, for being one of my most active followers, thank you so much for always being so nice to me. Im sorry I left,, but dont worry, Im ok, as in your dreams, and Im posting my art again. Thank you for being a loyal follower who could always agree with me, and defend me, even tho I used to have a bad behaviour in the past.

I know there’s a lot like them, but I hardly remember many names of many people, I have some of you in mind, but I cant remember the exact url, so i cant mention you,, im sorry.. but you gotta know that I love you, and I want to thank you for being there for ne when I needed you.

I dont know what else to type, so, bye, and thank you all for understanding. I might have forgotten something, but if i remember, Ill type it in a new post.

Spread the Love Celebration

I’m cheating.  There, I said it.  I’m coming up on another milestone…40 followers away from the next one.  I was planning on doing this when I reached that milestone, but let’s do it now.  Cause we need it.

So here it is.  

Spread the Love Celebration

I don’t know about you all, but I’m tired of seeing wank/hate on my dash. I’m feeling over it.  I’d rather fill it with positivity and love.  

Here’s what we’re going to do.

Send me an ASK

Tell me either of these things (anonymously or not):

1.  Tell me something you like about yourself.  Something that makes you feel good about who you are.  

2.  Tell me something you like or respect about another blogger.  What makes you smile when you see them on your dash? Have you been too shy to tell someone directly?  Tell me.  

I’ll publish these asks and we’ll fill up the feed with positive thoughts.

We talk a lot about how amazing the SPN fandom is.  Let’s prove it.

Tagging some of my homies to spread the word:  @torn-and-frayed @chaos-and-the-calm67 @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @kayteonline @manawhaat @mrsjohnsmith @bringmesomepie56 @chelsea072498

Do you ever go on a Tumblr tangent, floating around strangers blogs and then you forget what you’re doing and reblog a bunch of stuff from someone that you don’t know and who doesn’t know you?

You’ll never know what brought me here, or why I mistook your blog for my main dash. But we will be just like two awkward ships, shamefully passing in the night.

Angelic Ask Meme 2.0

My original Angelic Ask Meme has been back on my dash lately, so I thought I’d make a sequel! Ask and reblog away~

A-any memories that are different from how most other angels remember things?
B-were you born into your current vessel, or did you claim it another way?
C-what is something you want to know or remember, but don’t?
D-were you more of a lover or a fighter?
E-an unusual or unique characteristic you had?
F-did you choose your vessel yourself? If so, why choose the one you did?
G-an Angelic confession?
H-what was the first thing that made you suspect you were an angel?
I-ever astral projected or otherwise had an out of body experience?
J-Any symbolic things you’re associated with? (E.g. a certain number, planet, or direction)
K-how many forms do you remember having?
L-ever get in trouble back in heaven?
M-did you have any titles or nicknames?
N-your favorite memory
O-your worst memory
P-were you more of a leader, a follower, or a rogue?
Q-your weapon of choice, if you had one? If no weapon, an object or something you carried/used a lot?
R-the heavenly duty you’d be LEAST suited for
S-advice you’d give to someone just starting to awaken
T-what is your opinion on fate and free will?
U-have any weird memories from this life before you awakened that make sense now that you know you’re an angel?
V-what time of day do you feel most connected to?
W-do you do any witchcraft/divination/etc to connect to your angelic side?
X-do you ever use another language for angel stuff, like Enochian or Latin?
Y-a completely random thing that reminds you of something Angelic
Z-what do you embody or represent, and how do you feel humans in general are handling/treating it?


I’m excited to play a bioware game knowing absolutely nothing about the companions and having no preconceived notions or opinions from tumblr. As soon as it’s out, I’m blacklisting ME:A from my dash, locking myself in a room, and just playing it from start to finish with 100% my own desires and opinions and choices.  Completely fandom free, at least for a while. That’s what I’m excited for.

@ shadowhunters fandom: i know nothing about the show but like is simon the hot girl? like scott was in teen wolf? cause all over my dash i’m seeing gifs the blonde guy carrying him, the vampire guy carrying him, isabel or whatever making these bright smiles with him on the same gif and ginger chick from coachella is his friend -with benefits???? i’m confused,  cause it looks like the only one not dating him is the male katniss cause he is dating harry potter

hey everyone! I’m looking for some more blogs to follow because i want to see some new faces on my dashboard and because my dash has been a little dead lately. i know i make these kinda posts a lot, but i’m always up for following more blogs since I don’t follow that many to begin with! 

So like or reblog (reblogs appreciated to spread this around) this post if you post the following and I’ll check your blog out!

  • Fire Emblem (just the series in general, i’ve played a few games from it and i’m really excited for all the new stuff coming!)
  • Ace Attorney (same as above! I’m still on Apollo Justice tho shhhh but I really love Maya Fey if you haven’t noticed)
  • Professor Layton (i’ve played all the games and I’m suuper hyped for Lady Layton!!)
  • Nintendo stuff in general
  • Little Witch Academia
  • My Hero Academia
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Love Live! (my faves are Umi and Dia)
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • anything related to photography stuff
  • also anything related to writing/literature in general (i’m a very enthusiastic english major lmao)

+ bonus points if you are a writer like me too!

Here’s my about me page and here’s my tags page of more stuff I usually blog about. My blog is a slight mess, but I’ve had it for a while. 

So thank you for checking out my blog if you do and I’ll be sure to check yours out as well! 

Nothin’ but a hound dog? NOTHIN’ BUT A HOUND DOG????

Folks, I don’t think you really know what a hound dog is! Especially a dashing blue tick coonhound like me!

I’m Taylor from the La Porte County Small Animal Shelter​ in Indiana, and I’m around 4 years old, charming, friendly, and as you can see… adorable. I get along with dogs but I’m afraid my cat skills are not what they should be. (Charm doesn’t really get you as far with cats as you might think.)

You can find out all about me, and set up a date to meet, by calling 219-326-1637. And if Indiana is out of your time zone, then how about a re-blog? You’d make me the happiest hound dog on earth!