what i know about hannibal

let’s play hannibal or pushing daisies!

  • the Main Guy really likes to cook. like really likes to
  • his kinda love interest slash other main character (now known as The Brunette) likes dogs
  • there’s an african american Detective Guy who just wants to do his job and is involved somehow with Gina Torres
  • the Sassy Blonde character 
    • bonus points if the Main Guy, The Brunette, and the Sassy Blonde are in a weird kind of love triangle
  • Bees? BEES.
    • bees as an accessory to murder 
  • Ellen Greene
  • Female Horse Jockeys
  • ~aesthetic~ color palette 
  • Raul Esparza
  • Many great shots of food
    • but you’re going to be thinking of dead things when you look at the food #sorrynotsorry
  • Ridiculous, elaborate murders

So you know that one blooper where Mads is trying to get the potato to land on his knife (I really could make an innuendo about his knife and potatoes but I’m NOT) and keeps failing? And the potato is maimed to various degrees of intensity depending on the take? Well, I was thinking about it and I was wondering:

How many potatoes did it take for them to get the shot?

Like, how many potatoes did the prop department have to peel before Mads was successful? 5?10?100?? Half those prop people are probably never going to be able to look at a potato again without imagining peeling a large number on set in rapid succession all for about 2 second of show time…

Or did they think they’d only need one or two potatoes and then had to rush to the store to buy more? Like, Bryan Fuller flying through the aisles of Aldi grabbing every single potato he can find while the cashier wondered if there was a second potato famine they don’t know about..

Makes you think.


Mads looking goddamn fine, requested by mudwillbeflungtonight 


tfw you were sooooo fucking hesitant to ship Hannigram but it just evolved in the story so you legit had no choice like fuck m8 u think I woke up one day and was like yeah fuck me lets get Will Graham all up in Hannibal Lecter like nah son I used to hate that smug son of a bitch in his suits dicking about and fucking with Will but then Will got out of prison and put his Master Seduction plan into production and the s2 finale broke everyone’s hearts including mine god fucking damn it Bryan I didn’t ASK for this but thanks anyway 

anonymous asked:

Please write more of Will as a nymph from Hannibal's painting, it was lovely. :)

based off of this edit
sequel to this post

Nymphs need nature, Will had said. His features gaunt and his eyes only opening a small bit, before sliding shut. Too worn to leave his bed. 

Hannibal bought the little house in Wolf Trap for the lack of immediate neighbors. Three acres of land and a lake nearby provided suitable privacy for them both. Large sprawling fields having turned yellow in the fall and a thick forest for Will to rejuvenate himself, his skin had grown ashen after being kept in the city.

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when i first saw this scene the only pity i felt here was for Will, and now I wonder what it says about me that in retrospect I’m full of feelings for Hannibal. Or what it says about this show. Or us as representatives of humanity, whatever. Why do we want, so deeply, someone who has zero respect or consideration for the human ties that other people connect through, to have meaningful human ties of his own? Is it human nature to want to redeem people like Hannibal and bring them back from the loneliness of their own self-absorption? Because Will’s betrayal was never a betrayal at all, of course—it was all offensive defense, and only Hannibal’s narcissism sees it that way. But because we empathize with him in spite of ourselves, we can’t help but see it that way, too, at least a little. And ultimately Will saw it that way himself.

like, i love gay serial killers in love with their purehearted doppelgangers more than just about any other fictional trope there is, both because I love the humanizing element that comes from this dynamic and because i’m fascinated by how this trope that’s generally portrayed as overtly homophobic always subverts itself and becomes an affirmation of the power of homoerotic love. BUT I can’t ever view the dynamics of this ship the way I think sometimes Tumblr wants me to. Hannibal may long for human connection, but he’s still the maker of his own alienation.

Just in case, you know, you forgot that eating people isn’t a route to healthy relationship-building.

I’m gonna skip addressing the second paragraph bc I’m not well-versed in the genre & I also have no idea what Tumblr thinks about the dynamics of this ship because I don’t follow anyone (although surely nobody is arguing that this is a healthy or unproblematic relationship, right?!), but… re: the first paragraph!

I was thinking about this a lot the other day – because when I talk to my friends about this show & explain to them what I think is going on, I feel like I do come across (maybe I just really am) very hardcore Hannipologist, and it felt like a hypocritical position for me to take because I’m very judgmental about, for instance, Walter White, another BAD DUDE who fucks up his own life by acting selfishly every time he gets a chance.

And I think, in the end, part of what I didn’t like about Breaking Bad was that I didn’t know what the show was trying to say – if anything – about Walter, or people like Walt, or being selfish, or being human.  I couldn’t tell why it wanted me to relate to Walt beyond the basic push-pull sensation of being repulsed by the protagonist you’re (helplessly kind of still) rooting for.

But Hannibal is a different kind of show.  Like, I KNOW I ALWAYS BRING EVERYTHING BACK TO THE ILIAD AND I’M SORRY ABOUT THAT LOL but I think it’s valid since Hannibal himself brought it up!  And Hannibal is absolutely an Achilles-type character.  Like, the Iliad is very much about what it means to be human/mortal, and it does this in large part by cutting back and forth between the amoral, carefree, partying gods of the pantheon and the bloody carnage of the Trojan war, and Achilles for half the story has one foot in each camp.  He’s self-centered and self-assured because he doesn’t recognize any connection between himself and the men dying on the battlefield; although he’s physically among mortals, he considers himself an immortal and acts like one.  But when Patroclus dies (thx to Achilles’ Gr8 Ideas), he is forced to confront the fact that there is humanity/mortality within him, and he essentially self-destructs and throws away his immortality out of grief, because he finally recognizes a connection.

(It always struck me as funny that Hannibal fancast himself and Will as Achilles and Patroclus, because I just… wonder what the dude thinks this story is even about? LIKE IT’S LITERALLY ABOUT YOU, HANNIBAL. YOU ARE ABOUT TO CRASH AND BURN, EVEN AS YOU DRAW THIS FANART AND NARRATE THE ILIAD TO YOUR PATROCLUS LOL.  Like what level of self-awareness… does he have… when he makes this comparison LOL)

Anyway, I think the point of characters like Achilles and like Hannibal is that they exist at the very edge of being human – just one more half-step to the left and they’d be fully inhuman (immortal, a god, literally Satan, an alien, etc.), but it’s precisely because they’re such an edge case that they are able to highlight to us the power of what makes us human – the idea that we are helpless to love and loss, that the connections between us and other humans and the severing of said connections and our ultimate inability to control either are what give our lives meaning.

So yes, I think the show does ask us to relate to Hannibal, and I think it does want us to want him to make a human connection despite (or perhaps because of) his track record of being unable to do so.  And I think the show consciously presents that human connection that Hannibal makes as being both the thing that potentially redeems him and the thing that destroys him, because if he can make a human connection and truly love another person, then it makes him – even this monster – human and just like us.  But in making this connection and surrendering himself to the helplessness of being human, he loses a core facet of what makes him fundamentally him: his amorality, his immortality (his [greek] god-like qualities), they’re all contingent on him holding himself as separate from humanity.  And now he’s no longer separate, so he has to fall.

Gauge Your Interest

Summary:  Will secretly learns to knit so he can make Hannibal a scarf. Somehow doofy Hanners thinks Will is having an affair. Domestic fluff ensues.

For @victorineb: some Hannigram domestic fluff in appreciation of your Spacedogs domestic fluff.  Also on AO3

Forget that knit one, purl two bullshit he’d heard about his entire life. Will felt fortunate he could manage a damn garter stitch. It had started easily enough. He was shopping for fabric to make a new pillow for Simone’s bed when he saw the skeins of silky mauve yarn in a basket by the window. He walked over and picked one up gingerly, rubbing it against his face causing the yarn to catch slightly on his stubble.

The shop owner approached him and said, “That is 100% cashmere. Very soft, very beautiful.”

“It is very soft, isn’t it?” Will said.

“Do you knit?” she asked.

“What? Oh, no. I don’t.”

She smiled at Will, “Would you like to learn, dearie?”

“I don’t think I’d be very good at it. I’m not good with delicate things. I can make a fishing lure, but this seems like a different beast altogether,” he said shrugging his shoulders.

The shop owner smiled warmly, “The yarn called to you. It seems you had someone in mind when you saw it. Perhaps you’d like to knit something for her?”

Will stroked the yarn absentmindedly picturing Hannibal proudly wearing a gorgeous scarf Will had made just for him. He replied, “There’s no her. It would be for my husband.”

“Oh, how lovely! Well, it is a bit slow in the shop right now. Let’s say you buy the yarn and some needles and I show you how to knit a scarf for him that he will love.”

Will smiled nervously at her, “I don’t know…”

“He has expensive taste, does he?” she asked.

“How did you know?”

“Dear, if this yarn made you think of him –”

Will smiled, “Yes, it’s definitely him.”

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New sketch inspired by a promo image of Hannibal ’s next episode, Su-zakana.

I sincerely don’t know what to think about it. Are Hannibal and Will going to restore their collaboration? Is Hannibal trying to threaten Will? Is he just comforting his former friend?

In any case, it seems that they are going to be very close to each other in the next episodes.

The title of this drawing is an Italian musical term that describes when several players in a group are to play exactly the same notes within their written part, as opposed to splitting simultaneous notes among themselves.

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So my boyfriend just started watching Hannibal with me...part 5

These are my favorite of his quotes from the first 8 episodes of season 3:

(During the opening party in Paris) “I want to know what it says in the script for stuff like this. I think it actually says ‘open a champagne bottle in the most pretentious way possible.’”

“Oh no, this season is just actually going to be increasingly pretentious shots of blood”

(About Bedelia) “You went on vacation with a cannibal, how are you not down to murder?”

(About Will) “What’s the version of “stfu” that means “can you stop hallucinating already”?”

“Goddammit Jack, stop trying to keep Hannibal from his murder muffin”

“If Will is Hannibal’s murder muffin, then Bedelia is like…his murder prison food. Not ideal, but she’s what he’s stuck with so needs to settle for her or he’ll starve.”

“Dawwwwww” at the “he was my friend and because I wanted to run away with him” line.

Because I showed him cinabre’s pet wendigo comics, he now says “Nabloom!” everytime Alana comes onscreen.

“This show has completely stopped resembling what I know Hannibal to be…or reality”

(About the 3x08 opening Dolarhyde montage) “They’ve moved from pretentious murders to pretentious workout montages now? Really?”

(In terms of Margot after the time jump) Him: “She had revenge and now she has the baby she wanted. I’m sure she’s doing great.” Me: “But you don’t understand. I really just need to know if she and Apple Sauce get along.”

(About Molly and Will) “I feel like every relationship should start with asking the question ‘do you fantasize about running off to Florence with a cannibal that you love?’”

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