what i heard at school

Christmas time fluff, Dean and Cas being grossly cute boyfriends in high school, making out on a couch, what else could you want?

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“So, I heard something at school today,” Dean tells Cas who’s squished into the corner of Dean’s couch, Dean being the one squishing him.

“Oh?” Cas says simply as he struggles to lean forwards to the coffee table where a bowl of popcorn sits, the TV in front of them playing ‘A Christmas Carol’.

“Yup,” Dean says as he swipes at the bowl of popcorn, picking it up and taking it right out of Cas’ reach. Cas blinks at Dean.

“Do you mind?”

“So you wanna know what it was?” Dean inquires, grabbing a handful of popcorn.

“Sure,” Cas sighs, trying to grab for the popcorn. He’s been with Dean for long enough to know that if he straight out asks for popcorn there’s probably a lesser chance of him getting any.

“So I hear there’s this guy, right? And he goes to our school,” Dean goes out, picking out a handful of popcorn. Cas wriggles underneath him, his arm still outstretched.

“Uh huh,” Cas replies.

“And this guy, right, he’s got like a huge crush on this one person. Like he’s head over heels for this person, totally in love,” Dean says through half a mouthful of popcorn.

“Why does this matter?” Cas inquires, finally able to grab a few pieces of popcorn, much to Dean’s dismay.

“Well, it matters because you are the object of his affection,” Dean informs Cas, giving him a knowing glance. Cas raises an eyebrow. Practically everyone in the school knows that him and Dean are together so Cas can’t really imagine who would have a raging crush on him.

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harper row will soon be in college and I have to ask:

how many times do you think kate kane will have to fireman carry a pissed off harper out of a gay bar because she doesn’t care that “you’re ‘a fucking adult now’ that woman is twice your age and should not be purchasing you illegal drinks… LISTEN you’re not even old enough to be in ther-STOP HITTING ME GOD DAMN IT”?

Telling Time in Russian

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Something that comes up a lot in Russian is the confusion about how to say what time it is. I have heard that some people in high school never learn it while in college it is taught much later in the course due to its complexity. I was also told it is a good way to spot a foreigner as they will incorrectly say the time although I have never encountered this. I feel that while it may look odd at first, all you need is practice! :) After all, English uses various ways to tell the time too.

Который час? Cколько времени?

  • Generally, time in conversational Russian will be on the 12-hour clock, although the 24-hour clock is often used in official business such as train schedules or store hours.
  • Context often makes it clear whether one is talking about the morning or the evening. When it might be ambiguous, add утра, дня, вечера, or ночи after the clock time. These expressions are in the genitive.

Time on the hour

The easiest of them all, telling the exact hour. Depending on what number the hour falls on, the case of the word час  will change.

  • Hour that is 1 will take the nominative case, час. 

           1:00 → Час 

  • Hour that is from 2-4 will take the singular genitive case,  часа.

           3:00 → Cейчас три часа.

  • Hour that is from 5-12 will take the plural genitive case, часов.

           6:00 → Шесть часов 

Time where the minutes fall during the first half of an hour

In telling time, when you describe the minutes of the hour, you always name the coming hour. Wait, what? Unlike English where we say “It is five twenty,” for 5:20, in Russian you would be saying the equivalent of “twenty minutes of the sixth.”

  • Generally, the upcoming hour will be in the ordinal number adjective form (first, second, etc.) and in the genitive case.

The minutes of the time will vary in case depending on what number they are, such as with telling time on the hour, and they will be in the cardinal form.

  • Minute 1 will take the nominative case of минута.

       1:01 → одна минута второго 

   [одна reffering to :01] [upcoming hour is 2 so use второго]

  • Minutes 2-4 will take the genitive singular caseминуты 

        3:02 → две минуты четвёртого 

  • All others will take the genitive plural caseминут.

       5:05 → пять минут шестого 

A quarter and half hour

When saying that there are fifteen minutes in the first half of the hour, you can do it two ways.

  • As before, it will  take the genitive plural case, минут.

       Ex. 4:15 → пятнадцать минут пятого

  • Or you can do what most people do, and say четверть.

        Ex. 4:15 → четверть пятого 

Expressing the half hour requires the use of the word половина.

            Ex. 6:30 →  половина седьмого 

  • In spoken Russian, you can shorten it to пол and affix it to the hour.

        Ex. 6:30 →  полседьмого

Time where the minutes fall during the second half of an hour

  • During the second half of the hour, state the upcoming hour less the number of minutes remaining using the preposition без.
  • Remember that  без is a genitive preposition and so the minutes will be in the cardinal genitive form.
  • The hour is in the cardinal nominative case this time.
  • The Russian word for minute, may or may not be stated, and will be in the cases as described previously.

      Ex. 6:31 →  без двадцати девяти семь 

      [minus 29 minutes since that many minutes remain until 7 o’clock]

      Ex. 7:40 →  без двадцати восемь 

      Ex. 9:55 →  без пяти десять 

      Ex. 10:57 →  без трёх минут одиннадцать 

  • To express the quarter before an hour use без + четверти + hour.

      Ex. 6:45 → без четверти семь

В котором часу? Во сколько?

  • Telling “at what time” something will occur, use the preposition в followed by the number of minutes in the accusative case, except with половина, and the word минут for the first half hour.

       Ex. Мы пришли домой в пять часов.  

       Ex. At 2:05 → в пять минут третьего

  • At the half hour, use the preposition в + the prepositional case of половина

       Ex. At 1:30  → в половине второго

  • Do not use в before без for stating time in the second half of the hour. 

       Ex. Мы пришли домой без четверти семь.

        Ex. At 8:40 → без двадцати девять

  • The use of в is optional when you say that something takes place during the first 29 minutes of the hour.

      Ex. Мы пошли в кино (в) двадцать минут шестого.

Hopefully, my explanations were good enough. I hope you see the pattern is pretty simple to see and is not hard once you practice it a couple of times. Below I have made a general overview of the rules, although it isn’t perfect. Just remember to breathe and remember why you love Russian so much :D

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6.) Feel Alive (Benny Benassi) - I don’t know this one? Where did this come from? o.o
7.) Benny Hill Theme
8.) Concerto RV.315 op.8-2 L'Estate - 3. Presto (Vivaldi)
9.) Discord (The Living Tombstone) - WHY DO I HAVE THIS
10.) Lone Digger (Caravan Palace)

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“You know I got the moves. That’s the tragedy of you being blind, you’ve never seen me dance.”
”Yeah, but I can cite the legends I heard in law school. So come on, what is it? What’s the problem?”
“No wingman! You never come out with me anymore.”

Hockey Luke (Chapter Five)

bitches im back with a shit chapter

chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four

chapter six


“I heard that you had some fun times with the new kid the other night.” Cal said, when he saw me that morning at school. “What?”

“I heard that you hung out with the new kid the other night.” He repeated, seemingly annoyed that I made him repeat himself. “And who did you hear that from?” I asked him, raising a brow.

“The new kid himself, actually.”

“Really, and since when are you friends with the new kid.” I asked him, now actually really curious. “The better question is, since when are you friends with him?”

“We’re not friends, we hung out like twice.” I told him, giving him a look.

“Well that’s gonna change soon, isn’t it.” Calum said. Walking away from me. “What?” I called after him, as he walked at a fast pace through the halls. “What does the even mean?” I called again, trying to catch up with him.

“You’re an ass.” I muttered to no one in general, because he had left me all alone.

“Y/L/N!” I heard someone called after me, the final bell had just rung and I was walking to my locker, ready to go home. I was soon joined by the familiar blond quaffed hair, letting me know that Luke the new kid was the one talking to me.

“Are you stalking me new kid?” I teased, offering him a small smile as I looked up at him. “You bet,” He grinned back, nudging me lightly. “I knew it.” I laughed out.  

“No, as great as it would be following you around, this is actually about the hockey thing.” Luke told me. I had no idea what he was talking about.

“What hockey thing?”

“That hockey trip. The one with all the games.”

“Oh, yeah the hockey trip. What does that have to do with me?” I asked him. Of course I knew about it. It was this school wide tournament, it lasted a week.

“Well, you’re going.” He said, nudging me with his elbow again. “What?” I exclaimed, not being aware of this.

He nodded, amused by my reaction. “Yep, you’re going. Your friend Calum told me.” What the hell was Calum up to.

“Well Calum never told me.” I muttered, still trying to figure out what the hell was going on. “Oh,” He paused for a second. “Well, you’re coming with us.” He put an arm around me, and I gave him a look confused by his actions.

He dropped his arm back down again, hand slightly brushing up against mine. I felt my phone starting to vibrate in my pocket, and I pulled it out seeing I was getting a call from Calum.

“What the hell Calum?” I asked when I picked up, not bothering to say hello.

“Where are you?” He asked the same time as I spoke. “What?”

“I said what the fuck Calum? Since when am I going on the hockey trip?” I asked into the phone, hearing Luke chuckle next to me.

“Oh yeah, I meant to talk to you about that. You’re coming with us this year. I talked about with coach and it’s all good with him. It was basically his idea actually.”

“Yeah, but why do I need to go?” I asked again. “I don’t even want to go.”

“What? Why not. Look, just think of it like a weeklong sleepover with me. And the hockey team.”

“I have school,” I said as me and Luke turned the corner in the halls, and I caught sight of Calum so I hung up.

“Since when do you care about school?” He asked me when we got within talking distance. “Hey Hemmings.” He nodded at Luke.

“You guys leave in like 3 days.” I weakly protested. I don’t really know what that had to do with anything, but it was my final attempt.

“So what, there’s no negotiating it Y/N, you’re coming with us. You need to cheer us on.” He said, waving his hands in the air.

“Whatever, I have to go tutor.” I rolled my eyes at Calum and Luke. I had no idea when they had become such good friends.

“I’ll walk you.” Luke said, and I gave him another look. “What? I’m heading there anyways.”

“Why are you always at the library?” I did always see him there. “I have my own things to do. It’s not all about you Y/N.” He teased, before saying bye to me when we got to the library.

“Okay,” I nodded, giving him a wave.

I went over to my friend, Kayla, house after tutoring. We hadn’t hung out in a while, especially considering the fact that I was always at those damn hockey games.

“Yo, you now that new kid.” She asked, once we had settled in with some popcorn and a movie. “Luke something, he’s in my English class. He’s really hot, do you know him?”

I snorted and nodded. “Yeah, we’re friends-ish I guess.”

She stopped eating, and looked at me wide-eyed. “Seriously? You’re friends with him?”

I shrugged. “Not really, I don’t know. I mean he’s nice and all, but he kinda comes off as an ass.”

“Really? He seems nice. How do you know him?”

“He’s on the hockey team.” I said, while shoving a bunch of popcorn into my mouth. “Damn, I should really go to those games.”

I laughed, throwing some popcorn at her. “Shut up, I thought you liked that other guy, the one from our math class.”

She nodded. “Yep. Did I tell you he asked me out?”

“What?” I exclaimed, feeling slightly hurt that she hadn’t told me earlier. “When?”

She nodded, smirking. “Last week, after school. He was all like,” She sat up straighter, lowering her voice. “Yo Kayla, wanna go out sometime? Like, on a date?”

I snorted at her impression of him. “You sound exactly like him. But oh my God, you said yes, right?”

“Obviously,” She scoffed. “He’s hot as hell, plus he doesn’t have that fuckboy vibe around him. Like he’ll ask for my number, send me nudes, make me suck his dick and never talk to me again.”

“Don’t suck his dick.” I warned her, a duty as my friend.

She scoffed again, shaking her head. “I won’t. It’s not like I’ve never done it before.” She smirked. I rolled my eyes. “What? Don’t give me that look, Y/N. You’re no prude.”

“Shut up.” I muttered, throwing more popcorn at her and turning to watch the movie.

“I heard you called me an asshole.” Luke said, first thing the next morning when I  saw him leaning against my locker.

“Why are you always around, Hemmings.” I scoffed, shoving him over. “I never called you an ass.”

“Yeah you did. You told your friend, who told her friend, who told me.” He smirked. “What the hell Hemmings, you’re creepy is showing.”

“Why am I an ass?” He said, ignoring my other comments.

“Because I thought you were an ass.” I told him honestly. I was true, after all. “Thought? So in the past tense?”

I nodded, “Yeah, when I first met you. I thought you were kind of an ass. You are kind of an ass sometimes.”

He raised his eyebrows, seeming kind of hurt. Now I felt bad. “Great.”

“Not in a bad way.” I told him. “Seriously, how can you be an ass in a good way, Y/N?”

I searched for words. “It’s like, I don’t know. You’re kind of cocky, there’s nothing wrong with that.” I shrugged.

“You’re the one acting like an ass right now, Y/N.” He muttered.

I fucked it up. “Luke,” I called after him, seeing him walk away. “Fuck,”

Make Your Dreams Come True

Hey guys! yeah we know we suck at posting and all but we’ve been hit with a snowstorm thing and so we have some down time as to we are both stuck at home with no way out! 

Request: Can you do a Liam smut where the reader is new at there school and is a rare werewolf and Liam starts having dreams about her if you know what I mean and she finds out and like makes his dreams a reality. Thanks!

I was literally freaking out. It was my first day at a completely new school, in the middle of the school year, one in a town that frequently has serial killers I might add, and I was completely alone. I walked through the main entrance to where it seemed was a main hallway and tried to find my way to my first class of the day, Chemistry. I was searching for what seemed like forever until I heard the bell ring. Great, first day of school and already late. I tried to peer inside each classroom to see which was which until I ran into a hard body. “Oh my god! I”m so sorry I-” The boy I had walked into simply chuckled and side stepped. “No it’s my bad, shouldn’t have gotten in the way of such a pretty girl,” he said smiling slightly. “What class are you heading to? Maybe I could walk you there?” You blushed at the kind gesture. 

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         ❛  you mean you don’t know  ━  ?   the police temporarily shut down the area because they discovered the body of a student who was reported missing for weeks.

         ❛ from what i heard,  she was found  dismembered  and  buried in the school’s garden. ❜      

What I heard when working in a primary school today.
  • Child A: Miss.... Child B just said that boys can marry boys, that's wrong isn't it?
  • Child B: No, my mum says that they can!
  • Me: Child B is right, boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls if they want to.
  • Child A: really? Well that's really cool actually. Like you wouldn't have to worry about that big frilly dress and could get like matching suits and have a batman cake.


                                   “I don’t know what you’re talking
                                   He fixed me with a look.
                                   I clicked off the browser.  “I was
                            doing schoolwork.  For when I go back.  
                            A project.”
                                   “On what?  ‘People who died at my
                            school’?  You know, I always heard art
                            schools were weird…”
                                   I bristled.  “Weird?”
                                   “You want something to research?”
                            As he leaned over to take the mouse, I
                            caught a whiff of BO.  Nothing flower
                            wilting, just that first hint that his
                            deodorant was about to expire.  I tried
                            to move away discreetly, but he
                            noticed and glowered, as if insulted,
                            then shifted to one side, pulling in his
                                   He opened a fresh browser
                            session, typed a single word, and
                            clicked Search.  Then he straitened.
                                   “Try that.  Maybe you’ll learn
                                   I’d been staring at the search
                            term for at least five minutes.  One
                            word.  Necromancer.

RH: ‘Where do u want to go..?’

SL: ‘Here.’

Randos: ‘There is one thing I want u to help me to do.  I have a younger brother in school who did something wrong in school.  Now the school is trying to find out and if they find out he will be expelled.  I heard you want to leave school anyway.’

RH: ‘What do you want to say?’

Rando:  ‘I want you to replace him.  His family condition is ok, he’s willing to give you 30,000 ($4570 in usd) If thats not enough we can increase.’

SL: Its a win win situation.
RH: Why go look for me?
SL: Because I know what you want.  Don’t waste ur time in school, after u leave school come to work in my bar. (wait he has a bar?)

RH: ‘You do this because you want to use me afterwards.’
SL: ‘If I said yes what can u do? Don’t make a face like you’re the victim. That’s your fate you don’t even have the courage to do this I will look down on you. If you want to regret it u still have time.’

RH: ‘No I will replace him to be expelled.’

The Vongola Decimo unit as things that my friends said or what students say and what I heard at school
  • Tsuna: We had to do the Cooper's Run and by my second lap, I passed out on the track.
  • Gokudera: Am I allowed to have a mental breakdown before we start aerobics?
  • Yamamoto: I could have DIED, man. There was a bunch of fake ass snow everywhere, I could have died.
  • Mukuro: I don't care, strippers get a lot of money. I'm becoming a stripper.
  • Chrome: Who the fuck put "Bush Did It" and "9/11" as their Kahoot names?
  • Ryohei: Boutta whip right outta here because of your shit attitude, fam.
  • Hibari: I'm too beautiful for finals.
  • Lambo: No, listen, Goku's Spirit Bomb is the strongest move. Like fucking hell Krillen's shitty Destructo-Disc can block that. "Destructo"?? More like "Defecto", why do you think Krillen died THREE times?