what i heard anyways

i’m withdrawing from the d-eath n-ote fandom entirely bc this exists tbh i’m blocking all of the dn rpers  &&  burning the manga lbr i was nvr going 2 finish reading it anyways

OI! FOUND THIS MIXTAPE IN THE TRASH! by weirdnsoft | Playmoss playlist


This is a growing collection of music that I just chuck on when I’m drawing, in particular when I’m drawing the Junkers. 

It’s got varying degrees of metal and dirty guitar for every occasion, probably some kinda random tracks chucked in for fun times. The track list is too long to write down and i’m a shitchunt lazy. It’ll just get longer anyway.

idk, if they were real people i’d send this to them hoping they’d get a kick out of it

if anyone’s got garbage music that ya think these bad boys would rock to pls send it my way, i love hearing new shit and may add it to the list kthnx luv ya

So like, in case ye didn’t know, Ireland currently has a fucking awful homeless problem. I’m talking over 170,000 people without homes while we have over 400,000 empty houses

Now y'all know our boy Hozier, the son of a gun who loved churches?
Well he fuckin took over an apartment block with a bunch of homeless people and barricaded it from being retaken by the cops to protest
It wasn’t just him tho, there were other dudes too but I figure y'all would know him best

This little rebellion was probably the best tribute we had this year, 100 years since the occupation of the GPO in Dublin, to the 1916 Rising, to oust the British from our land

The government was NOT FUCKING HAPPY

Instead of being human beings, they wanted to forcibly remove these people, telling them to go to shelters which were offering fucking sleeping bags on the floor
Instead of letting them stay in the unused block that we, the people, technically own IF what I’ve heard about NAMA is true

Anyway, it was a huge deal, and led to more attempted occupations, and massive donations of food and necessities so big they had to tell people to stop because there was too much for everyone and it would go to waste

If anyone else has more intimate details pls add because this was a fucking awesome moment of people not taking the government’s shit in Ireland, which we have shamefully been doing for years and as a result we buttfucked our country into a state that would make the men of 1916 weep to see

Thing is, laws are man made. If a building is empty, and a person needs shelter, they should be allowed to walk in and sleep in a dry room. They’re not bothering anyone. They’re a person. I don’t care if they’re a drug addict, alcoholic, sex worker, what have you, if someone needs shelter the laws of man should protect them from the storm and not have them fucked into the rain by a cop forced to follow stupidity

Shelter is a basic fucking human right and it’s being denied to thousands of men, women, and children in a supposed First World country

I want to see more occupation, I want to see more rebellion in the name of the downtrodden and castouts

(Btw. The gov tried ignoring this for a bit, what were they doing? Well, while the protest grew they were singing Christmas carols instead of working)

problems I had with Rogue One’s use of Saw Guerrera
  • Had nothing that I could see tying him to the Clone Wars character of the same name.  Could have been named “Garm Bel Iblis” and I would have believed it just as much or more.
    • Look, I can accept that he looks at least a decade older than he should be; he’s clearly lived a very hard life and been badly injured multiple times, but they could have at least given him colored contacts and a Brooklyn* accent.
  • Died for no reason
    • I know it’s Kill Off Jyn Erso’s Parental Figures Day, but you can have him try to run for the ship and not make it instead of just having him turn away and go “eh”
  • what are all the Vader parallels even doing? is it to say that his extremism makes them ~just as bad as what they’re fighting~?  is it to make Mon Mothma’s Rebel Alliance not those things, by contrast?  Because we don’t see the Rebel Alliance drawing any lines and saying “these are things we won’t do,” just calling Saw an extremist and a millitant and then ordering assassinations of people who claim to be deep-cover saboteurs or killing potential informants to keep their agents’ covers intact.  I’m not saying those things weren’t– look, they’re at war, war is ugly and people die, but none of that establishes the Rebels as people with moral high ground over Saw’s cadre with anything other than their own words.  so if that’s what it’s doing, it’s not doing it well enough for me.
  • sets up Saw and the Rebel Alliance as going to have to find a way to work together despite ideological differences for a greater shared goal, never goes anywhere with this potential conflict
  • has him torture Bodhi with a Vader-paralleling ~mind probe~, says out loud that this will have consequences, never gives it consequences
  • never has anything he does have consequences at all, actually
  • actually why wasn’t he Garm Bel Iblis.  TBF I barely remember Bel Iblis because it’s been years and also the Zahn trilogy does this thing where it sets up ten Chekov’s Guns and then fires maybe five of them, three books later at the earliest, and leaves the rest on the wall, but y’know, Former Rebellion Leader Who Was A Political Enemy To Mon Mothma Back In The Day could also have played this role
    • whatever though, I want Clone Wars’ Saul Guerrera back.  Give him back.  Give him back before Rebels tries to bring him more in line with whatever the hell Rogue One thought they were doing with him.
  • this is always why I don’t like new canon, it’s because everyone else thinks they need to incorporate it into their fanworks
  • I’m actually deeply interested in Rogue One’s Saw Guerrera, completely separate from the Clone Wars character.  I’m deeply interested in Jyn’s complicated feelings towards the man who saved her, raised her for ten years, turned her into a child soldier, abandoned her, later claimed it was for her own safety, said he thought about her every day since, was still willing to believe she’d kill him, and then died on her without even trying.
  • but NO everything’s about GALEN wonderful GALEN with his ACCENT and his BROOMSTICK
  • ok I care a little about notbecauseofvictories’ Galen, in an I Am Always Interested In Complicated Villains kind of way
  • no I haven’t read the prequel novel or the novelisation and I don’t intend to because I never read movie novelizations and I don’t like the idea that I should accept them as canon that’s why

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have the latest episodes not aired on tv yet? i watched them on kisscartoon because i'm european and can't watch the tv premieres anyway..

They haven’t! From what I heard, there was a mix-up and Cartoon Network released the first(?) episode on their mobile application. They were planning to release only a promo or clip at first but accidentally released the whole thing. On top of that, to view the episode on their app, I think one would need a paid subscription, similar to cable TV. 

That being said, the planned and so far still official airdate is January 30. :)

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Aging headcanon, for Kate and Clint?

From the headcanon meme!  I apologize in advance, this is almost certainly not exactly what you had in mind, aha…

Clint, to the shock of absolutely everyone that has met him more than twice, adjusts to retirement fairly gracefully.  He has kept a bonsai alive (”we have an understanding,” he says) and is never seen with fewer than four dogs (rescues all, the exact number of which changes often as he finds homes for some and acquires more.)

Kate, on the other hand, has…relapses.


“you sound distracted, sweetheart; bad time?”

“just some doombots, pops, no big”

“boom what? i heard the boom?”

DOOMBOTS. what’s up?”

“hate those things.  anyway, have you seen your mom?”

“why are you asking me??  i should be asking you, she said you were going hiking today–”

  • Out of Land

So I saw @underpressurepodcast posting a thing about how they were getting their oceany podcast started and were looking for talent and I maybe got a little excited because I’m no voice actor but I love making music and sound design and who knows maybe they needed that? I emailed them and was like “hey d’you need music or sound design” and I haven’t heard back but anyway what I’m here to share (aside from a shoutout to what looks like it’s gonna be a pretty cool podcast) is I was inspired to write a little snippet of ambient, out-there music, and I figured I’d post it here as a friendly reminder to my followers that I do real music sometimes and would love to be of use if anyone needs music or sound for some project.

in which i imply neptune is a deeper character than he is bc we all know he’s design without substance lol

anyway i always feel there should be more to neptune

you don’t give a man a connection to the ocean without giving him hidden depths and some intriguing history

i mean until you do bc… it’s not like neptune’s done much besides look pretty thus far

also you can tell I haven’t been watching RWBY because all i draw from it is neptune

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Why are peple saying is a TPLoSH remake? Is it at the very least stated that Sherlock is in love with John?

My “interpretation ” rn is that Sherlock’s love is supposed to be unrequited and desperately unspoken (never confirmed but obvious) and they’re going for tplosh 2.0. That’s how I saw tld anyway and from what I’ve heard it’s rather consistent with tfp. This would also fit moffat’s explanation of “good representation” at some… panel .. last year or some thing, where he said lgbt representation is supposed to be subtle and not overt or some such bullshit. Meaning sherlock can’t even say he’s gay. anyway I might be wrong but if I’m not I hate his guts :)

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I still can't believe that Chaeyoung doesn't have a whole lot of fans unlike other members (at least that's what I heard anyway??) Same for Jihyo tbh.

Queens of Everything, even being underrated.

y’all it’s 2017 it’s time to stan Jihyo and Chaeyoung.


I stumbled into the front door of the boarding house, trying to be as silent as possible. That was really hard when you lived in a house of vampires. “Uh, huh, where are you coming from?” Asked Damon as he vamp sped down the stairs, pinning me to the wall, sniffing me. “God you smell, horrible.” I frown, “Well, I was under the impression I smelt like flowers when I stole that perfume from…well, what do I smell like to you, brother?” Damon took a step back and set down on the couch, pouring himself a glass of bourbon.

A few minutes in, Stefan walks down, wife beater slung over his shoulder, towel hung low on his hips. “Really brother, come down a little more decent.” Stefan chuckled, “Anyway, Y/N what is this, I heard Damon speaking of…where were your affairs last night?” I smiled, shrugging them off, “Guess.” Both my siblings shared a look for Damon looke back at me in disgust.

“Really, Y/N, a Mikaelson?” Damon groaned throwing his head back against the couch’s head rest. “Yes,  Damon, a Mikaelson.” I throw my hands in the air, making quotation marks. Stefan, frowns, “Which one? The charming Elijah, the bad boy Klaus, or Kol the teen still in his rebel stage?” I laughed at my brothers. “None…” I trail off pouring myself a glass of bourbon. “Then who?” They asked in unison. I smiled tapping my glass. “It'a Rebekah, the smoking blonde.” I say leaving both my brothers with surprised and bewildered looks on their  faces.


If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)


I stole it from you. What? The Urca gold. I told you we were deceived about its having been recovered by the Spanish. Wasn’t entirely true. You were deceived.