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there is a kernel of truth to dan's article - not his nasty spin or the fabricated quotes - but the fact that harry was the one to suggest a break. That has been consistent from all 4 boys, including H. it's interesting that most larries sort of ignore it. it's a little tricky, considering the others have said they didn't want the hiatus at first. I wish there was more open discussion about it that didn't include either completely villainizing harry, or completely glossing over the facts.

That’s certainly become sort of the official narrative, as Harry’s team included it in his own promo’s big articles, too (was it RS?). Whatever the reason they all agreed on it may be, I personally doubt that’s what really happened and I’m quite confident they all had plans to give a try to their solo careers by the time they announced the hiatus. I don’t buy the harry suggested it and the others were shocked and initially tried to resist little picture. I tend to believe they knew that was the right choice in that precise moment - something probably connected to their contracts, too- and went on with it.


It’s after 3am and apparently it was the perfect time to design an oc that I’ve had for weeks now but didn’t really know what he looked like. So, this is Sozan Vara. He’s a sith pureblood. Apparently a hipster as well? Lmao. Jk. But I really did fall in love with his hair. He dyes it, obviously. Anyways, have a cute sith boy.

Okay i know i probably shouldnt get angry but like why are there so many people being so fucking rude to Hiro on twitter about how jerza didnt get a “proper ending”. I know now everyone knows WSM isnt released until wednesday but like people need to understand that it is, in the end, HIS story. He is not obliged to give any couple any type of ending. It is all his choice.

Bottom line is, please stop tweeting to Mashima about the last chapter. 1st, it was an illegal release that everyone read. 2nd, it’s just downright rude to just tweet at him about your ship not getting the ending you wanted.

unrelated but im my opinion a ship doesnt always need a kiss to be canon

Something I've been thinking about for a few months now...

So a few years down the road, Judy and Nick are best buds/dating/married, whatever doesn’t matter. Point is, they’re close. Like really close.

I began to wonder… What if Judy woke up, checked her calendar and found herself on the morning of her second day of work. So day after her first encounter with Nick, and the day she takes on the Otterton case.

Imagine her trying to do things differently all the while doing her best to avoid her previous mistakes. Or… What if she HAS to do the whole case the exact same way as the first time. She HAS to overlook the obvious, she HAS to play stupid in front of Belleweather. Most importantly…. she HAS to break Nick’s heart.

I’ve been wracking my brain about this for a while and have no clue how I’m supposed to deliver this. So uhhh…. yea

ngl, at the rate I’m getting asks, I’m gonna burn out real quick…

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Thoughts on Dark Matter 3x08

1) I don’t ship Ryo x Two at all, but UNF at their fight scene. Also, LMAO at how equally matched they were in the show vs how the promos played it.

2) His face when he talked about Nyx. Right in my shipper heart.

3) I love how dramatic Sarah was. “HE’S COMING!” not who, nothing actually useful, just that. This is why she and Marcus worked so well together.

4) This ep showed that whatever emotions Ryo feels for the Raza, everything Zairon will always supersede that. The scene where he was in the training room was particularly great. Brought back so many s1-2 feels. But in the end, he didn’t keep the sword.

5) Tbh, listening to Two moralize about innocent lives to people who have the exact same priorities as she does (revenge/power>their people>innocent lives) is getting old.

6) I want Six to be a successful politician, and I’m wildly skeptical of Ryo’s loyalty to the colonies, but joining the LoAW seems much more important than not being in Ryo’s debt.

7) On that note, Ryo should ditch Misaki’s method of control and go with Teku’s. Obviously, he’s extremely capable of making logical, and emotional pleas for loyalty. He can inspire. It’s just that he doesn’t feel the need because he believes that he inherently deserves Zairon’s loyalty. It’s his hubris more than anything that will lead to his fall.

“An Idiot” by PhemieC. Track art by the super talented moggettt!

~Spoilers for The Adventure Zone, Story and Song arc~

A new TAZ fansong, from Taako’s POV, set during Ep 67. It’s interesting how Taako’s entire arc (and early “simple idiot wizard” characterization) could be re-contextualized in light of The Stolen Century and the loss of the memory of his sister. Yeah… Ouch. Download at Soundcloud source. <3


I have lived a hundred lives
and I have died a dozen times
but the reaper hasn’t caught me yet
though his scythe is often at my neck

and I have learned a trick or two
though I’ve forgotten quite a few
and might have told a hundred lies
twice as many half as true

Oh I have been an idiot
missing some key ingredient
and waiting as I fail to rise
never guessing what it meant

I lived adrift on luck and looks
‘till hungry hearts struck hard and took
and made afraid of what I’d done
my skills were nil, my friends were none

I could not trust my empty mind
these stolen holes of space and time
the faces, newly strange, I’d find
none of them resembling mine

Oh I have been an idiot
missing some key ingredient
and waiting as I fail to rise
never asking what it meant

I barely cared, and rarely tried
to find some reason I should fight
but in my hand and at my side
you, my heart, my arm did guide

for I had been your long lost twin
closer than a second skin
and now I am alone again
wiser than I’ve never been

Oh I have been an idiot
missing some key ingredient
but now I know how I will rise
oh how on earth could I forget?
knowing you has made me wise
now I am not an idiot!


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well I thought it was cute :3c

other witches: “if you don’t do an entire ceremony with oils and an offer to the gods before/while you cleanse then you’re not really cleansing and you’re just waving burning leaves around.”

me: *at 2am in my underwear, clutching two lavender incense sticks, walking around my apartment bc i thought i saw something moving and i haven’t been able to sleep and have a really bad vibe*: “you’re getting the fuck out of my place and you’re getting out now, bitch.”

ok so, it turns out that i love drawing altean lance,, a lot