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Has anyone done this yet or

Hi, I went to a hockey game, and well…. I guess I decided I wanted to play with the hockey au

Staring into the seemingly endless depths of those amethyst eyes, Shiro’s pulse beat to the tune of a well loved rock song.

Boom, boom, clap.

Boom, boom, clap.

In the purple he saw heat lightning, picking up with the ferocity of a southern storm. Keith was dangerous, and exhilarating. He was the kind of decision that made you feel alive. Hands tightening on his stick, palms sweating into the fabric of his gloves, Shiro pulled in a steadying breath.

Time froze as the referee raised the puck over his head, sending both the captains sitting back into their heels with anticipation as they sized each other up.

Boom, boom, clap.

One single word dropped from Shiro’s lips with the same singleminded focus of the molded rubber as it fell down towards the ice.


hello! it’s my last day in japan.. i had the most amazing time and i’m so sad to be leaving 😭 but i’ll be home by tomorrow! and my queue ran out… so my blog’s gonna be dead until i revive myself first after the flight back to melbourne smskskddf

i hope everyone’s been well 💗💗💗

@nailriddenbat tagged me to do my top 5 celebrity crushes so…

1) Dacre Montgomery

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2) Kristen Stewart

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3) Charles Michael Davis

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4) Halsey (ignore G-eazy because she’s my tiny dream queen)

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‘life is just going so quickly… i can’t catch it.’

‘…i hope you’re kidding.’

Farewell Tumblr.. school is two days away..
Wish me luck!

#swimming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

that’s how this scene is gonna go, right?

Hands down the best moment of watching TLJ was right after Snoke’s death, when Rey grabbed Luke’s saber and Kylo grabbed his own saber and they turned back to back like a Force Dream Team in slow motion with all the shining saber effects and the score and it was so cool and my 21-year old Star Wars fanboy of a brother turned to me and said “After this they should fuck”

Our mistakes make us who we are.


I hope everyone of you has a great day and year exchange, if you’re at home, hanging out with friends or just doing your own thing. I hope 2018 brings us awesome new game/movie experiences! And that I too continue on adding to the game community here on tumblr, among several fandoms.

Stay awesome everyone, and thank you for all your support! The tags and comments I receive on my edits are…. such a joy too to read and give me so much energy x3

Till next year >:D

Hopefully I don’t get too waisted.

Ravenclaw: I have a lot of things to say on the subject, but if I say them all at once, it’ll be too overwhelming for everyone.

Slytherin: Wait, that wasn’t everything?

Ravenclaw: No, I have several files on the subject, but we’ll get to that later.


Commission for @bicuribic  I really loved painting the forest, I could do that for hours~~ thank you for commissioning me, I really hope you’ll like it!!  Painted on PS [2017.11]

have a great day <3<br>