what i have left from you

The look on his face gets me every time.
You have to be delusional to believe there is coming back from this.

This man had already been dead and brought back to life where he must bear the burden of all the things he never wanted. It was thrust upon him, he didn’t choose it. Now he finally gets to make a choice about the life he was given. He chooses her in more ways than one.

This is what a man looks like when he realises there still might be something left for him in this world.

If you were to lose it, would you even want to come back?

english is such a calculated language. leaves no room for blood.
just fills in the spaces it made between me and the homeland,
wants to protect me from the wreckage it sent over there
to brith me here               i could swim so long as i don’t think
about drowning, but then what would i have left
but lungs slowly filling with polished words,
cries sounding so much like the ancestors
but more like their echoes
—  Jess Rizkallah, “my arabic,” from her chapbook you look like we could be cousins
AnY Chapter 145 Spoilers ➸

Below the cut you will find my personal (and very sloppy) summary of chapter 145 with some pictures. There’s uhh… spoilers and stuff (duh) so be careful XD

Please take what you read here with a grain of salt. As a disclaimer I am not, nor have I ever been, particularly proficient in Japanese. I am still learning myself, so this is in no way a professional job. This is also my interpretation of the chapter, so even that could differ from someone else’s. But, all this being said, I hope you enjoy the chapter :D

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13 beautiful white people were slaughtered today by filthy Muslim terrorists. Where is all the outrage from the left? Y'all were talking non stop about Charlottesville.

So, I was asleep and I dunno about you but my outrage tends to power down in my sleep.

I don’t know the identity of all of the victims but… Of course I would be outraged? There are dead people who were doing nothing to deserve what happened. As with every goddamn terrorist attack I’m scared and worried for those who are injured, those who have lost people.

And I’m outraged that anyone would EVER think there is a good enough reason to do this, like there is any motive that makes it ok to murder random strangers.

But unlike you I’m not going to channel that outrage into hating every single Muslim person or pretending it’s a zero sum game.

If you think that I don’t have enough outrage for ALL terrorists who kill people then you’re wrong.

And I don’t know what silence you think you’re hearing because every major news outlet is reporting it, including all those fake, lefty ones.

So much reporting is being done it’s hard for me to digest what exactly is happening. It seems like there may have been two attacks as there was a van running into people and then gunfire in another place?

I’m hurt and sad and worried and outraged.

But if you ever see people not commenting it’s probably because we don’t know how to condemn it WITHOUT feeding you filthy slugs. All you want and care about are items that fuel your narrative and it can be difficult to not let you do it while actively speaking out.

Also, ironically, this is not the first time I’ve been accused of avoiding something that didn’t fit my “leftist agenda” while I was literally asleep.


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If you want a prompt. How about Anakin with wings? Like force child born with wings

Super quick ficlet with no editing: I have never done anything with wings so this may be way off from what you were hoping for?…


A robed form swirls down a narrow side-street in Mos Espa, hood tilting as the man looks both ways down a fork in the path before confidently striding down the left one. Everything looks the same here, rundown and sun-beaten, the winding back alleys a walled maze of adobe and duracrete, but something keeps calling him forward.

“Sir, wait!” his guide calls out behind him, but Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi doesn’t slow. Something is pulling him forward, a spark of beauty in the Force glimmering like a shard fallen from one of the twin suns overhead. He is puzzled and intrigued, unable to do anything but walk onward toward it.

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Isaac Lahey/ Derek Hale | Mine not yours.

Count of words: 930

Warnings: none

A/N: Sorry it takes me so long to update it’s just that I am on vacation and going to the beach everyday, all day long, until late at night takes too much of my time and too much of my energy….

Requested?: Yes

Anonymous asked:

Hi could you do issacxreaderxderek where the reader and issac basically like bff and the reader broke up with derek while issac have to deal with alisson died. And because of that they’re like closer than before and the reader said ‘do u know whats the common between us? People that we love they left us while we still crazy in love with them" and issac realise he fall in love with her but he have to deal with derek that still not get over from the reader? Thanks!!❤

Author: Katerina ( @littlealphawolf )

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“But De-” “No! Get out of my house!” Derek screamed at the small framed girl in front of him. She carefully gathered all of her belongings from the two’s bedroom and then reached for a big suitcase hidden in the back of one of the closets. Thankfully everything fit in there so she wouldn’t have to come back and face this, now, broken relationship again. It had been toxic for quite some time but none of the two wanted to admit it, it would be too painful to do so. So, they just let it envolve, grow and hurt them even more. Once again, Derek had gotten angry; no scratch that, he got livid, thinking his beloved girlfriend cheated on him with the powerful new Alpha in Beacon Hills, Scott. Truth be told, Y/N, was simply helping the boy that was determind to succeed.

Isaac, on the other hand, had a whole different story of heartbreak. A boy that had never really felt loved or wanted, had finally found someone to do so. It was the Argent girl, Allisson, the bad ass archer of the small supernatural town. He was fascinated by her, her confidence; a trait she didn’t have when she first moved to Beacon Hills, he was lured by her beauty and her need to help, as well as the need to love him. It was a dream come true for Isaac, despite all the dangers in the town, that new enemy that no one knew how to defeat, it didn’t matter to him. It was by far the best time of his life. Unfortunately, the boy’s happiness didn’t last long. Allisson’s death broke him even more; it devestated him. He had loved her so much and now he just had an empty spot in his heart that she had fullfilled not so long ago. The only one for him to turn was Y/N, his best and only real friend.

The two were always close, but now, on a time when both were going through heartbreak, they were closer, heving to be each other’s rock and hold them when they cried. It was somewhat comforting that they both were going through the same pain together, it was like these stories of couples or best friends that were fighting to lose weight together. Both were there to motivate the other to fight this, to be stronger and it got easier as time passed by, but it wasn’t over yet.

It was a cold night, Isaac and Y/N were sitting by the balcony in her house, gazing at the stars gracing the night sky. It was quiet, slight sniffles coming from Y/N sometimes, until a bitter laugh escaped her lips. “You know what is common between you and I, Isaac?” She questioned, eyes still red, puffy and weary. They boy nodded in negation. “It is the fact that people we love left us while we’re still crazy in love with them.” Isaac nodded in agreement, this time, only to change his mind, a whole new thought roaming his head as realisation hit him. “You see, you are mistaken, bun butt,” he started, pausing and allowing for the girl to chuckle at the commonly used nickname. “I was never crazy in love with Allison. I loved her, yes, but I was mostly infatuated by the feeling she gave me. She made me feel loved. But, love, I think I’m in love with you.” 

Silence took over that moment as the girl was still proccessing Isaac’s words. He had started to get worried that everything was ruined, until a pair of soft lips crashed on his. It was a gentle kiss, full of love and need for compassion. It was beautiful, all the feelings kept hidden in their wildest thoughts puring into it. It was then that Isaac felt that hole in his heart slowly fill again.

“What do you want from me this time, Derek? I took all of my things when you kicked me out in the middle of the night.” Y/N voiced, quite irritated by the presence of the man in front of her. “That’s the thing, I want them all back in my loft. I want you back in my loft, with me, in my arms.” The man confessed, stray tears escaping his eyes. “I’m sorry, Der, but it’s too late now.” “Please, give me another chance-” The door was slammed at his face for the first of the many times that were to come. The girl had slowly gotten over that toxic realationship with that toxic man, but as the time passed by that man realised that it was the biggest mistake of his life, and he had done many.

Isaac started to grow mad and tired of this situation. Derek would come and knock on the door, Y/N would answer and then shut the door at his face, but that never stopped him from coming back. This time Isaac would open the door and face his former Alpha. “Y/N thank God I-. Isaac?! What are you doing in my girl’s house.” “That’s the problem, Derek, she is not your girl any more. She is mine! Mine! So stop bothering her. She is over you. You broke her bad this time, but I was here. You realised what you gave away a little too late, Derek. So leave!” Said the younger boy, a sudden rush of confidence running through him, as the man seemed quite taken by surprise. Despite that, realisation hit Derek. He had lost what he once had, he gave it away and he didn’t deserve to get it back. 


Having started my blog just over two years ago (18th July 2015) I thought I’d write a (belated) little anniversary post to all ~22,000 of you!

Thank you for following me, whether it be since two years ago or two weeks ago! Your comments and questions always make me smile and I still get a warm little glow whenever one of you thank me for inspiring them to study.

Having had my current profile picture (left) since December, I thought I’d use a new one (right) from now on to signal the beginning of a new era. My final year of a-levels begins in a few weeks and I am excited and terrified in equal measure!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m looking to study Economics at a Russell Group university. I haven’t applied yet but will be in the next few months. I will let you know whenever I get a offer and of what kind it is but will not be saying what university I have applied/am going to.

Please message/ask me any feedback you have as I’d really like to take on board what you think of my blog and what you’d like to see more of! Thank you again for following me and good luck for the new school year!


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Terrorism has no place in Islam, God says in Quran :“…Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…” 5:32...If people can separate the KKK from Christianity, nazis from Germans, they can separate the Islam from ISIS !! What about the Inquisition, the Crusades and what conquistadors did to Indigenous people in South America ???

But JoePickUpTruck93 from Alabama who has never opened a Bible or a Quran or left his town or met a Muslim person said that Arabic is a religion of fear!!!!

But seriously, yes. To everything you said.

I’ve also noticed that while Muslims always have to distance themselves from terrorists, always have to quote the Quran and show that their religion is a religion of peace, so that they’re not persecuted, it never happens to Christian. Christians are not asked to distance themselves from the Charlottesville attacks and the KKK in general. Christians are not asked to justify that the Planned Parenthoods attack were not done by Christians when the culprit said that he was doing it in the name of God. People don’t start shouting at Christians in the street just because they’re Christians. 

It’s easy to say “these people are not Christians, God is against their acts” but it doesn’t work if you refuse to listen to Muslim people saying the same about their religion.

Sinbad no Bouken : Psst spoilers
  • Me : I will always love Sinbad and I'm sad that I never knew about the hardships he faced before coming to rule. Like when he became a slave.
  • Me : Even though he got his hands dirtied with his plan and children died because of it, he had little options left and was still able to save some of them from a horrid life.
  • Me: *slightly uncomfortable nodding* I trust you Sinbad. Do what you have to do to accomplish your goal.
  • Sinbad : *Leaves his Auntie and most of his villagers from his old village to die after they've been through immense torture and suffering because he turned them against the war and then left to adventure*
  • Me: You mother f*cker. That's the last straw.
Request: anti (or dark) x reader based off of the song battle cry by imagine dragons

Requested by: unprofessional-writer

Note: This was written at 2am, so obviously I have no idea what I’m doing. I apologise in advance for my really bad writing.


You were out with Anti, hunting yet another mere mortal. It was Anti’s idea of fun, watching as his prey ran through an endless maze of rooms fearing their fate. Anti and I slowly closing in on them as they reached the final room. The adrenaline slowly kicking in.

*stαrs αrє σnlч vísíвlє ín dαrknєss. fєαr ís єvєr chαngíng αnd єvσlvíng.*

Fear rushed through their mind as they tried to hide, nowhere left to run. Anti hovered over them, quickly removing his knife from his back pocket. A silent scream escaping their throat as they notice the glistening metal.

*ít’s thє вαttlє crч. nσвσdч cαn sαvє чσu nσw. ít’s dσ σr díє.*

With a swift movement, their throat was cut. Blood pouring out as their limp body hit the floor.
Anti smiled to himself. Looking over to you, he asked “Now why don’t we do this more often? This is my kind of entertainment!”. Anti didn’t usually show his dark side. You’d known each other for a while, now he finally trusted you.

*αll thís tímє í'vє вєєn αfrαíd, wσuldn’t lєt ít shσw.*

You chucked to yourself “Anti, you just murdered someone in a public building. Do you know how easily you could get us both caught?” You replied, emphasising the word ‘public’.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Lets hide the body and get out of here. Maybe we could go get a drink after?”

“Sure, I’d love that” you said, moving over to shift the corpse, Anti following behind you.

anonymous asked:

Hey! i like how you have a rigorous and coherent materialist (i don't know if you reclaim the term?) political thinking and i was wondering how you acquired it? i mean how did you get into materialistic views which… are not the type of political analysis you can easily find discussed in left communities on social media lol. Sorry if that sounds dumb but i was just curious ^^

reclaim…. from what

sanguinegoddess  asked:

Ok just quickly, thank you for your tips from my previous ask, I decide just to make my character cold hearted xx Now for this ask, I need some tips on another book I'm writing. For this book I'm writing a character whose father was absent from her life and has another family. My character wants to introduce herself to her half-siblings but they are supernatural hunters and don't believe her. How would I write them slowly becoming to believe her and what would make them believe her?

You’re welcome :)

I’m slightly confused. What does she want the supernatural hunters to believe her about? That they are related and share the same family?

What would make them believe her could be the shared father admitting it, her having pictures of her and her dad when she was young, her knowing things about her dad that only his children would know like parenting skills (that she knew from him before he left), and details about him from her mother that a regular person wouldn’t know about her father. Or the supernatural hunters could find out for themselves by finding pictures the father kept of his daughter, journal entries, etc.

As for the “how”, I think it would be a matter of her laying the claim, the hunters not believing her because the father had never said anything and he wouldn’t just abandon his child, and the daugter providing proof or them finding it is for themselves. Then as with most groups, there will be differed reactions according to the personalties of the characters. One might admit that they can’t overlook undisputable evidence and accept that they have a half sibling. One might refuse to believe it at all. Another might be so-so about the idea but refuse to believe it completely until the father confirms it himself (“Okay, she might be our sister, but dad would never just leave her. There has to be something more to this. Maybe she’s actually a step daughter.”). The 2nd one might only accept that she is their half-sibling if the father confirms, and they’d be angry about it. The 3rd one might come around as they notice that she looks similar to her father or has the same mannerisms.

Hope that helped!

takenstormcaller  asked:

I'd like you to draw something that makes you happy, be it from a video game, something in nature, a friend, maybe just scribble something that isn't anything. Just something that makes you smile or feel good! Have a wonderful day, and keep up the awesome work!

v sweet suggestion fam thank u. so i uhm i drew my teeth? this is what they look like, and i like em and they literally, make me smile.

my left canine grew out rotated at like 70 degrees from what’s usual which is why it looks like that. before i was 18 i had the opportunity to get braces to rotate it back for free, but the dentist said the tooth wouldn’t be cause for complications or anything so it’d be a cosmetic change.

so i didn’t do that, and i’m glad.

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please help me understand? I'm centre left and not American. I don't understand the importance of guns. From what I've seen and experienced having a gun doesn't make you less likely to be a victim of violence. If it's gonna happen it's already happened before you even have a chance to use your gun. is pulse nightclub not an example of that?

Guns are for shooting and no, it’s not an example- how does it make sense to say you’d rather just not be prepared to possibly defend yourself? That’s like saying who needs air bags because you can’t see a car crash coming and you’ll probably just die anyway. There are plenty of examples of people being able to defend themselves against active shooters or other armed threats, you just don’t read about them because “person shoots armed robber” isn’t as good a headline as a bunch of dead people. I’m genuinely not trying to be rude, it’s just not that complicated or difficult to understand. I think it’s a very weak mentality that says, “Eh I’ll just let bad guys do what they want to me because I have no chance of defending myself.” Of course you can’t predict violence. You can get armed and trained and react as best you can. That’s it. That’s the whole thing. Like there’s nothing deeper or more complicated there yknow?

Okay, so if we never left the HYYH era and are not leaving the Wings era. Why did they do the final stage of wings then?!

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'Northerners will never accept a Southern monarch', two episodes later 'they will accept you and lick your ass even'. What a BS development. Jon doesn't know Northerners at all. They are ready to rebel and put Sansa in charge just cause he's left them. He will have no influence in the North, especially if they learn what he did. They can come and try to exert authority, they're gonna get kicked out on their sorry asses.

Well then they can all die. I’m sure their independence will keep them safe from the Night’s King’s army.

  • the BH: Why is there a high powered rifle round on our coffee table?
  • (it should be noted we do not own a gun)
  • Me: (not looking up from the computer) It's not high powered. It's like a two seventy, max.
  • the BH: ...
  • Me: (confirms caliber) See.
  • Me: It was in the box with the knives (my uncle) left me.
  • the BH: (an expression of love and horror on his face) How many new knives do you have? And what kind?

anonymous asked:

Poor Saphire... She shouldn't have to hear about such cruel things at her age. Here sweetie, take this. *Hands her a cute little teddy bear* :) ...As for Hybrid, I get where you're coming from/going with this, but please- watch your tone of voice while in front of the child!


”i’ll take back what I said….but she should know by now “why” I left”

“……” -suddenly Sapphire began to cry-

“y-y-ou d-dwidn’t have to weave I dwidn’t want you to weave……”


“d-d-addy dwidn’t want you to weave….BUT YOU W-WEFT ANYWAYS! Y-YOU WEFT ME MOMMY!!” She was bawling

”s-sal w-wait baby b-bones” he knelt down to her reaching to touch her shoulder but stopped himself- …”…..”


rules: complete the tag by putting your profile picture from any social messaging/media app on your phone then tag 10 people! 

(I was tagged by @park-woojin and @godkangdaniel bless your faces muah)

hullo, I was initially going to bury this in the deep deep recesses of my blog or post months later because social media? profile pic? as so it happens I think I’ll finally do it, with the left being my kkt photo :-) and the right being what I plan to change for my fb photo (the current one was taken like more than a year ago while this is from this summer)

I cheated and used a far away photo but I have me derping more close up if you’re curious…under this cut

(I’ll be tagging @daeswhis, @ongsecngwoo, and @idaehwi​)​ show them faces if you want to!!)

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Trigger-warning: terrorism

I haven’t talked or shared things not related to fandom, but what has happened in Finland today has left me pretty shaken so I’m going to talk about that.

Few hours ago, a man stabbed people in Turku which is a pretty big city for a Finnish city. Two victims have died (I think) and I think nine people are receiving a treatment. While I live far away from Turku, this has shocked me, altough I’m not suprised. Ever since a terrorist drove a truck toward pedestrians in Stockholm, I’ve been waiting when something similar is going to happen in Finland. You may know that there have been numerous terrorist attacks in Europe, Britain, France, Belgium and recently, Barcelona. I considered Finland very safe place to live and it seemed very remote possible place for a terrorism attack. My view had changed a while ago.

They don’t yet know the motivation of the stabber or if they worked alone. They could be mentally insane or working alone. I guess I should be happy there was not many victims. If they has used a truck or a bomb, there would surely be even more victims. One of the saddest details is that a second victim tried to help the first victim.

I’m also worried the consequences this will have attitudes toward POC (I don’t know if this a correct term, so correct me if it’s not proper) and immigrants. There is lots of racists in Finland and I bet they are happy right now. “See? What did we tell you!” Right wing has been on rise in Finland and I bet they are glad to use people’s fear to their advantage.