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English tutor (smut)

Words: 1408

Warning: Smut

Reader X Taehyung

A/N: This smut was requested REALLY long ago. I am sorry it took so long.

A/N2: This gif killed me

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You knew that was wrong. You knew that you could be in a lot of trouble because of that, but you couldn’t help it. You wouldn’t be able to hold yourself back any longer. If you were teased a little bit more, you would blow up. Kim Taehyung was doing that to you.

  You were his English tutor, you had to control yourself. Yeah, you could do that, if he could do it too. Whenever you both were studying, he teased you. I mean, his teases were never physical, he just flirted, but that was enough to drive you crazy. His lips, his hair, his eyes… He was enough to drive you crazy.  

“Y/N-ah! Come on in!” he greeted you as he opened the front door of his dorm. Here ya go. One more day. You can do it, Y/N.

 “Hi TaeTae. Where are the others?” You asked politely. Everything were easier when the boys were there, once they were always walking around, Taehyung were less flirty.

“They are out. I took the chance to learn some English. I’m a good student, right? he smiled cockily. It’s gonna be a long day.

“Ok, huh… Let’s get started. We have some lessons for today” You said as you walked towards the table you always used. You could feel his eyes on your back as you did.

 The moment you both sat, the air changed almost immediately. The tension between you both started to grow up. Damn. You opened the books and started to read some sentences for him.

 “So you change this pronoun to ‘his’ instead of ‘he’” you explained, “You get it?” A few seconds later he hadn’t answered yet, you looked up at him, and his eyes were stuck on you. Your cheeks blushed and you felt yourself getting nervous only by his look, “what? Come on, Tae, that’s easy, you won’t learn if you don’t try, or even pay attention” you said, thought you knew exactly what he was doing.

 “If I wanted to learn today, I wouldn’t have waited my Hyungs and Jungkook to leave” he said. When you didn’t answer, he continued, “Honestly, I’m not listening to one word you are saying. All I can think about is how your lips seem so soft…” he said and started to put his chair closer to yours, his body now touching yours as he grabbed your face, “how your smell is so fucking good and how it attracts me” he said now leaning in and letting his lips make slight contact with your neck, sending you shivers, “and how good it would feel to fuck you” he said, and kissed you.

That moment the world seemed to stop, your heart was beating faster and faster, soon your brain screamed at you.

“Taehyung, Taehyung” you said between breathes, “stop, wait”. He pulled away and looked at you, “No. You know we can’t. I am your English tutor and you’re my student. Plus, we would probably get in trouble”.

“Hum… Getting in trouble with you is worth it” he said simply, “don’t you wanna it? Don’t you want to feel me? I know you fucking do”. Fuck, why is he making all this harder to deal with?

 “I do. But we can’t. We should control ourselves and focus” you said, starting to lose your senses and getting weak. His hand flew to your thigh and started to squeeze it over your skirt, pulling it up slowly as his eyes were locked with yours.

 “We are adults. Fuck it if we shouldn’t. If we want, then we should. We don’t have to tell anyone. Just let me taste you…” he said and now his tongue was playing with your earlobe, “Let me make you suck my dick…” his other hand flew to your hair, “let me fuck you the way I know you want me to” he said and kissed you again, but this time you didn’t try to stop him neither pulled away. You gave up.  

You pulled him closer by his hair and opened your mouth for his tongue to slip in, telling him you wanted him. He took the message and let his tongue explore your mouth, dancing against yours in synchrony.  He pulled away, but only to take you by the hand and make you stand up. Then, he grabbed you by your thighs and made you straddle his hips, carrying you to his bed.

 He let you fall onto the fluff mattress, taking off his shirt. Shit. His half belly half abs drove you insane instantly. You took off your shirt as well and you could see his eyes widening as he realized you were not wearing a bra.

 “How is this you didn’t want me to tease you, but you come here not wearing a bra? What a nasty girl you are” he said and you couldn’t help but blush. Wearing a bra was so uncomfortable that you avoided wearing. He placed himself between your legs and attacked your neck, sucking little purple spots at your soft skin. You let your fingers entangle in his hair, wanting him even closer. He traveled down, stopping on your breasts. His tongue was now working on your nipple, hardening it while his other hand worked on the other one. You let out a low moan and could feel his smirk against your skin. He went down, kissing your belly till he found your shorts.

 “This have to be off” he said while unbuttoning your clothe. He took it off, leaving you only in your underwear. You expected him to take it off too but he didn’t. He placed small kisses on your inner thigh, teasing you. Then, he started to kiss you and tease you over your panties, driving you fucking crazy.

He finally took it off, and wasted no time to eat you out. He sucked on your clit, teasing your entrance with his fingers. You were getting weaker by the time he was touching you, and soon you were whimpering and moaning. He started to add pressure on your clit with his fingers, starting to tongue-fuck you.

 “Oh, fuck” you moaned. He fastened his pace, you could almost feel that sensation building up on your stomach.

 “Hum… Taehyung, please” you whimpered.

 “What do you want, babygirl?” he asked cockily.

“I need you in me” you said.

That was all he wanted to hear. He pulled away from you, only to take off his own clothes. Your mouth watered with the sight of his cock standing proudly against his stomach, all you wanted was to suck him off.

 “Not today baby girl. I just want to fuck you right now” he said, noticing you were staring at his dick.

 You opened your legs as he placed himself between then once again and pushed in. You both moaned at the sensation, the warmth of your walls around his cock making you go to heaven. His pace was slow, teasingly. He was pushing in and out while kissing you, locking your lip between his teeth. You were scratching his back in pleasure.

  “F-faster, please”

 “Are you already begging?” he teased. He pulled away from you suddenly, “on all fours” he commanded.

 You did as he said. He positioned himself in your back, but didn’t push in. He grabbed his dick and caressed your entrance, putting in only the head of his dick.

 “Fuck, please Taehyung! Just push in already” you almost screamed.

 “Huh, I don’t think you deserve it. All this time resisting…it’s my turn to resist, don’t you think?” he said. Bastard. You wouldn’t eat his shit down. Once his dick was at your entrance, you throw yourself back, making his cock get in. He groaned.

 “Huh… you’re a little slut for my cock don’t you?” he said. That was so fucking exciting, “if you want it, then you’ll have”

 He started to pump in and out roughly. He grabbed your hair, making your head stand back. The sound of his skin hitting against yours mixed with your moans were enough to push you both to the edge. Enjoying, he thrusted harder and deeper into you.

It didn’t take long for your walls to clench around him,and once it happened,  his thrusts quickly slowed down and he did cum too.

 You both were fucking tired, so you just stayed there, thinking about what had just happened.

 “Next time is my turn to taste you” you said.

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Hii Bonneyy, How are youuu?? I don't know if you are taking requests but if you are, could you maybe do a little one shot where Juvia and Gray find out that Juvia can't have childeren??? I love your work by the way, you're incredible!!!

Hello, dear! I’m fine, thank you! And yes, you can send me requests, but sometimes the muse doesn’t get inspired, sadly. Sometimes she does, though, like now! Thanks for the prompt and I hope you enjoy what I wrote. <3 


Gray kicked himself internally while he wandered over Magnolia trying to find his wife. He shouldn’t have let her walk away on her own, she was so upset and told him she needed some time and to be honest, he did too, after the news they had that day.

It was still a bit fuzzy inside his head, the doctor’s talk about intrauterine adhesions and trauma confused him. He knew their profession was dangerous but he never thought there would be such consequences.

Earlier that day they went to see a doctor; after two years of marriage they decided to try and have a child. To make sure everything was alright, they got the appointment, which turned into a nightmare not too long after. Apparently, Juvia couldn’t carry a baby because of adhesions in her uterus caused by some trauma during their jobs.

Gray couldn’t remember the last time he saw her so shaken up – Juvia had always been energetic, positive and downright happy most of the times, so happy she usually managed to bring Gray back from any downs.

If he were true to himself, Gray never thought he’d get married and have kids while growing up. It was such a foreign thought for him that he grew used of being on his own when he wasn’t with his friends. Juvia changed that: she changed everything.

Juvia made him happy, happier than he ever thought it was possible and it was enough for him. He didn’t need anything else, but she did. Her heart was so big, she had so much love inside her she just needed to shower someone else with it so, she talked to him about trying for a child.

He knew he’d love their children as much as he loved her and after a few weeks wondering if he’d make a good father, he finally told her they could try. Oh, she had been so happy. Absolutely glowing until they found out the reality of their plans.

“Come on, Juvia.” He whispered, trying to find her and walking towards the park – he had gone to Fairy Tail but she wasn’t there so he tried another places she enjoyed going.

Finally, by the kid’s playground, Gray spotted the lovely blue shade of her hair. She was seated on one of the benches, watching the children and their parents as they played.

Sighing, Gray stepped closer to the bench and even though he was certain she sensed him getting closer – she always knew when he was around – she didn’t look away from the children. Gray sat next to her, rested his elbows on his thighs and looked at her.

Juvia had clearly been crying for some time and it broke his heart, he always hated her tears. He reached for one of her hands and squeezed it, Gray saw her lower lip tremble.

“Juvia always wanted to be a mother.” She whispered, fresh tears falling. “Since she can remember, she always wanted to have a big family, she grew up alone and didn’t want that for her children.” She sobbed. “I guess I don’t have to worry about that now.”

Gray pulled her into his arms as she cried and felt his own throat close up, feeling some loss as well. He kissed the top of her head and caressed her back, holding her close and trying to help in any way he could.

“It’s alright, Juvia.” Gray whispered. “We will be fine.”

“How?” She asked and looked up, eyes shining with tears. “I can’t give you a family.”

Gray shook his head. “Don’t say that. You and I are a family. Us and the Guild are a family. We will always be a family.”

“We were going to try to have a baby.” Juvia sniffed.

“I know.” He put a hand on her cheek. “And I know how much that meant to you. I can see it now how sad you are because of what we learned today, but Juvia… we’ve been through so much together. We went to hell and back, but we always came out of it together.”

She shook her head. “This is different. Juvia saw you were getting excited about having a baby too, it took you a while but you finally wanted it and now Juvia can’t give you that-” Her eyes widened in horror and Gray frowned in confusion. “Oh. Juvia can’t give you that.” She whispered to herself and he saw how pale she was when she let go of his hand as if it burned her. Juvia got up from the bench, eyes still wide. “You- you need to be with someone who can.” Gray didn’t like the sound of that at all. He got up and reached for her, but Juvia took a step back. “No. It’s… it’s Juvia’s fault, not yours.” The blunette shook her head. “You could still get it if Juvia’s not- Juvia has to leave-”

That’s enough.” Gray said, angrily and a bit loud, he could see some of the parents look their way in curiosity. “I know that you are hurting right now, Juvia, I know, but don’t you say another word about leaving.”

Juvia cried harder. “You could still have it. Juvia wants you to have it.”

“Do you think I want any of that without you?” Gray was exasperated and he got closer to her, not being stopped that time by her taking a step back. “Damn it, Juvia, I wouldn’t care for any of it if you hadn’t showed me I could be happy.” He put a hand on her waist and the other on her shoulder. “It took me a long time to admit it to myself and then you this, but it’s you I want. In any way, I don’t care what happens.”

Juvia hugged him. “You don’t?”

“I don’t.” Gray was well aware there was people looking their way, curious, and Gray never cared for public displays of affection like Juvia but he humored enough, but that time he knew she needed him. “And… I know it’s too soon, I know we still have to get used to what we learned today and the idea, but…” He cleared his throat. “We could still have children, Juvia.” She looked up in question. “There are a lot of children who needs a family and I think we could be that family.”

“You mean… adopt?” Juvia asked. She had so much love to give and any child they welcomed to their family would never feel in want of affection, she would shower them with love like she did to him – she had saved him from himself.  Gray, of course, would give them his love as well, like she taught him to.

“Sure.” He nodded. “I was kind of adopted by Ur. If it weren’t for her, Lyon and I wouldn’t have learned magic and I would have grown up solely focused on revenge. I needed a family and she gave me one, even if it meant having Lyon too.” Gray added and Juvia rested her head on his shoulder.

She thought for a moment. “How will we know?”

“We’ll know. We found each other, didn’t we? Or rather you found me and didn’t let go. Thankfully.” She snorted and he couldn’t help it but to feel a bit lighter at the sound. “I guess we… well, I guess we just have to find the rest of our family. They are probably waiting already.”

“Do you mean that?” Juvia looked up in hope and Gray knew there was only one answer to that question. “You are not just saying that to humor me? Truly?”

“I do.” He nodded. “I still think I’ll be a crappy dad sometimes but I will try to be a good one for that big family you want.”

“We just need to find them.”

“We just need to find them.” Gray agreed. “Do you want to go home?” He asked after a few moments. “You must be exhausted.”

“I am.” Juvia agreed. “I have a lot to think of. Or better yet, we do.” She tip-toed and gave him a peck on the lips. “Juvia will probably not be in her best mood for a while yet while she gets used to the news.”

“We’ll manage. You had to put up with my moody years, I think it’s time I return the favor.” Gray caressed her back. “You never gave up on me and I’ll never give up on you. We’ll do this in whatever way you want it.”

“Thank you.” She told him and she dried her cheeks before she looked up, love clear in her eyes. “I love you.”

Gray smiled and kissed her, “I love you too” he whispered –  even after years of being together, he still found it hard to say it all the times, but at that moment he knew she needed that further assurance and he was more than happy to give it to her.

No matter what, he’d be by her side like she always had been by his.


AN: I didn’t want this story to be sad, I wanted it to transmit hope. Of course, any woman who wants to be a mother would be upset if they discovered they couldn’t carry a child, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be mothers. There are many ways of creating a family and yes, sometimes we have to look for them instead of waiting nine months to have them. Love is what makes a family and we must never forget that.

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“Only because you’re like a fragile little Bunny lost in the woods searching for adult help and companionship.”

“HEY! I am practically an Adult™!”

“But do you look like one?”


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When exactly did witches and the folkloric devil become associated with male goats? Goats just seem like such a random choice since goats on the whole are cute as kids and chill as hell when they're adults. Is it because goats are so intelligent? Is is a holdover from an older belief system? Is it a more domestic version of horned-animal reverence? And is the association widespread across European witchcraft traditions?

Ah boy. Asking the big questions today…

From what I know and have learned, there isn’t an exact answer as to when. Goats have always had a close association to (Western European) witch lore. In fact, goats have a huge associations with the occult and paganism overall as well: Baphomet and Pan as examples. Goats even appear in Abrahamic religions, Azazel being of particular note due to some believing him to be associated with Lucifer or the Serpent. 

Due to its close associations with animism, witchcraft just in general has a LOT of animal associations. 

Though the association is quite old, goats (amongst other animals) became more infamously associated with witchcraft during the medieval times, especially with the European Inquisitions. 

Goats (and sheep) though were a lot more common in French witch lore, goats can be found in a variety of different fairy lore: bucca and puka being two examples. Particularly in the British isles and Celtic nations, the fairy faith and witchlore are very intertwined.   

Interestingly, the Basque word for Witches’ Sabbat being  “Akhelarre” (goat pasture).

Now, I am not certain if the goat has associations in witchcraft lore beyond Western Europe (even then not all places in Europe have goat associations with witches and/or the devil). However, it is very prominent today in a number of witch traditions. 

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no offense, but why do you get so angry at the thought of a character being darkskinned? why is the "stereotype" of spanish people being darkskinned so anger inducing to you? what's wrong about dark skin? there are a lot of things wrong with every fandom, but giving characters dark skin isn't one of them. people like you with unchecked racism complaining about it, though...

You’re off to a great start, Anon. “No offense, but I’m calling you a racist, right off the bat and without knowing you at all, for complaining about the misrepresentation of your people”.

First of all, I’m racist just about as much as I’m purple. Unchecked racism, my ass.

Secondly, don’t project your own insecurities on me and twist my words, because I said none of that. I never stated there’s anything wrong with dark skin. I’m perfectly fine with Vivi being depicted as having darker skin, because she’s supposed to be Middle Eastern/Egyptian (doesn’t mean there aren’t people with lighter skin over there, though) or Usopp, since Oda said he’s supposed to be half-Nigerian (he first stated African, then reduced it to Nigerian, if I’m not wrong).

If you knew me, you’d know I’ve always been interested in learning about other races/ethnicities and their respective cultures (much better if it’s first hand info) and as such, I never trust stereotypes and do my best to learn what parts are real (if any at all) and what parts are lies.

Stereotyping is bad no matter what race/culture/ethnicity/social group you come from and that’s a fact. Stereotypes are usually an oversimplified (and often completely incorrect) view, a parody or sometimes, even a concealed “insult” towards a group of people.

In this case, the cliché for Spanish people doesn’t even adjust to the vast majority of us and it becomes tiring and offensive to be represented in a way that does not represent us at all. We are not dark-eyed, dark-skinned matadors or flamenco dancers. You want examples? Check out some of the comments these two people, both of whom KNOW what they’re talking about, left on the post you’re referring to.

As I said, both of them and I, know what we’re talking about so unless you’re Spanish or have family in Spain, you shouldn’t open your mouth to spout bullshit and call people who actually are affected by the aforementioned stereotype racist.

And finally, let me tell you racebending is as equally WRONG. Changing a character’s race/ethnicity is not ok, especially if it’s meant to represent a certain group of people. Viola is meant to represent Spanish people so darkening her skin is falling into the stereotype all over again and misrepresenting the race/ethnicity/culture she’s supposed to represent, which is WRONG. See, if I went and racebent Wiper or Mr. 5 into a white character, I’d be getting my ass roasted for it, only you’d be calling it whitewashing, but it’s the same thing in the end, to be honest.

Honestly, if I’m going to be misrepresented and stereotyped, I’d rather not be represented at all.

Also, you know who made a rather decent representation of Spanish people (at least physically)?

Originally posted by roadtoeldorado


Thank you for the ask and have a good day.

P.S. What I learned today on Tumblr: If you’re not a PoC, you can’t complain about people stereotyping or misrepresenting your people because you’re racist.

So my new friend @starryoak and I came up with some Nurse Offstill/Captain Underpants interactions: 

  • CU has a very deep respect for Nurse Offstill because George and Harold like and trust her so much. Whenever they meet he gives her a salute or a sweeping bow. When he does this, she shakes her head in disbelief and exclaims, “Krupp, what ARE you taking?!” And he’s just like, “Take?! I would never take! A superhero does not steal!” 
  • CU: Are you in need of any assistance today, Nurse Offstill? 
    Offstill: You need assistance, Krupp. 
    CU: Are you offering to help my sidekicks protect the world from evil?
    Offstill: Sidekicks?! Krupp, you hate them! Just last week you confiscated their lunches and banned them from the cafeteria! I had to feed them in my office!
    CU: *gasps* I WOULD NEVER!
  • Above is basically how all their conversations go, with Nurse Offstill trying to make him remember that he’s Krupp and CU fervently denying it. 
    Offstill:  Look! See that band aid on your finger?! I gave you that! You got a bad paper cut while confiscating George and Harold’s comics!
    CU: Oh, that. I just assumed it was from evil defeating. 
    Offstill: I bet you think that rash I know you have is from evil defeating too. 
    CU: Is that what that is? *had no idea why he was feeling so itchy* Thank you for telling me, health related citizen! You truly are as helpful as my sidekicks say!
    Offstill: *facepalm* 
  • When CU gets injured and George and Harold can’t get him to go to the hospital, they call Nurse Offstill. “Nurse O? Can you come? It’s a real medical emergency this time.” (They once got her out of a bad date by calling her about a fake medical emergency.)
    -CU once made a crash landing in a cactus garden so Nurse Offstill had to pluck cactus needles out of almost every inch of his body.
    Offstill: So, Krupp, what have we learned today?
    CU: I have learned that my landings must be better calculated! 
    Offstill: *sighs* Good enough. Now take this extra strength aspirin with this tea and go to sleep.
    -The very next week he lands in poison ivy. George and Harold call her and she has to come running with lotion. 
  • CU is in return very protective of Nurse Offstill. Once, he catches her running away from yet another bad date, and…
    CU: Nurse Offstill! You are in distress! Are you fleeing from a monster?!
    *Her date was nice at first but then he turned out to be a far-right Republican. So she ditched him by climbing out the restaurant’s women’s bathroom window*
    Offstill: Yes, but not the kind you’re thinking of. 
    CU: Point me in its direction and I will vanquish it for you!
    Offstill: As much as I’d like to see you beat the crap out of that guy, I also don’t want to see you go to jail. Just forget about it. 
    -And then he insists on escorting her home. “I must see that you make it home safe and unharmed!” He won’t be shaken off so she just gives up and accepts his offer. He’s floating beside her all cheery-faced for the entire walk back to her apartment building and she’s just grimacing and thinking, “This is so, so, SO weird.“

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T, V if you're still taking the asky thingy

Hell yeah, I am. First day of my period is the fucking worst so I’ll be taking trashy questions all day long.

T - 5 things I love unconditionally

Obviously my parents, my siblings and my friends are super important to me! Unconditional love is really difficult though so I ran out of things to say, so I’m saying two more random things that I love, which is like trains, or especially things like the London underground are super fascinating to me. And I love the rain that cools down the hot summer. Especially if we had like a very hot week (we’re entering one now….) the smell of rain is just so lovely and I start to sound like a hippie so NEXT.

V - 3 big dreams

  1. edit a feature film one day
  2. writing and/or working on a theatre production
  3. publishing a book, or audio-drama, or movie, or play or or or or DO AN ADAPTATION!!! Adaptations are so misused these days but they can be so wonderful!!! and please let me just have a decent paying job in the field of study that I love that’s all that I need out of life!!

Also, obligatory mom-friend reminder that it’s LIKE 2 AM WHERE YOU ARE JILL PLEASE GET SOME SLEEP!! Lots of love, your friend. :P

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Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #59

Some things are not meant to happen.

Today, I thought I’d finally take my revenge on Gadreel, that I’d get a chance to make him pay, blow after blow, for what he’s done, but now I’ll have to wait. The son of a bitch suddenly became a valuable bargaining chip in a deal set by Metatron himself and unfortunately, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse: Gadreel’s life against Castiel’s. I wasn’t keen on letting the angel go but between revenge and friendship, the choice was quickly made.

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Sometimes we need to just take time to reflect.

100 Days of Productivity {41/100}

I had a Russian lesson this morning but it was really… unproductive. I just kind of signed up last week because I felt guilty(?) even though I didn’t really like her lesson. I should probably try finding a new tutor.

I also made another recording of me speaking French. It’s pretty embarrassing tbh. At the same time, when I was doing the add1challenge making videos really helped me with Chinese, so I want to start doing that again. But with all of my target languages I suppose. I really want to work on my confidence.

Tomorrow I’m going to set aside some time to study all of my languages and try to get into a routine. I actually got 7 hours of sleep last night and I felt much better today, so I’m hoping that this will help me remember what I’m learning and have fun.

That’s about it for today. Have a good evening :)

||Early years in the Academy|| Reserved rp with damian-the-prince-of-demons

The sky was clear today as students were arriving to class for another day of learning. A few were speaking among themselves as they wait for their teacher to arrive as more students came in, taking their seats. After a while, their teacher arrives to class as they settle down, looking ahead. “Good morning class.” “Morning, Sensei.” They said back. “Today, we will be going though what we learned in taijutsu today but before we do, I have a surprise.” Confused muttering was heard as the teacher sees the door slide open, showing a black haired girl with water blue eyes walking into class to stand in front. “Class, this is a new student who has just moved to our village. Would you like to introduce yourself?”

They see her looking scared and shy but spoke. “M-my name is Hanoka Saima, its a p-pleasure to meet you all.” The students look at her but she looks quiet again while the teacher smiles. “Welcome Hanoka. Now class, please show Hanoka respect, okay?” The class nods as she looks at the teacher. “Now, find a seat and we can begin.” “Y-yes Sensei..” She goes to find a seat.

I love training with Bear. I do, and I’d forgotten.

While I was doing training with my workshop dog for KPA, I was neglecting Bear’s training pretty badly. I don’t know what it was, but my depression was absolutely awful this winter, and I had no motivation to do anything. He got exercised and we built confidence, yeah, but he didn’t learn much new stuff. Not compared to what he could have learned in that timeframe.

So today I got the clicker out to do a serious one on one training sesh, finally. All of our stuff lately has been done impromptu, and pretty unscheduled and unrecorded. He missed it, I think, because I know he likes the structure of “this is where we learn new things, this is what I get for doing them, this is what mom wears while we do this…” etc. So I took him back to that routine.

As soon as he got the first click, his tail was wagging at top speed.