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The One With Stevie’s Book

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: A tiny discovery of Steven’s interest leads to a very surprising turns of events. 

Word Count:

Warnings: heavy making out ;) a lil’ nsfw, nothing much tho

Author’s Note: repost!! based off a friends episode, i think from season 7, TOW Rachel’s Book. i’m sorry guys, i’m not in the state of writing anything new, still coming down with the cold and all ugh 

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Tonight was never supposed to turn out the way it did, but somehow you’re glad that it did. He was just here to tutor you since you needed his help. And he even did for three hours. After making you understand three whole chapters of Business Economics, your mind had blocked itself and you didn’t want to talk more about micro or macroeconomics. The demand for a break had overcome the supply of your energy and you desperately needed a drink to settle your mind.

So, Steve nonchalantly agreed upon staying when you asked him if he had anything better to do. You knew he’d either go to a frat party or just lay in his bed with his SpongeBob PJ’s and a shirt that was at least a size smaller for his chiselled torso.

You both snuggled up on your bed, away from your desk where you abandoned your books to watch a zombie movie your dorm roommate, Wanda had suggested. Opening your laptop, you enter the password and let Steve handle the task of searching the movie on Netflix.

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The Runaways - Sweet Deliverance  (3/3)

Alright my lovelies! This is it! The answers to all your questions and THE LAST part of The Runaways! Your responses to this story have been overwhelming and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you say. It’s been a lot more fun to play with THIS version of Helwater than the canon. HUGE MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO @outlandishchridhe and @diversemediums who have helped me form ideas and polish it up so it’s a smooth story. 

If you’ve missed the two previous parts, catch part one HERE and part two HERE

Jamie paced, resisting the urge to tear his hair out. How the hell had this happened? He knew how. He’d fallen in love with a woman above his station and he’d been found out. Geneva had him and they both knew it. One word from her and he’d be arrested, his family would starve, and it would be his own damn fault. If only he could get the letters back, the two she’d stolen, then she wouldn’t have her proof. It wouldn’t solve everything, but it would be a good start.

He couldn’t sleep, not with his mind racing. Near midnight, he snuck out of his sleeping quarters and to the house. Geneva’s room was at the end of the hall, which was fortunate for her plans. Fortunate assuming he didn’t get caught. Moving as quietly as he could, he neared Geneva’s door and felt a sense of dread. This was the last thing he wanted.

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L’Opéra: The Phantom

Sink deeper into the obscurity of the theater if you dare, but beware of the Phantom. They say an eternity of darkness awaits those who have the misfortune to meet his cursed eyes. This is his prologue.

Protagonists: Im Jaebum - You - (Park Jinyoung)

Genre: Romance - Drama - Love Triangle - Childhood Friends - 1880s!AU

Words: 1k

Moodboard: By yours truly. don’t judge lol I’m trying

Lyly’s Note: Here begins my new mini-serie, I hope you enjoy this, the first two chapters will be the Phantom and the Vicomte’s prologues and a bit on the shorter side. 

L’Opéra [Mini Masterlist] - M A S T E R L I ST

Joseph Buquet. He grimaces thinking of his name. They’re all in frenzy today because of him. It’s weird to think that Jaebum resented the man for years without having any idea what his name was.

He turns a corner in the dark. It’s okay, he doesn’t need to see where he’s going; he knows every corner here.

Jaebum hated Buquet. He was a nasty man who liked to tell horrible tales about him. Sure, it benefited him in a way, since everybody is too afraid to walk alone backstage. It made it easier to avoid them, but Buquet didn’t just tell ghost stories. He created the legend of a monster, hiding in the deep carcass of the Opera. Jaebum groans, he didn’t need someone to tell him how monstrous he truly his. That’s another thing he already knows.

This morning, Buquet did another terrible thing, the worst one according to Jaebum’s faith. Yes, even a monster can have beliefs, not that he’s especially religious or anything. He simply believes in greater things. Being condemned to eternal darkness doesn’t really turn you black; not always anyway.

This morning, Joseph Buquet, the chief stagehead, hung himself; center stage. The man probably wanted to go with a big bang. He jumped from the suspended walkway above the stage. Waited for everybody to be in the middle of rehearsals and dropped to his death to have them all watch. A very theatrical end for someone who spent his life working from the shadows. Jaebum can, at least, appreciate that.

Finally arriving to his destination, he slows down, staying in the security of the shadows. He sits at his usual spot, above the dance studio. Without meaning to, his lips curl into a small smile when his eyes catch you.

You’ve been dancing here for five years now. Five years during which Jaebum learn to read you from afar. He loves to watch you slowly put on your ballet slippers from here. You frown and pout, toying the material between your fingers. Seeing you here, at your usual spot, makes Jaebum sigh in relief. Maybe, horrible-Buquet’s death didn’t change anything at the Opera.

The blonde ballerina comes sit next to you. Jaebum always forgets her name; she’s your adoptive sister, the one who’s actually good at dancing. He silently chuckles and then freezes. He’s almost never amused; it started happening about five years ago. When you captured his attention and he wanted to know everything about you.

Jaebum clicks his tongue, mildly annoyed. If she wasn’t here you’d sing. You would sing and he’d listen, probably respond. He was so scared the first time he sang to you. He was hiding behind a void brick wall and did it out of selfishness. Selfish is all Jaebum can ever be, since he has no one to care for. No one but himself and then… Maybe you? But not really, though. You don’t know whose voice it is you hear. Jaebum wanted to reveal himself after a few days of singing at each other through walls, but you started calling him something.

An angel, Jaebum clenches his teeth angry. Your angel; he can never be that. That’s not what he is. If Jaebum were an angel, he’d be Lucifer; sent on Earth as a punishment, sent underground to rot away in the suffocating darkness. Jaebum smirks. Being Lucifer isn’t that bad, he was once God’s favourite angel wasn’t he? Smart, cunning and talented, Jaebum knows that he’s all that. He knows, but he can’t be seen, so he can never possibly show you. He stayed away, hidden, but kept singing to you. He sings to you whenever you are alone and you’re getting better at it too. So good it makes his chest swell with pride.

“Have you heard?” The less-important-person-in-the-room leans near your shoulder.

“I have…” You gulp and shake your head in disbelief. “Joseph Buquet died”

“Silly y/n…” The girl laughs. “He didn’t simply die.” She nods, knowingly. “They say the Phantom killed him…”

And there it is, the other reason why Buquet is a horrible man. Jaebum clench his fists this time, pure anger filling him. It’s not like he can deny it though, he might have killed him. He could have killed him, have been considering for years now, but never acted on it. Still, Buquet went ahead and made him a murderer.

“P-Phantom?” You pale. “Why would he?”

At that, Meg- Oh right, Meg! An appropriate short name for such a dull girl about whom Jaebum could care less. She tilts her head and furrow her brows.

“Why wouldn’t he?” She shrugs. “Does the undead need a reason to murder?” You tell her you don’t know and she goes on. “Besides, mom always told Joseph he shouldn’t speak that carelessly…”

Jaebum stops listening, he doesn’t care for small conversations. He wraps his cape a bit tighter around his shoulder when he gets up. The humidity here isn’t something new, but it can get to his bones sometimes. He doesn’t dislike the cold though; it reminds him he’s alive. He tells himself he can still sing to you tonight, in the intimacy of your room and then leaves.

He descends inside the depth of the Opera, he knows by heart. Jaebum is home, he learned to love his stone wall prison when he was little. Back then, everything would have felt like a sanctuary.

Jaebum still feels weird about something you said. It bothers him that you would question his murderous rampage. Of course, it shouldn’t matter that he’s not a killer, well not really. It shouldn’t matter, because you can’t know that your angel and that scary ghost are the same. It shouldn’t matter, because Jaebum learned years ago that how you perceive yourself is the only thing of importance. He knows he isn’t a murderer, a monster? Sure, but a vengeful ghost, not so much.

Others’ perception can’t matter when you are like Jaebum. He knows you shouldn’t expect people to see you for what you truly are when they can’t even see themselves.

Like his mother, he nearly punches the wall when the memory of her crosses him. Another ghost he hasn’t thought about in years.

It shouldn’t be important why you felt like questioning their lies, but it does to him.

He knows you matter and Jaebum slides his finger on his distorted traits pensively. For a short second, he allows himself to long for something he can never have.

L’Opéra [Mini Masterlist] - M A S T E R L I ST

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Hmm, parallels between Cherik and Codywan, you say? Would you be wiling to go into that? I ship both pairs as well, and now I'm curious. (Same nonnie from before, btw- don't have my own tumblr or I'd log in).

Lmao when your tipsy ass writes a check that your sober ass can’t cash. I guess what I really meant to say is that I realized that my modern AU Codywan was taking a lot of cues from my fav tropes specific to a particular Cherik fluff corner of 2011 X-Men: First Class fandom. Like I said you have to squint, and it’s mostly just surface-level aesthetics. But here’s some Charles and Obi-Wan stuff off the top of my head:

  • Posh British accent
  • Short (The way I draw them anyway)
  • Layered clothing, lots of sweaters
  • Swings between acting like an excitable undergrad, a peevish professor, and a long-suffering old man
  • Incurable flirty streak
  • Can hold his liquor (usually)
  • The hair swish & flop
  • Looks perpetually 25 until he’s like 60 and then BAM he’s a distinguished Shakespearean actor
  • Related: Probably gets carded into his 30s, especially when clean shaven
  • On the more canon side, they both have supernatural mental abilities
  • Makes a great damsel but could also obliterate an army with minimal exertion
  • Keeps taking in strays, especially children

Meanwhile Erik and Cody are just like:

  • Taller (Depending on your source, but I always make it so)
  • Buffer bodytype
  • Gr8 cheekbones
  • Black turtleneck
  • Also maybe something about the use of guns and brute force tactics, idk. Fighting style can be showy but is less “civilized” than their counterparts’? Debatable point. 

But personality-dynamic wise the two couples are extremely different imo, particularly because Cody very open about his admiration/adoration of Obi-Wan and kind of a chill guy in general, whereas Erik seems irritated that he can’t manage to completely hate Charles and is so fucking Extra that Vader would be jealous.

I do maintain that both couples use chess as a form of foreplay though ;)

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Robert x Liv prompt: "Is it so wrong to want to see my family back together?"

“No, Liv, of course not. It’s just not as easy as a simple sorry.” She’s cornered him in the cafe, all he wants is a quiet five minutes, but it’s Liv and he won’t turn her away, not after everything.

“You know he misses you. Why don’t you try? Rather than bein’ up there all the time!”

“No matter what I think of her, Rebecca’s having my baby, and Aaron can’t deal with that. I can’t change any of that.”

“You could talk to him.”

“He doesn’t want that, he’s made it clear, so if anything has changed, it’s not up to me.”

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me: *literally says nothing about drag race*

cishet girl who has only seen season 7: oh honey, oh honey, me? like drag race? hunty I’m literally a drag expert mama your edges can’t take this knowledge miss thing okurr oh yall wanted a twist? fuck me in the pussy with a rake mom

A Package Marked “Return to sender”

Story by reddit user manen_lyset

My neighbor is one of those annoying wannabe YouTube personalities. Over the years, I’ve seen him cough out cinnamon, lay flat on the hood of his car as it slowly creeps down the driveway, and douse himself in lukewarm water, all the while screaming epic win, epic fail, or, fuck, epic maintenance of the status quo, for all I know. It can get tiring to watch him go about his shenanigans in the pursuit of viral fame. So, when he knocked on my door the other day, told me he was going away for a few weeks, and asked that I get his mail, honestly, it was a relief. I can’t explain the peace of mind I had knowing I didn’t have to brace myself for any of his stupidity for a while. I was always afraid his stunts would wind up bleeding over into my life.

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You’re MY Girl Pt.1

Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Request from @jyttoaudios: I was wondering if u could make a smut where you and tom are friends with benefits and he gets all sensitive over the fact that your starting to see someone and it leads to to a lil angst and a lil sum sum us know what I’m saying hmmmmm

A/N: hopefully you enjoy Pt.1 xx- Mikayla

[Reader’s POV]

    Rolling over you get out of the bed quietly. Picking up your phone and unplugging it off the charger. Bending down you pick up a shirt slipping the article of clothing on. Looking back at the bed, your longing gaze breaking as you exit the bedroom. Your feet padded against the flooring slightly as you headed towards the stairs. Memories of last night flashed through your head sending a throbbing sensation down to your core.

   Yawning and stretching your arms as you made it down each step slowly. Your body exhausted from the night before. Tessa’s tags jingled made you look over. She was standing on the couch now looking at you. A happy smile on her sweet face. Walking over you press a kiss to her head and rub her ears. Seeing a happy Tess when you woke up always made your day.

   Tessa jumps off the couch and follows you towards the kitchen. Clicking the power button on your phone to see it’s twelve thirty. Turning on the coffee pot you lean against the counter. Your hip slightly digging into the counter which you regretted quickly. A twinge of pain makes you stop leaning against the counter and lift your shirt up.

   Your skin was tinted purple with long bruises from where Tom’s fingers were last night. The skin sensitive and dark in some areas. A loud sound comes from the coffee machine indicating the coffee was ready. Moving your coffee mug you grasp the handle and pull it out of its home. Pouring the hot liquid in the cup your phone starts ringing loudly.

   Putting the coffee away you reach to grab your ringing phone. You were afraid the sound would rise upstairs and wake Tom. Almost dropping it out of quickly grabbing it you let out a sigh of relief when it doesn’t fall. Hitting the green button you raise the phone to your ear. A smile on your face after you saw who was calling.

“Good morning, you still on for today?” He asks as you reach for the dog food. Placing it on the counter you grab Tessa’s bowl.

“Yeah, I’m at a friends house so I’ll have to go home and get ready for tonight” Filling up the bowl you see her waiting by her water bowl. Tail wagging happily as she awaits her food. Setting it down you pat her head and she starts munching away.

“I bet you’ll look gorgeous no matter what” his voice was deep from him probably just waking up. He’s the one you’ve been calling when you couldn’t talk to Tom. It was hard just being friends with benefits with Tom. You wanted a relationship aspect.

“Oh stop it Leo, you’re such a charmer” you giggle taking a sip of your coffee. The caffeine rushing through your system to wake you up. The two of you had plans to meet at a coffee shop to just have a relaxing date. Coffee was perfect because you had to work on a term paper that night anyways. If you had tea you would want to wind down and procrastinate longer on your assignment.

“I can’t help it you’re absolutely stunning, I don’t know how anyone can pass you up” he chuckles making you smile. You couldn’t help but blush at what he says.

“Alright well I’ll see you soon okay?”

“Later love, see you soon” the line ends with a beep as you set your phone down on the counter. Tessa barks loudly making you turn around to see Tom walking over shirtless and in sweatpants. Your eyes traveling down his body admiring his abs.

“Good morning love, you’re up early” Tom grins sleepily walking towards you. Reaching up he runs his fingers through his tousled curls. His bicep flexing as he did that motion. Tom is irresistible with that body of his. Placing your mug by the sink it clinks against the countertop.

“I have plans today, I needed coffee to wake myself up even more” you explain as he gets closer to you. Backing you against the counter with nowhere to go. The feeling of your heart beating faster and faster started making you uneasy.

“I thought we were going to spend the day together since I’m back in town?” the warmth of his hand against your cheek was soothing. Leaning your face into the skin of his palm you let out a sigh.

“Well I made plans before you came back, I’ll be home for you tonight isn’t that fair enough?” it was unfair that you had to revolve your plans around him. You were the one always having to wait for him to come home. With this friends with benefits situation and adding that he’s a celebrity made it feel like a one way street.

“You always spend the time I’m here with me an-”

“I have to go get my stuff so I can leave” Brushing past Tom you head back towards the stairs. He smelled heavenly and you needed to leave as soon as you could. He was too damn tempting for your own good. That’s probably why you go back to him all the time. You just couldn’t stay away.

  Walking into Tom’s room you see your clothes littered across the floor. Your heels were on separate sides of the room. Not even remembering how they got there. Taking off Tom’s t-shirt you pick up your dress off of the floor. Slipping it on you then pick up both of your heels. Putting them you groan realizing this looks like a walk of shame.

   Rolling your eyes because of how it looks you grab your purse that was at the foot of the bed on the ground. Grabbing it you take a cursory glance of his room. Just to see if you left anything. Leaving the room you make your way down the stairs. Your heels clicked once they made contact with the wood flooring when you reached the bottom.

“Have fun on your date” Tom’s voice comes from around the corner. Turning the corner you see him holding your phone. The screen lighting up with notifications on the screen.

“You didn’t go through my phone did you?” snatching it out of his grasp you see Leo’s name on the messages. Your eyes scanning the messages quickly checking he didn’t say anything. You were pretty sure Tom didn’t know your password.

“That you two are meeting at our spot? No I didn’t go through your phone but I did answer it” your eyes widening at what he just said. He could have said something to Leo and you have no clue what it could have been.

“Fuck you Holland..” you grit pushing him away from you. His bare chest firm under your palm.

“Well you did last night.. Might I add you weren’t complaining either” his cocky smirk plastered on his face. You wanted to slap it off so hard, your hand was trembling by your side.

“I can’t believe you’re acting like this.. It’s like you’re envious Tom” the tone that voice had was flat as you glared at him. He rolled his eyes crossing his arms, biceps bulging when he did that.

“I’m am not.. Who is this guy anyways?”

“I don’t have to tell you anything Tom.. I’ll see you tonight” taking your car keys off the hook you leave his house. Closing the door a little harder than normal you take a deep breath. Making your way across the street you walk down the sidewalk towards your car.

   Pulling your glasses out you put them on. Unlocking your car you get in and take off towards your home. Your phone was ringing but you just ignored it. At the moment you didn’t want to talk to anyone because of how frustrated Tom made you feel. All the time it was an array of emotions.

“I can’t believe he answered the goddamn phone” you mutter to yourself as you turn the corner and proceed down the road. Your phones loud ringing makes you emit an annoyed growl. Reaching over you pick up your phone off of the seat.

“What is it Tom, I’m not going back to your house for a -”

“Uh love.. It’s Leo is everything okay? So you really were at a guys house?” his question making your heart drop. This is exactly what you wanted to avoid.

“I just crashed at his place is all, I got too drunk to drive home” you lie gritting your teeth after cause lying was the thing you hated the most.

“I’ll see you at the coffee shop later, just wanted to check on you after what he sa-”

“What did he say?” the sound of your voice rose a bit from your nerves. You hated every second of what’s happening at the moment.

“That you stayed the night with him in his bed”

“Of course he would say that” you huff out resting your phone on your shoulder as your cheek was pressed against your phone. The position keeping it in place as you made your way home. You normally had to drive around for a while before going home. Paparazzi loved to follow you around and it was fucking obnoxious. Sadly that’s what you get for being in any proximity of Tom.

“I’m sorry what he said Leo, we just go way back and Tom’s a little asshole alright?” quoting Mackie as you get out of your car once it’s in park. Leo says his goodbyes before you hang up the phone holding it in your left hand.The gravel next to your driveway crunched under your heels as you walked towards your front door. Fishing out your keys from your purse you put the key in the lock.

   Turning the key you twist the handle opening the door. It creaked as the door moved with you walking inside. The heater doing it’s job welcoming you into warmth. Today was a chilly day in London and you were glad your heater wasn’t broken. It had a tendency to break when you desperately needed it the most.

    Your dog comes walking up to you with a happy bark. Kneeling down you ruffle her ears. Her spotted tongue sticking out from the side of her mouth. Pressing a kiss to her head you stand up and walk to the kitchen. Pictures of you and Tom from when you first became friends were around your house. Especially the ones of the events you went to. Along with your family you had photos with Tom’s family.

    Picking up Kayley’s water bowl you hold it under the sink as you fill it up. Her tags jingle making you look over. She was jumping up and down, her long tail wagging in excitement. She was a year older than Tessa but bigger due to being a Rottweiler mix Lab. The two of them were best buds whenever you would have Tessa over to watch her if Nikki couldn’t.

“C’mon love let’s go to the closet and pick out an outfit for tonight yeah?” after you set her bowl down she follows you upstairs. Kayley of course made it up the stairs first as always. She sat at the top waiting for you to make it up the stairs.

   The lighting of the coffee shop was dim thankfully. Your migraine had grown over the span of time that you were home. Tom was trying to lure you back to his place. All he wanted was a hookup and today you just wanted to be with Leo. Locking your door you one more time you turn and head towards the doorway.

   Opening the door you head inside the cozy warm building. Shrugging off your coat and slinging it over your arm. Looking around your eyes scan the room for Leo. His dark hair was the first thing you saw. Leo’s eyes met yours and a smile raising to his face. His smile infectious as one rose to your face. He truly is a handsome man with his ocean blue eyes. Those eyes that made you feel as if you were drifting out to see the longer you looked into them.

“Hey love, can you believe the weather outside?” his accent thicker in person than on the phone. Setting your coat down on the chair at your table you give him a peck on the cheek.

“I’m honestly glad I brought a jacket” realizing it’s a jacket Tom bought you instantly making you mentally face palm yourself. The barista keeps looking over at you making you uncomfortable. She knew you came here with Tom often.

   As time went by the more and more you found out about Leo. Sure you two have been talking for two months but now you seemed to find out even more. He told you about the adventures he went on when he traveled last summer. That was one of your favorite things, traveling. You wish you could’ve traveled with Tom but his manager didn’t want people getting the wrong Idea.

   Which made it harder for you because you fell for Tom. Feelings took over and destroyed your thoughts on being friends with benefits. You never truly knew how Tom felt about you so you just kept letting that arrangement continue. The longer Tom was away the more you felt alone. That’s a big reason why you started trying to find someone. When you finally met Leo you thought things could change. After today you knew it was going to end badly.

“Now what was it that you really wanted to talk about, you said you needed to be honest with me about something” Leo hands you your coffee that he ordered for you. Earlier you sent him a text of what you wanted.

“I wanted to explain more about earlier and why I was really at Tom’s house”sweat started to form on your palms. Nerves were kicking in on how you were going to explain this. Praying to God he would understand everything.

“So you took him to our place and in our spot?” the familiar voice making you freeze in your spot. Your eyes wide seeing Leo’s facial expression turn into confusion. Looking back you see Tom in a black coat and his curls slightly messy from the wind. His fingers run through them smoothing down a bit.

“What do you mean by our?” Leo questions raising an eyebrow looking between the two of you. Before you could say anything Tom has a smirk on his face. That damn fucking smirk.

“As in her and I come here, this is our spot and you coincidently choose our spot before she came here?”

“Tom stop it now, go home I said I’d see you later and now is not later” you huff standing up so you’re now looking up at him. Some people looked over and some had their phones out. The last thing Tom needed was drama being started.

“So this is the famous Tom Holland” Leo says bluntly standing up from his seat. You looked over at him questioningly because you never mentioned Tom’s last name.

“Yeah I am.. Oh darling.. You forgot these in my bed last night” Tom reaches into his pocket pulling out your red lace thong. A gasp leaves your mouth as you snatch them out of his hand. Reaching for your purse you put them in there. Your cheeks were flaming from embarrassment.

“Is that what you wanted to tell me about? That you’re sleeping with him?” Leo’s tone was flat as he looked down at you. His figure was a bit taller than Tom’s so you felt like he was towering over you.

“Are you mad she was calling my name out last night and not yours?” Tom sounded so smug as he brushed the back of his fingers against your cheek. Tom’s lips press against yours in a quick kiss. Your hands naturally going to his face , his jawline against your palm. Tom pulls away from the kiss , his fingers still holding your chin. Looking over you see Leo looking pissed off at the two of you.

“ Why you lil-” Leo lunges at Tom making your fight or flight instincts kick in. The name that comes out of your lips surprises you. Stepping in front of Tom, Leo’s fist ends up hitting you instead. A whimper of pain escaping your lips as Tom pulls you into his arms.

“I-I’m so sorry” Leo looks panicked as he sees you rubbing the sore spot on your shoulder. Tom’s arm rubbing soothing circles on your lower back. All that was happening you were shaking like a chihuahua.

“Ever come near her again and you won’t like what I will do, got it?” Tom grits out at Leo, his body tense as you leaned against him.

“If I would have known you were whoring around with him I would have never considered dating y-”

“Get the fuck out of here before I beat the fuck out of you for hitting my girl” his voice lashed out at Leo making the coffee shop go silent. Leo mumbled something before taking off towards the entrance.

    Looking around there were people with their phones out. The barista comes over telling people to please put their phones away. She sticks her arms out standing in the way blocking people. Tom’s finger lifted your chin so you’d look up at him. His eyes looked concerned as he gazed down at you. A bit of your heart shattered as you looked at him. Your chance of a normal relationship just went out the door.

“C’mon darling, let’s go home.. We need to talk about things”

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smut for pt. 2 

Originally posted by dynode

We're not Good...

Context: Starting Pathfinder session with a bunch of strangers. We’re traveling with an NPC we rescued, and are standing outside a large tunnel entrance.

Rogue, who scouted ahead: “There’s a bunch of scattered limbs in there, and a lot of blood.”

Muttering between party members that no one wanted to be the first in.

Wizard: “Let’s send NPC in first!”

More muttering and agreement as GM stares.

Me: “But they’ll know something’s up if they see the blood in there.”

Fighter: “I walk just inside and pick up the scattered limbs, and then hide them in a dark corner.”

GM: *sighs* “And what does the cleric have to say about this? Tricking an innocent into potentially walking to his death?” *glares pointedly at cleric*

Cleric (me): “I cast Create Water to wash away the bloodstains and help hide evidence of violence inside.”

GM: “You’re a CLERIC.”

Me: *double thumbs up* True Neutral!

Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 8/12

 Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Panic Attack scene mixed with vomit

A/N: I quote from my favourite poetry book Salt in this part, s/o to whoever sees the ref!

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Eddie walked into his home, his heart hammering in his chest and washing his blood around his system at a high rate; after checking stuff off his bucket list such as skipping school, smoking a cigarette, kissing someone and stand up in the back of a car/truck of some sort with the wind in his face (bonus points that it was to Hey Jude) he was feeling starstruck after such an eventful day.

It was all because of Richie.

Eddie felt breathless, but in the best way possible. For once, he wasn’t reaching for his inhaler despite him losing it. For once, Eddie had rebelled for once in his life and didn’t regret a minute of it.

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I’m holding The Phoenix in my hand.
This is so precious omg @walker-oliciter ! Thank you for the gift ❤️

So my dad told me that there was going to be a heat wave in my area tomorrow and possibly the next day and the first damn thing I think is “Well of course, you gotta celebrate the hottest person’s birthday with the hottest day” and then I just imagined Oikawa saying that and Iwaizumi just throwing a chair or some shit at him like gdi why are you like this

  • Someone: *doesn't like or shits on McElroy content*
  • Me: I don't need this negativity in my life

Gillian Anderson behind the scenes of “The Truth.” I have little idea what is happening, but it’s kind of great?

I have the process of this recorded for my first speed paint!  TTvTT But unfortunately its I played back the record and its lagging!! also I found out that my laptop don’t have Windows movie maker(what?!?) Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! WHAT A WASTE!!! D///X *cries in the corner*

Well….here you go anyway….. TTwTT


Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader
Summary: Seb and the reader attend a photoshoot to promote their new movie. Sparks fly, and who knows what will come out of it? 
Words: 1′238

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