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I love the surprise on Yona’s face as if she wasn’t expecting him to agree with his father’s actions but it was like something clicked in her head because she stares Su-won straight on and tells him why Yu-hon couldn’t become King something I find really fascinating as she seems to get it yet people many years older like the Earth General don’t understand at all.

I just love the way her mind works. Instead of being submissive to his response and just giving in she backs him into a corner and forces him to listen to her. Like DAME GURL! Simply with that one comment, it forces a dialogue out of him rather than simply shutting her down like he did with his letter.

This was my favourite shocked face of Su-wons. I loved how she said exactly what we were all thinking that his expression changed because dame, that’s probably the most honest face we have seen of Su-won’s like ever. He was really taken offguard with her comment.

2017′s TaiYama Week ★ Day 4. Fan Corner. Talk/Share about fan created content you enjoy!

You know what I’m absolutely obsessed with? Taito doujinshi. Comics conceived by fans and physically published into books to be sold to other fans. I have a field’s day everytime I get my hands on a book with perfect artstyle and solid narrative.

Contrary to popular belief there’s plenty of doujinshi that don’t focus on “just smut”, it just takes a lot of patience to hunt down and filter things until you find what suits your tastes.

While I favor those, Taito is also the only anime pairing I don’t entirely mind seeing adult content of, as long as 1) there’s some nice story to enjoy and 2) the drawings don’t stray from erotica. Erotica doesn’t portray intimacy in a disrespectul manner and doesn’t usually get more graphic than necessary.

That explained, some of my personal favourite Taito doujinshi include:

  • Going to bed Tales by Nobita Nobi / Gekkou Touzoku - this is a bitter-sweet story that focuses on Taichi’s growth and how he learns to deal this new feeling called “loneliness”. It’s PG and really cute in my opinion.
  • Sunday Music by Nobita Nobi / Takahashi Mako - A small collection of stories between Taichi and Yamato. Pure fluff, PG.
  • Family Complex by Nobita Nobi - This one is the best thing ever! I wish I could understand evertyhing lol, but I can provide a summary of sorts:

Summary: One day Hiroaki arrives home with food for him and Yamato both, but he finds Yamato there along with Taichi and they have already finished eating what Yamato cooked. Hiroaki gets super depressed when Yamato says there’s nothing left for him. Of course, his father feels resentful of how Taichi always gets to eat and spend time with Yamato instead of him, completely cluesless to the fact they are lovers.

So, Hiroaki re-arranges everything at work so he can dedicate more time to Yamato and he actually starts showing up home earlier. This leaves Taichi in an awkward position because apparently he does go there quite a lot. lol Yamato saves the day by arriving just in time, he and Taichi talk for a bit but they don’t have privacy anymore, not with Hiroaki around. Hiroaki tries to cook at some point but he fails and lets everything burn, so of course Yamato and Taichi’s kiss is interrupted when he rushes to Yamato’s bedroom in a state of panic. Yamato goes to help. When they’re done eating Yamato casually asks Taichi to leave when he’s done. This apparently never hapened before, Taichi gets really depressed, thinking he should have known better and that it’s only natural for Yamato to be with his family instead.

Hiroaki keeps making sure he gets home early so Taichi doesn’t feel confortable with going there to eat (LOL). So one day Taichi is eating with his own family (the Yagami family is all hyped because Susumu - Taichi’s father . is showing up on some random TV comercial lol). Taichi is depressed that he isn’t with Yamato anymore and when he suddenly realises he can’t be a family with Yamato anyway he suddenly starts crying (the Yagami family freaks out and ask him immediately what’s wrong lol). 

Takeru finds Taichi eating alone one day and surprises him by smiling and saying he already knows everything about how he and Yamato are a couple (Taichi gets spooked). Yamato calls Taichi and invites him to come over and he’s so relieved Takeru feels happy for him. Well, Taichi and Yamato have sex (it’s the only NSFW part) but somehow they start arguing and Taichi leaves, feeling worse than before.

Later, Takeru decides to help them sort it out somehow. They’re forced into a conversation and when Taichi finally explains his worries, Yamato calls him stupid, it’s not like he has a proper family with his parents divorced anyway. Yamato blushes and admits that he loves him much to Taichi’s relief and happiness.

And this time they have some privacy… thank to Takeru, who decides to butt in and happily convinces his father to hang out with him instead. It works and Hiroaki even gets to meet his ex-wife. This one is really sweet.

  • Out of the Blue by Nobita Nobi - another story Hiroaki makes Taichi and Yamato’s intimate life a constant struggle. It’s NSFW but I swear the humor wouldn’t be as hilarious as it is without it. This one is translated to English, no need for a long summary like the one above.
  • Things to come by Nobita Nobi - this may as well be one of my top favourites, because it starts with Sorato, it leaves us some hints of Taiora, and ends with Taito. It happens around the time Diaboromon invades Odaiba, with that photo of Taichi doing a V-sing in front of his wet bedsheets and that other picture of Yamato hanging out with Sora in front of a sex bar (I don’t know how you call it) both spread around the internet. There’s two NSFW scenes.
  • Happy Blue by Nobita Nobi - it’s a really short story about the never stopping flow of time and growth. Some NSFW but nothing too heavy.
  • Brother Mission & Umbrella by Nobita Nobi - When I first read this I actually found Takeru oddly invested in Yamato, but the story works so surprisingly well I find it hard to not like it. xD

Summary: The story begins with Yamato asking Taichi if he has found “it”, to which he replies with a sad “no”. When Koushirou meets them both on the way to school and asks what’s wrong he absolutely freaks out: Taichi has lost his digivice!!

Of course Taichi pretends he doesn’t care, he calls Koushirou a child like he’s just overreacting and goes away. Yamato follows him, maybe it’s not lost yet. Taichi insists it’s lost and acts like he has long ago given up on searching. He fakes a smile and says it’s can’t be helped, he can’t stay a child forever.

The story consists of Taichi trying to convince himself it’s time for him to grow up, he can’t be there for Agumon anymore, everybody around him is changing (there’s a panel of Yamato and Sora in the Christmas episode). He doesn’t really want to change, but life forces people to.

Yamato gets worried, Taichi isn’t at school and finds out he’s skipping classes. He goes to the Yagami’s where Taichi has locked himself in this bedroom. His mother thanks Yamato and asks him to do something about his stupid son (LOL), but it doesn’t work. Yuuko and Hikari are disappointed not even Yamato managed to make him open the door.

Even a shut-in needs to eat, so Taichi is caught when he tries to sneak food out of the kitchen. He runs away when he sees Yamato there. Yamato follows him all the way to Odaiba’s beach. In a “tri-fashion” Yamato tells this doesn’t look like Taichi at all, to which Taichi replies what the hell does that even mean, he doesn’t know him all that well. Yamato is shocked and tries to argue, but Taichi suddenly asks about Sora. Yamato is flustered and replies there’s nothing going on. Taichi doesn’t believe him. “It was a date” he says.

I can’t read most of it at this point, but I think Yamato says something about liking Sora but wondering if it’s really “that way”. Taichi tells him this is why he’s still a kid (LOL). He rambles about more things I’m not sure of, but, yeah. Yamato pretends to throw his own digivice to the ocean just to make Taichi’s mask fall and cut the crap. He does freak out. Yamato apologizes two or three times for tricking him but whatever. There’s a kiss. They ALMOST do it right there… Koushirou interrupts them when he shows up with a solution for the lost digivice.

Taichi’s suddenly happy and relieved because apparently the digivice was in his house all along (WHY IS IT ALWAYS LIKE THIS I SWEAR TO GOD) Yamato punches him right there (LOL) and is totally pissed at this point. XD

But Taichi has an epiphany and suddenly realises even if everything changes Yamato is still with him and yeah Taichi is a moron. But this one is cute.

  • Sakura no Toki by Kadota Sakana - it happens soon after WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon combine in the Our WarGame movie. They start wondering about how it felt. Nothing especial happens but the art is very cute.

There’s more, much more, but I’m ending this here for now.

As you may have noticed I’m building a new list of doujinshi. I don’t necessarily love to death everything I have there but since my goal is simply to share all sources I know of, be patient with me and I’ll keep adding more titles. I’m really slow in this.

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I'm so scared because I have a huge Spanish exam today. Can I have some support?

Scribbles’ shout is silenced by loud horns and sirens being blasted in the background. 
Anti and Natemare are top a table with flashing lights and speakers around them as they yell into a pair of microphones. 
“YOU’RE GONNA DO AMAZING!” Anti bellowed. 

You see Dark approach the table with a scornful expression, his hand takes a hold of the corner and he flips the piece of furniture. Spilling the two to the ground and crashing the sirens and speakers to the floor. 
He smoothed down his coat and approached you, applying a small smile to his lips. 
“Do not be scared, my dear. You will do well. You’re hard work will pay off in due time.”

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Have no chemistry 😂😂😂bitch are we watching the same show 😂😂😂 you know what, I don't even know why I'm wasting my time on your dumb ass😂😂😂 for a ship THaTS NEVEr gOInG to happened. Gurl BYE

hi there my fellow bitch, see i truly feel sorry for your brain because not only can you not read but you also are dense af. what everyone who ships jalec has been asking is for you m@lecs to ‘ship and let ship’ and stay in your own damn corner of the fandom. i don’t even know what your dumbass was doing in my inbox in the first place. bye felicia and stay gone. i need to burn some sage to purify my blog from your sorry ass

The ways in which I will love you

1. Truly
I won’t keep writing cheesy love poems or keep complimenting you. I will say what I think and be verbal about things you can work on, about what I don’t particularly like because there will be somethings I won’t.

2. I will love you.
There will be no reason.
Not any particular thing but you as a whole.
So you can change and grow, you can progress and you can evolve. As long as you’re you at the core, you have all my love.

3. I will be open to exploring your interests.
I may not care about sports but if that’s something you care about, I will ask you to teach me and I will sincerely learn and take interest.

4. Whatever path it may be, you won’t walk alone. On rainy days, I will share my umbrella and on windy days I will not make fun of your hair. On sunny ones I will share my ice cream and when your shoes are worn out, I will stop with you and help you fix them. Or wait until you find new ones that are just the right fit.

5. I will accept and try to love your crazy family as my own. I understand how complicated and unbelievable families can be but I do know the base is always love.

6. I will give you all my maps and some flashlights too so you can go on to explore parts of me I don’t display. There won’t be anything you will not know if you want to. I won’t let you read my diaries but I will let you read my soul.

7. I will step out of the goof closet I have been living in all my life and show you who I really am and make you laugh and smile and blush and yell.

8. I will say yes to adventure and to crazy sexual desires and have long lists of my very own I will like to explore with you.

9. I won’t cook or clean and I won’t be sorry about it. But I will keep your heart fed and the dark corners of your mind clean.

10. I won’t demand your phone/social media/bank passwords because all I really want is to look in your eyes and know what you’re thinking, to touch you and know what you’re feeling and to love a person I know as well and as little as myself.
As little as myself is only stating the disregard for the expectations and standards of the society and people and the masks we are given to wear on every birthday.

11. I will love the lazy Sundays at home as well as all the days we forget what day of the week it is or what time it really is because we are lost in time zones, on airplanes and in between magic.

12. When we argue I will never not stay silent or keep anything on the inside. I will get it all out so that there is never anything ugly left to grow on the inside.


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Bells might just be the earliest form of superstitious practise that I remember. My baba attached three sakura-patterned suzu bells on my schoolbag as a kid, purportedly for good luck and protection from evil spirits – and Japan is far from the only place to have associated bells and bellringing with mystic practise. They’ve been used worldwide to ward off evil and carry messages – and in a more metaphysical sense, sound is the movement of energy through substance. Sounds have the potential to work powerful magic.

Here are some of the ways I’ve found utilising bells to be helpful to my craft. While I’m more likely to use traditional suzu type bells, your own background, path and culture will likely have its own types of bells – and as ever, bells can be ornate antiques or they can be a bottle cap in a tin can, as long as they’re used with intent.


🔔 As with so much of the craft, if you’re new to the witching bell, it’s a matter of exploration and experimentation. Get a “feel” for what works for you and the specific bell you’re using.

🔔 It’s good practise to ensure that the bell itself is cleansed, warded and protected – you don’t want anything nasty tapping into that power. All witching tools can do as much harm as good, intentional or accidental.

🔔 A good way to begin incorporating bells into your craft is infuse them into any typical ritual that you’re comfortable with, or even just a prayer or moment of contemplation at your altar if you have one.

🔔 Give the bell a soft ring while focusing on the energy it’ll ripple and move, try to track the movements it creates and what it touches. The tone it’s sending out.  The most primal and versatile use of the bell – and what many of the below come down to – is simply another manner of physically channelling energy, giving it shape and direction.


🔔 “Passive” bells such as windchimes or small bells attached to belongings you don’t want disturbed are a starting point. They will scare off some forms of spirit all by themselves, especially if appropriately blessed, charmed or enchanted. Or cursed.

🔔 Gently tolling can draw energy into a ward or circle you are forming and enforce its protective properties, or for a simple cleanse, letting the sound travel to every corner of the area you are protecting. It’s a little more “cutting” than a smoke or incense cleansing, which I view as more “gentle” forms of cleansing. Both have their uses.

🔔 Harder tolling is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful ways in which to enforce a banishing – however, it’s best to you know what you’re doing with the bell before you go bashing it about.


🔔 Bells can have quite the effect on your perception and awareness. Ringing and then stopping, listening to the silence left in its wake, can bring you new perceptions or make things you’d previously missed obvious. Let it attune your mind and senses to something new, whether that’s in your thoughts or something with a little more presence. Visualise travelling with the sound, taking heed of the energies it touches and disturbs. Take note of the echoes – you’ll learn what they mean with experience.

🔔 A set of windchimes can let you know if something is passing through or if there’s some unusual energy afoot – and, yes, it may also just be letting you know that it’s a particularly breezy day, but that’s witchcraft for you.


🔔 This can be as simple as calling good energies to witching tools, spell jars, tarot decks, crystals, altars and shrines, your favourite teddy bar, anything at all.

🔔 With spirit work, it can truly help to magnify your “calling”. This can range from gently bringing your latest offering to the attention of your friendly neighbourhood house spirit – all the way to trying to catch the attention of something more. Be mindful, however. As I said, I consider bells pretty powerful tools and a call that’s too loud is not good spirit work practise for the spirit worker’s own sake. It can really help coax something out of hiding if you’re gentle with it, though.


🔔 Some use bells to mark the beginning and end of a ritual, and I’ve read that in Wiccan practise an altar bell can be used to invoke the Goddess, although as a non-Wiccan, I’ll welcome corrections on that if I’m wrong.

🔔 In my experience, very simple forms of communication via bell work a lot better than anything too complex – “come here” and “stay away” have already been covered, and other than that they can serve as greetings or signals of a start or end of some practise or ritual, the opening or closing of a door, etc.

🔔 They can also serve as a warning or a litmus test regarding spirits, a signalling of your presence and awareness, lack of fear, or willingness to defend – but be prepared to deal with whatever responses these garner.


🔔 Bindings are where you most often see that famous (clockwise) circular motion of the bell, embodying the meaning of the spell. This can be a simple binding to seal a spell or charm or enchantment, or a spirit-binding.

🔔 Personally, spirit-binding is something I do as little as possible simply due to my beliefs holding the autonomy of spirits in very high regard. However, sometimes situations arise that call for it, and I’m aware that not all bindings are unwilling. Far from it – and some spirits are dangerous when unbound.

🔔 As an animist (believing that all things, including inanimate objects, contain a spirit of their own), I consider gently nudging a spirit back into its physical form a sort of semi-binding, and that can be useful.

I’ll leave you all with a note that I am an urban apartment-dwelling witch through and through, so I understand that we can’t all be jangling away at all hours. I myself have a glass windchime in my front window that makes a distinct but muted sound when disturbed by passers-through, and highly recommend wooden ones also. I also only use my small and relatively quiet suzu bell for my crafting – one given to me by my baba herself.

Feel free to add any of your own findings, and happy tolling.

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If possible please show off some more of pet shops SSStier bullshit nonsense. People need to know this bird is NOT NICE

ye, so there’s a plethora of reasons why petshop is considered “petshop tier”, and is usually super-duper banned when the game is played competitively, probably a lot more than i’m aware of but i’ll tell you what i can

much of petshop’s bullshit revolves around this move right here, these ceiling icicles. it’s performed by holding down Light, Medium or Heavy and releasing. all 3 can be held down at the same time

these icicles hit high, is an important thing to keep in mind here

being able to charge up these icicles by holding down the buttons you’re not currently using basically means you always have some way to apply pressure and scare your opponent into blocking, which is what you want because that means you can do this shit

if timed properly there is zero way to block this, and it leads into petshop’s basic bread-and-butter combo

did i mention his bread-and-butter combo does 100% damage, by the way? because that’s a thing, and is probably the #1 reason he’s banned

if his opponent isn’t in the corner he can’t do the unblockable high/low shit as effectively, but he can still get left/right mixups thanks to his “teleport”

but even without this “teleport”, the icicles still leave him with an effective way to keep the opponent away from him, and SPEAKING OF

his keepaway can be really strong and really annoying, because his primary projectiles are done with the Stand button, i.e. NOT any of the buttons used for his ceiling icicles. this allows him to use both at the same time, and it can make him really hard to approach

capcom must’ve been at least somewhat aware of how good he was, because petshop’s projectiles do not deal chip damage. that’s not much of a fix when his actual combos do 100%, but it does at the very least incentivize him to come to you when you have a life lead. this is what you want, because if you hafta chase after him you’re gonna hafta wade through a minefield

petshop also has crazy mobility, moreso than any other character. he can freely fly around (he has no jump, though), dash in 6 directions and can pretty easily escape from danger when he manages to get trapped in a corner. it’s a big problem. 

he also outright avoids a decent amount of low attacks just by floating there, so he can be hard to even land hits on once you DO get close enough, especially if your character’s reliable combo starters happened to be lows

a character having one or two of these qualities would be great, but petshop has all of them. he can do whatever the fuck he wants and there’s not much anybody can do about it. my advice is to main petshop–that’s what i did!

i probably missed some shit, truth be told i’m not super knowledgeable about this game (or jojo in general). if anyone wants to know more, i recommend asking @grooveonfight, they can tell you a lot more than i can!


jacksonwang852g7: No matter what, it was always there right beside me. Thank you so much for walking with me till this point today. All the scars you have, the fact that you have to bump against all other luggage cases, also the fact that you have to carry heavy weights all the time, it was all because of me. I am sorry. And I couldn’t even imagine about leaving you. Sigh… actually when I bought my new luggage case yesterday, after cleaning up all the stuff out. I felt so sad after looking at you standing at the corner of the room alone with all the scars you have. Thank you so much my luggage case,and I promise, no other luggage case will replace you. Thank you again and I love you.

Enough with this anti Otayuri crap.

Let’s start by saying that I’m not a hardcore Otayuri fan; I don’t mind them, I just like Viktuuri better. 

Now, ship hate is nothing new: always has been, always will be -cause some people are just incapable of sharing their opinions without bashing and flaming. You have the right to dislike a certain ship if it’s toxic or unhealthy (like Sasuke/Sakura for me) or abusive (like Sangwoo/Yoonbum for me… still read KS though, I’m a sucker for psychological horror) or illegal (like Sebastian/Ciel in probably every industrialized country in the world, but I mind my own business), or simply triggering. You have the right to state your reasons.

You don’t have the right to be an asshole without a reason though.

Here a piece of advice: you think that Otabek is a pedophile? That Otayuri is unacceptable for age reasons?


If it makes you feel that way, it’s your opinion. Your own perception. If thinking about a relationship between two teenagers of 16 and 19 respectively makes you feel uncomfortable because your idea of age of consent is different from the one stated by the law, it’s a matter of opinion. Every opinion matters, but you have to keep in mind that Otayuri has shippers from all over the world, and the age of consent might vary. 

Here’s some data:

In many countries (at least in most of European/Western countries) the age of consent is set at 14-16. For example, where I come from (Italy, one of the most close-minded country I’ve ever seen, but things are slowly changing, thank God) it’s perfectly acceptable to have sex if you’re at least 14 -of course the consent is invalidated with partners who have custody or some kind of institutional power over you). In Italy you can even have sex at 13, but in this case your partner must be a minor him/herself and 3 years older tops, otherwise it’s punishable. So in Europe Otayuri is generally legal.

I don’t know much about American law, but I know for sure that A) the age of consent varies from State to State, and B) the most common one is 16. Same goes for Canada. So in Northern America Otayuri is generally legal as well. 

Yuri!!!! on Ice is a Japanese show. Kubo Mitsoru is Japanese. In Japan the age of consent is set at 13 (although in some prefectures every sexual act conducted on a minor is considered illegal, while in Tokyo the age consent is 17). Guess what? With some variation, in Japan Otayuri is legal.

In Kazakistan? Here the age of consent is set at 16, regardless of consent and sexual orientation (yes, in some countries taking it up the ass makes a difference, don’t ask me why). I’m getting tired of repeating myself, but according to the law of Kazakistan Otayuri is legal. 

This leaves Russia. “Article 134. Sexual Intercourse and Other Actions of Sexual Character with a Person Who Has Not Reached the Age of Sixteen Years: Sexual intercourse committed by a person who has reached the age of eighteen years with a person who has not reached the age of sixteen years shall be punishable […]”. That means that even in Nohomoland™ Otayuri would be legal. 

So, as you can see, most of these antis are not simply stating their opinion, which would be their right if they were to respect others as well. Otayuri is legal in almost every industrialized country (Arabia and Islamic countries are another matter, and I’m definetly not getting started on that), so why the fuck are people talking about pedophilia?!? Do you even know what a pedophile is? Apparently you don’t, and you’re lucky you don’t. 

A pedophile is the old beggar at the corner of the street who tried to shove his hands under my sister’s shirt when she was 5. A pedophile is a sick person, a dangeros person, a criminal who lusts after children. 

If that’s what you think of this when you watch YOI and see an Otayuri moment, then you’re lucky enough to not know what a real pedophile is. 

Keep in mind that every data I collected is taken from the Internet, since I’m not a law student nor I have access to legal data from the other side of the world, but I tried to be as accurate as possible. What I’m trying to say is that, if Otayuri makes you feel uncomfortable because of the age difference, you don’t have to bash other people because of it: every country has its own code in the matter, although there’s a general tendency, and that has nothing to do with ship wars. And keep in mind that the age of consent matter is an ongoing debate because it has little to do with age per se and more with psychological maturity. I mean, if we were to listen to Mother Nature, women would have the right to have sex at 12, 10 in some cases, since their bodies can bear children, right? 

It. Is. A. Matter. Of. Perspective. 

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This is me opening up a request for mild one-sided sheith. Where Keith once had a crush on shiro and lance is a bit jealous and gets into an argument with Keith over his crush, but Keith yells at lance and tells him he doesn't like shiro anymore and that he likes someone else. lance is confused and confides in hunk because of this mystery person Keith's crushing on and he hates that it's not him although it is.

this request was super interesting to me and i really hope this is kind of what you were looking for… 

i plan to end this happily in a part 2 if anyone is interested lmao but i thought i’d leave this kinda angsty since so many people have been sending me messages like “MOM I NEED LANGST/KLANGST PLS IM DYIN GIVE IT TO ME” and i just don’t understand why you want our precious boys to be sad???? lmfao

*curled up in a corner crying softly* why does everyone want me to hurt my son

Imagine: At some point, Taako becomes obsessed with mirrors. Not in a vain way, as people keep accusing him, but because he catches a glimpse of his face in the mirror out of the corner of his eye and it hurts and the hurt is gone and then he’s just looking at himself in the mirror, trying to figure out what just happened

It’s usually only a few minutes at a time, but those minutes add up until it’s hours per week and days per year just looking for something he can’t find.

He laughs off any comments, usually - “Have you seen my face, my dude? It’s perfect! Of course I like to look at it.”

It’s not just the possible return to his cooking show that makes him hesitate in Wonderland when he has to sacrifice his beauty.

After they beat Wonderland and settle down for the night, he pulls out the Pocket Spa again - and for the first time in a long time there’s no ghost in the mirror out of the corner of his eye.

(A day and a drink of ichor later, he finally remembers who he was trying to find in his own face.)



  • Please Know That I’m Yours to Keep by pressurerin
    Summary: hogwarts!au; “Remember how I was making amortentia for my final potions project? Well, Isak ate some. And now…” Even gestured towards the way Isak was currently trying to lick his neck. OR; Even accidentally gives Isak a love potion.

  • I Guess I’m Floating by overestless
    Summary: Living with Isak causes Even to discover some of his habits.

  • all things soft and beautiful and bright by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: Isak should’ve known it was a bad idea from the second he saw the Pinterest recipe, but - Well. He’s never claimed to be any good at saying no to Even.


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  • Someone: *doesn't like or shits on McElroy content*
  • Me: I don't need this negativity in my life

I wish I had an outlet for my more upsetting thoughts - the really dark shit that creeps in from the corners and takes root in the background. Even when I’m having a good time, it’s still there, impossible to ignore completely.

I can’t blog about it, obviously. I can’t talk to friends or family - the response is either “that upsets me, don’t talk to me about that” or “you should see a therapist”. If I talk about it to a therapist, all they offer are distraction techniques or advice a for more positive outlook. What fucking good is that to me? I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t think it was absolutely true. I am terrified by external problems that get worse every day because people ignore them or pretend they’re not real. I just want to be able to talk about that without having to politely tiptoe around so as not to freak anybody out and make them mad at or concerned for me.

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Super important prompt: what was the boy squad doing leading up to Isak's insta post.

This is super important, which is why I have bumped it up on the list. Okay here we go. 

“This is a terrible idea” Mahdi states as the boys walk around the corner to kaffebrenneriet. 

“What the fuck?” Magnus screeches “this is a great idea. Trust us man.”

They all pull a chair out and sit at a table outside near one of the windows to the cafe. 

Isak licks his lips before nodding “Mahdi was right. This is a terrible idea.” 

Jonas laughs and shakes his head “oh come on don’t act like my ideas have never worked before.” 

“yeah but this time it’s half Magnus’s idea” 

“EXACTLY!” Mahdi exclaims already getting up from his chair. 

“Mahdi sit down” Jonas orders, trying desperately to calm the squad down. “it’s gonna work.” 

Mahdi reluctantly sits back in the chair with his shoulders slumped as he chews on his lip anxiously. 

“So which one is she?” Magnus asks grinning. 

“shhhh can you try to be less obvious?” 

Isak and Jonas raise their eyebrows at each other because they both knew the answer was no and that Mahdi was head over heels. 

“Is it her?” Jonas asked, nodding at a brunette clearing a table next to them. 

Mahdi shook his head. 

“What about him?” Magnus asked pointing straight at a guy taking someones order. 

“Nei Magnus” 

Jonas and Isak laughed 

“What I can’t remember if you said it was a girl or not. and he’s hot right Isak?” 

Isak leant back in his chair with a smug smile painted across his face. “nah not my type.” 

“You’re so whipped man.” Jonas shook his head grinning proudly at his best friend. 

Isak shrugged, smiling. 

“oh wait is it her?” Isak asked as he spotted a blonde girl. 

“oh my god you guys are awful at this.” 

“she’s pretty though.” Jonas said. 

“yeah hot!” Magnus agreed. 

Isak squinted his eyes and angled his head like he was looking at an abstract painting he just couldn’t get. 

“I think i’m too gay for this.” 

The boys roared with laughter, the warmth of the joke making Mahdi finally relax a little. 

Suddenly a short girl with glasses, wearing an army jacket under her apron, and her purple hair tied up in a bun on the top of her head walked out with a tray of coffees. 

“that’s her” Mahdi mumbled. 

“what?” Magnus asked confused 

Mahdi’s eyes nearly fell out when he stared at Magnus trying to convey what he meant “that’s heeerrr” he said between his teeth. 

“ahhh” the boys sang together. Mahdi rolled his eyes at how long it took them. 

Isak smiled “She’s cool.” 

“And cute” Jonas agreed. 

Mahdi smiled “yeah we met at a save the planet meeting” 

they all stared at him. 

“What? I care about the environment!” 

“Sure you do…” Jonas smirked and rolled his eyes “just like Even cared so much about kossegruppa.” 

Isak ignored him “anyway what’s the plan then?” 

Jonas and Magnus looked at each other in silence. 

“Hello? Plan?” Mahdi pressed, getting anxious. 

“ugh well…” Magnus began 

“This is as far as we got.” Jonas finished. 

Mahdi facepalmed “you have got to be kidding me.” 

“it’s not our fault! We were planning on Even being here to you know, take over…” Magnus said. 

“Yeah where the hell is he anyway?” Jonas asked Isak. 

Isak grinned cockily “i’m making him study for his math exam.” 

“Making him?” Mahdi asked

“How the hell could you-” 

the moment Isak’s cheeks turned pink the boys chuckled as Jonas waved his hand in the air, shaking his question away. “nope nevermind, I don’t want to know.” 

“Okay” Isak said, clapping his hands ready to take over. “this is what we’re going to do.” 

“Quick does anyone have any asprin?” Jonas interjected. 

Isak glared “that’s not my only move jackass.” 

“How about you go up to her and tell her-” 

“No Magnus” the boys said simultaneously. 

“Okay, Mahdi, you go and order us coffee.” 

Mahdi stared at him.

Isak stared back

Mahdi raised his eyebrows. “That’s it?” 

Isak smiled “that’s all there is to it.” 

Mahdi groaned, “I can’t believe i’m doing this” before standing up. 

Jonas clapped as Magnus cheered and Isak threw his head back laughing. 

“you all suck” Mahdi said before walking in to the cafe. 

“so how do you think he’s gonna do?” Jonas asked as soon as he walked inside. 


“he’s probably gonna pass out before he gets to the counter.” 

Jonas shook his head “you guys are horrible friends.” 

“hey it took me and Vilde like months to get together! How long did it take Evak?” he asked Isak. 

Isak thought about it. “well, we nearly kissed 3 weeks after we met…actually kissed a week after that but then we weren’t official until…like what a month? or actually maybe-

“We get it. It was complicated.” Jonas interrupted. Isak replied by sticking his tongue out at him. 

“real mature.” 

“so yeah it’s realistic for us to assume he will bomb out the first few times. It’s just how it is.” Magnus said wisely, shrugging at his insightful knowledge. 

Finally after ten minutes Mahdi walked out with a plate of Waffles. 

“So how did it go? Isak asked, just as Mahdi shoved half a waffle in his mouth. 

“Oh! Good. We’re going out on friday.” he mumbled through the mouthful of waffle. 

Magnus’s chin nearly hit the ground “you got…you got a date?” 

Mahdi nodded confused “wasn’t that the plan?” 

Isak grinned “nice one Mahdi.” 

Jonas high-fived him. 

Magnus was still in shock. “but…but….it’s supposed to- you were meant to- what about bombing out?” 

the boys laughed. 

“oh and she gave me free waffles!” Mahdi said proudly, staring at the plate with heart eyes. 

“she’s definitely a keeper.”  Isak nodded in approval. 

“see Mahdi you should appreciate us. Look, our plan work.” 

“your plan sucked” he replied. 

Isak nodded “yeah it did.” 

Jonas rolled his eyes. “Shut up and lets take a photo to commemorate this moment.” 

the boys all huddled together. Jonas struggled with his phone “do i…do I stand here, or should it.”

Magnus pointed at the screen, “maybe if you flip it” 

“but then we won’t be able to see what we look like” Isak stated. 

“Will someone just press the button?” Mahdi said. 

“I think i’m pressing” 

“wait you’re pressing?” 

“Yeah i’m not sure but - oh shit it’s taking photos” 

“it’s taking photos?” 

“oh fuck it was on burst mode.” 

the boys looked through the photos together. 

“Yeah that looks about right.” Isak said 

the boys agreed in unison. 

“Who wants to go get pizza? I promised Even if he studied for his math exam I would bring him home some.” 

The boys all stared at him in surprise.

“What?” Isak asked. “What the fuck did you think I meant?” 

Mahdi shook his head “nothing.” 

“oh yeah nothing I totally thought you meant bribing him with food” Jonas said as they all began walking off. 

“What?’ Magnus asked finally catching on to the conversation 

“OH I thought you meant sex.” he shouted, earning a punch in the arm from Isak.