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Eye-cathing || Jeon jungkook

“Crap, I’m gonna be so late for school!” You couldn’t help but curse as you looked at your phone to check the time, oh how behind schedule you were. Running was all you could do at this point. As you sped up your pace you took a turn to your left to the market, which was a shorter path and all you saw was a giant crowd.

And how wouldn’t it be, that damn market was always crowded, how on Earth have you thought it wouldn’t be? You had no choice, nothing to do but push your way through it. Already in, you looked around, and now any path that seemed clear for you to go through at first now felt like it was blocked from your sight. The crowd was massive, and all you wanted was to turn back and go the long way. Not really able to stand big crowds, you felt overwhelmed, and everyone was moving so fast people just looked like one big blurry frame.

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Headcanon that Oikawa has the entire Mamma Mia soundtrack on his phone and has every song memorized by heart.

Like he sings Honey Honey to Iwaizumi all the time.

Him, Kuroo, and Bokuto go to the same college and Dancing Queen plays during practice because they’re using his phone for music and it’s on shuffle and Kuroo and Bokuto freeze and break out into song with Oikawa.

That turns into their song and they slowly start to learn the others and they spend a night watching the sing along version of the movie and Bokuto and Kuroo really get into Lay All Your Love On Me.

I have to go have dinner with my extended family for my paps 80th birthday and i don’t have the energy for it tbh.

I got the base of the skirt done today; and i wanna say the layers wont be that hard to add, but every time i say something like that, it goes horribly wrong.

*extends leg* i love stress

i’ve always wondered if poe questioned (or even hated) his parents’ decision.  i know, he loves them dearly,  but don’t you think poe hasn’t thought of the possible decisions his parents could have thought of since they have a child already like, they could have said no to the missions that caused their death since they already have a son - poe.  guys, don’t think about poe feeling abandoned after he realized that his parents had a choice, him or them (the rebels).  he knows that his parents only wanted a normal life for him that’s why they were fighting for the rebel alliance.  but think about young poe (between the age of 14-17 years old), being stubborn and resentful about his parents because he believes that they chose the war over him.  imagine young poe getting mad at leia because he thinks she pushed his parents away from him by letting them go and fight for the war.  just think about it.


sneak peek of how lucifer’s thought process went when he tried to act like cas around dean