what i have done

So I drew a single kid Stanley and then-

Adventure with Traffic Cone and Hedgehog

This May I was privileged to visit England, Wales, and Scotland.  As a David Tennant and Broadchurch fan, I made sure to visit West Bay as well.  I took along some pocket friends to recreate some iconic scenes from Broadchurch. This is my first (and probably only) adventure in perspective photography so please be kind.  

Let me introduce Traffic Cone (aka Ellie Miller) & Hedgehog (aka Alec Hardy).

Here they are reminiscing at Hardy’s little blue hut.

Checking out the view from Hardy’s big white house on the hill.

Checking out the scene of the crime at the Briar Cliff Hut

Angsting on the beach together on this stormy day.

Last but not least, Traffic Cone and Hedgehog doing their iconic scene on the pier benches with the background cliffs.

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Theory time

So from the info I’ve gathered… I found out @therealjacksepticeye may be doing a colab with @markiplier… But not just any colab… A Dark and Anti colab.
Here I am wondering, how is that gonna work?
Jack said that Anti couldn’t meet dark because of “reasons” he’d rather keep hush hush about.
But…What if Anti couldn’t meet dark, because he wasn’t Corporeal! He needs a physical body in order to meet him
And what if that body was CHASE
Chase is a ego that lives in the Real world. (He posts videos on YouTube for a living) so what if instead of trying to take over jack(which is difficult because of Jack’s morals and good/strong will) He takes over Chase. Chase is in a rough patch in his life. His wife is divorcing him, and she is taking the kids. So wouldn’t that be easier? To have someone vulnerable.
You can’t just kill someone and take over their body without the flesh rotting and decaying…
Maybe there is a special process for this to happen.
What if Doctor Schneeplestien was corrupted in order to come up with a way to kill chase, but keep the body stable.
A way for Anti to permanently take control!

anonymous asked:

*Sips coffee* Hey, remember when we all started getting worried about the titles in Jack's videos? Good times....haha-what have we done? O_O

*also drinks coffee* I do remember.

What calmer, nicer, more peaceful times those were, huh? Titles were all that we had to worry about… But not anymore.

“What have we done?”

Everything. Anything that happens in Anti’s next appearance will be all our fault.

sometimes my mom will ask me if i have any advice to help my little sister navigate the treacherous waters of high school and i will never understand why she thinks i can help because in high school i

  • had such a goddamn mess of a backpack it took me ten minutes to find everything, which you would think would inspire me to organize it, but instead i started keeping a rubber chicken and a giant key and a wooden spoon and a fake bag of blood in there so that while i was hunting for my homework i would end up pulling these things out thus transforming my inability to find anything into a hilarious bit instead of a failure of executive function
  • would intermittently become convinced that i had a really obvious moustache and everyone was going to be staring at my awful girlstache, so i would paint on a clark gable stache with liquid eyeliner, thus ensuring that everyone would definitely be staring at my moustache and i wasn’t just paranoid
  • would have emotionally delicate days where i could tell i was going to end up crying for no goddamn reason so i would bring a three-foot tall stuffed toy dog with me, because a teenaged girl crying for no reason is a cliche but a teenaged girl crying into a comically large stuffed dog is performance art
  • dropped out after two years because i felt like i got the gist

What was that? Did you want me to post one of the forever-inconsistent portraits of my hot babes? Alright sure, why not.

Edit: I actually kind of want to see people color this. If you’re up for it, go ahead!!