what i don't like is her outfit they put her in

judging by his fave colors in Gift of the Card, this is roughly what I think Marco might actually look like in season 3, assuming trans marco comes true. 

She might have her princess marco eyelashes too but a)that was harder than simple recoloring and b) “put eyelashes on it to make it female” wouldn’t be a terrible trope to avoid.  I mean it’s ok if they do but it might be more ok if they actually don’t. 

i mean mostly i just wanted to see how this color scheme would look, let’s be honest. 

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Caryl fics, one lonely night on the road ( you pick season)

Sorry it took so long!!

Set in season 5/6


Ever since they got to Alexandria, Carol has been itching to get outside of the walls. The Suzie Homemaker outfit and act she had to put on was killing her.

Being outside the walls was what she needed. She felt like a caged animal. And showing them who she really is, is not something she wants to do. Not until it’s time for them to take over Alexandria.

Carol was making breakfast for her family when she heard soft, light footsteps coming up behind her.

“Hey.” Daryl said softly from behind her.

Hearing the soft, gentle voice that she knows he only uses with her soothes her. She stops what she’s and turns around.

“Hi.” She says with a real, genuine smile on her face.

Daryl smiles back, “I’m going on a run. Want to go with me?” He asks.

Finally. She’s been waiting for someone or something to get her out of here, “Yes. When do we leave?” She asks.

Daryl bites his thumb, “I was thinking mid afternoon. It’ll be a few days. Ya okay with that?”

She nods instantly, “Yes. I’ll get ready after breakfast.” She turns around and goes back to making breakfast.

Daryl clears his throat, “A'right. Can ya do me a favor? Please don’t wear that ridiculous outfit.” He says heading to the back door.

Carol turns her head to the left and catches his eye, “If you wanted me to take my clothes off all you had to do was ask.” She says winking.

“Stop.” He mutters and heads outside.

Carol chuckles and continues her work.


After lunch carol grabs her bag and waits for Daryl on the porch. Michonne walks up the steps with Judith hitched on her hip.

“You sure you want to go with him? I’m sure Glenn or Rick would be happy to.” Michonne says placing Judith down on the porch.

“Michonne you know I need to be out there. It’s driving me crazy behind these walls, plastering this smile on my face, and wearing those stupid clothes.” Carol whispers.

Michonne nods, “I know. Be careful out there.” She grabs Judith hand and walks inside the house.

Daryl comes out the door after them and stops next to her chair, “Ready?” He asks looking down at her.

“As I’ll ever be.” She smiles.

Carol grabs her bag and follows Daryl to the car he has parked in front of the gate. Daryl tosses his bag in the back seat and climbs into the drivers seat.

Carol opens the back door and places her bag on the backseat and takes her place in the passenger seat.

“Alright pookie. Let’s go.” She says snapping her fingers.

“Stop.” He chuckles.

Rosita opens the gates and they take off.


Before nightfall they found a little house hidden in the woods. Didn’t need much clearing out and it was protected enough so they both could get some sleep.

Carol is sitting by the fire that she has going in the fireplace, while Daryl’s perched on the windowsill taking watch.

“Daryl?” Carol asks looking at him.

“Yeah?” He asks glancing at her.

“Why don’t you talk to me much anymore? Ever since we got to Alexandria, you’ve pulled away from me.” She whispers.

Daryl stand up from the windowsill and walks over to Carol. He sits down next to her, “‘cause, it’s like it ain’t ya. I’m mean yer there but it ain’t ya. Ya put on a show for everyone and I hate it.”

Carol nods, “It’s the only way we’re going to be able to take over Alexandria. We don’t need them knowing who we are. Not yet.” She says.

Daryl sighs, “I wish ya would just be real with me at least then. I miss ya. I miss yer smile and yer jokes, and even ya teasing me.” He whispers ducking his head.

Carol barely made out anything he said, but she caught every word. “When I found you guys outside of terminus, I wasn’t going to stay after I took you to Tyrese and Judith.” She says.

Daryl picks his head up and locks eyes with Carol, “Why?” He asks her.

Carol sighs, “Because rick sent me away. I felt like I didn’t belong there. I still feel that way. I forgave rick, because I understood why he did it. But I still felt like I wasn’t supposed to be there Daryl.”

He clenches his fists, “I hate rick for doing that to ya. When I found out he sent ya away I had every intention for coming to look for ya, then the governor showed up and we had a battle on our hands. We were all split up after the prison fell. Then when ya showed up outside terminus, knowing you saved our asses, I would of left with ya if ya would of asked me too.”

Carols eyes glass over, tears threatening to spill over, “I wouldn’t of taken you away from them Daryl. Their your family. Besides I’m a monster Daryl. You don’t want to be near me.” She says her voice cracking.

“Naw, ya ain’t no damn monster. Whatever happened when ya were out there happened. And there was a good reason for whatever you had to do. You did it to survive.”

Tears are running down her face, “Can I ask you something?” She asks turning toward him to face him.

Daryl does the same and nods.

“Ever since the quarry you’ve been nice to me, why?” She asks whipping her face.

“'Cause I saw the way your bastard of an ex husband treated ya. Ya didn’t deserve that. Neither did yer little girl. Then when he died and I handed ya the pickax I knew I wanted to get ta know ya.” He says softly.

Carol has a watery smile on her face, “Daryl, you are one of the best things to happen in this world. I can’t thank you for everything you ever did for me and for Sophia. I want you to know that I don’t blame you for what happened to her, and I know you still let that weigh on you. But I would like it if you’d let it go, because I don’t blame you at all.” She places her hand on his knee and smiles.

Daryl smiles and puts his hand on top of hers. Carols breath hitches in the sudden contact. He barely hugs her, let alone touch her.

Daryl runs his hand up and down carols arm making her shiver with goosebumps.

Carol wants nothing more for her hunter to run his calloused hands all over her. But she knows that won’t ever happen unless she makes the move first.

Carol slowly scoots closer to Daryl and places her other hand on his forearm, Daryl doesn’t flinch or pull away. “Can I try something?” She asks looking him in the eyes.

Daryl nods, sitting very still. Carol takes a deep breath and sits up so she’s sitting on her knees. She locks eyes with him and slowly makes her way to his lips.

When she’s just a few centimeters away, Daryl puts hand on the back of carols neck and pulls her down to him. Their lips crash in a sloppy and all teeth kiss.

They both part and bust out laughing. “Let’s take it a little slower.” Carol says.

Daryl nods and laces his fingers through her short, grey hair. He pulls her down to him and their lips meet in a soft, gentle, but urgent kiss.

Carol runs her tongue along Daryl’s bottom lip begging of access. He groans and let’s her in. Their tongues do a slow, agonizing dance.

Daryl runs his hands down carols back and pulls her closer. Carol straddles Daryl, and moans into the kiss.

Daryl grips onto carols hips and gets a satisfied groan from her. Carol laces her fingers through Daryl’s hair and tugs on it lightly, getting a throaty moan from him in return.

Carol is so worked up, she needs to find a release somehow. She slowly starts grinding up against Daryl, getting a satisfied moan in return.

After a few seconds of her moving against him, she can feel his member her against her heat. Carol stops moving and breaks the kiss.

“What’s wrong?” Daryl asks panting.

“I don’t want to rush anything Daryl. I mean what is even going on between us?” She asks.

Daryl places his forehead on hers, “if it ain’t pretty obvious, I want ya.” He says.

Carol chuckles, “Believe me, I can tell. But is this just a one time thing?” She whispers.

Daryl shakes his head, “Naw. It ain’t like that. I told ya, I’ve wanted to get to know ya since the quarry, and I did. I know ya better then anyone else in the group.”

Carol nods, “And me the same with you.” She says.

“Yeah. So this ain’t a one time thing. If ya will have me.” He picks his head up and looks into carols eyes.

She smiles and kisses Daryl’s lips.

i had the most fucked up hxh dream last night

usually i don’t remember my dreams but i actually woke and scribbled notes. here is what i can put together:

  • new season of hxh anime, except it’s no longer based on togashi’s manga because he’s still on hiatus. i have Bad Feeling
  • a new character is introduce – your typical generic big titty anime idol girl. for some reason, she is performing a concert on whale island and gon is watching. i remember thinking her outfit reminded me of a frog.
  • you know when you’re dreaming and you just KNOW things? well, i KNEW that this big titty anime idol girl wearing a hideous frog-inspired outfit was going to become gon’s love interest
  • i’m immediately concerned because she looks like she’s in her 20s and gon is still a Child but i do a google search and she’s apparently 11 years old and i feel like i’m dying inside
  • the next scene is killua and all his siblings hanging out…. outside…. somewhere that looks like a desert (i have no fucking idea). completely unrelated to the idol concert, killua just…  BREAKS out into a musical number. i remember pausing and being like “this isn’t fucking happening”. i also remember being upset because his voice actress isn’t the same.


  • out of second-hand embarrassment, i skip most of the episode. but for some reason, the anime becomes live action towards the end. gon and killua reunite, but they’re being played by ben stiller and owen wilson.

aaaaaaaand that’s when i woke up in a cold sweat and immediately wrote down what the fuck just happened

anyway, i’m totally at peace with the extended hiatus now. because after all, there could’ve been anime original big titty generic frog idol girl and also ben stiller and owen wilson

It needs to be said

To be honest Perrie doesn’t get enough credit for how down to her and kind she really is. 

All I have heard over the last few days from people who have been on the “Black Magic” video shoot is how incredibly nice she is to everyone around her and how she is always so happy.

The girls weren’t allowed to take selfies with fans while in their video outfits but were kind enough to chat and sign things for them after an excruciating long day of filming.

However, Perrie was the one to stay behind and put a jacket on over her video outfit so she could take selfies with those who waited for so long.

This post isn’t about “who is the nicest in the band” or anything like that because each of the girls have proven time and time again how lovely they are.

I just believe Perrie’s extreme kindness can sometimes be overshadowed by the hate she receives from bitter people who can’t seem to accept the fact that she is genuine person.

I feel it is important for Mixers to really stand up for the girls and don’t let people say such untrue and hurtful things. Unfortunately Perrie cops it the most due to a certain section of another fandom. It’s disgusting.

So here it is, I’m standing up for Perrie!!!