what i do with the time i should spend on revising for exams

things i wish i’d known in my first year of university

I’m reaching the end of my time at university and it’s got me all sentimental. and regretful. There are a number of things that I had learned during my time at university that I wish I’d known during first year. 

  • Read everything. The only valid excuse for not reading everything on the reading list is that you didn’t have time, not that you found it boring, or that it wasn’t useful. Because there’s nothing scarier than trying to write an essay on something you studied a month ago, and you have no notes on the topic. 
  • Revise constantly. I wish I’d revisited everything I did a week after I did it, just as a recap. I tended to focus on what I was doing in the moment because it felt the most important thing at the time. Well, during exams, everything is equal. And it’s so frustrating not quite being able to remember something. So, revise. Even just for ten minutes.
  • Don’t spend all of your money on impulse. I’ve bought so much rubbish that I really don’t need. And if I’d saved that money, I could have gone on holiday. Save every last penny you can. 
  • Eat well. I just said that you should save all the money you can, but I think that food is one exception to that rule. Try and save money where you can, obviously, but don’t go for days and days without fresh vegetables because you’re saving money for a holiday. Your mind, as well as your body, needs food.
  • Go and talk to professors in their student hours. I used to find this so awkward. To be honest, I still do. But if you’re going sending them an email and asking for clarification on a topic, consider maybe popping into their office when it’s open to students. And tell them if you’re struggling! If you don’t let them know, then they can’t help you.
  • Take hot drinks with you, to your lectures or to the library. Don’t spend all your money in the library cafe. Bring a flask of tea, and loads of study snacks in a packed lunch box. Trust me on this.
  • Make time to meet up with friends you haven’t seen in ages. Don’t wait for them to ask you. I make sure to socialise with my friends at least twice a week. And by socialise, I don’t mean getting blind drunk and going clubbing. Sit down and have lunch together. Chat. Get to know each other properly. Friendships formed over alcohol never last as long as friendships formed through actual conversation.
  • Do stuff that the university puts on for students. Join societies. Get involved. One of the best nights I ever had at university was a masquerade ball that my college put on. And for some reason, I’ve never done anything like that since then? And I don’t understand why! University is for making memories, and I don’t really have many!
  • Travel around your university town. If you’re university is on a campus, don’t let your life revolve around that one place. If you’ve travelled away from home to go to university, then make it worth your while! See the sights, be a tourist, get on a bus and go to a random town and buy ice cream. 
  • Experiment. This is the time. Dye your hair blue, join a weird and random society and take up a hobby you’d never dreamed of.  If you want to try drugs, make sure it’s a safe environment and do your research before hand. If you don’t want to do that kind of thing, then don’t judge other people for doing so.
  • Give yourself a day off per week. When you’re at university and you’ve got loads of work, it’s tempting to just work constantly - or at least, to work every day, if not all the time. But it’s so much better for your mental state to take a day off to just relax. 
  • Keep up with your chores. When you’re stressed about an assignment, you don’t want to be also stressed about that pile of washing up accumulating by the sink. Keep your room tidy too - clear space, clear mind.
  • Be kind to everyone. You’re going to meet a lot of people at university, some you’re going to hit it off with immediately. But there will be some who really rub you up the wrong way. Don’t worry about it, it’s completely fine to not like someone. But don’t be mean to them. This isn’t high school, you’re all here to learn and there’s just no need to make them feel bad about themselves. It’s just petty and childish.
  • Think about the future. I know that you’re completely wrapped up in your university life right now, but you’re going to have to venture out into the real world at some point. Do things that might help your future career: volunteer, get a job, join a sports club, make connections. University isn’t, sadly, forever.

There you have it! The advice that I would have given myself in the first year of university. Whether you’re just about to start university, or whether you’re just about to leave, I hope this is useful to you.

Thank you everyone for helping me reach the 300 followers milestone! As a gift, I’d like to present you with some of my tips :)

Recently, I met a group of very motivational people, and they gave me tips on how I could manage my time better. I obviously took notes and thanked them so much because it definitely helped me out a lot.

Note: These tips won’t apply to all people as it is mostly focused on junior students (I’m a junior, so it might not be as helpful for the students in uni/college??)

It is a common thing for all students to have struggles with organising their time (especially me– why am I giving tips; wtf??), so I present to you: how to sort out your time!! 

What I’m going to cover:

  • Finding time to do work
  • How you can beat procrastination
  • Homework
  • Revision
  • Assignments + Exams

Be prepared, because this is an immense post. *Looks down* Yeah, it seems like I’m about to jump down a cliff made of tips. 

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Hello guys! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do studying tips so here it is! I am by no means an expert but as a student, I wrote this based on what I’ve learnt as I struggled and pulled myself through my school life!


As a student, I personally feel that it’s most important to know where your forte lies. By identifying your weakness you would know the subjects that you should tackle rather than focusing on the thing you’re already familiar with. You should spend more time on your weaker areas compared to your strong one, however do not get complacent!!!


 Studying for exams are always a race against time, thus mapping out the things you should do is always important. I don’t have a strict time schedule where I allocate certain timing for my subjects; however, I do time myself when I do papers. For example, when I was doing math papers as revision for o levels, the duration given for one Emath paper was 2 hours. Thus, when I practiced and did my papers, I would only give myself 1 and half hours. This will train me to do my papers faster with maximum accuracy. You’re also required to have a good grasp of your subject to be able to complete questions faster.


Somehow during exam periods, a lot of my friends start sacrificing their sleep and food to study. And I can’t emphasize enough how wrong this is. Most of my friends, who do this, end up making more careless mistakes in their paper and thus winding up with lower marks. Lack of sleep is a serious flaw and can jeopardize you paper immensely. If you’re tired, rest; don’t try to push yourself because your brain won’t be able to absorb the information any longer. It’s the same situation with the food, if you sacrifice your meals, you may end up getting gastric that may just affect your performance during the paper.


Well duh right? Everyone makes notes, but more importantly, you need to make notes that you would want to read. As much as the process of writing and remembering is important, if you like the way you notes look, you’ll feel more inclined to read it. Thus, this is partially why I enjoy making notes that look pretty to me.


 Never ever forget to take breaks. I’d recommend a 15minutes break every 2 hours. Pushing yourself to sit there continuously will only cause you to lose focus, causing you to become restless. Different people have different attention span, thus never ever compare yourself to your friends and force yourself to sit down and study as long they do. Find out what works for you and what doesn’t.


 I looooove music. But I have to admit, listening to music while I’m trying to memorize some lit quotes, isn’t working out for me. Thus, I don’t recommend listening to music as you’re trying to absorb content heavy subjects. However, if its question based subjects like math, by all means. Check out my studying playlist!


 You need to know what method helps you work best. Writing? Auditory? Everyone has a different style of learning that works best for him or her. Some people need to read their content out loud for themselves to hear before they can memorize, however this does not work for everyone. Maybe you’re the type that needs to draw diagrams to colour code your notes. Whichever the case is, its best to know yourself, and the style of learning that best suits you.


 Stress isn’t necessarily bad. A little bit of stress can get you off your lay bum and to start doing some work. However, being overly stressed will just backfire and may cause anxiety problems. This is why it’s essential to keep a healthy balance of work and play. Don’t overwork yourself and drive yourself into a corner, this isn’t healthy for you or your studies. Taking conscious effort to distress can help keep a pleasant attitude and mind that’s good for learning. 


If you find yourself being constantly distracted by your phone or a particular app, delete it. Lock your phone in the drawer or temporarily delete your social media apps. Downloading focus aps can help you too. Apps like helps block access to some websites can restrain you from falling back into the trap that is distractions.


 It is important that you’re doing all this for yourself. Not your parent. Not anyone else, but you. If you lack the desire to get good grades and do well, it’ll definitely be tough finding the motivation to do anything. You don’t have to like studying, but you at least have to want getting good grades. If you desire to have straight As, you’ll naturally fell more inclined to do something to help you get it. However, its also important to set realistic goals. It’s impossible for you to jump from a F9 to A1 in a month. Set practical goals and take baby steps to get there.


 Well, procrastination can be a bitch. I started my studyblr account during my o level periods because seeing other people’s notes made me want to study. You should find a way to help YOU counter your procrastination tendencies.

 All in all, studying is something very unique and personalized. What works for me may not work for you, but if you keep working hard. No goal is ever too far. Thank you for reading!


Med School and Studying

If you want to become a doctor, you should get used to the idea that you’ll spend a great deal of your time studying. Through the course of our degree we will be asked to learn, understand and commit to memory an enormous amount of material and when, finally, we become doctors, studying doesn’t stop. The medical sciences evolve by the second. Everyday life changing discoveries are made and we need to keep up with that in order to provide our patients the best resources we can find. So, even though it might not be one of the most pleasant things to do, it is something very necessary on our way to become good physicians. Since many of you have been asking for tips on how I study, here are a few tips that worked for me:

1 - Cornell Notes taking system - this is the note taking method I found most helpful to take notes in class and at home when I’m studying. It keeps things organized, it’s quite easy to use and, when revising, it’s quite simple to understand.

2 - One Page Notes - this is a tip given by Doctor Andrea Tooley on her YouTube channel, which I truly recommend checking out. Basically, the point is trying to condense one class, chapter, etc. in one page. Of course sometimes it’s a lot of material but trying to do that, even if it exceeds one page, makes us focus on the essential. 

3 - Not too much stuff at once - when studying, I don’t like to have too many things open at once. I like to keep it simple, just some slides, maybe a book and my notes. It’s not helpful to study by two books, three reviews and notes. It’s a lot of stuff and it gets harder to concentrate. What I do is to choose the materials I find most helpful and take my notes based on that. If then, if I find that another book that has some helpful information, I read it after and then I add those notes.

4 - Not let work pile up - Simple to understand, HARD to do. 

5 - Ask older students - when you don’t know how to study for some particular subject, just ask someone who already done it.

6 - Airplane Mode - when I want to focus on something, and I need to be on the PC, I put it on air plane mode. Blind yourself to distractions. 

7 - Water or Tea - have a bottle of water on the desk. It keeps you hydrated and when you’re frustrated, just have a sip of water or tea instead of going online. Hydrates and calms you down. Just don’t go on drinking liters and liters of water please…..

8 - One thing at the time - when you’re studying one subject, focus on that subject. Don’t be thinking about the other ten thing you need to do. You need to be doing that, so focus on that. Be efficient, learn to prioritize.

9 - Plan it OUT - I’m a fan of the bullet journal principal. A plane white notebook and my to do lists, exams, etc. It’s important to have a good outlook on what you have to do. I just don’t waste too much time on aesthetics. (Still looks cool though xD)

10 - Get cosy - make studying a cosy moment. It helps :D 

Good luck with everything people!! We can all do this!!! Every great doctor started out as we did: Dreamers and Hard Workers, who wanted to help making this world a better place. Now go study ;) 

family expectations / sirius black

requested. i have finally posted something and it’s probably crap. i apologize if it is x 

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Your elbows were propped on the table, fingers pressed against your temple as your right leg bounced up and down, brows furrowed in concentration. You kept mumbling to yourself ingredients to a potion, your concentration drifting away every time laughter erupted from a group of what seemed to be second years sitting in a corner.

You were at the library trying to revise for your upcoming N.E.W.T. exam in Potions and it was going well till those disruptive kids appeared.

“Powdered root of Asphodel, Wormwood, Valerian Spri-”

“Thats bloody hilarious!”

Your hands clenched into tight fists, knuckles turning white as you slammed them down on the table and abruptly stood up to make your way over to the group. If Madam Pince wasn’t going to resolve this issue then you were.

All you wanted was peace and quiet but it appeared that no matter where you went to revise, distractions always followed you.

“Whoa! Who are you going to kill?” 

Speaking of distractions.

“I’m not going to kill anyone.” You huffed.

“Really? Because your eyes scream murder.” He commented.

You stared at the luxuriant ebony-haired boy, another huff escaping your lips as you ignored his comment. “What are you doing here?” You questioned.

“What? Am I not the type to be found at a library, finding a solid good book to read?”

“You and reading don’t really go hand in hand.” The tone of your voice hinted irritation.  

“Ouch.” He feigned, placing a hand over his chest. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. I’m fine.” You lied, your eyes flickering over to the group that erupted into another fit of laughter, your hands clenching against your sides.

Sirius raised an eyebrow at you, silence consuming him for a moment as he didn’t want to press any buttons that would cause you to become more irritated than what you already are, so he studied the look on your face in hopes to find evidence about what’s bugging you. The dark bags under your eyes gave away how restless you’ve been, the pale color that covered your usually rosy lips hinted insufficient fluid consumption, and the sight of your unkempt hair showed that you’ve been far too distracted with something that you were neglecting your appearance. And he knew the reason why had to be that you’ve been relentlessly revising for the exams that were quickly approaching.

“Y/N, baby. I think you should take a break.” He said softly, reaching for one of your hands.

You shook your head, biting at your bottom lip. “No. I can’t rest until I take the exam, Sirius.”

“C'mon you’ve been revising all week. A little break won’t hurt, love. We can sneak out and go out to eat or do whatever you want. It’ll be fun.” He tried to persuade but you shook your head again. “Listen Sirius, I’m fine and just need to study, alright? Please just leave me alone. That’s what I want. Peace and quiet with no distractions.” You explained.


“No buts, Sirius. You don’t understand. I need to study and you’re not helping. You’ll only be distracting me so please go.” You requested as the edges of your lips twitched into a frown, your eyes closing when he leaned forward to place a lingering kiss on your forehead.

“If that’s what you really want.” He mumbled against your skin. “I’m here for you, you know that right?” His hands squeezed yours, his soften eyes fixed on you.

You nodded but stayed silent, a sigh escaping your lips once you watched him eventually walk away from you. You were angry at yourself for responding to him that way, but you knew that revising was far more important at the moment, especially since having received that Howler not too long ago.

“Y/F/N, your father and I have heard a rumor that you blew up your cauldron in class recently. That indicates that you have made a mistake and such things are not tolerated in this household. You should be ashamed! You’re the Head Girl and a top student! You come from a lineage of Ravenclaws and to make such an empty-headed mistake brings dishonor to this family. It will be in your best interest to maintain top marks in your N.E.W.T.s. or else.”

Your mothers words constantly replayed itself in your head and you knew that if anyone would’ve overheard the Howler, they would have laughed at how your mother was plainly overreacting and you would’ve agreed with them. She was overreacting but she never played around when it came to your academics. That’s why you’ve been pushing yourself past your limit these days, you had to achieve top marks. You feared that wouldn’t be the case with your Potions class though. You had always struggled a bit with the class, not being a natural potion maker like one of your friends from Gryffindor. You tend to mix up the ingredients and never actually had the patience to brew the thing.

You had came to a decision the next day that you were going to skip your classes the entire day, spending your time and attention on revising and memorizing the potions you needed to know instead. It was your absence that caused Sirius to worry even more. That following morning after having found you in the library, he didn’t see you in the Great Hall where you usually sat with your friends and throughout the day you never showed up at your usual meet up spots nor in the classes the two of you shared together. He was worried for you and began to ask around if anyone knew your whereabouts but no one could give him an accurate answer because they were just as clueless.

“B-Bowtruckle.” You managed to spit out, the Fat Lady eyeing you for a moment before opening up the entrance to the Gryffindor’s Common Room. You managed to walk through the entrance without falling, the grasp you had on the bottle of Firewhisky tightening. “Sirius?” You slurred, eyebrows knitting together as you tried to get a good look of the boy who was slumped in one of the couches.

Sirius head swiftly turned to look at you, his eyes widening as he practically flew off the couch and was by your side in seconds. “Have you been drinking?” He questioned, his voice trailing off when he caught site of the bottle held tightly in one of your hands.

“No.” You lied.

“I can see the bottle, Y/N/N.”

“What bottle?” You grinned cheekily at him, moving your hand behind your back.

“Give it to me.”


“Give it.”


He tried to reach behind your back but you quickly moved, stumbling a bit in the process. “Don’t be stubborn and give me the bottle. I can practically smell the alcohol on you.” He pointed out, grabbing a tight hold of you as his free hand reached for the bottle once more, managing to be successful this time.

“Boo! You’re no fun.” You stuck your tongue at him, crossing your arms against your chest in defiance as you refused to let him drag you to the couch.

“Why are you drinking, love? Especially at this time of night?” He asked.

“Well, why are you up so late?” You questioned.

“Because I was hoping you’d show up with an explanation to why you’ve disappeared all day without telling me or anyone in fact.” He answered.

The only thing your mind was able to grasp though was the Howler your mother had sent, your lips beginning to tremble as your eyes started watering.“I’m so dumb!” You cried, falling to the floor. Sirius couldn’t help but let out a quiet laugh, the small smile etched on his lips soon disappearing when he noticed the tears that started to stream down your cheeks. “Ssh baby, don’t cry. You’re not dumb.” He assured, dropping the bottle before sitting down beside you and trying to wipe the tears but you gently swatted his hand away.

Your body was sprawled across the floor, eyes lazily staring up at the common room ceiling, “Yes I am!” You declared. “I’m terrible at potions! I blew up t-that cauldron last week, remember?” Your words were slurred but still understandable.

“Yes, but that doesn’t make you dumb.” He tried to reason.

“Yes it does!” You hiccuped, your arms flailing around as you tried to use proper hand gestures. “It’s a mistake! I made a mistake and in my family that i-isn’t acceptable! I’m in Ravenclaw we’re s-supposed to be the smart ones and I’m terrible at Potions so I’m going to fail my exam and my family will d-disown me and i’ll be homeless and eat sewer rats for the rest of my life because I won’t find a job! That’s why i’ve been studying for that final all day. And oh merlin! I was so rude to you yesterday at the library. I’m such a terrible person! All you wanted to do was help and I’m so sorry! I needed to be alone and to study in peace. I don’t want to be a disappointment.”

Sirius stared at you with wide eyes, not being able to stop himself from smiling at the way you overdramatized part of your reasons. It was clear to him now on why you didn’t show up to class today. You were overly stressed about the exams that were quickly approaching.

“Stop it! You’re laughing at me.” You accused, covering your face with your hands. “I came here to find and talk to you and apologize for being such a mean girlfriend, but you’re laughing at me.”

“I’m not laughing at you, love. I swear. And you’re not some terrible girlfriend. You’re just stressed and I think you’re overreacting a tad bit.”

“No I’m not!”

“Yes you are and do you know why?” He questioned.

“Why?” You whispered, peeping through your fingers so you could look at him.

“Because you’re the smartest girl I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And don’t say you’re not because you are.” He went on. “So what if you blew up some cauldrons? Peter has blown up twice as many I bet. And if your family is going to disown you because of that then screw them. And that’s coming from the original family disappointment here.” He laughed. “You’re not perfect, Y/N, no one is. So it’s okay if you struggle with a class, trust me. That doesn’t make you any less intelligent. I also don’t think that just because you’re not able to brew up a potion properly it will land you on the streets and cause you to eat sewer rats. Besides, I wouldn’t let that happen.”

You sat up swiftly, elbows propping up on the floor as you felt the blood rushing to your head, causing your vision to blur a bit. “Do you mean that?” You whispered, tears stinging the corners of your eyes.

“Every word.” He smiled. “You’re going to do just fine. And besides, if you do end up living in the streets and eating rats then I know the perfect spell that’ll make it taste better.”

You let out out a laugh, your lips curving up into a smile. “Oh Sirius Black! I love you so much!” You exclaimed, throwing yourself on top of him, your arms wrapping around him as the two of you fell back.

“I love you too, princess. Just remember to take it easy and find some time to give yourself a break.” He murmured, his voice softly spoken as he massaged deep circles onto your back. “And don’t try to live up to some ridiculously high expectations. Like i’ve mentioned, It’s not worth it and it doesn’t make you any less intelligent.”

“What would I do without you?” You mused into his chest, the both of you nonverbally deciding to stay on the common room floor for the rest of the night.

“Dunno, love. Maybe eat sewer rats?”

Illness, Study, and Time Management

No matter whether you’re dealing with mental illness, short term physical illness, or long-term physical illness, it can be really difficult to manage your time for studying when you’re feeling really under the weather. No matter what you’re dealing with, and no matter how many different illnesses impact you daily, if you’re struggling with your focus and time management, your struggles are valid. And your struggles are valid even if you’re healthy! Everyone’s experience is different, and it’s okay to struggle with your time management. So here’s some ideas for helping to manage your time. 

Study Timetable:
Create a schedule detailing which subjects, and what work you are going to do, when you’re going to do it, and how much time you’re going to allow for it. Just remember to be realistic with how much you can do in a day, and how long things take. It can be really helpful to some people to write down exactly what they will do at what times, others, just a general idea is helpful, and for some, this doesn’t work at all.

Daily objectives:
Creating a list of study tasks you want to achieve each day. Break it down (write notes for pages 1-10, chapter 2, psychology), or just be general (chapter 2 psychology notes). This can help you to see exactly what you need to do, rather than feeling overwhelmed trying to remember everything you need to do. You can write this as a to-do list, or use a bullet journal, or whatever you like really. 

Set alarms:
Set alarms to remind you to take breaks, to take your medications, to remind you when to study.

Pomodoro Method:
Setting a timer for 25 minutes, then taking a 5-minute break. There are web applications/extensions like Lanes, and Momentum for this, but using your phone or something works too, and you can edit the time to suit your needs.

Prioritise and Start Early:
List everything in order if it helps, and start on what’s the most important, and start working on assignments, and exam revision as early as you can. But don’t push yourself too hard, be realistic with what you can achieve.

Go to classes:
It can be really hard to go when you’re feeling really unwell, but try to go to as many classes as you can. That way, you don’t have to do as much catch up later. If you find yourself thinking whether or not you should go, take the time to assess whether you really can’t go because of mental/physical illness, or if you just don’t really feel like it. Going to one more class that you just didn’t feel like going too, can really help.

Be reasonable with your time.
Don’t cause yourself stress by trying to write a whole chapter’s worth of notes in an hour. You need to be reasonable with giving yourself enough time, but also cutting yourself off when necessary. Set yourself reasonable time limits if it helps. 

Saying No:
Say no to people who want to try and take your time. If you really don’t feel like that social event is a good idea because you’ve got too much to do, and not enough time, say no. A good friend will understand your illnesses, and your need to take time for yourself and your studies. If they are going to take it out on you, and treat you poorly about it, then they aren’t really a good friend.

Choose your environment:
Don’t study in places, or with people who will distract you, or allow you to potentially procrastinate. Log out of social media sites if you need too, and ignore your messages. But study with someone who motivates you if it helps you, and compromise on your study environment when you’re feeling extra under the weather if you need too.

Have someone else help you with your time management:
If you have a close friend/family member, who you could trust, let them know what you’re dealing with, and what your goals are, and ask them to help you keep track, and check in on you. I have three people who I’ve asked to ask me how my studying is going, and what I’ve managed to get done. My girlfriend knows that when I start freaking out about how much work I have, and how sick I am, I need help breaking down everything into reasonable goals. Give these people a list of your tasks if it helps so they can keep track as well, and encourage/motivate you when you need it.

Skip/drop things if you need too:
I know this is an odd thing to say, but for those of us struggling with any illness, sometimes it’s just necessary. I dropped a class last semester because I just couldn’t do everything with all my depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. If there’s a task that isn’t very critical, just forget about it when things are too much. You can go back to it later if things get better for you. Just be really thoughtful about what tasks you’re skipping/dropping.

Know your learning style:
Honestly, this will help you so much. I’m not an auditory learner. So I don’t waste my time going to lectures, or listening to recordings of them, when I’m really ill. My time, is better spent writing notes, trying to teach others, and making mind maps, flash cards, and reading. So focus on what will help you learn best, and you’ll spend less time trying to learn things, which ultimately means, less stress. If you don’t know your learning style is, just try different study methods, and find something that works better for you.  

Remember Self Care:
Don’t forget to take days off to take care of yourself and do things you enjoy. Eat well, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep, sometimes, study can wait till the morning. Try to remember to take your meds, and exercise, and see friends, and do fun things like go to the beach, or shopping. Take care everyone, and remember, you’re doing great, and doing the best you can. That’s all you can ask of yourself.

Exams and movie premieres don’t cooperate

Summary: Tom really wants you to attend an important for him event but you have an exam the next day and can’t, and he ends up mad (something along these lines)

A/U: I wrote it like a month ago or so and wasn’t sure if i should post it or not but now im like yeah, let’s do it anyway! :) hope you guys enjoyed it! as always - please let me know what you think! 

masterlist | request

“Don’t be like that, you know it’s impossible for me to fly out to LA and attend this premiere with you and then fly back and not miss my final exam! It’s just humanly impossible!” You sighed into the phone while laying on your back on the bed, your legs propped up on the wall next to it. 

Tom has asked you a few ago to be his date for the premiere of his new movie and you truly wanted to go but it took place in LA and you had your final exam the next day and even if you tried you would miss it. The event was in 2 days, meaning you’d have to leave tonight or tomorrow morning if you wanted to go. Sadly, Tom didn’t seem to understand your point of view and started getting mad like it was your fault.

“We can figure something out! You could leave right after the premiere ends and go catch a plane! I’m sure it will be fine.” He sounded angry and kind of disappointed, feeling like he wasn’t important enough for you. 

“Tom, are you listening to what I’m saying? You’re acting like you don’t know the difference in time zones, and have you considered the plane being delayed? I can’t risk it, Tom. If I miss that exam, I don’t know if and when I would be able to take it again, you know that. Why can’t you understand my point of view? It’s not my fault…” Your eyes were filling with tears, the feeling of guilt washing over you. He was blaming you for something that you didn’t have control over and you started thinking it was actually your fault. If the exam wasn’t so damn important, you wouldn’t have hesitated at all and you’d be already there with him.

“But this is important for me, okay? I want you to be here with me, I want you to support me!” His loud voice made you close your eyes for a few seconds and take a big breath.

“I can’t be there, Tom. I’m sorry. This is also important for me, you know?”

“Whatever, have fun studying for your stupid exam.” And with that he ended up the call, not giving you a chance to say anything back. He was usually very understanding and has never acted like this before which made you think that maybe the distance and his growing career started to change him and his feeling for you. 

You were younger than Tom, still going to school and that never seemed to be the problem. The two of you always made it work, visiting each other whenever you could. Maybe he had a bad day this time? Whatever it was, it sure as hell made you feel like a big disappointment. 

You spent the entire night overthinking that conversation with him than studying, which in the morning made you even more stress, leaving you with only one day to revise anything. 

The time difference between you two was about 6 or 7 hours and while you were already awake it meant that Tom was still sleeping. You got ready, ate breakfast, went for a quick walk to breathe in some fresh air then came home and took your books out, going over the most important things for the exam. During your dinner break you sent him a text, wondering if he was still mad at you but he didn’t respond. You went back to studying, feeling a little more distracted, checking your phone every few minutes. 

In the evening you tried calling Tom, wanting to hear his voice and hoping to hear some words of reassurance, wishing you good luck on the finals the next morning. Of course, he didn’t pick up the call so you gave up and went to take a shower and went to bed, not really wanting to stay late the night before the exam. Before you actually tried falling asleep, you sent him another text that said “Have fun at the premiere. Hope everything goes well! x” 

All the way in LA, Tom wasn’t actually very happy with himself. After your conversation he was questioning himself, wondering whether he was right or not but he got called by his team and he focused on his work. 

During the night, even though he was very tired, he couldn’t fall asleep. He was thinking about you and wondered why you wouldn’t want to come visit him. Maybe you weren’t in love with him anymore? Maybe you had found someone else? Someone better? Instead of thinking rationally, he started making up stories in his mind, telling himself that maybe you wanted to spend more time with that Marcus guy that you used to have small study sessions with. Before he fell asleep, his mind and his heart was filled with anger and jealousy. 

The next day he woke up being late to one of the meetings, he quickly put some comfy clothes on and rushed out of the hotel and into the place where the meeting was held. The meeting wasn’t supposed to be long, maybe an hour or so, but after two hours Tom didn;t feel like it was going to end soon. He put his hand inside the pocket of his sweats ready to grab his phone when he realised it wasn’t there. He checked the other pocket and also found nothing. He groaned and his head fell back, great, he thought. Then he remembered leaving the phone on his bed while he was looking for the hotel card before running out of the room. 

Luckily, the meeting was over soon enough and then he was rushed by his team to get ready for the premiere. The team fixed his hair quickly, only using some hair gel like he politely asked them to, and then he put on the suit with small fixes from some of the people. While they were getting him ready he was wondering how you were doing, if you tried to call him or anything. But after all he was still pissed and he couldn’t see past his own feelings, not realising he was in the wrong.

While you were sleeping, the premiere was going well, a lot of people came and everyone was having a great time. Everyone, except for Tom. He seemed kind of out of place, not really paying attention to what was happening. They were done with the interviews and he, Chris, Sebastian and Scarlett with their dates were standing in a group, talking about something that happened the other day on set. 

“Hey, where’s Y/N, though?” Chris asked, making everyone look at Tom. The cast knew you and were good friends with you, altough you had a big age gap with them. They all treated you and Tom like their younger siblings and were always happy to help you with anything. 

“Uhh, she couldn’t come…” He said before biting his lip and looking at the ground, feeling like he wasn’t ready for that question to be asked.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, are you guys alright?” Scarlett added and Tom looked at them with a forced smile.

“Yeah, we’re… good. She just had better things to do.” He looked around the group and excused himself, “I gotta go to the bathroom.” 

He went inside and locked the door, then went to splash some woter on his face. He had a weird feeling in his stomach and he wasn’t quite sure why. Before he could do anything else someone knocked on the door and Tom unlocked the door and left the bathroom to go into the movie theatre. 

The film was great, he really enjoyed it and was super proud of it but he just wanted to go back to the hotel room. He was really scolding himself for leaving his goddamn phone back in the hotel. 

When the whole event had finally ended and the cast was getting ready for an after party Tom made up an excuse and went back to his hotel room. He took of his blazer and kicked of his shoes while sitting on the edge of his bed and grabbed his phone. He saw two missed texts from you an one call. He read them both and the second one made left him thinking. 

“Shit, Tom.” He scolded himself and pressed your name on the screen to call you,  his other hand run over his face as he layed down on his back on the bed, his feet still on the floor. 

He was being selfish again, not caring about the early hour in the morning where you were, desperate to talk to you. 

You picked up after the second signal, “Tom? Is everything okay?”

“Yes-I mean, no,” he started, not really knowing how to say the words he meant, “I’m sorry, Y/N. For being such an asshole, for not caring about what you want and what you can’t change, I’m sorry. I know you’ll ace this exam because you’re so smart, like so smart. I believe in you and I hope you won’t sress too much, okay? I love you and I’m sorry for how I was acting and for waking you up so early.” He mumbled the last part, his heart aching to hear you say that he was forgiven. 

“It’s okay, Tommy. I understand. I’m glad you can see what you did wasn’t okay and hope you realise that you made me feel really guilty and not good about myself. So, how was the premiere?” She sounded so sleepy and he was feeling so bad for waking her up but he need to tell her that he was sorry and that he believed in her.

“Okay. Just could’ve been better with you here. I miss you,” he sighed loudly, “I’m gonna let you go back to sleep. I’m sorry again, I promise I will make it up to you. Love you and good luck!”

“You should get some sleep too, Tommy. Night, love you too.” 

The next day after your exam you came home from school to see a big package standing in the middle of your room and inside was a big teddy bear and lots of other small things that Tom has picked out for you as his another apology. 

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Hello. I am relatively new to your blog and I was just wondering if you have some tips on studying? Like links and all about studying in general.

Hi! Welcome, I hope you decide to stick area hah! Some simple tips would be:

  • always add a title and dates to your notes - Knowing when you learnt a particular topic can be handy for when exams are coming up and you need to study or when you need to organise your notes. Dates can also give you an indication of when you should be revising the material to ensure your remember it. Have a look at this post, it outlines the curve of forgetting and can help you determine when you should start studying.
  • read the textbook/reading material prior to your class - This helps give you an outline of the material so you can summarise and shorten your notes. You also have the opportunity to clarify anything you might not have understood from just reading.
  • use the layout of the textbook or syllabus to organise your notes - I found copying the headings and subheadings really helped simplify my notes and helped to ensure I was learning each section. If this is not for you, use the titles given by your teachers as mentioned before!
  • include different ways to show the information - Use mindmaps, bullet points, graphs, flow chats and symbols to help visualise the content. This also helps break up large blocks of text which can be boring to read. If you are like me and a bit of perfectionist, do these on a post-it note so it doesn’t have to be perfect or take up a lot of room!
  • have a small colour coding system - An extensive colour coding system is tricky to use in fast-paced classes where the teacher is quick to move on. Using a mixture of black, blue and red pens can help differentiate parts of your notes without having to change your pen constantly. My colour coding system can be found here.
  • make note of what your teacher is saying - They’re knowledgable in your subjects so be sure to pay attention to what is being said and not just what is on the board or powerpoint. You can use small post-it notes for this kind of thing!
  • add your own personal touch - Draw doodles, acronyms, ribbons and abbreviations in your notes. You can check out this and this as inspiration. Also this masterpost has some links to help illustrate your notes.
  • avoid distractions - Whilst in class it’s obviously best to be focused. Try sitting where you can see and hear well, put away your phone and only use your laptop if necessary. Chatting to friends can also make you miss important information so if you don’t help but talk, sit away from them.
  • make your study space productivity - make sure it is bright, clear and organised! Gather all the things you need so you don’t have to get up every 5 minutes. Also, if you can try to study away from your bed. You’ll be more inclined to sleep if you on it. Keep a glass of water and tissues close by.
  • set yourself up with a routine - this is how I prepare to study! It is a little weird but works for me. You’ll be able to develop your own!
  • pick out your top priorities - if you’re easily overwhelmed by long to-do lists, pick out the top three or five things that need to get done and focus on them. 
  • remove all distractions - if you can reduce the amount of time you spend on homework, there is going to be a better chance of fitting in half an hour or hour of actual studying! My top tips for removing distractions include: using Forest to stay on task and not use my phone - you can see a post with lots of time management/productivity manage apps here; have a “brain dump”/“procrastination page” where you write down anything that bothers you during a study session!
  • don’t multitask - yes it is so tempting but it’s going to ruin your ability to focus on the actual class. Josh Kaufman says that with multitasking, you’re basically asking your brain to bring whatever you’re doing into working memory. By multitasking, you’re making your brain load and reload contexts over and over. Diverting your attention over and over is just going to tire out your brain and therefore, equal a loss of focus.
    develop your discipline - this is the best way to get yourself into the habit of studying. By doing something each day, rewarding yourself and getting positive reinforcement you’ll be more inclined to study and not feel such strong resistance.listen to some music - I know it’s recommend to listen to instrumental music or soundtracks but honestly the music you enjoy is going to put you in a good mood. Blast it for a little bit, get hyped up! Then turn it down but have in low in the background. As long as it’s not taking over, there isn’t a problem having it playing quietly.
  • find a friend to help keep you accountable - friends are always looking out for you so why not get them to help you with your studies!? Tell them what you’ve got to do and allow them to keep up on your progress every now and then. Hopefully, you won’t want to let them down! x
BTS reaction: you not eating properly bc of stress

Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me this long! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

Not having any of that. He’ll probably come to your home, put away all of your books so you can’t study and tell you that it’s time to take a break, and then spend the day with you and making sure you eat. I also feel like he would cook quite a lot for you until the exams are over, so you can eat without having to spend time cooking the food yourself. If he has the time himself that is.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

He is not really a role model when it comes to eating healthily, at least not when he’s working. But, I’m pretty sure he would care incredibly much for your health and would want you to eat properly. I don’t think he would do much, other than asking you to eat more so he doesn’t have to worry about you. So he wouldn’t be as drastic as Jin, but he’d still try to make you eat. If it doesn’t work, he’ll treat you to a huge meal once exams are over.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

I’m pretty sure he’s the type to nag you into eating more. Like, he’ll send reminders to eat three times every day, and if you tell him you don’t have the time, he’ll just be like “nope. Make some time. I’m not letting my baby starve because of some stupid exams”. And, like Jin, he’d probably come over to make you eat and cook for you every now and then if he could.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He’ll do something about your stress rather than force you to make time for food. Most likely by helping you study as much as he can. He’s busy, so he wouldn’t exactly have time to sit down with you for an entire day to revise, but he’d try to help you somehow anyways. Like, send you texts with random questions relating to the subjects, maybe give you some notes if he can, and then meet up with you for dinner to just go through what you’ve done and learned during the day.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

If you have exams in subjects he’s good at, he’d probably help you by telling you things he was helped by, and give you some pro tips. Other than that, he’d probably be similar to Yoongi. He knows it’s only temporary, so he doesn’t see why he should do anything drastic, and would rather treat you to a huge meal when exams are over, but he’d still try to convince you to eat more to stay healthy.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

Pretty much a mix of all of the above, I’d say. If he can, he’ll help you study to relieve you of some stress. If you have exams in maths, he might even ask Namjoon if he’s got the time to help you out. And then he would try to verbally convince you to make time to eat because you need nutrition. And he’d probably try to eat dinner with you as often as he can just to make sure you’re actually eating at least one proper meal every day.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

I feel like he’d deal with the cause of the problem, like Namjoon. So he’d help you study as much as he can. Especially since he just graduated, so it’s not too long since he was there himself. And I feel like he’d invite you to have dinner with the members quite often as well, because then he can make sure you’re eating, at the same time as you can ask seven guys for help.

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Five Times (+1)


Dean’s not technically drunk when he leans in, but he’s not entirely sober either. In the morning he’ll insist it was the six shots of tequila he downed prior to Cas popping up, but the stupid voice in his head will argue with him otherwise until his dying breath (his actual dying breath). Cas only showed up because Dean was calling for him, in his drunken state, dishevelled and messy haired from the stress of trying to organise an army of angels. Dean meant to yell at him; he wanted to yell at Cas for leaving, for abandoning Dean when the hunter finally felt good about himself. Dean wanted to yell at Cas despite knowing that Cas didn’t up and leave him, but instead only went because Dean told him to. Which is probably why Dean couldn’t quite get the words out properly when Cas showed up. Instead Dean wound his fingers in Cas’ dark locks and kissed him. Cas pulled away, calm and collected but flushed at the cheeks and helped Dean into bed. When Dean wakes up in the morning Cas was gone but the memory wasn’t - Dean finished off the tequila bottle before midday.


The next time Cas appears it’s not because Dean was calling him, or even Sam, but because heaven is stressing him out and he’s slowly coming to terms with the fact that - even though he’s one of the most powerful angels - Cas just simply isn’t prepared for the power. Sam and Dean had split up on two different hunts; Sam hunting a newborn vampire on the rails of going rogue, and Dean investigating a haunting of some old abandoned coal mine. Dean let Cas tag along but kept his distance, worried that his actions a couple weeks before was over the line. (You fucking Usain Bolted over that line dumb-ass, Dean had scolded himself). Turns out hunting with an angel is both parts irritating and helpful. Irritating because Dean just wants to shove him against the wall (tunnel?) and have his way with him, and helpful because what should have taken him two days took three hours tops. Dean sighed unintentionally as Cas pressed two fingers against Dean’s forehead, healing the bleeding cut from where Dean had been thrown into a pile of rocks. Cas didn’t pull away though, and instead found himself leaning over Dean to kiss the corner of his mouth. Dean was left alone, face red and mind going haywire as Cas flapped away, back to heaven.


Dean’s been thinking about it for the past two months. Cas is yet to come back, and Dean is yet to pray for him. Purgatory is gray and cold, full of demons that want to take out their anger on any Winchester they can get their hands on. Dean doesn’t know why Cas ran, doesn’t know why he left Dean in literally the only place worse than hell itself. Benny seems to have his back, but it’s nothing like having his angel next to him. When they finally stumble across Cas one day (technically they’re not stumbling across him, not if the bodies of headless vampires, torn apart werewolves and countless other monsters could have a say) all Dean wants to do is yell at him. Scream at him like he wanted to do years ago when Dean first kissed him, but Cas looks terrified and then he said he did it to keep the monsters one step away from Dean and Dean doesn’t know what to do. They start the trek to the portal, Benny a couple steps ahead of them when Dean spins round suddenly, grabs the front of Cas’ trench coat with both fists and kisses him. He kisses him roughly, pressing against Cas tightly and groaning when Cas kissed back, the angel’s fingers splayed across Dean’s belt. It’s not gentle like their last two kisses, and something in Dean’s brain and stomach and heart (and groin) jump as Cas moans back, kissing him like Cas is a dying man and Dean’s his lifeline. The knowledge that Cas wants him back (and it’s not a drunken kiss or a fleeting brush of their lips after a dangerous hunt) is most definitely what makes Dean have a panic attack when the fact that Dean couldn’t pull Cas out of Purgatory fast enough sinks in. Dean crumbles down in the motel bathroom, shaking and crying, clutching at Sam when his brother finds him until he passes out.


Cas is back and alive and pressed against Dean like they’re trying to mould their bodies together. Sam’s gone a food run (to the nearest mall three hours away), no one’s here to interrupt them and it’s been since six months since Cas showed up. They’ve argued and sworn at each other about Purgatory for half a year and now they’re tearing at each other’s lips trying to win dominance. Cas wins, pinning Dean to the bed and and biting down on Dean’s neck whilst he fumbles with the buckle on Dean’s belt. Dean buries his nose into Cas’ hair, panting and thrusting up into Cas’ hand, whispering his love for the angel and calling him a bastard all at once. Cas licks the newly formed bruise on Dean’s shoulder and proceeds to whisper back his own love for Dean whilst the hunter comes in his pants like a teenager. They lay on the bed and make out until Sam gets back, who can practically smell the sex in the air but chooses not to say anything. Sam checks himself into a separate motel room and Dean spends the night showing Cas what humans find so fascinating about sex. 


Days where cases cease to come up are rare, Dean can’t possibly remember the last time it happened but he’s not one to miss out on an opportunity to laze about for the day. When he stumbles his way into the kitchen he finds Cas sitting casually on the kitchen counter, wearing a pair of Dean’s sweatpants and an old black tee shirt. Cas has a coffee mug in one hand and his phone in the other. Dean slides himself in between Cas’ legs, reaching for the angel’s hip and peering into the mug with raised eyebrows. He takes a swing of the coffee before handing it back to Cas, brushing his lips over Cas’ briefly and resting his forehead in the crook of Cas’ neck. Cas sinks his fingers in Dean’s short hair, rubbing at his scalp with his nails as he continues to text Claire.


“You know, I remember a time when you woke up at six every morning.” 

Dean groaned into his pillow, pulling the covers up to tuck under his chin before opening one eye. He squinted against the sun to watch as Cas buttoned up his shirt. “I remember a time when you didn’t even sleep.”

Cas winks at him over his shoulder and pulls on a pair of jeans. Dean smiles and closes his eyes again. They gave up hunting a couple years ago, around two if Dean recalls correctly, after a hunt left both of them shaking a little too much for experienced hunters. Sam still hunts, calling up for tips every now and again but otherwise leaving them to keep their little family together. The hunt seemed to show the return of Yellow Eyes after a mother was left dead on the anniversary of her six month old son being born. Turns out it was just a demon trying to make a name for herself, but all it did was give her a one way ticket to the clutches of Crowley’s salted knives and holy water chains. Dean couldn’t put the boy down afterwards, even when the kid’s death grip loosened. 

Which is how they adopted Ryan.

Dean opened his eyes again as a tiny patter of feet bounded down the hallway and burst through the master bedroom door. “Daddy!”

Cas laughed as he swung Ryan up into the air, catching him seconds later and planted a kiss to the kid’s nose making Ryan giggle and scrunch his face up. His eyes are brown, gold in the sun and auburn in autumn, but they sparkle like Dean’s and are just the right shade to have both father’s wrapped around his little finger. 

The two-and-a-half year old searched the room before his eyes landed on Dean, and he giggled again, leaning out of Cas’ arms towards the bed. Cas made a dramatic gesture of swinging the child onto the bed beside Dean before turning to find his socks. 

Ryan crawled his way under the sheets to lay face to face with Dean, who smiled as Ryan lent forwards to kiss his forehead. “Hey, DaDa.”

“Hey, Ry.” Dean chuckled, rubbing his nose with his son’s in an Eskimo kiss that Ryan saw in a cartoon and has forever been obsessed with since. 

“Guess what,” Ry stage-whispered, reaching forward to curl his small hand around Dean’s tee shirt. 

“What?” Dean stage-whispered back, feeling the bed dip on the other side of Ryan as Cas laid down also.

“Unca Sam’s coming!” Ryan screeched with delight, a wide smile plastered across his face so that his dimple made an appearance on his left cheek. 

Dean gasped, feigning ignorance. “No!”

Ryan nodded, giggling but seemingly serious, which halted as he let out a giant yawn. Dean caught a whiff of chocolate that Ryan must have smuggled out of the kitchen whilst he and Cas slept in, but decided not to say anything as Ryan forgot all about “Unca Sam’s” visit and curled forward into Den’s chest. Dean wrapped one arm round the child, pressing a gentle kiss to Ryan’s brown hair that really needs to be cut soon and rubbing his hand down the back of his son’s Iron Man pyjama shirt.. 

Cas smiled at Dean when he looked up, and lent forward to kiss him. Dean took Cas’ bottom lip between his teeth and tugged ever so slightly. “I love you,” Dean breathed out, blissfully calm, “I love you so goddamn much.”

“I love you too, Dean.” All seriousness, no joking around or teasing. Dean went to lean forward again, whisper back that he knows, that he’s always known, when Ryan tilted his chin up. 

“I wuve you fee.” 

In unison Dean and Cas looked down at Ryan and chuckled. “We love you more little guy.”

Teenage Dream (Hongbin smut)

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Genre: smut / fluff

Length: 4.4k

Pairing: Lee Hongbin + you 

Summary: You and Hongbin are secretly dating and you have him over at your house to help ‘tutor’ him. When your parents leave however, things get heated.

Hiii sorry it took me about 2 ½ weeks to update !!! I thought it’d take me less than a week but it took A LOT longer. It takes me so long to write I’m sorry. The next one will be up by the 13th hopefully <3

I’m sorry if there is any typos or parts that don’t make sense since I didn’t proof read, but please let me know if there’s any problems and I’ll edit it.


“…And so you divide the original amount over the new amount which will give you the answer to part a-”

You glance up to see if Hongbin is paying attention to you explanation. You weren’t surprised when you saw he wasn’t, but it was still infuriating. Sighing when you saw he still hadn’t even picked up his pen, you began to scold him. You were stopped by the sight of him staring at you dreamily as he rested his head in his hands. You must admit you loved the attention from him, but not when you were trying to tutor him for your maths exam; and certainly not when your parents were around.

You had informed your parents that your teacher requested that you tutor Hongbin to help him since he was falling behind in maths. This however, was untrue. The reason why Hongbin came round once a week (and sometimes more), was in fact because he was your secret boyfriend and you wanted to spend more time with him. However, your parents were quite strict on you and if you went out they always demanded to know where you were going. It was almost impossible to go out to see Hongbin as they only time you were really aloud to go out was to the library to study. Since you kept your relationship a secret from your friends from school too (aside from a selected few people), it’s not like you could do couple things at school either. Ultimately you were stuck with these ‘tutoring sessions’, where you would both silently flirt with each other and exchange loving glances. Your father had made it clear he didn’t want you to have a boyfriend until you had graduated in case it effected your career and your mother agreed to a certain extent; so they made it their mission to check up on you two regularly to witness that the only thing you were doing was indeed studying. To be honest, you really did want to help Hongbin with his maths exam, but it was hard to when the only thing he did was stare at you all the time.

“Hongbin what are you doing?” You hissed at him through your teeth, “You’re supposed to be listening to me and taking notes!”

“But babeee,” he whined.

You gave him a stern look, which slightly wavered when you saw the look he was giving you. “Don’t call me babe when my parents are here, they might hear you. Besides you should be working.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi Emma! I was just wondering if you had any tips for taking good notes and for studying Xx

Hi! For taking notes, my tips would be:

  • always add a title and dates to your notes - Knowing when you learnt a particular topic can be handy for when exams are coming up and you need to study or when you need to organise your notes. Dates can also give you an indication of when you should be revising the material to ensure your remember it. Have a look at this post, it outlines the curve of forgetting and can help you determine when you should start studying.
  • read the textbook/reading material prior to your class - This helps give you an outline of the material so you can summarise and shorten your notes. You also have the opportunity to clarify anything you might not have understood from just reading.
  • use the layout of the textbook or syllabus to organise your notes - I found copying the headings and subheadings really helped simplify my notes and helped to ensure I was learning each section. If this is not for you, use the titles given by your teachers as mentioned before!
  • include different ways to show the information - Use mindmaps, bullet points, graphs, flow chats and symbols to help visualise the content. This also helps break up large blocks of text which can be boring to read. If you are like me and a bit of perfectionist, do these on a post-it note so it doesn’t have to be perfect or take up a lot of room!
  • remember to (try to) write legibly - It sucks having to spend ages trying to figure out something you wrote so find a writing style that is comfortable for long periods of writing. If you want to change your writing, check out this post I made!
  • have a small colour coding system - An extensive colour coding system is tricky to use in fast-paced classes where the teacher is quick to move on. Using a mixture of black, blue and red pens can help differentiate parts of your notes without having to change your pen constantly. My colour coding system can be found here.
  • make note of what your teacher is saying - They’re knowledgable in your subjects so be sure to pay attention to what is being said and not just what is on the board or powerpoint. You can use small post-it notes for this kind of thing!
  • add your own personal touch - Draw doodles, acronyms, ribbons and abbreviations in your notes. You can check out this and this as inspiration. Also this masterpost has some links to help illustrate your notes.
  • avoid distractions - Whilst in class it’s obviously best to be focused. Try sitting where you can see and hear well, put away your phone and only use your laptop if necessary. Chatting to friends can also make you miss important information so if you don’t help but talk, sit away from them.

For studying:

  • review after class - Use a binder or folder to organise your notes in order after you’ve finished. Remember to review your notes after class, highlight them and add any extra information you have. Also compare your notes with friends or a study group!
  • make your study space productivity - make sure it is bright, clear and organised! Gather all the things you need so you don’t have to get up every 5 minutes. Also, if you can try to study away from your bed. You’ll be more inclined to sleep if you on it. Keep a glass of water and tissues close by.
  • set yourself up with a routine - this is how I prepare to study! It is a little weird but works for me. You’ll be able to develop your own!
  • pick out your top priorities - if you’re easily overwhelmed by long to-do lists, pick out the top three or five things that need to get done and focus on them. 
  • remove all distractions - if you can reduce the amount of time you spend on homework, there is going to be a better chance of fitting in half an hour or hour of actual studying! My top tips for removing distractions include: using Forest to stay on task and not use my phone - you can see a post with lots of time management/productivity manage apps here; have a “brain dump”/“procrastination page” where you write down anything that bothers you during a study session!
  • don’t multitask - yes it is so tempting but it’s going to ruin your ability to focus on the actual class. Josh Kaufman says that with multitasking, you’re basically asking your brain to bring whatever you’re doing into working memory. By multitasking, you’re making your brain load and reload contexts over and over. Diverting your attention over and over is just going to tire out your brain and therefore, equal a loss of focus. 
  • develop your discipline - this is the best way to get yourself into the habit of studying. By doing something each day, rewarding yourself and getting positive reinforcement you’ll be more inclined to study and not feel such strong resistance.listen to some music - I know it’s recommend to listen to instrumental music or soundtracks but honestly the music you enjoy is going to put you in a good mood. Blast it for a little bit, get hyped up! Then turn it down but have in low in the background. As long as it’s not taking over, there isn’t a problem having it playing quietly.

Hope this helps! x

Quick tips for starting AS levels
  • be prepared! you have seriously got to be organised and prepared every day; make sure you have all the equipment/books/folders you need for each day as some teachers may just send you away from a lesson if you don’t have the right notes/books.
  • use your frees!!! i cannot stress this enough! it’s absolutely fine to use your frees to chill with friends from time to time but most of the time you should be doing homework/extra reading/improving notes. use them whilst you can otherwise during exam season you’ll have major regrets.
  • use your school/college’s resources! if your school has access to subject-specific magazines (eg. biological sciences review, history today, new scientist) then you’d be stupid not to use them! also if they have sixth-form only study rooms then use them too! make the most of the kid-free silence and get some work done.
  • go the extra mile!! it’s seriously worth going over things after/before lessons, making extra notes on topics you don’t understand, etc. you don’t have to do these things every day, but from time to time or when needed they can really make a difference. you could also do extra research, print out some notes from online, watch related videos on youtube, etc. just to get some more depth in topics. my geography teacher went on and on about finding our own facts/stats to use in exams and he was so right- examiners get sick of reading the same data in each kid’s essays as they know it just means everyone’s memorised the same revision guide. instead show some flair and dedication in your subject by researching your own relevant statistics/examples.
  • you don’t have to be certain about anything! you really don’t need to have a solid plan for your future- during year 11 I wasn’t even considering doing A level biology but now I want to study it at uni! things change so much so don’t make any solid plans as its unlikely they’ll stick and remember it’s ok to not have a clue what you want to do- you’ll figure it out along the way!
  • try new things! sixth form is an amazing time to make new friends, try new clubs/activities, etc. so try to make the most of it!! do try to get involved with your school as you could really make a difference and this will give you something to write about in your personal statement; helping at a club for younger students, mentoring gcse students, etc. are all excellent ways to help out and learn new skills.
  • make good notes!!!!! try to make good notes throughout the year so you’re not having to make masses and masses of notes from textbooks near to exams. spending a little time most days over the whole year is definitely better than lots of time at the end when you’re already stressed. it’s also worth checking your notes against a revision guide/exam board specification as you go along as teachers can miss things out sometimes.
  • use your teachers! seriously do this! if your teacher forgets to email you a powerpoint- email them about it, remind them when you see them. if they have extra sheets- take them. if you miss a lesson- let your teacher know beforehand and chase up any sheets/notes you missed. if they offer revision sessions- make sure you go. if you don’t understand something- find them and ask! make the most of them whilst you can!!!
  • keep a beautiful folder!! try to take pride in your work and maintain an organised folder/file for each subject. maybe designate 5 minutes every day after school for organising your folder (i find dividers and page tabs to be very useful) as this will save your life when looking for that one sheet during revision, and will also impress your teachers- remember they’ll be the ones summarising your character/strengths when it comes to ucas references so be sure to show interest and dedication.
exam mistakes and advice (from experience)

Reassuring things I wish someone would’ve told me a couple of years ago! hope this helps someone!! ♡

  • Revising the morning before the exam is fine but pick beforehand what you are going to read through (first the big map concepts, then those details or mnemonics you keep forgeting). Don’t freak out and make it a chill short study session.
  • DO NOT take sleep pills you aren’t used to take the nights before.
  • Only eat safe foods you are used to the days before.
  • Practice on past exams on the same hour the real exam is.
  • In the 2 weeks leading up to the exam wake and go to sleep so you feel energized at the hour the exam is going to be (wake ~3 hours before the hour of the test and sleep 8/9 hours each day). I know it’s hard but it’s necessary to not get foggy and lazy.
  • ALWAYS have a back up wake up alarm if the exam is in the morning.
  • Check traffic if you’re going by car/bus/train. Try to walk to the place if possible.
  • Bring the safest clothes you can think of that are appropriate to weather and comfortable, both physically and mentally.
  • Don’t bring those super tight jeans or that itchy sweater.
  • Bring dark chocolate. Eat a bite right before and after. It’s not too sweet and gives a good boost.
  • That thing about getting there early… it works. It will calm you down talking to the teachers, having everything ready and getting to your spot slowly. 15-30 minutes is fine.
  • If your exam is long don’t drink too much water the night and the morning before. Pee right before the exam (even if you have to ask) and only take small sips of water during the test. You should hydrate the week before.
  • If you still have to, and if it’s actually distracting you from the test, then just ask to go to the bathroom, I know it’s the worst thing and you’ll probably waste 5 minutes but it’s better than spending the next 2 hours and a half in pure agony.
  • Yes you will be very nervous, you won’t be different from everyone else, but it’s ok, the best students get nervous, don’t let it stop you when it comes to answering the questions.
  • During the test don’t look at other people or at the window.
  • Correct your posture when you remember so you don’t get back pain.
  • If you are given extra time, ALWAYS use it. Don’t leave early: revise.
  • Check if you are allowed to eat gum.
  • Bring the extra required material like rulers and compass.
  • Don’t cheat or break the safety rules, it’s not worth getting caught.
  • If it doesn’t help you talking to other people after the exam about the exam, don’t start conversation and leave, no one will be offended.
  • Everyone will always ask ‘how was it?’ 'Was it easy?’ 'Did you do well?’ and obviously you will never know what to answer. Saying 'I don’t know’ won’t create any expectations. Don’t explain any further if you get stressed about it. 

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I see these posts of notes that are so pretty and organized. Do you have any tips on note taking?


Hey, there!

Sorry for the delayed response. I do have tips for note taking but I will just say that note taking is very much individual. What works for me may not work for you at all! I shall give you mine, nonetheless.

Okay, so, I take two different kinds of notes: revision notes and class notes. I will start with class notes and then go into revision notes.

Before taking notes:

  1. I suggest you purchase a set of coloured pens, black writing pens, a ruler, post-it-notes, margined and lined paper, a HB pencil and a decent quality A3 paper pad (over 100gsm).
  2. Here are the links to those items which I use myself and would recommend. Those in bold are the ones I recommend unreservedly:

     - Sharpie Fine Pens;
     - Stabilo Fineliner Pens
     - Post-it Notes: Bubbles;
     - Post-it Notes: Arrows;
     - Post-it Notes: Index Box (for annotating literature);
     - Index Stickers;
     - Stabilo Neon Highlighters;
     - Ryman Lined Refill Pad;
     - A3 Paper Pad (180gsm);
     - Xerox A4 Paper (100gsm);
     - Pentel Energel Ink Writing Pens;
     - Staedtler HB Pencils;
     - Helix Ruler.

Class Notes:

  1. My class notes are often very rough, not necessarily neat, and brief. However, I rectify them at some point a little later on. This is because we cover so much content in any one class and that makes neat note-taking somewhat impossible. I’d rather I paid attention than spent tonnes of time making cute, neat, notes in class time.
  2. You will get much more from the revision end of this answer because my college provides us with note packs on each lesson or rather, each topic. The only one of my subjects where this is not largely the case, is English Literature. However, for the others, we spend much more time listening and annotating than copying things down and writing our own notes. 

English Literature Class Notes:

Each of us has a clean copy of the texts studied and we spend much of our class time either planning essays, reading and annotating the copy of the text, or listening to our teacher’s explanations of various things and discussing said things with each other and the teacher. You get a lot of hand-outs for English because it’s more about taking in the vast amount of information you need for the exam and getting to know the texts as opposed to actually wasting time making pretty notes… if you catch my drift? 

Annotating the copy is where you can be colourful, neat and creative. I use index tabs and the post-it notes index box to make my annotations, using coloured pens and colour coding various literary techniques, writing general notes in black ink. For example: I may circle metaphors in a certain chapter, in one colour - say green - and will not, therefore, use green at all for anything else in the rest of that chapter. That way, your mind gets used to seeing these and helps the content to stick. Moreover, I use bubble/arrow post-it notes to summarise the chapter on the final page of each, making concise bullet-points pertaining to the key parts of the chapter. 

Here is an example taken from my copy of Fitzgerald’s, ‘The Great Gatsby’:

History Class Notes: 

In History, our teacher provides us with a note-pack each lesson. These consist of a comprehensive page or so of narrative-like notes on the titled topic. Then, there are power-point slides and note-lines for the next few pages and following this, is a glossary of terms, events, and a list of key names. Then finally, we have a few documents which are often very useful for putting things in context and for precise detail you can use as evidence in essays. 

Each class, we are dictated notes and we write these down in the lined note spaces on the powerpoint presentation pages. They look like this (for Vietnam - AQA HIS2Q):

Religious Studies: Philosophy and Ethics Class Notes:

We are given lesson packs for each topic, consisting of academic/narrative-like prose on the topic content. We then go through the topic, engaging in in-depth discussions about the content of the notes and then I go on to make my own, condensing the detail into need-to-know ‘stuff’. Here is an example of both the pack and my own work:

Revision Notes:

  1. My revision notes are made through multiple things. I ask for computerised copies of all note packs, editing them through the Preview software on Apple Mac’s; I make flash-cards; I write key information on A4 paper and blutac them to the wall; I write essays over and over again; I make mind-maps on A3 paper; I highlight my note-packs; I read my texts and note packs and use audio books to accompany my re-reads of the texts for English; I watch the movie versions of the books; I use The Student Room and Tumblr to bounce off of others; I use past papers.
  2. I don’t actually like writing vibrant revision notes, I find it distracting and blurring rather than helpful. I prefer the notes to be more black and whie with the odd bit of colour from Sharpie Pens. 

English Literature Revision Notes:

For English, essays are the best thing you can do aside from really getting to know the texts well, perhaps re-reading them. Even if the exam is open-book, you really should know the text as well as you should if the exam was closed-book. I also used mind-maps to help with English as I feel it’s information you need to keep refreshing and reviewing until it sticks as English is one of those subjects you have to grow with and develop as you go along.

Here’s an example of a rough mind-map/poster and an essay I got an A on:

History Revision Notes:

For History, I highlight key information I believe will be of use to me in an essay, specifying which kind in annotations made to each highlighted section. I then condense these into key information on flash cards. I also make some small mind-maps on flash cards for the more general information, like facts and figures, and put some key information on A4 sheets and blutac them to the wall in my bedroom. History was the subject I felt the most prepared for and worked months in advance and was lucky in doing so as A-Level History had an incredibly tough year this year. 

Also, it goes without saying that I wrote a lot of essays for history! So, here are photographs of each individual thing - flash cards, an essay, a poster, annotations in my textbook and my note packs:

Religious Studies: Philosophy and Ethics Revision Notes:

For RS, I annotate electronic copies of my notes, condense these down into flash cards, and make A4 mind-maps. I also, as you can guess, write essays and then get them marked. Take a look at these:

To Summarise:

My general advice is to experiment with what works for you; use note-taking as a means of revisiting information from class, focusing on listening in class rather than writing; and make very brief, rough notes in class. Understand the topic because if you don’t - your notes are useless anyway which is why I always say, spend class listening. Finally, keep your notes clear, concise, and organised. 

I hope this helps, 


lost without you.

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“What happened to you never walk alone?”

genre: angst

word count: 1.3k

So much happened before I could process anything. One minuted he was on the phone to me, the next there was a loud crash and the line went silent. “Yoongi! Yoongi! Answer me! Where are you?” After 20 minutes of the unknown, I received a call from an unknown number, “Hello, is this ___?” “Yes, is everything okay? Is Yoongi okay?” “I’m afraid he’s going to need to be operated on and he may be stuck in a coma. We don’t know how long this will last but we’ll make sure he’s okay.” “Can I come see him?” I replied, tears fogging my vision. “You may visit tomorrow, he will be going into surgery soon and I wouldn’t want you to wait hours until he comes out.” “Thank you.”

I couldn’t get a pinch of sleep, I was too worried about the accident. What if he was seriously injured? What if he wouldn’t remember me? What if he died?

Day One.

The next morning, I got myself prepared to go visit Yoongi after his surgery. I knew he wouldn’t be awake but I needed to see him more than anything else. I just needed to know that he was alive, that’s all.

As I entered his room, he had his own as his case was more severe than others, I saw his members gathered around his bed. “___, thank God you’re here.” Seokjin said as walked over to pull me into his embrace. “I’m sorry.” he whispered as he attempted to further comfort me. I didn’t say a word, I simply walked over to Yoongi who had so many things going into his body, he would’ve hated this if he were awake. “Yoongi, I just needed to know that you weren’t dead.” I said, tears subconsciously flowed from my eyes as I grabbed his left hand and held it in my own. The six of them held their heads low and were silent during this moment. “I promise, I’ll visit you everyday. I’ll make sure I do. I love you.” I told him before I planted a kiss on my forehead. “I wish there was some way I could stay longer but I have to go class and I know if he were awake he make me go, you know. For a better future or whatever. But I just want to stay here until he wakes up.” I said as I turned my attention to the six other men. “He would understand, don’t worry. You can always see him later.” Namjoon said, giving me a weak smile.

Day Six.

“It’s Saturday today. I can stay with you for a lot longer than usual as there’s nothing for me to do on Saturday’s. I usually spend them with you anyway.” I told him as I laid my head next to his right arm, I had my hand on his and rubbed his with my thumb. I missed him. If there was anything I could do to stop him and myself from suffering but it wasn’t my in my control.

Day Twenty-Three.

“It’s a week away from being a month since your accident and it doesn’t get any easier for anyone. Your parents are still worrying about you but I told them that you were improving so they could worry about their own health; you always put others before you, even when you need the most loving care.” I sobbed as I told him, not knowing whether or not he could hear me but I told him anyway, for my sake. “What happened to you never walk alone? What happened to being safe? I can’t even be mad at you, I just want you to get better so I can hold you in my arms again.”

Day Fifty-One.

“I’m back, baby. The doctor’s said you’re improving slightly but not much. Everyone misses you but they’re doing well. Your family told me that they are well and that I should take care of you until they can visit you. Holly’s doing quite well, although he’s not quite the same without you. As for you members, they seem to find it hard to carry on with their careers right now; they can’t bring themselves to do it without you so BTS is on halt for now as well. As for me, I’m still not okay, I get by, but I’m struggling.”

Day Seventy-Four.

“We’re well into the third month now. I’m glad that your body keeps fighting for you. Although I wish I could hear a response from you, even a sarcastic remark would make my day. That’s my favourite thing about you; you have this ‘I don’t care’ attitude but you’re the most caring person I know. I wonder what it’s like to have everyone care for you all at once, it must be overwhelming. Anyway, I’ve started to revise, your girlfriend has exams to take and she’ll be graduating soon.” I said as I weakly smiled at the lifeless body in front of me. “I miss you.”

Day Ninety.

“Three months. I don’t know how much longer this is going to last but I’ll hold on no matter what. I saw your family leave as I walked in. Your mother was in tears, I had to hold for a while, reassuring her that you could make it and that you were a fighter. I’ve also graduated uni now; I wish you could’ve been there. You would have been the proudest person there. ARMY have finally found out about the reason behind the BTS hiatus, many are upset and sending love your way. Hopefully this can help your recovery.”

Day One-Hundred-and-Thirty-Three.

“Where is he?” I asked as I left the room that Yoongi was supposed to be in. “Where is my boyfriend?” “He’s been moved to a shared room, his condition seems to have improved immensely over the past week.” “Please show me where he is.” “Mr. Min should be in this room.” I instinctively ran towards his bed and sat down on his right, like usual. I grabbed hold of his hand and rested my head by his side. Suddenly I felt movement. My head shot up and I called for a doctor. I held onto his hand tightly as he woke up from his coma; he was processing where he was and his eyes were adjusting to the light.

“Sir, do you remember your name?” the doctor asked him. “Min Yoongi.” “Date of Birth?” “9 March 1993.” “Do you remember who this lady by your side is?” he asked as he directed Yoongi’s focus over to me. “Of course, this lady here is my girlfriend, who visited me everyday since the accident occurred.” he smiled as he thumb rubbed my hand. “I’ll give the two of you a moment.” “You heard me?” I asked, tears welling up all over again, but this time for a good reason. “Everyday baby, everyday. I heard everything but I couldn’t speak or open my eyes. I was scared that you might have given up eventually but you didn’t. You stayed.” “I would never leave you, not ever ever for all of eternity.” “That’s a big statement.” he chuckled as he caressed my left cheek, wiping away a stray tear.

When he realised he was still in hospital he frowned, “What are all of these things in my arms?” “That kept you alive.” the doctor said as he reapproached us. “There will be many time where you will need to revisit the hospital, just to check up on you but let’s see if you can walk.”

Day Three-Hundred-and-Ten.

Last visit to the hospital. “Thank God this is the last one.” Yoongi laughed as he helped me out of the car. “I know, I’m glad it is. It’s a hassle to get here.” “Yet you did it everyday.” “It was okay since it was for you.”

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Hi! I want to tell you that I LOVE your tumblr and instagram; both have really inspired me to try and be neater :) I just wanted to ask if you could do a post of studying tips? I take pretty good notes, but when I try to study, nothing sticks :( especially for AP Economics. I'd really appreciate it if you could! <3

Helloo! Thank you so much. I’m glad it has! It’s so lovely to know I’m giving a little bit of study inspiration. I’ll list a couple of things that might help:

  • learn your class syllabus - knowing what is coming up, what you’ve learnt and what bits link to other bits is a great way to stay on top! It’s also a great study guide.
  • start sooner rather than later - don’t wait until your exams are a week away! Do summary/study notes throughout your term - that way you can spend those last few study sessions focused on more important revision methods rather than typing or writing notes.
  • summarise your textbooks as you go along - either you could do this on post-it notes, on flashcards or even on your laptop!
  • find out what study method is best for you - take this quiz and listen to the advice it gives at the end. Knowing if you are a visual learner, for example, will help you devise ways that incorporate that to your studying and therefore make it more effective!
  • create a system that suits you - this can be including a colour code, an organisation system for your subjects/your topics/your classes, and a study system. 
  • make a study plan - schedule your days or weeks to include regular study sessions! You’re better off doing a few hours a week rather than cramming in six hours studying the day before! You should see my study schedule printable here - it is free to download and comes in a few options to suit your needs.
  • spend time on the things you don’t understand - it’s easy to avoid the things we don’t understand because we “can’t be bothered” or just don’t want to push ourselves but this is the wrong way to think!! If you’re struggling, find a way to help yourself! Whether that be through a friend, your teacher or a YouTube video. It is important to understand where there are gaps in your knowledge and fix it!
  • use the pomodoro method - stick to 25-30 minute study sessions and then break for a while. The aim is to reduce “internal and external interruptions on focus and flow”. Apps like FocusNow or Forest are great, fun and gamified versions!
  • read through sample answers - these are fantastic!! I have learnt so much by seeing how other people write or answer questions. It is a great way to compare your answers and see how you can improve to get those marks!
  • do past papers - if you have access to the previous years of your exam system’s papers, do that! Practice them. Time yourself or not! Knowing the format of your exam and ensuring your time management is correct!
  • use YouTube - there are so many videos on there that might just be able to provide a simple explanation to a topic you’re confused on!
  • talk about it to someone - ask a family member or friend to test your knowledge. Try to explain the concept to them without your notes. If you can manage, awesome! If not, you’ll be able to see where your knowledge gaps are.
  • use mnemonic devices - this could be making a story, an acronym, or rhymes to remember things!
  • follow the curve of forgetting - here is a graphic on the curve of forgetting. As you can see with the blue line, most of what you learn is forgotten if you don’t review it. But what the other lines show is how is can be retained if you review consistently. Make an effort to review your notes after class, after a day, after a week, and after a month.
  • put away any distractions - leave your phone in another room and behind you. Forget it is there and concentrate on what you’ve got to do. Extensions for your browser like RescueTime can help you avoid going on websites that distract you.

I hope this helps!! xx

"Don't be so hard on yourself"

A/N Hello everyone! As always, thanks for the feedback and requests, 💕 I hope that you’ll like this short imagine. It was hard for me to write this because I’m feeling quite anxious and pessimistic at the moment. 

My previous imagine : https://freakingholland.tumblr.com/post/163217228236/tom-holland-x-actressreader-an-hi-guys-how  

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Peter Parker x Reader 

Word count : 773 

 Highschool can be a really stressfull part of teenagers life. You are a true definition of a hard working, determinated person who always has time to help people, spend time with friends and family. You are a complete opposite of a narcissist. But because of the exams you spend every free minute you have - to study. You were just about to fall asleep during Biology class when bell rang meaning that the last lesson ended. It was a nice, sunny Friday afternoon in Queens, but instead of going outside with friends you had to study Chemistry. You looked like a mess, because you have been wearing the exact same clothes for probably a week. You planned to do as much work as you could that day. You wanted to have some fun on Saturday with your favourite nerds also known as Peter and Ned. You didn’t hang out with them in a while, they also have been revising some stuff. Meeting them was your motivation to study. 

After school you went to the library. It’s a lovely place to study, not only it’s quiet but it’s also homely and cozy. You found a table near the window. You took out your text books, notes from previous learning sessions and a thermos filled with your favourite drink. You also brought some markers and highlighters to mark the most important material. You were almost prepared to do all of the work, but there was on thing missing - power. You didn’t want to study, you wanted to rest. You decided to do something spontaneously. You packed all of the stuff back to the backpack only leaving your phone out. As you walked out of the library you decided to call your boyfriend. “Well hello Parker, are you home?” You asked hoping that the answer will be “yes”. “Yes… Yes, I’m currently home. Did something happen?” He asked concerned. “No, don’t worry. Do you mind if I’ll come?” “I’m waiting for you, May is going to make a meal for us.” “I’ll come in like 40 minutes?”
“Can’t wait, watch yourself darling,” he said. “See you in a while insect.” You basically ran towards your place, nearly tripping over own legs running up the stairs. You quickly unlocked the door and went to the bedroom to leave the backpack and to grab some clean clothes. Before going to Peter’s you wanted to take a shower. After 15 minutes you were ready to leave. You left a note for your parents, they were at work. “I’m staying overnight at Peter’s. I have my phone, if I don’t pick up call aunt May or Peter. I love you ♡” 


 You had a massive grin on your face when you saw Peter open the door. “Come in beautiful, MAAYYY, Y/N WILL STAY OVERNIGHT OKAY?” he shouted while you were taking of your trainers. “I HAVE A DINNER FOR YOU LOVEBIRDS, HURRY UP,” she shouted back. “Good afternoon sweety, how are you?” she asked politely, smiling as you entered the kitchen. “I’m great, what did you prepare? It smells so good!” you answered. “Toasts, with seasonal vegetables” she said in a very fancy way, you couldn’t help but giggle at her response.


 “Thank you so much, it was reaaally delicious!” You said, lifting from your seat. “You are more than welcome! You two should get some rest now, you have been sitting with your noses in books for way too long,” said May. Peter grabbed your hand and guided to his room. “I’m so tired,” you said sitting down on his bed.“I can actually see that,” he said with a shy smile plastered on his face. “I’m so scared that I will fail this Chemistry exam. I know that’s stupid, but I-I…” Now he could see tears forming in your eyes. “Baby, you have been working so hard throughout the whole year. Don’t worry, everything will be fine,” he said cupping your cheek in his hand. “It’s okay to fail. We learn from our own mistakes, right? But I’m sure you won’t fail. I swear, you are going to nail it!” He said being absolutely serious. “Thank you, I don’t know why I cry and get emotional because of such stupid things. School kills me,” you answered with a smile forming on your face. “I must agree with you. The real question is which movie are we going to wa-?” Peter was interrupted by a peck on the lips. You instantly felt much better. “I think I need a lot of cuddles tonight,” you said after pulling apart. “That’s fine by me,” Peter responded bringing you closer to him.

Ways to Avoid Burnout at University

Ok, I’ll admit, I seem like the worst person to give advice on this as around exam times I regularly burnout. But because I’m not as cold-hearted as I pretend to be, I don’t actually want to see anyone else fall into the same traps I do (regularly). First, here are a few of the bad habits burnout brings for me:

Heightened emotions – so much crying. Revising Latin from a textbook, I once cried because they’d introduced a new noun without giving the definition a chapter early. If you find yourself crying because of no reason (eg. you left your teabag in too long, your tutor has taken longer than 10 seconds to reply to your e-mail etc.), it’s probably burnout.

Apathy – on the other end of the scale, if you simply cannot find the motivation to sit down and study, if accompanied by other symptoms, it’s most likely burnout. Often a few days before exams I’ll find it almost impossible to keep revising with thoughts like ‘What is the point? I’ll fail anyway - why am I pushing myself so hard?’ floating around.

Disturbed sleep – I have sleep issues anyway but exam time only exacerbates the problem. Often I’ll find myself worrying about things to the point of feeling physically sick which isn’t exactly conducive for a good night’s rest. This leads to tiredness, lower quality of work and only further promotes things like heightened emotions.

Changes in diet – this can go two ways. You can find yourself barely eating anything at all due to all the work you’re doing or find yourself scoffing biscuits, chocolate, crisps and pizza in stress eating. Sometimes you may not even necessarily eat more unhealthy foods, but simply up the quantity tenfold. I usually swing between the two, barely eating anything during the day, then pigging out at around 2am on anything and everything I can find (a whole box of Cadbury’s Milk Tray for example).

Physical illness – all of the above does not a healthy student make. Lack of sleep especially lowers your immune system’s defences and makes you more susceptible to catching something, especially in a university or school environment. I usually end up with some kind of cold or chest infection around exams purely because I’ve run my body to the ground. Yes, I become that person who’s sniffling and coughing through exams (I’m sorry!).

But what can you do to prevent this?

Plan realistically – If you’ve left all of your revision until quite late, you may have to accept that you cannot feasibly revise it all to the standard you’d like. For example, for a language exam you may want to complete every exercise in the textbook in full but if there’s 130 exercises with an average of 20 questions in each, you may have to accept that it ain’t going to happen. Instead, try halving the amount – instead of answering all 20, pick the 10 most challenging to you and do them. You’ll half the time but still revise in a challenging way.

Find other sources available to you – By this I mean if you’ve read the books for your English Literature exam over and over, think of a different way to revise. Maybe a CrashCourse video while you have a cup of tea, or quizzes available online at places like Bitesize and Sparknotes? All of these are low-stress activities that are still engaging you without driving you down.

Break it up – The Pomodoro Technique of working for a set amount of time then forcing yourself to take a short break is fantastic, but sometimes 10 minutes simply isn’t enough. You may need a full day off revising. This is incredibly hard, especially for studyblrs, because I know I generally spend any time I’m not actively doing work panicking about the work I feel I should be doing. Unfortunately, you just have to force yourself. Your work quality will improve and your body will thank you for it. Maybe spend your day off trying to be extra healthy – go for a run, do some yoga, only drink herbal tea and lots of water, go to bed early even if you have trouble sleeping – you’ll still be forcing your body to rest.

SLEEP – This can be a bugger sometimes, not always through any fault of your own. Try ASMR or meditation videos, a Sleep Time tea and a nice shower before you go to bed. However sometimes other things are outside our control – other people in my block finished their exams much earlier than I did and obviously went out to celebrate. Good for them! However when they’re still screaming and slamming doors in your thin walled hall at 4am the day of your exam, it can get irksome. Earplugs or headphones, my friend. Or failing that, if you have friends in other halls, as a drastic measure ask if you can sleep in their room tonight. Probably won’t be as comfortable, but at least you’ll get some rest.

Hate to state the obvious, but look after yourself – University is hard for staying healthy, especially around exam time. You’re late in the library and the only things available are the sweets vending machines or the late night pizza delivery place, how on earth do you stay healthy then? Answer - prepare ahead. While I’m guilty of binge stress eating when it’s exam time, I generally try to stock up on healthy things so whilst I’m eating, at least I’m getting my 5 a day. If you have a fridge in your hall room, a pantry in your hall block or you live in self-catered accommodation, some great snacks are hummus, carrot sticks, feta cheese, cucumber, pitta breads, nutri-bars and nuts, besides the obvious fruit. When you start to feel mentally exhausted, go for a walk around campus – mine has a lake that’s good for an afternoon walk. Or force yourself to exercise at a set time – I’m part of my uni’s yoga soc, so I try to schedule in lessons as a way of forcing myself to take a break, relax and still exercise.

At the end of the day, you are more than your grades – You can’t do more than your best. Talk it over with your friends and/or family, they care about you and will listen and hug you until you feel better. My mum and my best friends have seen me burnout all the way through AS and A Levels and now they’ve seen me burnout at uni, and I can still say out of all of these techniques, ringing my mum and listening to her rant about the historical inaccuracies of the latest episode of The Musketeers and joining in with her, or discussing my friend’s new girlfriend with her, these are the most helpful. They calm you down, take your mind off work for half an hour and remind you how loved and supported you are.

Hope these were at the very least a little bit helpful!


Exam Season!

Hi guys, 

I hope you are all well. Exam season, as many of us know, is upon us. Some of you may have already done all of your exams by now and are able to enjoy a long and relaxing break, others of you may be in the midst of it all and some of you may not have even started yet (I fit into your category!). No matter where you are in this spectrum, I wanted to offer a few words of advice and enthusiasm, and also an apology for being unactive for a while - I have been studying non-stop for the last month or so for my exams which start mid-June. I will be posting some of my revision and ideas for you in the forthcoming weeks to make up for this!

1.     Keep going! Revision can be tough, and distractions are everywhere. It can be really difficult to keep going with something you may find boring, pointless, or hard. But the truth is when it comes to results day, you’ll want to get the highest grades you can to move towards your next step in life, and you don’t want to let one subject, module or exam let you down! The key is to give yourself breaks every half hour to 45 minutes, so your brain has time to rest and remember everything you’ve just revised. Then try moving on to a different topic to keep yourself more interested and your brain more active. Try turning off your phone and putting it in another room, or logging off your social media until you finish so it doesn’t distract you – then you have something to look forward to as well once you’ve finished!

2.       Eat well – Try not to eat too much junk food, as nice as it is. It can make you feel groggy and demotivated and you don’t want that when you’re busy studying for exams! Fruit and veggies are your best friend, but they don’t have to be boring. Try making a fruit salad and adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream (I have dairy-free which is healthier!) or have some carrot sticks and hummus! Having said this, it can be a good idea to treat yourself every day for the work you have done to either a soda, chocolate bar or bag of sweets. Don’t have too much though, and make sure you’ve earned it first!

3.       Make a revision timetable – These are gold when it comes to revision time. They can be boring, yes, but they will help you keep to a schedule and get all your revision done. Don’t cram too much into one day and keep your plan realistic, and you’ll do a lot better at sticking to it. Try pinning it up on the fridge or on a door in your house so other people can see it, and what you’re supposed to be doing. This will act as a good motivation! Remember to cross off the revision you’ve done – it is one of the most satisfying things to do and it is a good motivator and helps to relieve stress.

4.       Don’t cram! – Cramming is probably one of the worst things to do during an exam period. It stresses you out, and you start to panic (whether you realise it or not) meaning your brain won’t retain the information you’re trying to cram into it the night before an exam. I know it can be hard not to – GCSE’s are probably the worst for this, since they are always timetabled so close together so there is little time to revise properly for any of your exams unless you’ve started early (which is the best thing to do) but it is always better to revise content thoroughly over time. A revision timetable should help with this because it will allow you to revise all of your topics and subjects over time, and therefore leave you less stressed when it comes to the actual exam.

5.       Relax! – Obviously don’t spend all of your time doing this as that won’t help you at all, but don’t spend every waking moment of your day trying to work, as that’s not healthy. It will merely make you more stressed, burn you out and probably make you ill, and your brain won’t be able to retain any of the information. Take regular breaks and make sure you still take time out to do the things you enjoy – whether that be sport, dance, socialising with friends, shopping, gaming, anything! Just don’t spend too long doing these things as that defeats the object. Use them as motivation and a reward!

I hope this helps and you take something away from it, but the most important thing to remember is that however you do in your exams, there is always something greater ahead. Exams are not the be all and end all, and if you don’t do as well as you hoped, there are always alternatives, and other doors will open. Don’t ever get too stressed or upset over exams because they are not barriers to where you want to go. Ambition, hard work and positivity are the key things to life and getting where you want. Good luck to all of you, and I’m always here if you need any more advice and support.


The Organized Lifestyle x