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This blog is my reason to live!😍 Could you do what each member would do/be like if they were left alone for a while? (I'd imagine Taemin would almost burn the place down haha!) ty mum👏🏻😘

hi baby! make sure to also drink water, bc alas we cannot survive off mere memes just yet 

(this would be when they’re in the shinee dorm together but one at a time) 


  • opens the fridge, stares at food, closes it again
  • “i’m not hungry my mouth is just bored” opens fridge again
  • settles for a glass of milk eventually 
  • found an old math workbook, does… math????? jinki the internet exists why are you doing calculus 
  • falls asleep in the massage chair with it still on, open bag of shrimp chips by his side (key: BY MY SIDE) 


  • watches kimi no na wa again 
  • ugly cries very loudly 
  • rolls around on the floor, maybe eats an orange 
  • brings several large candles into the bathroom so he could take a bath with nice smells  
  • has reruns of one piece playing in the background while he reads ie watching it while hold a book in his hand  
  • did he just hear the floor creak??? but no one’s home??? someone’s here sos save jonghyun 


  • sipping on americano 
  • should he dye his hair?? he’s gonna dye his hair, no one’s here to stop him
  • has this face mask he’s been meaning to use 
  • oh god he looks like shrek 
  • cackling while uploading a selca on snapchat 
  • a lil wine drunk 
  • trying to diy while wine drunk was not the best idea….. his shorts are a bit too short but he’ll just rock it #fashion #key’sknowhow


  • misses the members and wonders what they’re doing 
  • sends them memes in the group chat / “stop texting us we’re together all the time” 
  • turns on fifa instead 
  • yells a lot and chucks the controller on the ground which makes a dent in the floor and he moves the table over it and hope no one notices it or moves the table ever 


  • keeps wandering in and out of the rooms bc he left his phone somewhere … maybe he’ll message kai to call him until he finds it 
  • still can’t find it
  • srsly the members joke about getting him one of those cellphone straps that you wear around your neck but he actually needs to use that………
  • goes into key’s room and touches all his stuff
  • is only allowed to use the microwave when no one else is home bc of a certain incident
  • he exploded a potato. he did that and the fire alarm went off and the entire building had to evacuate 

@ beautifulliepainfultruth this prompt was v similar to the one you sent in!

When will companies learn that the best way to advertise their product is to just have the weirdos of the internet namedrop the product in shitposts. No “official accounts”. No “Having People on Vine make Vines with your product in it”. Just have someone with a decent number of followers post like

My friend: Hey man, you always seem down in the dumps
Me, doing a kickflip and taking a bite of Nutter Butter: It’s what I do.

The Five Stages of Robron Spoiler Grief

Denial - No! They wouldn’t do that! They’re not that stupid! It’s just a vague spoiler, it’s fine. It won’t actually happen. 

Anger - Are you kidding me! This is the sixth time they’ve done this fucking storyline! I’m done! I can’t deal with it anymore! I’m going over to ITV with my picket signs! I will not stand for this!

Bargaining - Look, let me just explain the multitude of other storylines you could do instead of doing this one AGAIN. I’ve written them all out in outline form, easy for you to follow. Just give it a read, yeah?

Depression - Oh my god, it’s been like 12 hours (internet culture moves really fast) and people are STILL talking about it. I’m taking a break. This is too much. Come get me when Aaron’s out of prison and they’re moving into the Mill.

Acceptance - Okay, I’ve calmed down a bit, returned to my zen state. Let’s just watch and see what happens. 

LucasFilm is so evil. They are going to try and force me to buy <I>Rogue One</I> three times.

1. When it comes out on HD digital because I cannot wait for it to come out on
2. DVD/Blue-Ray a week later (because what if my Internet is down?!) and
3. When they finally release a special edition with the deleted scenes and commentary track I need like burning.

And I am probably gonna do it.


5/03/17 Heres a few pages from my current sketchbook/journal/brain dump ground, in the past week. I wouldn’t day I have a particular journaling style or anything, but mainly just use this notebook to scribble down random thoughts floating around in my head. 

I’ve been doing this sort of thing for as long as I can remember, including a trip to Wales when I was about 4yo and illustrated what my family and I did that day. In the best way a 4yo could, obviously, I was no Da Vinci, it featured mostly stick men.

This is something I do everyday and will start posting on the internet in various places because…why not.

But yeh 

follow if you want

or not


(Lauren i can see you😘)

Bedtime || Dan Howell x Reader

A/N: Hello there! welcome to my blog, my name is Kailyn and I am here to share my writing with you! Not gonna lie, I wanted to have this up sooner than tonight but yesterday was my birthday, and I didn’t get home until late last night, and then when I tried to write it my internet crashed, and it was a mess. But it is here now! I really hope you guys enjoy this, seeing as it is my first Dan x Reader ever done. So, please tell me what you think. Send me messages, like it, do whatever, but please do not just leave me hanging, okay?

Quietly, you opened the door to Dan and Phil’s flat, kicking off your shoes and setting your keys down gently. Dan had warned you beforehand that he was going to be filming when you got off of work, and you wanted to disturb him as little as possible. 

As you crept up the stairs, you could hear Dan talking to the camera. You paused for a moment, loving the sound of his laugh, knowing that his dimples would be poking out at the camera. You set your bag down by one of the chairs, quietly cursing as you remembered that you left your laptop on Dan’s bed this morning. Sighing, you drop down onto one of the sofas, unlocking your phone and starting to play on it.

A few minutes later, you feel something shaking you. Grumbling, you open your eyes to see Dan’s face in yours. “Hello there.” You say, smirking at him, your eyelids drooping.

“Come on, sleepy girl. Let’s go to bed.” He says, pulling on your arms. You shake your head, groaning. 

“Carry me.” You tilt your head upwards, your eyes still not open, a small pout on your lips.

“Come on, then, love.” Dan says, bending to scoop you up in his arms, bridal style. Your arms automatically wrap around his neck, your head falling onto his chest. Dan pushes the door to your shared bedroom open with his foot, gently setting you on the bed.

You sit up, your eyes opening to almost complete darkness. You stand up and move to get pajamas, sitting back down on the bed. You start to change, not even caring that Dan is in the room. At this moment, all you want is to get some sleep, and some cuddles from Dan. 

“Someone must be really tired.” Dan mumbles in your ear, as he crawls into the bed beside you, one arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you into his chest. You murmur happily, nodding. “Goodnight, Y/n.” 

“Goodnight, Dan.” You say, and moments later you have both drifted into a content sleep, not waking up until the sun bathes you in light the next morning.

Today, I fucked up by looking at a girl in the work out shirt.

When i was 18 i used to run food out to the customers for the local restaurant. But on my way to the table i Happen to glance over to see a girl playing the virtual hunting arcade game that you would see in the back of almost every restaurant. More particularly the shirt she was wearing. It was a workout shirt that had the holes for your arms cut down to about mid side, leaving the entire side of her upper body exposed. How she only had a bra on underneath, mixed with the way she was leaning left her entire boob just hanging out. When i saw this i walked over to one of my more favorite waitresses and said “Do you see that girl over there (nudging my head in her direction)."She is HANGING OUT if you know what i mean”. She looked over at the girl and back at me and said “You mean my daughter”?

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

  • Me: *online*
  • Me: (What I say:) You should be thankful that I’m not one of those teens that go out and do drugs.
  • (What I want to say: ) You have no idea how much the internet is an escape for me. When I try to be social, I get shot down and end up feeling like shit. When I go online I find people that make me happy. I don’t have to worry about anything because Im not focusing on the bad, all I’m doing is smiling. So if you take that away, you take my happiness with it. You have no idea how hard it is for me to socialize… It makes me panic and get anxiety attacks…
  • YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE. I have so much I haven’t told you. I never told you how I feel AT ALL. So don’t go saying that Im wasting my life because I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have these people online making me smile EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  • Parents: *makes a smart-ass remark*
  • Me: *Goes back to my room and locks myself away again*

So, today, I: woke up, participated in a research study for a friend for three hours, got lunch with said friend and hung out with her for a bit (since she’s really busy, and I don’t see her much), came home, played D&D, and then promptly had to try and talk a friend down from trying to get back together with his ex-wife/having a casual, open relationship with his ex-wife (who he’s still in love with)/financially supporting his ex-wife (who he’s still in love with and was really fucked up over when she left him).

You know what I haven’t done? Written anything, but my god, can you blame me?

Also, I want all of you to promise me, your weird internet friend, something–do not get back together with your exes, unless you broke up because of things that categorically are not issues anymore (like long distance, or something). Don’t do it. Don’t have casual relationships with them because it’s an “in” to what you really want. Don’t promise to financially support them while they life halfway across the world from you because you’re in love with them.

Don’t fucking get back together with your exes. You broke up for a goddamn reason, it’s not going to go any better the second time.

Okay? Do you promise?

Anyway, nothing written, no snippet. Obviously.

Let shippers ship their damn ship

Sometimes, when I’m just chilling, doing my thing on the internet, I come across a post about fan fiction. Which, of course, catches my attention because I practically live for fan fiction. Mostly, I immediately scroll down to the comments, just to read what others have to say about it. There’s always a Drarry fan who’s just pointing out he’s a Drarry fan, and then most people are like: “Ah yeah, I don’t particularly ship Drarry, but they’re so cute together.” Indeed, totally, they are. BUT THEN someone of the Snamione/sshg/snanger ship joins the conversation, just to let people know they like the Snape/Hermione ship. And suddenly hell breaks out, “because it’s a disgusting and unhealthy relationship. Snape’s abusive and Hermione is too young to think about the consequences, etc, etc.” This makes me furious. But like real “don’t touch my ship with those filthy, unnecessary condemnatory hands” kind of furious.

First of all: ship whatever the hell you want to ship. Are you a fan of a particular romance between a pink turtle with bangs and a somewhat awkward shark with golden wings? Be my guest. If you enjoy the ship, please, keep up with it. No matter what people say about it.

Second: let people ship whatever they want to ship. Ok, this relationship between a turtle and a shark is somewhat weird, but is that a reason to let the shippers know you’re disgusted and think they have messed up minds? Guess what? It’s not. Of course, you may think of it as messed up. But believe me, your opinion is perfectly comfortable there in that pretty head of yours and there’s no reason to insult people by throwing it recklessly into the comments.

Moral of the story: let shippers ship their damn ship and simply tolerate the fact some people may really like that ship, even if you think it’s weird or unhealthy. C’mon people, it’s fiction. I’m so done with people judging people regarding their preferences. 

“Ship and let ship”

Excuse me, I really felt the need to say this. I’ll stop now. *mic drop and quickly running away*

do you even understand

how hard it is to talk to you about things that actually matter?

how much it hurts when i try to talk about my feelings and you shut me down

instead poking fun at my eye bags

and pretending that insulting my looks is exactly what i need right then

in that very moment when my blood is replaced by fire and carnage rages behind my eyes

do you even understand why i’m emotionally touch-starved

because i have no one i can confide in. no one i can touch, anyway.

you say i need to get off the internet. say i need to talk to my real friends. ask me why im so mad all the time.

i laugh bitterly because it appears that you’ve mistaken my tiredness for


i have eye bags for reasons.

—  and none of them are healthy

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4, 6, 9, and 10 for the ask thing? :)

4 : Which do you prefer–line-editing or plot-revisions?

line editing, all the way! plot revisions usually make me rewrite the whole thing, and then it’s a mess, and that’s actually why 2.5 has stalled. because most of me wants to rewrite ALL OF IT, the rest of me is like no that’s fucking ridiculous sit the hell down.

9 : What do you struggle most with as a writer?

the actual act of writing itself, lmao - i’m way, way too lazy to have all the wips i do. i have an overactive imagination, and also a broke brain. fix it, please.

10 : Do you brain-storm story ideas alone or with others?

I LOVE BRAINSTORMING WITH OTHER PEOPLE, as most of my internet groupies can attest to. it is actually one of my favorite things. but when it comes to fics i’m writing for the drama, i usually want to handle the plot myself - the small stuff, that is purely self-indulgent, are usually because someone rolled up in my messages like, “hey, yo. fic idea” and that is a thing that is open to anyone, by the by

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many people up for failure when they can't actually detach this from what waits outside their door. I use the internet, tumblr in particular, to relax, yes. I use it to wind down. But i do not allow that to cloud my view and judgement, (part 2)


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Hey, I was reading your asks when suddenly WHAT?? You know Silver?? I've been wondering what happened to him ever since all that drama went down. Is he doing OK? I'm worried his depression may have gotten worse and him vanishing from the internet doesn't help. I've tried contacting him through all his other profiles in different sites to try and cheer him up a bit, but no dice - it's all gone :(

Hey there!

Silver is doing just fine as of right now!

He feels a lot better and he feels more comfortable when talking in my discord server, which can be found here.

He wanted me to let y’all know that right now he’s focusing on college and other stuff. And he was super excited to receive his leather jacket today!!

Also Silver has a bearsona that he was very happy about 

(Drawn by his friend!)

So...Hi Again.

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Firstly I would like to apologize for my incredibly long absence from blogging. it can mostly be put down to big changes in my life including getting a new apartment with a lack of a stable, existing internet connection that will let me sit down and write anything let alone blog. That also compounded with a lack of motivation to do just about anything, but he it’s a new year so here we are, with a not daily fandom blog but instead a weekly blog, you know when everything comes back of course, and what a week to comment on!

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So this week in the fandom, the super early Steven Bomb! Isn’t it just like Cartoon Network to immediately drop the ball. First of all I know I haven’t comment on the Summer of Steven at all so very quickly, my whole viewpoint is it was a great growth period for our favorite little shtoo-ball. In fact that growth Steven experienced directly ties into this arc so here we go.

After everything that’s happened and all that Steven had learned, his feelings about his mother are incredibly confused. All those expectations, accusations and perceptions slammed down on top of him by his loved ones and enemies alike are weighing heavily on his mind and as far as I can tell things are just going to become even more complicated as this season continues. I mean I don’t doubt that Rose was a great person but the revelations of this Bomb have me really, really confused.

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These two. Good gods these two. All we’ve been told is that the Diamonds are evil, cruel domineering, their want to destroy earth looked like petty anger over a loss that they turned into a cruel victory anyway with the corruption. BUT they are so much more then that, the Cluster while incredibly cruel is not their for a petty reason it’s revenge for the death of what has been theorized by many to have been the youngest of the Diamonds. Extreme oh hell yes, but just put yourself in this mind set for a second. Imagine your youngest sibling was murdered, wouldn’t you go to the ends of the earth to avenge their death, or grip to whatever scraps of them were left with a clenched fist. But the Diamonds these feelings are magnified by a least a thousand, because after all they ar the incredibly powerful, rulers of a basically immortal race. How would they handle the death of one of their own? That shock would utterly consume them, I mean look at Blue(who I am harboring a major crush on) she went from that mysterious deft leader we knew to a grieving emotional wreck, who is desperately clutching at Pink’s subjects, Zoo and hell even the Earth. Yellow Diamond however is not the analytical leader that Peridot heard she had been but is instead barely containing her anger at her youngest sister’s death and wants to get rid of every remnant of her so she no longer has to feel this pain. And if you think about their reactions kind of match the placement of their gems, which lies directly over the heart, the area we feel anger and sadness most clearly. It could of course be figured that White Diamond, whose gem is placed on her forehead and through cursory evidence is the eldest of the sisters has as of yet been DETACHED from the narrative, using logic instead of feeling to explain away Pink’s death.

Their is so much more I could talk about the Zoo itself, Greg charming everyone, the fact they might be rescuing the Rubies, the FAMYTHEST! But something else is really nagging at me.

Originally posted by mrdraklin

Pink Diamond. She was obviously adored by her sisters and as of yet her actions don’t ring with any of the cruelty that we have seen from the other Diamonds. I mean look at the Zoo, creepy as hell, oh yes, carefully controlled in all manners possible, yes again! But cruel, harsh, not at all hell it’s about as one millions times as nice then most Zoo’s I’ve visited in real life! Like there is no evidence that their are any other Zoo’s like this of other races the Diamonds might have destroyed in their conquest, which is over all 64 planetoids turned to colonies. Likewise their is her apparent creation of the Rose Quartz Gems themselves. The way Blue makes it sound is that before Pink, Rose Quartz didn’t exist. Also look at a Rose Quartz’s abilities, empathy, healing tears, chlorokinesis, those aren’t the abilities of a front line soldier or conqueror like the other Quartz Gems are built for. They’re healers, nurturers, the actually care about the world around them and that is so oddly unique amongst Gems. I mean what purpose does growing organic life serve a race of nonorganic beings that plan on basically killing the planet anyway? It just doesn’t fit the Homeworld mold…so what does this say about Pink Diamond? What does this say about Rose?

@catboyetho replied to your post “is it normal for people with PDs or autism to get excessively agitated…”

yea for sure, when i was without internet after moving into my new apartment i was freaking out really bad. and whenever the internet goes down or my computer wont start (its happened a couple times) i get agitated and dont know what to do with myself. (avpd and bpd, depression)

oh shit yeah i rmr this happened to me as well! i went to the starbucks every day for three days and just like,, lived there,, lmao. it’s the worst

19. Things you said when we were the happiest we ever were

“Are you ready?”

“… As ready as I’ll ever be…” Fiddling with her black bowtie, Blake gave her partner a nervous smile. “I don’t know if I can do this, Yang. What if she… I mean, you know how the press is. The heiress of the Schnee Dust Company marrying a faunus?”

“Oh please,” Yang scoffed, gently slapping Blake’s hands away so she could fix the ruffled looking bowtie. “Do you know how much Weiss has been looking forward to this? She’s been driving Ruby crazy ever since you popped the question. The ice princess loves you, you know that. Unless…. Are you getting cold feet, Blake?”

“What? No! Of course not!” the faunus exclaimed. Her eyes narrowed at the grinning blonde.

“Then you have nothing to worry about. Now, it’s time for you to go out there and do your thing. Remember, the sooner you say yes, the sooner you get to go on your honeymoon~”

Rolling her eyes, the brunette nonetheless gave her best friend a grateful smile. She took a deep breath, exhaled, and waited until she was told to head up to the altar. Blake let out a small grunt as Yang gave her a shove out the door and a thumbs up, stumbling a bit as she strode up to where the priest was waiting for her.

And then the music started up, and Blake turned to look as her soon to be wife walked up the pathway towards her, the brightest smile she had ever seen gracing Weiss’s face. She was beautiful, and Blake’s heart pounded in her chest as her lover came to a stop beside her.

‘I love you,’ she mouthed. Weiss’s smile widened and she mouthed it back.

The rest of the ceremony passed by in a blur, until the time came for the two women to place the rings on each other’s fingers and say their vows. And then came the final words, and Blake had never felt happier to say them.

“I do.”

From the way I see it, I think this is how Season 20 of South Park will end.

The member berries will be sent off to Mars so nobody can ever grow them again.

The Fort Collins and whole internet thing will end when the Danish are convinced that what the trolls did are for fun. Because of that, a peaceful agreement will be signed so that no Troll vs Human war will ever begin again.

Mr. Garrison can’t do anything about his position anymore. So he uses it for the greater good…for real.

Gerald and the other trolls will be sent back to their homes as a peace offering and will never be bothered again.

Heidi and Butters will end up dating each other. Heidi goes back to Twitter with peacefulness in her heart.

All the boys who had been dumped will be given another chance by the girls.

And Cartman and Kyle?

It’s simple. At the end of the episode, they’ll probably sit on the same bench where Cartman and Heidi first met while looking at the sunset. Kyle then will make a monologue to Cartman and apologize for what he and his friends had done. Cartman will just shrug it off, saying that it’s all in the past. Kyle, looking down, feeling a bit embarrased, will then go and say,

“I’m also sorry, fatass.”

“For what?"Cartman asks.

"For this.”

It will end with Kyle bringing his lips closer to Carman’s while the other will close his eyes in happiness.