what i do when my horse is lame

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Lemon and blackberry😊

Thanks! :)

lemon: do you have any pets? what are their names?
Not in my apartment because my boyfriend is lame and said we need to wait a couple more months until we get a cat. My mom does have 2 cats though that I consider my own. Their names are Darma and Tenson (theyre Buddhist names that I probably spelled wrong). ONE DAY WHEN IM FINANCIALLY ESTABLISHED I WANT TO HAVE A HORSE AND BARREL RACE AND ALSO HAVE LIKE A MILLION DOGS. Just saying. 

blackberry: is your life an action film, a comedy, a romantic comedy, or drama?
How about a horror film?


Unfortunately, one of Trainer’s lesson horses, Sabrina (palomino paint if any of you remember), turned up lame after warm up, leaving a lot of kids horse-less for the show. We volunteered Ruby to help fill in last minute. She ended up doing a 2′ course and several flat classes, all with different riders (some had never ridden Ruby before, some only a few times a long time ago). She was champion in each division!

I wholeheartedly believe in sharing what you’re lucky to have with others. I don’t understand the idea of “only my trainer and I can ride my horse” when people have wonderful, safe mounts. When I watch these riders fall in love with my mare, I don’t feel jealous; I fall in love with her a little more myself. I appreciate what a remarkable horse I have the pleasure of spending time with.

Mother’s Day Barn Show 2016