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Do you think aces are inherently LGBT?

I think the community can make room for them absolutely. “they can go and make their own community” is kind of a gross attitude to have. that’s not the lgbt+ community i want to be a part of. we are better than that. does that mean what it means to be lgbt+ expands a bit, yeah, but it expanded when bisexuals were added to the acronym. it expanded when trans people were added to the acronym. it changes all the time. so what, they’re different. so were we. so ARE we. i’m not about to do to them what plenty of LGBT and straight society did to me. That’s not who i am, and that’s not who you should be either.

To everyone

I’m so sorry for making everyone, especially people who supported my patreon wait for so long for content. When I had finished my immigration nonsense to move to America, I thought things would calm down and I’d be able to work every day. I can’t go into all the personal details, but one thing lead to another and I needed to move from one coast to the other yet again, this time with my furniture and family in tow. I really wasn’t prepared for this decision and I’m very sorry to everyone who genuinely enjoys my work and supports me and what I do. I have so many projects I want to post but I lack all of my equipment and the pictures themselves right now. I just yesterday got my internet up and running and I’m desperate to get back to work but I still don’t have my computer or tablet supplies to do it. I was told this move is going to be the last one I have to do for a very long time, so I promise to work hard to make up for all the time I had to spend away from you all. Had I known this was all going to happen immediately after I immigrated I would have postponed my patreon launch. 

Again, I’m very sorry for my absence. I miss drawing for you all and I want to get back to it as soon as I’m able to.

I need to rant

V Live


V Live Channel PLUS????

I just

i don’t

i don’t like the way v live is obvs milking the fans. 

i just don’t


bts are already sooo busy


i feel goddamned blessed and spoiled that they have time to update sns and do occasional REGULAR v lives (not even counting fancafe posts) for us even when we KNOW they’re so fucking busy

but now

but NOW

the have ANOTHER obligation. and i feel like that’s what channel plus is. they’re gonna be busy and tired, but they’ll feel obligated to update and post on there for the fans who have it because those fans PAID for it. it’s gonna take more time out of their day, time they should be using to rest, but i know they’re gonna update and they’re gonna update a lot, because they’re gonna feel like they have to. i know they like being able to communicate with the fans, but i don’t think channel plus is a good medium for that communication

and don’t even get me started about v live. taking advantage of fans they KNOW will pay money for the chance to see more of their biases. it just irks me to no end

and the worst thing

i know damn well i’m boutta get google play money so i can buy some damn coins and get a monthly subscription

this is just MY personal opinion, but i wish bts didn’t have a channel plus so they wouldn’t have to take time to update on another media platform. like, i know it’s great and all that they have such a huge channel and were one of the first to get one besides bp but really, i just don’t like it at all. 

and i hate that fans have to shell out MORE money to see their faves. most of us are college or highschool or even middle school students. we don’t have money flowing out of our asses, jfc.

and what the heck happened to the level up system? i thought THAT was gonna be how you got the opportunity to get closer to your faves? you watch more of their live videos and if you level up enough you get certain opportunities lower level accounts dont? wasn’t that a thing?

idfk. i’m just not in the mood to deal with this kinda stuff rn. even if i know in the morning i’ll give up and just buy the goddamn subscription.


- admin faith

No okay this isn’t funny. If you do this, you’re actually an asshole.

First of all, your entitled ass doesn’t get to decide whether or not you think someone “needs” skim/non-fat milk. That is the customer’s choice, and you respect that whether your high and mighty ego likes it or not.

Second of all, I don’t get “skinny” because I want to be thin. I get it because I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and I have basically since I was born. You know what happens when I drink full cream milk? Stomach cramps - and not just average stomach pain cramps. I FEEL the pain from INSIDE. Ever felt a stabbing pain from inside your gut? It’s excruciating, and most of the time I am hobbled over because I cannot walk.

Even if I didn’t have IBS, YOU DON’T DO THIS. It’s beyond douchebag-y, and it shows how much of an entitled ass you are. Get off your high horse and if you ever gave me full-cream milk (and I know), I will ensure I stand next to you while the cramping and agony you have caused me passes via a gas that would rival a smoke bomb. I have no shame admitting that.


Frozen Fire:
↳ Story Aesthetic

“You don’t have to forget what they did, but the only way to gain peace with yourself is to forgive them and move on with your life.”

“Why do you care so much anyways?”

“I’ve lost family too.”

I’ve wanted to make a new one of these for a long time. Finally I’ve managed to get all of the images together~!! The book is going to be coming out soon, and I’m super excited for it! I’ll make sure to let you all know when it’s ready for purchase. 

For now though I wanted to hint a little at the story for you guys! It’s mostly about family and trust, but it’s a great adventure story filled with plenty of chases, humor, drama, and love. 


Enjolras: What am I supposed to do when all he contributes to these meetings are snarky remarks and drunk antagonizing?

R: Oh, right, all those fucking posters and flyers I make are just “snarky remarks and drunk antagonizing”.

Enjolras: I’m sorry, was that not a snarky remark? And how many times have I had to ask you to change “Enjolras and His Justice Club” to “Les Amis de l’ABC”?

R: I’m more creative than that. Sometimes, it’s “Enjolras and the Goody Two-Shoes” or “Enjolras and the Do-Gooders” or “Enjolras and Smaller, Different Looking Enjolras-es”.

Enjolras: “I’m not snarky” Grantaire says.

R: Never said that.

Enjolras: Right, but you defended it.

R: Ugh. Fine, Enjolras, whatever…

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I'm not having fun with art anymore. When I first started it was fun but now I'm too focused on making every single drawing perfect even just sketches. I've been only drawing "seriously" for a little over a year and I'm already stressed about it so much. Tbh I rarely draw lately because when I do and my drawing starts going south I get so angry at myself for making a mistake, even more when I can't find the mistake. Do you have advice about how I can maybe get out of the perfectionist mindset?

Hey there, friend!
So as a perfectionist myself, I completely understand where you’re coming from, and this sounds like me a year ago. I honestly don’t have any quick fixes, but I know that over time, I really started to love doing art a lot more.
Here’s what I did:

Take a break. Don’t force yourself to draw all the time. It’s not going to make you fall behind everyone else, mental health is important! Draw when you feel inspired.

And speaking of which

Get inspired! Go out into the world, see all the beautiful things that it’s made of. Look at what other artists are doing and get inspired by their colors, lines, dimensions, etc. Inspiration is a huge motivator to want to draw. 

Go easy on yourself. We expect a lot out of ourselves, not only as perfectionists, but as artists. We want to continually improve and that puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on our shoulders. 
We’re going to improve. The more you practice and work on a skill, the better it will get over time. Don’t rush the process or you may just burn out. 

And lastly,
Remember why you wanted to do art. What drew you into this line of work? It’s so time consuming, and stressful, and honestly won’t pay much in a job. So WHY art? 
For me, to be able to create something, to create a world or a character that myself and others can just escape to and enjoy is priceless. 
I love making people smile with my comics, I love creating something new for myself, it just makes life worth living!

I hope this helps, good luck with everything!

18 days in...

of a Whole30. Not to be cliche and begin the year with a ‘cleansing’ diet of sorts, but it needed to be done. I went through several changes last year regarding my health and fitness, some good and some bad.

The good? I’m no longer restrictive in what I eat, nor do I have ‘fear foods’ or obsess over calorie counts or macronutrients. I enjoy eating out and trying new restaurants.

The bad? I’m a little too relaxed in what I eat (and drink…) and need to find a better balance. 

The interesting? My weight hasn’t fluctuated more than 5 pounds in a year. GREAT for the times when I went overboard on the food and alcohol (there were many) and NOT SO GREAT for when I was actively trying to kick the spare tire.

I wanted to do Whole30 as a reset and maintain a diet of about 80% paleo afterward. That is a good balance for me. So far after 18 days, the scale hasn’t really moved but a couple things I’ve noticed are I’m sleeping a tad better (if you remember, I still have mad insomnia) but my dreams are more vivid (whut?), my skin is super clear, and I feel my mood is generally better. Most of all, after the social hell that was December, it’s been nice to be a hermit crab (since W30 makes it difficult to socialize) and kind of recharge at home this month and cook a lot. 

I don’t miss sugar – I would rather have cheese over sugar ANY day and I haven’t really had any cravings other than a glass of wine or a beer. The only problem I have with Whole30 is that it’s still very easy to overeat, especially if you have an eating disordered background where it didn’t matter what you ate, but the quantity of it. I try to be mindful of this.

I’m sure I’ll do another update soon, but so far things are going well!

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what do you do to balance school, art and youtube? (its so hard for me to find time for art while im doing homework and revising for exams)

idk really it just depends on your schedule D: 

i usually finish all my homework in school (we have study hall so that helps) and i tend to draw in some classes (during lectures; it helps me actually pay attention to whats going on when I’m drawing rather than not doing anything and just getting bored) + lunch and then i complete them when i get home. and with youtube i just upload once a week (if i can) since thats what my schedule usually gives me time for. 

just try and plan out your time to what’ll work best for you 

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Hi Nina! I'll be going to Katsucon for the first time this year and I've recently gotten into cosplay competitions, so I signed up for theirs. I've only ever competed at local cons, and even then I didn't win anything. Do you have any tips for a semi-beginner cosplayer taking on this big of an event for the first time? Thank you so much!

I have this post which may help you out! It’s a list of tips based on what I look for when judging, and it applies to both small and large events.

As far as Katsucon goes, get your rest the night before! Judging is really early in the morning, and be prepared to have specific questions asked about your costume construction and the techniques you used. Practice what you’re going to say before going in, since Katsucon always has a solid panel of judges who know their stuff!

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hi vic. i need help on how to not do projects at the very last second before turning it in. i procrastinate so much which leads me to have stress and issues when working on the project

I can’t say I relate because I don’t procrastinate until the very end of a project. Like, as soon as I get an assignment, especially in university, I immediately start thinking of how I’m going to do it, then I create a skeleton outline - this works well for essay/paper type assignments - just an easy first step of outlining what you’re going to write about, then doing some basic research, taking a break, then tackling the assignment one section at a time. 

Some people thrive under deadlines and hold off productivity until the very last moment, but it sounds like maybe this is too stressful for you. So yeah I would recommend you trying to break your projects up into basic, logical steps, and then tackling each of those steps/sections - maybe one a day or one a week, obviously depending on your deadline space. Good luck! 

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So do people think it's going to air during Apple Tree Yard because there is an apple tree in rosie's nursery?

I think people mostly think it’s going to air when the first episode of Apple Tree Yard is officially set to air because that’s the time TLD and TFP aired

also, there’s apparently a gap on PBS’s Sunday schedule but this may have nothing to do with Sherlock and in Korea and Mexico a new episode is being advertised but this could be an error and I still have major doubts about the BBC agreeing to this so I’d honestly advise anyone from really getting their hopes up about it if you’re at all concerned about having them crushed again

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If you have strong feelings for someone and want to commit to someone for life, those are romantic feelings. Romantic feelings do not necessitate going on dates or doing spaping things. Many people in romantic love hate sappy things. Romantic feelings have nothing tod do with "mushy" behaviour. Romantic feelings just mean youw ant to be with someone for a long time and want to be prioritized by them. QPRs are romance.

That’s easy to say when you can feel romance and can’t separate it from that. Its easy to say when you can fall in love with people. I, an aromantic, however, cannot. And its hilarious that you think you can tell me what my feelings are just so you can keep boxing in relationships until you understand them. And by hilarious I mean pathetic, get a life.

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Have you ever felt so empty and tired that you think all day everything would be okay if you just stop living?

Yes, I have, I think a lot of people have. You’ve got to remind yourself it isn’t true. Yes, the world would keep turning and civilization would go on, but for the people in your life, they would never be the same. You matter to people. You can’t even comprehend what your absence would do to the people in your life.

I’ll admit that the thought is appealing. Life is extremely challenging at times and not having to deal with the constant challenges is a tempting thought when you feel like you can’t keep going. It’s just not the answer. Things will get better. Yes, new challenges will arise, but they’ll eventually get better too. In the moment, what we face may seem like an insurmountable task. Over time, that same issue could turn into a task that we don’t give a second thought in solving. Things get better.

If you ever want to talk, please reach out to me. You are loved. Never take your life for granted.

i’m not sure what’s getting posted on facebook but it sure as heck wasn’t with my permission. i don’t usually care as long as i’m credited but it’s nice to be asked.

ehhh i’m not really interested in ‘marketing’ myself, and i defo won’t be posting on facebook because oh my god does the image quality suck. i have little time for drawing and when i do it it’s to relax and make content that i like, i’m just really lucky that others seem to like it too. maybe when i get the hang of balancing work with leisure i’ll open up my commission shop again but for now i’m just drawing for fun.

when the new update comes out i beg of you guys to please not ruin the mood because your character didn’t get a skin.   you have every right to your opinion   !   but your character will get a skin in due time   !   please enjoy what’s there instead of what’s not.   ♥

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Merry christmassss!!!!!! I hope you have a great day!! Also your blog is freaking awesome! May I ask what the chocobros will do on Christmas? 😗😍😘😄

•Noctis: sleep all day and when he would wake up later that afternoon, he will go sit at the fire taking silly photos with prompto and probably join in on his pranks
•Ignis: prepare the christmas feast and distribute the hot chocolate to everyone on the chilly night. he would most likely be the one wrapping all of the gifts (poor specs) 
•Gladio: daddy would make sure everyone is having a good time and would be the co chef, doing whatever ignis needs help with; since prompto is too busy taking photos and noctis is dozing off. he receives a gift from prompto which has cup of noodles inside of course 
•Prompto: he would spend it with his best chocobros, taking silly pictures of them in christmas sweaters and santa hats/reindeer antlers. beg to go  sightseeing in town with all the christmas decorations while taking random selfies and pics of his friends looking around the on the streets!
ALSO slap noct’s ass occasionally. 
just guys being dudes. 

-Mod Rikku

((this was my admin application but it goes well with the ask so i thought i might as well use it!))

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hey callum i was wondering if you could give me some advice/talk about your experiences. i've been following u for a while and i remember there was a time when you were jobless and living w your parents and i'm in that situation right now. i feel so useless, i can't find any jobs, i want to move back to bris (i'm from a place like 2 hours away) but can't afford it and i feel like i don't even have any hobbies to keep me going. just wanna know how you dealt w this situation :(

The job market is kinda like the meaning of life and existence – just do what you can and try not to think about it too much cause it’s pretty fucked.

Job advice: hit up recruitment companies with your CV and they’ll do the looking for you. Also, make sure you set up a good LinkedIn with an up to date resume, I’ve had a few recruitment places contact me specifically through my LinkedIn profile. Apply to what you can, make sure you take extra time for jobs you actually want.

Surviving in the meantime advice: Go for walks. Seriously, that’s one of the few things that kept me sane is trying to get out the house as much as possible. Throw in some headphones, even smoke a joint if you’re into that, and then go for a walk around town. Or drive out somewhere nice and go for bushwalks. It’s kinda dumb but it helps pass the time and you do feel better for it. Also hit up friends and try and hang out with them when you can, it’s hard but it helps.

Motivation advice: Also try and give yourself rewards for applying for jobs so you don’t get too disheartened. Like “I’m gonna spend my night doing fuck all but playing games/watching tv/eating cake but I can’t start any of that until I apply for at least 4 jobs”. When I was unemployed, I forbid myself from smoking weed or playing Dota until I applied for at least 3-4 jobs that day and it helped motivate me heaps. Being unemployed sucks ass and gets worse over time but it’s temporary, don’t let yourself get too discouraged and make the most of your spare time cause when you’re working again there won’t be much of that left

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Tony, any damsel in distress moments you can share? Times where Steve has saved you and looked after you? :D

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‘’Why does everyone thinks that I need to be ‘saved’? I can manage perfectly fine on my own. Just once did I neede Steve’s assistance.’’

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‘’And that other time, and that other time. Do you remember when Cap saved your ass in Paris?’’

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‘’Whatever, Buck. Steve what is he doing here?’’

‘’You’re adorable, Tony. Well, he’s just visiting and maybe…if you are not going to be a jerk, you’ll let him babysit our children so we can go out and have dinner somewhere nice.’’

‘’No. What about I’ll go upstairs and have dinner by myself, huh?’’ *walks away*

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‘’He’s still touchy, huh?’’

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*sighs* ‘’Yeah…he will be fine whenever that’s bothering him is gone. I just need to figure out what it is. Maybe any of our followers has an idea?’’

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Tord, have you ever been in love?

He stares at nothing for a very long time. When he finally speaks, his voice is so soft, it can barely be heard.

Tord: …Once. A lifetime ago. I was too young and too stupid to know what to do with it, though. Then…certain things happened and I had to leave, so I never told them. I have done my best to forget them and the feeling in the time since. 

Tord: I have done better at erasing their face than the feelings they gave me.


Tord: …Please do not ask me about such things again.