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So, first off, hi there! Second... what kind of things do you think nerd!Derek would do to try and get jock!Stiles' attention? Or, what kind of cutesy things do you think jock!Stiles would attempt to make nerd!Derek notice him and laugh. (Spoiler alert, Derek already does notice him, but shhhh!)

So I combined these two prompts, I hope you guys don’t mind! Have some more nerd!Derek from me ^^

(Also, my eternal thanks to both @pale-silver-comb and @halesheart for telling me my writing isn’t horseshit and I should continue)

Title: You Hold My Attention (Without Even Trying)

“Oh my god, again?”

Scott frowns. “This is seriously getting out of hand.”

“Ugh, I know,” Stiles says as he bends down to pick up the flowers – tulips today – that dropped out of his locker when he opened it. “I mean, it was cute at first, but after the fifth time you get wet flowers smacked into your face, it kind of gets old.”

Speaking of wet flowers, they’re soaking through his shirt where he was cradling them under his arm. He holds them out in front of him, scrunching his face when they drip onto his sneakers. He’s not exaggerating when he says he’s kind of tired of them. Don’t get him wrong, he still appreciates the fact that someone takes the time out of their day to buy him flowers, but it’s just a bit – well – too much.

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She found herself in an abandoned warehouse just a few blocks from the run down apartment her father had rented until he gathered the insurance money from their original apartment that had burned down days before. [Y/N] sat with her feet dangling over edge of the catwalk, her body facing the industrial sized window that overlooked the dirty and deserted streets of the city. 

Looking down, she pulled out the pill bottle from her hoodie pocket. Running her fingers over the label, she fought back the tears. Closing her hand over the prescription bottle, she looked out the window and mustered up the courage to uncap the poison in her hand. 

Just as she was about to swallow all the pills, she jumped at the sound of glass shattering below her. She cursed as the oxycodone fell from her fingers and onto the warehouse ground. Standing up, [Y/N] peered over the catwalk and noticed a figure struggling to stand. Her eyes strained to adjust to the dark. Gasping when she caught sight of the famous red and blue, she scrambled off the catwalk and down the stairs to the first floor. 

“Oh my god.” She panted as she made it to the figure. Slowing her steps, she assessed the situation. It was definitely Spiderman, that she knew. What she didn’t know was why he was covered in enough blood to fill up a bathtub. Shrieking when he collapsed onto the ground, she ran to him. 

Kneeling on the hard ground, she propped him up on her knees. She looked down at her hands that were now covered in sticky, wet blood. “Oh god.” [Y/N] shuddered, she hated blood. Clearing her throat, she gently tapped his masked face, “Hey? You with me?” She scanned over the rest of him, her eyes widening at the ripped suit and exposed torso. Her heart rate increased, he wasn’t just covered in blood, it was his own blood. 

“Holy shit. Hey, hey, hey!” [Y/N] shook him slightly, “We need to get you to a hospital!” She pawed at him, struggling to find a cellphone. Finally finding one, she cursed loudly as it slipped from her hands “I need you to stay with me!” Trying to unlock the phone with her blood soaked fingers, she screamed when he grabbed her forearm. Leaning down, her brows knitted together at the muffled sounds coming from where his mouth was located. “What? I can’t, I don’t know, I can’t understand you.” He continued to mumble with her still unable to understand him. 

Taking in a deep shaky breath, she set down the phone away from the spreading blood puddle. “I can’t understand you with your mask on,” [Y/N] said gently. Biting her lip, she reached for the bottom of his mask. “I have to take your mask off, okay?” Not waiting for him to answer, she gently and slowly revealed the face that laid underneath. [Y/N] gasped softly when she finally removed the cover, her heart sped up even more. How was this possible? 

“Peter?!” [Y/N] cried out. Spiderman was a kid, a teenager? More importantly her lab partner in Chemistry. So many questions rolled through her brain but was quickly cut short when she remembered that she needed to call 911. 

Peter’s eyes fluttered, his mouth moving but very little sounds coming out. “Call Tony, not 911, please.” He croaked out. 

“What? Tony?!” She yelped, who the hell was Tony? “But, you need help!”


[Y/N] started to shake, she could feel his body temperature start to drop. Struggling to find this mysterious Tony number, “Come on, come on. Yes! Okay, come on, please pick up….pick up, come on.”

“Listen, Parker. You better have a damn good reason-”

“-Oh my gosh! Thank god, um, Peter told me to call you. I don’t know why, I should be calling 911. He’s bleeding out….there’s a lot of blood. I don’t know what to do. We need help! Why am I calling you instead of 911, oh my god, I’m so stupid. He’s probably going to die because of this phone call. Oh my god.” 

[Y/N] leaned her head against the frame of the window that showed Peter sleeping soundly in his hospital room. Her hands and arms were free from his blood but the reminder of almost seeing him die in her arms were still soaked into her clothes. 

“Here you go, kid.” 

Standing up straight, she looked up to see Tony hand her a fresh set of clothes. Placing a hand on her shoulder, he gave her a pressed smile. “You can get changed over here.” Patting her back, he calmly spoke. “He’ll be here when you get back, I promise. Come on.” 

Reluctantly following Tony, she thanked him and closed the curtain to change. Wincing as she peeled off her clothes, she looked around to find a spot to place them.

“There’s a little washing station off to her left there.” 

Following his direction, she sighed in content to know that she could wash the rest of the blood off. “Um, thank you.” 

“Yeah, no problem.” Tony twirled around, his hands clasped behind his back. “So uh, Peter’s never mentioned you before. Are you two friends?” 

Running a wet towel over her torso, she shook her head even though she knew he couldn’t see her. “No, not really.” Running it over her legs, she sighed again. “We’re just lab partners.”  


Quickly changing into the fresh clothes, she slid the curtain open. 

“Much better?” He smiled as she nodded.

Guiding them back to Peter’s room, he slowed his steps as he got to the window. It was a close call and Tony was so unbelievably thankful that he made it. 

“He saved me once,” [Y/N] said softly. 

“Hm?” Tony asked, distracted from his thoughts. 

She motioned towards Peter, “He saved me, about two weeks ago.” Hugging herself, she bit her lip. “My apartment building caught on fire and I was stupid enough to go back up the six flights to get something and just as I was about to go back down, the stairs collapsed on me.” [Y/N] met Tony’s eyes, “I never got a chance to thank him and for the past week and a half, I’ve been sitting next to him.” 

“I’m sure he knew,” Tony reassured. Following her gaze to Peter, he frowned, “What were you doing at that warehouse anyway? Seems a bit morbid to be a teen hangout spot.” 

[Y/N] inhaled slowly, “I lost my mom during the battle of New York. We were on our way to see a movie when everything hit the fan. Our taxi got flipped over on its side and the doors were jammed. So, my dad kicked the window out and threw me. I broke a few ribs and my arm but I didn’t feel it at the time because all I could focus on was the fact that there were aliens swarming the city. My mom had suffered a concussion from the wreck and was fading in and out of consciousness so my dad climbed out first to get better leverage. He was a little shaky from it all too so he lost his footing and fell to the ground. I just remember standing there in shock and in panic from it all that I almost didn’t notice the gas leaking from the other cars. I screamed for my dad to hurry but the taxi blew up before he could even stand up to try.” 

Tony stood in silence, his heart breaking. He felt responsible for everything that had happened in New York. And it hurt even more to be standing in front of someone who had lost so much during it all. 

“You asked why I was in the warehouse and the reason was that ever since that day, my dad was never the same. And to a degree, I changed too but he just became so cold. Every time he looked at me, I could see disgust in his eyes. I reminded him so much of the woman he failed to save that he couldn’t even bare to look at me. Abuse isn’t just physical, Mr. Stark. It’s verbal too and every day since then, that was what I had to deal with. Him degrading me as a person, making me see myself in a way that my mother would never let me see myself as. I went to that warehouse tonight to be reunited with my mother. To be reunited with the one person who would have loved me no matter what.” 

Tony inhaled sharply. Nodding, he placed a warm and firm hand on her shoulder. “I tend to be hypocritical at times and this is one of those moments when I say I believe in fate which I normally don’t. But, had you not gone to that warehouse, Peter would be dead. Instead of ending a life, you saved one.” 

Peter’s eyes fluttered open, groaning from the pain, he went to raise his hand to his head but immediately regretted his movement. It felt like he had been hit with a train ten times over. Blinking, his eyes adjusted to the girl sitting in an arm chair with a Chemistry book in her lap. 

“[Y/N]?! What are, what are you doing here?” Panic started to settle into his bones. 

She looked up from her textbook, untucking her legs from underneath her, she set the book down. “You were involved in a serious car accident-”

“-wha?” Peter tried to recall this accident but all he remembered was being seconds from being ripped apart. 

“Peter! You’re awake!” 

“Aunt May?” Peter exclaimed, completely dumbfounded at what was going on. “I don’t understand.” 

Aunt May started to sob, “Oh my god, I’m so glad you’re okay! I was so worried about you.” 

[Y/N] stood up, grabbing her backpack, she smiled. “It’s okay if you don’t remember the car accident, Peter.” Walking over towards him, she gently patted his hand. “You were walking me back to my apartment after our study session when you pushed me out of the way of a speeding car. I can’t thank you enough for saving my life. Hopefully one day I can return the favor.” Just as Aunt May wasn’t looking, she winked and motioned a phone signal with her hand and mouthed call Tony. Turning towards Aunt May, she smiled, “If it’s okay, I’ll leave Peter’s schoolwork with you.” 

Aunt May nodded, tears soaking her eyes. “Of course!” 

Handing it off, she looked at Peter. “I’m glad you’re okay. I’ll see you around.” 

Peter still dumbfounded, nodded. “Yeah. uh, see you around.” 

Once she left the room, Aunt May wiped away some tears. “I know you’re in pain and everything but she’s cute!” 

#Look at how gentle this makeout sesh is#how cute is that??!!#i mean#dont get me wrong#i fully expect a heavy#lips on lips#lips on skin#hands on face#hands on neck#hands anywhere they can reach#maybe in fingers in the hair#-type makeout session in the future#please let it be this season#and soon#but i cant get over how adorable this is#because just look at how soft those kisses are#no one can tell me that these two arent already in love they just havent figured out thats what it is yet#matt and harry have such amazing chemistry with one another#when malec do get hot and heavy#its gunna end us all#cant stop lookin at magnus’ hands on his leg either#those first few seconds#just thinking how they are soo close to alec#just a few inches#why cudnt they just b a few inches over#touching alec’s thigh instead#????#*shudders*

naive - peter parker x reader (part 3)

w/c: 971

warnings: mild angst i guess?

sorry this took so long but here it is! the final part :’) shoutout to everyone for liking, reblogging, and commenting on this fic and sending me asks or messages about it!!! it made my day every time and it warms my heart 2 know that people enjoy my work. 

by the way? the title is a reference to the song naive by the kooks and if you’ve never heard it before i recommend you go give it a listen! 

anyway i hope you all enjoy this! and here i will put my (first ever!!! aahh!!!) tag list: @devilsdaughter1225 @samsfabuloushair @emily-ily2


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You bounded down the stairs as fast as your legs could take you. You saw Ned and MJ together at the bottom and shouted, “Have you seen Peter?”

“I’ve given up on trying to keep track of him tonight,” Ned said lazily. “Last I saw him, he was going to find you and Flash.”

“Oh, and he ran outside a few seconds ago,” MJ added, not even bothering to look up from her book.

“Agh, thank you,” you huffed, giving her arm a friendly squeeze before running off.

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The Tunnels

(Based on something that actually exists at my old school.)

The Tunnels (1/?)

The Tunnels were built back during the height of the Cold War. They wound beneath a good portion of campus and the football field. Most of the entrances had been blocked off, due to “safety concerns”. The majority of students assumed that meant the Tunnels were not kept up and in danger of collapse.

But Cor had iron in both ears (to keep the whispers from overwhelming), and on her fingers (to keep her writing her own), and a small stud through her tongue (to allow her to speak the truth). Going into journalism, she always knew how perilous it could be. She simply assumed it would get bad once she went overseas to war zones, not while she worked on her major. (Nothing can prepare you for Them trying to distort your stories.)

She considered Them to be the greatest of contradictions. They had to live in truths, lies were against Their very nature, and They reveled in forcing humans to live by the same, and yet They hated that requirement of Their existence. They would twist and turn words, use them like weapons or spiderwebs, keep them just this side of truth while being utter falsehoods, everything the wrong way round. And the journalism majors… well, They would prefer the “speakers of truth” told it from a bent perspective.

That was not to say that Cor, or any of those who shared her major, were able to write completely unbiased. But Cor tried.

(It was why she had picked her second name. Cordelia, daughter of King Lear. When the king had been intent on dividing his kingdom, he had asked his daughters to prove who loved him best. Her sisters had flattered and lied and exaggerated, while Cordelia had spoken only the simple truth: “I love your majesty according to my bond; nor more nor less… You have begot me, bred me, loved me: I return those duties back as are right fit, obey you, love you, and most honor you.” If Cor had remembered the consequences of that, instead of merely taking pride in the princess’ honesty, perhaps things would have been different. Then again, perhaps not.)

And the Tunnels were fascinating.

The truth (because it is important) is that she did not plan to go. (You may not know exactly what there is Underhill, but you can guess. The quiet stories about the chemistry department stealing back a professor give everyone who hears them goosebumps. You do not go Underhill without a clear purpose, or at all if possible.)

It was another member of the department. A freshman (Isn’t it always?) who had heard enough about the Tunnels to be curious, but not to be cautious. He was 18 years of age, and he went by the name Youngest. (The last kid in his family, he explained once. What Cor would find out later was that that also made him the fifth son of a fifth son, stretching back five generations. If she’d known then, she would have refused to go. He may have been born for quests and breaking curses, but she wasn’t.)

He had been trying to study up on the history of the Tunnels and found the records in the campus library archives lacking. The Tunnels had been mentioned in the university paper when they were being voted on, and when they announced the construction start date.  There were no blueprints and no financial records. There were no minutes from the council meeting that decided to go forward with the building plans. There was no list of provisions to be kept in the tunnels, nor even a list of where to enter them.

And Youngest wouldn’t accept that. Cor wasn’t the first to try to talk him out of his obsession. (It didn’t help that he was a low-key conspiracy theorist. And not in a useful, fairy tales and old stories way. No, he was all about secret government bunkers and drugs in the water supply and money being stolen from institutions like Elsewhere U for illegal testing facilities.) He refused to listen. He started asking indelicate questions of the librarians and the campus administration, and he apparently had enough luck on his side to keep him from asking just the wrong person.

In the end, the big break came from a boy he was dating, a theatre major. Prior had been drunk, the two had gone back to Youngest’s room for the night, planning to fall into bed after a party and sleep off the booze. Youngest had brought it up, and Prior muttered something about an entrance in one of the costume closets at the main theatre on campus. When he woke up the next morning and realized what he’d said, he tried to take it back, to convince Youngest that he had been drunk and didn’t know what he was saying.

Youngest didn’t listen.

Youngest grabbed his phone for video and audio, and a pen and notepad in case something happened to his phone, and a flashlight and a bottle of water. He kissed Prior, was effusive in his thanks, and then walked away.

Prior panicked and called Cor.

And Cor, she was so damn tempted to let the stupid, oblivious moron just go. Unfortunately, her conscience was apparently stronger than her sense of self preservation.

She caught Youngest as he was putting aside a pair of bolt cutters he’d grabbed from a props room, and yanking off the old iron padlock holding the small door shut. He pushed open the entrance as she grabbed his arm to yank him back, and in a rush they were both somewhere new.

Cor quickly stood and checked her fanny pack. (It looked stupid. Cor didn’t care.) Creamer cups and seeds and campus-made oat bars soaked and crystalized in honey were held in a plastic ziplock baggie. Her little velvet drawbag of possibilities was net to it. Cor had collected the bits and bobs while scouring thrift shops and yard sales for unused baby shoes and abandoned love letters and half-finished quilts. (She cut them into small pieces, recognizing potential power, and kept them close.) Packets of salt and ground vervain tucked in another pocket. Then she shook her leg and heard the little jingle of her anklet. (It was silver, with four tiny shards of crystal, and it had been a gift to Cor’s great great great grandmother from her sister. It was a promise, a last resort, a nuclear button. Cor didn’t want to use it, because she knew the consequence. But if there was no other way…)

Then she took in the tunnel. It was dark before and dark behind, roughly hewn, strange shaped rocks pressed into dirt made up the surface, with two torches lit and glowing brightly on the wall to either side of them. If there had been a door, it wasn’t there anymore.

And when Youngest finally pulled himself upright, staring around in disbelief, Cor gave up being nice and smacked him on the back of the head. “Why do freshmen never listen?



Mention of the chemistry department revolt is borrowed from “Feathers” by runwildwithme on tumblr. It was just too good a noodle incident to pass up on referencing. ((Additionally, I don’t have a tumblr, but if anyone wants to follow this story for updates, I’m planning to post it on ao3. Author name is TornThorn.))

I love Cor (And if you want to send me a link to the A03 story I’ll post it!)

One note - the Chemistry Department revolt actually comes from this earlier ask from dragon-saint! It gives a bit more detail, although still not much.

Every time I rewatch season 3 I’m like “wow this is gonna be great, I get to witness once again, one of the most beautiful stories on television!!” I’m all excited, laughing at all its little quirks, giddy through all of the iconic moments and music, in awe of the acting, writing, directing, cinematography, editing. I’m crying through everything but I’m managing then… episode 8 hits an I’m


And don’t even get me started on o helga natt

“A List from the PunMaster”

For those of you who follow the blog closely, you’ll know that one or two tricksters have been flooding our inbox with puns for the past couple of weeks. When we brought it up in a post (click here), we got many responses asking for us to post every pun we received. So, here we are, and here are the numerous puns:

  • What does a Japanese dog say to greet another? Konichihuahua
  • Rest in peace, boiled water. You will be mist.
  • When chemicals die, do scientists barium?
  • What does a thesaurus eat for breakfast? A synonym roll.
  • Gaston is the winner of the No Belle prize
  • Just remember: if you ever get cold, stand in the corner because they’re around 90°.
  • What do you call a pig’s special karate move? A pork chop.
  • Cinderella was cut from the team because she was always running from the ball.
  • What starts and ends with “e” but only has one letter?
  • Does your town play the Lottery? I hope not. I wouldn’t want you to get stoned if you won.
  • The king looked outside his window and stared up at the darkening sky, lips slightly turned up. A servant came into his room to help the king prepare for the day and inquired as to how he was fairing. The king’s response was neither one of feeling well or otherwise, only a simple, “It shall be another reign-y day.”
  • What do you call a lazy joey? A pouch potato.
  • To be honest, sometimes I wish that Harry had named Hedwig “Hoodini” instead. Then they’d both be magical. And hoo knows, maybe Hedwig could have escaped death, too. [I apologize for that last part]
  • You’re flooded? Sorry, but I can’t really help that I’m dripping with good puns.
  • Sorry if I do any bad chemistry jokes. All the good ones Argon.
  • I kind of feel bad for all the Christian Bale “Batman” fans, the newer actor really seems to be Affleckting them.
  • If Nixon had been an animal, he most likely would have been a crookodile
  • Do you know what the real Instagram is? Putting your grandmother on speed-dial.
  • Hey, if the past, present, and future all walked into the same bar, don’t you think it would be really tense?
  • What was Socrates’ favorite thing to mold? Play-Doh
  • Do you think writers ever get cold? After all, they are surrounded by drafts.
  • What’s the best way to get an English major in the mood? Metaphor play.
  • When he was younger, my brother wanted to be an astronaut, but to be honest, he’s only reached the first syllable.
  • Hey, is your left eye okay??? Because you’ve been looking just right all day.
  • What’s the difference between calculators for middle and high school math? 5318008 vs I WANT TO DIE
The Social Sciences

I’ve gotten a few questions that essentially boil down to uncertainty on the difference between the various social sciences, so I wanted to whip up a quick post explaining that. Also, I’m on vacation with some family so answering asks is going kinda slow at the moment. (But I am working on them! And thanks to everyone who’s sent one in so far!)

Sociology is the study of societies. Sociologists look at people as groups, in any context (religion, family, government, urban/rural, gangs, etc.). Our focus is either large (macro theories attempt to explain the human condition as a whole, and should be applicable to every society at any given point in time) or very small (micro theories attempt to explain how small groups affect the individual). There is such a thing as social psychology, which looks at how society shapes a person’s psychology, but other than that we do not attempt to explain the brain. Still, we recognize that people are individuals, and so we make it clear that what we study are systems, statistical averages if you will, and not always applicable to every single person.

That’s where psychology comes in. Psychology is essentially the other side of the same coin - instead of looking at groups, it looks at individuals, particularly their mental make-up. That’s where you get conversations about mental illnesses and brain chemistry and the like. As a Sociologist, I may look at how the mentally ill live in able-minded society, but I cannot tell you about the mental illness itself. Questions about this should go to @scriptshrink

Social work tends to be the one I’m asked about every day. I tell people I’m a Sociologist, they ask me if I’m going to be a social worker. The answer to that is no. While a social worker may take sociology classes, I have never taken a social work class in my life and never will. Social workers are government workers who help those on welfare, disability assistance, food stamps, the like. They may also deal with foster children and child endangerment cases. While I can show you sociological studies on the effect these systems have on people, I cannot tell you how they work. Questions about this should go to @scriptsocialwork

Anthropology, to put it very simply, is the study of ancient and/or dead cultures. The closest sociologists get to ancient cultures is Social History, or world-systems theorists. A sociologist knows how ancient cultures have lead to the current societies around the world, but honestly, I don’t know much about ancient civilizations. You want to know about, like, ancient Mesopotamia or native cultures before white people came and messed everything up, you’ll want to ask an anthropologist.  Currently, we don’t have an anthropologist in the scriptfam. The closest we have is @scripthistory, who may be able to answer some of your questions in that regard.

And finally, there’s philosophy. Philosophy is, essentially, the study of thought. It has a lot of different disciplines, but broken down it teaches you how to think critically and carefully about all aspects of life. Out of all the social sciences, it’s the one least applicable in the world - most people who major in this either double-major in something else, or end up getting PhDs and becoming professors. 

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What if aliens are even more confused about bicycles than we are? Like, we aren't entirely sure how they work but we just kind of brush that aside and use them anyways, while aliens are running around panicking b/c "holy crap humans are using something that they don't even know how it works but it does and we don't know how it works either what the hell" and they try to study it and they come back with nothing better than "it shouldn't work"

Why would you do this to me? Because now I can’t figure out if the bicycle thing is serious or not and most of what I find online says we do understand, i think, but I can’t tell and I found this which looks like a good discussion but the problem is I never took physics, I took chemistry instead which is not at all useful in situations like this (and, granted, most situations, but possibly also because it was literally my worst subject of all time) and while I am a fairly intelligent person I start seeing all these sciencey physicsy words and it’s like trying to read Japanese katakana–I can sorta understand them separately if I try really hard but mostly they’re strings of characters taunting me and my lack of knowledge that I feel I should know.

so instead of doing my chemistry lab report thats due tomorrow i made mediocre dirk gently iPhone wallpaper so here you go internet

please like/reblog if you save/use :)

also can be used as an example for hair comparisons because even though i looked very very closely at this man’s head for extended periods of time while making this i still have no fucking clue what colour his hair is

{good girl}

word count: 963 words
story peek: “good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught.” based off the song good girls by five seconds of summer (requested)

author’s note: this is short and shitty i’m sorry but i hope you enjoy it none the less!
tags: @theclonewarss @peacefulmusician @grant-valdes-holland @sunrisehunny @spideyboys @lil-spidey @peterletmebeanavengerparker @captainswriting @quacksoff @nyx-nymphette @spideyyss @tomhollandisthicc @underoosie @marvelsdaughter @ladysnowren

(Name) was your classic good girl; a member of the honor roll with no trace of truancy anywhere on her record. She was effortlessly brilliant and it wasn’t a secret that her parents were already saving for an almost guaranteed scholarship to Harvard.

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I thought I liked the body positivity movement and it meant well but honestly now it's just BS. Most time it only has cis, able bodied, white women with petite, pear or hourglass shape figures with that one token woc. Completely forgetting hairy, trans, disabled, muscular, rectangular , apple, inverted triangle shaped, and etc women. The community talks about "loving your curves" but what if you don't even have those. It excludes others and puts them down.

That’s a real thing. White, cis, able-bodied women (like myself) tend to take over movements like that - taking a positive, helpful concept and making it toxic. 

Here is a post that we reblogged earlier on the subject (specifically fat acceptance) and here is a post about how health should not be a measure of worth. 

People have an unhealthy obsession with being thin and conventionally beautiful, and supposedly you can’t celebrate your body until you reach certain standards. Instead, why don’t we focus on how incredible the human body is? Think of the science behind how hair grows. I don’t know how it works, but I know it’s some fun science. What about how hormones alter your body and brain chemistry? More fun science. Also, all of the different body types. I bet there’s some cool science behind why that happens, too. (sorry, I’m a science nerd)

If the body positivity movement isn’t including everyone, it’s not doing its job. 

Mod Marie-Rose

alright but why does no one write colorblind character AUs??? 

(note: i am not colorblind, a friend of mine who is was just telling me about some of the shit that’s happened to him)

  • you accidentally took my bag instead of yours and i don’t know your name so i yelled “YOU IN THE YELLOW SHIRT” but you didn’t respond so i yelled “HEY ASSHOLE” when i finally caught up with you… and apparently your shirt is red??
  • we’re doing a lab in chemistry with the “flame test” where you set an element on fire and we’re supposed to record what color the flame is, but i have no fucking clue what color it’s supposed to be so i’m copying your answers and now you think i’m trying to cheat
  • i thought this tomato was ripe but it’s actually green and you saw me take a bite out of it and whispered “hardcore”
  • if you ask me “what color is this” one more time i’m going to punch you out don’t think i won’t
  • did you know i can’t be a police officer in certain states??? like what the fuck i will fight the system and become a police officer goddamn it, my partner can record that the perp’s shirt was fucking purple
  • you’re too polite to tell me that the colors of my outfit clash horribly but the jokes on you because i actually know what colors they’re supposed to be (because there’s an app for that!) and i just like making your eyes bleed

So… this feels really, really overwhelming for me after writing Janna for years, under different names with a lot of development, and I never thought that this OC of mine would actually.. ending up even more popular than the canon male characters I used to write? It really means a lot to me, after having friends tell me years ago they just don’t care to hear about my OC, and I still often wonder whether people do care and… I am so grateful for all of you. For the people sending memes, liking and reblogging posts, the people talking ooc to me, the people I thread with - I have been on this blog for longer than I managed to keep any other, and there are many people who already left behind their blogs, people I do miss, but there are also so many new friends I made along the way so… Here, if you want to see a small part of the people who make my stay here so great… Under the cut with absolutely no claims to being complete because I ALWAYS forget people!

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The Girl Who Cried Fanfic (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: When your family is desensitized to your screams, because they usually just meant you were reading a fluffy fanfiction, the hero you’ve been reading about is the one who saves you in a time of actual danger.

 Word Count: 3228 

Requested: Nope 

A/N: Second fic on tumblr ever, first ever Peter Parker. I had this idea when my friend told me that she screamed at the fluff in one of my other fics, but that nobody in her house came to check on her. Jokingly, I called her “the girl who cried fanfic” and well, the rest is history.

You lay in your bed late at night, the only one awake in your small New York apartment. As you scrolled through your Tumblr, you saw a new post from your favorite account, a superhero fan account that loved hearing about the shenanigans the Avengers got into. Clicking on it, you saw this one was about Spider-Man.

Weird, you thought. Spider-Man isn’t really well known outside of Queens. Maybe you knew the owner of this account.

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Under My Umbrella Part 2

Read the first part! Still giving a shout out to @centixue whose artwork inspired the last part of this fic. Based on this video. This was a request!  

I just wanted to say I love the demand for dom!Michelle because I have really never been behind the theory of pining!Michelle. Who wouldn’t give Peter the look™? Michelle knows what she’s about and giving our homeboy looks doesn’t mean she’s fawning. 

This is just a follow-up but I’ll still tag it: LipSyncBattle!Peter, Crossdressing!Peter, Spideychelle. And yes, dom!Michelle and sub!Peter. 

  • In Michelle’s defense, her building interest in Peter is accidental at best.
  • Sure he’s Spider-Man, and it’s really fun holding that over him because he thinks it’s a secret, but that didn’t necessarily make the benign white boy any more interesting to her.
  • It’s one thing to be a hero, it’s another thing to be fun.
  • She thinks Peter is as straight laced as they come. There’s nothing mysterious about him once you know his secret.
  • And Michelle even holds a bit of disdain for how easily she figured it out. Peter and Ned were dumb enough to talk about it in gym class. Not that she’d ever tell him about that. It’s funny to hold over him, watch him squirm when trying to lie to her.
  • But that dance had certainly changed her mind. There is something different about him. He has a confidence she hadn’t noticed before.
  • After all, Peter Parker is known for being shy. It took him months to talk to Liz without babbling. He wasn’t anyone Michelle thought she could be interested in.
  • But after seeing that little mischievous glint in his eye when he performed for them, that kid became someone Michelle would like to get to know.
  • And it would be so much fun to tease that person out of him.
  • Ever since he danced for them, Michelle has to admit she enjoys the way he gets nervous around her whenever she approaches. She stops by to bother him again and again between classes just to see if anything changes. For days, he stumbles through his words like he did with Liz.
  • It gets worse if she tries to embarrass him.
  • So Michelle starts winking at him when other people aren’t looking.
  • It’s innocent enough that he couldn’t call it flirting, but she likes the confusion on his face and the panic in his eyes whenever she does it. Once in awhile, if it was risky enough, she can get him to blush.
  • There is something pretty mysterious in the rosy red of his cheeks that she just has to explore.
  • So Michelle keeps it up, occasionally ‘fixing’ Peter’s hair for him after Ned walks away.
  • Every time she comes near him, the boy holds his breath.
  • He’s making this too fun for her to resist.
  • One day, Michelle swears that he was about to ask her out. As much as that was what she’s getting at, she can’t resist trying to milk a few more days out of him. So she changes the subject.
  • He starts “I was thinking, we don’t get to see each other much-”
  • “Well, we do have chemistry,” Michelle says knowing exactly what he thinks she means.
  • “We do?” He looks surprised and Michelle just points to the classroom they’re standing right next to. She pretends that was really all she meant. Chemistry class.
  • “Oh.” Peter looks disappointed and Michelle does her best to pretend she didn’t notice.
  • Okay so, that was mean. Still, that moment of excitement from him made her feel goosebumps.
  • So Michelle and Peter go to Chemistry class together.
  • Michelle sits right next to Peter instead of at the front like she usually does.
  • Peter can’t help but feel like that means something because she never sits so close to him. She’s leaning into their work, only a few inches from him.
  • Peter swears she’s doing this to him on purpose. It makes him nervous that she’s so close when he still hasn’t figured out what was so interesting. He’s two seconds from asking what she’s up to when she beats him to it.
  • “Cat got your tongue, Parker?” she asks, a feigned innocence to her tone.
  • Peter is ashamed of the little giggle that came out of him. She was messing with his head. “I’m fine,” he lies.
  • “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone your secret.” To Peter, she couldn’t have meant Spider-Man. As far as Peter knew, she still hadn’t figured that out.
  • “What secret?”
  • “That innocent little Peter Parker can dance so well in booty shorts and a wig.” As he tried to focus on their teacher and avoid looking at her, Michelle wasn’t sure Peter could blush any harder or look any more scandalized.
  • So naturally, she tries her best to make it happen:  “What I would do to get you to dance like that again,” she mused just loud enough for him to hear.
  • Peter’s head turned to her so fast she could hear the snap. She looks to the teacher intently like she hadn’t said anything. She didn’t look away until class ended.
  • Deciding she had won, she gave Peter his due goodbye. He was still staring at her, of course.
  • “I’ll see you around, Peter”
  • Biting the edge of her lip, she left him with a look to let him know she’d be back later to collect.
GoT 7x06 Thoughts {SPOILERS}

7x06 leaked so I’m sharing my thoughts.

I understand that dragons are supposed to be nearly indestructible but Daenerys saw one of her “children” get wounded by the sons of the harpy, she also saw Bronn shoot at and hit another one of her children so she doesn’t think that maybe her dragons need armour? Because they didn’t have armour and LOOK what happened, now they are all virtually FUCKED.

She didn’t even mourn her dragon too tough, it was just like a, oh. I totally didn’t expect that. And she says she’s their mother? Sure.

Jonerys legitimately just feels and looks manufactured to me, like the show pushing the two of them together instead of there actually being any organic chemistry first of all or thing that would make them fall in love, like I just don’t get it or see it, it just feels like they should have a Max and Furiosa kind of bond or some shit.

What exactly is the point of Arya being in Winterfell? Because it’s not like she’s doing anything except for antagonizing Sansa, it’s not even like Sansa is planning a coup and Arya is going to stop it. Like I just don’t see the point, I would’ve been way more interested in her going to King’s Landing to kill Cersei because I’m starting to think these two sisters are literally going to try and kill each other and the fact that Littlefinger is at the helm of this is like, really? So just no one can outdo Littlefinger? Although I did think Arya was Littlefinger giving Sansa council for a minute. Who knows.

They scared the HELL out of me with Tormund, I was like you can’t take him.

There was a serious lack of Cersei this ep. And I guess I won’t be getting a Jonsa reunion any time soon, which is sad.

Oh! One more thing. When was it established that Daenerys couldn’t have kids? I thought the witch just took her son’s life for Drogo’s. Did she curse her with infertility? I don’t get it.

confuzzling  asked:

When you say you like Echo, is it that you like her as a character, like find her to be a fascinating character kind of thing, or do you like her as a person? (I'm not judging or taking a stance; I'm just curious. I think she's a really cool character.)

I love curiosity and no judging. It’s a good approach to life, imo. 

All right, so, 

I just like her as a character in general, not sure if I like her as a person just yet, although I have a feeling that’ll change next season after she spends 6 years with our delinquents.

What do I like about her?

1. She’s got this deadly, but elegant, lady knight vibe that I really dig.

2. She’s quite a badass, but in a way that isn’t amateurish and all rage like Octavia, and it’s more like Echo’s just a natural badass–she isn’t trying to be one, she just is. Taysa does a great job of making me believe that Echo has been trained since childhood to be a deadly solider.

3. Her loyalty. Tbh, loyalty in a character is my Achilles’ heel. I could probably list all my favorite characters and I bet a common core trait amongst all of them is loyalty. I’m a sucker for it, what can I say? 

4. She’s always thinking and questioning. She never just accepts things lying down. She questions things and isn’t afraid to let her opinion be known, but she also knows when to zip it, be discreet, and just do her job. It’s a trait I admire. 

5. She cares about Bellamy and sees that he’s special. I’m a sucker for anyone who sees how special that boy is. 

6. She’s vulnerable, but not pathetic, which makes me respect her and want to protect her. 

7. Once you’ve gained her loyalty, I don’t think there isn’t a single thing she wouldn’t do to protect whomever she is loyal to. It reminds me of Bellamy AND Clarke, actually… she’s got very similar heroic quality about her.

8. Her naiveté or, not sure what to call it, her brainwash-like view of the world. As we’re told in episode 1, from an early age, she was trained and forged to be an assassin under Queen Nia. She was so wrapped up in her belief that clan-above-all-else mattered more than obeying rules that she dishonored herself and her clan when she acted as the assassin in the conclave. When Roan banished her, she was genuinely surprised and shook by it, because she thought she was doing what was best for her clan and since clan was more important than anything, she truly didn’t realize just how terrible she was for doing what she did. So, although she was awful for doing it (and she killed one of my favs, Ilian), I still felt bad for her when Roan banished her. She was only doing what she thought was best for her people, and since all those people were going to die anyway, she didn’t think making all that death happen a little quicker was all that bad. and yeah, it’s like she accidentally did something awful instead of knowing full out that she was doing something awful, which I find weirdly forgivable. 

9. I like her chemistry (not the romantic kind, btw) with Bellamy, just their dynamic in general. His sass sure comes out when she’s around and when she goes off about tradition, culture, and religion. It’s a good contrast to Bellamy and fun to watch. Here is bellamy what’s-wrong-with-a-little-chaos blake being paired up with echo tradition-loyalty-religion-and-order-and-that’s-how-the-world-works kom azgeda, which allows for some interesting sparks, for sure.

10. She’s pretty down-to-earth, not uppity like L was. 

11. She feels remorse and guilt over things, which means she’s redeemable.

12. She’s slightly jaded without being angsty. I can’t stand overly angsty characters.  

13. More than anything, I love her potential as a character. Every time I ask myself what I look foreword to the most next season (apart from Bellarke)… I think of her. So, yeah, the storyline potential surrounding her character makes me super excited.

Idk, there ya go, a rough list of what I like about her. I tend to word vomit my thoughts out, so I hope it’s coherent.

Thanks for the ask! I’d love to know your own thoughts on her, if you’d like to add them to my post?

a masterpost solely dedicated to notes part 3: paper vs. laptop? match start!

heyoooooo everyone!!!

So here I am again with the third pard of this notetaking masterpost (finally right? :D) and I want to talk about whether it is better to write your notes by hand or type them on your laptop. Sooooo let’s get into it!


First of all, I want to tell you some things that help and that kinda worked for me. I recommend using OneNote for typed notes and that is for several reasons:

  1. The documents are small, smaller than Word. They won’t slow down your computer nor they will freeze. But Word freezes when it comes to larger documents (i believe you saw that at least once and if not, believe me, it sucks).
  2. It’s easier to use. In Word, the formatting is… well everything is so lined up and it might make you feel “tied up” to one specific format. OneNote is more like a scrapbook, there is no set format, you can write EVERYWHERE and color-in and put pictures everywhere and write in them and it’s actually really easy because you just click and write. Yep.
  3. It has more useful features. Like making to-do lists. Or a calendar thingy, or a drawing panel or like anything. IT’S LIKE A NOTEBOOK! You make pages and sections for each notebook and it’s fun playing with it! 
  4. Okay but the major thing is that you don’t have to save it so even if it suddenly freezes (which doesn’t happen often, not like with Word), you don’t have to worry about losing your notes yayy!!
  5. And finally, you can sync it with your mobile so you can carry your notes everywhere! Isn’t that great?

Write your notes as you are used to do - using bullet points, of course - and PRINT THEM OUT. And here it comes: don’t just stare at your notes and passively highlight every weird word you see. Like NAH. That’s not how you work with printed notes. Of course, if it helps you, highlight stuff, it’s not bad of course lol but what I want to say, that’s not a study method. Don’t just passively skim through that. Even though it’s tempting to do that. Instead, try to make a summary, something like a study guide. Or summarize the key points on a sticky note (that really helps btw).


Okay, so this is a really difficult question. I tried both methods and although I like handwriting my notes better, tbh, it really depends on the subject. For example, I don’t use a laptop for chemistry, physics and maths, because then I’d have to draw all the equations on the laptop and… nah I’m to lazy to do that :D instead I type my notes for literature, biology, geography or history - these subjects often have much information to write down and I sometimes even add things after class. A tip from me would be to use a laptop when you tend to get sleepy during the subject. Idk if it’s just me, but I tend to lay down on the desk and kinda scrap or doodle in my notebook when I get sleepy/bored. When you use a laptop, you have to sit straight and you can’t lay down cause you won’t be able to write. It just pressures you into actually paying attention. Also, I recommend using a laptop in classes where there is an excessive amount of notes to take and all kinds of things to write really fast. Generally, if you can’t keep up with the teacher, use your laptop. Ding-dong~ 

But now about the downsides *tududumtum* The first one is obviously the internet. Let’s be real, you’re on a boring lecture and you have your laptop for taking notes. But you just don’t feel like it so what you do? You go online. IT’S SO TEMPTING i know myself. But on the other hand, you can learn how to control yourself and keep yourself from surfing the net. Although I still didn’t manage to do that, you might if you work hard enough ^^ (I’ll do my best too!!!) Secondly, well idk if someone has experienced that, but I feel that I don’t retain the information when I type it unlike when I write it. It might be because typing is so automatic to me that I don’t think anymore about the words I write. I just do. And finally, that’s just my view, but, I like the feeling of holding a pen and writing something on paper, feeling the paper. I know, a laptop is always more convenient, I don’t have to carry much stuff with me and everything is fast and quite easy… but I like writing and that’s why I’m not that fond of typing my notes.However, if I see that typing is more practical in some situations, I won’t hesitate to type my notes (basically saying that typing notes isn’t an enemy for me lmao).

Sooo that is the end of my masterpost! Hope this was helpful :33



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