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She’s a Rockstar Part 3

Alrighty, so here’s part three (finally). I’ve started to really get an idea of where I wanna go so that’ll probably help me update ore. Requests are open and as always, I appreciate any feedback and comments, please let me know what you thin! Enjoy :) 

Summary: Y/N works in a small diner in a small town in West Virginia. She’s got a heavy load on her plate and to top it all off she has a more than unpleasant encounter with none other than Sebastian Stan. 

Warnings: nothing


You had learned quick that Sebastian was indeed a nice guy like he had claimed, nothing like his first impression. He had told you about himself, what it’s like being in movies and whatnot, how he was actually born in Romania, and other tidbits of his life.

“Well now I have to go watch all of your movies!” You giggled as he blushed. “I’m kidding, I don’t have a TV… or internet,” you admitted. He looked at you strangely as if you were speaking a whole different language.

“You don’t have a TV or internet? What the hell, why?”

“Well just can’t afford it. I’m really tight on money so they’re kind of luxuries I don’t need,” you explained. He hummed and looked down to fiddle with his empty glass.

“Well don’t let Chris find out, he’ll marathon all my movies for you and I’ll be very embarrassed and he’ll love it,” he chuckled.

“What will I love?” Chris interrupted.

“Hey Chris! Well I was just telling Sebastian how I don’t have internet or a TV so I can’t watch all his movies,” you explained while laughing lightly. Chris’ eyes widened before the shocked look got replaced by a mischievous smirk. “Oh gosh what did I just start?” You were starting to enjoy spending time with the boys as they made you laugh.

“Hey Y/N, are you free ever at all? I’m sort of in the mood for a movie marathon,” Chris said with a wink.

“Y’know, as much as I would love to see Sebastian and you in action I never have free time. I’m always here, the diner, or the shelter and if I could take a day off I would, but I can’t afford that,” you said solemnly. “Sorry guys, I just have a tight schedule.”

“Y/N, take a day off, I’ll still pay you for all your hours but you need a break, you’re non stop, one of these days you’re gonna give yourself a brain aneurism and then I’ll lose my best server and I can’t have that happen, now can I?” Dave suggested as he winked at you.

“Are you sure Dave?” He nodded, giving you all the confirmation you needed. You rushed behind the bar and squeezed the large man in to a bone crushing hug. The two guys behind you chuckled and shook their heads.

“Thank you so so so much Dave, I’ll work extra extra hard next shift,” you said as a grin spread across your face. “Can I have Monday off? I mean, it’s only Monday, it’s usually fairly quiet.”

“Y/N, calm down. Of course you can have Monday off,” Dave said with a smile. You grinned and turned to the two gorgeous men in front of you who also had smiles on their handsome faces.

“Alright, Monday it is. We are going to watch all of Seb’s movies. How about we start with the Covenant?” Chris laughed and threw his head back as if ‘the Covenant’ was the funniest thing he had ever heard of or seen. Sebastian groaned and covered his face.

“Please no, not the Covenant. Alright, before we watch that ya gotta understand it was 2006 and special effects weren’t the greatest and it was sorta one of my first ‘big’ movies,” Sebastian explained in a feeble attempt to defend himself.

“Yea, yea okay buddy. Gosh you’re gonna love it, I promise you that Y/N.” Chris’ smile was huge, just loving Sebastian’s reaction to his lighthearted teasing. “Anyway, I’ll give you the address and you can drive on over whenever you’d like?”

“Yea… One issue.” Chris looked at you with a confused look. “I don’t have a car.” You looked down, embarrassed to let them catch a glimpse of your life.

“No problem! I’m sure one of us can pick you up.” Chris smiled and laid a hand on your back.


Monday had rolled around quite fast and you were awaiting on a text or phone call from either of the two men. ‘What if they don’t want to? What if it was all a joke?’ you thought to yourself. You were soon interrupted by a buzz coming from your phone beside you.

SS: Hey it’s Sebastian, what’s your address, I’ll come pick you up!

Y/N: Hey Sebastian! Yea, it’s 1215 Liberty St. Text me when you get here and I’ll come down :)

SS: See you soon Y/N, can’t wait!

You dropped your phone on to the bed as you stood up to get ready. Sebastian meowed at you and rubbed against your legs.

“What the hell does that mean? Can’t wait? What do you think Sebby,” you asked your cat. He rewarded you with a small mew. “Good input Sebs.” You stood in front of your bathroom mirror inspecting your face. You slapped on your typical makeup and sauntered over to the closet. “I can’t go too dressy cause then they’ll know I’m trying really hard but I can’t go in pjs cause then they’ll think I’m sloppy! What do I do Sebs?” He meowed and walked away leaving you to ponder.

SS: Hey! I’m outside :)

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” you said with a panic.

Y/N: Alright be right out!

You threw on a pair of leggings and a cute v-neck t-shirt you treated yourself to a while ago, and a hoodie. Running out, you grabbed your keys and left your apartment. You ran down the four flights of stairs and pushed open the door. A black SUV was parked outside and you assumed it was him. The window rolled down, confirming your suspicions.

“Hey Y/N! How’s it hangin’?” His smile was radiant and it took you a second to gather your thoughts before answering him.

“Oh not too bad, nice to have a day off finally.” You smiled back at him and hopped in to the passenger side. “How are you?”

“Better now that you’re here.” Your eyes went wide momentarily unsure of how to react. “I mean, yea, no I’m excited. Just don’t laugh at me too hard,” Sebastian quickly recovered, nervous at how his words might have affected you.

“I’m excited too Sebastian,” you said with a wide smile. He started the car and soon you sped off to relax and watch some movies. “God, I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie,” you commented, filling the silence that had washed over the vehicle. He shook his head and let a smile creep on to his face. Finally he pulled up to a very cute house on the outskirts of town. It was gorgeous, a nice white house with a beautiful wrap-around porch. It looked to be something out of the Victorian era. “Wow, this is beautiful,” you exclaimed, taking in the little details of the house.

“Yea it’s Chris’ cabin! It’s nice isn’t it?”

“Y/N! Hey! How’s it going? Ready to get this marathon on the road?” Chris came through the front door to welcome you with an unexpected hug.

“Oh wow, hey Chris! This place is gorgeous, it really is,” you commented.

“Thanks Y/N, come on in! Let’s get this started!” Sebastian groaned from behind you and followed you and Chris inside. The inside was even more beautiful. The walls were coated with a light ocean blue, family photos decorated the walls and pale green throw pillows were strewn all over the couches. A large flat screen TV sat across the couches above an extravagant fire place. “Let’s start with my personal favourite, The Covenant.” His smile grew even wider than before and you chuckled at Sebastian’s red cheeks and playfully nudged his shoulder.

“Alright, alright guys, let’s just get this over with,” Sebastian said with a defeated tone.

You all collapsed on the couch and pressed play. You found yourself slowly leaning in to him and soon enough you felt his arm drape over the back of the couch, almost on your shoulders. You two had gotten significantly closer throughout the movie and you were sure you were stepping over the line.

“Snacks! I’ll go get snacks,” you said, slightly panicked as you quickly stood up. “Where’s the kitchen?”

“I can show you,” Sebastian offered. Your cheeks turned pink as you nodded and turned away. He led the two of  you through the halls, eventually reaching the kitchen.

“Y/N I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-“

“Sebastian I’m sorry it’s my fault I over stepped a boundary, I can just leave if you want. I’ll call a cab-“

“Y/N! Stop! Don’t worry about it. I liked it.” You could hear the smirk in his voice. You looked up, daring to meet his eyes with your own. “Can I kiss you Y/N?”

“Well I mean, we’re getting snacks aren’t we?” You stumbled as you slowly backed away, overwhelmed by the fact that this gorgeous man wanted to kiss you, and oh god did you want to kiss him back. You stooped when your back hit the counter. He had you trapped, his arms closing you in.

“Y/N please-“

“Kiss me.”

Egoistic (Lee Jong Suk Scenario)

Genre: romance, modern, fluff

Word count: 3 067

Warning:  none

Summary: Sometimes is good to be egoistic.

You kept on pressing the button to close the doors of the elevator, not caring that someone was actually hurrying towards you. You were late! Like, really, really late! And your colleague had already texted you twice since you got into the elevator!

“Excuse me, excuse me,” you made your way through the busy room and up the stairs towards the conference room. “I’m soooo sorry,” you gave out an apologetic look towards your team leader and colleagues.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, the traffic is horrible,” the team leader smiled and turned back to the presentation. “What I was about to say is that we have good news. Out team won in front of the others in results and so we get to work with a company from South Korea. One of their artists is coming here for a photoshoot and they would like someone to show the team around and, if the artist desires, to give him a private tour as well. Now, we have only two of you free at this point, so how would you like to choose who’s doing what?” He then turned to you.

And you were already jelly, all puppy eyes towards your colleague who happened to be your best friend as well to let you have this project. I mean, it was South Korea and a celebrity, like, duh, you had to have it! Who knew, maybe the artist was Kim Woo Bin or maybe even better, one of your favourite bands. Nope, missing on something like this was defintiely a no-no!

“Please let her have this project ‘cause otherwise I won’t hear the end of it,” your best friend sighed. “You owe me big one for this,” he then whispered to you, a bit torn between the prospects of the project and being a good friend to you.

“Are you sure? If things go well you might actually get a part two of it,” the team leader raised his eyebrows towards the two of you.

“Oh, c’mon, why are you tempting him?! He already have up the project in my favour,” you protested with a frown. “It’s mine! My previous,” you went all Gollum much to the laughter of your team.

“Fine, fine! Then that’s it. Good work, guys and keep it up! And you,” he pointed at you, “wait for me, we have to go through the paperwork and the detail.”

So, while everyone was making their way out, you remained seated, catching your breath after all the running you did since the beginning of the day. Damn your legs hurt like hell!

“First of all I want you to know that you’re going to sign a non-disclosure contract,” your team manager approached you after the projector’s light died down. “Our legal team went through it already and everything’s good. Basically, what they want from you is to, by no means, post up pictures with the artist or post anything regarding what you see on the internet.”

“As if I’d do that!”

“Secondly, the dude is apparently something big in his country, so the team wants discretion and if he by any chance wants you to show him around the city, they way you to know that there might be fans or press following around, so –”

“I need to keep it professional, so in other words keep my distance. Got it, boss! Anything else?” Fuck the contract! It wasn’t like you were going to kidnap the dude or anything like that!

“Nope, that’d be it. Do you want any other details?”

“Who’s the artist in talk?” You gave him your best smile.

“Oh, that’s easy. He’s a young actor, very popular for a recent drama called… what was it again?” The team manager frowned, racking his brains to remember th info he himself heard from one of the higher ups. “Ah, ‘Pinocchio’! The drama’s name is ‘Pinocchio’. W-What? What’s wrong?”

Why of all the people it had to be him?!

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Astro Reacts | You Being Internet Famous

Author’s note: None of the gifs are mine, and credit goes where it belongs! Hope you enjoy, and always feel free to give feedback so I can improve. Thanks and happy reading! ~assstro ♥


You’d probably catch Jinwoo’s eye off of SoundCloud lol. He’s said he wanted to produce an album himself, so he’s probably been lurking on the internet for inspiration, and when he found out you made music, he could not help stanning you as if you were his bias in an idol group~ And you being a fan of Astro, you’d go to one of their events when suddenly-
“Hey, I think I recognize you,” a puppy JinJin would grab your wrist before you moved, kind of giving that excited smirk but trying to keep his cool. “Aren’t you Y/N?”
“Yeah, how do you know my name?”
“He watches your videos all the time!” a voice would chime in. The rest of the boys would be listening in on the conversation and JinJin would be so embarrassed lol. “He listens to your music when he’s cleaning and packing too, not to mention you’re his alarm in the morning, other than Eunwoo.”
At that point, both you and Jinwoo were blushing at each other madly, when he pulls you to the side, hiding from his members and the staff, and says, pulling out his phone and opening to his contacts, “Do you wanna collaborate sometime?”


You locked yourself in a room and greeted the thousands of viewers online, who then requested a song for you to sing. You began to sing a gentle melody, focusing on the quality of the video, when another voice began to sing along with you outside of the door, which opened a little bit after the chorus of your cover. Though confused, you kept singing, and MJ had entered the room, vocalizing confidently until he saw your camera, computer, and microphone.
“Hm? What’s this for? Did I interrupt something?”
He smiles and looks down at your work, only to see a livestream taking place, with thousands of chats loading on and on.
“Is this a V Live?! No wait - what?” he’d ask surprised.
You gesture towards a surprised yet hyped up partner, and introduce him to your fans.
“You never told me you sing on the internet,” he’d say, pretending to act offended. While you frantically explained though, his expression went from sassy to giddy, and he began to shake happily and squeal.
“She has two EPs out, and the next one comes out in a month!” someone typed into the chat. Then, MJ’s jaw dropped as he pulled you into a playful headlock, his bright face right by yours while he replied, “We’re going to become a duo. Right. Now. This will be my side project. I need to tell the kids about this right now.”


“Wait here, I’ll order the drinks,” a prince Eunwoo would tell you. You’d be out together on his treat at a bubble tea place while he’s in your city. The place had a calm vibe, with sofas and magazines and the owner’s cats hanging around. When he returns, he’s also flicking through a magazine, only to see your face on it, with pictures from your Instagram and several clothing companies. When he sits down beside you, who’s looking gracefully out the window, he tells you, “No wonder you’re so beautiful,” and slips the magazine to you. The top read, Fresh New Youth Models off the Web, with a whole few pages dedicated to you and several other diverse models.
“Oh,” You’d say surprised and a little embarrassed. “You should probably give that back!”
You reached for it, but he held his hand up in the air, making you crash into his chest, and he hugged you with his other arm.
He could not stop smirking at you, and lowered his face before whispering in giggles, “Nope! I’m keeping this work of art! Maybe we could model together too sometime~”


The two of you decided to take a stroll through the shopping centers while Bin was visiting your town on his day off, when suddenly you were both encountered by a rather large group of girls. At first, MoonBin got excited himself, believing they were his Arohas, but they weren’t - they were your fans from your vlogs off of YouTube.
“Oh my god, aren’t you Y/N? Is it okay if we get a picture?” one would ask. “We love your videos, they’re so funny and never fail to make us happy on a bad day - we’re you’re biggest fans.”
You’d scoop them up in a big group hug and take a bunch of selfies with the giggling bunch. Meanwhile, MoonBin watches from the side with a huge proud yet confused grin. He loves that you’re so caring, even toward people you admire. Deep down in his head he wishes he could be hugged too. But he just wonders, videos? fans? When your fans respectfully leave, he can’t help but ask you about it.
“I can definitely see why people love you,” he’d say after your explanation, “Though I guess you could say I’m your number one fan.”
“Oh,” you say, heart warming up. When he realizes what he had said, he quietly slaps his neck and scolds himself, but after seeing your grin he melts again.
“Anyway, tell me more about these videos! Show them to me, let me be in one! Can we start a vlog right now?”


Here’s old news: Minhyuk and dancing are inseparable. But you and Minhyuk? It seemed like a chase ever since he’s met you, loving your personality and talent, especially when the two of you danced together. It was only a few weeks after you both started hanging around that you began to be “busy,” editing things and working on your own projects. Rocky would be worried that his crush lost interest in him, and would always suggest you return to practicing with him again. When you do return though, you return with a laptop, not focusing one bit on Minhyuk.
“Aish, what are you doing?” he’d say, irritated. When he looks over your laptop screen, he sees you opened up to YouTube, with truckloads of views and features on dance networks. Rocky looks up at you, mouth gaping in silence, while you smile sheepishly and sink into the couch. He tackles you into a hug and cries, “Why didn’t you tell me?!”
You have no words, but he continues on, puling you up off the couch, “Let’s choreograph something right here, right now. I wish I knew earlier!”


If Sanha was in a love triangle, he’d be in love with you and his guitar. He’d be choosing a song to play with you, and look up something to play on YouTube. Out of curiosity, he saw a really adorable girl holding a guitar with a bright smile as she sang on the thumbnail of the video.
When he clicked and it expanded, he immediately realized, “Aigo! It’s you!”
He’d look at the millions of views you have, and he’d feel so proud, wrap an arm around you and shake you. asking, “Why didn’t you tell me you were famous too?”
And even though he believed it was too soon, he couldn’t help but slip, “if you told me earlier, we could be a celebrity power couple!”
“Mwo? What?” your heart stopped.
“Aniya - nevermind, don’t worry about it,” he’d say with a flustered face, grinning madly. “Anyways, I need to show the rest of the hyungs all of this. Maybe you could be an idol!”

Rick Flag x Reader: Jealousy


Notes: Some people wanted jealous Rick and smut and one very clever anon wanted Rick jealous of Floyd. So it’s mixed bag. Harley is here too because I love her so much it’s unreal. It all starts with her wanting a favour. Let’s face it, you should probably send her a gift bag after this.

P.S. Apologies for the lateness but I was offline for a while there and my internet is only just back. I honestly felt like a caveman without internet for a few hours. 

“Hey, so I kinda need you to do me a favour.”

Looking up from the book you’d been engrossed in, you eyed Harley Quinn who was seated across the room from you. Harley asking for a favour could never end well. Never did end well. But somehow, some way, you always seemed to be dragged kicking and screaming into her schemes anyway.

Setting your book down with a sigh you took the bait.

“What sort of favour? If it involves a reunion between you and a certain Clown Prince of Crime you can forget it,” you grumbled, not likely to forget your last meeting with her precious ‘Mista J’ any time soon. There was something about having a knife stuck into your belly that a girl just couldn’t forget.

Harley shook her head quickly, grinning now that you seemed at least partly on board. She crossed her legs and settled in against the back of the couch.

“It’s nothin’ shady, don’t worry,” she answered in what you thought was supposed to be her soothing, innocent voice. But it just seemed to make you antsy rather than take your nerves away. “All I need little old you to do is to seduce someone.” Your eyes shot to hers and she smiled. “That’s all.”

You gave her a dry look.

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You and Dan do a tag video for the internet

Dan switched the camera on.

His arm rested comfortably on my shoulders, his side pressed nice and warm to mine. The blinding lights used for recording were up and making the both of us sweat. Before he said anything I turned and looked at his profile. He had that same anticipatory look in his eyes whenever he started recording a video. He and I were wearing matching shirts, like the losers we were, but he honestly filled it out so much nicer. Designer looked so good on him. Probably feeling my eyes on him, he looked down at me. “You ready to film another garbage video for my garbage channel?” I smiled and nodded, pecking his lips softly and redirecting my attention toward the camera.

“Hello Internet, today I’m here with my beautiful y/n!”

He gestured to you and you waved awkwardly. He’d been speaking into a camera lens for years, while you had only been in a few of his videos, so you weren’t as seamless as him. “Uh, hey there internet, you look nice today.” Dan chuckled at how uncomfortable I sounded, and squeezed me for a second then rubbed his hand up and down my arm a few times. “Today we’re, surprisingly, not talking about how much of a loser I am or the inevitability of death coming to us all.”

“He’s already done enough of that today off camera.”

“Fuck off. Today, we’re doing what everyone wants in 2017: a tag video!”

The two of us did a cute little pretend cheer and celebration because no one did tagged videos past the year 2014. What could we say, we were into retro trends. “Yeah, it seems like lots of you still have questions about me and Dan’s relationship, and while we’re not ready to go into the tying up and choking kinks yet, we can answer some basic stuff, right Dan?” I looked at him expectantly. He just stared at me with disgust on his face. It was still pretty adorable, and I leaned in to steal a kiss quickly. “This is when you say yes and then start reading the questions,” I reminded him. He blinked and then seemed to shake off the daze I put him in. “We totally have to edit that shit out. Anyway!” He pulled up the list on his phone. “We’re going to answer a few of these ‘Boyfriend Tag’ questions for you all.” Without further ado, he started.

Where did you meet?

“Y/n and I met online, like true millennials.”

“Yeah, I had messaged Dan on some weird fandom site we both liked and he actually replied assuming I was a Phan. In reality, I was just asking him if he knew about some new merch and had no idea Danpire90 was actually him.”

“Wow way to expose the username and my creepy internet habits!”

You only smiled.

Where did you meet each other’s parents?

“Well, as some of you might know, I’m not from England. I’m actually from America. So Dan and I were together for like a year and a half before we both took the trip across the Atlantic to meet my family. He was completely awkward and swore in front of my grandmother.”

“That’s not even the worst part! Your dad threatened me at the dinner table and when I laughed cuz I thought it was a joke everyone in your family looked at me with like deep seriousness. I thought I wasn’t going to last the night!”

“Yeah, Dan’s parents were so much more chill. They were just glad to ‘see their sad baby boy happy and settled down’.” Dan sighed, embarrassed just remembering when they said that. 

What’s something you hate that the other person does?

“Dan you can probably guess mine.” He looked in my eyes like he was trying to read my mind. I just gave him a playful little smile. His eyes crinkled when he had his answer. “Is it when I leave floss everywhere?”

“It’s absolutely when you leave dental floss everywhere!” Dan fell to the side laughing at me. “No but guys seriously he will literally floss like 25 times a day and leave that shit on every surface and it’s like finding hair and a spider web at the same time like that’s so nasty!” You were serious about this, years of living with Dan meant you had accepted it, but that didn’t mean you liked seeing used floss all the time. Dan wiped his eyes and kissed your cheek. “Sorry I always do nasty things, pumpkin. But if we’re being honest, your snoring is one of the worst things on Earth and you can’t even change that.” You had to agree with him. He’d shown you the recordings of it, and you sounded like an old man.

What is your s/o’s style?

“Black. Anything black,” you said. Deadpan. Dan couldn’t even argue. “And you wear what, anything that’s ugly?” Dan stuck his tongue out at you. You poked his ribs and pouted your lip. “It’s called unique you monochrome loser.”

Is your s/o loud or quiet in bed?

“Oh some of these are naughty, fam,” I giggled. Dan made another disgusted face at me. “Don’t ever say fam you trash heap.” I ignored him, putting actual thought into the question. “Uh I don’t really think Dan is loud…you don’t make much sound and when you do it’s like those super deep moans like-” I tried to demonstrate how he sounded when in the middle of sex, but from Dan’s burst of laughter I must’ve sounded like I had a burp trapped in my chest or something. “I’m not a fuckin bear!”

“I know I know but I can’t do the thing!”

“Oh fuck off!”

We were giggling for like a minute before Dan started regaining composure. “I guess you’re right. Now that I think about it I don’t make much noise. And you’re just like ‘and IIIIIIIIIIIII-” I smacked my hand over his mouth and knocked us both to the side and slightly out of frame. “Daniel James Howell that is so untrue!”

What’s the first thing your s/o does in the morning?

“Well it’s obvious, Dan brushes his teeth because he has actual OCD.”

“And y/n glues herself to me and steals my body heat because she’s cold blooded.”

Favorite cereal?

“What a random question, this shit was definitely made in 2013 or something,” Dan mumbled. I leaned my head against his shoulder. “I honestly have no idea what weird British inedible cereal Dan likes but for all my American viewers, Cinnamon Toast Crunch all the way!” Dan faked chest pains, “American cereal is just sugar and the occasional bran flake. You seriously don’t know my favorite cereal? You and Phil steal it all the time and you still don’t even know what you’re eating? Well, I’m not telling you, you’ll just be eating mystery cereal forever.” I shrugged, that was fine with me.

Kiss your partner right now, who’s more aggressive?

Before I’d finished reading the question aloud Dan had his hand on my cheek and a tongue in my mouth. I moaned, taken aback for half a second then reciprocating just as hard, trying to overpower him and leaning forward. We made out much longer than we probably needed to answer the question before I remembered we were actually in the middle of a task. Pulling back, we just stared at each other and then broke out into laughter. “That cannot go on youtube! We’re gonna get flagged!” Dan said.

Who said I love you first?

“Believe it or not, it was actually Dan. He’s secretly a huge romantic softie when he’s not on camera.” We met each other’s eyes, and I was talking to him and not the camera anymore. “We were on a date and it was raining too hard to leave. So then suddenly the power goes out in the place and everyone is scared and bear just pulled me close and whispered ‘I love you’ in front of everyone there. The people around us were like ‘aww’. It nearly made me cry, mostly because all that attention was embarrassing.” Dan giggled and kissed me softly. Wow, we were doing a lot of that in this video. It was usual to keep our relationship private, we weren’t even into the whole PDA thing when we were out in public. I guess either the Phans would have enough cute material to last a lifetime or Dan had a lot of editing to do.

We pulled apart and I ran my fingers through his curls. “I think that’s probably enough questions, bear.” I was done doing this filming thing, ready to just relax with Dan and snuggle on the sofa or something. Dan agreed and we turned back to the camera one more time.

“Okay that’s enough looking into our lives. Thanks for watching us make fools of ourselves and expose each other. If you liked this video, or if you thought this video was too happy for my channel, consider subscribing for infrequent depressing videos. Leave a like if you enjoyed, as well. Talk to you guys next time. Bye!”

He got up and turned off the camera, exported the SD card, and went to edit it.

Hours later, we were relaxing together and I was doing what I always did whenever he uploaded. I checked through the comments. Most of them were like always, overwhelmingly supportive and gushing over how cute Dan and I were.

“I’ve never seen the tall bean look this happy.”

“…was Dan supposed to edit out that question about the kissing?”

“They’re the most wholesome parents I could’ve ever asked for”

“I thought you were going to edit out the kissing question.” Dan put his phone down and looked at the comment you highlighted. “Yeah, I was. But then the more I watched it the less I wanted to take it out, we looked pretty good. Did you want it taken out?” You shook your head. He was the one who always liked privacy, you couldn’t really care less. “If you want to show the world how much you love me, I’m not complaining.”

“I really do love you, pumpkin. And I always want the world to know it.”

If I was dating Dan all I would want is to do a tagged video with him…among other things.

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INTP: Did you read that email?
INFJ: Uhm, no. I told you, I can’t get on facebook, so that means I don’t have internet.
INTP: That don’t have to mean that you don’t have internet, when you don’t have a facebook - their servers could fall down or some…
INFJ: Can you imagine what will happen in the case that facebook fall down?
INTP: Yeah, people will get out of their computers and go to see their family, and they will realize those are quite nice people.
INFJ: No - I think they will be just smashing their computer while angrily shouting.

“Who I Am Inside” Part 9.5

A/N: I got bored and wanted to write something funny. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the main story. It’s just kind of a comic relief. Enjoy! Tell me if you like!

My Master List

“So who do you think Sam will blame it on? You or Dean?” Carter smiled, as she took a seat next to me at the solid oak table in the Library. I turned to her, wondering what she was talking about and she had that look about her. The look she always gets when she pulls a stupid prank.

   “Carter, what did you do to Sam?” I asked her, lowering the book in my hand and giving her a stern look. Her pranks were the worst. They always ranked from her switching the salt with the sugar, to putting invisible glue on the toilet seats at public places. They weren’t funny half the time, just plain unpleasant. Especially being on the other end of them. I thought that since she was the Angel of Empathy she wouldn’t play pranks like this, but I think the thing is is that she doesn’t know how to play a good prank.

   “I put nair in Sam’s shampoo!” She blurted out, and covered her mouth. Trying to contain her excitement. I gasped in horror, and my hand went to my mouth. She nodded and shushed me.

   “I think this one will be my best one yet! It’s supposed to make your hair grow. Sam will look like Rapunzel!” She cackled and her head flew back. Before she knew what I was doing, I slapped her on the arm. She winced and gave me sad eyes “What was that for?”

   “You idiot! Nair makes your hair fall out! Not grow!” I was fuming, because Sam is awesome and I would never want someone to do that to him.

“Oh Crap! Are you serious? He’s in the shower right now!” Her look of horror matched mine.

I shot up from my chair and ran down the hall, as fast as I could. I didn’t stop until I reached the bathroom door. I tried to open it, but it was locked. Banging on the door wasn’t going to help because Sam had his music blaring.

   “Shit Carter! It’s locked What are we supposed to do now!” I looked at her with fear in my eyes.

“Here! We can try to bust the door down!” She attempted to kick and fell straight on her ass, making a loud thud.

Dean heard Carter, and he ran out of his room to see what was going on.

“What’s going on out here?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I need to get into the bathroom! There is an emergency!” I said, trying to lead him to the door.

“What kind of emergency? What’s wrong?” He asked, eyes roaming over you to see if I was in any kind of pain.

“Life or death kind of emergency! Now, come on mountain man! We don’t have all day! Bust down that door!” Carter yelled. Before you could suggest another method, Dean busted the door open. Sam yelled and about shit himself. I ran in after the two knuckles and spoke to Sam.

“Sam! Have you used your shampoo yet!” I asked with urgency, moving closer to the shower.

“Umm, no. Why?” He asked, still freaked out and not knowing what was going on.

Carter and I sighed in relief, and Dean looked very confused. I told Sam to hand it to me and grabbed him a different one from the cabinet.

“Carter thought it would be funny if she put nair in your shampoo. She thought it would make your hair grow longer. I’m so sorry for all the ruckus she’s caused. She would never try to intentionally hurt you or your hair, I think. Carter?

“Yeah, I’m so sorry Sam. It won’t happen again! I would never want your hair to fall out, I just wanted to make you look like Rapunzel.” Carter says sympathetically.

Dean couldn’t keep the shit eating grin off, as he tried not to laugh. I pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to stay calm. Sam awkwardly forgave her and the three of us headed out the door. Dean picked the door up and placed it over the entrance to give Sam privacy.

Once we got to the kitchen, Carter sat down on the barstool as I poured myself a drink of water. She knew what was coming. She knew that I was about to give her a lecture.

“Carter, you know you are not allowed to play pranks on people. Why did you do it?”

“I saw these funny videos on the internet last night of people pranking others and I thought it looked fun. I’m sorry, y/n/n.” She looked down, and didn’t meet my gaze.

“Is that the only pranked you pulled?” I asked her. When she didn’t respond I asked her again. “Carter???”

“Ok! I pulled a couple others.” She looked at me with a guilty expression.

“What did you do?” I asked her, while putting my hands on my hips.

“I put chewed up bubble gum in Castiel’s trench coat pockets.” She said weakly.

“Carter! That’s mean! How is that funny? Poor thing! He’s a like a little harmless baby bird, and you did something so mean to him. Why?”

“I thought he would think it’s funny.”

“No Carter, that is not funny! Now what else did you do?” I asked, becoming furious with her. She bit her lip and looked down again, not wanting to tell me this one.

“I saran wrapped Dean’s car.” She looked at me with a scared expression. Knowing I was going to yell.

“WHO IN THE HELL SARAN WRAPPED MY BABY!!!” Dean boomed furiously from the garage. Carter and I both looked at each other and made a break for my room. I hurried and shut the door, locking it behind me. We hid under my bed like 5 year olds running from their parents after doing something bad. Carter was shaking she was so scared.

“Hey Carter, It’s going to be okay. Dean just needs time to cool down, I think. It will all blow over in a couple hours.” I said, trying to soothe her.

“I’m so sorry, Y/n! You were right, I am terrible at pulling pranks. I’m promise to not pull any more pranks.” She laid her head on my shoulder, as Dean came stopping down the hall.


“Who put gum in my coat pocket?” Cas questioned

“Well Carter, I forgive you, but I think you may some explaining to do” I say, as Dean unlocks the door.

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Luck of the Draw

Summary: Dan and Phil play Cards Against Humanity for a video. Dan gets the best card. 

Word count: 1110

Rating: I mean it’s cards against humanity so like if you get offended by those cards…

This is what stems from doing nothing all summer. I do not own Dan and Phil or CAH. 


               Dan and Phil were deciding what video to film for Dan’s channel. They had been brainstorming for a few hours when Phil spoke up.

               “I know what we should do!” Phil stated excitedly, “Let’s make a video like the one you did with Tyler that one time!”

               Dan looked at Phil with a scared expression, “Phil, I love you but there is no way we are watching strange porn for a video.”

               Phil cringed and shook his head, “No silly, I meant let’s play Cards Against Humanity.”

               “Oh thank god,” Dan let out a sigh of relief. “I was scared for a second, but that’s actually not a bad idea.”

               Phil smiled and ran out of the room to grab the game. He came back in a few minutes later with the game and their camera, which had been in Phil’s room. Dan started setting up the lights and camera as Phil got out the game. They sat on the edge of Dan’s bed and Phil kissed Dan’s cheek.

               “Are you just trying to make me have to edit more?” Dan teased and Phil let out a small bark of laughter.

               They began the video soon after with Phil out of frame, “Hello Internet, today I am joined with the only person who wanted to film with me….PHIL!”

               Phil leaned into frame, waved, and sat down. Dan looked at him with what the fans would call his ‘Heart eyes.’

               “Hey guys!” Phil called out happily and tapped Dan’s hand lightly out of frame.

               “So today we have a big surprise coming, Phil and I are playing Cards Against Humanity!!” Dan started explaining, “Just like the video I did with Tyler a while back, we will both have to put up a white cards for every black card and we decide who wins each round, are you ready Phil?

               Phil nodded and Dan handed him his cards, “Okay, Do you want to go first?”

               “Sure,” Phil agreed happily and took the first black card. “Blank: Kid tested, Mother- approved.”

               Dan chuckled as he looked down at the cards in his hands, “Oh I’ve got one.”

               “Okay I’m ready,” Phil nodded. “You go first.”

               “The placenta: kid tested, mother approved.” Dan laughed.

               Phil shook his head, “That was weirdly accurate, but it won’t win. My sex dungeon: kid tested, mother approved.”

               Phil covered his face with his hands after reading his card out of shame and Dan stared at him, “Oh my god Phil!”

               “I’m sorry! All my other cards didn’t work right!” Phil tried to explain.

               “Just take the card, you win,” Dan tried to say seriously but ended up erupting in laughter.

               Phil took the card shamefully and shook his head, “I don’t want this.”

               “It was your idea to play this Philip,” Dan pointed out.

               Phil looked at him with eyes full of regret, “Just grab the next card.”

               Dan grabbed the next card which was, ‘How am I maintaining my relationship status?’ Once they both had their cards picked Phil went first.

               “Fear itself,” Phil held up the card.

               Dan frowned, “Phil that’s so lame!”

               “I didn’t want a repeat of the last card!” Phil whined.

               “Ugh, fine.” Dan rolled his eyes, “How am I maintaining my relationship status? Full frontal nudity.”

               Phil’s face flushed slightly and Dan winked at the camera, he figured that they could edit out anything that could be taken badly by fans.

               “You win,” Phil decided. “Take your card.”

               Dan laughed and prompted Phil to choose the next card.

               A little later, after they had gone through many rounds of the game, Dan decided they should wrap it up. They had enough content to cut out any parts that they needed to. Dan picked up a black card and spoked dramatically, “Okay Phil, this is the final card are you ready?”

               Phil nodded enthusiastically, they were neck and neck and Phil wanted to win.

               Dan looked at the card and laughed, “Sticking with tradition apparently, how did I lose my virginity?”

               Phil held up a card right away as Dan reached for a card to replenish his hand, “A bop it!”

               Dan laughed at Phil’s as he looked at the card he got, he realized it was a make your own card from a previous game and almost put it back before noticing what it said. ‘Well we can always do another final round…’ he thought.

               “How did I lose my virginity, may you ask?” Dan held up the card, “Phil Lester!”

               Phil’s face drained of color, “DAN!”

               Dan laughed hysterically as Phil started to Panic, “Dan this is supposed to be the final round, and we can’t put that in the video!”

               “Why not?” Dan asked still laughing, “It’s true.”

               “Because the Phans! They will all go crazy!” Phil declared.

               Dan rolled his eyes, “C’mon, let’s leave it in! It’s funny and we’ve been talking about coming out anyways!”

               Phil rubbed his temples and Dan frowned, “Hey, it was just a joke. We don’t need to if you don’t want to. I just though you would think the card was funny…”

               Dan placed his hand on Phil’s shoulder trying to be reassuring. Phil took a deep breath, “You know what, we should leave it in. We said we didn’t want it to be a big deal, everyone will get a laugh.”

               Dan smiled and looked at Phil excitedly, “Really?”

               “Yeah, I was being over dramatic,” Phil beamed. “I think it’s an excellent idea.”

               Dan hugged Phil tightly, “It’s going to be great, you’ll see.”

               Phil laughed slightly and they resituated themselves in front of the camera. Dan decided he could easily edit out their conversation later. He glanced at Phil once more and sent him a quick smile.

               “So, I obviously win that round.” Dan laughed, “I guess that makes me the overall winner!”

               Dan winked at the camera and Phil whined, “That’s so unfair! You used an old blank card!”

               “Exactly, I didn’t write it. It just came to me at a convenient time. Don’t be a sore loser Phil,” Dan teased.

               “How about all or nothing!” Phil suggested.

               Dan turned his gaze back to the camera, “And this is where we end the video!”

               Phil pouted as Dan finished up the video telling them not to subscribe to Dan when the moment arrived. Dan turned off the camera and looked at Phil with a smile, “I can’t wait to see the fandoms reaction to this.”

               Phil stood up and kissed Dan softly, “You can edit later, let’s go have a ‘we are about to come out’ celebratory dinner.”

               “So stir-fry and anime?” Dan asked.

               Phil nodded, “Stir-fry and anime.”

(I can’t write things that aren’t dialog heavy…oh well)

Agents of SHIELD Coming Home: Chapter 11 Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 11: A bitter goodbye, Melinda seeks answers, and what the hell did Phil get himself into? 

Note: After a grueling week of disaster response training, I’m on a travel hold awaiting to fly to Puerto Rico to help with relief after Irma and now the incoming hurricane Maria. We’ll be the first volunteers on the ground after Maria hits, so it’s likely going to be messy. So, while I have a little bit of down time and internet access, I am trying to work on this (and keep up with my daily sketch habit). It may take me a long time after this to update, but I’ll do my best to update again before the end of my volunteer tour. Thanks for the kind wishes! I really appreciate you all and I’m doing everything I can to keep delivering these updates.

(okay so I’m trying something happy with Jumin after writing him some angst the other day.  This is my second attempt at writing Mystic Messenger fanfiction)

While it had been his idea Jumin couldn’t help the tension building as he watched MC packing for their trip with the RFA.  “Isn’t that swimsuit a little revealing?”  He eyed the purple one piece laying there as she had planned her outfits.  A week long cabin trip for the RFA to rebuild and bond after everything that had happened over the past few months, the paranoia never really subsiding with the hackers not being found.  Their location had been, but it had been emptied before they could get anyone there to handle it.  Now with talk of starting to plan another party, a bigger one, it seemed like perfect time to do some team building exercises that other companies seem so fond of.  MC held up a backup swim suit, an orange striped bikini that sent his stomach sinking into a cold pit.  Perhaps the trip was a mistake.  

“Like this one is any better?”  her giggle chimed through the room. 

“I’ll have a proper swimsuit for you here very shortly.”  He wasn’t entirely sure when he pulled out his phone but he was already in the process of contacting Assistant Kang.  The mental image of his MC showing off her skin around the others had tension building on the back of his neck.  

“Jumin…”  her delicate hand covered his phone, hindering him from issuing further orders.  “It’s going to be okay, besides I like them and I’m excited to wear them.”  Slowly she applied pressure urging him to put down the phone.  Her warm expression, pulling his attention to how close she was to him.  The phone was easily pocketed to free up his hands that wanted to be pressing the small of her back towards him.  Her hips pressed against him, closing the space.  

“I appreciate that you’re excited to go, and that you got the others to agree, but I- I do not like the idea of you being seen by others like that besides me…” his whispered, eager for her to understand and accept his offer.

“I understand and I appreciate that too,”  she wrapped her arms tightly around him as well, “however, if you think that is our main concern I don’t think you’ve realized our biggest problem.”

Jumin tilted his head, keeping his expression cool while he ran through the possible scenarios.  What did he miss?

“Our tech junkies.  Yoosung and Seven are going to be going batty without internet, and you can rest assured that if Zen is in a swimsuit he will be distracted with either working out or Jaehee complimenting him.  Meaning you’ll more than likely have me all to yourself.”  MC rose on her tip toes trying to get closer to him, the slight blush on her cheek warmed him.  He leaned down to give her the kiss she was trying to get.  His hands slipped to hold her more tightly against him.  Eventually he would have to let her go to finish packing, letting her plan how she wanted to look, knowing she had him in mind.  But right then with hands grabbing and wrinkling the back of his shirt, her warmth pressing against him, listening to her tiny gasps as she moved to deepen their kiss, feeling the tiny shocks it sent through him. He wanted a taste of how she thought things would be in their room alone together at the cabin.

On the End of Archie's Sonic Comics

If you haven’t heard yet, Sega and Archie have parted ways and are bringing an end to their long-running Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series. I - like many - have an interesting history with the book and I’m sad to see it go. Maybe they’ll drop an omnibus or something later on down the road but its 24-year run is officially over and an era in comics has come to an end.

Back in the 90’s, I was hooked on the Sonic games. I friggin’ loved them. Thanks to my folks, I ended up with a copy of Disney’s Adventures magazine (it was a Reader’s Digest sized book). In the middle of it was a short ad by Sega about the game - a comic about the origins of Sonic and Robotnik - and I ate that thing up. I loved it enough that my folks kept an eye out for it at the little local comic shop and the gas station spinner racks. I end up getting Issue 3 of the original Archie Sonic mini-series back when it dropped.

I loved the hell out of that book. I saved my quarters and rode my bike down the gas station near me to buy every new issue I could. After a while, I dropped it ‘cause I was a kid with no job and prices rose beyond the few quarters I could save up each month. Ha HA! 90’s comics. -.-

I did still dig the hell out of the book, though. When the Internet finally became closer to what we know it as now, I stumbled my way into a couple of Sonic fan chatrooms called Missy’s Sonic Chat and Psycho’s Sonic Chat. It was through those places I ended up meeting folks who helped push me to be a better artist, a better person and just plain better. One of the things many of us dreamed of was working on the Sonic books - to get paid to draw the thing we loved - and some of use actually got there!

Over the years, I’d come back into buying the books again. Some of the last ones I picked up were 'cause friends from those old days were living that dream we all had and working on the series proper. Although I still don’t feel I have the chops for the big leagues, I do still wish I had put my stuff out there to try and get a cover spot.

As for Sega’s statement, this isn’t the end per se… this is just the end of the Archie deal. I hope it comes back and helps inspire and connect folks like it did for my friends and I. Without them, it’s a safe bet I wouldn’t be here doing what I’m doing. It was another spark that lead to the fire that kept me going. = )

Thank you, Archie and the Sonic Crew. You’ve done more for me than I could ever fully express.

An old fan,


“343 American Heroes. 343 men who ran in, while the entire world stood watching ….and waiting. First responders on the front line of a war… that may never end. I want you to stare at these names…. I want you to memorize them…. I want you to go home tonight, get on the internet and look up these names. Find out who these men were…. and what they did on that day, and then you’ll realize this aint a job. This aint an occupation. It’s a calling. A need. A desire that you feel in your bones, and your brains……If you’re lucky, one day soon, you’ll get to run into a burning building, while everybody else is running out, and you’ll take the stairs…two at a time, with steel in your eyes, and ice water in your veins, and you’ll come back down with a civilian on each shoulder…and instead of puking, or crying, or pissin’ your pants…you’ll wipe your brow and run right the hell back in….and maybe one day, you run in…and the guy you ran in with…your buddy, your best friend, cousin, your brother.. maybe you come out, but he don’t” - Tommy Gavin (Dennis Leary) , Rescue Me


Joseph Agnello, Lad.118 Lt. Brian Ahearn, Bat.13 Eric Allen, Sqd.18 (D) Richard Allen, Lad.15 Cpt. James Amato, Sqd.1 Calixto Anaya Jr., Eng.4 Joseph Agnello, Lad.118 Lt. Brian Ahearn, Bat.13 Eric Allen, Sqd.18 (D) Richard Allen, Lad.15 Cpt. James Amato,, Eng.4 Joseph Angelini, Res.1 (D) Joseph Angelini Jr., Lad.4 Faustino Apostol Jr., Bat.2 David Arce, Eng.33 Louis Arena, Lad.5 (D) Carl Asaro, Bat.9 Lt. Gregg Atlas, Eng.10 Gerald Atwood, Lad.21

Gerald Baptiste, Lad.9 A.C. Gerard Barbara, Cmd. Ctr. Matthew Barnes, Lad.25 Arthur Barry, Lad.15 Lt.Steven Bates, Eng.235 Carl Bedigian, Eng.214 Stephen Belson, Bat.7 John Bergin, Res.5 Paul Beyer, Eng.6 Peter Bielfeld, Lad.42 Brian Bilcher, Sqd.1 Carl Bini, Res.5 Christopher Blackwell, Res.3 Michael Bocchino, Bat.48 Frank Bonomo, Eng.230 Gary Box, Sqd.1 Michael Boyle, Eng.33 Kevin Bracken, Eng.40 Michael Brennan, Lad.4 Peter Brennan, Res.4 Cpt. Daniel Brethel, Lad.24 (D) Cpt. Patrick Brown, Lad.3 Andrew Brunn, Lad.5 (D) Cpt. Vincent Brunton, Lad.105 F.M. Ronald Bucca Greg Buck, Eng.201 Cpt. William Burke Jr., Eng.21 A.C. Donald Burns, Cmd. Ctr. John Burnside, Lad.20 Thomas Butler, Sqd.1 Patrick Byrne, Lad.101

George Cain, Lad.7 Salvatore Calabro, Lad.101 Cpt. Frank Callahan, Lad.35 Michael Cammarata, Lad.11 Brian Cannizzaro, Lad.101 Dennis Carey, Hmc.1 Michael Carlo, Eng.230 Michael Carroll, Lad.3 Peter Carroll, Sqd.1 (D) Thomas Casoria, Eng.22 Michael Cawley, Lad.136 Vernon Cherry, Lad.118 Nicholas Chiofalo, Eng.235 John Chipura, Eng.219 Michael Clarke, Lad.2 Steven Coakley, Eng.217 Tarel Coleman, Sqd.252 John Collins, Lad.25 Robert Cordice, Sqd.1 Ruben Correa, Eng.74 James Coyle, Lad.3 Robert Crawford, Safety Lt. John Crisci, H.M. B.C. Dennis Cross, Bat.57 (D) Thomas Cullen III, Sqd. 41 Robert Curatolo, Lad.16 (D)

Lt. Edward D'Atri, Sqd.1 Michael D'Auria, Eng.40 Scott Davidson, Lad.118 Edward Day, Lad.11 B.C. Thomas DeAngelis, Bat. 8 Manuel Delvalle, Eng.5 Martin DeMeo, H.M. 1 David DeRubbio, Eng.226 Lt. Andrew Desperito, Eng.1 (D) B.C. Dennis Devlin, Bat.9 Gerard Dewan, Lad.3 George DiPasquale, Lad.2 Lt. Kevin Donnelly, Lad.3 Lt. Kevin Dowdell, Res.4 B.C. Raymond Downey, Soc. Gerard Duffy, Lad.21

Cpt. Martin Egan, Jr., Div.15 (D) Michael Elferis, Eng.22 Francis Esposito, Eng.235 Lt. Michael Esposito, Sqd.1 Robert Evans, Eng.33

B.C. John Fanning, H.O. Cpt. Thomas Farino, Eng.26 Terrence Farrell, Res.4 Cpt. Joseph Farrelly, Div.1 Dep. Comm. William Feehan, (D) Lee Fehling, Eng.235 Alan Feinberg, Bat.9 Michael Fiore, Res.5 Lt. John Fischer, Lad.20 Andre Fletcher, Res.5 John Florio, Eng.214 Lt. Michael Fodor, Lad.21 Thomas Foley, Res.3 David Fontana, Sqd.1 Robert Foti, Lad.7 Andrew Fredericks, Sqd.18 Lt. Peter Freund, Eng.55

Thomas Gambino Jr., Res.3 Chief of Dept. Peter Ganci, Jr. (D) Lt. Charles Garbarini, Bat.9 Thomas Gardner, Hmc.1 Matthew Garvey, Sqd.1 Bruce Gary, Eng.40 Gary Geidel, Res.1 B.C. Edward Geraghty, Bat.9 Dennis Germain, Lad.2 Lt. Vincent Giammona, Lad.5 James Giberson, Lad.35 Ronnie Gies, Sqd.288 Paul Gill, Eng.54 Lt. John Ginley, Eng.40 Jeffrey Giordano, Lad.3 John Giordano, Hmc.1 Keith Glascoe, Lad.21 James Gray, Lad.20 B.C. Joseph Grzelak, Bat.48 Jose Guadalupe, Eng.54 Lt. Geoffrey Guja, Bat.43 Lt. Joseph Gullickson, Lad.101

David Halderman, Sqd.18 Lt. Vincent Halloran, Lad.8 Robert Hamilton, Sqd.41 Sean Hanley, Lad.20 (D) Thomas Hannafin, Lad.5 Dana Hannon, Eng.26 Daniel Harlin, Lad.2 Lt. Harvey Harrell, Res.5 Lt. Stephen Harrell, Bat.7 Cpt. Thomas Haskell, Jr., Div.15 Timothy Haskell, Sqd.18 (D) Cpt. Terence Hatton, Res.1 Michael Haub, Lad.4 Lt. Michael Healey, Sqd.41 John Hefferman, Lad.11 Ronnie Henderson, Eng.279 Joseph Henry, Lad.21 William Henry, Res.1 (D) Thomas Hetzel, Lad.13 Cpt. Brian Hickey, Res.4 Lt. Timothy Higgins, S.O.C. Jonathan Hohmann, Hmc.1 Thomas Holohan, Eng.6 Joseph Hunter, Sqd.288 Cpt. Walter Hynes, Lad.13 (D)

Jonathan Ielpi, Sqd.288 Cpt. Frederick Ill Jr., Lad.2

William Johnston, Eng.6 Andrew Jordan, Lad.132 Karl Joseph, Eng.207 Lt. Anthony Jovic, Bat.47 Angel Juarbe Jr., Lad.12 Mychal Judge, Chaplain (D)

Vincent Kane, Eng.22 B.C. Charles Kasper, S.O.C. Paul Keating, Lad.5 Richard Kelly Jr., Lad.11 Thomas R. Kelly, Lad.15 Thomas W. Kelly, Lad.105 Thomas Kennedy, Lad.101 Lt. Ronald Kerwin, Sqd.288 Michael Kiefer, Lad.132 Robert King Jr., Eng.33 Scott Kopytko, Lad.15 William Krukowski, Lad.21 Kenneth Kumpel, Lad.25 Thomas Kuveikis, Sqd.252

David LaForge, Lad.20 William Lake, Res.2 Robert Lane, Eng.55 Peter Langone, Sqd.252 Scott Larsen, Lad.15 Lt. Joseph Leavey, Lad.15 Neil Leavy, Eng.217 Daniel Libretti, Res.2 Carlos Lillo, Paramedic Robert Linnane, Lad.20 Michael Lynch, Eng.40 Michael Lynch, Lad.4 Michael Lyons, Sqd.41 Patrick Lyons, Sqd.252

Joseph Maffeo, Lad.101 William Mahoney, Res 4 Joseph Maloney, Lad.3 (D) B.C. Joseph Marchbanks Jr, Bat.12 Lt. Charles Margiotta, Bat.22 Kenneth Marino, Res.1 John Marshall, Eng.23 Lt. Peter Martin, Res.2 Lt. Paul Martini, Eng.23 Joseph Mascali, T.S.U. 2 Keithroy Maynard, Eng.33 Brian McAleese, Eng.226 John McAvoy, Lad.3 Thomas McCann, Bat.8 Lt. William McGinn, Sqd.18 B.C. William McGovern, Bat.2 (D) Dennis McHugh, Lad.13 Robert McMahon, Lad.20 Robert McPadden, Eng.23 Terence McShane, Lad.101 Timothy McSweeney, Lad.3 Martin McWilliams, Eng.22 (D) Raymond Meisenheimer, Res.3 Charles Mendez, Lad.7 Steve Mercado, Eng.40 Douglas Miller, Res.5 Henry Miller Jr, Lad.105 Robert Minara, Lad.25 Thomas Mingione, Lad.132 Lt. Paul Mitchell, Bat.1 Capt. Louis Modafferi, Res.5 Lt. Dennis Mojica, Res.1 (D) Manuel Mojica, Sqd.18 (D) Carl Molinaro, Lad.2 Michael Montesi, Res.1 Capt. Thomas Moody, Div.1 B.C. John Moran, Bat.49 Vincent Morello, Lad.35 Christopher Mozzillo, Eng.55 Richard Muldowney Jr, Lad.07 Michael Mullan, Lad.12 Dennis Mulligan, Lad.2 Lt. Raymond Murphy, Lad.16

Lt. Robert Nagel, Eng.58 John Napolitano, Res.2 Peter Nelson, Res.4 Gerard Nevins, Res.1

Dennis O'Berg, Lad.105 Lt. Daniel O'Callaghan, Lad.4 Douglas Oelschlager, Lad.15 Joseph Ogren, Lad.3 Lt. Thomas O'Hagan, Bat.4 Samuel Oitice, Lad.4 Patrick O'Keefe, Res.1 Capt. William O'Keefe, Div.15 (D) Eric Olsen, Lad.15 Jeffery Olsen, Eng.10 Steven Olson, Lad.3 Kevin O'Rourke, Res.2 Michael Otten, Lad.35

Jeffery Palazzo, Res.5 B.C. Orio Palmer, Bat.7 Frank Palombo, Lad.105 Paul Pansini, Eng.10 B.C. John Paolillo, Bat.11 James Pappageorge, Eng.23 Robert Parro, Eng.8 Durrell Pearsall, Res.4 Lt. Glenn Perry, Bat.12 Lt. Philip Petti, Bat.7 Lt. Kevin Pfeifer, Eng. 33 Lt. Kenneth Phelan, Bat.32 Christopher Pickford, Eng.201 Shawn Powell, Eng.207 Vincent Princiotta, Lad.7 Kevin Prior, Sqd.252 B.C. Richard Prunty, Bat.2 (D)

Lincoln Quappe, Res.2 Lt. Michael Quilty, Lad.11 Ricardo Quinn, Paramedic

Leonard Ragaglia, Eng.54 Michael Ragusa, Eng.279 Edward Rall, Res.2 Adam Rand, Sqd.288 Donald Regan, Res.3 Lt. Robert Regan, Lad.118 Christian Regenhard, Lad.131 Kevin Reilly, Eng.207 Lt. Vernon Richard, Lad.7 James Riches, Eng.4 Joseph Rivelli, Lad.25 Michael Roberts, Eng.214 Michael E. Roberts, Lad.35 Anthony Rodriguez, Eng.279 Matthew Rogan, Lad.11 Nicholas Rossomando, Res.5 Paul Ruback, Lad.25 Stephen Russell, Eng.55 Lt. Michael Russo, S.O.C. B.C. Matthew Ryan, Bat.1

Thomas Sabella, Lad.13 Christopher Santora, Eng.54 John Santore, Lad.5 (D) Gregory Saucedo, Lad.5 Dennis Scauso, H.M. 1 John Schardt, Eng.201 B.C. Fred Scheffold, Bat.12 Thomas Schoales, Eng.4 Gerard Schrang, Res.3 (D) Gregory Sikorsky, Sqd.41 Stephen Siller, Sqd.1 Stanley Smagala Jr, Eng.226 Kevin Smith, H.M. 1 Leon Smith Jr, Lad 118 Robert Spear Jr, Eng.26 Joseph Spor, Res.3 B.C. Lawrence Stack, Bat.50 Cpt. Timothy Stackpole, Div.11 (D) Gregory Stajk, Lad.13 Jeffery Stark, Eng.230 Benjamin Suarez, Lad.21 Daniel Suhr, Eng.216 (D) Lt. Christopher Sullivan, Lad.111 Brian Sweeney, Res.1

Sean Tallon, Lad.10 Allan Tarasiewicz, Res.5 Paul Tegtmeier, Eng.4 John Tierney, Lad.9 John Tipping II, Lad.4 Hector Tirado Jr, Eng.23

Richard Vanhine, Sqd.41 Peter Vega, Lad.118 Lawrence Veling, Eng.235 John Vigiano II, Lad.132 Sergio Villanueva, Lad.132 Lawrence Virgilio, Sqd.18 (D)

Lt. Robert Wallace, Eng.205 Jeffery Walz, Lad. 9 Lt. Michael Warchola, Lad.5 (D) Capt. Patrick Waters, S.O.C. Kenneth Watson, Eng.214 Michael Weinberg, Eng.1 (D) David Weiss, Res.1 Timothy Welty, Sqd.288 Eugene Whelan, Eng.230 Edward White, Eng.230 Mark Whitford, Eng.23 Lt. Glenn Wilkinson, Eng.238 (D) B.C. John Williamson, Bat.6 (D) Capt. David Wooley, Lad.4

Raymond York, Eng.285 (D)

Sleeping Beauty

Pairing(s): Pietro Maximoff x reader
Summary: Team movie nights are predictable. Clint eats all the popcorn, Nat and the reader beat him up, and Pietro falls asleep on the reader. So predictable.
Genre: Funny fluff
Warnings: Swearing
A/N: I’m serious Pietro trash… I need help…or Pietro…either will do…no prizes for guessing which I’d prefer…

Not many things in life are certain when you’re an avenger, but the one thing that is? Team movie nights are the best. As long as no one lets Tony choose the movie, that is.
Our movie nights were legendary among S.H.I.E.L.D agents and civilians alike. On one occasion, the press had somehow gotten into Avengers Tower to “capture footage of the domestic side of the Avengers”. They left quickly after Tony threw a vase at the camera. Watching Fury tell him off the next day was nearly as amusing as the movie.
There were a few things that you could be certain would happen on team movie night. Firstly, Clint would eat all the popcorn. Secondly, Nat and I would attack him for eating said popcorn. And thirdly? Pietro Maximoff would fall asleep before we were even halfway into the movie. And since he was usually sat next to me, I would 1) be teased by the rest of the team for the rest of the night, as he usually ended up using me as a pillow, and 2) have to get him to his bed after the movie, a task that was damn near impossible.
Sadly, today was one of those days where no one was quite awake enough to beat Tony to the DVD player. And that was how we ended up watching High School bloody Musical.
I sat back down on the sofa beside Pietro, content that Nat had beaten Clint up sufficiently without my help. Swinging my legs up onto Pietro’s lap, I lay back against the arm of the couch. I smiled slightly as he draped an arm over my shins, stopping my legs falling.
A few minutes passed, and I heard a gently snoring to my right. Frowning, I saw Pietro’s head slumped against his chest, and he was starting to fall to his left. On me.
“Shit,” I cursed as he landed, face up, on top of me. I wriggled, trying to shift him, but he was out for the count.
“This is not funny,” I growled as I heard poorly hidden laughter from the team. Tony grinned, snapping a few pictures on his phone. Thor, who had been watching the movie with a delighted look on his face the entire time, took pity on me and lifted the Sokovian off the couch, and me. I smiled gratefully, sitting up and stretching.
“See? Thor’s nice!” I pointed out. He smiled kindly, setting a still sleeping Pietro on the sofa beside me. My smile vanished quickly, however, as he fell against me again. His head rested on my collarbone, one arm curling around my waist involuntarily. I sighed in defeat, wrapping my arms around him gently.
“Aww cutie pies.”
I glared at Clint. “Shut it, Legolas.”
Pietro sighed in his sleep, wrapping his arms tighter around me. I smiled softly, one hand moving to his hair.
“You want a hand getting him up?”
I looked up, startled, to find the room empty except for Steve. I hadn’t even realised the movie was over. I shook my head.
“I’ll wake him up in a bit,” I whispered. The super soldier grinned.
“What?” I demanded.
“Oh, nothing. It’s just this thing I found on the internet,” he said. I raised my eyebrows.
“Oh god. What?” I asked.
“You and Pietro. I ship it.”
I burst out laughing, waking Pietro. Steve winked, leaving.
“Did I fall asleep?” asked Pietro groggily, sitting up. I chuckled, pressing a kiss to his forehead gently.
“Only for a while. You need to go to bed,” I said softly.
“Nah. This is comfortable,” he murmured. He lay back down heavily, his arms wrapped around my waist, preventing me from moving.
“Goddammit, Pietro.”

All I Want for Christmas is You

Summary: When AmazingPhil convinces his flatmate (nonyoutber!Dan) to film a Christmas video, things get a little out of hand when his fans are convinced they’re a couple. 

Genre: fluff, au

Warnings: none, I think


A/N: Happy Holidays!!! I wanted to get everyone into the holiday spirit so I wrote a little fic, hope you like it :)

“Dan!” Phil called from the kitchen, “are you ready?”

Dan closed Tumblr with a groan, not quite sure what he had gotten himself into. He walked into the kitchen, where Phil was setting up to film.

“Are you sure about this, Phil?” Dan asked, “What if I mess up?”

“Then we can edit it out,” Phil said, turning to face his best friend, “and I’m sure if you’re sure. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

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anonymous asked:

I always start stories off with world building, character development, and plot before even thinking about theme, meaning, and symbolism. How do you create an underlying theme that connects everything together using a story that's already developed? It feels like sailing a raft without tying it all together first, and by then it's out of control.

This is actually a really great, but really hard and subjective question. What the story of a theme is, or how it forms, is something that I, personally, didn’t really think about until It was asked. 


Starting simple; we should discover what we even mean when we talk about creating or finding a theme. The theme of a story is not the plot, and it is not the moral. For example; 

  • The plot of a story is that Josie’s friend died, and she wants to bring her back to life.
  • The morals of the story are that messing with the balance of nature has horrible consequences and that grief is an emotion we all must come to terms with. 
  • The themes of the story are loss, fighting nature & the finality of death. 


There are two ways to look at this;

  • How can a story have a theme, without the story existing?
  • How can you write a story without knowing your theme?

I tend to be of the first school of thought; because I believe the story is of the utmost importance and comes before all other criteria; such as marketability, political correctness, etc. It’s not a popular opinion; but it’s mine. I believe in freedom of expression and freedom of art. I also believe that what an author wanted to say is not as important as what they did say. 

So, I try to find the theme of my story within my writing. For example; the last project I’m working on is set in the Post-Apocalyptic future of a World that isn’t our own. I didn’t know if when I got the inspiration, but, it was an idea-based inspiration. After I did research, created a setting, worked out some outlining and character; I realized my theme was staring me in the face. 

It’s about ideas; crafting and being allowed to express them. It’s about respecting history. It’s about the internet; and whether what is started there can be truly tangible. (Spoilers: you know the answer.) 

Yet, there are people who begin with the theme of the story. 

It all comes down to what your inspiration is. Some people, imagine while riding on a bus or sitting at school/work, a girl who can summon the world of dreams into reality in the palm of her hand. Then, they go and write a story about that and the theme comes later. 

Some people, get inspiration from emotion instead of a sudden idea. So, they might be going through a rough time. Let’s say they’ve been made homeless, and they decide they want to write a story about being homeless to bring awareness to those people; and give them something to relate too. People who have ever been in that situation would read it, and relate to it. However, they still need an interesting story; so then they work on that. 


Do stories need a theme? Ehh. Even if you don’t intentionally put one in there, they will end up having one. So what we’re really talking about when finding the theme of your story is simply knowing what you want the theme to be; knowing what you’re trying to say.

This is where feelings start to get hurt. Some people believe that simply having a character who does awful things in your story constitutes the author saying that these things are all right to do. But it’s so much more than that. It’s how the characters around them, and the narrative, and the words, handle that character. It’s why so many people think that books like Twilight are saying it’s okay for your love interest to stalk you. 

If you all ready have something written; Read it. 

Don’t worry. You might not know your theme when writing your first draft. There’s no reason to force it. When you read through your work, try to see what it is saying to you. 

You can also try reading other books and short stories. See if you can jot down what the plot is, the moral is and the theme is. See if you can identify the theme. Sometimes, it has little to do with the plot; but it is made obvious in events and even how the character’s talk to one another. 

Ask yourself the following;

  • Do I need to tell a story about this?
  • Am I happy with what I am saying?

I didn’t create my theme. It was there. My character’s felt it and argued over it. But I was happy with it, and that’s the main thing. I feel it reflects my beliefs, and is something I’d be proud to put out there into the world of thought.

If you’re not happy with your theme, if you think it is saying something you do not agree with; then rethink it. You don’t have to change anything about your plot or characters if you don’t want too. Just approach them from different angles. Approach the life lessons they learn, their relationships and their beliefs.

Remember: We’re not working with a moral here. Your theme, for example, might be possession. That doesn’t mean you have to compose a propaganda piece either in favor of or against being possessive or possessing goods, etc. You just have to be aware what your scenes relate to. 

Boyfriend Does My Makeup//A Will Poulter Imagine

Anon said: yay! maybe a Will Poulter imagine? He’s dating Y/N and Y/N’s a YouTuber and they do a boyfriend does my makeup tag and he’s all romantic and fluffy?

Yes I like this


 "Hellooooo Internet!“ you yelled, sliding into the view of the camera. "So, a bunch of you have been asking me to do a boyfriend does my makeup tag, and I realized, none of you have actually met my boyfriend! Now, I know I talk about him a lot, and some of you have called me a crazy stalker. Here he is to prove you wrong, the wonderful, handsome, incredible, Will Poulter!” You did jazz hands as Will leapt onto the bed behind you.

“Hellooooo Internet! I am here with my lovely girlfriend to do her makeup.” He turned to me. “Okay, so I don’t actually know anything about makeup, so if you end up looking like a clown, I apologize in advance.”

“I’m sure,” you said, kissing his cheek quickly. “Now, this is foundation, concealer, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and eyeshadow,” you said, pointing to each product that was laid out on the table in front of you. 

“I’m scared. You do this every morning?" 


“Okay, so what do I start with?” he asked.

You shook your head, smiling. “Nuh-uh. You’re gonna have to figure this out on your own.”

He shot you a look of mock desperation. “Good luck,” you told him, closing your eyes.

“Okay, here we go,” you heard him say. You listened to him describe what he was doing. You could listen to him talk all day.

“Okay, done,” he finally said. You opened your eyes, and busted out laughing at the sight that greeted you. 

“My face looks like a damn pancake!” you yelled, laughing even harder.

He buried his head in his hands. “Oh god.”

you smacked his arm. “I look fab, you did an excellent job,” you told him. He grinned and stood up and picked you up. “Will!” you squealed. He didn’t move and hung resignedly from his shoulder. “Until next time, Internet!” you said, waving at the camera. “Okay, Will, seriously, put me down, I need to turn my camera off.”

He obliged and you did what needed to be done. When you finished, he put his hands on your waist. “Wanna go get lunch?”

“Absolutely. Just let me wash this off and we can go.”

“Okay,” he said, pecking your lips. “I’ll watch TV while you do your thing.”

You hugged him and ran to the bathroom.

Paps and Self Hate (Calum Hood)

Word Count:351

You leaned your head back against the vibrating subway train wall. You glanced around at the unfamiliar faces around you, looking at you like they were judging you. You pulled your sleeves down over your hands. You hated the feeling, the feeling of people judging you over scars.

You looked around to see a girl in a 5SOS merch shirt. All you could think of was Calum, your first real boyfriend, the first boy you fell in love with. But your relationship ended terribly since he was away. The fans knew about the two of you and since the day you announced the relationship you started receiving hate.

The hate never got to you until you broke up, then it just got worse. That’s when you started hurting yourself. Calum didn’t know and you never want him to know since the two of you don’t speak anymore. People still talk about you in the fandom, some good, more bad. You stepped off the subway and glanced up to see men with cameras.

“Y/N! What are those on your wrists?” One asked while cameras flashed. You run to the closest building. You could never get way from the paparazzi, that was one of the down falls of dating Calum. ‘How did they see what was on my wrist’ you questioned yourself as you looked down at your arms. ’

The last thing you wanted was pictures of your cuts on the Internet.


“Dude! Look at these photos of Y/N taken earlier today!” Luke literally yelled. I grabbed his phone and pulled it closer to my face. I analysed the photo. To me she still looked beautiful, I missed her. My eyes stopped at her hands. “No. No.” I freaked out, dropping Luke’s phone on the floor.

I scrambled to find my phone. All I could think of was.. ‘Did I cause this?’ I hope I didn’t. “Calum?” “Y/N, please tell me I didn’t cause those cuts. Who did?” “No one.” “Y/N, I care about you! Tell me, I want to help you. You don’t deserve this.”

“And I didn’t deserve you.”

SEND IN MORE REQUESTS! (I’m on school holidays!)


~Paige xo

French pair accused of murdering son by shutting him in washing machine

A couple have gone on trial in France accused of murdering their three-year-old son by putting him in the washing machine and switching it on.

The case has shocked France and raised questions about child protection policies, as the family was known to social services. Three reports of a child in danger and nine of worrying information had been filed before the alleged murder.

Christophe Champenois, 37, who is charged with murder, told the court he had no memory of putting his son, Bastien, into the top-loading washing machine on 25 November 2011.

The court heard he placed the child in the machine and switched on the spin cycle. Champenois is said to have then put on a wash cycle that lasted between 30 minutes and an hour.

The boy died from the impact of the spin cycle, rather than from drowning, the trial in Melun was told. Bastien screamed for five to 10 minutes while his father looked on the internet and the boy’s mother, Charlene Cotte, 29 – who is charged with aiding and abetting the murder – did a jigsaw puzzle with their five-year-old daughter, it is alleged.

“At the moment I don’t remember anything,” Champenois told the court, after giving various explanations of what happened during the investigation.

Just after Bastien’s death, he called the emergency services from the family’s small flat in Germigny-l’Eveque, east of Paris, and said he had a small problem as his son had fallen down the stairs. Champenois said he had given him a bath and the toddler must have drowned because he had water coming out of his nostrils. But the couple’s daughter told the emergency services: “Daddy put Bastien in the machine.”

Cotte told investigators she was doing a puzzle with her daughter and Champenois was on the internet while their son screamed inside the spinning machine. She said that when Champenois removed Bastien from the washing machine and noticed he was no longer breathing, he said: “At least he won’t bother us any more.”

She accepted that she had seen him put the child in the washing machine and turn it on. In court, Cotte denied aiding or abetting and said she had tried to intervene, but was pushed back by her partner and fell on the floor. It is alleged that they wanted to punish the boy for his supposed bad behaviour at school.

The night before Bastien’s death, Champenois left a phone message for his social worker, which said of his son: “I’m going to throw him from the second floor, even if I get 15 years in prison.” The social worker was away on sick leave and did not get the message until he returned to work.

Isabelle Steyer, a child protection lawyer, said: “This is not an isolated act … it is not a fit of rage or madness, it is the final act of violence against a child who was always mistreated.” She said Bastien had “fallen through all the cracks”.